Mirae  sat in the padded window sill, for moments she stared blankly towards the sky, fidgeting with the locket around her neck before letting her lead fall against the wall, closing her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks. Sometimes it didn't seem real, t this day various memories of the day the Initia attacked their perfect community still plagued Mirae's mind, she could still hear the panic and ear piercing screams from those who weren't lucky enough to escape. She still seen the cold expression on Coldren's face when he reformed from the ashes anew, everything but his face was new.

These thoughts always led the young Niveis thinking about her bond with Anivia, the two had became extremely close, Mirae being her voice of reason. Inhaling, Mirae's thoughts now travelled to her brother, whom she at one point was ready to let go, for the sake of his own happiness. But, before Mirae could even utter the words goodbye, or that she loved him, Coldren's wicked ways overpowered any good intentions he once had, after a bade thrusted through Daehyun's chest, it was clear that they were no longer in charge of their own decision making and that Coldren would be making the decisions for them.

Mirae was furious at Coldren for taking her brother’s choice from him and instinctively drew her sword, moving to strike at the ice phoenix. Coldren however was much stronger and faster than her and it wasn’t long before she went down fighting, falling into the darkness on the icy cold snow. As punishment, Coldren forced Mirae to work in an apothocary where he sent everyone else that he wanted rid of, but it was where Mirae once more began to build her life back together from the shattered pieces that it was. Being seperated from her brother for so long however, left the young girl feeling empty, but in spite of everything she knew her brother probably stayed in good sense, and continued to fight for what he believed in.

Deciding she was done with dwelling on things she couldn't change, Mirae sauntered over to her wardrobe and quickly changed into a pair of leggings, a half sweater, and threw her hair into a messy bun before adding a leather jacket and her leather grunge boots. Library time was much needed for the girl who loved studying and learning about herbs, so that's exactly where she made her way to. It wasn't long after she arrived that Mirae felt a very familiar presence among her though, a presence that shook her very being to the core, causing her to be on edge and looking over her shoulder every other second, being her typical distracted self, unaware that she was standing in the center of one of the book isles in front of someone needing by.

Clearing her throat, Mirae blushed heavily. "Sorry. Just a bit distracted" she said in the form of a whisper, as to not distract the others who sat quietly, reading various books. Mirae then smiled, running her fingers along the marks she gained when she became a Phoenix, remembering the very day she had visited the library to read on the species before she ever knew she'd become one, to this day she had that book, and she treasured it very much. Mirae began reading different titles until her finger slid over the word "The truth behind The Eternal City". Excitedly, she pulled the book out, blowing dust from it's cover, surprised that no one had checked this book out in such a long time, Mirae was the type of person who wanted / needed to know her surroundings.

After sliding the book underneath her arm pit, covered by her leather jacket, Mirae glanced around to make sure she was in the clear to take this book home, to add with her collection of other books she had quietly snuck out of libraries in the past. On her way towards the exit, Mirae plowed right into someone and dropped the book from it's hiding place, scurrying to try to pick it up before the male in front of her could take notice to it. The presence she'd felt with her earlier however, felt so strong now that she could barely maintain, and with that, Mirae glanced up, and with her eyes full of surprise, she shook her head. "Daehyun"she said in a shattered tone, unable to swallow the painful lump now formed in her throat. Mirae closed her eyes however, breathing heavily, but assumed when she opened them again, hed be gone.

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To say that Daehyun missed his baby sister that he had done nothing but protect all these years would be a great understatement. The elder Stormwind made it clear to everyone else in the tribe that Mirae was not to be messed with and fortunately to his luck, they would rather keep their heads and wings intact, leaving their ego to take the fall by abiding obediently to his orders. It also worked well for him that Mirae also possessed a certain reputation and aura to her identity just as well, she’s a blooming flower in the winter, and being a Stormwind meant she also has quite the temper and grip. That’s why he wasn’t afraid how Mirae would take care of herself once he leaves Evermore. Unfortunately for the female, Dae was sure he wasn’t going to be changing his plans anytime soon since there wasn’t much in the eternal city for him other than their already existing tribe residing in the mountains. It didn’t mean he couldn’t come back and pay a few visits here and there, too. 

The talk about feelings usually didn’t bode well for the pale-haired Niveis, mainly due to the fact that attachments come easy for such an emotional being like him yet he didn’t have the means and luxury to dwell much inside it. He could handle being attached to only a handful number of people such as Mirae, Anivia, Jae, and maybe… just maybe, a certain blond, as well. “Let’s be real, Mirae, Stormwind jealousy burns bright inside us, we weren’t Phoenixes for no reason back then, the temper definitely fueled it. But now we’re also cold as fuck, so… I’ll be surprised and slightly worried if you’re not driven by any emotions so let’s not worry about that. Don’t worry about killing another person over jealousy, I’ll clean it up” he winked playfully and chuckled softly, the way he would joke over such a sensitive thing casually screams Daehyun. “Just saying I’d do the same though, so be careful, sister.” He didn’t want a life without Mirae too, had it been up to him to pick and choose, he wouldn’t choose to live a lonely life till death meets him. Again.

 But what else could he do? He didn’t know what his purpose is, right now, and the only thing he could do is not drag her down with him while searching blindly for one to god knows when he’d find one. A scoff escaped him when her sister pointed out his sexual orientation revolving around both genders, it caused him to smirk coyly and shrug, “I can do both so why not? Why conform yourself to only one gender, right?” The sudden nickname got him taken aback by the smirk never wavered, “Bold of you to assume I haven’t been called a daddy before in the bedroom, sis.” Shameless? That he is. “All my men and women are just one-timers, sis. One night and I’ll never see them again… the same rule applies since 40 years ago” Ever since he was sent out to scout for more information and Niveis alike, he did have a small portion of his own fun. The hand Mirae placed on him gave him a sense of reassurance, something he desperately needed but never said much about it. “I think emotions are a privilege most people don’t really get… I do hope you get a taste of what love feels like though, you deserve the world” Dae meant every word of that. He would give anything and everything for her.

 Being a bounty hunter is not something everyone likes to flaunt and he couldn’t see he does too, but the thrill it gives him; it made him feel alive, and that is what he’s been searching for so long. Being compliant under a tyrant’s rule for long can only mean so much after all. It made his entire being feel empty and the Niveis craved to feel something, anything. The name, however, did spark the recognition across his dark hues, which prompted the male to quirk his eyebrow questioningly, “Ha-Joon? That name sounds very familiar... “ It made him rack his head for a brief while to see what it sparked up until his hues grew twice the size it originally was and stared at her, “I know that guy… I saved him from a bunch of childish thugs at the back of the cafe where he worked at, fixed me up a good Americano too…” he gave her an impressed wry smirk, clearly applauding her, “Look at you, sis, I’m so proud.” He wasn’t going to interfere with her love life, she deserved one anyway, so who is he to stop anything? If anything, he’s glad. 

After returning back to Mirae and whisking her away, he hummed softly in affirmation when she enquired if he was alright, “Just peachy is all… don’t worry about it” He spared her a knowing glance and chuckled, “Wow sis, can’t believe you’re quite the sadist, Ha-Joon should be careful around you, remember he’s fragile” he cooed teasingly, he made no effort to shield whatever he did away, it was a waste of time and that’s not him. “I’m just craving to find a diner so they can whip up a good burger and greasy shit, at least we won’t die from all the cholesterol, so I’m gonna take my chance. I think there’s a place a few blocks away, come on” he beckoned and never let go of her grip around his arm. It’s been a while.

Mirae had missed Daehyun as well. Often times just looking at him, made her resent life and all the curve-balls her and her brother had been thrown. Mirae usually found herself backtracking though in the moments she was sad, to remember how great of a relationship her and Dae truly had, and still have now. She remembered going out of her way to hear Daehyun speak, no matter what it was he was speaking about, Mirae lived for the words of her brother, and held onto every one of them, calling them gospel. She still felt very much the same .. and it didn't take much to make the young Niveis happy, but a little time with her brother went a long way with Mirae. 

But, his soft side .. she was likely the only person who had ever seen it. Daehyun had a dangerous flare about himself, and so did she. It was the thing that seperated the Stormwinds from the others in their tribe.  Each of them were a force to be reckoned with, but Dae was pretty unstoppable if someone ever crossed him about Mirae herself. She always felt a sense of security when her  brother was around. He had once again drifted off in thought, and Mirae knew he had some shit on his mind that he was avoiding telling her. It scared Mirae, because all it could be, was him wanting to leave again.. usually everything else, he didn't mind being open with her about. 

Mirae gazed over to her brother when he started speaking about the jealousy that raged within the two of them, causing her to grin from ear to ear "look at you, cleaning your little sis's messes up after all this time" she teased back jokingly and shook her head amused. "Our jealousy does have it's own signature flare to it though" she added, chuckling, but her statement wasn't short of the truth. Mirae and Daehyun were cut from the same cloth, and if you mess with one, you get both of them, never had they not been a packaged deal, even now as they were grown and living their own lives. Mirae would gladly hurt someone over her brother, and she knew he was very much the same. 

Mirae smiled faintly and nodded at him "I'll be careful, always Dae" she said in response, as always hanging onto every word he spoke. "But you too, we are one in the same on most things" she added, biting her lower lip. There'd always been a spark of mischief to both of them  and it often got Mirae in trouble so she could only imagine that it worked the same for Dae. Being told not to do something typicsally made Mirae rebel and do it for the hell of it, or simply cause someone told her not to; she'd been known for her rebellious ways when she was younger, but it somehow attracted people to her. She had always been the popular one among her friends and classmates, and often lead them around as though she was some sort of alpha. 

Mirae enjoyed how filterless their conversations had became these days now that they were both much older, more experienced and more mature.. people would have likely looked at them awkwardly, but she was a bit shameless as well. The younger Niveis giggled at his remark about confining yourself to just one gender, when you didn't have to.. "I can't say you're not right. And, while I can't say ive ever been with a female, im not saying i wouldn't either" she chuckled, and blushed slightly. Mirae had never really thought that far ahead, but now as she sat here talking about it, she couldn't help but think if she met some gorgeous female who wanted to have fun.. she wouldn't be able to say no. Mirae got lonely as hell some times, and often, night time was the worse for her, so a little bit of company wouldn't have hurt her, female or male, she didn't care about that. 

Just as Mirae started to speak again, she couldn't help but quirk a brow at Dae's sly comment about being called daddy in the bedroom  "sounds like my brother is much more dominant than I knew.. don't hurt no one Dae" she joked, flashing him a knowing smirk. His rule made her chuckle again, "But what if that one night stand happens to be something that blows your mind?" she asked, giving a playful grin. It was inevitable; some one night stands were not meant to remain as just that. It's why Mirae was picky about who she had those casual hook ups with. She didn't wanna let herself become attached to anyone she called a one night stand, but she knew it was bound to happen also. "It's frustrating really.. emotions suck" she then said, chuckling a little. 

Mirae couldn't help but frown. Though the two of them had such a playful nature about them, when push came to shove, each of them could be equally serious and loving towards one another. The words he spoke made the young Niveis tear up "there they are.." she sniffled a little "fucking emotions" she laughed out loud to avoid crying; it was her thing. Mirae laughed a lot of times when she shouldn't be, but she was the type who couldn't stop crying once she started. "Thanks Dae, that means the world to me, and so do you.. as much as you've closed yourself off to the possibility of being loved, you deserve that too" she expressed, knowing he'd likely dismiss her comment, but she wanted the same things for him, that he wanted for her. But, the idea of giving him up to something like that, did kind of scare Mirae. 

The moment Daehyun realized he knew the person Mirae was seeing, her head spun a little, and she couldn't help but swallow harshly at how widened his eyes became. "Right then.. wasn't expecting that" she stated, unable to look over at him for a brief second as she tried to collect herself. "Wait a minute.. so you mean to tell me, you saved the guy's life i'm seeing?" she asked, and chuckled. When he said he was proud of her, Mirae gave him a shocked look "Really? I didn't expect you to say you're proud" she added, her smile brightened and turned into a more genuine one. "That's all that matters to me, no guy will ever rank over you or what you think Dae" she admitted, and maybe that was wrong because something like that would eventually deprive someone of finding love, but she would always put Daehyun before anyone, even the possibility of love. 

"Ill drag it out of you eventually mister" she said in a serious tone, when he said he was peachy. Ever since they had reuinited, Dae seemed to have something eating away at him, something that would likely hurt Mirae because no matter how much time had passed, he wouldn't tell her. She didn't want it to get in the way though, and eventually lead the two of them to an argument which was what would happen if she continued asking him over and over what was wrong. He'd tell her when he was ready, Mirae guessed she'd just have to deal for now. 

"It seems that ive learned from the best with being a sadist" she said in response, flashing a playful wink at him, but couldn't help herself from blushing when Dae said Ha-joon was fragile "yeah im guessing that'd make top story news .. girl broke her boyfriend in half during sexual encounters' - woops" she smirked, and ran walked along side, with her arm looped through his  as he told her he knew of a place they could eat at. "I guess ill take that chance with you.. ive not been too adventurous about the fast food joints here, now is as good of a time as any" she chuckled, and scanned the building they came up on, figuring it was the one he was referring to "Crave" the sign read, causing Mirae to raise a thin dark brow "real classic" she chuckled, and tugged Dae on inside. 

The smell of fast food greeted her immediately, and Mirae scanned the small but clean building. "Not to bad, shall we?" she asked , referring to the counter where they had to go place their order. 

Sometimes Dae would look back and realize, all those time he spent away from Mirae, he found another person to pour his affection to; Anivia, someone who he regarded as a younger sister despite her title hovering as his chief. He missed her; Mirae. Even when he never said a word regarding his current state, he always noticed how he showed more affection to Anivia than others and it wasn't just because he didn't favor other types of interaction. Throughout his entire time in his life, it's safe to say that Daehyun kept a certain reputation to his own character. At first, he saw it as a nuisance but as time goes by, he realized that it rid him off any useless people in his life. And by useless, he meant people who would only use him for their own personal gain, in any way or form. Regardless of his cold exterior, Dae sees himself to be quite loyal to the tribe in a sense. When evaluating it that way, he would come crawling back to them when they needed him. He'll fly back in a jiff when they call him back. So, was he actually really abandoning them?

 He did, however, fear what Mirae would see this as, though. He may not say much but he does care what some people think, or rather, what she thinks. Contrary to other people's beliefs, Daehyun cherished what people say albeit always arguing with them about some of their choices at times, he served as an older friend or sometimes, even a brother figure. He was proud but he also had an identity crisis going on in this part of his life. Unfortunately, this meant him leaving the tribe temporarily to find himself. "Don't get too used to it" he scrunched his nose up in feigned annoyance as he rolled his eyes, "I'm not gonna be here to clean up your messes next time… or any other time, without a payment" he reminded, of course, that was just a ruse but with the way Daehyun acts? People learn to just leave it be. "A flare I'm sure nobody wants to cross so leave it where it came from, sis." He was slightly hesitant when she said she'd be careful and he wasn't sure what to make of this emotion that swirled inside him, was it worry? Paranoia?

 Dae was never really good nor was he experienced enough to be talking about advice in general so he was eternally grateful when Mirae changed the subject into a much more lighthearted one they can have a conversation in, well… This topic seemed like one of his particular areas. Her response got him laughing, "Never huh? You should try and explore if you're attracted to them, sis" he mused, wearing a rather wry smirk on his face, at the moment, "It's really a win-win situation to find out more about your sexuality and desires, explore and all" it wasn't until he realized the topic they're talking about wasn't the most appropriate one to be talking with his sister. "Look at me, giving my sister a pep talk about sex, you're a lucky one to have a brother like this huh? Caring enough to beat up anyone who hurts you but filterless enough to be gossiping about your dirty little secrets." That pretty much sums up their relationship before, only they didn't exactly talk this freely back then. Not anymore, he'd guessing. No more confinements they need to conform themselves to. They can finally be themselves. 

Though the question about a one-night blowing one's mind and turning into more got him pondering, now there's a similar situation he was in, "Then I guess breaking one rule would hurt no one. So long as both parties consent to it and everything is mutually consensual, then I don't see why they can't keep meeting up" he shrugged casually, easier said than done for sure. It was probably why he's still stuck in this blond valkyr loop. "Don't I know it… those petty little train of thoughts are already ao burdensome and then you have its more annoying relative; train of emotions. Ugh…" he groaned out in complaint, he does not bode well with emotions at all. He waved his hands in front of her in panic while trying his best not to let his sister cry, it wasn't like he didn't want her to cry her heart out but Niveis tears in general are poisonous little thing and he didn't actually want any debris of something toxic being anywhere, that could get them in trouble. "Hey don't cry" he pressed his lips into a thin line and wagged his forefinger in front of her teasingly, "Let's not forget our tears can fucking kill" he chuckled, finding the irony in it, that definitely served him that reminder of not crying for sure. It's worked with him for this long anyway. 

"We both deserve that, don't we? A life. A chance at building one" he murmured faintly, he sincerely believed that day will come for him. Maybe not now but who knows. If he's patient enough he'll wait. It was a little bit groundbreaking but what's not? The matter about him saving Ha-joon wasn't something he let anyone knew because it was just a one time thing with a random human who he happened to befriend and like because he offered a good company, "Yeah I like him. I mean he brewed me a good Americano so…" Of course he would say that. It is just a typical Daehyun move to do so. "Don't fret on it too much sis, I know I'm the number one" he winked playfully and snickered at the irony. When she said she'd drag it out of him, he only hummed in response, he didn't doubt that she would but knowing her, Mirae wouldn't force it out of him if he wasn't ready because she knew it would only cause the snowy-haired Niveis to shut everything out. 

He covered his mouth and gasped in feigned offense while narrowing his dark hues on his sister, "Did you just call your brother a sadist- My… I would never have thought tsk" he shook his head as if he was showcasing how disappointed he was with her, all the banter seemed to bring back the memories. "Don't really break him while having sex" he smirked, "I'd hate to lose my favorite barista. Your lovely brother needs his coffee." As soon as they stepped inside the premise, they received a few looks from people much to his dismay, but he couldn't exactly say it was surprising because even before this, Mirae and him often received looks, some said they couldn't pass off as siblings due to how distinct they look to each other. Dae leaned more towards the delicate and feline-like features, even his moves and personality resembles one of an agile cat. Meanwhile, Mirae was fuller in her features, she definitely followed their mother. "What do you want?" he asked and eyed the menu as soon as they lined up.

Mirae picked at her finger nails as Dae seemed to continue drifting off in thought. Picking at her nails had became an annoying pet peeve of hers, one she'd been told to stop by many people already. But, when she thought something was wrong, it made her nervous, and Dae being silent with his thoughts, definitely did the job. She couldn't shake the way she was feeling. If he was thinking about leaving the city, it would crush her. She knew he didn't like being followed. And, just like before, she'd make the sacrifice of telling the person she loves most goodbye, just so he could live the life he wanted, the life he deserved. Only this time, she wouldn't allow anyone to take Daehyun's choices by stabbing him through the chest with a sword.

The image of her brother being struck by that sword, never did leave Mirae's mind. She gasped out loud every time she saw it, and people looked at her like she was insane. Looking over to him, she shook her head "Sorry.. I do that sometimes when I'm in my own head" she stated, explaining why she just gasped for no reason. She figured he knew that it still haunted her. She was sure parts of their past haunted him equally. Sometimes Mirae felt like people didn't deserve Dae's loyalty. When he was needed, you could bet your ass that Daehyun would be there with bells on. And it pissed her off royally, because a lot of people used him.

Mirae glared at him, returning the eye roll at his comment about cleaning her messes up without payment "surely you wouldn't charge your own sister" she poked her tongue out playfully, giggling some "what would you even want?" she then asked, curious about what he'd actually charge. Hell there might come a day where she needed him to clean a mess up that was worth paying him for. She didn't plan on murdering anyone anytime soon, but if she did. No. Mirae had to get out of that mindset. "I will be careful. You seem to not believe that .. what's on your mind brother?" she asked, knowing he wouldn't tell her. At least not right away. Daehyun was a hard nut to crack. If anyone knew that, Mirae did. Mirae's eyes suddenly widened, and her mouth dropped a little. She couldn't help the fact that she was now blushing heavily. Likely the color of a fire engine. But, this was Daehyun at his most normal state, Mirae smirked and shook her head "Are you telling me to explore a female Dae?" she asked, raising a thin dark brow at him, but grinning nonetheless. "I suppose you're right though. I'll never know if I don't try. But, I don't think Ha-joon is into sharing" she expressed, sighing to herself. Mirae never thought she'd be the one to settle down. And, her and Dae both seemed the same about lots of things.. relationships included, yet here she sat, talking about a boy she liked ..blushing and pushing away all the gushing feelings it brought to her. Mirae didn't like having butterflies, or swooning like a love sick fool. She felt that it gave someone the power to mock her if they were to break up with her.

Thankfully, Ha-joon seemed different from a lot of the guys she had encountered so far. Mirae chcukled at Dae, but nodded "You have no idea how lucky I consider myself. Though I do believe our brother / sister relationship is one in a million. We're likely the only pair of siblings who can sit around and chat about our sex lives this nonchalant without it being awkward" she grinned. But, Mirae had always enjoyed her time with Daehyun, no matter what they were talking about. "Oooo that got you thinking I see" Mirae winked at her brother, realizing he pretty much busted himself without saying it in words when she'd mentioned a mind blowing one night stand. "You'll have to share more about this one night stand you've seemingly gotten yourself into Dae.. can't fool me" she chuckled teasingly. "No really though, i'm happy for you no matter what you're out here doing. As long as its nothing to hurt you, then I will always tell you to go for it. Just like before" she smiled, referring to the time she was ready to say goodbye to her own brother, if it meant him leaving to live a happier life. "Ive always been a rule breaker Dae, so that wouldn't be an issue for me at all.. but that would be a rule worth breaking.. to keep meeting up with someone you can't get enough of.. but i haven't went there.. yet" she said, flashing him an innocent grin.

Thinking about Ha-joon in that way right now, around her brother, wasn't the idea, so after forcing those thoughts back into their dark little box, the Niveis chuckled. This was all amusing to her, but so meaningful at the same time. She had craved this time with her brother, and for their lives together to go back to normal so badly, and now that it had, how could she imagine a life without him again? Mirae put her elbow on her knee, bending her arm up to rest her chin on her hand. She knew how toxic their tears were.. but sometimes she couldn't help it. As a Niveis, she felt so confined .. because a Niveis couldn't afford emotions. Emotions = tears and well tears = destruction.

Dae waving his hand at her frantically, made Mirae chuckle, and sniffle. "You're right .. fucking emotions .. ugh" she said in return, sighing softly. Mirae then nodded, and put her hand over top of his, giving it a gentle squeeze while looking out into the distance. "We do deserve that Dae.. so much. Especially you.. I mean yes of course we both do, but I think you were robbed of that choice and I would love nothing more than to see you living life just the way you want" she stated, and withdrew her hand. With the arch of her thin brow again, Mirae laughed. Daehyun could be so sly sometimes with things he said "So you like my future boyfriend becaise he brews a good Americano?" she asked, shaking her head in amusement.

She smiled then, as Dae said he knew he was her number one "damn straight.. as long as we're clear on that" she added, returning a playful wink. Mirae knew he wasn't ready to talk yet. Dae was already a very shut off guy, and she wouldn't dare place him in a situation where he forced himself away from his comfort zone. They'd been needing this kind of time together for years, and now that she was getting that with him, she didn't wanna ruin it with her fear of losing him. Hearing him gasp, conjured a lighthearted chuckle from Mirae, changing her mood entirely. Sure she was sad and scared that she might lose him sometime in the near future, but that only made her want to relish in the here and now, and cling onto every second she had with him.

"a sadist.. you? never that" she grinned "but a dominate, much to my surprise, you seem to be" she added, shaking her head "I make no promises brother.. when you want something so bad, but hold off for the right reasons.. you tend to lose self control when you finally get it" she stated, nodding as if that was a nonchalant statement, when in fact, she was sure her words couldn't have been any dirtier .. at least she was sugar coating things for the sake of her brothers ears. The looks they got from people annoyed her. Couldn't a pair of siblings enjoy some good ol amercian greasy food without others staring as though they didn't belong there? "Take a picture people, it might last longer!" she called out, especially to the small crowd of tall blond females, sharp features, intense blue eyes. Your average model type of women who judged those that didn't look like them.

Standing in line, Mirae scrunched her nose at the majoirty of the menu when Dae asked what she wanted "screw it, may as well be brave. Ill get the double bacon cheeseburger delux, a strawberry milk shake, and a basket of fries" she said loudly enough for the cashieer to hear her order. "Ill pitch in.. we may as well enjoy it, go big or go home" she said, but glared a hole through the females staring and laughing at her. Likely for her big apatite considering how petite she was. Or maybe it was her loud, intimidating personality. Either way, she didn't mind smiling in their faces, letting it be known they didn't bother her at all. When it came to Daehyun however, she'd rip their faces off. Mirae handed Dae her half of what she was gonna pay and gazed into the distance to pick a place for them to sit "Ill let you grab our food while I find us somewhere to sit.. because if we have to sit by those idiots, they'll end up wearing my milkshake back home with them" she grinned, but gave her brother a look to let him know how serious she was, before dismissing herself to find them a decent spot to eat. Mirae chose the only table that seated near a window with a decent enough view, and enough privacy so that they could continue catching up without others invading their conversation, and waited for Daehyun to join her. The music in the background wasn't too bad, so Mirae hummed to it to pass the time.

Telling Mirae that he wasn't gonna stay here the same way she and everyone else thought he would the moment they finally found a place to call home and settle down, that would crush her. Mirae may not have said anything even if Daehyun told him he was leaving and that there was no changing his mind afterwards, hell the Mirae he knew would also tell him that she would only wish the best of happiness in her brother's life because that was what he deserved. But Dae knew secretly, deep down, she didn't want him to leave. The way she was constantly picking her own nails tells a lot already, that was one of her pet peeves whenever she was nervous. It gives away. But you have to do this, Dae, he told himself. If he doesn't tell her this now, then he would never forgive himself. The last thing he wanted to do was to leave without a goodbye or leaving any trace of him for anyone else to track him down.

 The elder Stormwind was exceptionally good at what he does, hunting became a part of his life, something that gives him so much thrill so if he doesn't want to be tracked down, he won't. But he also needed closure. When she suddenly gasped, Dae tilted his head to the side and raised his eyebrows questioningly, what was that? Why did his sister gasp out of the blue? Following her apology afterwards made him press his lips together in dismissing the attempt to ask why. His throat felt so dry like the Sahara desert, how was he gonna break this down to her without breaking her? And himself, along the process? "You never know, I may give you a discount because being Daehyun Stormwind's family is something one should be proud of, maybe. But no free deals. Didn't you remember what I told you, Mirae" he rolled his eyes and retorted, "If you're good at something, don't do it for free." That certainly was one way to phrase your life's philosophy. 

When asked what he would even want, Dae purposely hummed as he pondered in thoughts, "Let's see… what would I possibly want? Don't know yet but either way, a favor for a favor keeps you in power so." Maybe he was being incredibly petty about that but to Dae, being able to hold a leverage over someone in order not to allow them to put a leash on you someday is a huge feat. "A lot of things are on my mind, sis. Nothing new about that. You know that as well as everyone else." It was a simple default answer from him, even Mirae doesn't seem like she could coerce it out of him if the Niveis insisted on staying his ground. Shrugging casually, he put his hands into the pockets of his coat, "Why not? That's the best thing about being a bi, you get to get a little taste of the other. Best of both worlds, I'd say" It sounded so much like Daehyun to speak something crude like this so absentmindedly. He chuckled when she said the other male wasn't into sharing, "That's what he tells you. Swear once you bring in the idea of a one-time threesome, he's not about to reject. Life isn't forever for him, come on. Why not explore when you have time? Make the best of your fun?" He was definitely a bad influence but isn't that what most big brothers are like? 

"Why would talking about our sex lives be awkward between siblings? We're literally blood related. Nothing should be surprising anymore" he shook his head dismissively, he finds the whole idea of keeping a certain boundary in siblinghood very foolish, the moment Mirae spotted his mistake of rethinking that part with a certain blond Valkyr, he huffed and cleared his throat, trying his best to act casual about it, "I'm just saying… he's a drop dead gorgeous guy who's way too good in bed." That was pretty much it, if he wasn't lying. Dae liked Yeon more than just his skills in bed, that much was evident. But nobody else needed to know that. He spared her a small smile, he was grateful to have someone so understanding such as her, so much sometimes he wondered if was even deserving of such an individual in his life. 

"Well, if you're really serious about this Ha-joon kid, go for it. Build a life of your own. God knows we're overdue." And how true that was. It was unfortunate that they couldn't cry because that meant so much destruction for them but that's just how it is, which made the Niveis wonder if that was for the better. "I think I want to travel the world. Not because I'm scouting any Niveis. Bur because I wanted to…" he murmured softly, his eyes held such depth that tells you a message saying that he wanted to find more to life than what he knows about it now. "I mean, to be fair, he is a good barista. What better compliment to give than that?" Okay, tactless. He smirked at her upon hearing that from her, "Look at you go about my tendencies. Does it surprise you so much of how dominant I can be, in general? I mean other than in the bed scene, but you know" he chuckled lightheartedly, teasing her had been his favorite to do in his pastime for sure. 

He knew it was inevitable when they received mixed looks from others, they do pass off better as lovers rather than siblings too. He rubbed a reassuring hand over her back as an effort to calm her down, seeing what she ordered also made him chuckle in response. "Look at you, stress-eating?" he jested before ordering a meal of his own quickly before ushering for her to go take a seat by guiding her and pushing her from behind until they pass a middle-aged female who told her husband to give the couple their seats because the place was quite busy, Dae quickly shook his head with an impish smile, "She's not my girlfriend. She's my sister." They had a crestfallen expression but left either way which made him snickered. "Okay maybe we should act that way to get us more benefits."

Tension around them seemed to thicken so much that you could cut it with a knife. That's how it always was for the Stormwind siblings, especially if the matter at hand was a hurtful one. Neither of them possessed the ability to hurt the other, and on the rare occassion that it happened, it seemed to genuinely break the pair of typically strong, relentless, and rebellious Stormwinds. Mirae saw how Daehyun watched her expressions change at the speed of lightning, going from sad to mad to happy to worried. The younger Niveis arched a brow at Dae, smirking when he reminded her of something she had hung onto once before, that if she was good at something, never do it for free "Well then Dae, I guess there's never anything I could do for free.. i'm good at everything. I'm a Stormwind after all" she winked, complimenting him too in that statement. 

"Wow Daehyun" she laughed "A favor for a favor huh? I am gonna write a book. It will be called Stormwind Prodigy" she chuckled, but it was indeed catchy. Mirae smiled faintly and nodded "Yeah I do Dae, but if there ever is anything.. you know you can tell me.. i mean hell, we openly talk about sex" she said playfully, chuckling a little. Mirae put her finger on her chin, and for a moment allowed herself to visualize Ha-joon, her and another tangled in the sheets. "Wow, yeah okay. Maybe my big bro has a point, just know Dae, you're planting this seed" she joked, but damn did that sound vulgur. "The idea in my head" she then said, correcting the first way she had said it. "We really are open about a lot of things.. so Ill go ahead and ask, since you seem so experienced, you've had a three-sum Dae?" she questioned with a raised brow, truly curious in this moment, even though it was her brothers sex life she was curious with. "True that.. I guess it would be even more awkward to not feel this open with my own brother.. Ive never known anything else, no changing it up now.. and damn Daehyun a blonde Valkyr?" she asked, turning a fire engine red at the thought of it being the very same Valkyr she'd found herself gushing over. "Would be insane if it was the same one I knew" she said, but cleared her throat, hoping the blush on her face would leave soon. "Sounds like he's got you all twisted up from the inside out bro.. you might wanna be careful" she winked playfully. 

"Oh im very serious about him. But thank you Dae.. we damn sure are overdue" she stated, keeping the tears that'd dared to fall down her cheeks just at the surface, making her eyes appeal alot more glossier than usual. "You deserve so much Daehyun.." she started, and bit her lip before she looked him in the eyes "You should do whatever makes you happy, no matter what it is. I'm sorry that choice was taken away from you back then, but there's no one to stop you anymore.. I was so close to avenging what Coldren did to you back then, this time, there wouldn't be no stopping me should anyone dare be dumb enough to lay a finger on you" she stated in her overly protective tone. "Traveling the world would be so much fun. But, i guess to do that. you wouldn't be able to have any strings attached to someone. They would have to either make the decision to follow you and leave their own lives behind, or stay behind and dwell on how much they miss you,... so, being single sounds easier for that kind of dream" 

"Fine, ill let you slide" she laughed, referring to how he had complimented HJ's barrista skills. "And, well .. yes ive got to say, im totally floored to learn that my brother is a dominate in the bed.. Idk if it surprises me that you're a dominate in general though.. you have that whole vibe about you anyways" she said, using little hand gestures to make sure she drove her point home. "Dominate men can be very sexy too, so be careful... else you'll have a line of people to fight away from you. Even us girls swoon over a dominate male" she grinned, since she knew Dae was bisexual, she felt the need to make sure he knew she was talking about both males and females. "Have you been with any girls in this city?" she asked bluntly, wondering what all she didn't know about her brother. "Most of them seem to be too up tight" she added, and narrowed her gaze at the group of females she was referring to right here in the cafe that they now sat in. "Hate ones like that" she added with an eye roll. 

Mirae grinned when Dae said they should act like more than brother and sister to get more benefits.. sparking ideas in her evil little mind. "I have a plan before we leave, just go with it" she winked, before leaning her head down and slurping her milkshake through the straw in her cup, swaying slightly to the beat of the music as one song after another continued to fill the place with semi happy vibes. 

He swore he was so close to scoffing outrightly when she said she would be competent seeing as she was already good at everything because she’s a Stormwind, he shook his head and rolled his eyes at the female, “Look at you. Being all cocky and shit. Definitely a Stormwind” he chuckled, where’s the lie in that? It was clear as the day that they had distinctive traits that scream their heritage. “Maybe I should be charging my friends too. I already work and get paid handsomely when I do… I also ask for favors whenever another asks me one.” Sometimes, he wouldn’t even mind doing anything he could if it was within his power but sometimes he did it genuinely, purely from his heart’s kindness. As if anyone else would believe that if it came out of his mouth. “Of course a favor for a favor, sis. What’s the point of doing things for other people if it doesn’t benefit you or give you any form of happiness? I don’t know about you, Mirae, but I sure as hell don’t do charity” he scoffed, well Mirae obviously knew that’s not true too, Dae may not show it to others but he does volunteer works every once in a while. 

He shrugged absentmindedly, he didn’t think there was any fault in them talking openly about sex, he didn’t like to hide things, as he implied on them earlier. He stared at his sister and smirked wryly, “What are you thinking about? You and Ha-joon with another doing the deed in some dimmed lit room?” he had the same wolfish grin from earlier as he lost himself in the pit of laughter, “Well, when you finally do it, don’t forget to tell me, I can introduce you to a good suggestion. Stranger danger? Not so much. But she’s definitely good in bed, I can guarantee you that.” Of course, he would do that. It sounds like Daehyun to be giving his own sister suggestions. He had to admit though, he did not expect Mirae to come back at him with a question of her own; scratch that, a question that he asked her earlier, it was now turned back to its owner as fast as a disloyal pet turns on its owner. Nothing he couldn’t answer, thankfully. 

“You’re talking to your brother, Daehyun Stormwind, Mirae. I’ve been in an orgy before, do you really think a threesome is a far-fetched idea for me? For the likes of me?” he snickered and shook his head at her while clicking his tongue towards her as if he was judging her internally. A slight blush crept up briefly, it made his ears turn red just as well too, of course, that would happen, she asked him about Yeon; the very guy he could not seem to forget. “The same one you knew? Do you know another blond Valkyr? What’s his name” he purred teasingly, “On second thought, don’t.” He couldn’t handle it if it was actually Yeon. Nah, there are other blonds in the city. “I am being careful… it’s not my fault he gave me good sex and I want more of that” he huffed, crossing his arms and rolled his shoulders while facing away from her. Dae did have a small smile playing on the corners of her lips because the thought of his sister being happy with a guy that she deserved, makes him equally happy the same.

 He pressed his lips together and chuckled softly, “Overdue is fine as long as we still remember it is applicable to us. It’s okay to finally feel happy now, Mirae” he reassured, rubbing his hand on her shoulders, there is nothing more he would want to see than a happy Mirae Stormwind. “Maybe we can go traveling together next time” he quipped, “But… I am quite casual and outspoken about my escapades” And by escapades, of course, the elder Stormwind meant his sexual escapades, “Anywhere you wanna go to?” he asked, he really liked the Western hemisphere, but he wondered what she liked. He kept shaking his head at Mirae because this wasn’t a topic siblings should be talking about and yet here they were, talking about it so casually, in a public place, out of all. “Oh, of course, dear sister… Nobody is gonna bend me over so” he craned his neck to stretch out his limbs until he realized that he quite literally allowed one to do that, “Well, except one.” 

When she asked him if he’s ever been with any girls from the city, he could see the clenched jaw and refrain himself from snickering at her very clear expression that showed his discontentment to the ladies from earlier, “Not yet, no. I’m not always here, remember? Don’t worry, sis, I have standards too” he winked playfully and was trailing his finger on the table when Mirae suddenly asked him to play along which caused him to look up and meet her eyes in confusion, “What are you up to now…” 

Mirae nudged his shoulder playfully, but grinned one of the biggest grins she had in a while. "And proud to be one" she added, sighing happily. Mirae had been enjoying every little second they had been blessed with lately. It certainly was different to just sit back with her brother and not care about anything for a little while. If this had been back in the tribe, they wouldn't have been allowed to even look at each other. Coldren. Such a cold bastard for doing that to a pair of siblings. Mirae tried not to dwell though, because if she really looked at things for what they were, then her and Dae had won that battle. Coldren was long gone, and here sat Daehyun and Mirae, reunited, and stronger than ever.

"I guess you're right about that. I wouldn't say I do charity for anyone either, but I guess i'm guilty of saying i'd bend over backwards to help anyone ive allowd to be close to me, which is a handfull of people.. maybe even less than that, there's three of you that i can count, and as you may figure, you are always going to be number one on that list. But, as far as doing anything for anyone else, forget it.. unless of course they give me something in return" she laughd, realizing it was exact;y what he had been saying all along. "Okay, yeah. I get it now. A favor for a favor" she blushed slightly at having a dense moment.

Mirae's thoughts had been preoccupied by thoughts of Ha-joon, or thoughts of Ha-joon, herself and another. A three way for the night. "Well, first I must see what he's like alone. That way if he's good, ill just keep him al to myself.. I wouldn't want another to get all addicted to him" she laughed jokingly. Mirae's eyes widened slightly and her cheeks lit up a fire engine red color, "You have suggestions for even that? Damn. I have one hell of a brother here" she patted his shoulder, giggling cutely. "But you said she's good, Ill have to take your word for it. We both know your words are gospel to me" she smiled genuinely, and shrugged a little when he seemed floored by her turning his question around on himself.

Mirae was just as casual about these things as Dae was with her. But any outsider would have certainly assumed some taboo was going on between them. She could care less about other's opinions however. "An orgy Dae?!" she then asked out loud, louder than she had meant to, and covered her mouth immediately as the attention of everyone around them, now sat directly on them. "Whoops" she said, chuckling as she gazed to him apologetically. "How many does an orgy consist of brother?" she then asked with a quirked brow, shrugging off the glances others were giving her now. "Orgy's have always seemed tiring... but fun all the same" she added, blushing a little, but truly wondered what all these things were like. Talking to Daehyun so freely and openly, had told Mirae one thing. That she hadn't lived enough.

Mirae could tell how nervous Daehyun had suddenly become when she told him how crazy it'd be if they knew the same blonde who seemingly had her brother addicted to him. "Yeonseok?" she asked bluntly, eyeing her brother, just to watch him squirm. "You seem flustered just talking about wanting more.. sounds like you need to go get you another dose of doctor feel good" she chuckled, and shook her head, completely amused by this moment. "I get it now though. You got a piece of that? Lucky ass" she teased and poked her tongue out playfully. "I did kinda notice how flexible he is too" she chuckled and shook her head. "Honestly though, he's became a really great friend to me.. my brother has taste after all" Mirae patted his shoulder, but a part of her could only wonder if Daehyun might be head over hills about the Valkyr they both ironically knew. He seemed to light up a little just by talking about him, but then again, Dae was Dae and she knew a lot of this was just the thrill of the sex.

Whether it was sex, or something leading Dae to something much more serious and genuine, Mirae was just happy to see her brother spark up about something finally. She never wanted to think she'd lose him again, and maybe he was now finding more reasons than just her to stay in the city. While she knew she was enough, she knew it was fair that sometimes he needed more than the sake of his sister to keep him in one place.

Mirae smiled, letting it finally hit her, that her and Dae finally were much happier people than they once were. The younger Niveis closed her eyes to appreciate the short moment where he had rubbed her shoulders, putting a little thought into his question since there were so many beautiful places they could go together. "Be as outspoken as you wish. Ill be sure to do the same after .. well.. I can't say it like that, I don't want to make it sound like im about to take Ha-joon for a test drive.. but after that deal is sealed, you will get all the details Dae" she chuckled,

"Well, just to confirm I know my brother so well. We'll go somewhere in the Western hemisphere" she smiled genuinely, knowing Daehyun more than she knew anyone in the world. "And after that, perhaps the Northern Lights. Ive always wanted to see them" she added, thinking about how happy a moment like that between her and her brother could be. "You sure about that?" she asked, only to be confirmed when he said that he'd make the exception for one person "I knew it" she added, laughing out loud.

Mirae then nodded, giving her brother a knowing look at his last comment "I know you have standards. Hell thats especially obvious now, a certain blonde and all" she teased lightly, but if anything, that really had shown Dae's taste, and she couldn't say he didn't have good taste. "Oh, what am I up to?" she asked all innocent like. "I'm just gonna give them a real show, since they continue staring" she giggled, before gasping, holding a hand over her mouth and quickly holding out one of her onion rings "Of course ill marry you! It's okay, we'll get an actual ring some other day" she expressed, and narrowed her eyes on the females who'd been staring at them this whole time. "See this? This is what a real man looks like" she stated, patting Dae's shoulder, enjoying knwoing she was probably embarrassing him right now. But, it did the trick. The females pushed their food aside and left the cafe completely.

Mirae laughed and ate the onion ring she had put around her finger a moment ago, before brushing her hands off in a job-well-done type of fashion. "And that's how you get rid of trash" she winked playfully to her brother, before grabbing her phone out of her bag and sitting on his knee, snapping a quick selfie of them. "Sorry, you know me. I love to capture the good moments of my life." she admitted with a smile. "So, what next? I mean after we eat" she asked, giving him those sweet puppy dog eyes, to indicate she didn't want their day to end just yet. "Maybe one more thing for fun, then we can go home and play a movie with some drinks and such" she stated, and held her hands together using a fake pouty expression "What abouttttttt.." she hummed for a moment while tapping her chin 

"I know, I know!" she squealed a little too happily. "Let's go to the tattoo shop.I wanna get something matching with you" she said, becoming a little bouncy as she waited with anticipation of what he may say. 

It seemed that his sister was enjoying life and that was all he ever wanted her to do, to be happy. She was an independent woman who knows how to take care of herself, which in a way, makes him feel a tad better when it comes to the decision of leaving. This is closure, this is what he needed to be sure that everything will be fine if he takes a break for a quick while. Starting with Mirae. "Look at you sis, you're going soft" he accused in a teasing manner, that's Mirae for everyone else. She wasn't cold, she's always joyous and that makes her so easy to approach, it's the reason why people always made a point to compare them; the sun and the moon. The cold and warm. Only, both of them are technically cold together now. "Three, though? I guess I can say it's Ha-joon for the other one, who's number three?" Every time she blushes, Dae always reminded himself that he missed that. 

He missed seeing things that he shouldn't have to feel grateful for witnessing, seeing his sister living her life at the fullest point happily? That should be his right as her brother, which reminded him of all the things they went through just to get here today. The things he's done to get here today. "So you haven't slept with him yet, I'd say why the rush but I also have to wonder what's with the wait, probably something I'm not fully accustomed to, you know… love and all" Yeah, it wasn't something the elder Stormwind believed in. He doesn't believe in a lot of things actually and that's not a surprise. "Don't look so surprised, Mirae. Your brother has done a lot of things." It's good to see that he could still jest around with her, their relationship used to be on the rocks, now there's not much of that left, thankfully. He didn't want to leave when his relationship is still on the mend, after all. When she said that out loud, he scoffed and rolled his eyes at the brunette, "Why don't you take a megaphone and scream it out, sis. That way, the entire area could hear us talking about sex." 

When asked how many does the session needed to take place, he shrugged casually, "5 and above I'm guessing. Why, you're telling me you're up for that? My sweet innocent little sister?" he purposely cooed just to tease her further, that's what big brothers do. "Tiring, but satisfying for sure. Just gotta find the right company is all." That name of a particular blond Valkyr he was also acquainted with made the Niveis avert his gaze away from his sister, yeah, definitely not something he could talk to her, and that was saying something because Dae never thought to keep things to himself if it doesn't impact her directly. The efforts he tried just to dial down that blush that was trying so hard to creep up was endless, "Flexible? On what kind of universe do you get to see how flexible Yeonseok Lee is?" he questioned, that's a bit out of question, he would've thought she slept with him if he didn't know better, but thankfully Yeon had confirmed it with him that he hasn't done that. Yet.

 "How did you meet him anyway?" There seemed to be a few things he wasn't filled in yet. He scrunched up his nose and shook his head profusely, "Uh yeah probably keep the details of behind the curtains away from me. TMI you know? But I would like to know if my sister isn't screwed over by another boy. I trust you know better though, you're welcome Stormwind, you know how to make choices." So she wanted to travel too, that brought a smile to his face even more after finding out about that. "Northern lights? Really? Cliche move, Mirae. But I'll take it, truth be told, I've never watched it either." He was always so busy collecting every intel he could for Anivia that he never really delved around the areas of fun while he's working; which was almost all the time. He didn't have the time back then. But now he does. "Shut up" he grumbled defensively and pushed her off, but not too hard, enough for her to stumble a bit on her steps.

 Dae clicked his tongue in feigned annoyance as he flicked her forehead, "Well if you're going to enjoy, you may as well put up some criteria." When she said she was going to deliver them a show, he glanced up to her as soon as she stands up with a fry in his hand, "I'm so not gonna like this, am I... " Yup, his jaw went slack when she said that, oh god this sister of his. He said nothing and didn't even bother to stare at everyone else that was currently staring at them after Mirae's fiasco, "You're crazy, you know that? But why thank you, I'll take that compliment about being what a real man looks like. That'll bruise any men's ego, sis" he chuckled and popped the onion ring before him into his mouth. "You call this a good moment of your life? Jeez, you need to live a little, Mirae. But… if that makes you happy" he shrugged, no point is being a buzzkill there. "Whatever you want, sis, I'm not good at planning trips, always have been the spontaneous guy remember." 

The idea about getting a tattoo, however, that made him pause momentarily, "Really? You don't think we have enough? I mean no offense, Mirae, but we have plenty of tribal marks to go around... " How could he say no to those puppy eyes though? "Fine...  But nothing too eye catching... Okay?"

Mirae's mouth dropped open, acting as if she were shocked that he said she was going soft. And, with a playful nudge, the Niveis giggled softly. She didn't have to put any thought into Dae's question, those three names were simple to say "Well, of course there's you, then Ha-joon, and Yeonseok" she nodded, smiling happily. Dae was her whole universe, her big brother, her everything, and Yeon had quickly became someone she could definitely call her best friend, someone she loved to death. Then there was Ha-joon, who was her love interest, but the human was definitely growing on her, and turning out to be something much more than that in her eyes. For the three of them, yeah, it was safe to say she'd bend over backwards to keep safe, love them, and keep them as happy as she could. That was who Mirae is though, and she'd never change, for anyone. 

"Not yet, but I came very close to it. I want to" she laughed, "But yeah Dae, I guess a little bit of it has to do with the fact that I might wanna see if he can be something more special to me than just a booty call, if not, then nothing wrong with sex either way.. just don't want doing it too soon, to ruin the chances of a true love" she said truthfully, and sighed softly. "I think one day you'll know exactly what that feels like. It's just not time for you. IF you're enjoying how you're living your life right now, then there's no need to change it" she expressed, smiling at him, but shaking her head, because she always found amusement in how open he was with his sex life. She had a feeling he had met someone he really liked though, just from how he seemed to light up every time he spoke of it. 

Mirae blushed and laughed when he told her she may as well scream it out over a megaphone, and tapped her chin playfully "Don't tempt me Dae, you know i will" she said jokingly, and flashed him a playful wink. Mirae enjoyed how far they had come ever since things had fallen apart between them. She was happy that they were no longer torn on how to even talk to each other. Thankfully, that only seemed to be a thing of the past. Mirae's bright eyes widened, she couldn't even imagine five people.. "Damn Dae, what do you do in your free time?!" she asked super loud, but she was the one who never cared about what others though, it just tended to be dangerous with Daehyun, because God forbid someone come over and say something mean to Mirae, especially another guy. She still remembered how protective he is, like it had only happened yesterday. But, at least she felt safe with him. "Im up for anything Dae. What's life if you're not living it?" she asked, with a sinister grin on her face. "Innocent is one thing, but there's a lot of crazy shit ive been wanting to try.. it would no doubt take my innocent status away from me" she chuckled and shook her head. 

"I guess it would be a lot of fun, and probably the most satisfying thing a woman can go through if she's in a good group of guys.. or guys and girls. I prefer it to be all guys though, that way all attention is on me" she smirked, but she was honest. Now she couldn't help but wonder about it. Mirae chuckled, and poked his cheek "IS that a blush I see? The brooding Daehyun blushing? On what universe does that happen?" she asked in return, instead of answering his intial question, but she figured she'd stop teasing him finally and answer "He was just stretching and stuff.. he showed me his studio and danced for a while" she nodded, and gave her brother a knowing look. She could sense that this was a little more than a fling to him, but she wouldn't comment on it, because it's not like Dae woould admit he cared. "Definitely made me swoon though.  The boy has skills" she smirked, and patted Dae's shoulder. "You've always had good taste bro" she added, and shook her head. 

"He actually came into the herb shop, needing some of my herbs for sleep" she started, "I was in the back, dancing my heart away, and didn't realize he was there, he saw me dancing, and well, we struck up a conversation about dance while I mixed a magic remedy up for him. We left my shop, and he showed me his studio, and we danced for a while.. so I may actually pursue it as a career" she smiled brightly, wondering what Dae would think about her becoming a professional dancer. Mirae chuckled when he told her to keep the details behind the curtains. "Hell we've talked about everything else, but yeah, ill spare you Dae" she grinned playfully. Mirae snorted when he pushed her away, thankfully, she always kept her balance pretty well, otherwise she would have stumbled over her feet and right on her face, though she knew he would have caught her. After giving his chest a shove back, she tilted her head "What's wrong? someone being caught up in a truth he didn't wanna admit?" she asked, and gave a playful eye roll. 

Mirae knew better than to keep pushing at him with that subject. An angry Dae, was a scary Dae. She wasn't trying to pull that side of him out. "It's a plan then. We will go see the Northern Lights together" she stated, and nodded all knowingly. Mirae couldn't contain the laughter, "your face is so priceless right now" she teased, and was really enjoying this moment. Her and Dae hadn't been allowed to live like this before, it was about time. "Well, it's all true. You're pretty amazing, anyone would be lucky to have you" she smiled brightly, and kissed his cheek "You look adroable when you blush by the way., and yeah, I guess I do need to live a little" she admitted, shaking her head and sighing softly. "You know you love my crazy ass though" she added with a nod, giving him a knowing smirk before flicking him back for the fact that he had flicked her forehead earlier. 

Mirae then squealed happily and jumped in his arms to give him a tight hug. "Let's go then, seems ive made enough of a scene here. Ill behave in the tattoo parlor. Promise" she chuckled, and gave him his personal space back. Mirae was always such an intimate, touch feely girl, so hugging and cuddling up to someone, was nothing out of the ordinary. Mirae was happy to breathe some fresh air. The smell of fast food eventually got to her, while it tasted delicious, she could never tolerate the smell for long. 

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