Of all the festive seasons, Thanksgiving and Christmas would make up high on his list. Simply because it was supposed to be a season where families gather together and meet up to share their stories, bonding over it with laughter and elation. Well, at least it used to be that way for him. Julian didn't have a big family, it was only his parents, him and his elder sister and his younger sister. The five of them were able to make up the absence for plenty though, which was the reason why the Nephilim never felt like anything was lesser when they gather together. Unfortunately, this year wouldn't make it possible for him. He couldn't go back to England because he had a whole shift two days ago and the flights bound there were all sold out, leaving him no choice but to spend his Christmas in Evermore. He had no problem with the city, but who wouldn't want to go home for Christmas? He misses his parents and Christmas was one of the times he could actually get to see his elder sister who is otherwise, staying in Australia. 

And ever since the tragedy that took place a few years ago, it's the only time they were able to check in the Nephilim to see if he's doing fine as he says he is. He's guessing that he'll have to settle and FaceTime his family for this year, and hope that his schedule can be cleared out next year. While he was busy cleaning the cabinet where he stored his bow and arrows alongside other weapons in case anything happens, he realized that he's been tapping his feet against the carpeted floor for over half an hour. He wasn't usually this jittery when he's alone, so he stopped whatever he was doing and tried to figure out the reason for it. Until he realized that the living room was pretty much cold to the core, which was unusual because he was sure he had turned on the heater before. With a rag still in his left hand, Julian went over to where the heater was located and crouched down to its level to check if it's working. 

The lights weren't on and he thought he must've turned it off accidentally. Another unfortunate case for the poor Nephilim who had to endure a cold night while being alone for Christmas, it wasn't turned off, rather, it was broken. A heaved sigh escaped the male as he got up and realized that he will have to rush to the stores to get a heater unless he wanted to spend his nights cold. He knew there was no way the stores would be open on Christmas Eve, and even if they were, the chances were likely high to know that it's been sold out. Yet that didn't prevent Julian from wrapping his coat around him and rushed out. At least, his car was slightly warm. And that's probably the alternative for his place to sleep tonight or for a few nights if there was no more heaters.

 That was the case for Julian who was still diligently searching for a heater for about an hour already. Sighing to himself, he exited the last shop which told him sorry because they were sold out. Just his luck. "Goddammit, Julian… you're full of bad luck at this time of the year, aren't you?" he grumbled to himself and found himself slumping against the bench while listening to Deck The Halls With Boughs of Holly blaring from god knows which shop. 

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Nora gave him an unimpressed look because of the way he teased her for not being able to have fun like she used to “Excuse you, I have...fun” she responded but her words seemed to lose enthusiasm halfway through because honestly, she couldn’t really think of a time she’d had fun quite the same as that in a long while, her life mostly consisted of working and sleeping. He was right though, a game like that would probably be worth her time because it would bring her a certain kind of nostalgic joy she needed “In the form of running a virtual island with virtual villagers” she laughed under her breath because it sounded ridiculous and boring and yet it was one of her most treasured memories “Well it seems you’ve sold me” she joked “I’ve been thinking about getting a Nintendo Switch for a long while” they seemed like fun and had a few games which appealed to her.

She grinned at his defensiveness, it seemed like they both seemed to find one another’s mistakes funny and she couldn’t really blame him for that, hers was especially entertaining because it wasn’t supposed to be so dramatic but his reaction to the blood had made it so “Yeah I’m not sure what happened, must have been in just the wrong spot” he shook her head in amusement “I remember having to wear a bandage on it for weeks and getting annoyed every time I needed to do the dishes...or write” it was painful for a while actually but it had finally healed up. “It looked worse than it was” she responded and nodded “It hurt but I’ve definitely been through worse than a broken nail” she grimaced slightly “And are you accusing me of scratching you?” she laughed “I was only trying to grow them out so I could wear some nice nail polish” she pouted a little, this was why she couldn’t have nice things.

She felt like he was too empathetic for his own good but she did appreciate the sentiment and the way he seemed to care about her state of mind “I can tell that” she responded in a soft voice “But don’t let yourself feel bad for being able to reach somewhere I can’t, it just means you’re handling the world better than me” she nodded slightly, she would never look down on someone for being able to progress on with their life better than she did, she envied them sure but she would never want anyone else to fall back. She went quiet, parting her lips in surprise when he said he didn’t want to leave her, of all the things she was expecting to hear, it wasn’t this and she watched him somewhat in disbelief for a moment “Okay” she spoke softly, that was new to hear...it wasn’t something she was used to and she needed some time to process it, but she did offer him a soft smile of thanks.

His words about his fear of failure made her press her lips together, she understood that fear all too well and when paired with his determination she imagined it could be quite crushing to not achieve the things he wanted “Well you’ll never know if you don’t try, besides, you’re managing to maintain commercial airline planes, how hard could it be to put together a much smaller jet?” she was sure he would go on to explain how difficult it actually was but it was that passion and drive which was the exact reason he should do it “Besides the end result would be worth all the pain and effort right? To have a plane of your own to fly” it honestly sounded like something perfect for him but she wouldn’t push too much.

She laughed as he expressed his dislike for the penguin “I think it has charm and character, not everything needs to look perfect to be special” she nodded as she placed it on the tree. She did her best to avoid looking at the smug expression on his face as she reached up to her full reach to put the star atop the tree. She just about managed it with the help of him lifting her and when he set her down she looked up at the tree proudly “There...now it really looks like Christmas” she spoke it softly before turning to smile at him “Thanks” she nodded.

Her facial expressions always did it for him, every reaction he could gauge from her were practically etched in his memory, they were priceless and memorable for the Nephilim. It was hard to get a lot of different reactions from Nora, and he was more than proud to know that she has smiled with him more than he's seen her smile with any others. "Were you trying to convince me or yourself? Because I don't know about you but it sure looks contradictory to me" Of course he was going to have the time of his life teasing the hell out of her. It's a personal habit at this moment. "Virtual island with virtual villagers. Sounds fun. I think here's also another game that does that… ah the extension of virtual families, what was it called again? Virtual villagers? Yeah, something like that." Animal crossing? He's never played it. But Virtual Families? Definitely. All because he accidentally downloaded the wrong game, what a serendipitous incident. 

"Let's get them then, we can both play together. I imagine you'll need competition and a rival who could brag in your face every given moment, totally would be that guy for free. No fee, nope" he teased and ruffled her hair gently, it was seventeen gesture, not much to actually make it look more than what it was. "I would've expected a paper cut but not a broken nail, Len" with the way the Nephilim was shaking his head, it was clear that he was still not over the incident. If it wasn't because of their dramatic reactions, he probably wouldn't have found the situation half as funny at all. Thank god for humor. "I've been impaled by a screwdriver and I feel like a broken nail you had would actually send me to heaven" Aka dead. "You know what they say, the smallest injury can end up being your biggest one yet." After all, they still had the same human anatomy, their pain receptors were the same as everyone else. 

"Awww nail polish. And no… okay maybe a bit, I had a suspicion that you might try to scratch me for the last time" that time he had unknowingly let a feral and grumpy cat inside his office by accident when she came to visit and well… she was alone. And the cat only likes him. So there's an idea of how it went between the two. She sounded so sad if was actually making his heart break into two, but during the entire time she said those words, all Julian could focus on was how he could possibly make her feel half of what he felt. He could try, he's been trying without thinking much and he's gotten her to smile and laugh, to even talk to him and open up more. He's not about to give up now "Well, unlike some other assholes… I don't let the people I care about behind just to achieve my goals and happiness. I'm not selfish enough to think about myself. Or maybe I am selfish enough. But don't worry, that means I'm not going to March forward and leave you behind... " they either go through that together or none at all. 

That okay was not what he expected but it had him gaping in disbelief, Nora really just said that? She said… okay? He felt as if he was actually dreaming. That's a green light, right? Julian is going to treat that like one. "I could try... " he murmured, the thought of assembling his own craft mad him giddy for a brief while but he was honestly afraid by what they would do if they found out he's been doing this, things may turn our for the better or for the worst. Life could be so funny sometimes. "When I have my own to fly… would you come be my copilot? I mean of course you won't need to touch anything or else you'll take us down with you, just kidding" he grinned sheepishly and ruffled his own hair nervously, "I just… wanted someone to witness something like that." His gaze was leveled with the penguin that seemed to be taunting him again, but Nora likes it. What could he do when his crush is doing stuff like that? "You're so light" he teased and poked her shoulder, "You're welcome. This is the least I could do when you offered to open the doors of your home, thank you" he bowed. "Now where do we resume- ah! Cinnamon popcorn."

She glared at him when he called her out for not seeming convincing when it came to whether she actually managed to have fun and she simply sighed in response. “Can’t say I’ve ever heard of that one but if it’s similar then maybe I’ll get it” she laughed under her breath “The sad moment when you have more friends in your games than you do in real life huh” she pressed her lips together and shook her head “I definitely had a few years where all I did was play the sims too” she remembered wanting to get all of the expansion packs and saving up her allowance to get them one by one. She made households and thought of little stories for them but most of the time she ended up just building and designing virtual houses she would like to live in.

She gazed back at him with narrowed eyes “I can’t tell if you’d be a really great gamer who would completely crush me at everything or the opposite” he gave off the vibe that he would like playing games but she could see him being more into board games than first-person shooters. She widened her eyes when he reached to ruffle her hair and naturally stepped back because the gesture was a little more intimate than she was used to someone doing with her, she gave a slightly apologetic smile at the same time. “God don’t remind me of papercuts, I swear there was this one-week last year where paper was out to mutilate me because I got not 1 but 3 papercuts in a week” she sighed, they always stung so badly and would catch on everything. She widened her eyes when he said he got impaled on a screwdriver “How?” she questioned tilting her head “Did you stand on it?” she grimaced because the very thought of that sounded painful as hell.

“Sometimes I want to do girly things” she commented under her breath and then looked down at her nails, she used to bite them a lot as a kid and it was something she had been coaxing herself to stop doing, you could see they were better now but she still kept them pretty short. He seemed pretty determined to stick around but she honestly didn’t understand why, Nora didn’t see herself as particularly special and she was sure there were other people out there who would treasure his company and make him feel happy and comforted. “You talk a big game, angel boy” she spoke it softly and nodded, she believed that he meant those things but she also knew how life came along and changed things and she wasn’t the type to just take words for proof, she was an experience it to believe it kind of person.

He did seem quite excited at the idea of making his own aircraft, despite the apprehension of such a big project. Honestly to her, it seemed like something his life wouldn’t be complete without, after all, he spent all of his time around planes, from the collection he told her about before it was clear he had a passion for them and it almost seemed criminal for him not to have one to call his own “Your jests are my piloting skills are warranted but what about you? I haven’t seen you fly, you might be a complete maniac” she responded with a teasing grin “So I’ll think about it, but I need to see the plane first” she gave him a pointed look. She blushed a little when he set her down, though she didn’t move away from his touch this time, it was taking some adjustment for her to get used to being around someone who was quite touchy “That’s because I’m small” she responded “Not all of us can be giants” she added before heading towards the kitchen and grabbing one of the microwave popcorn pouches and placing it in the microwave “So I don’t usually have visitors...and so I don’t have a TV in the lounge” her gaze drifted over to her bedroom which was the only room with a TV.

Nintendo Switch. He couldn’t believe that’s what he’s actually thinking about right now, the things you do to cheer people up, huh? Worth it. And besides, if it was anything like Virtual Families, maybe he’ll grow to like it too, since he’s also played Sims before. “Ouch, you didn’t need to expose us like this, Len” he clicked his tongue and shook his head and he nudged her playfully, “Nothing wrong with that though. Sometimes you’ll realize that internet friends are a lot better than the real life ones” his eyes spared her a knowing look, save from the hint of panic in it, “Not that I’m saying my real life ones are comparable to those behind those screens…” He liked playing Sims because it allowed him to build plenty of things, though he quickly grew out of it because his schedule never allowed him to even take a look at his phone, much less play any PC games. 

Military schedule as he would have it, is harsh compared to every other occupation there was, mostly because their roster wasn't that organized. He would always find himself being called on field to devise a plan to decrease the weight of the fighter jets because it wouldn’t allow them to carry extra baggage or fuel when needed. “I am not sure whether I should feel offended over the fact that you thought I’d be a bad gamer or not” Now that he’s thought about it, when was the last time he even played something aside from flight simulations to keep his skills intact? “Okay fine, maybe I am a bit rusty when it comes to those. I didn’t have time to play games for a while okay, I’m always around aircrafts, even now” Maybe he did bring his work home. “I was good at Monopoly though, my sister would often threaten to throw the board at me every single time because I always managed to own ¾ of the properties” Tyc***, definitely not the role he expected to find himself in but it was funny seeing the reaction he was able to elicit from his sibling. 

Julian wasn’t offended when she moved away when he attempted to ruffle her hair, it was just a gesture he was so used to doing to Cora and the likes, he may have forgotten that she wasn’t too used to any skinship, even in that. “Maybe we need to wrap you in a bubble wrap… you keep getting those hands of yours injured, I’m surprised you haven’t even tripped on a lego yet” he darted his eyes in a suspicious manner and leaned closer as if he was trying to investigate something, “Have you?” When she asked how he managed to let a screwdriver impaled him, the Nephilim cleared his throat and tried to avert his gaze away, “No, I got into a fight I shouldn’t be getting into. That’s what happens when you try to stop a fight between 3 vicious people…” he sighed, if it wasn’t because of his supernatural healing, he would’ve been able to feel it again until today, he remembered also covering it with a rune tattoo, as every other body part of his had. “I didn’t even realize it was a screwdriver… how they got a hold of it was still beyond me.”

 He heard what she muttered, and chuckled, she was so endearing, “Maybe don’t grow them too long, make it ¼ or half of the length it usually is” he suggested, he had a sister, after all. Cora also liked to dress fashionably every time she visited him at the base back then too. When he said he wanted to stick by her and promised not to leave, he meant every word, Julian rarely makes his promises because he was afraid of breaking them but he had a feeling that this was slowly fronting out and his crush didn’t even seem like a simple crush anymore. “I don’t just talk them though” he winked playfully, any other time he would’ve grumbled over the nickname she gave her but now, he just smiled at it. Strictly reserved for her to see, of course. Nobody’s ever talked to him about going forward with his plans, even when they knew he had them done for years ever since he got into planes, so it meant a lot hearing it from her. 

“Excuse you, I have a license for a reason” he scoffed and shook his head, “I’m a pilot before I’m an engineer.” When she said his own plane, it made him press his lips into a thin line before breaking out a smile, “Fine. Deal. I’ll still take you on a drive later, I need to prove you I’m a good pilot, I was in the RAF, come on Len, you’re wounding my pride here.” Admittedly, he was more of an off duty flying officer these days as he worked in a private airline company, but once an officer, forever one. “Only if you’re fine with it… I mean, I don’t want to impose on your privacy anymore than I already have.” Entering her bedroom to watch the TV? He was just trying to be respectful, though he was really looking forward to that HSM binge.

She laughed under her breath, she was exposing them sure but she wasn’t sure either of them could say it was untrue, she nudged him back when he nudged her playfully “I think friends are friends, regardless of how you make them” she shrugged “Though the sims really think people are going to let strangers into their house to play on the computer all day” she laughed under her breath, online or not, that wasn’t really how friendships worked. She pressed her lips together when he spoke his offense for her questioning his ability when it came to games “Well in my defense, every time I see you, you’re at the hanger so I could be fooled into believing you don’t have a life outside of work” she jested and grinned slightly “Well then you might make a good rival for me because even though I do play them more often, I’m very very bad at them” she lowered her voice to a whisper at the end like it was some sort of secret.

She had never really been a fan of Monopoly as a child because it was the kind of game most families could play for fun but when your parents were both owners of a large business it felt rigged from the beginning “You sound like my dad, he never let me win, not once” she commented and sighed dramatically “I relate to your sister more and more with every passing moment” she commented and shrugged slightly. She raised her brows as though to question if he was serious when he asked if she had tripped on a Lego before “I don’t even own lego, how could I trip on it?” she commented and laughed under her breath, though she could imagine that it would hurt a lot to step on it. She had to admit the story about screwdriver sounded absolutely insane to her and she widened her eyes in surprise “Do you make a habit of putting yourself in places you know you shouldn’t be?” of course there was extra knowledge in that comment for her considering she first met him when he walked into one of her traps.

His teasing when it came to how he wouldn’t give up gave her mixed feelings, part of her wanted to let herself see where it led and wondered what it would be like to choose this person as the person she took a chance on and then the other part of her was naturally already recoiling away and reminding her what happened every time she let someone in like that. It was hard because he was such a sweet and likable person and that made you want to believe in him. He was one of those people she found it hard to shake. She laughed when he immediately got set off by the fact she had questioned his piloting skills, she had mostly only said it to toy with him because she knew how passionate he was about flying “Hey just because you managed to pass your tests doesn’t make you a good pilot when it comes to passengers, I have high standards you know” she gave him a knowing look and smirked slightly, she was sure he was good at flying but it was a lot of fun to tease him.

Before long she could hear the sound of the popcorn as it all began to puff and then when the timer went off she carefully retrieved it and ripped the bag open before tipping it into one of the bigger bowls she owned, she couldn’t help but grab a couple of pieces and popping them into her mouth. She then grabbed her cinnamon and sugar before sprinkling both over it and then tossing it a few times “Don’t worry, there’s plenty of room for the three of us” of course now they had food, Cloud was sitting at their feet. Before long she led the way into the bedroom and grabbed the remote to turn on the TV and then climbed into the bed, putting down the popcorn on the bedside table, she looked up at Julian and smiled “Quite the view huh?” her room was situated at the edge of the building and with the curtains open you could see the mountains and the city in the distance.

He grinned sheepishly at her admission, “Exactly, friends are what you make them to be. I love my friends that I have today, wouldn’t change anything for them…” his gaze was fixated on her the entire time, yeah that’s his friend right there, even when they didn’t feel like your ordinary friends, they were close enough to make it. Nora knew him and Julian knew her. “I like the whole building our home thing, it’s just entertaining, but they definitely do not promote a good message so I’m sure there’s gotta be an age restriction somewhere on the label, setting people on fire, letting strangers partying in your own home? Yeah nope” Any other day, he would probably wrinkle his nose and shake his head at the absurdity it held. He couldn’t help but fiddle with his fingers shyly when Nora pointed out that he was always surrounded by workload to actually look like someone who had a life outside of it, “Point taken and digested” he murmured coolly, maybe he needed to get out more and do something productive.

 “Would you like to help me get better at that?” Maybe he could sneakily find a way to spend more time with the dhampir. A chuckle escaped him when she whispered how she wasn’t exactly the best player, “I’ll keep your secret, worry not, fair lady.” He was a lot more practical and spontaneously calculative compared to his sister, it was the reason why he always managed to get ahead of her when it comes to playing that, at least that’s what she told him. “Are you a fan of any board games then? Maybe not Monopoly but surely, you have a favorite, somewhere.” The look he had on his face the moment she told him she’s never owned a Lego set was probably funny, considering how much of a big fan the Nephilim was, “That’s no good, we need to get you a set asap, how have you missed out on something so essential like that? I’m gonna get you a set the next time we meet, I promise” That’s another thing he’s just added to his bucket list.

 “I find it hard to just walk away when I know trouble is brewing and there is someone helpless on the other side yes, but if you must know… this one was completely out of my jurisdiction. Well…now that I think about it, technically if I’m the squadron leader, they fall under my responsibility, right? It wasn’t my fault some folks got drunk and decided to play around with a bunch of sharp objects… better a screwdriver and not anything else though… I could survive a hit from one.” He wasn’t about to just give up just because she didn’t think she deserved whatever he had envisioned her having, it wouldn’t be that easy to get the Nephilim to go away. Once he’s focused on it, he’s dead set into making it. His smile only grew when he realized she wasn’t trying to push him away again, there’s the progress he wanted to see. That laugh was enough to remind Julian what he was doing here today, if only he could hear more of those. 

“That’s just the thing though, Miss” he rolled his eyes in feigned annoyance and clicked his tongue, “I only ever brought 2 to 3 passengers with me. I’ve never flown any commercial planes before since I’m only working as their tech guy, engineer remember? But I’ve piloted fighter jets and similar aircrafts for cargo shipping…” he murmured, she does have a point. His steps were slow but paced, the moment he stepped inside her room, his eyes automatically wandered around and went over to watch the view from her window, “Mhmm… it’s beautiful. Just like the owner” he cooed teasingly and took his seat on the edge of her bed, with Cloud already in between them. “Still up for that HSM binge?” he teased and stroked Cloud’s fur lovingly.

She laughed under her breath when he spoke about the different ways people played The Sims and it reminded her of the hours she had invested into the game and what she had managed to build “I remember I always used to play mine with a few characters I focused on, I always got them the cheapest home they could get and then made them earn enough to get a really nice place to live” she laughed, probably a boring play style but she enjoyed giving the characters stories and then letting them experience new things “I spent more time designing the houses than I did actually playing though” she admitted with a laugh.

The way he got a little nervous when she pointed out he was always working made her realize it must have hit home for him, she got it, it was easier to focus on work than it was real life because real life required you to process your feelings about things you didn’t want to “No point taking advice from me, I’m the queen of not having a life” she responded with a somewhat sheepish grin, she had never been good at making the separation either. She laughed and wrinkled her nose when he said he would keep her secret “I can’t say I ever really got to play many, not the kind of thing an only child with only a nanny for company most of the time got to do” it didn’t mean she was never interested in them but most of them required more than 2 players. He looked so shocked when she admitted she’d never played with Lego either and then he insisted she needed to get some “What would I even build?” she questioned with an amused look.

Just as she thought, he was one of those reckless kind of people who acted first and then thought about it later which no doubt meant he got himself into a lot of trouble. She was the opposite and while her motivation might be similar, her actions would be very different “And you were just talking about me needing to be wrapped in bubble wrap” she commented dryly giving him a shake of her head, it did worry her a little how reckless he could be and while a screwdriver didn’t do a lot of damage, a knife would have been another story. She watched him as he talked about his experience in piloting others “Hardly a comparison to make, you don’t have to worry about your cargo getting travel sick” she jested with a smile, she was more toying with him than anything because she knew planes and flying were pretty much his life “What about flying for real?” she questioned with a raised brow “That has to be an experience right?” she was a Dhampir, of course, she could see the purple hint in his eyes but it was the first time she had brought up her knowledge he was a Nephilim.

Everyone who came in this room would without fail marvel at the view and how could you not, she had asked for the layout to be designed like this so she could look out at the city from this very spot, it was special, especially at times like these where the lights dazzled over the city and you could see the stars up in the star. She scoffed at his cheesy compliment and grabbed a few more pieces of popcorn and ate them “Nah I was thinking I’d make popcorn and turn on the TV just to ask you to leave” she responded sarcastically when he asked if she still wanted to watch the movie. Cloud had placed himself between them, enjoying the warmth no doubt as she flipped the TV onto a streaming service and selected the first movie from the list “So who’s your favorite character?” she asked as she movie began and she leaned back into the pillows to make herself comfy before placing the popcorn bowl between them.

Hearing the stories of how she made her characters in the Sims made Julian grin, “That sounds like quite the life for them huh? Realistic” He’s never invested all that much to the characters’ well-being or welfare, he was a lot more focused on the house he was building instead of the ones residing inside it. A weird twisted mentality for him, but then again he didn’t even realize that he was even supposed to take care of them. “You know, I actually thought the people inside would take care of themselves, so I just never bothered to interact with them or anything… no wonder the grim reaper came and took them” He was pretty sure one of his even set someone on fire. “Even if you are the queen of not having a life, still… if you said something about it then it must really be serious enough or else it wouldn’t have piqued your attention, no?” he murmured and nodded gently, “I’m gonna go and get better at it, who knows… maybe one day I’d actually succeed in that. Besides, you and I, we made a deal, right?” His part was that he would manage to go home and sleep on his bed a few times of the week. 

He couldn’t help but to allow a frown to stretch out the lines on his forehead when she said she only had a nanny to entertain her time, “If it’s not an individual game, it’s a bit hard when you’re the only one there, right?” What would she even build, indeed. “I used to have those lego sets where they were airplanes… but I also had one where it was an airport and stadium. Maybe you should browse over what piqued your interest, are you more of the building girl or the casual one? There’s a variety of those lying around.” Julian narrowed his eyes and scoffed, “Oh that doesn’t change. You still need to be wrapped in a bubble wrap, but perhaps I should join the mix too. But hey… I’m supposed to be durable enough, right?” Somehow he wasn’t even convinced if he was. But it has never weighed down on his confidence before, neither has it wavered his own stance. “Maybe I should think first before diving into action… yeah that should be better but I can’t help it, that recklessness will always be there somewhere. This weird need to just help people because nobody should be left helpless…” 

He’s sustained plenty of injuries to boot, but the screwdriver part was because his squadron members were idiotic drunks. He leaned in closer and smirked when he heard her talking about not having to worry whether his cargo would be travel sick or not, “Tell me, Len, do you get sick often because of that? I mean, I can promise not to take the thrusts too fast and hard but I’m sure I can do half what a pilot from a commercial plane can do… I think…” Fighter jets were different when it comes to weight, and he didn’t have to worry about passengers because his cargo were inanimate objects. But most of the time, they were fuel and bombs, so… there’s a risk somewhere. He had to admit, he was taken aback when she asked about flying for real, “Oh…” He couldn’t remember if he had told her that he was a Nephilim but then again, how long did she think it was going to stay a secret? “Uh… a few times. I can’t just fly always without people noticing” he rubbed the back of his head awkwardly, because he really didn’t expect for her to ask that.

 It truly was beautiful, her room seemed very homey and comfortable, the color scheme didn’t hurt his eyes and the layout was simple but eye-catching. He tried to make himself comfortable and for a while, it was a bit awkward but Cloud who had his hand over his leg made him settle down considerably, “I actually like Kelsi a lot… poor girl was always dragged around for no reason when all she wanted to do was probably live her life. She’s also a good pianist and songwriter. You?” He had a few popcorn in his hand as he picked one by one to pop into his mouth slowly. "I always liked to visit the drama club because the musicals were good, all thanks to HSM too." 

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