Second date for someone special. (Closed to Sapphire and Katrina. ~finished~)

It was a couple of weeks after Katrina and Sapphire’s first date, it was amazing for Sapphire and she knew she wanted to make the second date at least memorable as the first. The phoenix guard had thought about it for weeks after the first date and decided to first have dinner at her house which she would make a few Italian dishes for Katrina. As the phoenix spent hours getting the meal prepared and the table set up to be romantic for the two, she had called a few places as a surprise for Katrina so they would be alone for the next part for the date. Before she started cooking, Sapphire gave Akira her wolfdog Katrina’s scent with a note around her collar for her to be ready by six o’clock as Sapphire was going to pick her up.

As it was getting closer to six o’clock, Sapphire had prepared Rigatoni with Vodka sauce, some homemade bread sticks and also tiramisu for dessert. Once it was done, Sapphire quickly got ready in a dress and did something with her hair before she heads out to pick up Katrina and Akira. Once she got to Katrina’s place, Sapphire got out and knocked on her door as she smiled and waited. The phoenix had her mind running all over the place as she thought about the places that they will be going after their dinner.

Sapphire’s eyes sparkled when Katrina opened the door. “Hello Katrina, ready for our second date?” She asked as Akira ran out the door once Katrina opened the door. The phoenix giggled and smiled as she looked at her. “Sorry if Akira was any trouble, she is the only one who knows your scent so I sent her to deliver my message since I didn’t know if you had a cell phone or not.” She siad as she held out her hand for her.

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Katrina smiled looking at her.
"I am glad you understand. Oh, so we are in the same boat? I am glad because lets just say I assumed you had much more experience. You are a lot younger than me." She said with a flirtatious wink. Smiling she looked at her as she spoke about the experience together she nodded in agreement. "I do agree." She said with a snuggle to her arms.

Sapphire's response was amazing. Hearing it made her smile and wrap her arms around her into her embrace. "Unsuspected is sometimes wise. Tonight has been amazing and maybe its soon but I really like how things are going Sapphire. I am hooked." She said smiling into her arms. Sapphire was beautiful and Katrina knew that things were amazing between them. 

Sapphire giggled and smiled as she looked at her. "Well I think this would be a great experience for both of us." She said as she smiled and blushed when she winked. When they snuggled together, Sapphire smiled as she looked at her. "I like how things are going too Katrina." She said as she smiled and held her as she smiled and kissed her softly on the lips as the limo continued to drive. "Maybe we should come up with nicknames for each other? I mean I have had a few nicknames from others but I think we should have nicknames that just are between me and you. What do you think?" She asked as she smiled and looked at her in the eyes.

Waiting on a response, Sapphire rubbed her thumb across Katrina's cheek as she continued to look in her eyes. Her mind was going a mile per minute as she smiled. She couldn't believe that she was now Katrina's girlfriend and just couldn't stop thinking about being with Katrina for a long time. For a moment, Sapphire leaned in and kissed her deeply as she cupped Katrina's face as the kiss was passionate and filled with affection as she knew that deep in her heart that Katrina was the one for her.

Katrina smiled at her now announced girlfriend. Smiling she held her hand and looked at her. "Of course we can come up with names for each other but I will admit I never had any luck with that." She said with a small giggle noticing that the car was parked in front of her house she smiled. "Would you like to come in for a while. Or do you have to go home?" 

With the kiss, she smiled looking at her gently. "You are amazing Sapphire. I am so lucky." She said looking at her gently as she played with a strand of her beautiful hair. 

Sapphire smiled as she then chuckled. "Its okay if you cant." she said as she smiled softly. Not noticing that the car had stopped, Sapphire kept looking at Katrina as she then asked the question about coming in. "Oh I would love to come in for a while.. I just didn't know we were already here." she said as she glanced at the window for a moment before looking back at her with a small chuckle as she looked back into Katrina's eyes once more.

With the kiss between them, Sapphire smiled as she watched Katrina play with a strand of her hair. "I think I am the lucky one Katrina. You are more than amazing. You are everything a girl can ever ask for." She said as she looked into her eyes as she smiled and then heard the door open from the limo driver. Sapphire glanced at him and smiled as she got out with Katrina and smiled as she waved at the limo driver to go on home for the night as she had already paid him for a long time they had. Holding onto Katrina's hand, Sapphire looked at Katrina as the limo drove off and smiled. "Dont worry about on how I will get home, I will fly back later." She said as she kissed her softly.

Katrina smiled as the limo driver opened the door.
Gently taking her out of the car she smiled. Bringing her to the house and unlocking the door. "Come on in." She said smiling as she hoped that she didn't have too much of a mess going on. She was moving to the celestial castle.

"Sorry about the mess. I will be moving soon to the celestial castle. Its a bit of a mess." She said looking at her gently as she led her through some of the open boxes and brought her to the couch.

"Tonight was a blast. I am glad you think you are lucky but I can't explain my feelings for you. Its hard to touch base on even." She said looking at her smiling. 

Sapphire smiled and chuckled a little. "Its okay, I can understand having a mess during moving. Thats what happened when I moved houses." She said as she followed her around the boxes and to her couch. Once there, Sapphire smiled and sat down with her as she smiled and held her hands. "I am glad you had fun tonight, Katrina. I cant explain about when I am with you. It makes me want to just burst with passion and feeling." She said softly as she blushed a little. 

The phoenix knew she wanted to keep things slow but just being with Katrina made her just want to kiss her more. She blushed more as she moved and straddled Katrina's lap as she kissed her passionately, resting her hands on Katrina's waist. The phoenix continued to kiss the celestial passionately as she then pulled away and kissed down her cheek to her neck as she started to leave a hickey on a spot between her collar bone and neck.

Katrina sat on the couch with her and smiled with Sapphire's words. She looked at her and nuzzled her nose to Sapphire's her heart was beating what felt 100 beats per minute. 

Sapphire found herself getting more comfortable on Katrina's lap she smiled and kissed passionately back. Her heart was racing but she also felt such a desire to be close with her. 

She leaned into the kiss giving back what she could. With Sapphire kissing her neck she smiled and felt good having her close by. 

Lifting her chin upwards she then gave her a kiss that couldn't be broken as she wrapped her arms around Sapphire's neck pulling her in as close as she possibly could. 

Sapphire continued to kiss her neck, leaving hickeys all over her neck as she wanted to be close. She soon came back to kissing her lips as she wrapped her arms around Katrina's neck as they kissed. The phoenix felt a desire as she continued to kiss her. As the moment continued to heat up as Sapphire moved her fingers through Katrina's hair as the kiss deepened as she glided her tongue over Katrina's bottom lip to ask for entry to her mouth.

Knowing that Sapphire just wanted to be close with Katrina, something in the back of her mind continued to nag her to slow things down. Sapphire just continued to kiss Katrina as she knew that both of them felt great having each other close by. The nagging in the back of her mind continued but Sapphire pushed it down as she wanted to be with Katrina and enjoy the moment with her new girlfriend.

The phoenix continued to deeply kiss Katrina as she continued to run her fingers through her hair as the two continued to kiss. Sapphire pulled away a little to get air and let Katrina get air as well before she went back to Katrina's neck and kissed her more, leaving more love bites on her even though they would end up healing later or might at least stay for at least a week. Sapphire's hands moved from Katrina's hair down to Katrina's sides as she looked into Katrina's eyes with her eyes filled with love and desire as she then went back to kissing her deeply.

Katrina felt the room steaming up the passion was getting hot and heavy between them as Sapphire seemed to be taking the lead she kissed along and blushed with each movement along her neck. She felt the thoughts going through her head the ones that were between the angel and devil in her head. The positives and the negatives of such a makeout. Or what it leads up too...

She kissed back with fervour her passion continued as she opened her mouth willingly accepting Sapphire's tongue. As Sapphire broke free and gave her a minute to breathe many things were running through her head. She wondered if she should stop it. Or it would slow down but the feelings rushing through her, weren't slowing. 

Sapphire soon pulled back a little as she knew that the room was getting hot and heavy with their make out session as she looked into Katrina's eyes. "Sorry about that...I just think we should slow down a little bit. I think I kinda rushed into making out." She said as she looked at Katrina's face as the phoenix still sat in Katrina's lap. Sapphire leaned in and kissed her once more before smiling, and getting off her lap, moving to sit next to her. "I don't want things to go too fast for us. Even though the feelings I am feeling right now is wanting me to go back to making out with you." Sapphire said softly as she looked at her. 

Deep down, Sapphire knew that she wanted to continue with the make out session but she didn't want to rush the relationship to much since they are just now started dating officially. Sapphire looked at Katrina and smiled as she took her hand in her own as she held it. "Sorry for being a little rushed about all that. Its just this feeling when I am with you drives me crazy." She said as she blushed a little. 

When Sapphire took a break she looked at her,
"I was thinking the same thing. I don't have any hard feelings." She said looking at her as she placed a quick kiss on her cheek.

"We shouldn't be at this rate yet but I agree the emotions are high between us. So is the lust." She said as she placed her hand on hers giving it a small pat. Sometimes the simple things in life were romantic as well.

"Did you want some coffee? Or should I send you on your way? Not that I would have any plans of kicking you out." She said with a small smile.

Sapphire smiled at Katrina as she smiled softly. "Yea I agree on that part." She said to the emotions being high including lust. When Katrina asked for coffee or something, Sapphire smiled. "Well I actually do not really have plans on going home yet. So a coffee would be lovely." She said as she smiled at her girlfriend. "Maybe after one cup of coffee then I should head home since the pups would really love to get out and use the restroom before all of us go to bed for the night...well technically it would be morning." She said as she giggled a little. "Would you like help with making coffee?" She asked as she stood up and smiled at her. "I really do not mind at all." She said as she continued to smile. 

The phoenix smiled as she wanted to do something to get her mind of the lust in the back of her mind as she wanted to keep herself busy with something. Sapphire was the one to push the emotions she had with Katrina but didn't want to rush all of it since they had just officially became girlfriends and really have been on at least two dates. Sapphire didn't want to mess things up as she was finally happy for once besides being happy with her pups at home, but finally found someone to love since she has had some heart breaks in the past.


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