It was a couple of weeks after Katrina and Sapphire’s first date, it was amazing for Sapphire and she knew she wanted to make the second date at least memorable as the first. The phoenix guard had thought about it for weeks after the first date and decided to first have dinner at her house which she would make a few Italian dishes for Katrina. As the phoenix spent hours getting the meal prepared and the table set up to be romantic for the two, she had called a few places as a surprise for Katrina so they would be alone for the next part for the date. Before she started cooking, Sapphire gave Akira her wolfdog Katrina’s scent with a note around her collar for her to be ready by six o’clock as Sapphire was going to pick her up.

As it was getting closer to six o’clock, Sapphire had prepared Rigatoni with Vodka sauce, some homemade bread sticks and also tiramisu for dessert. Once it was done, Sapphire quickly got ready in a dress and did something with her hair before she heads out to pick up Katrina and Akira. Once she got to Katrina’s place, Sapphire got out and knocked on her door as she smiled and waited. The phoenix had her mind running all over the place as she thought about the places that they will be going after their dinner.

Sapphire’s eyes sparkled when Katrina opened the door. “Hello Katrina, ready for our second date?” She asked as Akira ran out the door once Katrina opened the door. The phoenix giggled and smiled as she looked at her. “Sorry if Akira was any trouble, she is the only one who knows your scent so I sent her to deliver my message since I didn’t know if you had a cell phone or not.” She siad as she held out her hand for her.

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Katrina looked at her. "I am glad you want a cookie. These are my favourite." She said as she took a cookie and took a bite out of one as she spoke about the other celestials. She finished her cookie and smiled at her. Placing her hand on her shoulder and giving it a slight rubbing motion.

"Hey, hey don't worry it will be fine. The Wayfinder Ophelia said when moving in that she is worried a bit about the aliward guards but everyone is welcome to come who I trust. And I trust you, Sapphire. I full-heartedly trust you which is coming from a person who doesn't trust anyone." 

Sapphire smiled as she finished her cookie, looking at her. The phoenix smiled as Katrina rubbed her shoulder a little.  Sapphire smiled as she felt happy that Katrina was reassuring her about everything. As she listened, Sapphire grabbed another cookie and took a bite. After swallowing her bite, Sapphire smiled. "And I trust you Katrina, with all my heart. It makes me feel a whole lot better that I will feel welcomed. Plus I do not want to hurt anyone that is a celestial." She said as she looked at her with a smile. 

"I know that Guards and Celestials are enemies but I dont want to be anyone's enemy. And you are the only one that knows that now. I have kept that a secret as I have been trying to become friends with a Celestial. He owns a ranch and is willing to help me get a few horses even though Tia already said I can keep my horses when I get them at her home since she also owns alot of land." She siad as she smiled at her. "I just want to be friends with everyone." She said as she looked at her .

"There's nothing wrong with that. Personally its not my fight."

She said taking a small pause and grabbed some hair out of her face. It was starting to irritate her but that was night time. When she was tired things became far more known to her.  "Thats the way I see it. I never got involved when it was happening and I am not getting involved now." She said leaning close to her girlfriend and enjoyed being near her. 

"Because you are a kind and gentle soul Sapphire. You are friends with everyone. I know you can." She said with a small smile as she leaned and kissed her cheek. 

"Can I get you more coffee? Or will that ruin your sleep?" She said looking at her gently. 

Sapphire smiled. "Yea." She said as she smiled at her. The phoenix noticed she was getting a little irritated with her hair as she then chuckled. "I am the same way, but I don't know why Celestials and the Guards are enemies in the first place." She said as she noticed Katrina lean closer to her causing her to blush a little but enjoyed being near her as she smiled softly at her. As Katrina spoke about Sapphire being a kind soul, Sapphire only blushed a little as she smiled at her before she then blushed more when Katrina kissed her cheek. 

The phoenix smiled as she gently leaned in close and used her hand to pull her into a gently kiss on the lips as she smiled a little. Once she pulled away and smiled. "Thank you for the coffee but I think I had enough for tonight. It wont ruin my sleep but could I have a cup of water instead? I think the cold water will be better for me before I head back home." She said as she kissed her cheek before moving back some.

Smiling she stared at her gently for a moment. "I don't understand it either really." She said looking at her as she spoke about water. Standing up she got her some water and handed the glass to her. "I understand its getting late and even though I am used to being awake at night since most babies come at night." She said with a small laugh before sitting down again on the couch.

"Well, I don't want you to think I am kicking you out at all. I would keep you for much longer but I bet you are exhausted." She said taking a sip of the remainder of her coffee and taking another cookie and nibbling on one. 

Sapphire smiled as she watched Katrina get up to get her some water. She gently took the cup and smiled. "Thank you." She said as she smiled at her as she sipped from the cup. "I can understand that part. I was told before my parents passed that I was born at night." she said as she chuckled a little. The phoenix smiled as she held Katrina's hand when she sat back down. It was sad that she thought about her parents but it was in the past so she just wanted to live in the now as she was happy that she had someone in her life. Sapphire smiled as she looked at Katrina as she smiled once more as she was happy.

"I am exhausted and would love to stay longer with you. I just feel wonderful when I am with you. Plus I don't want this moment to end." She said as she chuckled and smiled as she looked at her. "But I should head home to the pups since they might be wondering about me." She said with a chuckle. Sapphire smiled as she finished her cup of water before she stood up. She leaned down and kissed Katrina on the lips as she smiled. "Good night Kat. Or should I say morning?" She said as she chuckled and smiled at her.

Katrina looked at Sapphire and smiled.
"Yeah, I understand you have a wonderful sleep and I will see you soon." She said as she leaned in and kissed her more.  "Good night Sapphire. Sleep well!" Watching Sapphire walk away and go home really made her heart sad almost. Being with Sapphire gave her a sense of accomplishment. She enjoyed being with Sapphire it made her days better. She then turned off the lights and headed to bed as she was exhausted. 


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