Eliot had woken up this morning. He  Had only his silk robe on with it tied around his waist. He lit up a joint on his deck. Breathing in the morning air. In his trance of relaxation a loud knocking came from his front door, With that he walked forward to find a note hanging on his glass sliding doors. This note was left by Sofi, the faction leader. Reminding him He HAD to show for his training today with the other fire training elemental. His eyes rolled as he crumpled the paper throwing it in the ground. How was he going to have his spa day if people kept bugging him. With a sighed  he sipped his homemade latte and headed for his shower.

He donned his family silver ring, his hair combed nicely, a white undershirt with a vest neatly styled. 'Most under dressed I can be. Pathetic...' He whispered to himself as he poured a cocktail for the road. He was not going to be stuck with some little child for the day without something heavy in his system first. Downing it with a swig as fast as he could he made a second one. The burn still lingering in his throat as he coughed lightly looking toward the clock. ‘Oh that hit the spot’ he whispered to himself. The time clocked at 8:30am. ‘It’s 5 pm somewhere’ as Eliot shrugged he poured a second. 

He locked his door with a hefty click as he walked toward the training grounds. The paths were dirt so his shoes started to get scuffed. He huffed at this. He missed New York for the lifestyle and nightlife. Here he was living pretty much in a barren land with no fun people. He approached the training door. Opening them he saw the sand pit where fire trainers mostly trained were pre set with torches and other bowls holding fire based items to be worked with. Ropes, candles, matches and other assortments. He sat down on the seats surrounding the outer ring and checked his phone. The time was now 8:55am. Where was she? He hated to be left waiting...

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He tapped his foot on the ground as they echo'd through out the room. The inner ring held sand, the second ring river rocks and the third being flat wood flooring. These three ring's helped keep the room safe from elemental training. Be it fire, water, air, or any other. Eliot ran his hand through his hair, his other hand lightly tapping on the side of his leg. Deciding to stand up he walked around a bit. He ran his fingers over some candles letting them dance up his finger tips. Careful for them not to burn his sleeve. He rolled up both sides and took the little flame off the wick and into his hands. Stepping into the sand right he started a slight side step and dance with the flames in his palms. The door banging open made him jump losing his focus and the flames shot up and distinguish themselves. 

"Oh" His voice held a string of distance as he looked over to the girl in the doorway. He began to walk toward her, as she did him. "Bout 30 minutes." Looking down at her hand he took it. His own warm from the flames that had just been dancing in his hands. "Well seems we are both flame users in the faction. Tho i'd have to say I did not stray from my true calling such as you might have." Eliot was referencing her choice to work with other elements, not just her fire one.  "So, tell me. WHAT can you do."  He had put a bit to much effort into the word what. Anyone could tell by looking at him he was not fully sober, tho not drunk. 

Eliot stepped forward and let his fingers absorb another flames. "I came from at different city - different tribe - different training." As he spoke the flames jumped up his wrist and into the palm of his hand. Taking shape of a unicorn, a fox, and finally a sea turtle. Closing his hand the flame was gone with a slight puff of air. Rolling his eyes he looked right at the girl before him. "My sister told me to set you up with this precursor - I can be a bit....what did she call is? A pompous asshole? Now...." He motioned to the table of tricks. "Let's see what you got"

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