Mirae  sat in the padded window sill, for moments she stared blankly towards the sky, fidgeting with the locket around her neck before letting her lead fall against the wall, closing her eyes as tears trickled down her cheeks. Sometimes it didn't seem real, t this day various memories of the day the Initia attacked their perfect community still plagued Mirae's mind, she could still hear the panic and ear piercing screams from those who weren't lucky enough to escape. She still seen the cold expression on Coldren's face when he reformed from the ashes anew, everything but his face was new.

These thoughts always led the young Niveis thinking about her bond with Anivia, the two had became extremely close, Mirae being her voice of reason. Inhaling, Mirae's thoughts now travelled to her brother, whom she at one point was ready to let go, for the sake of his own happiness. But, before Mirae could even utter the words goodbye, or that she loved him, Coldren's wicked ways overpowered any good intentions he once had, after a bade thrusted through Daehyun's chest, it was clear that they were no longer in charge of their own decision making and that Coldren would be making the decisions for them.

Mirae was furious at Coldren for taking her brother’s choice from him and instinctively drew her sword, moving to strike at the ice phoenix. Coldren however was much stronger and faster than her and it wasn’t long before she went down fighting, falling into the darkness on the icy cold snow. As punishment, Coldren forced Mirae to work in an apothocary where he sent everyone else that he wanted rid of, but it was where Mirae once more began to build her life back together from the shattered pieces that it was. Being seperated from her brother for so long however, left the young girl feeling empty, but in spite of everything she knew her brother probably stayed in good sense, and continued to fight for what he believed in.

Deciding she was done with dwelling on things she couldn't change, Mirae sauntered over to her wardrobe and quickly changed into a pair of leggings, a half sweater, and threw her hair into a messy bun before adding a leather jacket and her leather grunge boots. Library time was much needed for the girl who loved studying and learning about herbs, so that's exactly where she made her way to. It wasn't long after she arrived that Mirae felt a very familiar presence among her though, a presence that shook her very being to the core, causing her to be on edge and looking over her shoulder every other second, being her typical distracted self, unaware that she was standing in the center of one of the book isles in front of someone needing by.

Clearing her throat, Mirae blushed heavily. "Sorry. Just a bit distracted" she said in the form of a whisper, as to not distract the others who sat quietly, reading various books. Mirae then smiled, running her fingers along the marks she gained when she became a Phoenix, remembering the very day she had visited the library to read on the species before she ever knew she'd become one, to this day she had that book, and she treasured it very much. Mirae began reading different titles until her finger slid over the word "The truth behind The Eternal City". Excitedly, she pulled the book out, blowing dust from it's cover, surprised that no one had checked this book out in such a long time, Mirae was the type of person who wanted / needed to know her surroundings.

After sliding the book underneath her arm pit, covered by her leather jacket, Mirae glanced around to make sure she was in the clear to take this book home, to add with her collection of other books she had quietly snuck out of libraries in the past. On her way towards the exit, Mirae plowed right into someone and dropped the book from it's hiding place, scurrying to try to pick it up before the male in front of her could take notice to it. The presence she'd felt with her earlier however, felt so strong now that she could barely maintain, and with that, Mirae glanced up, and with her eyes full of surprise, she shook her head. "Daehyun"she said in a shattered tone, unable to swallow the painful lump now formed in her throat. Mirae closed her eyes however, breathing heavily, but assumed when she opened them again, hed be gone.

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Daehyun knew he was unpredictable. At least, people knew him to be such a cold and stoic person when it comes to duties, but there were times when his sense of righteousness overpower most of the traits he had. He liked to believe that it was all due to the ways he was brought up to believe things. His underpinnings and the past that still etched itself very closely despite it being over such quite some time ago. The young Niveis had been too used to leading a quiet and mild life that did not need his consensus in any of the things whatsoever. He grew up in a life where choices and free will wasn't apart of the abetted system that made him the person he was today. Was it for the best?

Emotions are colloquial and a prerequisite to each person that steers their performance through the wheels of occurrence. For Daehyun who's been such a quiet and good soldier that served his time in the ranks of others that had also left a mark in their legacy, it wasn't a rare occurrence to see the bright haired Niveis stuck in his old ways. Daehyun was a stubborn lad. He was still set on his ways that supposedly influenced the way he brought his lifestyle to reality. For someone who was only 179 years old, he was one of the many who was known for their wisdom in the tribe. Despite being one of the youngest in the ranks, it's never stopped his advancements before. There was a reason why he was known for his skills.

To the Niveis, he believed that his past was very integral in building this said person that still somehow resides within his physical vessel. He went from a boy who had a seemingly bright future as the heir to his tribe's magister, to an uneventful prodigal protege who wrecked his own world by manifesting the fire ability too well until became uncontrollable and he knew himself to be a Phoenix; a mutant to their species. As if it wasn't bad enough to curb his fire wielding abilities, it affected the lateral part in his vitality of growing up in the Initia community. He only ever knew mastering the art of deception itself taught by his mother that told him it was important that he kept this a secret buried to his grave. Until one day, his emotions got the best of him and Daehyun emerged from his shell that was built from day one to ensure his rage would be kept under control.

Everything that he's worked so hard on, his blood, sweat, and tears were gone in the flick of a second, just like that. All his future became jeopardized once again and the young lad was left to debate in his choices to create a new escape hatch by searching for loopholes. It's everything he used to direct his full attention on. To protect both his interest and others around him. To ensure his survival. Forced to flee and leave everything was hard. But it was a must, if he wished for anything good to happen to his sister and him. He wasn't about to waste the sacrifice their mother did so willingly. When he met Coldren, he actually thought the gleaming light was another chance for him. A second chance to start over from the scratch. A new sense of hope. Until that too was extinguished by the very person who gave him one. The moment the blade was thrust into his back was the moment all of his hope started to deteriorate.

Adjusting to his new self on being a Niveis afterwards was a challenge. He's too used to being a Phoenix after having to change his ways from an Initia. Now he was another being, where for once, he didn't have books or any resources to help him with his state. Engulfing this life was not what he had expected but Daehyun learned to accept how choices and free will might never be apart of his life. Struggling with trying to maintain his identity was one thing. Struggling with the caps of his sibling roots were another thing. He hasn't seen Mirae for close to a century or more. She was kept in exile in the apothecary whilst he served Coldren as one of his many soldiers. However, it only made his expertise in mastering the wiles of deviousness corrupting the air a tad stronger and stable.

Today, he took his time venturing out to see what the city has in store for them. He was untrusting so he didn't expect much but a slight flicker of hope inside him enabled him to wish for more. Maybe, the iridescent light was finally returning to his sense. What he did not expect was bumping into his beloved sister in somewhere so public. He let his eyes wandered over to the book on the floor, to which he picked up and gave it back to the female who stood not far in front of him. His sister. The sister he would do anything for. The sister that he's also kept a distance from for most parts of his life after becoming a Niveis. Surprisingly, Daehyun didn't try to run from the scene. Things were meant to come clashing one day, and he only wished to make things right just as it was before things got so complicated. "You can open your eyes now. Closing your eyes and opening them later will not make you forget I was here." He pointed out as he tucked both his hands in his coat's pockets. "I believe I'm way too charming to escape the gaze." The older Niveis remarked dryly.

Mirae huffed at the words her brother spoke. But, he had a point, closing and reopening her eyes wasn't going to make his vanish.. and that's certainly not what she'd wanted at this point. Daehyun already distanced himself from her far to much for the two of them to take this moment right here, and run away from it. Instead, she hoped they'd be able to catch up and work on becoming close again, as the pair of them were before life had gotten in the way. Daehyun hadn't changed much, no matter how long they ever spent apart, he always kept the same personality, and Mirae could only admire that. No matter what life threw at her brother, he never let it change who he was on the inside. Smirking, she flicked his arm in a playful manner "Don't let that ego of yours make your head explode Daehyun" she teased before giving him a bright, wide eyed grin.

Mirae caught herself lost for a moment just staring at Daehyun, she was so happy to see him after not seeing him for over a century. She certainly had plenty to tell him. Like for one, she'd opened her own herbal shop, something that would probably seem totally out of character for her in her brothers eyes, since after all it was meant as a punishment from Coldren long ago, working in the apothocary and handling herbs. But, while she'd done that, Mirae realized just how much she could actually be of use to people, and how skilled she was at this job. People came from tons of different directions for Mirae's help and it pushed her to continue what she did with gratitude that Coldren ever punished her in the first place. Irony. She thought out loud before pulling herself from her distracted state and focusing her attention back on Daehyun again.

Without hesitating, Mirae reach her arms out and sorta just fell into a hug with Dae. Swallowing harshly, to avoid crying and having him mock her, Mirae inhaled slightly before mouthing out "Ive missed you tons, what made you come here today?" she questioned. Seeing Daehyun in a library of all places was certainly odd, but refreshing all the same. She knew she wouldn't be able to concentrate here at the library now, and she would definitely wanna go else where while she could catch her very busy brother and grab lunch and a drink .. or whatever he would do, it didn't really matter to Mirae, as long as she could steal a little bit of his time. "I hope you don't have a busy schedule today. We have much to talk about" she added before giving the old librarian with kankles the mean eye when she held her finger to her lips, gesturing for Mirae and Daehyun to hush.

Chuckling, the young Niveis shook her head and tucked the book underneath her armpit, her jacket hiding the fact. It's how Mirae got the books she needed without having to sign her name on the 'log-out' sheet. Most books that Mirae got, told people exactly what she was up to, which was why it was common for her to just 'borrow them without asking'.

Now, Daehyun wasn't sure if this was the best choice he's made all day, but seeing as the day was still so early and it was a matter that concerns his sister and his own sibling issue that went on for a century long, he didn't exactly have a choice in dictating such option. So here he was, standing in front of his younger sister, Mirae, towering over her due to his height and literally had nothing else to say but offer a roll of his shoulder. Maybe insert in a poker face, but that's his usual signature look so it wasn't something new. “Ego? I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that. What's ego, even? There's no such thing in me. You're just over in your head, that's all.” he scoffed lightly as the bright haired male poked his sister's forehead a few times before shaking his head in response. At least they're back to talking, or whatever it was that they were doing now.

It brought a small closure in Daehyun to see that her sister was doing well in the eternal city, and was settling comfortably with no problems. Of course, the male would be lying if he said he didn't keep tabs on Mirae, because everyone knows nothing escapes the elder Stormwind's eyes and ears. His spying skills grew and improved gradually as the years fly by, and so did talent in keeping himself so numb and impervious to everything else. Whether a facade or exterior, he excelled in it. Glancing over to the dark haired female, Daehyun took in her appearance and allowed a small smile to tug itself on the corner of his lips as he too, analyzed every outline of his baby sister's physical. She looked well and healthy, and might he say, happy, even? Which was odd, considering she was condemned to a century long punishment to tie herself in their apothecary due to Coldren's orders. Perhaps, she found solace in her punishment, and that was enough to reassure the niveis.

If he didn't enjoy his occupation, no matter how optimistic it has made his development, the very least he could make sure is that Mirae didn't suffer a life-long torturous experience. Seeing that she didn't hold any resentment to her healer abilities, he could only assume that she was already forgetting the bitter part of her past. When she suddenly hugged him, he admitted he was taken aback and Daehyun was never taken aback-- ever. He was agile and quick, his movements making unprecedented blows when he wants them to, but this time, he was. At least, it was coming from his own flesh and blood; possibly one of the only people he allowed touching him without being froze over. Engulfing the younger niveis in his hug, he decided to bask in whatever warmth she radiated, which was ironic, considering their past and present.

“You and me both, sis.” he mumbled softly, the tone dropping one octave lower but still assuring in his own fashion. Chuckling to himself, he shook his head as he denied having anything in his schedules today. “You know I don't do anything but train, scout and look out. Obviously I won't have anything to do in any other days unless Nivia called me. Or.. Rhydian, much to chagrin.” It has been made clear to everyone else that whilst there were some people who didn't particularly like the right hand of their chief, Daehyun was one of the ones who made sure it was shown publicly. Rest assured, not even personal and professional terms could separate those two from each other's necks. Seeing the younger female hiding the book with her, he quirked his eyebrows, questioning her silently from his stare alone. “Do I even want to know?”

With the arch of her brow, Mirae gazed up at Daehyun who clearly towered over her a few inches, or possibly even a foot. Shaking her head, amused. "You mean to say, after all of this time, all I get from you is a shrug?"she asked, giving him the fake pouty lip with her arms crossed. "surely you got better than that Daehyun" Mirae added, grinning from ear to ear. No matter what happened between them, and how long they had soent apart, Mirae Was happy to see Daehyun even if it was bittersweet. It seemed as though seeing Daehyun brought back some not so great memories, Coldren; who now lay six feet under normally consisted of those memories. 

But, this time around she wanted to remend things and make up for lost time with her older brother. Dwelling on their past surely wouldnt allow her to do either. Clearing her through, Mirae chuckled "I always am in over my head Dae, but at least my life isnt boring" she teased, but it was partially true. When arriving to the city, she had opened her own shop, one where she could use both of her gifts, and having a say so this time rather than being forced into using her gifts as a punishment. "What have you been doing? Anything new?" She then asked, knowing he had to have something to say after so long. 

Taking in Daehyuns appearance, the two seemed to share a look between one another, perhaps both of them just genuinely happy to see the other doing well, And to see each other still alive after a centrury; but there was one thing Mirae did know, she knew Daehyun kept tabs on her, so he had always had some reassurance that Mirae was okay, while she on the other hand often paced the floors, just hoping her brother would one day pop up. This was always closure forthe youngest Stormwind, finally; she thought silently. Mirae smiled as Dae embraced her, as short as the hug was, it made her feel wanted by her brother rather than pushed away and she knew better thsn anyone, Daehyun allowed no one to touch him, and should one be dumb enough to do that s, it normally ended in Daehyun snapping. So the very fact that he had embraced her caused Mirae to feel extremely happy, like maybe they were finally on some sort of road to redemption. 

After being punished for an entire centruy, that was equally as overhwelming as it was amazing to think they could put it behind them . Mirae chuckled as well "Im happy that not much has changed brother, only what needed to be changed" she stated with a soft spoken tone, chewing on her lower lip, a nervous habbit that would never die for the young Niveis. When Daehyun eyed Mirae and the book, she flashed him a wink "lets get out of here and mdo some catching up. We can go to lunchthen work our way from there, maybe cause some havoc and what not" she added, playfully but the expression on her face was more than dead serious. Mirae began walking toward the exit of the library but only after hooking her arm through Daehyuns "sorry, i know the touchy feely stuff isnt your thing, but ive missed you" she stated, giggling as she continued walking "any ideas on what we can do today" she finished, not wanting the entire day to be full of just her ideas. 

Now that he's looking down to her, it was only then that Daehyun realized how short she is compared to him, who's not even that tall to begin with. To be fair, he only stood at 6’0”. Perhaps he forgot how cute she is in comparison to everything else, how there always seemed to be a faint blush tint to her cheeks, in contrast to her pale complexion. Both of them held a stark resemblance to pale skin, especially him who only looked paler with his snowy-colored platinum hair that either made him stand out or the opposite. Mirae always had an innocent air around her, befitting her appearance but he was not stupid to let that fool him. The younger Stormwind is quite mischievous, just like the elder. It was no wonder they were siblings, they had more in common than differences.

Whilst others see the small details that made them stand over the edge of the world across each other, if they looked deeper, they would be able to see just how much they have in similarity. Behind his cold exterior, was a sweet gummy-smile guy who would do anything to protect the ones he cared for. But no one bothered to look past the facade he masked himself in. Their loss, then. “Were you expecting anything more? Are you sure you're my sister, Mirae?” he asked, quirking an eyebrow her way challengingly. “I mean, if you were expecting something else or more, so sorry to put you down, sis, but that's not it” he chuckled, his dark hues twinkling in delight upon seeing the look on her. The tender smile he had curved on his lips said everything he needed, without any verbal transition. Dae missed his sister, and a century away felt more than just a hundred years.

“Oh please, you literally talk to your plants you use for your herbs in the apothecary, and you're saying I'm leading a boring life?” Well, she wasn't wrong, the only thing Dae ever did was fly out to seek more information and people. But he's not going to let her win the victory above him. What kind of a big brother would he be if he allowed his baby sister to win? “I think the word you were looking for is responsible.” When she asked how he's been, the snowy-haired niveis pondered briefly, as his head tries to generate words needed for this interchange. “Nothing new really. I'm just thinking about what to do in the city. Can't keep myself cooped up in the cabin forever. Even I'll find myself rotting then.. But what would suit my profession best?” Truthfully, talks about mundane things were never his cup of tea. He's just bad at them because he never thought about it.

As Mirae led him out of the store, he shook his head and flashed her a knowing smirk. “Still as mischievous as ever, I see. You're keeping that Stormwind streak strong, sis” he teased, and allowed his free hand to ruffle her locks messily. She's right, being all touchy wasn't something Daehyun's used to, but there were times when he allowed them due to a few circumstances, and this called for one. Mirae is his sister, if anyone was going to be able to do anything to him, it was going to be her. “You're the social butterfly out of the two of us. Even before. I'm the type that doesn't go out much, remember? Daehyun Stormwind hates human interaction in general.” The playful teasing tone did not escape both their notice, and honestly at this point, he just wanted to spend his time with Mirae. The time they were robbed off.

Mirae was still in the middle of trying to wap her head around just how happy it'd made her to see Daehyun after all this time when he blurted the question out about whether she was sure or not that she was his sister. "Last time I checked anyways" Mirae chuckled, giving a playful nudge to his question.  "Besides Dae.. I'd have to check for a fever if you acted any differently with me than this" she added, flashing a wink in her elder brothers direction.

A century without speaking, that was kind of painful for Mirae to even think about, every day that had went by without Daehyun, was another day that Mirae spent in misery, crying herself to sleep during the night, just to wake back up wondering if he was okay or not. Mirae's attention was quickly brought back to Dae rather than those depressive thoughts when he made fun of her about her ability to sit and talk to her plants in the apothocary. "Hey now. Those plants became the closest things I had to friends back in the day, when Coldren..." she started, but cut herself off mid sentence. "Never mind that, probably a name we could both do without ever hearing again huh?" she expressed more in the form of a question that she already knew the answer to.

Mirae snickered though when the challenge arose for Daehyun to have a normal mundane conversation, reaching up, she patted his head teasingly. "There there Dae, you still get an A for effort. I know serious talk isn't really your thing, but I feel like we have so much to catch up on, I could probably talk for hours and not come up for air" she stated truthfully. "Im glad you're out and about though, at least you're looking for something to do with your life. I feel like mine was pretty much sealed the day I was forced into an apothocary, it followed me here unfortunately, and now I feel smothered. So maybe I should branch out like my big brother.. what ya think?" she asked, grinning faintly.

Now as the pair of Stormwinds trotted out into the streets of Evermore, Mirae glanced over her shoulder, flashing her brother a wink when he told her she was keeping the Stormwind streak as strong as ever "We can't let our last name settle underneath dust. I knew there would be a time for us to reunite, and when we did, I didn't wanna seem rusty" she teased once more, but some of that was truthful. In many ways, Mirae and Daehyun were quite alike. Their last name wasn't all that the Stormwind siblings had in common. Mirae could only smile, genuinely happy for the first time in a long time now, when Dae ruffled her hair into a wild mess, nodding at his statement but quickly giving an eye roll "God Dae.. I know i'm the social butterfly out of the two of us here, but if you applied yourself to a bit of human interaction, I do believe you'd find it quite satisfying, and i only say this because you're awesome.. people would love the elder Stormwind." she stated, giving a sincere compliment straight from the heart.

Mirae had no idea where they could go, or what they could do with their time right now, but it really didn't matter as long as they were together. In her mind, she felt just the same, that they'd been robbed of a century. Now that it was time to make up for that, the younger Stormwind was full of excitement and ideas, but none that she could put into one thing, everything jumbled in her mind rather than her being able to spit out just one idea in particular. "Im really happy you're here though Dae.. any longer without you, would have driven me insane" she then said while throwing an arm around his shoulder and continuing to walk. Upon the arrival in front of a museum, Mirae read it's sign, her eyes sparkling with curiosity when she read about it having  a rain room. "Let's try it Dae!" she beamed excitedly. Mirae had never even been inside of a museum, much less a room where you stood or danced or ran around in what looked like rain, but it never got you wet. Intrigued was only an understatement, and there was no way that she wasn't dragging Daehyun inside with her.

Upon arriving at the entrance, while tugging on her brother to make sure he was right there with her, Mirae was charged 20 dollars, 10 per adult. The price meant to Mirae what money in general did, absolutely nothing at least if there was no one to share it with, but having her brothr by her side meant everything to her. As she proceeded and paid, te woman explained how the rain room worked.

"As visitors pass through the installation's torrent of water, sensors detect their presence and the rain directly above them pauses — there's always a roughly six-foot radius of dry clearing around each person. But the rain rages on around them.A spotlight in one corner of the room illuminates the shimmering raindrops, rendering them almost individually perceptible — from across the room the scene almost looks like snowfall — and against the light, bodies appear in silhouette.Only seven people are allowed into the rainstorm at any one point, for up to 15 minutes each.Moving across the wet floor, essentially a 1,500-square-foot metal drain, to the pitter-patter of the rainfall, the effect is both haunting and strikingly beautiful.- - -slicing the air in great, silvery sheets, hitting the ground with a splash and a deafening whoosh.Those caught in this particular downpour, however, will remain magically dry."

Excitement coursed through Mirae like a child at the candy factory after that, and right now all she knew is her heart was settled on seeing this rain room, but she knew fully that she couldn't force Dae to do anything he didn't want to do, so with a questioning look and the exception of puppy dog eyes, she waited for him to either give in or decline. While she waited, she figured she'd use the time to ask questions to her bigger brother that she felt she'd missed a lot on. "Any special person in your life these days Dae?" she questioned, grinning at her pretty handsome brother, anyone who would end up on his arm would have been lucky, but Mirae couldn't deny how protective she felt over him, no matter how many years had went by without seeing him. "If you could change anything about yourself, what would it be any why?" Mirae then asked, giving a faint smile, just putting a few questions out there to get to know her brother on a different level, after all, a century gone by is quite a bit of time for people to change.

He missed his sister, that’s why he’s been holding his gaze on her the entire time. A century away, that’s long. But it’s more painful when you had to force yourself to watch your baby sister suffer in the hands of the person whom you thought the world of; the one you placed so much hope on. It was like the whole world turned a full 180 on him, leaving him to pick up the pieces after knowing fully well he screwed things up by trusting Coldren. If he didn’t trust him enough, perhaps they would’ve been away from him, and lived a better life, one that wasn’t under a leash. It was all that he ever wished for; freedom. And now, despite having 40 years worth of ‘freedom’ to prance around, Dae wasn’t able to find the joy in life anymore. Everything was the same, he was sure nothing would change in the next few decades anyway. But how could he avert his attention away from Evermore when his baby sister is residing happily here?

Was he ready to leave her? No way in hell. A part of him secretly wished to stay by her side and help her reach her true potentials and find happiness, the one he’s sure was well-deserved, especially after the suffering she had to endure. “Please, you know you’re about the only person I actually tolerate and wouldn’t think twice on freezing” he rolled his eyes playfully at his sister’s dramatic antics. He missed that too, even though he’ll never say it. Even though they were not able to meet one another over the span of that one century, Dae never let his eyes linger elsewhere long enough that wasn’t on his sister. Knowing that he couldn’t do much other than to keep a watchful eye over her, hurts. He lived through it, but now, they might have a good chance of finding what both of them wanted, respectively. If he wasn’t able to find what he wanted for himself, the least he could do is help his sister find hers.

Nodding in affirmation, he agreed. They could live without hearing that name ever again. “Please don’t forget to breathe properly, I want my sister alive and breathing, thank you very much.” When she said something about branching out, Dae spared his sister a confused look, that really does resemble him much like a cat. With those piercing dark hues and his sharp tongue, he could pass off as a feline any day. “Branching out huh? You do realize I only ever got into multiple departments for fun, right? Though I’m pretty sure I’m more suited on the whole bounty hunter job thingy. Interrogation isn’t really frowned over in my book, but searching for people, that’s been my forte for as long as I can remember. I guess you’re not the only one who had that piece of old life following you into the new world” he mused softly, ruffling her hair slightly before eventually throwing the strands aside to make sure it was neat. Though he might not look the part, Daehyun is surprisingly very compassionate and intimate. He likes to care for people, in return for them doing the same for him.

With Mirae however, she will always have a special place inside his heart and even if the world cracks into two, he wouldn’t stop protecting her because he’s her big brother, and that’s what big brothers do. Smiling wryly towards her direction, he pulled her close as one hand wrapped itself around her. “Me too, sis, me too…” Words could not measure up just how much he’s missed her, and though he might say much, he does have a way on showing it. “Besides, I don’t know about you, but I’d rather not have to take care of a mentally challenged and unstable sister, do you know how hard it was to take care of this you? Let alone that you.” A pout rested itself on his lips, see, Dae could act humane, he just doesn’t show it because no one else was deserving of it. Whatever she wants, he’d allow. She’s Mirae Stormwind, his sister, and if she wants something, then he’ll make sure she gets it.

So it wasn’t entirely shocking to see the elder Stormwind just following the female into whatever place she wanted to go to. His eyes scoured the entire room in amazement. Do they have something like this? For a niveis, preferring to surround themselves with cold climates were not surprising, especially for Dae, he loved the cold and completely despised the heat unless it’s under a few other ‘circumstances’. How could he deny those puppy eyes? Fluttering his eyes closed briefly, he chuckled and tilted his head slightly to the side, beckoning for the younger niveis to go ahead. That was until she gave him that one question he never thought he’d hear from her but wasn’t all surprised too. Is someone special? He’s had his fair share of sleeping around due to his hedonistic tendencies and cared very little on attachment because he doesn’t want them.

“Your brother hates human interaction in general, Mirae…,” until he pursed his lips and recalled the few exceptions. “Well, not all, I guess. I don’t see myself complaining when others offer to warm my bed so…” he shrugged casually as if it was the most normal topic to talk with his sister. “But that’s as far as what people will do, don’t expect any relationships from me” Unfortunately, he’s pretty adamant on that. The next question caught him off guard, but the niveis gave an answer nevertheless. “I would change the way I grew up, I should’ve basked more in the company of my family, my sister… instead of worrying much about being the golden child and future magister of our former tribe. I feel like I wasted a lot of time doing that… I’ll continue to regret it, but I’ll live with it because that’s what honest people do. They get through it. But I also wanted to change this,” with that last word, Daehyun knew his sister would pick up quickly on what it meant. It was no surprise to see him hate his niveis state, it wasn’t what he wanted and he still found it hard to accept it. He’s used to it, but accepting it? Nowhere near that, unfortunately. “And what of you? Do I have to worry if a guy caught my sister’s attention and would divert it away from me? Please remember your utmost attention should always be on me.”

All Mirae could do in this very second was hold her head down. She knew Dae had lost some hope if not all, in human kind. She knew he didn't find joy in the same things she did, and often it left Mirae to wonder if he'd ever found any joy in anything at all anymore. The very thought that her elder brother may be broken on the inside, made her feel slightly damaged as well. She also knew that Daehyun blamed himself for a big part of how he and her had lived their lives apart for the century they were seperated. Sighing, she was just about to comment on her thoughts when Dae spoke up instead.

A grin graced her features, giggling at his playful comment, but she knew it was true as well. "I doubt you'd freeze me before I cause a hail storm to knock you down" she said playfully, grinning from ear to ear and obviously joking since her brother was the last person on earth she'd ever use her abilities against, which brought on another idea for something the two of them could do together while they had this kind of time to spend with each other. "But yeah, we could totally play a game of freeze tag, although I imagine both of us passing out at the end of it since using those sorts of gifts would make us weak" she stated, chuckling, but feeling a little to amused by that idea.

"I am happy to know that i'm the only one you tolerate though. It makes me feel special" she giggled, flashing a playful grin at him. Mirae knew their past with Coldren had stung Dae equally, she could see it in his eyes every time they even went near that topic. But when he told her to remember to breathe properly, Mirae smirked "Sweet that you care for your baby sis like that. Don't worry bro, i'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Nothing or no one will ever put a divider between us ever again, the only time we will ever seperate again, is if it's by our own choice, and even then, i'd never wanna be to far from you" she admitted with a cheesy grin on her features, but every word of that was heartfelt and genuine.

Mirae listened intently as he responded to her statement about branching out. And, truly, Mirae was proud of Daehyun. After hearing him speak of the things he'd done, she could see a little bit of a light in his eyes, maybe it was passion he posessed for the things he loved doing. But she knew he wouldn't go that deep into it. "Do you enjoy bounty hunting here in the city?" she questioned, she assumed it had a different feel to it than when they were back in their home town, normally forced into whatever it was they were doing back then, His smile always had a huge impact on Mirae, it could have lit up the darkest of skies, the worse moment a person could go through; all Dae had to do was smile, and it was like nothing had ever happened. When he pulled her closer to him, Mirae was full of smiles and giggles; it made her happy just to be this close to him, and her protective nature of him had magnified. Now that they had reconnected, she would have walked through hell and back to make sure it stayed that way.

After his explanation of how hard it would have been to take care of an unstable version of herself, Mirae found herself bursting into a fit of laughter "I guess you have a point there, I can only imagine that, that would end with both of us wearing straight jackets.. taking care of an unstable version of me, would surely make you unstable eventually too" she stated, chuckling and shaking her head, amused at how well her and Dae connected when they were around each other. Gosh how she had missed him; a big part of her wanted to wake up from this very good dream, but knowing it was real, made it even better, and from here on out, Mirae would do whatever it took to continue being an effective part of her brothers life, she knew together, they could indeed help one another find what it was that they each longed for in life. Come to think of things, Mirae always had been rather spoiled by her elder brother, because he really did live by 'whatever she wants, she gets'. The thoughts of that made her smile warmly.

When Dae finally beckoned for her to go ahead, signaling that he'd join, Mirae was ready to run ahead when Daehyun was apparently taken aback by her last question to him. She couldn't help but chuckle to see him that way, speechless even, for a split second. Widened eyes met his devilish ones as he said he'd never complain about someone warming his bed. Shaking her head, Mirae smirked at him "maybe one day brother" she stated, knowing full well that he hadn't really never cared for relationships. When he answered her next question, Mirae bit her lower lip, listening intently, and fighting tears from forming in her eyes. She wasn't meant to become emotional from a question like that, but then again, she supposed she hadn't been expecting the answer he gave either. "If it means anything, I wouldn't change anything about you Dae; I too wish both of us had lived a little differently back in the past, more involved with one another and our family, but it never changed how much we love each other, so at least we've still got that" she expressed while leaning over to lay her head on his shoulder for a moment.

"Don't regret it too much brother, itll cause self loathing, and there's nothing to hate about you" she admitted. To Dae's question  Mirae pulled her head off his shoulder before looking into his eyes, chuckling. "Unfortunately, no. But I guess its also due to  a lack of me looking for that sort of thing.. lately though.." she stopped mid sentence upon the two of them approaching the rain room, in awe of how beautiful it was. "Wow this is different" she stated, and it was something different, something she'd never seen or done before, it was insane how they could stand underneath rain, yet remain dry. Mirae grinned to her brother, remembering she'd gotten distracted from what she was trying to tell him "I met someone, but i'm not sure yet what it means, because honestly, it could just mean exactly what it is, that we're two people who enjoy the art of dancing.. or it could mean more, i suppose time will tell i might even give you a name when i figure it out" she admitted, chuckling.

"But don't worry. No one can ever take your place; so always and forever my attention will be on my amazing big brother" she said, flashing him a wink before twirling around, breaking out a few dance moves that had actually been the reason for meeting Ha-joon. Glancing over to Daehyun, she could only wonder what was on his mind. A place like this was certainly good for making one think about things. "Thanks for coming in here with me, this is pretty amazing. Next thing that we do is totally your choice" she added, wondering what sorts of things he liked doing in his free time. "Making friends here in the city?" Mirae questioned loudly over the music playing before returning to the dance she had made up in her head during the many boring hours she spent alone in her herb shop, sometimes she even practiced the choreography in the back. Since they weren't the only people in the rain room now, Mirae stuck close to Daehyun as a set of males entered, staring at her and Dae like they'd never seen people like them before.

Immediately, Mirae's mind wandered back to the time a group of boys made Mirae part of their game that resulted into Daehyun snapping on them, and revealing the truth to her about everything that day, after he snatched her up and flew them away from the scene that had unfortunately unfolded. One of the people in the room with them now, decided to approach Mirae and Dae blindly and stupidly "Are you two a couple?" was all the male asked, causing Mirae to shake her head unamused by it, before glancing to Daehyun, hoping he'd remain clam no matter what happened next. "Mind your businss will you?" Mirae mouthed off, before the guy stepped even closer to her, now invading her personal space so much that she could smell what he'd had for dinner two weeks ago.

Unfortunately, unlike Mirae, Daehyun made it clear to everyone else who knew him, that he had no interest whatsoever in pursuing a lonely life. He could handle being alone, but he couldn’t handle suffering alone. It wasn’t as if he wanted others to follow suit in the terms of a miserable life inside him but rather wanted people to be with him through all of that. That hope didn’t last long, though. It only takes him a while, give or take, a little over 40 years. The same span of time he spent the entire time searching and scouting for new information and people that would prove to be a valuable asset to their tribe as a whole. Flying from one country to another, he no longer finds the satisfaction in anything anymore. Everything was dull and boring, it’s always the same, which made him wonder why he’s even invested in the other things still.

Perhaps, there was a sliver of hope somewhere inside that cold frozen heart. Make no mistake, he loves his sister and friends, which was only a handful of people. He has people he respected and above everything else, despite his ‘narcissistic’ tendencies, Daehyun cares greatly about their tribe. Their interests are his and his interests are theirs. It goes into a whirlwind cycle, and he loves them. But how long is he going to stay when he felt lost? What would become of him in the future? Would he look back and regret some of the things that he’s done? Mirae turned out to be a very mature and wise woman, regardless of the century-long wait that separated both siblings and if she could prosper on her own, then what’s the point of keeping him around? All those pessimistic thoughts drove him insane. People didn’t need him anymore, he was sure of it.

Whenever he would be optimistic about it, it ended up being incredibly futile. At the end of the day, the same thoughts, if not stronger, would return home and plague the snowy-haired niveis to no end. It’s no wonder he’s always away. Living in his own version of solitude would be imperative. Scoffing at the mention of her hitting him with a hail storm, he scrunched up his nose and shook his head before clicking his tongue as if he was chastising her. “See, this is why big brothers always get traumatized. What kind of a sister does that” he even stuck out his tongue at her in a playful manner! That is a rarity for Dae, seeing him smile alone is a huge feat for anyone that managed to do that, much less him acting like a 5-year-old child. Just because he’s not being overly positive on his own state, doesn’t mean he needed to rain on other’s parade, especially not his sister’s. He’s only met her after being separated for a century, that’s a long time when you live on the same island.

“Before I pass out, I’ll make you win first” it was no surprise that Daehyun Stormwind likes to win, and Mirae wasn’t trailing behind on that department either. Both Stormwind siblings had that passion streak to them, both headstrong and stubborn. That was when people could detect their similarity, that streak. Physical wise, they weren’t that similar. He looks like an ice sculpture while she resembles a sunflower, but both still radiated the same warmth and cold. Don’t let Mirae’s youthful and beautiful looks fool you, once she snaps, it’s all hell. “You’re my sister, if anyone else would make me do anything, it’s going to be you, Mirae.” Where’s the lie in that? Mirae didn’t want to be anywhere far from him, now that’s suddenly making him feel guilty, especially when the pale-haired male has been thinking about leaving Evermore, nothing permanent as of yet, but he had plans. Whatever he’d call them anyway. How is he going to be able to leave when his baby sister is like this?

The guilt is eating him up without leaving a space for him to think this through. Bounty hunting is another thing he enjoyed, he liked the idea of putting his skills to good use. After all, he’s known to be quite a competent spy throughout his time in the tribe and after making use of it outside it for the best interests of the tribe still, he found it enjoyable. He felt proud to know he’s good at something. The moment he pulled her into a hug, he sighed, secretly dreading the day he wouldn’t be accustomed to this again. How long has it been since he properly hugged his sister? It felt like forever. All he ever wanted to do was to pull her close and encased her in his own hold, just like he used to do when they were kids. Admittedly, they didn’t spend much time together while growing up, but they were still close. It’s okay, he tells himself. He’ll let go of everything that’s been tying him back today of all days, he’ll do that for Mirae. She deserves him at his best and that is exactly what she’s about to receive.

“Please, I’m already this bad, do you want me to sicc every single soul I meet? Even the heat couldn’t save them then” he rolled his eyes playfully, feigning the annoyance he had for his sister. There wasn’t another person he would do anything for that is not his sister. It’s hard to get Dae to do anything if it wasn’t concrete enough for him to comprehend, but once he sets his sights on it, then it’s quite literally impossible to shrug him off. He either gets it done or the thing won’t be done, ever. It goes either A or B and if he’s there, then he’ll make sure it goes A if he wants it. It’s cliche to see someone scary like Dae to melt at the sudden mention of his sister. But what can he say, he’s weak for her, always and forever. “Don’t wish for one to come to me too quick, sis. I don’t think I can handle another person tying me down, you know how I fare with those types” it has been to no surprise that Daehyun disliked attachments, romantic ones, the most. Of course, he’d love the idea of someone loving him and him only, who wouldn’t like that?

“You’re right, I’m the same and so are you. We just got more mature because we fought the world when it was against us. Nothing to be ashamed of that, right? We survived…” As nostalgic as that sounds, a part of him was swelling with pride because he knew it wasn’t easy to achieve that kind of feat when everyone and everything else seemed to be against you from every corner, successfully blocking every exit or loophole they tried to get through. “It’s okay, you have a long life to live ahead of you, Mirae. Live your life the way you want, nobody will stop you from doing that. I won’t. And if anyone dares, then we both know what’s about to happen. I still remember how to paralyze people temporarily...and permanently.” A part of his protectiveness jumped out rapidly when he heard Mirae found someone she is attracted to, but the thought of her being all happy and giddy made his heart lurch. How could he say no to this? Seeing her happy after all that they’ve gone through, what brother would leave without saying goodbye now?

Seeing how elated and excited Mirae was on the rain effects, he shook his head and a smile crept up as his eyes followed her movements. It’s been a while since he felt this happy and enthusiastic. It felt foreign and it felt good. Dae had no idea Mirae loves to dance, but then again, he’s been excommunicated from her for a century, and this was the first time they met again after that. Give him a break. She certainly is talented, which reminds him yet another male who he recalled to be involved in the same department, that one guy he hasn’t been able to get rid of his head. While he was thinking about what he’d do next, his train of thoughts was interrupted when a male suddenly stepped forward and asked if they were a couple. For real? He clenched his jaw slightly, remembering how easily triggered he is when it comes to this, he’d strive to protect his sister no matter what and it includes this. Besides, the traumatic experience when a group of boys teased Mirae in front of him years ago just resurfaced. “You heard what she said, mind your own business. You shouldn’t come up to strangers asking weird questions” his tone was gruff, clearly dissatisfied by the male’s presence, as his eyes averted to his group of friends.

It was one thing that Mirae knew about her brother whether or not he said it, she knew it. She knew how he never wanted to be alone, so the very thought that he had suffered alone during the time that she'd been punished by Coldren, then all of the time that she and Daehyun were away from each other, simply ripped her heart into. Mirae had wanted for so long, for Dae to branch out and make a few friends, not that she wouldn't always be there for him, because if it came down to it, she'd be his one and only person. The person he could trust, confide in, and always know he'd be safe around. She understood why it was hard to open up to people, besides Yeon and Ha-joon, Daehyun seemed to be the only person in Mirae's life; and even then, she hadn't really opened up to Ha-joon that much, and she'd only exchanged detail for detail with Yeon. She couldn't help but frown, all the thoughts about their past constantly loomed around them, and she supposed that came from spending years without talking. Things were pretty bad the last time they had saw one another, how could she not think about it all.?

"Dae" she spoke softly, and simply, just speaking his name, as she watched him leave.. not literally, but she knew he was somewhere else entirely with his thoughts. It seemed as though whatever it was he was thinking about, was getting the best of him, but he always did good to hide it. It wasn't long though, that Mirae got to see him put on a genuine smile after her mentioning a hail storm; Mirae chuckled at his statement, nudging him playfully, "well between a normal set of siblings, i'm not sure.. but between us, im definitely that kind of sister" she teased once more, "you know i'd never actually harm you though, Dae, as much as I love joking with you and seeing you smile right now, the only way i'd harm anyone is if they hurt you.. i could never harm you though, this stupid century long away from you did enough harm to both of us I can assume"

Mirae knew she had to stop.. she simply had to shutup about the bad things, but as much as Dae saw himself as a pesimistic person, she was very much the same. And, she didn't fall short on negativity, but she had to take this time with her brother and make the best of it. She was just sure that the moment she'd get comfortable with him, he'd slip away again, and she wasn't sure she could handle another century of restless nights, or nights where she clutched an old picture of them together as kids by her chest while she cried herself to sleep, thinking something bad had happened to the one person left in her life, whom she'd love forever.

Mirae knew how challenging Dae was, and that was just one of many things they had in common. Flashing a wink at him, she giggled. "You'd only make me win first, because thats what big brothers do" she stated, poking her tongue out playfully. She was truthfully enjoying every second of this, seeing Dae smiling, joking, all the things he probably didn't do, ever. The way that Dae had hugged her after what seemed to be him slipping off into thought again, she couldn't help but to remind herself that she'd ask him later on what was really going through his mind. If it was something that would effect their bond as siblings, then surely he would tell her. Whatever it was, she wasn't blind, she could see something was bothering him. Either way though, she held onto him for as long as she could, feeling slightly cold when the hug ended. It was true that it'd been ages since they'd so much as hugged each other, and when they did, it was something Mirae didn't want to end.

She found herself able to laugh again though when he expressed how he was already this bad, that not even the heat could save those he'd come across. Mirae nodded simply, she knew Daehyun wasn't a people person, and he'd only ever dealt with those while he did his job as a bounty hunter, or Mirae herself beause she's his sister, otherwise, she knew he didn't really mingle much,, and the idea of him having a special someone was an idea that didn't really even set well with her. She'd just gotten him back, she didn't want to lose whatever time with him that he could give her, to a romantic partner that she had just literally said he should have. "On second thought, ill take that back, im not quite ready to share you yet.. maybe someday though" she stated teasingly but meant it all the same, giving him a faint grin. She knew that somewhere deep down, Daehyun thought about the normality of a romantic partner though, that he must have longed for such things even if he spoke against it, and whatever made him happy, would make Mirae happy as well.

With her head still laid on his shoulder, Mirae smiled at the words he spoke. "To think about it, we most certainly did bro, when the world seemed to be against us, we still pressed on; and we fought a hard battle, it took a lot of courage to do what we've done, and be who we were.. but we turned out pretty great, no matter what" she stated, making sure to say no matter what because she knew Dae wasnt a people person and didn't do well with trusting others, and Mirae had closed herself off to the possibility of being somewhere she could ever call home again, so there was obviously a lot of damage done to them equally from their past lives, but here they were.. if it meant fighting the world all over again, Mirae would do that to be where she was right now, especially since Daehyun was right beside her.

Mirae teared up when Daehyun told her the very same thing, that she had tried to tell him years ago before Coldren took that choice away from him, it hurt her so much that Daehyun was here to see it through for Mirae, but she couldn't have done the same for him back then when he wanted to live a certain way, forced to cower to the lifestyle of the tribe, when she knew thats not what he had wanted back then. "You're a good brother Daehyun, I just want you to always know that, no matter what, I know how much you love me and that you'd do anything to keep your baby sister safe" she expressed, she knew something was on his mind, whatever it was, and whatever he was going to do in his future, she needed him to know those things "You have a chance to live how you want now.. I hope youll take this chance and do whatever you want, whatever your heart desires, sounds like bounty hunting is something you really enjoy" she expressed, fearful that she was going to lose him again.

She was also fearful right now, that Daehyun would snap, and end up breaking these guys necks, with that, she tried placing herself between him and the others, it was too much like dejavu.. she couldn't keep him from exploding, if anything, history proved that much years ago, his wings had sprouted the last time a group of guys were messing with Mirae, and she was sure Dae was going to kill each of them just before he had scooped her up and flew away with her, where she then revealed that it was okay, and how she was just like him. Thats a memory she'd never forget. "Let's just go Dae, don't want no one to get hurt" she expressed, but apparently the guys thought Mirae was talking about Daehyun getting hurt by them, not realizing that they would be the ones getting hurt when they began mocking her saying 'yeah go on, we'd hate to hurt your .. whatever he is'.

Mirae's blood boiled, she couldn't stand anyone disrespecting her brother, just as she was ready to punch the one talking so much right in the face, he'd made a move first by pushing her out of the way, to move her from standing between Daehyun and themselves. Her heart sped rapidly. "Youll be sorry for that" she gritted her teeth through the anger washing over her, before looking back to Daehyun, "Don't worry, it's not worth it" she stated, knowing if he wanted to hurt them he could, and she couldn't stop him, but she did hope to get him outside of this place before these guys ended up hurt. Besides,, it was his turn to pick something for them to do, and she hoped he'd chose to talk to her about whatever it was on his mind. Little did she know that he'd been making plans to leave the city again. That's something Mirae would never want to hear, but she also wanted her and Dae to keep a bond where they could always be honest with one another.

The topic of being alone resurfaced after a while of trying his best to pin it down and bury it. Daehyun wasn’t stupid, he knew he couldn’t possibly bury it forever, so he never opted for that option nor did he ever had any hopes of doing so. Instead, he went around and picked the better alternative for it; if you can’t bury it forever, the least you could do is make sure it doesn’t bother you ever again. At least, for a few years or decades. He would have no problem reapplying the same solution every once in a while, so long as it stays buried. Getting hurt once every decade doesn’t sound so bad when it’s compared to getting hurt every day. He didn’t like feeling pathetic, and the last thing he wanted another to offer him is a shoulder to cry on when they send him a sympathetic look, he simply couldn’t handle them. It made his heart wrench and the Niveis wanted to exterminate every single feeling. 

But it’s his sister, he couldn’t exactly snap, how could he? His eyes softened as he pressed his lips into a thin line, placing one hand on her shoulder to reassure her that he would never think of her that way, Dae loves her too much to actually take offense to anything. It wasn’t like he’s only known her for a day, Mirae is his baby sister he’s known for as long as he could remember and seeing as they are almost reaching the mark of two centuries old, that’s a long time. “Well, I wouldn’t want any other sister, then,” he nudged her playfully and inhaled the evening breeze because he was slightly content at the moment, he finally reconciled properly with his sister, that’s one thing ticked off. He doesn’t feel as if there was that kind of burden burying him anymore. However, that doesn’t mean the end to his ‘problems’ either. In fact, it added one more to his never-ending pile. 

Daehyun has never been a troublemaker, he doesn’t like to invite any chaos without any reasoning, but lately, things have been hectic for the elder Stormwind. “Don’t worry, Mirae, I’ll be fine. Do you really think they’ll even think of coming any close to me, much less harm a hair on my body?” he scoffed, whoever did that would most likely ask for a suicide. The problem still stayed and is slowly growing stronger, the more he allowed it to loom over him, the more it’s likely that Daehyun would be hung on it forever. Is there a way to get rid of it? The snowy-haired male found out a while ago that the only way to prevent it from happening was to actually refrain yourself from forming any sort of attachments. And boy did he became compliant to that one rule in his life. Knowing fully well that it would only come back to bite him in the ass because Daehyun Stormwind has a tissue heart, who’s prone to being very reckless when it comes to the people he loves and cares for. 

A part of him knows that Mirae knew the problem he’s facing, and that upsets him greatly because even if he wishes to do so, he could never hide anything from his sister who could read him secretly. Did she know there’s a possibility that he’s going to pack up and leave once he finishes his responsibility as a tribe member for one last time? God knows when that last time would actually come, but from the looks of things, it’s coming fast. The hug didn’t last long, at least not to him. It felt so brief that leaves him wanting more. The moment he let go of her, it felt like the cold air just blew against him and he shivered. Daehyun doesn’t shiver.


Ever since becoming a Niveis, despite his immunity to cold and the likes, he grew to like the cold and it fueled his abilities better when his head is in the clear. “Yeah, well… get in line sis, there are plenty of women who don’t want to share me either,” he winked teasingly, a daint smirk making its way up to the corner of his lips where it sat there faintly, “men too, there’s a few. But you know, since you’re very special to me and all, I guess you can cut the line, only if that means I can cut the line since you have this ‘special someone’ that you’re interested, not to mention, invested in.” The idea of Mirae settling with someone didn’t sit well with him, he’ll admit that any day. But the prospect of her getting the long overdue happiness that she deserved? Dae wants that for her. It wasn’t as if she could stay with him forever, even if the idea isn’t so bad. “You were a good comrade, sis, but I don’t think I quite want to face the world again, it’s... “ for once in his life, he struggled to find the right and proper word to phrase his sentence, what was it? “Tiring…” and there it is. “Don’t you feel tired? I just wanna lay down and close my eyes, it feels like I deserve that by the very least.”

 If only she knew how much he meant that. Dae would never receive himself as someone who’s borderline suicidal, but did he ever had any thoughts of that? Definitely. The Niveis is just generally and plainly tired, and no one could fault him for it. “Yeah, I enjoy it, though it gets very tiring because some of those people are as sleek as foxes, it pays well and I get the thrill from it.” It was why he reserved himself in the position of a bail enforcer because that’s all he’s good at; hunting. Whether it was information or a living person, he’s well-versed in it. Some would say he’s equipped to be an assassin but judging from the way he lives his life and the set of rules alongside moral and value codes he persistently goes through, it’s just not possible. One less worry then. Things were mild and calm between the two Stormwind sibling but then came the pushing part. He’s generally not a people person, he doesn’t like a lot of people, and that’s not even an insult to any individual, he simply doesn’t like them.

 His steps were apprehensive as he tried to avert his eyesight away from glaring the boys to a certain point of death, and was actually about to leave with his sister. Until they mocked her, of course. That’s when the cord snapped. Hard. Turning around to face the guy who started the whole thing, he glowered at him and he didn’t care if what he’d do would be chaotic. Keeping his temperament calm wasn’t an easy feat for someone like him and now they had made fun of his sister, of all people. Well, he wasn’t about to stand for it, despite the incessant effort of Mirae trying to calm him down and get him out. “Don’t worry, I’m calm...ish. I haven’t frozen the entire place, I just need to say a few words, that’s all,” he patted her reassuringly before making his way to them, saying a few inaudible words that were very quick and precise, his diction never faltered for a second. All anyone could see was how he had a firm grip wrapped around the guy’s left wrist, pressing his thumb against one particular spot where he could enact a radial nerve compression on his arm, successfully giving a ‘day off’ for that particular arm. Patting the guy who kept nodding, he returned to his sister with a smile. 

“Come on, let’s go. I’m hungry.”

Mirae had usually been a little different than her brother when it came to feelings and emotions; for her, she had never tried burying things that hurt, Instead, Mirae let it all in, nearly letting it all cripple and paralyze her to the point she couldn't even get out of the bed in the mornings. So it was fair to say, she understood why Dae never bothered with feelings. The only feelings she'd ever known her brother to have, were for her, their bond as siblings had been adored by each of them equally, but it was usually very unlike him to care about anyone outside of Mirae herself. She couldn't deny how much she wanted that for him, to see him let someone in.. someone he could talk to about the things he couldn't really say to her. But, while she feared that may never happen, Mirae had decided long ago to be his person for all things. Even if it was things he didn't like telling her, at least he knew he had the option to do so, rather than stepping out of his comfort zone, to talk to anyone else about the things he's bottled up for so long. 

Being alone bothered Mirae; but not so much that she had ever went out of her way to seek someone to make that feeling of misery go away. Ha-joon had caught her by surprise, and while they had this thing between them, where Mirae was basically being a huge tease and playing hard to get. But, she'd be an idiot to say there was no chemistry there, and that so far, she hadn't been fighting herself not to lean on in and kiss him. Damn feelings. Yeah she definitely got why Daehyun just didn't do feelings. Much easier that way. The Niveis smiled brightly when Dae said he didn't wanna have any other sister "Well i'd hope not. I can't say my jealousy wouldn't flare and cause me to murder someone" she said jokingly, flashing him a playful smirk. But, leaning over, Mirae placed her head on Dae's shoulder for a brief second after he nudged her. "I wouldn't want another brother either though, I couldn't imagine a life without the one I already have.. well actually.. I guess we both had to live a life without each other.. so ive done more than imagined life without you.. but that only assured me, that it's not a life i'd ever want to live" 

Mirae studied him, by giving him side glances as he seemed to drift off in thought again. No matter how well he'd been hiding something lately, she could tell whatever it was, was eating at him so badly that it was just inches away from clawing it's way to the surface; it worried her deeply. Her arms felt as if they were heavy by her sides when the hug had ended, especially as she watched him shiver, deciding not to say anything about it though. It'd been too long since the two of them could be affectionate towards one another, so Mirae kinda hated how short that hug was too. Shaking her head, Mirae chuckled at his cocky confidence, somethat she also loved about him though; it's what made Daehyun who he was.

"Damn men and women both.. look at you go.. you'll be a daddy in no time if you keep that up" she teased, nudging him playfully, finding herself blushing when he had mentioned someone she found herself caught up with. "Well, that special someone, will never rank over you Dae.. it's been push and pull, but I think he might be someone decent.. time will tell right? Im more interested in hearing about your men and women" she then said, laughing at how he actually had all those options. Not that she was opposed to checking females out, if Ha-joon hadn't came along first, it was hard to tell whether she would have ended up with a female or not. 

Mirae listened to Dae, even to this day, his words were like gospel to her. Back when they were younger, he didn't speak very much, but the moments he did, Mirae lived and breathed for the words her brother spoke, and this day and time was no exception. With a frown, she nodded at his question, placing her hand over his "All the time Dae. Sometimes I feel so drained, and beside myself that's a task as simple as rolling over every morning, comes with great effort for me" she admitted, "Sometimes I just feel like the weight of the world is literally crushing me.. and I find myself actually unable to breathe.. I guess in a way Dae, I don't do well with feelings either.. because those kinds of feelings, do great damage for me" she said truthfully, before withdrawing her hand, realizing she'd been holding his the whole time she spoke. But, some brotherly / sisterly bonding time had been way over due for both of them, so she figured he didnt mind her holding his hand, or giving him an endless supply of hugs. 

Mirae felt like something bad was coming her way. If that something was Daehyun leaving her again, it would destroy her once and for all. Mirae had turned into a shell of a person during the time they'd spent apart, lately, this had been the happiest, and most normal she'd ever felt in a long time, and that had all been because she had her brother back, she could only imagine the impact it'd have on her to lose him yet again. But, like before, she would not hold him back, she'd encourage him to go and live his life the way he wanted too.. maybe this go around however, she'd beg him to take her with him. 

Mirae smiled when he said he enjoyed being a bounty hunter. There was a spark in his eyes that lit up a little brighter when he spoke of hunting people "Should I worry that Ha-joon will one day be hunted by you? and face your wrath?" she questioned teasingly. Immediately, Mirae realized what she'd done though. Something she had not meant to do at all. She had said his name out loud for the first time to her brother, and what she had yet to learn, was that Daehyun already knew Ha-joon; apparently from saving his ass one day. Swallowing harshly, and blushing a bright red, Mirae pouted a little. "Me and my stupid mouth. Can we please pretend I never said his name and go back to you having no idea who i'm always so flustered by?" she questioned, shaking her head, simply annoyed at herself. She couldn't help but laugh about the situation though. That was something she didn't see coming at all. 

Mirae gulped, fear striking her down as Dae patted her and stomed off towards the idiots who had been brave enough to mock her. It always brought flash backs of the last time a few guys had made Mirae part of some twisted game. She could remember it like it was yesterday when Daehyun's wings sprouted to life, and he had pulled her up into the air with him, flying her away; the same day she had intended to tell him that she was just like him, that he shouldn't have feared their father alone. Their father hated the Phoenix species, and it'd struck Mirae was a definite fear when she realized that in her fathers eyes, she was an abomination. 

Mirae was lost in a sea of thoughts when Dae returned to her, just as calmly as he had walked away. "Are you okay?" she questioned, but she looked back, only to see the other squealing and holding his arm. "Well then" she added, giving her brother a faint smile before looping her arm through his, and walking hand-in-hand with him back out into the bustling streets. "Seeing you inflict pain, worked up quite the apatite for me as well" she said teasingly, but for whatever reason, watching him hurt someone over her, had always did something to Mirae.. while she couldn't explain most of it, it made her happy as hell, and a little part of her felt a little dark, because she kinda craved some of that excitement for herself, but.. her against several guys at once, was no way to handle a situation without being recognized as  a supernatural. Dismissing those thoughts, the Niveis looked from Dae, then to the food places surrounding them "There seems to be no shortage of fast food places and cafe's here.. take your pick" she chuckled, figuring if he had something serious to tell her about his plans, that he might be convinced to talk about it after he's filed his stomach. 

"Food cures everything.. I'm feigning for some of this deep fried garbage they fix here" she then blurted out, chuckling. So far, the places she'd been to, had overly done their food with grease, and if it hadn't been for her being immortal, Mirae feared that she might end up having a heart attack from high cholesterol due to eating fast food made here in the city. 

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