Ray jumped out of the cab as he took off his jacket and fireproof trousers as he pulled out his cell remembering it was today he was supposed to meet   Sofi hopefully his new mentor as he unlocked his cell he made his way int. The main hall as he began to text " Hi Sofi I know we are supposed to meet soon. I'm running a little late but. If you. Ask for the main hall at the firehouse I will be with you shortly  Ray Herald * he quickly pressed send as he passed the. pizza  box he lifted out a slice of pepperoni  as he made his way to the washroom  to clean up 

Ray stepped out into the main. Hall as he wrapped the fresh dressing over his arm as the chief walked past him patting his back  'Food job today " Ray nodded as he took another slice " anyone out front I'm expecting a guest: he watched aa the chief shrugged   Ray took it as I have no idea as he made his way. Towards the back of the firehouse, as he began to look for a quiet space for them to train as he looked around, he found a  door with a key still attached as he turned the metal key pushing the door open to a dark toom as he Fwltaround the wall observing the light switch as the light erupted into life revealing a dusty classroom with mats and chairs and chalkboard.

Ray thought to his self  " Perfect " he quickly wiped down the surfaces as he made his way back towards the main hall as the paramedic laughed as she flicked his ears  " you miss your ears every time " she laughed as they walked back to the main room seeing fresh coffee  Ray be lined for the coffee making . his self a drink before making his way to the front of the house where a ladder stood. Ray stood at the bottom making his way up a step at a time as he reached the roof he saw the usual sofas  sat atop looking across  evermore  Ray quickly took a seat  on the lone single chair as  he  could see the sunset   but also  see   anyone coming up the drive

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She was still waiting for him to respond to her instructions, it was there but much like radio static, it was hazy and she needed a better spot to hear it clearly. But in this case, she wasn’t at the mountain trying to search for a better connection, it was Ray and there was nothing she could do to help him achieve that aside from advising him to pick his steps into delving deeper into that better. “Be careful, while you’re trying to retrace your steps to find a better way to speak out to me, you may go through a few disturbances that may hinder your progress. It’s all part of the test though, it’s inevitable. But you won’t get stuck forever, you just have to calculate your moves properly and carefully. Don’t lose yourself to those memories, it could be a walk down your memory lane but don’t open the door, do not go inside it." He had to be careful. 

"Do not relive it, Ray. It’s a trick” she warned, she could remember being the victim to such things when she first started studying the complexity in the psychic element. It felt her nose bleeding for 2 hours. It took a certain toll to her that she had to rest a few days while shutting off everything to replenish her mental state. It is especially painful for those with bad past or horrible memories they wanted to lock away. For Sofi, she had plenty. She could hear a few words after that though, but still not clear enough, “Retrace your steps and find a better spot to call out for me. But don’t stop, don’t give up. However, if you’re tired out, please don’t push yourself and take a break. It’s not something you can accomplish at a single try so don’t worry about making any mistakes.” 

Ray stopped as he looked at  both memories as he took a step back as  he said to himself “ No” he looked back as he retraced his steps  carefully as he moved towards memories  of when he was really young and watching tv with his stepfather  everything felt  calm in his mind as he called out again  in his mind “ fire department calls out “he chuckled a little as he thought “ do i need to tune in like a radio station “ the calmness he felt did help a little as he  was drawn to an item he felt earlier but  had not looked deeper into 

Max Thieriot : LadyBoners

Ray stopped back at the time as he thought about what made himself Ray he looked at the walking Jacket he offered Clara when he first had met and then he turned to a photo of himself but younger and everything that had happened since    Moving to Evermore joining the  Fire Department and working at the bar compared to if he had stayed “ Ray smiled as he felt peace again as he called out “ Fire department calls out “ “   he looked down at his ankle as he felt a little tug on his leg which he had not felt before and a  cord “  “ fire Department call out “ he was at the point he was tempted to pretend he was holding radio tuners to try and make his calls louder “ he chuckled a little before waking up with a start as he looked around a little freaked out before he took a deep breath “ what happened. 

She wondered if he found himself lost in his own memories, which she wouldn't honestly really blame him for being tempted with it since she was in the same place plenty of times. There were a lot of temptations at every corner she turns, she could only imagine it is the same for her students too. Alas, the experience for each is different. She couldn't even get into their head, mostly because she didn't want to do that. It was the same equivalent of spoon feeding her students and they will never be able to shield and learn individually if they keep with that. So instead of diving in to see what was taking him so long, Sofi decided to remain outside of his subconscious and supervise from the side. It was her job to attentively pay attention to that anyway. 

"Not necessarily" she quipped gently when he asked if he needed to tune in every once in a while like a radio station. "Though that generally depends on you. I wouldn't recommend it because it will tire yourself out. It may not feel like it now but you'll find it to be quite tiring once you're halfway. It kicks in a bit late" she never questioned why, the world works in mysterious ways and for a psychic Initia, she wasn't about to question anything she couldn't possibly get the answer to. His voice was clearer as he edged closer which had the blonde grinning because he was doing well on his first few tries, it was good progress. That is what's important. 

So when he finally woke up, she snapped her fingers and whistled a casual tune, "You probably want to get a tissue" she exclaimed absentmindedly, pointing to his nose, indicating he was currently bleeding. "Don't worry, that happens a lot. Nose bleeds are gonna be a frequent thing from now on if you decide to take up this element. It's nothing too bad, just your brain activity being overwhelmed. In time when you learn to pace yourself, you'll get less of those." She leaned against the table and eyed him carefully, "how was your first experience inside your own head?"

“Ah thanks “ ray rose to his feet stumbling a bit  before reaching  the table with  kitchen roll  as he cleaned away the blood before walking carefully back to his seat “ may I ask did you  see what triggered me to go off track “ Ray  waited for her to answer “  Before I came to Evermore I found out my father wasn’t my father  and when I told him what I was doing  he told me it wouldn’t amount to anything id crawl back to him  but I have no intention to  as I proved i am capable I wouldn’t have been with the Fd if I hadn’t  and never  of met you and Clar  or Arkben “  he sat back as he thought about  his next question “ is there a way I can protect myself from negativity “   

Ray sat in the position he did as he nodded “ the determined part of him ran through his mind “ im going back in “ Ray closed his eyes as he slowly tuned everything out the sensation he felt was one he would get used to as he walked back into the room he was in it was the briefing room just like before as he traced his hands over the items he stopped at an item that he touched before as he noticed something different as ray ran his hands over but he could feel a slight heat as he began to make his way towards the previous items he began hearing the memories he recalls a sentence old dear had told him as he often had health scares “ I walk through the valley of death I feel no evil “ Ray continued to mutter the words as he passed the memories as he looked around a little shock that worked.

Ray walked a bit  further into the  briefing room as he noticed a  little jar with what he believed was a  fire firefly as he walked over he  picked it up  there was a  little warmth from the jar as he unscrewed  the lid as he called out “ Fire Department call out “


Her sapphire hues followed his movements nimbly, keeping a cautious eye out in case he decided it was a good time to faint or something. Don't get her wrong, it's not as if Sofi didn't care for his well-being, it's just that first timers are usually overwhelmed by the connection they were engaged in. When he asked her if she knew what triggered him to stray off the track that was clearly presented before him, the blonde bit her lip and shrugged absentmindedly, "I wish I know specifically. See, I didn't tap into your head. I simply opened the channel for you to hear my voice in order for proper guidance. It was a simple trick that you'll learn once you've controlled other aspects." So there was no way she could've known what he saw, which was why she was the one who kept asking him what was it that he sees inside his own mind. 

"Every individual has a different mindscape. But I have several theories why one would stray, it's nothing new so don't worry about it. Happens all the time. Not just to first timers, but even to those who are training in the psychic element until today. The block is always going to be there, the difference is being able to go past it and trick it… or you allow it to block you. Which will make things difficult. Something was holding you back. Ties from the past maybe, emotional ties that triggers a multi-perspective move from your consciousness. The possibilities are endless." There was one thing Sofi hated telling people, especially her clients. It was saying she has no idea what's causing their problem specifically. "But take it as an exercise. A task, if you will. Find out the reason that's blocking you from moving past it. Maybe the next time wouldn't be too excruciating." One way or another, he had to move past it.

 "Negativity is everywhere but one way for you to not let it bother you as much is probably to calm yourself down. I'd suggest meditation. And not the usual yoga stuff, no… none of that" she chuckled, though she attended pilates class too. "Meditation as in let your mind wander. Let it breathe. It's a part of you. Instead of closing it down and blocking everything from making its way, welcome it, open the doors and solve your way through it. That's the only way you will be able to move past something." When he suddenly told her he was gonna go back in, Sofi was about to tell him to slow down but before she could do anything, he had already done it. "I hope you know what you're doing. You go too deep and you might lose your way or get lost" she warned. It wasn't as if she could do much at this point. It was all up to him. This time, his voice was clearer and Sofi was impressed, "I hear you. Come back." 

Ray came back into reality but found it very much to do so like he was walking fully submerged in water as he opened his eyes he felt his body tremble like he did when he overused his fire ability as he took a couple of deep breaths  “ so in time I could be able to tell what people are thinking if they allowed me to look in “ he focused his mind straight at  Sofi as the sensation he was feeling was like when he was a teenager and drunk a whole bottle of vodka.

“So you would say each person’s mind is its own unique landscape like for example if someone has a dark period in there lives they could keep it at say a bottom of a mountain but as their life gets better they climb the mountain but say the next person is like a tree and has bad patches of leaves and good” the drunken sensation passed off just a weaken feeling ran through his body.

“ so for example, if I began using it during afire the negativity may either deceive me to where a casualty may be “ ray patted down his pockets till he found what he was looking a yellow packet of Jelly babies as he opened the packet he offered the open end to Sofi “ likesome jelly babies “ he smirked don’t worry they are not the ones from the happy porter store down the street “  Ray sat back as he thought about a  program he saw on tv “  so these investigators that say they can help find people or communicate the dead is it a form of psychic ability that could affect any one or are the Initia?

It could be extremely overwhelming for people to delve into their own memories, even Sofi herself had troubles navigating here and there without a clear map. By now she had known to memorise what she needed to do but for Ray, a whole beginner, she was a bit worried because the last thing she wanted to do is have him get lost or sucked into his own head and ended up forcing her hand into it. If there is one thing Sofi Zahara hates, it is getting into people's heads forcibly. Even if the situation calls for it. It just feels wrong. "Take it slow and don't push yourself too much, the connection would sever if you try to keep straining yourself. Remember, whatever happens in your head could bring the same side effect to the real world." Your mind is a powerful thing, there is so much they still have yet to uncover. 

"Something like that, you have an interesting analogy of phrasing things but if you would see it that way then I wouldn't say it's wrong either. The problem is removing those dark patches on your way to get to the other side of the wrong wouldn't be as easy as just… pushing it aside. You need enough energy for that." She pursed her lips and realized his energy was sending off "Energy that is slowly depleting so I'd suggest for you to come back before you collapse." She stared at the jellies and shook her head, "No thanks. I'm on a sugar diet, it makes me sleepy. But in response to your previous remark, that's right. When you focus properly, you'll be able to see both sides of the room, a sight most would often mistook. But they could also mislead you if you're not careful. The time you spent in your mindscape could feel seconds but it could mean hours in the real world so be careful." 

Or else one may even end up in a coma without realizing how much time has passed. She has never seen anyone with actual psychic ability that is similar to hers, considering history wise she is the only one existing. "Those people? Communicating with the dead is not something I can do, I think you'd better refer those to the necromancers since it's necromancy… so not psychics or Initia but diviners. Dark diviners. I still have yet to meet any other Psychic Initia if I'm being honest. It makes me feel like I'm the only one."

Ray closed his eyes as he travelled back into his mind as he walked around the mess hall  as he looked down at his feet for the first time he saw a red rope around his leg as he walked towards the garage“ OK what am I looking for“ he kept walking toward the double doors as he stopped looking around   as he took a deep breath as he pushed the door open as he walked through the doors then walking back in quickly 

The voice of his stepfather echoed in his mind the night his father told him about his real parents as he remained still, a tear ran down his cheek   as he focused on the words angered him how could this be as he opened his eyes clenching his fist   as he looked  around before   loosening his hand   as he held his hands against his face as he took a deep breath.

He took a deep breath as he lowered his hands as he just stared at the space for a few  minutes “Sofi can I ask you something“ he stopped as he thought for a minute“ will feeling complete help with the learning of the ability“ he looked down hating   talking about his past“ for most of my life I thought my father was my father, but he's not   he and the gang took me  in from my birth parents“ he looked down”   that's why he was shocked when he saw my  tattoo he saw it on my parents” he looked at Sofi as someone walked through  the mess hall “ did you or the one before you know my parents and could you  help me find them ?

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