Mirae  sat in the padded window sill, for moments she stared blankly towards the sky, fidgeting with the locket around her neck before letting her lead fall against the wall, closing her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks. Sometimes it didn't seem real, t this day various memories of the day the Initia attacked their perfect community still plagued Mirae's mind, she could still hear the panic and ear piercing screams from those who weren't lucky enough to escape. She still seen the cold expression on Coldren's face when he reformed from the ashes anew, everything but his face was new.

These thoughts always led the young Niveis thinking about her bond with Anivia, the two had became extremely close, Mirae being her voice of reason. Inhaling, Mirae's thoughts now travelled to her brother, whom she at one point was ready to let go, for the sake of his own happiness. But, before Mirae could even utter the words goodbye, or that she loved him, Coldren's wicked ways overpowered any good intentions he once had, after a bade thrusted through Daehyun's chest, it was clear that they were no longer in charge of their own decision making and that Coldren would be making the decisions for them.

Mirae was furious at Coldren for taking her brother’s choice from him and instinctively drew her sword, moving to strike at the ice phoenix. Coldren however was much stronger and faster than her and it wasn’t long before she went down fighting, falling into the darkness on the icy cold snow. As punishment, Coldren forced Mirae to work in an apothocary where he sent everyone else that he wanted rid of, but it was where Mirae once more began to build her life back together from the shattered pieces that it was. Being seperated from her brother for so long however, left the young girl feeling empty, but in spite of everything she knew her brother probably stayed in good sense, and continued to fight for what he believed in.

Deciding she was done with dwelling on things she couldn't change, Mirae sauntered over to her wardrobe and quickly changed into a pair of leggings, a half sweater, and threw her hair into a messy bun before adding a leather jacket and her leather grunge boots. Library time was much needed for the girl who loved studying and learning about herbs, so that's exactly where she made her way to. It wasn't long after she arrived that Mirae felt a very familiar presence among her though, a presence that shook her very being to the core, causing her to be on edge and looking over her shoulder every other second, being her typical distracted self, unaware that she was standing in the center of one of the book isles in front of someone needing by.

Clearing her throat, Mirae blushed heavily. "Sorry. Just a bit distracted" she said in the form of a whisper, as to not distract the others who sat quietly, reading various books. Mirae then smiled, running her fingers along the marks she gained when she became a Phoenix, remembering the very day she had visited the library to read on the species before she ever knew she'd become one, to this day she had that book, and she treasured it very much. Mirae began reading different titles until her finger slid over the word "The truth behind The Eternal City". Excitedly, she pulled the book out, blowing dust from it's cover, surprised that no one had checked this book out in such a long time, Mirae was the type of person who wanted / needed to know her surroundings.

After sliding the book underneath her arm pit, covered by her leather jacket, Mirae glanced around to make sure she was in the clear to take this book home, to add with her collection of other books she had quietly snuck out of libraries in the past. On her way towards the exit, Mirae plowed right into someone and dropped the book from it's hiding place, scurrying to try to pick it up before the male in front of her could take notice to it. The presence she'd felt with her earlier however, felt so strong now that she could barely maintain, and with that, Mirae glanced up, and with her eyes full of surprise, she shook her head. "Daehyun"she said in a shattered tone, unable to swallow the painful lump now formed in her throat. Mirae closed her eyes however, breathing heavily, but assumed when she opened them again, hed be gone.

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“I feel like we follow each other’s words too much, Mirae. I’d say the same, whatever makes you happy will make me happy.” And there wasn’t any lie in that. Not really. Daehyun would sacrifice anything for Mirae, there was no surprise in that. Of course, he would freely tell her the things he’d do for her sake now, but when the time comes, he wouldn’t even bother before acting on it first. Dae believed in results seeing as actions speak louder than words, anyway. “Pfft… I know you’re innocent but hearing you speak those words doesn’t give me the same impression you may think you’re oozing out, sis” he shook his head, obviously Mirae wasn’t as innocent as she thought she was trying to play herself as and he wasn’t surprised. Though, just because he’s had a certain cling to his hedonistic ways, doesn’t mean his sister had to have the same amount. 

And while Dae wasn’t that keen to see his sister having a lover that could very well break her heart as easily as one could break a tofu in half, he wasn’t the brother who would refrain her from going to any path she wishes to trudge. He’ll trust her to live her own life, she’s more than grown up already. When she pointed out the blush resting on his cheeks, he quickly grumbled and averted his gaze away while attempting to shield it, “Newsflash sis, I can still blush despite being a cold bastard. I still have blood pumping inside.” He raised his eyebrows in confusion when she said she was simply proud of him, “I have no idea what you’d feel proud of… on a second thought, don’t answer that.” Yeon coming to the apothecary still surprised him but he wasn’t going to let it out anytime soon. 

“Yeah, he has a very keen eye. You don’t have to give up anything, Mirae. You can do more than one thing at a time, you know. You can have both your shop and dance. Why not? A hobby doesn’t limit you at only one anyway. Coldren’s no longer here to dictate what you can do and what you can’t, that’s all behind us now.” He didn’t like remembering that, not exactly, so he had a small hint of stern tone accentuating his words, as if he was also reminding her there was no need to bring back the tyrant that ruined their lives a century ago. The idea of tattoo was bold but it wasn’t all that surprising, they had Niveis tribe marks adorning their body and Dae had a lot covering his arms and chest alone. Having another at a small place where they could see doesn’t hurt, if that’s what she wants. 

Dae saw the way her eyes shadowed the conflict that came across her hues, obviously she was hurt, “I’m not leaving forever, just… travelling. I’ll return in between the times, Mirae and you know I’m on speed dial.” He knew he had to do this, he couldn’t stay forever, that doesn’t sound like Daehyun at all. That’s why he was one of the first to volunteer to go out back then. He couldn’t be clamping his wings down. He trailed behind her as they entered the shop, it looked minimalistic enough but aesthetic just the same. He didn’t even know they had a tattoo shop here. “You’re nervous to get a needle piercing your body many times?” the sarcasm lacing his tone matched the playful look he spared her, Dae, on the other hand had plenty of ear piercings on his ears alone, 5; 3 on his left and 2 on his right, all on his lobes. He used to have a double helix piercing but hasn’t worn any for a while so it closed up. 

"I think you know from the past, your wrds have always been gospel to me Daehyun" she could remember how she used to sit and just listen to him speak, just for the sake of hearing what he had to say. Dae never spoke much in the past, but on the rare occasions that he had something to say, Mirae loved to listen, and it was no different now. The younger Stormwind loked to her brother with surprise when he commented on her innocence, but she chuckled and nudged against him playfully. She definitely wasn't the most innocent female, and she had some pretty explicit thoughts to corrupt her mind most days. But, she still enjoyed the banter between her and Dae.

Mirae knew her brother was the last thing from a  people person, but she grimaced when he said he wasn't so much of a cold hearted bastard that he didn't blush every now and then. "Cold hearted or not, you have some pretty endearing ways.. but it's still cute as fuck to make you blush" she poked her tongue out playfully. Mirae sighed to herself though, she sometimes wondered if Dae really walked around with that title. Others didn't know him like she did, but she imagined Yeon had got a pretty good glimpse of who the older Stormwind was. If he accepted that, then she liked Yeon even more.

Mirae eyed him for a second when he told her never mind, that he didn't want to know why she said she was proud. "That was a compliment of the highest order Daehyun" she reach over and pushed him playfully. "I mean, just to know you're actually allowing someone in a little, even if it's only in your bed for right now" she added, to further explain why she said she was proud.

Mirae smiled when Dae spoke of Yeon having a keen eye. She never really thought of herself as being a good dancer until Yeon pointed it out, and then took her to his studio, but it warmed her heart when Dae commented the way that he had. The younger Niveis reach  over and pulled him into a hug upon hearing his encouraging words to her. She definitely wouldn't have minded doing both her herbal shop and dance "I guess I just didn't believe in myself enough. But you're right about ne thing, Coldren's behind us for good. He just still holds a little power over my life, I can never forget what he did to you" she grimaced as she once again relived that horrifying moment. Something so tragi, wuld never be easily forgotten "It doesn't cripple me anymore though. I have moved on" she added, because she didn't want him to worry about her wellbeing and mentality from past events.

"I promise I will do my best to leave that alone from this point on" Mirae could hear the sternness of his tone, and she couldn't blame him for not wanting to be reminded of the absolute worse moment of their lives. Here they were, at each others sides, living their lives how they pleased. So yeah, she could definitely do better with putting the past behind them. It would be even better though, when she stops having nightmares. She supposed that was the main reason behind her bringing it up every now and then.

Mirae continued to walk, knocking the tears away from her cheeks before she'd allow Daehyun to see them. She didn't wanna lose him again, not even with his promise that it wouldn't be forever and that he'd visit. "You know i'm always in your corner, even if I hate it, I'll tell you the same thing that I did last time, live your life in whichever way makes you happy" she forced a smile, and fought back more tears that threatened to make her eyes red and puffy. She didn't want to make him feel bad, so she felt torn on how t act. But, she also knew for a fact that he wouldn't stay put forever. That's not how Dae had ever lived his life, and she didn't expect him too now. "And having you on speed dial, you do know, ill be calling you every single day right?" she chuckled, and sniffled some before approaching the male at the counter in the tattoo shop.

Dae's teasing comment made the tattoo artist laugh, which made Mirae roll her dark optics at both of them. "What can I do to help the two of you?" he then asked, and Mirae's gaze averted to the male, who stood at probably at least 6 ft, tattooed skin and piercings on every visible part of him that could be pierced. While intimidated by his appearance, Mirae smirked and spoke up as boldly as she would to anyone else "We want matching tattoo's, a brother / sister type of thing. Any suggestions?" she asked, because while she had one or two in mind, she figured a tattoo artist could help more. "Well, let me show you what ive got drawn up already" while the man went to fetch his book, Mirae gazed over to Daehyun "Thank you for doing this. It's nice to know ill always have something to remind me of you when you're away"

The man returned with the book and held it out for them to look through. "The first 10 pages may or may not have something along the lines of what you're looking for. If not, we can search the web for something you'll both like" the man was nice, so Mirae feeling intimidated by him faded quickly.  Mirae flipped through, showing each page / tattoo to Dae "Well, there's this one (link), this one (link), this one (link), this one (link)  and last but not least, this (link) so, I really love the second one. I know you're aiming for small, but pick the one you like best, and we'll go from there" she grinned excitedly. This was one of the best days she'd had in a long time. It was one she would remember forever.

"Honestly, they don't even have to be a gospel, you know I would never ask you to do anything" In that sense, Daehyun was being truthful, he didn't want to feel like Mirae had to feel some kind of indebted to him. He didn't know how to describe it but that's the reality of it. He shook his head when Mirae said it was still cute to make him blush like that, he would never admit it outloud obviously but he blushes quite easily if they knew him enough to do it. People like Mirae, who knew him inside and out. "Don't get too used to it, it won't happen anytime soon, not again" he chided sternly, the both of them knew it would happen again but he didn't want to show the world the satisfaction it may get from him. "You know, the only reason why you're still standing after going through all those teasing shit is because you're my sister" he rolled his eyes playfully at her because while that may be true that he won't immediately freeze people every time they pissed him off, he was still very likely to do that. 

He raised his eyebrows questioningly when she expressed her happiness for his sake, "You make it sound like I'm that bad when it comes to it. I'm unapproachable, not a monster kind of scary shit, Mirae, you're quite dramatic, aren't you?" What did he expected from his sister? It's Mirae, of course she would act that way. It's the reason why Daehyun could distinctly recall her endearing ways that still made him spare a gummy smile till today. Like, right now. The hug felt warm, despite the elder Stormwind disliking most things associating to it with passion, he liked this one. It felt comforting and very… warm. Dae didn't know how to describe it. It's just there. "I can't forget the things he's done to me either but I try not to think about it. The past is the past, the only thing it can do is haunt us, and that is only if we grant it power. So think about it no more."

 He didn't want to scold Mirae which prompted him into breaking the details down slowly to her as a sign for her not to talk about it again. It was simply just a way of keeping his hurting at bay and burying all those things behind. Daehyun Stormwind is a rather complicated man, at the end of the day. He sent her a grateful soft smile when she said she'd try to hold that part away from them. That was very much appreciated. "If you're gonna end up spamming me with daily calls, please ask me what country I'm at first before I have to suddenly wake up at 1 am in the morning" he teased, he noticed the slight puffy look on her but decided not to point it out because he knew she hated feeling like that. He'll just keep it to himself. 

When the tattoo artist went away to get a selection book for them, Dae ruffled her hair gently and smiled gently, "You'll always have something to remind yourself of me. I'm your brother, Mirae. That's not a blood bond you can break." He had to admit, despite wanting something small, he saw the second tattoo and immediately got interested. Though he still didn't want it to occupy too much. "You know what? For you, I'll go with the second one." It's not something they'll get to do always, anyway. He can give her that. "If I can't relent for my baby sister, then who can I relent for?" 

Mirae realized she told her brother a little too often what his words meant to her. But, she felt like she couldn't say enough to him, that at any given moment, it could all be over. She knew he was leaving the city. e would never even have to say those words out loud for Mirae to know his next move. Dae wasn't one to sit around idly .. and just like before, she would hug him and wish him well, and then she would go cry for a week straight before bouncing back to her every day routine. Only this time, he didnt have an evil bastard to stop him from living the way he wanted to, so Mirae would actually have to watch him leave. She wasn't sure what was worse to be honest.The younger Stormwind smirked when Dae told her not to get used to him blushing. She loved teasing him, because he always gave it right back to her. Their bond had became pretty unbreakable after everything they'd went through together. "All I need to do is mention a certain Valkyr to see those cheeks of yours light up" she giggled cutely, and gave the whole 'i'm innocent' look towards him.

When Dae used a threatning tone to tell her the reason she was still standing after all the teasing, Mirae arched a brow and folded her arms underneath her bust, grinning coyly "Sounds like we should get into a sparring match.. or a game of freeze tag" she joked, since they could quite literally freeze people or each other with their abilities. Mirae gave a stern look when he said he wasn't a monster and called her dramatic, giving a mock eye roll before sighing softly "You definitely aren't a monster Dae. You don't think that about yourself do you?" she asked, really hoping he hadn't grown up with some kind of mark from people telling him how unsocial he was, or how people spoke of him not being a 'people' person. She was sure she wasn't the only one who said that to him, and now that she thought about it, she probably shouldn't say those things at all. "But dramatic, you know me.. always gotta have that extra flare" she grinned a little, and shrugged.

Mirae was saddened now though, to think Daehyun was effected by those comments. Mirae nodded when he said that he hadn't forgotten what Coldren had done, but it was the words after that, that she'd hang onto and hopefully practice a little for herself. "What you give power to, has power over you" she started, and looked down while she twiddled with her fingers "I heard that in a tv show, it seemed fitting" she chuckled and shrugged slightly. It probably didn't sound as great coming from Mirae who didn't always master English.

The younger Stormwind grinned an evil / yet cute grin, because let's face it, there was no way for Mirae Stormwind to look evil. But when Dae teased her about asking what country he was in before spamming him with texts and calls, she found herself amused. "Just make sure you go somewhere where there's lots  to do. If you're gonna leave, you should make it worth your time" she added, and gave a genuine smile to replace the pouty look on her features, which she was sure Daehyun had seen by now. It's not that she wanted to make him feel bad, and try to keep him trapped in this city by acting like she couldn't live without him, but now that she had him back, could she simply just go back  to how her life was before they rekindled things?

Mirae slightly leaned into him as he ruffled her hair, and usually, that drove her crazy, especially as she found herself trying to refix her long black mane, but right now, she enjoyed eveything they could do together, even the silly things. "You're right brother. I didn't need a tattoo to keep you close, but the memory will be something ill cherish forever" she was always bubbly about everything, so when he said if he couldn't relent for his baby sister, then who else, she clapsed her hands together excitedly. But she definitely felt her nerves go haywire again, now that they had chosen a tattoo, and the artist was back to apply them. "Who's first?" the male asked, gazing between the two Stormwind siblings. Mirae had a gut feeling Daehyun would use the whole 'ladies first' just to get Mirae in that chair first. "It would be better if we could do it together, are you the only one working here?" she asked, and the male shook his head at her "We have a few artists on shift right now, in fact.." he couldn't even get another word out before a woman with tattoo's and piercings from head to toe walked out to join them. "This is Kat, so do you wanna go together then?" the male asked, and printed the tattoo off that Mirae and Dae chose.

After he handed the woman a copy, Mirae looked to Daehyun while holding onto him tightly "together?" she asked, grinning from ear to ear beforre letting go of him, long enough to take one of the tattoo chairs which left the other empty right beside of her. "So, you look like a blank canvas basically. Do you wanna do a test run before we start the real deal?" Mirae looked to her brother with a set of eyes full of fear before nervously looking back to the tattoo artist, swallowing harshly as she nodded for him to go ahead. When he started the gun by pressing his foot onto a small pedal in the floor, Mirae's whole body tensed, and her hands shook slightly."I'm just gonna press this into your skin so you'll understand how you're about to feel for the next hour or two" the gun pierced her flesh, and Mirae gasped slightly, but as she inhaled and exhaled, the younger Stormwind relaxed into the chair, never taking her eyes off Dae, who seemingly was her only source of comfort now. ""I think I can handle that.." she chuckled and looked down to the red mark on her hand where the gun had made one tiny little dot, just to show her what it would like. "Ready when you are" she then said, and gave a nod to Dae, hoping he wouldn't back out in the last moment.

A part of him wondered very briefly if he should take Mirae with him to wherever he is planning to go. But how could he do that when it was clear that the younger Stormwind had plans to make Evermore her home? Don't get him wrong, Evermore is lovely and it was a perfect place to settle by, especially with the likes of them; a rather new deviant supernatural species that was bound to receive plenty of unwanted and not to mention, unnecessary attention on them. This was a safe place, it does serve him well to remember that at least he could return here whenever. It'll be his safe place too. A grumble escaped him as he shook his head in retaliation, "You're spouting nonsense Mirae, I have no idea what you're on about." Perhaps, she was on the mark about Yeon, the Valkyr does have a way of making them world revolve around him and stop everything else. All it takes was a simple mention of his name. 

But Mirae didn't need to know about that. The idea of a sparring match or a game of freeze tag made him roll his eyes in feigned annoyance, "Oh please, you and I both know that we'll end up running the hail all over Evermore. Then Nivi would be on our asses and Lita would give me a lecture. Not to mention, Rhydian would quite literally be so smug about my fault." Whilst he loves his sister, that's not something he wanted to get himself involved in. The last thing he wanted was to give a reason for Rhydian to smirk at him smugly. "You already have the Stormwind flare, isn't that enough?" Right, the Stormwind flare, that was something the duo seemingly had. It's the precise reason why they fit together so well despite being the opposite of one another. One is the wind and the other is the storm. Now that he's thought about it, his sister has grown up long ago but it wasn't until now that he realized she may have forgotten how she had progressed and flourished over the years. 

He did have the tendency to leave on scouting missions for the past 40 years, being the tribe's spy meant he had plenty of eyes and ears everywhere. He couldn't even meet Mirae asking much then during to the time constraint and their rather… unspeakable relationship. But now, everything was fine. ""Don't worry, I'll send you postcards" Texts were nothing. Even pictures can't rival postcards. Sometimes, classic remains iconic. "I'll even put my signature on them." A tattoo wasn't what he expected but he supposed, it wouldn't hurt to give Mirae what she wanted, right? He's never been good at gift sessions, anyway. If this was what she desires, why not? 

When she expressed her request to do them together, Daehyun chuckled and shrugged absentmindedly, whatever she wanted. He's never been to a tattoo parlor before, he never saw the intention to get one on his body, not when he's had plenty of his Niveis mark covering his arms and his wings tattoo was enough. "Yeah sure." He took a seat right next to her, leaving the male artist to do the test run on Mirae and Kat, on him. The pale-haired male rolled his sleeves up and eyed the needle piercing his flesh, there was a slight sensation to it and he knew he was going to have to endure this longer. He's had piercings, but tattoos that were intentionally inked on him? That's the first one. "Go ahead. I guess I'm ready" And their session started. 

He chewed his bottom lip trying to find something to talk to Mirae about because filling another hour that's going to pass by with awkward silence isn't how he pictured things going, "How many piercings have you had?" he asked, suddenly curious about his sister. 

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