Second date for someone special. (Closed to Sapphire and Katrina. ~finished~)

It was a couple of weeks after Katrina and Sapphire’s first date, it was amazing for Sapphire and she knew she wanted to make the second date at least memorable as the first. The phoenix guard had thought about it for weeks after the first date and decided to first have dinner at her house which she would make a few Italian dishes for Katrina. As the phoenix spent hours getting the meal prepared and the table set up to be romantic for the two, she had called a few places as a surprise for Katrina so they would be alone for the next part for the date. Before she started cooking, Sapphire gave Akira her wolfdog Katrina’s scent with a note around her collar for her to be ready by six o’clock as Sapphire was going to pick her up.

As it was getting closer to six o’clock, Sapphire had prepared Rigatoni with Vodka sauce, some homemade bread sticks and also tiramisu for dessert. Once it was done, Sapphire quickly got ready in a dress and did something with her hair before she heads out to pick up Katrina and Akira. Once she got to Katrina’s place, Sapphire got out and knocked on her door as she smiled and waited. The phoenix had her mind running all over the place as she thought about the places that they will be going after their dinner.

Sapphire’s eyes sparkled when Katrina opened the door. “Hello Katrina, ready for our second date?” She asked as Akira ran out the door once Katrina opened the door. The phoenix giggled and smiled as she looked at her. “Sorry if Akira was any trouble, she is the only one who knows your scent so I sent her to deliver my message since I didn’t know if you had a cell phone or not.” She siad as she held out her hand for her.

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Katrina was surprised to see a dog at her doorstep. It was a beautiful one at that but there was a note attached to the dog's collar. It was a note describing that she should be ready by six to be picked up for a date with Sapphire. Their last date was beyond perfect. Katrina spent hours making sure every finite detail was perfected and to say the next dates were being worked out as well was an understatement. She was excited to go out again so she began to get ready.

She put on a white dress that was plain but had a lovely gloss to it and felt like that of silk. She touched it and seen a broach from her younger days that she added to the side

As the doorbell rang she answered it and seen Sapphire. Smiling she let the door open wider for the dog to run towards her. "No, of course not Akira was a lovely guest we enjoyed each other's company." Smiling she looked at Sapphire. 

"I am excited. I have a cell phone did we never exchange the numbers or anything? We really must." She said smiling as she reached out and touched her hand.  "Let's go I am very intrigued." 

Sapphire smiled as she opened the door for Katrina. "Well I am glad she was a good girl.'' She said as she pet Akira as she had opened the car door for her to get in the back after opening the door for Katrina. Once the two were in the car, Sapphire closed the doors and smiled as she got into the drivers side as she looked at her, "I don't think we did, Here put your number in my phone." She said as she gently handed Katrina her phone. She buckled up and smiled as she waited for Katrina to buckle up before heading to her house. "I hope you are hungry." She said as she smiled at her as she drove. "Because I will say first, I made a wonderful dinner for us at my house." She said as she smiled softly.

As the phoenix guard drove, Sapphire smiled at Katrina as Akira had her head laying on the middle arm rest of the front seat waiting to get home. "The rest of the date will be a surprise." She said as she smiled softly as she looked at Katrina for a moment before looking back at the road. After about 10 minutes of driving, Sapphire pulled into her drive way and smiled as she turned the car off and quickly went over to open Katrina's door. "My lady." She said with a smile as she then opened the back for Akira. "Akira go to the back yard." She commanded as the wolf dog barked and headed to the backyard through the side of the house. Holding Katrina's hand, Sapphire lead her to the door and smiled as she then opened the door and lead her to the dining area showing off the Romantic dinner that Sapphire had prepared for the two of them. 

Waiting for a small reaction, Sapphire let go of Katrina's hand and pulled her chair out for her as she smiled. "I hope you like it." She said softly as she was a little nervous about this date as she wanted it to be perfect. "Wine?" She asked as she pushed the chair up for her once Katrina sat down. The phoenix opened the bottle and poured them each a glass of red wine before she sat down herself.

Katrina was very intrigued by the whole thing. As she sat in Sapphire's car she began to take a look at the cell phone handed to her. As she placed her number in she smiled and looked at her. this was going to be very special. "Of course I am hungry. The last of my lunch your sweet pooch got." She smiled with a small laugh. 

With that, they arrived at her house. She was given a hand to go into the house. She sat down as Sapphire pulled out a chair for her. "Well thank you Sapphire, it all looks so beautiful. I would love some wine." She was thirsty and really just excited for the whole experience.

Smiling she looked at the food in front of her. "You must have been cooking all day. It looks amazing." With that she leaned up and gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. To prove her affection for the work she put into the dinner. 

Sapphire blushed when Katrina kissed her cheek as she sat down. "Yes I was cooking most of the day, but I did it all for you my lady." She said as she smiled softly. She smiled as she had poured them some wine in the glasses before holding her glass up for a toast. "To a possible future with you." She said softly with a blush as she smiled alittle. As the two ate and talked, Sapphire did notice her little black pug sitting outside with Akira looking in through the screen door, causing her to giggle alittle. "One moment my lady." She said as she got up and smiled as she went to the kitchen and got dishes for the two pups outside with something that is healthy for the dogs and wont make them sick. 

The phoenix took the two dog dishes with food out to the screen door and opened the door, walking out before telling both girls to sit in Italian. Once the pups sat, Sapphire put the dishes down and told them ok for them to eat before going back inside. She went to the kitchen to wash her hands before coming back to the table to enjoy her date with Katrina. "Sorry about those two. They are normally eat around this time." She said softly as she sipped her wine. 

Sapphire looked at Katrina as her eyes sparkled in with the flame of the candle as she held out her hand to her. "I hope you will like the rest of the day that I planned, I will say I have planned to go to at least two places, a possible third if we have the time." She siad softly as she smiled softly at the Celestial. "Katrina, this is just amazing being with you." She said softly as she blushed alittle looking at Katrina.

She looked at Sapphire. Her beauty was outstanding, her hair and outfit were beautiful and the dinner set before her was amazing. As she raised her glass and toasted with her she smiled and took a sip. "You could let them in the house, I love animals." She said looking at the beautiful dogs outside before looking down at her plate.

"Well thank you, it looks amazing and I am sure it tastes just as good as well." She said as she took a bite and smiled. "I love being here with you as well." She said as she took another bite enjoying the taste and flavour.

She then took another sip of the wine hearing all the places they were to go she smiled. "Well I am very excited for all of it. Whatever and wherever we go." 

Sapphire smiled softly. "I would let them inside but I just want it to be the two of us right now." She said with a chuckle. As she looked at Katrina, Sapphire could feel her heart flutter as she smiled at her. As they two ate and talked about things mostly, Sapphire smiled at her. "I am glad that you like it. And very happy that you are excited about the rest of the date. After about an hour of eating and drinking wine, Sapphire looked at the time and smiled as she stood up and picked up their dishes and took them to the kitchen so she can do dishes. The phoenix put an apron to do the dishes so nothing would get on her outfit. 

Once she was done, Sapphire smiled and bowed alittle at Katrina, "My lady are you ready for the next part of the date?" She asked as she smiled softly at the celestial. The phoneix's eyes sparkled looking at her as she held out her hand. "Dont worry I am not planning on driving since I did have a few glasses of wine." She said as she lead the celestial to the door and smiled as she opened the door to a show a limo parked outside with the driver out and bowing at the two girls. He opened the door for the two as Sapphire smiled and lead Katrina to the limo. "Sorry if this is too much, kinda wanted to make this special and plus I tried for a carriage ride but they didnt want to be out this late." She said softly. 

As the two got into the limo, the driver closed the door and headed to the front to drive them to the next place. Sapphire smiled as she made sure that she got a few of Katrina's favorite treats in the limo for her. The phoenix guard also smiled as she poured them both a glass of champagne. "Hope you like champagne too, I thought a glass in the moment would be nice as we ride." She said softly as she smiled at her.

Katrina smiled the dinner was lovely and she glanced at her gently.
"I am fine with it just being us." With dinner passing by slowly she really enjoyed the meal. "Thank you for the hard work you did. I drank a few too so I can't offer to drive." She said. Before she knew it she was lead to the door and seen there was a limo driver.

"Oh Sapphire, you didn't need to do that. The dinner was delicious as well." She said smiling as she headed to the limo and sat inside. "Thank you, I do love champagne." She said smiling. Katrina loved how beautiful it was she enjoyed it very much the beauty of the limo.

"Do I get to know where we are going a bit, Sapphire? Or am I just along for the ride?" 

"I am glad you liked dinner." She said as she smiled and poured them each a glass of champagne as the limo driver drove them to their next destination. Sapphire took a sip as she smiled softly at Katrina's question, "Hmm I would say that you are along for the ride at the moment as I want every destination as a surprise to you." She said as she smiled softly at Katrina. The two talked about themselves as the limo driver continued to drive to the next place which was in the city. Once the limo pulled to a stop, Sapphire glanced out the window and smiled. “We are here.” She said as the limo driver opened the door for the two. Sapphire let Katrina out first as she smiled at, they were at a small carnival.

The phoenix took Katrina’s hand as she smiled and lead her inside, paying for their tickets. “I hope you like this, I thought it would be nice to go to a carnival since its nice today.” Sapphire said. As there were vendors and rides everywhere, Sapphire looked at Katrina, “Which ride would you like to try out first?” She asked as she smiled. In the back of Sapphire’s mind, she hoped that Katrina liked carnivals if she has been to one. Waiting on her response, Sapphire looked at her as she smiled as she was happy to be with Katrina.

Sapphire glanced over at a game to win things and smiled alittle as knew that before they would go to the next destination, Sapphire would love to win something for Katrina. The phoenix looked back at Katrina and smiled as she looked into her eyes, enjoying the lights making them sparkle. Sapphire smiled as she knew that she would remember this moment forever.

Katrina smiled and enjoyed the car ride. It was fun and enjoyable spending time with her. She enjoyed car rides. She loved to drive but looking out a window and watching the world pass by while daydreaming about the future was always the best. She looked at her love in front of her and smiled. 

"Well, I will be excited to go for the ride than." With that, the car stopped and she left the limo to see a beautiful carnival. "It looks so beautiful." Her eyes tried to take it all in. Smiling she grabbed her hand and gave it a small squeeze.

"Anywhere, the Ferris wheel looks fun but whatever you want. I haven't been to a carnival in a long time." 

Sapphire smiled as when Katrina mentioned the Ferris wheel. "Well that would be the first thing we ride then." She said as she lead the Celestial to the line of the Ferris Wheel and smiled as before they both got into one of the gondolas on the Ferris Wheel. Sapphire sat next to Katrina and held her hand as she looked at the sky around them before looking at Katrina. "I am glad I was able to plan this date for you." she said as she smiled. "I like planning fun stuff but rarely get to do anything for anyone besides helping friends in need. I had always wanted to do something special with someone special but really never got the chance to do that." She said as she looked at her and smiled softly. 

As the Ferris Wheel moved to let people on and off, as their gondola got to the top, Sapphire smiled softly at her. The sun was just setting as she smiled as looked at Katrina. "You look so amazing." She said softly as she smiled at her. Even they were different ages and different species, the two had so much in common and plus they knew that something was going to in both their hearts about each other. To Sapphire this was a perfect moment to kiss her during the sun setting but she knew this was her second date with her and they did kiss before but Sapphire just continued to look at her as she didn't want to push anything to fast on Katrina as they knew they wanted to take this slow before they jump to anything. 

"This is perfect lighting for you, it really frames your face." Sapphire said as she pulled out her phone and took Katrina's picture. After putting her phone away, Sapphire looked at the sky behind Katrina before looking back at Katrina's beautiful face. "Katrina, my heart always beats faster when I am near you and also get nervous when I am with you." She said as she looked at her. "I hope that this will never stop when I am with you." She said softly as she smiled a little at Katrina

Katrina smiled and looked at her gently.
"Okay then." As they waited in line to the point they actually got on the ride her heart was fluttering. She was having a blast and even though age was a difference and species. Nothing mattered now. She had Sapphire and their relationship. Which was all that she cared about currently.

"Thank you, you look as always incredible." When Sapphire took her picture she wanted to shy away from it almost as her picture was never something she loved. "I don't think it will stop. We have a very good bond. But I don't want your heart to have any problems because of being around me." She said with a sarcastic tone.

Sapphire looked like she wanted a kiss. Leaning in gently she nudged her nose against Sapphire's. "You are beautiful." She said with that she then nuzzled her nose and leaned in kissing her with a passion. She wanted to make sure Sapphire enjoyed herself as well.

Sapphire blushed into the kiss as she cupped Katrina's face as they kissed. After a few minutes she pulled away feeling breathless and her heart beating out of her chest. Sapphire kissed her once more before their gondola started to move. She smiled as the sun continued to set as the gondola started to lower them for their turn to get off. "Wow, Just wow." She whispered as she was speechless after the kiss. As the two got out of the gondola, Sapphire looked around and held Katrina's hand. As the lights lit up the carnival as the sun starts going down, Sapphire spotted a game with a plush phoenix hanging in the corner as she smiled brightly. 

"Let me win you something, I want you to have something to remember this night with and also since I didnt give you something for the first date, I feel kinda bad that I didnt when you gave me that bracelet." She said as she looked into Katrina's eyes. Leading over to the balloon popping game vendor, Sapphire smiled and put the money down for her to play to win. Her blue eyes sparkled as she looked back at Katrina and smiled before she started to focus on the game. Picking up the darts, after letting go of Katrina's hand for the moment., Sapphire looked at the balloons with determination as she wanted to win something for her.

Throwing each dart in a quick motion, popping all the balloons with her darts. She smiled as she won and telling the vendor that she wanted the phoenix plush. Once it was handed to Sapphire, the phoenix guard smiled and handed it to Katrina. "For you my dear." She said as she smiled and took her hand once more. Sapphire looked at the time and then quickly lead her back to the limo. "One more stop to do." She said as she smiled as she watched the limo driver open the door for the two. Once in the Limo, Sapphire smiled at Katrina as the driver took off slowly to the next place. After a few minutes of driving, the limo driver stopped at a location that had perfect view of the city. The girls got out and smiled as it was set up to look like a picnic but only had a basket with a few things of cheese and a bottle of wine and two glasses. Sapphire smiled and lead her to the blanket as she smiled. 


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