Feeling weak was something that Willow always hated. It felt that lately it was all she was feeling. Like many other celestials she was still haunted by her past. All the lost years. Something that would never go away. It took her a long while after to get better to go about day to day and not be panicked by ordinary things. It didn’t help matters with her brother Elias taking off when she needed him most. Leaving her to find her own way and place in the modern world. Almost starting afresh in a way. Something that many other celestials like herself had to do. Some of them have taken longer than others to adapt. Willow tried to keep up to speed and to date with how things are now. Whether it be with fashion or technology. Any way to fit in so she no longer looked like an outsider looking in. Even finding herself taking a job trying to get some normality in her life thinking it would help her to heal. Deep down she was still broken, haunted by her past. Needing to find some way to push past and let her anger out. Willow always hated feeling weak that she needed someone to look after her whilst she didn’t want it to be like that. Wanting to be able to protect herself to be ready if anyone was to go against her. Sure she was spending hours in the mirror room at the celestial castle that was made and designed to learn to use their celestial energy. Willow was looking for another way wanting to not only just rely on her celestial power to help her. Wanting to protect herself the old fashioned way through hand held combat. Knowing she would be no state of mind at the moment to look for weapons as a form of protection. 

It has always been something she’d never favoured but a skill that she knew but never used. Having her own reasons even if now would be the time she’d be needing it most. For the last few weeks, she has been trying to do her own research. Looking for someone who would be suitable to train her for what she was looking for. Finding out the city was full of different personal trainers but not many for what she was wanting. Figuring it out that it may be best if she looked for a trainer who was of the supernatural kind rather than human. Just in case her celestial energy went out of hand and something was to happen. Willow has always been the more cautious one out of her and Elias, thinking through everything beforehand. With weeks spent looking Willow came across a name that she’d seen and floating about from others of a trainer here in the city who was a valkyr. Thinking that he was her best bet she had for finding someone who filled all the boxes she was looking for.  Today was one of her days off away from the book shop. The day when she gathered the courage to go and seek Eirik Tostain out.

Leaving the comfort of the castle to go to unknown grounds looking for help from the opposite species. Willow took a chance of instead of going to Eirik’s weapons shop and go to the training grounds within the Valkyr comfinds. While looking for the training side rather the weaponry side. Hoping she was right she soon arrived at the Valkyr comfinds. Luckily she didn’t run into any Valkyr’s on the way slipping past people till she found her way to what must be the training room. Choosing the stay at doorway almost having second thoughts thinking maybe she should turn back thinking she wasn’t ready. Or was it all too late?

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Eirik felt like his entire life had flashed before his eyes; as the bond took place. It was overwhelming to say the least, but at last he had his memories come back to him. So something good came out of it at least. As Willow confirmed that it really was her, it felt like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders. Willow. His little star. She really was in front of him, it wasn’t a dream, like he thought it was.

“You could have said something. I thought I was going insane trying to put the pieces together.” It would have saved him valuable moments of his sanity. But he was more than relieved, that now he knew the truth. He couldn’t help himself, pulling Willow against his broad chest, his arms wrapped around her in a tight hug. Needing to hold her close for a few moments. Eirik couldn’t help but feel more over-protective over Willow, now that he knew what had went on and why she ended up missing.

After a few moments, of holding her close. The Valkyr released his grip around her. Listening to her, he couldn’t help but frown as she told him, about what had happened with the Ailwards. His jaw kept twitching. Making him angry. “If I ever see one of them, I swear...they’ll end up running for the hills.” He hissed through his teeth. Yes. It fueled his anger, hearing what had happened and the fact that someone dared to tamper with his memories. Eirik wasn’t scared to tussle with them, if he had to. Especially if it would be to defend Willow...his bond and the girl, that he had cared for more deeply than he could put into words.

“I am aware, how close you and your brother have always been. But it still hurt seeing you go.” Eirik admitted, with a slight sigh. He didn’t want to be a bad friend in the past, by asking her to stay. So he let her go. “I hope, that you and Eli have been keeping well after everything that has happened to you both.” Hoping that they had the time to heal from it all. But one thing was for sure now. He would protect her, better than he had in the past. If he could help it, of course. It was more than good to see her again. Finding old feelings stirring within him again. "I am just glad, that you're here." he told her, with a smile.

Being truthful from the start would have been a lot easier but her being her she didn’t like taking the easy way. The more she carried on pretending that they didn’t know each other, the further she fell into the hole she was making for herself. As well, Eirik must have thought he was going crazy all of this time but it was actually far from it. “I know, I’m sorry. I just thought it was easier knowing that you would have forgotten about me and other celestials” She started to chew her inside cheek a little with how it was silly of her making him see like he was going crazy. “I just thought that you wouldn’t believe me if I told you back then. With how it’s not someone says it often. Then I would have been seen as the crazy one” All was true. Either way. At least now they didn’t have to worry about it anymore. She was happy that Eirik’s memories of her and the past had come back. The Volakiri bond worked perfectly, just as she thought and had been hoping for. 

Willow already knew that there would be a lot of questions that Eirik would be asking her. When the bond happened they shared memories of their highs and lows. Like each other knew each other's secrets. That he would be wondering what happened then he’d start to be protective over her. It was the same after anyone other than her people found out what they’ve been through. The celestial felt herself being pulled into Eirik’s chest; it was like he didn’t want to let her go after finding her again but eventually he did let her go. Soon as she revealed some stuff about the Awards she was watching his reaction. Seeing how his jaw was starting to twitch knowing too well that he was angry but what the Ailwards had done that was only the start of it. “Most of us avoid them but some have forgotten and forgiven too easily” She was one of the ones who still held a grudge against the Ailwards for what they have done. All they had put them through but people like Rashesh had done the opposite and had fallen for the enemy. Or there’s people like Artemis whose friends with many of the Ailwards before it all happened. 

It was all different now with her and Elias. They weren’t no longer bound at the hip, they both agreed after they wouldn’t stop either living their lives. With Elias choosing to leave the city and her deciding to stay behind but the two promised to keep in contact. “Eli is Eli but I feel like he’s gotten worse” Her brother was always and will always be more of the worrier. “If it helps I’m not going anywhere soon so you're stuck with me. Well now with the bond it’s forever so” She mused softly but she wanted to make sure that he knew she was going to leave like before. “I’ve made a life for myself here, I like it” The Celestial loved life here in the city, the job she has at the bookshop. Her friends. All of the mundane stuff. For the first time in a long time she was happy but now she was even more happy having been reunited with Eirik and that he remembers her. That maybe they would be able to rekindle and start back where they left off. 

Eirik listened carefully as Willow explained her reasoning as to why she didn’t tell him the truth earlier. True, he had forgotten about her and the others. But not by choice. If he had it his way, he wouldn’t want to forget...not her...especially not her. But that choice was ripped from him, when the Ailwards had trapped her and her kind. “Willow.” he breathed out, with a slight sigh. “How long have we known each other? A long time...right? You know me better than anyone, to know that I’ve seen my fair share of crazy things in the world. Of course, I would believe you.” The Valkyr assured her. “You’re not crazy.” he would never think that she was crazy. If anything, she was the most sane person he had in his life, she had always kept him grounded. But at the same time, he had a feeling that being in her circumstances could be seen as going crazy.

Now that they were bonded, it was like he had a piece of himself back. Piece of his heart...he had his Willow back. And he would do anything to make sure, that nothing would change their bond.

It would be a lie to say, that Eirik didn’t want to let Willow go. In a way he didn’t. He didn’t want to risk her getting hurt in some way, or getting into more trouble with the Ailwards. But he didn’t want to suffocate her. Part of him was also trying to keep his feelings in check. Eirik had always harbored feelings for Willow; she was his light. In the literal and physical sense. Willow had always been the better part of him; made him feel like a better person. That was one of the reasons, why they had clicked so much. Eirik knew that Willow wouldn’t be one to easily forgive and forget what had happened to them. “I think, a lot of people are trying to move on from the past.” He concluded. That wasn’t bad that they wanted to forget. But Eirik was like Willow; he did not forget...and he didn’t forgive...not easily. If anything, Eirik was known to hold grudges for a long long time, especially if people crossed him and pissed him off.

From knowing the Braelynd siblings, he knew how Elias would get. His brows creased when Willow mentioned her brother got a bit worse. “I am sorry, to hear that. He’s always been a stubborn one.” he said with a slight chuckle. Hopefully her brother would see some sense and not fall down the wrong path with his issues and get some help; whether from his sister...or from someone else. Eirik chuckled at her light quip about being stuck with her. “I wouldn't call it, being stuck. I am glad to have you back in my life Willow. More than you know.” As Eirik spoke, his eyes gazed deeply into hers...a soft smile lingered on his lips. He was glad that she felt at home here, and was making something for herself here in Evermore. “So...what have you been up to, since living here?” he asked curiously. Wondering what his little star, had made of her life in this city.

Willow did feel bad for misleading Eirik but it was too late to change it but it didn’t matter now with his memories all now back. She bit the inside of her cheek watching his reaction to her saying how the Ailwards made everyone's memories of her kind all gone. The Celestial knew how protective the Valkyr was over those he cared for. She knew too how this all was infuriating that back in the olden times he was taking people to war. Although these days that wouldn’t happen. “Eirik” She spoke softly. “I know I know. It was just me being me. These days I overthink everything” A lot of the Celestials had found they started to suffer from anxiety or were more paranoid about things than before. Yet who could blame them. “Sometimes I think I’m crazy these days” She laughed a little. “Then again we’re all a little crazy”

She had been trying to move on but some people were forgiving and forgetting too quickly. “Elias decided to move across to another country to get away from it all. But I didn’t want to leave the others behind” For years she followed Elias to where he decided for them to move to next but she chose that she didn’t want to do it anymore. Yes, maybe she missed out on years of her life that she had a lot of catching up to do. Lots of travelling and seeing all that's changed but wanted to feel what a normal life was like. She was happy with her life in Evermore, not feeling that she was missing out on anything. “Some Celestials still haven’t moved in with the times just yet” Willow knew how still Ophelia loved to wear her old gowns around the castle. “I think I’m mostly up in the modern ways. I guess you’re still your old fashioned self” She teased knowing him so well that you would never be able to take the Viking out of him.

“He is stubborn but I still miss him. '' It still felt weird not having her brother nearby for the first time in centuries but they were old enough to live their own lives without seeing each other every day. “More than you know, huh?” Smirking a little as she carried on with what he had just said, holding him onto it. “I've just been living my life really, taking nothing for granted. I found myself a perfect job in a book shop, which I love. You know me and book shops, that still haven’t changed” Willow knew that she had already told him about her job but that was when his memories were wiped and it was like they didn’t know each other on a personal level like now. “You will either find me at the book shop or at the Celestial Castle. I’m quite predictable” Liking to stick to a routine “What about you? Other than training people and then the weapon shop?” The Redhead looked over to his curiosity, wondering what he was up to these days. That he wasn’t an open book like her.

Taking a deep breath, The former Viking closed his eyes for a few seconds. Allowing himself to calm down; so he didn’t lose his temper around the star. Not at her. But about the situation with the Ailwards. Willow’s soft voice bringing him back to reality. Opening his eyes, his blue hues fixated on her as she spoke. “Don’t apologise for being you, Willow.” he knew where she was coming from. He could not blame her for over-thinking things and being cautious. Such would be the life of many of her fellow Celestial friends. So he knew what she meant. “Trust me, I’ve lived long enough to have seen something crazy. And you are nowhere near crazy as some beings have proved themselves to be in the past.” Lightly chuckling at the mention of them all being somewhat crazy. “If you were around, the Viking era. You would have met a particularly crazy man by the name of Floki.” he chuckled at the memories of the man. “Brilliant craftsman, but boy was a nutter at times.”

Learning about her brother’s whereabouts, he could understand why her twin wanted a fresh break. “As long as he’s happy with his choice, then I suppose it’s what matters.” It seemed like he wasn’t the only one that was stuck in his ways; especially as Willow mentioned her fellow friends still having not adjusted to modern times. “Once a Viking, always a Viking.” he said with a light chuckle, as she commented on his old ways. It wasn’t something, someone could knock out of him. Not if they tried. It was his way of life, and would remain so; even through the modern times. Besides everyone who knew him, knew how technology and him didn’t get on. It was his worst nightmare. Often leaving him frustrated; so he stuck with the olden ways. Much easier and safer that way.

“He’s your brother, it’s understandable that you miss him.” he hummed in thought. A light grin on his lips as she repeated those words back to him. “You always were a book worm.” he smiled, as his arms remained around her slim waist, holding her against his torso. But he was glad that she found a comfortable little job to keep herself going. As she asked about him, he lightly chuckled. “Mainly those two things, both jobs keep me pretty occupied. Especially the shop and my love of creating and restoring weapons. It’s been a while since I had some time to myself, to unwind and relax.” He said honestly. Always the ever workaholic that he was. Like Willow, he was set in his routine. Not many people could get him to break old habits, and find time for relaxation. Maybe it was time to change that. “You know me, if I stopped being so busy, I’d probably find myself bored.” Lightly shrugging at his own comment.

Looking over to Eirik as she spoke of her past and what had happened to her she could see and feel that he was angry. Anyone would be. He had every right to be angry but it was too late, it's already happened. She took his hand in hers, entwining their fingers together. She rubbed her thumb over the top of his hand as a way of calming him down to remind him that she was all okay and hadn’t to worry anymore. Sometimes she would forget that he was from the Viking era but she knew it probably only felt like yesterday to him. “I don’t think I would have survived if I was from the Viking era” She mused softly, hearing different tales from him about what it was like. She would have been too pure and innocent for it. It was rare for any celestials to have fallen that long ago. That it probably was quite rare. Many of them had fallen in the last 5 centuries or so. It was the case for the celestial who she knew of. Yet she was sure that there might have been some others. “Only if I had fallen to earth back in that time period” She teased softly, winking to him. She knew that he loved to bring back the old viking days any chance he could.

Every day she misses Elias. Spending most of their lives with each other now they were the furthest they’ve ever been apart. She knew she had to get out and respected it. That it was the same for Rashesh’s sisters who had left after they were freed. They let them both go rather than being stuck and resenting them for it. “He’s off traveling and god knows what” Hearing less and less from him these days. He was busy with his new life as she was happy here. “Some things never change” Laughing softly, happy that he hadn’t changed and that he was still the same. All so familiar with everything now being all different.

For the last few years she’d been trying to play catch up almost. Catching up on lost time. Missing out of years of her life when her and other celestials were captured and locked up. Making the most of what she has here and no. Seeing there was no point of wallowing in self pity of what they lost instead she saw the brighter picture. Most of the time she was happy and upbeat. Always brightening up any room that she walks into. It was who she was. Always been and always will be like. It doesn’t mean that she doesn't have bad days. She takes the good from the bad. Willow was still in disbelief that Eirik was here. They were reunited and back together. Even centuries apart it was like no time had passed. It was no secret that she loved books; it was one thing that's never changed and never will. “You would always find me somewhere with a book in my hands most of the time” Smiling softly remembering how’d he’d often tease her that she’d had her face in a book. “Maybe now you could take more time for yourself, with me now” Wanting to spend more time with him, making up for lost time. Willow wanted to spend more time with him, out of these four walls. It was not a whole different reason than before when she first came here. With the bond and memories back, it was all different. Old feelings were coming back now she had nobody and no one to run from. To live in the moment here and now.

As their fingers laced together, her touch was soothing away his anger and worries. Squeezing her hand lightly. Willow always knew how to soothe him and his worries. Feeling the anger slowly melting away. Knowing he could not change the past. But at least Willow was safe now. Of that he would always make sure. He knew full well that the Viking age wasn’t for everyone. Not sure if he would call himself fortunate…or unfortunate to be born in such times. But it had made him who he was today. Strong, resilient, a warrior. There was lots of bloodshed and battles during those days. Those times were certainly not for the weak. One had to be strong willed, and somewhat used to everything to be able to get through those times. “You would have had me to protect you.” Assuring her, when she said she wouldn’t have survived such times. But Eirik didn’t know that any Celestials were that ancient. They were all young, in comparison with other species such as Valkyrs like himself. Lightly chuckling at her teasing wink. “Either way, we found each other in our lives. And for that I am always grateful.” he told her honestly. Sure, he did like to reminisce about the olden times. But who didn’t? Everyone had their own experiences and memories that they shared among themselves. 

Eirik knew she wasn’t used to being away from her twin. As they had spent centuries attached by the hip, one could say. “I suppose, he’s off having his own adventures and finding his way in the world.” It wasn’t a bad thing. She found her way and destiny here in Evermore. Settled down to a new home and life. Elias was probably off trying to find the same. “I can always scare him into keeping in touch with you more, if you’re concerned.” Eirik joked. Those that knew of his authority and warrior nature, were at times scared off him. So no one wanted to get on his bad side.

“I guess we’re both set in our ways.” He said, as she teased him. “God knows, even my old friend Sofi called me out on it, when she mocked my lack of skills at technology.” he chuckled. Sofi being an old friend of his. But he was used to the mockery. Often making fun of his own self, knowing how he was lacking in that. But what was life, without a little humour in it? Eirik was glad to see the difference in Willow. When she first came to him here, she was shy and concerned about her safety. Now he saw the glimpses of the old Willow, that he knew and always loved. The bubbly her. “We make quiet the pair.” Eirik said with a warm chuckle. “I am always one around weapons, and you around books.” But despite them being opposites in so many ways, she was the light in his darkness. Feeling thankful that she hadn’t met him when he was first turned into a Valkyr. He had suffered from blood addiction. His first few years had been rough when he came back from the ‘dead.’. He was much more dangerous than he was now. As now, being older and wiser; he had that addiction under the belt and knew how to handle himself, from falling down the same trap. But all the same, maybe all that experience, knowledge and becoming wiser with his old age made him dangerous in his own right. Hearing her words, Eirik had a soft smile on his face. “For you, anything.” He spoke honestly, as his blue eyes gazed down at her soft face. The Valkyr would always happily put things on hold for her, in times of need or any other situation. She came first. Always had, and always will. Eirik knew they had plenty of lost time to make up for. Where better to start, then now? “Would you do me the honour of joining me for dinner tonight?” Eirik asked. Was he asking her out on a date? Yes, he was. Sounding maybe a bit nervous, but it didn’t show. As he was always smooth at hiding things, even when nerves struck him a little bit.

Like many other Celestials she too preferred the way the world used to be compared to now. Everything was all that simpler. More peaceful. Nobody took nothing for granted. They worked hard for what they had. The small cities, the beautiful buildings. Now it was all different. The world has changed so much since she was locked up. It all changed too quickly. It wasn’t the same world that she was once in and loved. The quiet streets were no more. Then at night the once darkened streets were lit up. Living through the Gerogian and Victorian periods now she found herself in the 21st Century that was all so different. Willow knew she wasn’t the only one who missed the past but she always tried to be ​​optimistic for what they had now. “Now we’ve found our way back to each other” She smiled softly looking up and gazing into those familiar Deep Ocean Blue eyes. Remembering all the good times they spent with each other. 

“He did always used to get scared when you used to give him the cold Viking Stare down” She added jokingly seeing him first hand. It was no secret that her and her brother Elias did everything together. Some would say they were attached to the hip. Or that he was overbearing but she would say that he was just the protective older brother. When she spent years locked up in the cell all alone she had a lot of time to reflect on her life. One of them being Elias. He was the one who always decided and made the decisions for the both of them. When and where they would go to live next. How long they would spend in one place. That she would be happy and settled if he wanted to move to the next place when she didn’t want to. Every time she would not say anything. Willow could remember when Ophelia found them and offered them refuge, she wanted to go with the Wayfinder. Yet Elias was the one who thought it was a bad idea and decided against it for the both of them. Willow thought about what could have been if she stood up to Elias and went with Ophelia. How things may have been all different, that she might not have been found and locked up by the Ailwards. She could have avoided years of torture and loneliness if she went with her. Yet Willow knew too well she couldn’t be caught up in thinking of what if.  

Willow could already tell that he was one who would find technology to be a difficult thing to wrap their head around. It didn’t surpise her. “I’m always the one people come to for help when it comes to technology” The local tech support person as one would say. Always being the one who easily adjusted and adapted to things. “Let me guess you still have a Nokia brick?” She teased by raising a brow. “We do, don't we?” The bookworm and the weapons nerd. Willow was happy they had a second chance. She was happy that he was asking her for dinner tonight. “I’d love that” Smiling brightly. They never had a chance to go on a date the first time around. At least this time they didn’t have any annoying brother interfering.

Things were different back in the olden days; things were much more simpler. Not in the way of building structures. But in the way of life. But as times changed, everything seemed to get more and more modern. Losing it’s architectural beauty. Unless older buildings remained in their beauty. It was rare to find buildings like that, in most places. He knew that Willow missed the quiet of the olden days. Not that he could blame her. Things could get too hectic in this day and age. “Yes we did.” The Valkyr said with a warm smile. Loving the way her hazel eyes always seemed to sparkle, with her smile. Whilst they had many wonderful memories. Here was to making some new ones; especially now that he had her back in his life.

Chuckling at the memories of her brother’s terrified expressions, when he gave him the Viking stare down. “Everyone is scared of the Viking stare down.” Knowing he had the power to freak anyone out with that gaze. It was cold and icy, downright intimidating. But it got people to behave, if they tried to step a foot out of line. It also taught people not to mess with him. His temper wasn’t pretty. And no one wanted to see a pissed off former Viking, that was an ancient fang monster, either. It was a bad combo. Eirik could only imagine what it was like for the beautiful star in front of him, getting used to being without her twin brother. It was her first taste of freedom, away from Elias. But he knew that both of them were old enough to make their own decisions in life. Even if her twin wasn’t here to protect her. Eirik was her protector, in a way now; especially with their bond. Though the bond came naturally, with their long standing friendship and feelings, that were slowly creeping back. Willow was safe with him. He would make sure that the past wouldn’t repeat itself. Not if he had something to do with it.

Deciding to play with her a little, he had a confused look on his face. Pretending that he had no idea what she was speaking about. “A what now?” he asked, when she referred to something as the Nokia Brick. Though unable to keep his face straight for long, he ended up chuckling. “Of course I have a phone.” It wasn’t exactly the newest phone, nor something as old as a Nokia Brick. But it was fairly outdated compared to most smartphones out there now. It was more of Gideon’s idea for him to have a phone; especially when the others needed to get quickly in touch with him about faction matters, training, ect. “But you’ll probably mock me for preferring pen and paper.” Set in the old fashioned ways, to such extents, That he found it easier to keep track of things that way. Which is why, even his shop wasn’t seen with much technology to help run it. Orders and receipts both kept in two separate books. 

Whilst they may have been different in their own ways, they completed each other. Feeling his nerves disappear when she accepted his offer for dinner tonight. Any time in the past, he tried asking her out. Her brother always seemed to pop up at inappropriate times, making him unable to do so. Not that he blamed Elias for being protective. It got a bit annoying, nonetheless. “Great, I’ll pick you up at six.” Giving them a few hours to kill, between now and then. But both of them were still in their work-out outfit, and Eirik could smell a mixture of his sweat and hers. Not wanting to look like a drenched workout rat, on their date. Escorting Willow through the Valkyr base, and back towards the main door. As much as he didn’t want her to go back home, he knew she had to. They both had to get ready for tonight. “I’ll see you then, my shining star.” Smiling down at her. He parted from her, with a kiss on the forehead as always. It was an old habit that remained.

It seemed like this city brought many people back together now she was seeing it first happen to her. Willow was happy being reunited with Eirik. He was one of the people from her past that she’d never forgotten about. Making an impact on her. She only wishes that she wasn’t stubborn enough and was brave enough to stand up to Elias. Willow wanted to stay in the village with Eirik and the others. She was happy and settled but in the usual fashion her brother wasn’t. He was already ready for them to move onto the next place and she just followed suit. It was the way things always were and had been until recently. After everything that's happened to her. Willow found the courage and was brave enough to choose to stay behind and live her life the way she wanted. That was to stay in Evermore with Ophelia and the other Celestials. Instead of travelling the world. Staying behind so she could heal and find herself. She was happy for the first time in years now being reunited with Eirik there were even more things to look forward to and be thankful for. 

Willow was always amused when she had watched Eirik give his famous viking stare down. How he’d managed to make grown men almost terrified by just one look. Then with her his face was all softened and heartfelt. The Celestial could see the good through the bad. She knew of Eirik’s past, knew of the battles he’d been through physically and mentally making him the person he was today. ‘Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always’ That's the way she saw and lived by. The way she saw through to heal herself. 

The celestial knew he was playing a game with her as she teased him about being that old fashioned and would be someone who would use a Nokia Brick rather than a smartphone. Willow rolled her eyes at him, especially when he spoke of preferring to use a pen and paper. “I have told my boss to write things down with a pen and paper but that's because at times he’s got a memory like a fish” She pointed out laughing a little. Willow was quite an organised person. Having different folders and binders for everything. Also she’d have different colour coded annotation tabs. Yet it wouldn’t be a surprise for people. She did look like a person to be well organised yet she knew her boss Leigh was thankful that she was with how unorganised he was they balanced each other out. 

It’s been a long time since she’d been out on a date. Decades even. Before she was locked up by the Ailwards. She’d had her handful of different lovers over the time but nothing really stuck or worked out. The Celestials were quite open minded when it came to having lovers. Now they’d be able to have their first proper date. It’s only taken centuries to happen. Willow knew the good things you have to wait for. “I’ll be ready for six” She smiled already thinking through her head of what she was going to wear. Looking forward to the night already. A few hours gave her plenty of time to get ready. Eirik probably could already guess and remember what she was like. “I’ll see you later” Blushing as she heard his nickname for her and as he kissed her on the forehead. The two of them parted as she walked away from the front doors she looked back one more time seeing as Eirik was standing there waiting till she was gone. The celestial gave him one last smile as she walked away. Knowing that they’ll be seeing each other again in a few hours time for their first date.


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