Feeling weak was something that Willow always hated. It felt that lately it was all she was feeling. Like many other celestials she was still haunted by her past. All the lost years. Something that would never go away. It took her a long while after to get better to go about day to day and not be panicked by ordinary things. It didn’t help matters with her brother Elias taking off when she needed him most. Leaving her to find her own way and place in the modern world. Almost starting afresh in a way. Something that many other celestials like herself had to do. Some of them have taken longer than others to adapt. Willow tried to keep up to speed and to date with how things are now. Whether it be with fashion or technology. Any way to fit in so she no longer looked like an outsider looking in. Even finding herself taking a job trying to get some normality in her life thinking it would help her to heal. Deep down she was still broken, haunted by her past. Needing to find some way to push past and let her anger out. Willow always hated feeling weak that she needed someone to look after her whilst she didn’t want it to be like that. Wanting to be able to protect herself to be ready if anyone was to go against her. Sure she was spending hours in the mirror room at the celestial castle that was made and designed to learn to use their celestial energy. Willow was looking for another way wanting to not only just rely on her celestial power to help her. Wanting to protect herself the old fashioned way through hand held combat. Knowing she would be no state of mind at the moment to look for weapons as a form of protection. 

It has always been something she’d never favoured but a skill that she knew but never used. Having her own reasons even if now would be the time she’d be needing it most. For the last few weeks, she has been trying to do her own research. Looking for someone who would be suitable to train her for what she was looking for. Finding out the city was full of different personal trainers but not many for what she was wanting. Figuring it out that it may be best if she looked for a trainer who was of the supernatural kind rather than human. Just in case her celestial energy went out of hand and something was to happen. Willow has always been the more cautious one out of her and Elias, thinking through everything beforehand. With weeks spent looking Willow came across a name that she’d seen and floating about from others of a trainer here in the city who was a valkyr. Thinking that he was her best bet she had for finding someone who filled all the boxes she was looking for.  Today was one of her days off away from the book shop. The day when she gathered the courage to go and seek Eirik Tostain out.

Leaving the comfort of the castle to go to unknown grounds looking for help from the opposite species. Willow took a chance of instead of going to Eirik’s weapons shop and go to the training grounds within the Valkyr comfinds. While looking for the training side rather the weaponry side. Hoping she was right she soon arrived at the Valkyr comfinds. Luckily she didn’t run into any Valkyr’s on the way slipping past people till she found her way to what must be the training room. Choosing the stay at doorway almost having second thoughts thinking maybe she should turn back thinking she wasn’t ready. Or was it all too late?

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Eirik wasn’t aware of much of an easy decision this was for Willow. But he was glad to know that the young Celestial had trust in him, or at least enough to; to say yes to the unbreakable bond. Little did he know that it’d make them grow closer than before. His brow slightly furrowed in concern, as she said she nearly had one, but things happened. “I am sorry to hear that.” he expressed his condolences. Knowing sometimes things didn’t always work out. But whatever she experienced in the past...it led her to here and to know. “You don’t have to worry about me disappearing.” he promised her. For as she had known him; he always stood by his word; when it came to protecting her. If he hadn’t had his memories wiped; bet you anything, he would have been searching for a way to get her out of her cell.

Reaching over, he lightly squeezed her shoulder, in reassurance. Feeling that familiar jolt of electricity run through him. But he didn’t let it phase him. Even if his curiosity carried on growing. “Do you want to do it here? Or go somewhere else more private, to cool off a little bit first?” Rik questioned. Wanting to make sure of her preferences.

“You’re fine.” he lightly chuckled at her worries, about his faction members, reacting to her being in the compound. “But if it’ll make you feel better, you can pick our next location.” Eirik was used to training here at the compound; since most of his students belonged to the faction he was in. With the odd, student from a different faction; he sometimes opted for a different location for training. But most didn’t mind being here. “Where would you propose we train?” Eirik asked, eyebrow raising. Wondering what places she had in mind. Walking over towards the table, he threw a towel over his shoulder and grabbed two bottles of cold water, from a cooling box. Handing one bottle of water to Willow, whilst he popped open the one. Taking a few large gulps. Always needing a bit of a cool down, after training.

The doors burst open, as a younger Valkyr run in; without realising someone was in there. Making Eirik turn around so quickly, swiftly Pulling Willow behind him just in case. “You could at least knock?” he questioned, looking at the young Valkyr, that he suddenly stopped in it’s tracks.

“Sorry I didn’t realise you were...in here...with someone.” The Valkyr blurted out. Looking apologetic. Some young one’s were too excited.

Eirik just shook his head. “Do you need me for something?” he questioned. “If it’s important, come talk to me later...alone.” he advised. Ushering the younger Valkyr, away from the training room. Before glancing at Willow apologetically. “I am sorry about that. Some still need to watch their manners, when walking in to the training room.” It wasn’t the first time someone interrupted him before.

In mere years that have passed since the day when she was saved and freed she’s spent trying to get to how everything that's changed. Missing out on many decades, all were lost. Willow knew she couldn’t do anything to change it, not able to go back and change anything. Being one of the few that had accepted their fate and moved on. Pushing it further to the back of her mind trying not to let it affect her. Whilst deep down she's still not over it, like many. Still suffering from PTSD but choosing to not seek help to keep themselves busy instead. That's what she’d been doing as one of her coping mechmamiss. How she even loves taking on more shifts at the shop, especially when her insomnia was acting up. Not having a good night's sleep in a long time. Finding she used to sleep a lot better knowing someone was near but it changed when Elias chose to move away when she needed him the most. Willow knew that he needed to get away but he didn’t notice or take a moment to think about what it would do to her. She’d been trying to rebuild her life again. One of the names of the people she couldn’t stop thinking about was Eirik. How they left things just about they were starting to become real. Then she had to leave. Choosing to follow her brother who had leads of where they could find their people. It broke her when she left, not wanting to go. To leave Eirik behind but she knew she couldn’t leave her brother. How they were inseparable or how they were back then. Tied together. Following each other around the world. 

As she spoke of things not working out before she couldn’t help to keep her gaze on Eirik. Being the only person who knew she was speaking about him whilst he was still in the dark about it all. “It was a long time ago” She spoke softly, many centuries and decades have past since then but here they were. In the same place, same city together. Almost like fate brings them together again. “I’ve gotten used to people disappearing” it was a hard truth, the more people she gets closer to all leave and vanish. How her closest new friend she made in the city had vanished then almost 2 years after Rashesh, her fellow Celestial friend, left too. Then there was Elias who chose to come and go as he felt. Leaving her alone once again. “I’m okay, don’t worry” Shooting him a reasuring smile trying to sound like her positive self knowing there was nothing she could do about it just have to move forwards. Willow felt a gentle squeeze on her shoulder looking up on Eirik, remembering the familiar touch. Wanting for him to know how she still felt uneasy training here, probably her being too paranoid.  “We could always train at the Celestial Castle, we have some training rooms or on the grounds. It's quieter people like to keep to themselves” Always feeling at home and safe there, plus it was a place full of light. Compared to the dark and gloomy. 

Just as she was going to take a few sips of her water she felt herself being pulled behind Eirik trying to not choke on her water. Taken by surprise. Not able to see it was who came into the room. Being shielded behind his large frame towing her small body. She was able to listen to it, putting the pieces together that it was a random valkyr who walked in before being told off and left. “See thats why I don’t think here is the best place to train” She teased, pointing out what was going to keep on happening. “So when do you think it’s best to do the bond?” Wondering when it would be not knowing whether she was being a bit too pushy how to him it would seem they’ve only met. Then he was agreeing to an unbreakable bond with a stranger for it happening all at once.  

Willow had been the light in his life; the goodness that he had needed for a long time. He was well aware of how close she had been to her brother; so he couldn’t really hold it against her, when she left with Elias. As much as it hurt letting her go, Eirik knew she would be safe with her own people; or thus was his hope. Eirik had eventually forced himself to move on; when he came to the realisation, he might not see her again. Wondering how she was faring, and if she was happy. Eventually...all memories of her suddenly vanished. A huge chunk missing from his life-which he only questioned, since laying eyes on her again. But the red-head beauty was right in front of him right now. The truth was much closer, than he realised. And that’d shake up the Valkyr slightly, to learn what she had endured and went through.

As she spoke, about their past. Eirik could almost feel her pain of losing him, so long ago. “Even if it was a long time, I can see the pain in your eyes.” he said, giving her a sympathetic look. But destiny had a funny way of working, it’s path and bringing people back together. It was a sad reality, that Willow told him about; people disappearing on her. Didn’t exactly sound like something she deserved; but he knew how some people could get. Make all the promises in the world, only to disappear.  “I am still sorry. You don’t deserve to be constantly left alone.” He was rather upfront about his thoughts about it, very upfront. But she was probably used to that, from the past. Eirik didn’t exactly have a filter back then; not that it had changed much.

But it was no rocket science, that she felt uneasy being at the Valkyr compound, for more training. “You sure, the others won’t mind us training there?” he questioned. Not wanting to disturb her people, if they trained at her home. But getting, she’d feel safer there.

Eirik lightly chuckled, as he heard Willow teasing her. “I give...you have a point little star.” he said, smiling down at her. Here it was safe...it just depends on who was around. But he knew some of the younger Valkyrs were still a bit unstable, when it came to bloodlust. That was the one downside. As she asked, when it was best to do the bond. Eirik could tell she was rather eager to do it, as soon as possible. If it was anyone else, they might be a bit weirded out. But he felt this weird connection and need to protect her; so he didn't question it. “Well you seem rather eager about it...so I don’t see why we shouldn’t get it done as soon as possible. I know it might sound weird...I just have this...strong protective urge...when I am around you.’ So honestly, he was happy to do this soon.

Over the centuries and decades since falling to earth she’s travelled to all different places meeting all new and different people. Willow could remember back when she first met Eirik how it was a place she and Elias were only meant to stay at for a couple of months but it was one that led to a year or more. Back then her brother was on his own type of quest. He was egar to meet others of their own kind. Whilst for her she wasn’t that fussed, preferring to live her normal mundane life. One she was so used to. Too it was another way she knew she’d be able to stay around as it was where Eirik was. Back then her brother was too blinded to see how settled and happy she was till he decided for the both of them that it was time to leave whilst for her she didn’t want to. Yet back then her and Elias followed each other wherever. The two siblings were almost joined at the hip ever since Elias had found her a few years after she fell. They were each other's missing link, falling from the same star. Elias knew her better than anyone else but back then he wasn’t able to notice he was ripping her from her a life she was happy in. Choosing to carry on moving place to place. Willow could remember how devastated Eirik was when she told him that she was leaving. Not giving a proper explanation apart from sibling loyalty. Wishing back then they had left for better times. A part of her wished, hoped that he might have followed her but he didn’t. That's what hurt her the most. 

Willow was an open book at times even how much she tried to keep her feelings and emotions hidden. How people knew she was upset even if she tried to cover up. The Celestial tried to push away the part how she knew it would only confuse the situation even more. How Eirik was able to sense she was still hurting but unaware it was to do with him. “It’s only one of the downsides of being immortal” Speaking one of the hard truths of being supernatural, something that she knew he knew too well. How everything had downfalls even if it meant losing people along the way. The celestial have been through and survived worse if only he knew. Truthfully after everything that happened she didn’t like being alone any more. Choosing to stay in a place full of people rather than a big empty house or place by herself. Feeling happier and safer knowing that people were around even if she didn’t need them. It was more for the reassurance of it all. That's one of the reasons why she chose not to follow her brother this time. Tired of running knowing that what led to their capturing and locking up, choosing to stick to their own. Leaving them unprotected and outnumbered. 

The Celestial felt a little uneasy still being here in the Valkyr compound, used to being around somewhere full of light but this was the opposite. “I don’t think people would mind. We all have different training rooms. There’s even a room full of mirrors that people train in, pratciing their celestial energy” Back at the castle other Celestials weren’t so set and focused as other species where when it came to their powers. Most of them nowadays were trying to live life not to miss out on any more. Whilst others like her were still healing. Then there’s a few who were still set on revenge. Going full circle in a way.  Willow smiled as she heard her own familiar nickname that he used to call her in the past. Reminding her that the memories were still there even if they deep down due to the memory lost but not all forgotten.  Willow was a little too eager for the bond not wanting to miss out on it again so that history doesn't repear themselves. “I think there’s some books on it back at library at the Celestial Castle” The Redhead spoke softly, remembering seeing something whilst she was browsing through something she does often. Willow didn’t want to bother Ophelia for something like this when she could figure it out herself.  

Eirik definitely could see where Willow was coming from, with the comment about immortality and that being one if it’s downfalls. Being Immortal, you would think that there would be more advantages, but sometimes...there seemed to be more down-falls to being immortal; like losing the people you love; either them moving on and leaving, or them dying if they weren’t immortal. Then came all the different wars between species and battling your own inner demons. Eirik could definitely relate to all...if not some of those downfalls. He had been alive, a very long time indeed. “I suppose that’s life. In a way, being Immortal can be harder than being mortal.” As an Immortal, your life was full of more challenges and downfalls, to get over. And if your memory was anything but top-notch, you wouldn’t forget it easily either. As mortals eventually move on and forget their hardships. Making it easier to move on and not hold a grudge against some things.

When Willow explained that the castle had various training rooms, including one made out of glass. Eirik thought that was a neat idea. Especially for Celestials...to train without being worried about exposure. “Ah, well I suppose we’ll be good in training rooms then. As long as they’re not in use.” If they were...they could always train outside. Fresh air was good, whilst training. Helped keep a clear mind. Eirik didn’t want to disturb the Celestials, if they happened to be training. Not wanting to get a bad rep, with Willow’s own kind. He had enough to worry about, as it was. More drama definitely wasn’t needed in his life. Or it might make his head explode.

“I don’t think we’ll be needing a book.” Eirik told Willow, as she suggested that for research. In a way, it was a small reminder just how old the Valkyr truly was. He heard a lot of things; remembered them too. “The bond requires blood exchange.” Informing her. Eirik wasn’t sure how she would feel about drinking his blood, let alone him having a taste of hers...but it was what was needed for the bond to take place; so that they wouldn’t be affected by each other’s magic….but instead united as one. “Trust me...I know it probably sounds gross, drinking my blood. So I won’t be offended, if you say it is.” Drinking blood wasn’t for every species and he knew most Celestials would probably recoil, when drinking it for the sake of going through a bond with a Valkyr. At times like these, it came in handy being so old, like Eirik was. As his knowledge came in handy, instead of having to research things first. Letting her think it through some more, if that was something she was willing to do.

Willow was one of the Celestials who have always lived a normal human life, how many still now choose to lead a normal life well normal as it could be. Back to soon after she fell centuries ago she was able to live a normal life back to when she didn’t know or or what she was. How it was the time when everything was much simpler, where she was the safest at working and helping out at the farm. Something she wishes to get back to, missing the people who helped her after she fell. It was sad to think that they were long gone as they were only human whilst she was immortal. Able to live a long life watching those others slowly slip away. Just one of the downfalls there are. The celestial felt that now everything was so much more complicated that she felt that she was having to constantly look over her shoulder. Like many other celestials who've been through all she has felt that they’re never safe, all paranoid all of the time. Willow knew that it would probably never go away, one of the mental scars that remembered back to her darkest and lowest points in her life. She always tried to be the bubbly person who was there to cheer everyone up, not to put a damper on anyones days. Whilst people who were closest to like Elias could always tell when she wasn’t in the right frame of mind on her low days. “I don’t know if I would want to be mortal” Like many supernaturals she loved seeing how the world changes with each decade pass, something that she was upset about when she was locked up. Missing out on years, now she was trying to make up for all the loss time not wanting to waste it away. 

The Celestials all prided themselves with all of the hard work each of them have put into making the castle their home. With all their personal touches to make it all their own. As they kept a lot of the olden touches how most celestials were still used to the past, not ready to move on with the times yet she made sure that the kitchen and technology were all updated. Even if it meant she was constantly having to teach people how to use something, with how she was one of the ones who picked up the modern ways more quicker. Always being a quick learner with a sharp mind. At the mention of their own handmade specialised mirror room Willow could see how Eirik looked impressed by the idea. “We like to think of different things we can do to expand our powers and training techniques” She added, every faction their own set ways and the mirror room was their own set weapon. 

It’s been a few centuries since had first look into or thought of about forming a Volkari bond. Back when her and Eirik first spoke about it, they had planned to do it till it all was cut short and Elias wanted for her to leave and go with him. Stopping all the plans they had made. Now she was feeling she’s able to finally fulfil her promise to him even if he is in the dark to the old promise they once made to each other.  “Right” Almost forgetting how the forming of the bond itself works. How she always liked to rely on books, forgetting there's others whose old enough to have seen it happen itself. At the mention of a blood exchange the celestial scrunched her face in disgust almost, how drinking blood always weird her out yet she knew that for the bond it’s something that's needed. “Gross” That's the best way to put it. “I’ll need something to wash it down after” She mused softly making light of it knowing that Eirik would most like enjoy the taste of her blood, having heard others say that Celestial blood was more different to other species blood. More memorising. 

Over the centuries, the memories of his human life had slowly faded; only remembering the most vital points of his human life as a Viking and routes. And certain events that had changed him as he was growing up. But the rest was history. Literally, his past had been written up in books-by Historians that had heard off him in the modern day. A reminder of what was, and whom he used to be before he had become a Valkyr and had to make a new life for himself. At times, it surprised him how mortals had gotten a few things wrong about his life-of course, a lot based on rumors they had heard. It amused the Valkyr. Other things were highly accurate. “Being mortal has it’s disadvantages.” Eirik mused, as he heard what Willow said.  “So does Immortality I suppose.” He had seen many people come and go-some taken by death. Even Immortals lost those that they cared about. It’s not like they were immune to such things. “I suppose, I made peace with what I am a long time ago.” Long time ago, when he was first changed-he had been in denial. Not wanting the new life for himself and the blood lust, that came with it. But he eventually learned and adapted to his new life.

It was always interesting to learn more about what other factions got up to, in regards to their training and tactics. Just like everyone, the Celestial’s were individuals in their magical abilities and training tactics. The trainer side of him was intrigued. “I am rather intrigued to see your training rooms, sounds interesting to say the least.” he said with a smile. Of course, he didn’t mean anything bad by his curiosity. Things like that always fascinated him, as a trainer to his faction.

The Valkyr tried not to chuckle at her reaction to the blood sharing. But a slight chuckle escaped him. Willow’s expression was priceless. “I half expected that reaction.” he said honestly, giving her a reassuring smile. “I think I might have something here. Hold on.” Leaving the training room for a moment, Eirik exited the training room, through another door, rather than the main double front door that Willow used as an entrance. There was a small cellar in the compound that was close to the training room. Filled with bottles of old and strong alcohol, and some fresher, sweeter tasting ones. The Valkyrs had their fair share of beverages in the compound. Picking up a few bottles, that might help do the trick. He soon returned to Willow in the training room.

“Pick your poison.” Eirik said with a slight smirk. In one hand he was holding up Whisky, in the other one Rum, with a hint of honey flavour. Hoping that one of those, would help Willow in helping cope after tasting his blood. Unlike her...he wasn’t bothered by the blood sharing. He could smell her blood, it was always sweet and called out to him. A small part of him, was nagging in the back of his mind-worried, about possibly addiction if he took a liking to her blood too much. Not wanting anything like that to happen. Not wanting to fall off the wagon and deal with that, part of himself again...like he did in his younger days as a Valkyr.  Something he always kept buried, from shame. Since his recovery; Eirik had been careful when it came to drinking blood and how to keep his cravings at bay and not go overboard.

Back in the past she was so used to travelling around. It just being her and Elias. Going to and from different places. How she knew her brother loved to travel to see the world. Her being her never said no. Following each other across the world. Yet each time it meant leaving their lives behind. Especially if they had settled in one place longer than the last. That happened back when she met Eirik. Not thinking none of it at first that she’ll have more of a reason to stay that's why it hurt the most. Still she could remember back to the day they had met, almost like it was yesterday. It was more than a century ago when her and Elias were living in Italy at the time. The Celestial always loved the country and how it felt like home to her, it’s where had landed after she fell. All of it was so familiar. She loved everything about it, the beautiful and olden buildings, the people, all of the open land. It was one of the places she loves going back to like how it was the same for Elias with Greece. Celestials being attached to the place they fell, thankful for the people who had found and helped them to find out who they were. 

There was one day she had gone horseback riding without Elias, something that she had done plenty of times. With horse riding was second nature to her, how horses were one of her favourite animals. She had gone off road and onto an unknown trail. Willow could remember how her horse had gotten spooked by something then all of a sudden next thing she knew the horse had bolted. Still with her on it with her not being able to spot the horse. Fearing that she would lose control and fall off. Out of nowhere she was saved by a man who was on horseback who saw that she was in danger. Somehow he managed to catch up to her, holding out his hand for her to take. She was able to take his hand, managing to pull herself from her horse onto his in time. Eirik was the stranger who saved her. Willow could remember how thankful she was to him how if he wasn’t there in that right moment, it could have been a lot worse. Spending the rest of the afternoon talking to each other that it's like they’ve known each other for years let alone hours back then. After she invited him for a drink in one of the local bars as a thank you. After they had spent months getting closer to each other till it was time for her to leave Italy goodbye for her and Elias’s next adventure. Feeling part of her was left behind back then only now she could see what it was or more so who it was. 

“It’s just some of the prices you have to pay right if you want to see all what the world has to offer?” She wondered knowing she spoke for most immortals who choose to make most for their immortality even with all of its downfalls it comes with. Willow knew some of Eirik’s history to his past life, how he had spoken of his struggles at first. How it took him a long while to adapt. She had told him of her two or more what she could remember how her time up in the sky was still something known of the Celestials could remember. Yet it was close to their hearts still. All of the celestials were proud of how they’ve made the Celestial Castle their home. How now it was the way that everybody was happy with, making it everyone's home. Along with making sure they put thought in everything that comes with it, even down to the training rooms. “I think you’d like it. Maybe you’ll find yourself getting some tips from it too” She smiled proudly, how the mirror room was one of her favourite places. Willow knew how Eirik always loved picking up on new things knowing that's something that’s not changed. How he was old fashioned in many ways like other Celestials, still stuck with the old ways. 

One of the downsides she had forgotten about of the bond was the blood sharing. The main aspect and part about it that connects them together. She wishes they could do it without it but there was no other way around it. “Well blood drinking is normal for you but other people not so much” Pointing out the obvious for why she thought it was gross. “Okay…” Willow looked confused watching as the Valkyr quickly hurried out the room in a hurry to get something. Making the Celestial stood awkwardly waiting for him to return. A few minutes he returned back with bottles of alcohol in hand holding both of them out to her, letting her choose. “I’ll go with the rum, all other Celestials go for whiskey” Matching his smirk. She was confused how rum was underrated these days that it was all Gin now. Willow didn’t know exactly how they were going to start the bond. Not seeing one play out first hand but she thought it couldn’t be that hard and complicated or so she was hoping. The Redhead chose to take the first step, not wanting to wait any longer. So did you want to go wrist or neck for me?” Something she’d thought she’d never say but here she was. 

After Eirik had first been turned into a Valkyr. He had become a sort of a loner- in a small group of Nomad Valkyrs, that had helped him with his transition and slowly helping him with the blood addiction. Always on the move. That was up until he had met Gideon and Cecilia. With a bit of persuasion, he followed them two. Despite his centuries of traveling-he sometimes separated himself from the Valkyr faction, if he needed some time to breathe and be himself. But always remained loyal to the two that fully helped him cope with his new life and taught him more about what it was like to be a Valkyr. Finding that Gideon and Celia, were full of more knowledge about their kind, than the nomads themselves. It was on one his many travels, that he had first met Willow. If he had his memories with him, he would have been feeling rather nostalgic about those memories. As there were lots of good things to remember, about their times together-before they had gotten separated when Willow went off with Elias, to find the rest of their kind.

“Mhh, that’s true I suppose. But not everyone always asks for Immortality.” He certainly hadn't asked for it. If he hadn’t been saved and turned into a Valkyr, he would have died back then. Others, if they wanted it enough-found and sought out ways to become Immortal. Others had no choice in the matter. Kind of like Willow. Like any other Celestial, she was just Immortal when she had fallen from the sky. But like any Immortal, he supposed one gets used to it after a while, not really questioning it and going along with the flow. Nothing wrong with that, right? It seemed like Willow understood all of that and what came with being an Immortal. Not many people did. It’s why the Viking, felt like he could talk to her, almost about anything. It felt so care-free. So easy. So right. An old familiar feeling.

“Maybe.” He hummed in agreement, as she seemed to think, that he might take a liking to the room full of mirrors and learn something from it. It seemed very likely. Finding even now, that he was learning something new, often. “I always liked learning new things.” That was probably nothing new to Willow. And when it came to mastering different forms of combat and teaching techniques, learning new things certainly came in rather handy, especially for someone of his age.

Eirik knew that the blood sharing, was far less than tasty and appealing. But for the bond to take place, it needed to be done. For there was nothing more sacred to the bond...than sharing blood. “Good point. I don’t think I’ve known other species to enjoy blood.” Not unless, they were killers and liked the smell of it.  Hoping that Willow wouldn’t be too weirded out by the whole bonding process too much. To his surprise, she had chosen Rum, when he came back with two bottles. “Mhh, interesting choice.” The Valkyr was impressed, that she would go with something strong, like Rum. Setting the Rum bottle near her, so she could have easy access to it, to wash down the taste of blood; when the time comes. For a few moments, he was deep in thought. Gazing into her eyes, for a few long moments. Trying to find the right words to say. Hearing her question, Eirik debated it for a few moments. “The Wrist.” It was much safer, he could control the blood flow better. Not trusting himself around anyone’s necks, when it came to feeding. He didn’t want to hurt Willow, if he went for her neck. Plus, her drinking from his neck, also would be harder...if the roles were reversed.

Bringing his own wrist up to his mouth. His fangs slide out...letting them pierce his flesh on his wrist. Drawing blood. The Thick Crimson blood started to pool from his wound, as he held it out to Willow, so she could drink from him. “With this blood, I willingly bind myself to you..as your protector and swear to always look out for you and protect you.” Eirik spoke, his voice deep; as he made his promise to help seal the bond between them.

His hand lightly held her arm, almost looking at her for permission-to see if he could bite into her wrist in return, whilst she’d drink from his.

The Celestial was happy how things were in her life. Feeling for the first time in a long time it was coming to some sort of normality. Willow knew it was mostly down to getting to a routine, being busy with working in the shop. Keeping herself busy so she wouldn’t be left with her own thoughts. That is something that's not good for people like her who've been to hell and back.  Now she was hoping that she’s able to fit into her routine these extra classes. That it’ll benefit her even more and now Eirik was back into the equation. Even if its not all she had once hoped for. Wishing that his memories were intact but like everyone else she and her kind were all forgotten about. Having been wiped out of existence with people who they once knew before minds were blank. Willow hoped that it wouldn’t be the same that maybe he’d be able to remember. Yet she knew she couldn’t wish for everything to work her way. That it’ll take time to rebuild their friendship again to where they last left it all.  It was a good thing she was someone who was ambitious not one to give up so easily. That she wasn’t going to let some Ailward Aspects to ruin anything more for her. 

Immortality was something that could be seen as either good or bad. That for people it was something they never wished to have, that they could see as being either as a curse or blessing. Or there were some other people who wished to be immortals not wanting to lose everything. “That’s true” She nodded her head knowing that for Eirik it was something he hadn't wished for and that he was raised as a Viking. Who already knew of their fate from right at the beginning but for Eirik it all changed after he had been turned into a Valkry. Yet she could see that he’s still kept parts of his old life still, not letting immortality change him completely.  

All of the celestials loved the mirror room, how it’s somewhere where they can all see the glow of their skin from a better light. Along with using their powers they can see the beams of light of their celestial energy. Learning different ways they could use it to their advantage. In the past she was someone who chose to use their immortality to see the world not take much focus into their Celestials powers. Now seeing how much of a mistake it was. She was looking forward to taking a look at Eirik’s weapons shop. To see if it’s something that she expects or if it's something all different. “Have you gotten the hang of guns and different modern weapons yet?” She mused smirking a little if an old soul like him had gotten used to the times or was still stuck in the past. There’s been a few times she had dragged herself to one of those gun shooting range places in the city. Yet she wasn’t all the way there yet to use a gun on the outside world by herself.  

The blood sharing part was what she was dreading most but it’s the only way for the bond to work. “Or some people might have weird fetishes” Willow pointed out, rasing her brows a little to see how he would react. Sometimes she liked to say random things at times then it amused her to see how people disagreed. “I normally like rum with coke not on it’s own but it will do for now. Anything to get rid of the taste of blood” Malibu and coke was her go to drink, whilst others thought it was more of an old fashioned drink but she liked it. Willow turned her focus back to Eirik, she could see how taken aback he was when she asked him what way and place he wanted to take her blood from. Taking him by surpise almost, whilst she was waiting for him to decide until he chose the Wrist. “Yeah the wrist is probably best”. 

Willow watched closely at Eirik, seeing how his fanges slide out and then him biting into his wrist. With blood coming pooling out. She wasn’t scared or surprised, that it’s not the first time she had seen his Valkyr self come out before. Hearing his vows he spoke for the bond, then he held out his wrist to her.  Still the idea of drinking his blood grossed her out by she knew it’s the only way. Just seeing the blood pour from his wrist almost made her stomach turn. Willow wrapped her hands around his wrist bringing it closer to her mouth. The taste of it almost was like copper, then a little bit salty and sweet at the same time. It was a weird taste to say the least. Closing her eyes shut, Willow started to drink Eirik’s blood until she had enough to swallow it to count and for it to work. After knowing she had enough she opened her eyes again and let her grasp on his wrist. Before wiping her mouth of any blood before taking a swig of the boottle of rum she had in hand. Trying to not to cough as she was getting rid of the lingering taste in her mouth. 

Now it was her turn for him to drink her blood, she held out her wrist to him. “With this blood, I promise to be there to protect you as you are there to protect me. I promise to always look out for you and never leave you” Willow smiled softly, for the first time in a long time she was hopeful. That she’d always have someone where to protect her. Giving him her word and her blessing for him to take her blood for it to be completed. Willow was waiting for what to happen next after he took his blood. Not knowing exactly how it works then she felt it come all at once. Feeling that they were connected to each other, that she already felt stronger around him. A gasp escaped her lips as she and they were both  flooded with different memories. All came rushing through her mind in different bits and pieces. Being both hers and his memories the good and the bad.  

Willow watched as she saw of Eirik’s past life as a Viking, then when he was turned and after. How much he struggled with his control for blood lust, then to how he overcome and spent centuries and decades. Then she could see their memories back to when they first met, then the time they spent together then her leaving. Willow knew he would able to see her memories to when she fell, then the next centuries and decades. Seeing glimances of the decades she tries to forget, seeing herself being locked up in the cell right beside Elias and with other Celestials. Feeling herself going cold, some tears fell from her eyes. Reminded back to it. Willow looked to Eirik to see him taking it all in, if they were seeing the same thing. Not knowing how he would react learning  the truth and what she’d been hiding from him. 

 Eirik had been alive long enough to know, that change would enter one’s life every once in a while. Whilst he was majorly set in his old ways; there had been some changes that he had to get accustomed to. But little did he know, that this bond between them-would change both of their lives, for the better in a different way than expected.

Hearing her question about modern weapons, the Valkyr made a slight face. “Mhh, Guns aren’t my strongest point, I’ll admit. I have dabbled with them, but I am much more fond of old weapons. They’re much more...useful in my opinion. More ways to utilise them.” It was one of the ways, which he had retained himself-being stuck in the older ways, weapons included. Whilst his store did provide some modern weapons; it was provided to him by a friend, rather than himself-especially where guns were concerned, Trading some of his older craft in return to his friend, as a thank you. A bargain. In so many aspects, the Valkyr was behind in the modern world. He and his ex, Sofi didn’t joke about him being a technology virgin for no reason. It was true; for the most part anyways.

The Valkyr rose a slight eyebrow at her weird fetish comment. “Depends on the person.” He mused slightly. Valkyrs, of course, had no choice but to drink blood. It was part of their survival. But he had yet to meet other species, that willingly drunk blood-not counting the purposes of a bond, of course. But of course, he couldn’t blame Willow for not having a liking to blood. It wasn’t like her kind, to drink blood outside of this bonding purpose. So he couldn’t blame her. “It helps, if you’ll focus on something else...other than the taste. But the alcohol will help get rid of the taste.” Giving her a little tip. If she kept herself distracted, she might not dwell on the fact, she would be drinking his blood. But of course, that tactic didn’t work with everyone. But it was the least, he could think off to help her overcome the taste, asides from providing some booze.

As her dainty hand wrapped around his wrist, the Valkyr could feel her start sucking his blood through the veins on his wrist. The darkness in his blood oozing into her mouth and making her immune to his darkness, bonding them together. The scent of her own blood was calling to him. It smelled so sweet and divine. Hearing her make her promise. A soft smile lingered on the Valkyr’s lips. A genuine smile, that not many people managed to get out of him all the time. Taking gentle hold of her wrist. Eirik sunk his fangs into her wrist...and lightly began to drink her blood. The sweet liquid oozing down the back of his throat. Feeling himself growing stronger, as the bond was taking effect. Their blood now in their system. Making each other strong around each other-as opposed to weak if they would have previously been around their kind. It took at least 10 seconds of them drinking each other’s blood, for them to have a decent amount in their system, for the bond to solidify.

Lightly pulling back from her wrist, when he had enough. Feeling lucky he had some self control, or he would have kept drinking-if this was his new self back in the early past of his Valkyr days.

As the magic took hold of them both-it felt like his mind started to spin. Many memories flooding his mind. Both of his life, as a viking mortal-his tough upbringing, how he rose to being a leader of his people after seeing his father get killed, to becoming a Valkyr...like his entire life was playing on a loop. Letting out a slight groan of surprise, as Willow’s past and memories bombarded him too. It was a mixture of their memories...that it was a bit overwhelming and hard to keep track off. Willow’s start as a Celestial-her fall from the heavens was a rather intriguing memory. Not quite knowing what it was like for a star, till that memory he saw in his mind.

The bond slowly began to erase, the magic that kept his mind in the dark. As memories of their past began to enter his mind. Eiriks’ expression changed-looking, a bit confused, then shocked, realisation hitting him, quicker than the tide. As he saw memories of her and her brother, being imprisoned. That’s when the anger filled through him. Feeling his blood boiling. Willow had been in trouble...and he wasn’t there to help her. It took him a few long moments to snap out everything; as the memories slowly faded from his mind. Looking at the Celestial before him...the one person, that had been his anchor in the past. She was right in front of him.

“Willow…” He breathed out, almost like he was still trying to get to grips with it all. Without thinking, he had cupped her face. Looking at her, like he was trying to imprint her face in his mind. She still looked the same, as he remembered. Graceful, beautiful. A memory that had been ripped from him, when the Ailwards captured the Celestials. “It is you…” he looked relieved, but also still a bit confused. “Why...why didn’t you tell me?” Curious, why she hadn’t told him the truth, herself. Wanting to hear her out. But also make sure, that he wasn’t dreaming and imagining her being here...and actually getting his memories back. “I thought I was going crazy.” It still felt like it, with such a hoard of memories. “I should have been there for you...not have let you go. If I followed, you wouldn’t have been hurt.” Eirik frowned, as he remembered the memories of the Isle. Blaming himself partially. He had sworn to keep her safe and protected. And felt like he had failed on that promise, when she and her brother had gotten captured so long ago.

Willow didn’t know how exactly the bond was going to work out after it was all complete. How it was more complicated for her. Whether or not the memories of her past would stick. If the bond was enough to break the spell that was placed on their kind. None of them had chosen for all of their pasts and memories with others to be wiped away. Seeing first hand how painful it was. It still pained her to see Eirik face to face. That she could remember it all but to him it was all a blank. Choosing to keep it a secret, carrying on that they didn’t know each other. That now was the first time they had met. Whilst in reality it was far from it. Willow was like most of her kind who still held a hatred towards the people who did it all to them. Who ruined and took years away from their lives. That even now still the Ailwards wouldn’t admit they were wrong and that they were sorry. It would take her a while to gain back any forgiveness and sympthtany from any of them. Whilst she could see for others of her kind they have let it all slip away too easily. Seeing how others are friends or sleeping with the enemy. 

Now all she could do was hope and wait that the bond worked and went the way she’s been hoping for. It was no secret she hoped for more than an allegiance. All she’s wanting is to have Eirik back and they could go to how it was like all those years ago. Seeking some sense of her old normality back. Willow kept her eyes on his face, almost waiting to see his fractions. Seeing how his facial expressions were all changing as more memories were being flashed through his mind just like it had done for her. Then right at that moment she knew that he now remembered and had seen all she had been through. Moments later she felt Eirik cupping her face with her hands making her look at him. He remembers. “It’s me” She gave him a small smile knowing she would have to come clean with everything she’s kept from him. 

“I wanted to but I thought it was best to keep it myself” It was all so complicated, she hated to think that it her fault she was making him think he was going crazy. Whilst in reality he wasn’t. “The Ailwards wiped out our species entire existence including everyones past with people. Including you. Making you forget about me whilst for us celestials we all remember whilst everyone else done” It felt like another form of punishment, another reason why they hated the people who did this all to them. Willow knew soon as she would tell Eirik of her past and what happened to her that he’d be protective. “You wanted to stay with your people and Elias wanted to leave. Back then my brother had separation anxiety and couldn’t live without me” She laughed softly not wanting for him to blame himself for not being there for her. “Now you know now”


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