Every time she closes her eyes to sleep, she would find herself staring at the clock that kept on ticking across the room. All because she couldn’t even get a shut-eye because every time she attempts to sleep, she would be reminded of how she fell while she was in the Void. Astraea could remember that day, she had just finished chasing yet another monster that dwelled within the dark place in search of a soul to devour. It felt like the ground itself cracked into two and she fell in between them, only to wake up on another ground that she found too familiar; she was laying on top of the grass and she could definitely taste the dirt. A few decades have gone by and she couldn’t even recall what Earth even looked like, they were in another century and everything has changed. Much like the others who were not Empaths and haven’t been on Earth for a while, she was confused by her surroundings.

No one knew why they were suddenly on Earth, but for the past few months they’ve been there, everyone was trying to adapt to the new changes. Herself included. Earth seemed so different from the last time she was an Empath. 80 years have passed and everything seemed a lot peaceful. Unlike the others, Astraea didn’t find any comfort being back on Earth, for reasons only she knew. But there was nothing she could do but find a way to live like a normal person. So she went around the eternal city seeking a freelance job or the likes. Fortunately, Astraea was able to land herself a part-time job as a waitress at one of the cafes located in the city center. It was getting really late, her eyes fell on the clock that was hung across the room, the arrow was ticking down to 11. 

The Aurazin was currently cleaning the last few tables when she peeked outside through the windows, it wasn’t too dark, there were lampposts at every block but she had to also remind herself that she was residing in a heavily populated supernatural community. And it didn’t help when she wasn’t even sure if she wouldn’t stumble across any shady human on her way back. Not everyone is necessarily nice and she understood that but perhaps, a part of her still believed everyone had that good in them. Clearly, she hasn’t been living as much. If the world is more peaceful now compared to the past, people should be the same, right? Wrong. But Astraea doesn’t know that. Tossing the rag into the compartment next to the counter after washing them, Astraea took off the apron tied around her waist and craned her neck, the exhaustion was slowly setting in, especially after working a two four-hour split shift for breakfast and dinner today.

 She double checked everything and switched off the lights before making her way out the back. It didn’t start going wrong until she turned around a block and could sense another’s presence trailing behind her, and it was not a good aura she’s usually surrounded with. It wasn’t hard to know if someone had malevolent intentions when you could straight off sense it off them. If you think positively, nothing will happen, she murmured to herself. Her eyes were busy trying to find another way but she didn’t know the city that well, so shortcuts were very off-putting. Her heart was threatening to jump out when she could hear the footsteps getting closer.

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He knew it was dumb to be out here every night circling that very same place he had been stabbed a few weeks ago. He knew that. Han had told him that time and time again but he couldn’t stop himself. He couldn’t just turn a blind eye on people who were making this city so much worse. People were getting hurt just for crossing the wrong path and if there was something he could do to stop them, he would. You could call it plain recklessness he supposed, some might call it stupidity but if the police wouldn’t do anything to stop them, who would?

He was hanging around on the corner, a black hoodie worn with the hood up to hide his face, Sunmin was good at blending into the crowd and making people walk past without giving any notice, they’d done so for most of his life. Just another guy on the street, another no one. He was okay with that, no matter how many times Han tried to tell him he could be more than that, he was okay with being a face lost in the crowd. Perhaps that was strange to most but Sunmin had always done better on his own. That way he had no one to answer to, no one telling him what he was and wasn’t allowed to do and nothing tying him down.

He had been watching them from atop one of the rooftops, it was easy to get a good view of their activities from up here. Then tended to group up in twos or threes, prowling the area and doing whatever they wanted. Mostly they tended to slip drugs into girl’s drinks inside the club, there wasn’t much he could do about that because they had the security note down what he looked like. But he could make sure they weren’t here harassing random girls on the street. And that was exactly what happened before long, one of the dark-haired males following a young-looking girl who immediately caught Sunmin’s eye. He had to blink a few times because he swore she was glowing.

He shook his head, climbing down from the rooftop and sinking into the alley which opened up to the street where he had spotted the guy prowling. He heard the sound of the girl’s shoes clicking against the pavement and walked out from the alley smoothly, sidling up beside her and pulling down his hood “Hey, there you are! I’ve been looking for you everywhere” he gave the girl a pointed look before he whispered softly “There’s a guy following you, play along, I’ll get you out of here” she had no reason to trust him, he could be just as bad after all, but he had to do something to help and much like he expected, seeing someone else approach her made the guy turn and walk the other way.

First rule of going back home alone was to always be cautious of your surroundings. Astraea had no problem with that, though there were times when she'd frequently find her head in the clouds, she wasn't that bad at not paying attention. The Aurazin was just as perceptive as a person could be. It wasn't even a real rule! The number one rule of all when it comes to going back home so late at night when your only company are the lampposts situated at every corner of the block, is to not go home alone. She was starting to think she should've taken the offer her coworker gave her earlier today before they were off to their cleaning shift. He had offered to stay behind and close up together but Astraea said she was fine doing it alone and told him to go home and rest up. You reap what you sow. Now she's facing a situation she's not used to, but have seen in one of the movies she saw the other day. Who was it going to be? A robber? Rapist? Even worse… a serial killer?! 

The sounds of her heeled boots clicked against the pavement as she attempted to walk a tad faster because she did not like hearing the sounds of another's footsteps coming in hot. Positive thoughts, Astraea. Maybe he doesn't mean you any harm? Not with the kind of aura he was oozing, she could feel the coldness worthy of those who spent an entire night huddled up in the morgue or the cemetery. She's too young to die. Sort of. Her grip on the strap of her bag tightened considerably and the Aurazin closed her eyes shut. It wasn't until another presence graced them and the voice of someone talking that had her fluttering her eyes open, turning her head to the side to glance over the stranger who joined her. Who? "Huh?" It was a timid response coming from her, as she tilted her head slightly in confusion but not enough to warrant any suspicion from the other person that's been tailing her ever since she exited her workplace.

 At first, she was rendered clueless because he suddenly appeared out of nowhere, pretending to know who she was. But then the realization sets in and Astraea couldn't be anymore grateful for his intervention tonight. I'll get you out of here, those words seemed to keep on ringing in her ears as she nodded softly, following his lead. Whatever he was planning, at least she wasn't alone anymore. She had no reason to trust him, not if she's any normal random girl walking back home late at night after checking out from her work. Thankfully, she's an Aurazin. Even though she was extremely naive to a lot of things, Astraea had the ability to read people's aura. It was the reason why she knew whoever it was that had been following her earlier was someone with ill intentions. And how she knew this guy who just saved her, was actually saving her. 

His aura was a bit confusing because the colors wouldn't stay in one place but he didn't hold any malicious intent which was more than enough for her to go on. Once she was sure the guy was no longer tailing her after they walked further down the block, Astraea stopped on her tracks and stared at the stranger who helped her, "Thank you… for helping me" Perhaps she was right to think that people are nicer here. He was tall, towering above her and was cladded in black, "You didn't have to help… but you did, I owe you for that." 

He watched the girl carefully after he spoke, trying to figure if she was afraid of him or about to cause a scene, he had to admit he couldn’t exactly do much to make himself look any less shady considering he was wearing a black hoodie and pants. Her nervous tone told him that she had already realized someone was following her and perhaps she was also concerned he might be part of the plan. He made an action as though he was putting and arm around her shoulder but he didn’t actually touch her, glancing over his shoulder that seemed to show the guy that he wasn’t just a passerby and intended on staying with her until she was out of danger.

She had soft features, she looked young, perhaps late teens or early 20s, she definitely didn’t look like she was headed to the club around here which made him wonder where she was going. He continued walking beside her, folding his arms over his chest and saying very little as they walked the distance of a block, enough to get out of the male’s view from earlier before she came to a stop. He halted in his tracks too, purposely looking around for a moment to make sure no one was watching them “They know my face so...I hope you don’t mind” he didn’t really care if she minded actually but he was trying to be polite to people like Han asked him to. No more trouble he had promised him and it was proving hard to keep.

He nodded slightly when she thanked him but didn’t say anything “What were you doing out here this late?” he questioned rather bluntly in response, it was frustrating to see people walking through here like this, perfect prey for the males who prowled the alleys. Not that he was blaming anyone for being attacked but if he could convince her not to walk alone around here alone then that was one less target right? He was still a little weirded out every time he looked at her because he swore there was this weird light surrounding her, not like the one Hanseol had, different. “Thank me by getting a cab next time, this city may lull you into thinking it’s safe but it’s not” and they still weren’t out of the area.

“Let’s go” he jerked his chin towards the direction they were going “I’ll make sure you get to somewhere...less dark” if not then no doubt they would wait for him to leave and start the circle all over again and he wouldn’t have that on his conscience.

Was she afraid of him? Admittedly, when he first came out of nowhere, she was startled. Who would come out of nowhere like that without any warning? But then again, considering how she was currently being stalked over by some guy she didn't know, the day had it out for the Aurazin. The only difference was that this new person didn't seem to exude malicious intent or any ill energy whereas the same couldn't be said about the one who's been trailing her ever since she passed the block earlier. What's the worst that could happen, right? Adapt to the situation, Astraea, she told herself. It also didn't help that he was also dressed in fake clothing, which makes it harder to discern anything in the dark, the light from the lampposts weren't enough to illuminate his entire presence and if she didn't see his energy, she probably couldn't see a thing at all. 

Her eyes trailed over every action and gesture he made, from how he shielded her slightly from the other male to how he seemingly tried to make it appear as if he was an acquaintance of hers. At least she wasn't alone anymore, Astraea was focused on settling things one by one and the fact that he was better than the person earlier, makes it enough for her to work with. "They know your face? Do you know who they were?" Who is he? Did he have any connection or existing rivalry with whoever the guy was with? He was one individual. Clearly, she didn't think there were gangs everywhere. She wasn't surprised when he responded bluntly, being scolded and reprimanded had been part of her routine even before, so it wasn't something new either. 

"I just got back from work…" she murmured, technically, she wasn't at wrong here, right? Astraea was just doing what she was supposed to be doing; work to survive. Since when was Evermore a dangerous place? She wasn't that naive to think anywhere was safe but the eternal city was said to be able to provide them with a better sense of security. "Surprisingly, I think this place is a lot safer compared to others. And how would one get a cab at… 11 39 pm?" He wasn't the nicest person she's met but then again, he's also trying to get her out of this mess, whatever it was. The least she could do was follow through. "Is there a place that's actually less dark than here?" She hasn't been that far around the city to check.

Sunmin spent a lot of time on these streets, they were where the heart of crime in the city ran from which meant they were the place he could go when he needed to earn his living, he wasn’t exactly proud of what he did but he only ever did small jobs here and there to keep himself afloat and he never agreed to join any of their group schemes. Lone wolf as they would say. “I mean I don’t know them by name but I know they run underground operations in the city and work out of the club nearby?” he raised his brows “The authorities also know they’re there but they seem pretty uninterested in doing anything about it” probably had some inside deal going on no doubt. He could tell she wanted an explanation though so he blew out a long breath “Call it a bit of a personal vendetta, they screwed some things up for me, I’m doing the same to them” by taking away their targets where he could. Usually he would scare them off but today he had to act a little more directly.

He raised a curious brow when she explained that she got back from work “What kind of insane person works this….” he paused remembering the girls who danced in the club and bit his tongue “Actually don’t answer that” he responded, she didn’t look like she came from the club though but who knows at this point. When she asked how she would get a cab this late he grumbled “They won’t come out here this late, they want to avoid all the drunk people” he commented and sighed slightly, well she made a semi decent point but surely she could do something to keep herself safer? He continued walking, not really making an effort to slow down for her even though she was tiny, he completely dwarfed her and he wasn’t the tallest guy in the world.

“Well it’s a bit of a way but one of the subway stations runs the night line from here, I’ll take you there and then you can go wherever in the city you want” he nodded, yes she would be under CCTV and with the train operators, it was the safest place she could reliably go to. Usually there was a stop open much closer but it had been closed for maintenance for a few weeks now. He shoved his hands into his pockets while he walked, balancing on the curb of the sidewalk as the cars rushed past them on the busy road.

She was new to the city, the only other places she's been at was either Wanderlust where she works at, the tea shop she often ventures to, and of course, their residency at the shortgrass prairies. Those were the three places she knew the direction to. Fortunately, Astraea could work a map so she knew her way around one or two areas at most. Again, she's the new girl there and the whole purpose of blending in was to make sure she doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. All the while she's worked at the cafe there, she's never encountered any trouble aside from picky customers who demanded their coffee to be low fat when they didn't specify at the register. Shady people and gangs were not in her lane, at all. "They have an underground operation going on?" she widened her eyes and gaped at the thought of having something so sinister continuing their operations like nothing matters. When he told her the authorities probably didn't see the need to put a stop to it, Astraea couldn't help but to frown, why did she think corruption was not going to exist even if the city was safer than anywhere else? 

Now that she's thought about it, she wasn't even sure if it's safer or more dangerous. "So you try to screw things up for them by making them come short on the list of prey for the night?" What would've happened if he wasn't there to get her out of the mess that she didn't even purposely concoct? She couldn't even bear to even think about the possibilities. When he questioned her choice of occupation, especially after he told her a second later not to answer it, Astraea cleared her throat and shrugged, "My shift was supposed to end at 9 maximum but we had a busy day so I was asked for an extra hour to 10. One hour of cleaning up to make sure everything is set and there you have it. Customers can be prickly and extra demanding sometimes." It was a tiring work, for sure. But it pays the bills so who was she to complain? 

"I don't always come home alone, but today's one of those exceptions because I had to go home later than usual. Never needed any cab when you can be out of the clock early." He really was walking at a fast pace, Astraea had to walk twice as fast just to match his pacing, mostly because she didn't want to be left behind. Getting herself out of this situation was her number one importance, right now. "Subway?" She definitely didn't know there were any lines nearby. While she was walking at the side of the road like any normal passerby, he was not. Astraea stared at the other male who was balancing himself on the edge of the sidewalk, which honestly would only need one push for him to fall into traffic. "Are you sure you should be… doing that? Isn't that dangerous? All it takes is one push or a slight imbalance for you to topple."

She looked so shocked when he mentioned that there was a gang running in the city he wasn’t sure whether to be shocked or impressed by her naivety to not know what was going on around her. It bothered him that so many people went around completely oblivious to the world around them and then ended up getting themselves hurt because they walked straight into a place they weren’t supposed to be. “Yeah, most of it is drug-related but lately they’ve been branching out” he had a somewhat bitter tone in his voice which represented the disgust he held to their actions. Drug dealing he could handle because for the most part, that was people hurting themselves rather than others but when they started crossing lines, that’s when it bothers him.

Well, it did seem like she caught on to what he was trying to say quickly enough, he nodded his head when she surmised that he went after them by taking away the people they could get their hands on “Amongst other things, it really depends how brave I’m feeling at the time” guiding regular people away was easy enough, stealing back the watch they had stolen didn’t go quite as well. Since that night he’d held a bit of a grudge and while Han had asked him to stay away, they both knew he wasn’t going to be able to do that. He couldn’t help but be a little surprised by the way she talked about her customers being demanding and difficult at times, he coughed in shock before covering it by clearing his throat “No kidding and people wonder why I stay as far from others as I can” he was doing the right thing tonight but that didn’t mean he was socialite of the year.

“Maybe ask someone else to stay on shift next time” he commented in a grumbling tone, as much as he wished the city was safe for women to be out walking alone at night, it simply wasn’t the case. The city was dangerous, any city was dangerous but this one even more so because of the supernatural element to it. He noticed the way instead of complaining about his long strides she was practically running to keep up with him which made him chuckle dryly and slow down just a little “Yeah, it’s a little far but it’s a place less dark” he reiterated his words from earlier with a slight grin. He was balancing his way along the curb without a care in the world when he heard her comment about it and raised his brow “What? You’ve never taken a risk in your life?” he commented dryly, he lived on risks, they made him feel alive. She however, seemed pretty straight laced.

Not everyone is good in this world, she knew that too. But perhaps, there was a part of her that still believed there was more good in the world compared to the rotten part, and how Evermore is hopefully a lot better than everywhere else. Maybe that was why she seemed to be shocked upon hearing that there were still those underground people working ‘discreetly’ under their sinister mask. “I guess some things are too good to be true…” she murmured dismissively, maybe she held a certain expectation on the eternal city when they first came here looking for a temporary sanctuary. “Maybe Evermore isn’t as safe as most people make it out to be, not sure whether I’m surprised or the opposite” Maybe a little bit of both. A lot of things changed over the century, but one thing was for certain; the crime rate did not. “You sound like you’ve had a bit of experience around that topic” Judging from the looks of things, it was clear the two sides had something going on, but if she was going to walk around, she may as well know something about the area where she worked, right? It may not be her last night going home late, she’ll need to be cautious.

 Naive? Yes. Slow? Not as quite. Astraea was quick to understand where he was going with this, and right now she was just grateful someone helped her tonight and she didn’t end up anywhere near that list of prey. Who knows, one day she was just trying to go home, the next people found her missing? It’s a scary world. “How brave do you think you are now?” Kinda brave, from where she stood. Though something tells her that it wasn’t exactly the first time he’s done something so reckless such as this. Daring, for sure, but a little bit around the reckless department. What if he got hurt while trying to save another? That doesn’t sound nearly half as progressive. The Aurazin spared him a look filled with confusion when he coughed and cleared his throat as if she had just said something questionable but dismissed it, “Humans are complicated” she quipped, in her opinion, they were. “Complex beings but very complicated…” 

The dark-haired female gave him an exasperated look when he told her she should’ve asked for someone else to take over the late shift, “And I wish that I could finally go home and stop having to worry about a lot of things but we don’t always get what we want. Not everyone is reliable, certainly not my colleagues, any chance at clocking early, they’ll rush like a bunch of hungry hyenas.” Could she blame them though? Not exactly. It’s been unsafe for women to walk around so late at night for centuries long, but sometimes people didn’t have the luxury to stay home the entire day either. Astraea counted her steps while rushing forward, only to realize he wasn’t walking as fast compared to earlier, causing the female to smile softly, she appreciated that. “I’m taking one right now” she exclaimed bluntly, “I’m following you.” There was nothing to excuse her crankiness which made the Aurazin take a step back and bit her lip, yeah maybe keeping her mouth shut would be better. 

“It’s not that… but I take risks when I’ve weighed them. Big risks usually bring back big results. Balancing myself over the sidewalk when there’s a busy traffic 5 feet away is not a good one to take.”

Sunmin had spent all of his life not knowing much different from this, he saw the worst parts of not just this city but every city and none of them were immune. It was probably why he had survived for so long without being threatened, he knew when to keep his mouth shut, how to stay under the radar and who to avoid. The average person though, they tended to get themselves into trouble. “Nowhere is as safe as the authorities would like to paint it to be, they want everyone to move to their towns” he rolled his eyes, could you really be so blind as to not think there was crime everywhere? “Some people have it lucky and avoid having to experience it, others spend their time surrounded by it, I guess you could call me a realist” he saw the world for what it was and honestly, it didn’t fill him with hope.

There was a part of him that felt a sense of gratification from being able to take something away from them, to hurt their business just a little to know they didn’t win, they didn’t silence him. Perhaps that made him reckless and stubborn but that was honestly just the person he was “Enough” he responded and nodded his head a few times “But I’m just one person, there’s only so much I can do” he would keep messing with them and causing them difficulties for the foreseeable because no one else wanted to do anything about it and it was a good way for him to vent his anger. He raised a brow when he said that humans were complicated, now that was a very strange way for someone to talk about other people, almost as though she didn’t fit the same narrative “You say it like you’re not one” he commented and scoffed, though he had to admit he was still curious about that glow he could see surrounding her.

The way she snapped at him just a little when he said she should ask someone else to stay for the late shift made his brow raise in surprise “Well then it sounds like you’re going to need to invest into some pepper spray or a car” he commented bluntly, he doubted she was going to want to take the same risk again after experiencing being followed like that, he had seen that brief moment of panic on her face earlier. He turned back and shot her an unimpressed look when she claimed that she was taking a risk by following him right now “Well I don’t see many better options for you princess” he commented and rolled his eyes, did he really look that shady? He knew his clothing choices were questionable but they helped him to blend in on the streets as needed.

She went on to explain how she always weighed risks before taking them which made him chuckle under his breath “Nothing says I’m alive like taking an entire day to make a decision and missing out on something special eh?” he shook his head in an amused fashion.

There were times when she’d trust a stranger blindly and there were times when she would end up building a conspiracy theory in her head in the last five seconds she’s seen them. In her current case, she chose to trust a stranger, admittedly, someone who saved her from an imminent danger so to say. That makes him trustworthy enough, it wasn’t as if she was going to see him again. The probabilities were low for her to bump into him again, not when it looks like he wasn’t the type to walk around with others during the day. Either way, she could spare enough kindness. There was a lot more from where that came from anyway. “Yeah… but I just thought Evermore would be different…” Isn’t that why they chose to settle here? Because the Ailwards were residing here too? If they chose to stay there, surely there was something interesting about the city, aside from their semi-peaceful wall keeping everyone in line and not tearing one another’s throats over old supernatural rivalry. 

“A realist who seemed like he’s gone through plenty to understand how the world truly operates” It’s a shame, all the times most people would try to make it better, it just wouldn’t budge. No matter how much they tried to make it better. “Most things started out small… Most people who grew to be successful started out alone too. It’s not impossible to achieve what you think is impossible” she mumbled softly, it only takes a certain motivation to get themselves up there. “Not that I’m trying to imply that you should continue doing this and getting yourself in trouble-” Nor was she trying to stop him from saving innocent victims either. “Either way, I’m sure you managed to save plenty already” She was one of them, it may not mean much to others but in her eyes, it meant a lot. Astraea believed that one simple act of kindness would eventually start a chain reaction.

 The Aurazin quickly covered her mouth with her hand and cursed silently when she realized she didn’t talk like how a normal person would, “I mean… human beings in general can be a frustrating topic to talk about?” Apparently, when you’ve been away for a while, socializing with real living people gets overwhelming. “People… Astraea, you call them people” she grumbled to herself, not realizing she may have said that out loud. She had no idea what a pepper spray was, which left the brunette to stare at him in confusion, “Pepper spray?” Whatever it was, it sounded like it would be effective against bad people. She didn’t want to go through this again, being stalked over until she felt like she could die from the fright and panic combined wasn’t healthy.

 The nickname didn’t escape her attention, in fact, it made the Aurazin tilt her head to the side and take in those words, “Touche.” Astraea narrowed her eyes at him and poked his back a bit to the side as if she was waiting for him to topple over from the imbalance, "What if you're not alive? If you don't take risks... does that mean you're not really living?" she pursed her lips slightly and blinked a few times, the headlights managed to shine on the sidewalk better now, “Will the risk be worth it?” she asked, she too, was curious.

Sunmin had to admit he was curious to know what made her think that Evermore would be any different to the rest of the world, because it was the illustrious supernatural sanctuary? He didn’t think all that much to all that, all those public figures sat in their offices and pretended they were making the city better while turning a blind eye on those who really needed help. “I have to know what makes you think this city is so special” he commented and clicked his tongue, seemed pretty average to him, same highways, same skyscrapers, same world. Perhaps he hadn’t had enough exposure to the supernatural world to know how it was or maybe he just didn’t care, what difference did it make what you were? You were either tolerable or not.

“Are you trying to psychoanalyze me?” he asked and raised his brows, well he was flattered that she would even both he supposed but there wasn’t much to say when it came to him, he fell one day, he spent his entire life so far doing the same thing, he kept on moving and so did the world around him. He looked out for himself and himself only and never let anyone get under his skin “Cause it’s really as simple as this, people are selfish and ignorant and it isn’t going to change” the number of times he had seen someone pass him when he was living on the streets and they wouldn’t even look at him, it said everything. Her speech about hope and doing the impossible would probably had an impact on someone else but for him it just made him shrug slightly “I’ll do what I want” he responded, everything he did was on his terms and he would continue to do so as and when he chose to.

Sunmin realized she completely caught herself out with that whole humans statement but she did pretty well to cover it, A for effort, but he’d already figured out she was supernatural a long time ago. He’d been high before and even that hadn’t made him see someone glow literal rainbows, if it wasn’t incredibly out of character for him, he’d be tempted to poke it to see if it would pop like a bubble. “When they’re busy getting themselves into unnecessary danger for sure” he jested in a sarcastic voice. He heard her muttering to herself and chuckled “Do you always talk to yourself in the third person Astraea?” weird habit to have but it had told him her name pretty easily. He gave her a sarcastic exasperated look when she asked what pepper spray was but dismissed it, he had no time for her to be playing the dumb game.

He had to admit he was a little shocked when he felt her poke against his back and he almost lost his balance, only managing to catch it by swinging his outstretched arm a little to counter the momentum, he glanced over at her to glare for a moment “I mean most people go about their lives never doing anything beyond what they know and then one day no doubt they question whether they spent it well” he shrugged “I don’t want to be the one questioning that” he wanted to live while he was here, whether that was a short time or a long time. He smirked when she asked if the risk was worth it “I have no idea” he responded “But that’s what makes it fun” he was a wild spirit at heart, he wasn’t sure where it would lead him but he had the feeling like this was only the beginning for him.

She wasn’t sure if she was the only one with the mindset of thinking Evermore to be the ‘sanctuary’ of the supernatural world and human world alike, but from what she’s heard, surely it was popular with others for something, right? Maybe that’s not it. Maybe those words were just pasted on something that could pass off as a flyer or a brochure. This is why it’s never good to be so hopeful. When he said he needed to know why she thought the city was special, Astraea found herself biting down on her bottom lip as she shrugged, “It just seems like it. I’m new here, haven’t stayed longer than like… two months? I came here for a reason and one of it was because they said it’s safe. At least… safer.” Was she aware she sounded naive to believe in such things even after witnessing plenty of destruction over the years? Probably. She wondered if he came here for the same reason, though judging from how he viewed things, he probably didn’t give a damn about being so hopeful that things would turn out to be better. 

Astraea cleared her throat awkwardly before averting her gaze elsewhere, preferably the ground they were standing on, that certainly took her off guard, “Uh… no… I’m not trying to psychoanalyze you or anything, sorry if I seem to be doing that” For starters, she didn’t even know what psychoanalyzing even meant as a whole. As much as she didn’t want to agree with him on that, she wasn’t sure if disagreeing would be the best choice for her to do, at the moment. “Nobody wants to change the world” she quipped softly, “They just want to change the environment they’re living in. Surely, that’s for their own good too. Wouldn’t you want to grow around a healthy one?” She knew she would. The Aurazin shook her head with a smile when he said he’ll do whatever he wishes, what a rebel. It seems like someone who’s lived by his own rules. 

Astraea didn’t know how to hold a proper conversation, those social skills of hers had probably gone rusty ever since the last time she’s been to Earth. In the veil, she didn’t need to be cautious of her identity because everyone was the same and even when she went to Earth as an Empath, she was only there to comfort and console them using what was already there. Conversing with someone else is another level of socializing, and it didn’t help when he didn’t seem like the socializing type either. The dark-haired female halted on her steps momentarily and lifted her head up in surprise when he said her name, oh had she said that out loud earlier? Honestly, it was rare to hear someone pronounce her name correctly too, he was probably one of the fewer ones who could. “Not always…” she murmured, Astraea didn’t know much about sarcasm and often took them literally. Someone clearly needed to go to a communication skill class. Or classes

She only shrugged casually and spared him a nonchalant grin when he glared at her after almost tumbling down from the lack of balance, no thanks to her. He sure sounds like someone who’s gone through enough to say those words which made Astraea stare at him in awe for a while. “That’s an interesting overview of things” she exclaimed, does everyone think the same? “I don’t think everyone can take every risk that comes to mind though, some of us have to think about… other things” with a frown creasing her features and that slight pout on her lips, Astraea wondered if that’s right. “I imagine you’ve taken plenty, judging from how you’re phrasing it.” Oh, she was amused, for sure.


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