It was a couple of weeks after Katrina and Sapphire’s first date, it was amazing for Sapphire and she knew she wanted to make the second date at least memorable as the first. The phoenix guard had thought about it for weeks after the first date and decided to first have dinner at her house which she would make a few Italian dishes for Katrina. As the phoenix spent hours getting the meal prepared and the table set up to be romantic for the two, she had called a few places as a surprise for Katrina so they would be alone for the next part for the date. Before she started cooking, Sapphire gave Akira her wolfdog Katrina’s scent with a note around her collar for her to be ready by six o’clock as Sapphire was going to pick her up.

As it was getting closer to six o’clock, Sapphire had prepared Rigatoni with Vodka sauce, some homemade bread sticks and also tiramisu for dessert. Once it was done, Sapphire quickly got ready in a dress and did something with her hair before she heads out to pick up Katrina and Akira. Once she got to Katrina’s place, Sapphire got out and knocked on her door as she smiled and waited. The phoenix had her mind running all over the place as she thought about the places that they will be going after their dinner.

Sapphire’s eyes sparkled when Katrina opened the door. “Hello Katrina, ready for our second date?” She asked as Akira ran out the door once Katrina opened the door. The phoenix giggled and smiled as she looked at her. “Sorry if Akira was any trouble, she is the only one who knows your scent so I sent her to deliver my message since I didn’t know if you had a cell phone or not.” She siad as she held out her hand for her.

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Katrina smiled watching how much Sapphire seemed to enjoy the kiss. Sapphire really put some of the heat into the moment. Smiling she watched as she was whisked as she began to do her best to win a stuffed phoenix. "Don't worry, one of my love languages is showering people with gifts. I love to give you lots of things."

When Sapphire won the stuffed phoenix. She smiled and gave it a small squeeze and then gave her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Thank you, Sapphire. I love it." 

"Somewhere else yet?" She said as she was whisked back to the limo and watched as the driver pulled to a perfect spot above the city. Looking out at all the edges that the city had to have. It was a perfect way to spend the evening when she seen some wine and cheese.

"Well, you really outdid yourself didn't you." She said as she walked towards the blanket and took a seat. She was excited to just sit and talk for a moment with her.

Sapphire smiled and looked at her as she nodded. "I think i did." She said as she sat down with her and smiled as she poured the wine into the glasses. The phoenix guard smiled as she handed Katrina a glass. "Well there was a reason why I picked this spot too." She said as she smiled and looked back at the city as she smiled. "Besides it being a perfect spot to view the city but also a quiet place to watch the stars too." She said as she smiled at Katrina and raised her glass a little. "To you, Katrina." She said as she smiled softly as she clicked their glasses together. 

As the lights of the city shined bright to light up the sky a little as Sapphire looked at Katrina with a smile as she could still hear the screams and music from the carnival in the city. "I hope you have enjoyed this date, even though it seemed a bit rushed." She said softly as she looked into Katrina's eyes. "But I wanted to bring you to this spot just in time for something." She said as she looked at the city once more as she smiled. Fireworks started to pop into the sky as Sapphire smiled. "This is why I wanted to bring you to this spot." She said as the fireworks were fired into the sky as the spot they were in was the perfect spot to view them. 

Sapphire smiled as she sipped her wine and watched the fireworks with the girl she is falling for. She smiled as she glanced at Katrina with a smile as she sat her glass down and held onto Katrina's free hand as she watched the fireworks with her. As the firework show continued, Sapphire smiled as she moved herself closer to Katrina and laid her head on her shoulder watching the fireworks with her. "I think I am going to remember this for the rest of my life." She said as she smiled at her and looked up at her for a moment before looking back at the fireworks.

Katrina smiled at her. She looked at her gently. "I think it's wonderful. Any time I get to spend time with you is a good time to spend together."  When they joined glasses together and she toasted to Katrina. She blushed and looked gently at her. "To you my dear Sapphire. To many more dates together." She said as she smiled and leaned in to kiss her.

When the fireworks began to go off the first one made her jump like they always did as she looked at the beautiful colours in the sky she smiled. "They are gorgeous. I think so too!" She said smiling as she watched the beautiful colours.

"Thank you for this Sapphire. Yes I was worried it was a bit rushed but that's okay its gorgeous."

Sapphire smiled into the kiss as the fireworks when off, startling Katrina when it happened. She smiled more as she watched the fireworks with Katrina. The fireworks had went on for a long time before they did the grand finale with larger fireworks and made it a spectacular time as fireworks went crazy to make a beautiful end to the firework show. After all this Sapphire looked at her and smiled. "Im sorry it was rushed, but I am glad you loved it. The next one I plan wont be rushed I promise." She said as she smiled and kissed her once more. After the firework show, Sapphire smiled as she sipped her wine and looked into Katrina's eyes. "The sky is beautiful tonight. Its beautiful like you are." She said as she smiled softly at her. 

As the two sat out under the night sky, Sapphire smiled as they talked about things like their past. Sapphire had loved the date she planned and was glad that Katrina loved it as well. That was one thing Sapphire was worried about was that Katrina didn't like it. The phoenix guard smiled as she had enjoyed the dates that her and Katrina have been on as they knew they both had feelings for each other and both of them knew about it. Sapphire did have some concerns in the back of her mind but she would always just brush them away when she was with Katrina as she knew that nothing was going to come between the two women. 

Katrina smiled grasping her hand.
"Don't worry, I am soaking it all up and enjoying every moment. You put a lot of thought and effort into it. I apologize if I seemed ungrateful." She said looking at her gently.

With that she smiled, she cupped her hand on Sapphire's face. Her thumb ran across the skin before pressing her lips on Sapphire's. There was only one person she wanted to spend a lot of time with. As the lips melted more into the kiss she enjoyed the passion between the two of them.

Breaking the kiss she glanced at her. "Thank you my sweet Sapphire." 

The phoenix guard smiled as she shook her head. "No you do not seem ungrateful, I am just really glad you like the date." She said as she smiled. Feeling her thumb go across her skin before getting kissed, Sapphire kissed her back as she felt the passion that the two were both feeling. Once Katrina broke the kiss to speak, Sapphire smiled and kissed her cheek as she smiled. " You're welcome my wonderful Katrina." She said as she smiled. The two continued to chat under the night sky as they mostly finished the bottle of wine after hours of talking and sitting under the night sky. 

Hours and hours went by as Sapphire loved being with the girl that had her heart. Not realizing how late it was, Sapphire smiled and then glanced at the time. "Oh dear! I should take you home." She said with a chuckle and a smile as she looked into Katrina's eyes. "Its almost midnight." She said softly as she looked at her. "Sorry I kept you out this long." She said as she smiled and stood up. The phoenix guard dusted herself off and then helped Katrina up to her feet and smiled. Once on her feet, Sapphire pulled the celestial close and kissed her lips once more as she enjoyed being with her as she put her heart as she held her hand during the kiss. After breaking away, Sapphire smiled and leaded her slowly back to the limo. 

Katrina looked at her. "Yes, I guess we should be going home." She grabbed the hand of her beloved and smiled. "Don't you ever apologize for keeping me out late. I enjoy it. It makes me feel young and youthful. Staying out past my bedtime." She said with an added wink and looked at her. She was perfect just like she was. When they got into the limo she smiled and held her hand. 

"You know that I enjoyed myself very much." She said looking at her carefully as she stayed close to her Phoneix. She enjoyed her company and enjoyed their time together. It was always a fun time and now that they exchanged numbers they could text more and keep more of companionship together.

Sapphire smiled as she nodded. "Ok good." She said as she smiled at her. The phoenix held her hand as they sat in the limo as the limo driver drove them to Katrina's house. Feeling the closeness between the two, Sapphire smiled as she leaned in close and laid her head on Katrina's shoulder. "I am glad that you enjoyed yourself. I was worried that you wouldn't as I never really planned out a date before so this was a first try for everything." She said as she giggled softly and looked up at Katrina as she smiled. As the limo continued to drive, Sapphire smiled as she was happy that she would be spending more time with Katrina as she loved being around her. 

The phoenix smiled as she leaned in close and kissed her lips as she felt the urge to do so. She then pulled away from the kiss as she blushed. "Sorry if I make this feel rushed, its...its just that your lips look so wonderful. And I just felt that urge to kiss you again." She stumbled on her words as she blushed and looked into Katrina's eyes. "I know we have been on only two dates, yet I just feel so amazing with you." She said softly as she looked into her eyes once more

She looked at Sapphire.
"Of course I enjoyed myself. I would enjoy myself if I was cleaning up after the horses. As long as you are with me. I can't see being upset with the whole thing." She looked at her gently and smiled. When Sapphire gave her a kiss she looked at her and smiled once she broke the kiss. She giggled for a tiny moment and cupped her face. As she pressed her lips back on Sapphire's she really went into the kiss. Wrapping her arms around her neck pulling Sapphire on top of her.

The limo was still driving which made it a bit trickier but it made for things to be interesting. As she continued to embrace her girl she broke the kiss for a moment and looked into her eyes. "Does this feel rushed?" She said as she planted a few kisses along her neck and leaned back into her lips pulling Sapphire deeper into Katrina's arms.

Katrina was not experienced in romance. Maybe kissing once or twice before Sapphire she rarely dating. Even in all the years, she focused more on helping people. So this was all new for her. She wasn't thinking of anything else, she was just thinking of spending time with her beautiful Sapphire. 

Sapphire blushed when Katrina pulled her on top of her as they continued to kiss. Yes the limo was a bit trickier to kiss but it also made things more fun. The phoenix blushed as she was practically straddling Katrina's lap as she blushed more. Her mind buzzed as Katrina kissed along her neck before kissing her lips once more as she held her hands to her waist to keep her steady through out the ride. "N-no this doesn't to me." She said breathlessly as she looked into Katrina's eyes. The blush never left Sapphire's face as she looked into her eyes once more as she kissed her more as she held her waist while Katrina's arms were around her neck. 

The limo soon stopped at a stop light as Sapphire smiled softly. The phoenix moved her lips to Katrina's neck as she kissed her neck softly as she moved up to her jawline to her cheek before kissing her lips once more as she felt her heart explode at the kiss with Katrina. No one had made Sapphire's heart soar more than Katrina did. Sapphire looked at Katrina as she smiled and moved a little so she wasn't on her lap and was close to her as she laid her head on her shoulder. She held her hand as she looked at the celestial. The phoenix guard could not keep her mind off Katrina as she loved spending time with her wonderful Katrina.

Katrina watched as the kiss broke and she leaned on her shoulder. "I know technically this is only our second date. I just wanted to do that." She said with a small chuckle and looked at Sapphire. Having Sapphire's head on her should really made her even more intrigued. She really did think Sapphire was amazing.

"I don't know if I ever told you this Sapphire, but you have been the only official woman, let alone person. I have dated. Or made out with so intensely. So I should make it clear that I  am not fully aware of all that goes down. If you know what I mean?" She said as she lowered her voice and looked at her. 

Sapphire was beautiful and the next date would be Katrina's to plan. She had planned a lot of fun for their next date and was beyond excited to share with her how things were going. 

"But I want to ask you something?" She said looking at Sapphire. "Will you be going steady with me? Considered girlfriends? I am doing this wrong aren't I?" She asked looking at Sapphire blushing hard. 

Sapphire listened to her as she smiled softly. "Its okay, I liked it." She said softly as she looked into her eyes as she then spoke again. The phoenix listened to her as she nodded. "Yea I know what you mean. And to be honest with you, I haven't been with another woman before you. I had only kinda had a few relationships with men but never with a women but deep down I knew that I love both genders. I also never had made out with a women before so that was a first with me. As for the other things, I guess we will experience that together." She said with a small blush and looked at her. 

When Katrina asked a question, Sapphire sat up a little and looked at her. Noticing the blush on Katrina's face, Sapphire smiled and leaned in close to kiss her gently before pulling away . "No you didn't do it wrong. And Yes I will be your girlfriend Katrina, I would be honored to be your girlfriend Katrina." She said softly as she leaned in close and kissed her deeply as she cupped her face at the kiss. Feeling the limo move again, Sapphire pulled away and giggled a little when they started to move. "Well that was a little unsuspected." She said as she smiled. As the limo driver continued to head back to her house, Sapphire smiled as she leaned in again and kissed her as she held her hands in her own as she was excited to be with Katrina.


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