Staring at the clock that was hung across the room, his gaze was unwavering as he too, was persistent in making it clear that he wasn't about to lose a battle with yet another useless variable. That's exactly his problem at hand, at the moment. Daehyun, as usual, had once again let the cool take over his head as his snark became much more everlasting than the previous mess, where he and the current second in command of the tribe, did not go so well with each other. It wasn't that he didn't like the guy. Well, yes. He didn't actually like or prefer the lad, but that wasn't the point there. Yesterday, the older Niveis had no problem in making his point through with Rhydian. It wasn't the first time he had a banter with the latter, but yesterday had particularly made his blood boil, cryptically. 

If that was even possible. Maybe not boil, but freeze over. Heh, either way, Daehyun didn't like the the arrogance the guy exuded. One day, his ignorance and egoistical side will get him in trouble, if it hasn't already. And he was only there to make sure nothing befell their tribe as they start anew in this foreign land and city called Evermore. However far his preference takes him, he remained a faithful soldier, who would never question anything, as he carry them out with precision and speed. Maybe today would be slightly different. The blonde Niveis ushered himself to get off the bed as he make his way to the bookshelf nearby, that was positioned at the west side of his room. He uncovered a particular book, skimming it through a few times before stopping at one page, and pulled the ribbon of the bookmark carefully as it slowly unraveled another page that was hidden initially. 

It was for that reason he made sure all his information that he received were stored carefully. Why else was he accounted for his success in hiding the list of possible people in the tribe that could be swayed to the resistance, from the prying eyes of Coldren and his loyal lackeys, the first time? He had his own ways of keeping things adjusted. Keeping secrets became his talent. Daehyun figured it was due to the experience he had earlier in his childhood where he knew nothing but perseverance skills. However short it may lasted once, it proved to kindle his inner turmoil and mold it into something far greater. The quiet Stormwind sibling took out a pen as he wrote a brief note in the sheet before rolling it back and kept the book away in its respective position. Pulling the doors to his closet, he crouched down to the floor level and tapped the wooden floorboards twice before picking out one piece of it, that revealed a semi-deep core that held most confidential files. 

The male Stormwind preferred to keep his affairs in a rather impervious manner and subtlety. The title 'Evermore factions' was etched on the blind cover with a small note at the side saying 'proceed with caution'. It was supposed to be a lighthearted gesture, that clearly didn't send his way. It wasn't that the Niveis wasn't jolly at all, he smiles. Occasionally. But he does. He only preferred this type of attitude because he's naturally untrusting. After meeting his sister after so long, he felt a flicker of hope starting its engines again. The spot that had been frozen for some time was back on its feet to work the gears. Tightening his grip on the file, he made his way down to the living room, where he found Anivia sitting by the kitchen area. "How is it that you still tolerate that high-on-the-top Snowman." He expressed his discontent over the guy that was used to make people regard him, as he took a seat in front of her. 

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The fight the night before with Caspian about whether or not their daughter should have a job in town was running through her mind as she laid in bed for a long moment. Maybe she needed to make a trip to town and talk to Kal who was her brother that had left the tribe all those years ago, who was also now Lucia boss. It was strange to her how her daughter had found her uncle on accident and had no clue who he was to her. Still maybe it was time for family to come back together, she let out a yawn as her alarm went off rolling out of the bed she had just been laying in before she got dressed for the day. She walked out of her cabin looking to the tribe as they were already getting started for the day by making breakfast for the younger children of the tribe.

She walked over to Rhydian who looked like he had gotten less sleep then her and it caused a concern look to cross her face when he reminded her it was supply run day and that he had other business to attend to. She agreed to take it on and dismissed him, watching him leave. She gave a soft sigh before looking down to the list of supplies that were needed for the tribe before the next week came and they were all out, though supplies were easier to find seeing as they were close to a town now. She needed coffee if she was going to make it through the day with no sleep the night before.

She dragged herself to the cabin many of the Niveis lived in while their personal cabins were being built knowing there would be coffee brewing and she wouldn’t have to trek back to her cabin. She moved to the kitchen area making herself a mug before she sat down at the table flipping through the papers and she yawned softly as her lips kissed the rim of the mug taking a long drink from the cup before sitting it back down reading over the medical supplies. Her dark hue flicked from the papers she was reading as the male Stormwind came into the room moving towards her. Sitting down in front of her, she gave a light chuckle as the male expressed his discontent so freely over the person she had chosen to be her second in command.

She took another long sip from the mug before moving to rest her chin in the palm of her hand “Well it's not like a soldier such as yourself to be so eager to express your discontent before, has Rhydian gotten under your skin that much?” She raised a brow to him before she gave a soft chuckle. “Besides Rhydian is good for the tribe, for me. He brings an outside perspective that is needed.” She mused slightly “He has a past but which one of us don’t? We all have things we regret, we all have past its best not to judge someone on their past.” She said and then her eyes looked down to the files in his hand “what are those?” she asked him.

Pursing his lips lightly, he knew it doesn't sound like him to be debunking this or that, he's always kept a quiet mouth to him, never truly speaking  about anything. If he had opinions, he usually kept it to himself, so to see him freely expressing his discontentment over Rhydian Snow, was truthfully, quite the weird feat to be happening. “I guess after a while, I tried to dictate which is the soldier and which is Kim Daehyun. Daehyun Stormwind sounds so much different.” Granted, he knew it was just a shift of a surname but both of them couldn't find similarity when it comes to that. Anivia and Daehyun were both using the surname that serves a purpose on preceding their reputation overall. For a century's worth, the elder Stormwind has kept his mouth shut like a belt around the face, while saying nothing much about anything. He felt like that needed to change, so he'd start talking. He did not expect for it to be a topic revolving around the right hand, but now that he's thought about it, it wasn't surprising.

“Rhydian gets under everyone's skin almost all the time..” he mumbled in retaliation, barely making it audible but enough for the both of their company to hear. Fiddling with the file's thread, he has yet to show this to the chief, mostly because Rhydian usually requested for him to run it first. It shouldn't be the first time either, Daehyun had been keeping an eye out personally for the second in command for almost 40 years. “I guess I can't disagree over his effectiveness. He's good at his job, for sure.” Despite holding a mild bitterness towards him, the pale haired male respected him just as well. Credit is given when due, after all. The discipline incited in him would not allow such atrocity to keep dwelling in himself. Personal is personal while professional stayed on the professional course; no matter how steep it could be.

Returning his gaze on the file, he pushed it her way. It was not packed with information, but just enough around the lines for them to incorporate themselves into the integration of the current community in the eternal city. Every faction had secrets and even with his prying eyes, there are things he still needed to work on if needed for another level. Besides, it didn't help that he was still labeled a stranger in Evermore. “It's everything I can get on the factions. You hear about them at the front, but what of their back stories? Shady pasts here and there but it's very limited. If you need me to work deeper on a particular topic, just give me a head's up. Overall, Rhydian wasn't wrong when he said this city could be the beginning to a prosperous new life. Their nether population are surmised of many supernaturals. They coexist peacefully with the humans. I don't think we should worry much about Evermore.” In the thread held information for all 9 species.

“Though the Celestials.. They haven't signed the peace treaty too. I wonder why. You can't help but to grow curious why one of the latest factions would not sign it despite the lives are in danger being at large. They've been here for two years already, is there a reason why they haven't signed it? I just thought we should consider that.” Trust didn't come as easy for the older Niveis. All he wanted to make sure is that they are able to make do on their promise and wishes of a better life here. Memories of Unyak shouldn't be embedded in the back of their heads anymore.

Anivia bore the name that her father had chosen to take in his rebirth, it was an extremely on the nose name she thought often. Yet it was what she was known as, just as the few in the tribe would not let her forget she was in fact his daughter. All of her actions seem to be under a microscope wither it be her number two or her love life. “We lead much different lives now Daehyun there is no point in acting like a soldier all the time.” she said honestly, there was not an over looming sense of a war just against them, they seem to be proving daily to the Evermoretiones that they were not a threat to peace. “Whether you are a Stormwind or a Kim will never change the Daehyun.” She mused looking from him to her mug. “I may bare my father's name but I will always be the woman my mother raised.” She always felt the need to remind herself that she was more then her name.

“Unlike my father I enjoy feedback.” she said to the elder Stormwind across from her.”With that being said Rhydian is my right hand for a reason, mainly because he is so starkly different then us, he says things that get under everyone skin but he helps keep me on my toes, which I need.” She said as she watched him fiddle with the files. “He makes me see different view points before acting. He was also a rather big help in moving from Island. I know he is rather rough on the outside…” she sighed as she looked back to him “He will get there.” she said lightly and then raised a brow with a chuckle “so your issues with him have nothing to do with him doing his job but rather a personal vendetta?”

She reached over as he pushed the files closer to her and she raised a brow setting her mug to the side as her fingers took hold of the files opening it. Her eyes read over the different factions in Evermore. “Guessing Rhydian put you on the job then?” she mused as she looked over the filles reading a few key points. It was intel she hadn’t thought she needed at all, but it seemed Rhydian had already put someone to work on it. “We all have shady past.” she said as she flipped through the pages slowly and nodded “It truly will be for our species.” she mused “As long as we can convince them we are here to coexist and not start fights, meaning we need to be peaceful among ourselves Dae.” she said more so weighting back on the Rhydian topic briefly. “And the Ailwards seem to be able to keep species as their guards easily with very little friction.” She muttered out the musing thought “How interesting.”

“Celestials and Nivies the two factions not signed to the peace treaty, neither in the guard either.” She flipped to the section on them crossing her legs under the table “Curious indeed.” she gave a soft frown as she looked over the info that was provided. “Do you wish to dig deeper into the Celestials? Learn maybe what possible reasons there could be too not sign the treaty so I can weigh the options?” She looked up to him and leaning closer “and if you are feeling brave, dig into the Ailwards. I know they are powerful, but I don’t think any of us know how truly powerful they are, and that scares me.” she studied his face for a moment her psychic link humming between them for a moment, while she couldn’t read his mind she was rather in tune with the emotions. “I miss Unyak also Dae, but locking ourselves away is not a life.”

He admitted that when he heard Anivia told him there was no need for him to be so uptight and serious or composed at all times because he is no longer a soldier, he felt slightly disappointed and discouraged. Don't get him wrong, Dae didn't exactly like the role he played during Coldren's tyrannical rule, but it's the only thing he knew. Being a soldier had been embedded into his cortex much like a chip was placed inside a robot to function properly without any hopes of malfunctioning. The only thing that separated the niveis and the non-living thing is that Daehyun Stormwind actually possessed empathy – yes he does, a long range of them, even if no one or even himself noticed that.

“I know.. It still feels weird not to follow any protocols and guides, I'll be honest. It's the only thing I've known for a hundred or so years, Nivia. Even when it's been a little over 40 years since I got out of his clutches, I can't seem to forget things as easily,” he murmured absentmindedly, his gaze lowered until his eyes meet the table instead of his chief. “but let's put it this way, you can exploit me of it. In a perfectly sensible and consensual way” he reassured, to be fair, Daehyun is quite excellent in his job, since he's known nothing more than that for most part of his life. He's known responsibilities, burdens that people carry on their shoulders, and how cruel the world can be. It's almost hard to comprehend how this 179-year-old Niveis was able to keep a clear leveled head up until now, when all he's ever known was betrayal and disappointment. It feels silly to think too much about one thing or the other but that's just how Dae is, when he didn't have anything to do, he would often walk around the edges and think about the simplest things.

“I don't doubt that, you are nothing like your father, most people can see that.” It's true, whilst Anivia does have a strong headed persona, it's all in good hands, nothing close to what her father was. But really, who was he to judge? He witnessed the change in the miserable man when he was a phoenix and reborn into a niveis. Coldren was a guy who died from heartbreak, allowing himself to succumb to it instead of fighting its and moving on. But could Dae say the same? Would he be able to keep a level head when it comes to making those decisions? Would he be the same person if he was the one who went through that? The fact that he contemplated and hesitated gives him all the reason to stop thinking much about it.

He did find himself scoffing lightly at her remarks about Rhydian, he had nothing against him as a whole, not really. It's just a banter between them both, and Daehyun's known notoriously for his detached and cold self, so was it really a surprise to find him not getting along with anyone? “Nope. Nothing professional about my dislike towards him. I can't promise I won't try to freeze his ass or give him a mean frostbite if he pokes again” he grumbled, scrunching his nose up in annoyance.

Nodding at the younger niveis, Dae hummed softly. “Yeah, I also figured that he might've wanted this anyways, so I started three days before he gave me the job.” Good thing about him was that he tends to get his job done timed with precision. He, like Anivia and others, wanted a peaceful settlement here. Evermore wasn't quite eye-catching, probably the most interesting city he's ever been to. At the sudden mention regarding the two most important species he highlighted, he agreed. Celestials and Ailwards were still on their toes, both residing just in the west and south side of the city. “I heard that the Ailwards have been around for a while, and they've managed the guard for a millennium give or take, both bonded over the same cause and objective. I think that's probably how they were able to keep the guards of different species well together. If they were able to put aside their differences away, it's actually a good example I want to pick up from them.” But like she said, the two species that the guard didn't have was them and celestials, which is understandable since the celestials had rocky history with them and niveis mostly came seeking them out if they haven't been scouted by their scouting team.

“I thought that was weird. The peace treaty one, the celestials are endangered, and everyone knows, yet they haven't signed a treaty that would potentially secure then more allies. But then I tried to go around it, it's probably because they are still wary of this treaty.” Pushing the page to one of the back ones, he tapped on the paper regarding the phoenix and initia issue. “The peace treaty couldn't keep that away because phoenixes wouldn't sign it. I think that gives us the upper hand in this, because we'd be willing to cast aside our non-existent ego and sign them.” Dae cleared his throat slightly when she told him to dig in about the Ailwards. Not going to lie, he's not confident when it comes to them. An ancient organization would be operating carefully, so lesser chances of him to find anything deeper. But he does love a challenge and he has yet to disappoint.

“I'll see what I can do, but I can understand your worries. We know nothing of them other than this and that, which is really basic, because I had difficulty trying to find them.. But I didn't dig deep enough, so there might be a sliver of hope there.” Usually he would get mad at anyone invading his privacy, but he's been looking out for the female since she was born, so he didn't mind, and he does respect her. “I know.. It's just those moments when you feel homesick is all. Even though it's ironic how I remembered how I hated Unyak the first time. But now I miss it.”

Anivia did have to give it Dae even though he questioned her on many things, he was still loyal to her as his leader. She enjoyed him questioning her through, it made her feel as if she was a different leader than her father. After all if anyone had questions her fathers leadership they would have been killed on the spot. She knew the elder Niveis had witnessed that first hand. She climbed into the truck and placed her seatbelt on after a moment of pause as she was still lost in thought for a moment. She thought about her place in this world now. Now that they where no longer hiding on an island, something about being somewhere else was scary but exciting all in one.

Anivia was pulled from her thoughts as she turned to look over to Dae as he drove. She gave a slight smile and nodded, “I think choosing to set up in Evermore was a great move for us. It has a lot to offer from what I can tell with my trips into town.” she gave a small smile back. “They are all keeping a close eye on us. Our Phoenix counterparts from what I can tell have placed them warey of our kind. The only thing we can keep doing is staying out of trouble and try not to bring enemies down on Evermore which should be a rather easy task as we don’t have many from what I can tell. Being locked away on an Island so long just us.” she gave a slight shrug at the thought.

Anivia didn’t want to mention the fact that the other species ambassadors had been calling her in to meet with them on their own accord as she was never sure which one of them she could trust fully. Their species was considered very much outsiders still since they had not signed the peace treaty or had been fully accepted among the Evermoretonions. As the truck came to a stop the pair climbed out from it. She moved around and handed him the list. “More so food then medical but I figured may as well keep medical stocked up. Just in case.” she said as she moved beside him. Anivia had been to the city enough to accept the stares. After all she had been featured in their paper a few times now.

“Oh yeah? I have been told that the meat they are finding on the hunting parties is so much better than what was on the Island. Though the fish not so much.” she chuckled which made sense, since they were not on a port. She could since his annoyance as the people stared and she chuckled looking up to him. “Let them stair Dae, they are still not use to us. It's our cold effect drawing their gaze, like a snow storm.” she said softly to him placing a gentle hand on his arm before walking through the door and she pulled a cart out as she walked down the isle tossing the few things in before reaching the counter and handing over the list of over the counter items they needed.

She waited as she rocked back on her heels and looked up to Dae for a long moment “So how are things going between you and your sister?” she asked wanting to keep the talking going herself. She felt like she never really knew much about Dae, which was a shame but also not unheard of. Anivia had been off limits to most of the tribe her whole life really only seeing them when they need to be patched up by her mother. Anivia was so used to being alone but not at the same time since she was linked to the other Niveis. It was complicated to explain.

Daehyun had tirelessly worked on his current occupation while juggling with the assignment given out by his chief a while ago, that he has yet to finish too, which came to him as another flaw. The snowy-haired niveis had never missed a deadline before, and even though there wasn’t much of one to be given out, he couldn’t help but feel slightly discouraged by the fact that he had allowed a petty thing like exhaustion jeopardize his consistency and competent self that never shrunk to any challenges before. Adapting to Evermore’s air was becoming increasingly easier for him, finding it convenient to look out for his younger sister when they’re close by, and found a few friends that stayed with him, like Jae, a young dhampir he had the opportunity to befriend a few months ago. He would like to see himself as a friend to Anivia, if not much, maybe just the slightest tinge of things.

 Of course, the elder Stormwind viewed her as their esteemed chief; someone he too, respected in great terms despite his refutes and arguments with the Frostbourne. But wouldn't it be nice if there was another border that says they're also friends rather than just chief and soldier? Or spy? Whatever he is now? The male Stormwind preferred to keep his affairs in a rather impervious manner and subtlety. The title 'Evermore factions' was etched on the blind cover with a small note at the side saying 'proceed with caution'. It was supposed to be a lighthearted gesture, that clearly didn't send his way. It wasn't that the Niveis wasn't jolly at all, he smiles. Occasionally. But he does. He only preferred this type of attitude because he's naturally untrusting. After meeting his sister after so long, he felt a flicker of hope starting its engines again. The spot that had been frozen for some time was back on its feet to work the gears. He only had one hand over the wheel, a form of habit that he developed some time ago, the Niveis definitely preferred to fly but driving had been a default custom anyway. 

"If you think it's a good idea, then you shouldn't waver and go for it," despite only assuming her leadership for about four decades, Anivia had shown potential skills that definitely made her leadership shine, "Evermore sounds like a place too good to be true yes… but a place like that actually exists so why not right?" The prospect of finally settling down to a place they could call home made his heart dwell with happiness, even if he wasn't going to stick, at least the others would. Talking about staying down and keeping a low profiled life shouldn't be hard for them since most are naturally introverted, but it's not that part that worries him to endless sights, "it's not that… The one that I am worried about… it's the new niveis. What about them? They don't know anything about our rules and the way we do things. Did you know the middle Dietrich brother almost caused a hail storm the last time I met him because I told him his missing sister was somewhere?" he grumbled, the experastion lacing his tone made it clear that the elder Stormwind was not amused, but when is he ever? 

"They need to control their emotions yet their hundreds of years old Phoenix pride is still there, I can't get to them with my 'slow talk', Nivs… I was close to knocking that guy out." He was worried that all of those antics could or may ruin their chances here. "You know I would love to help but not in that department… I scouted them because their sister was actually sweet, but I can't handle the two brothers if they go rampage mode. You should talk to them, but you know where I am when there's a beating up lesson because I would love to participate." Classic Daehyun. "We should probably have those medical stocked up just in case, you know most of us tend to get roughen from sides" he smirked sheepishly, knowing that most of their community were either healers or warriors. The stares didn't bother him because he of the attention, it bothered him because he hated that they were eyed like some circus animal in a freak show, "Yeah well… They should know staring is rude." 

Upon talking about food, he nodded in affirmation, he's been on a few hunting trips, old habits die hard. "Yeah they have a lot of meat here. I think we can survive on not having as much fish, we used to only have that, remember?" he nudged her playfully and eyed the aisles attentively. The question about her sister made him pause momentarily because it had always been such a sore topic, not something anyone else could try and talk to him about. Except for a few. "We reconciled, per usual. Classic reunion. We're fine now, but I'm not sure how she's gonna take it if I leave…" And there it is. Big revelation that nobody else but him knew about. Well, other than a particular Valkyr.

Anivia didn’t have many actual friends, being the daughter of the mad cheif made it hard on her. While many in the tribe agreed she was the next logical choice for leader they still had a fear she would end up like her father. Anivia spent everyday asking herself if her father would do something, and do the opposite thing. Daehyun had been one of the few that seem to see she was nothing like her father, she considered him a friend and respected his opinion on many things. It was why him questioning her didn’t affect her like it would with the elders of the tribe. “You look tired Dae.” she said softly taking in his face for a moment. “Is something wearing on you?” She honestly was concerned for the older Niveis, she knew she asked a lot from him.

Anivia gave a soft nod to his questioning about how the new Niveis that where coming to the tribe from Anivia sending scouts out more and more. “They are our people Dae. A lot of them are confused and scared when they turn, I feel every moment of that when they first turn and their link is the most intense. If you could feel the link like I could you would be able to see why I send out so many scouts to offer them hope. To let them know they are not alone. Yes they may not know our ways, but our ways haven’t been the most effective either Dae, for well over a hundred years Coldren kept us on that island scared of the outside world. I may not have all the answers when it comes to how the new Niveis react but I know we can’t just leave them out on their own. They could start an Ice age and that would be good for no one.” Anivia let her gaze rest heavily on Dae. 

“I will handle the brothers Dae, they just need someone who isn’t afraid to freeze them solid till they cool off.” She chuckled, it wouldn’t be the first time she had frozen another Niveis thought it may be the first outside of training. Anivia tended to have a natural calming effect on other Niveis she was sure that was due to the link she had to her species. “Alright we shall get more medical supplies, better to have it and not need it.” she agreed before looking to him rolling his eyes. “Why do I have a feeling you wish to fight?” She chuckled. Before her hand came to his arm, “Soon enough we will blend in and no one will notice us Dae. This is just the awkward stage.”

Anivia gave a soft groan as she thought about how they use to have fresh fish daily. The Lake in the mountain provided some but Anivia feared over fishing it. “We have to make do without fish as much. Even if it saddens me.” She chuckled as she moved along the Isle picking up things as they moved together. “I am glad you too made a classic reunion, lord knows I feared talking to Kal for so long.” Anivia paused and looked at him for a moment. “If you leave?” She asked as she smirked slightly she could feel the nervousness through the other Niveis. “Dear Dae, is there something you have been keeping from me?”

Throughout his entire time in his life, it's safe to say that Daehyun kept a certain reputation to his own character. At first, he saw it as a nuisance but as time goes by, he realized that it rid him off any useless people in his life. And by useless, he meant people who would only use him for their own personal gain, in any way or form. Regardless of his cold exterior, Dae sees himself to be quite loyal to the tribe in a sense. When evaluating it that way, he would come crawling back to them when they needed him. He'll fly back in a jiff when they call him back. So, was he actually really abandoning them? He did, however, fear what Anivia would see this as, though. He may not say much but he does care what some people think, or rather, what she thinks. Contrary to other people's beliefs, Daehyun cherished what Anivia says albeit always arguing with her about some of her choices at times, he served as an older friend or sometimes, even a brother figure, to her. 

He saw her potentials, what she could bring to the tribe in the future and it only took him 40 years to see how far the woman had come from. He was proud but he also had an identity crisis going on in this part of his life. Unfortunately, this meant him leaving the tribe temporarily to find himself. When she pointed out that he looked extra lethargic, he sighed and shrugged, trying to rub that off, "I'm always lethargic and tired, Nivi... They don't call me grumpy cat for no reason" The nickname did grew on him, and he may not show it but perhaps the Niveis was slowly liking it, "Just a little something bothering my head is all… nothing too important and certainly nothing you should worry on" His attempts to dismiss the topic surely made it look extra suspicious seeing as Daehyun never does that. But how could he not? 

"I know that…" he murmured softly, of course he knew the current circumstances that run for those people the same way it ran for them close to two centuries ago, "I don't want to push them away either. It's our responsibility to help them find their way but sometimes, things don't always turn out for the best" He's come across cases like that. "The guy I tracked down in a bar here in Evermore from Boston… he didn't want to be a Niveis and I tried to convince him we could help for a whole month, you know what I got? Sucker punched. He even ruined the premise so I had to ruin the security cameras and shit. I did remember to wire the money anonymously though…" Something was clearly wrong, despite the many cases he's been through, Dae never complained before. "Some people just don't want to be… this. But I understand your sentiment…" Perhaps it was the fact that he was slowly letting his thoughts on leaving cloud his judgment or maybe it's just one of his stressful days. 

"Oh believe me, I was ready to give them a solid frostbite that will at least eat at them for two days" he grumbled but was eternally grateful when she said that, "But thanks, I really appreciate it." Did he wanna fight? "Maybe" his answer was almost nearly inaudible, surprisingly. If there was one thing their entire tribe missed, it was the fish alright. "But we love fish like hell" he groaned, "But anything will have to do for now" he remembered coming across some fish sold in markets but could easily identify the ones that weren't fresh. "Nivi… if I'm to go and take a… uh… sabbatical leave for a while, would that be okay?"

Anivia could tell that there was something clearly eating at him, well more then tell since her link to the others helped her understand faint waves of emotions. She also knew better than to go hard when asking him what was wrong with him. Anivia gave a soft laugh as she raised a brow to him slightly. “I would hate to know what they call me if they are calling you grumpy cat.” She shook her head back and forth at the thought. Though he didn’t seem to overly mind the nickname from what she could feel from him. “You know you can talk to me right Daehyun?” she asked looking to him with worry in her eyes but as he clearly wanted to dismiss the subject she didn’t press him. She wanted him to open up when he was ready.

Anivia pressed her lips together in a tight line as Dae was expressing how things had been going. This was the biggest downside to Anivia scouts, she could be sending them right into danger. The Leader looked away from Dae for a moment as she thought, maybe it was best if Anivia herself started to go with the scouting parties at least she could sooth them somewhat. Though she was sure many would disagree with the idea. “They are scared more times than not.” She said gently as she let her gaze moved back to towards Dae. “The one thing they could count on their flames and rebirths are gone. They are scared and not sure what to do. They don’t want to be a Niveis because they think they are weaker. They don’t like the fire being replaced with ice, They want to be pissed because they think they have been a short end. That isn’t the case.” Anivia spoke passionately for a moment before pulling herself back in. “Not everyone will want to join or even come see the tribe, I guess we leave them to their own devices until they see the light or well…” Anivia sighed sadly. “There is no perfect answer. Unless I start being a scout.” she halved joked the idea. 

As he continued his grumbling it only made Anivia smile because she knew that all of his rage wasn’t from the outsiders. There was something more going on and as it finally came out she just looked to him for a long moment. She didn’t say anything at first as she was trying to read his energy before she reached out taking the older Niveis hands in hers and gave them a soft squeeze. “You have served me and the leader before I well over the years Dae. You are who I would consider a good friend over the years. While I will be sad you leaving, I do not wish to be my father and demand you stay in the tribe at all cost. You deserve to figure out what you want to do with your life just as any other Niveis tribe or outsider deserves.” She gave him a gentle smile. “Please go and find yourself, but all I ask is that you never forget that you have a home to return to if you ever need anything.” it would be misleading if Anivia said she was overly happy about him leaving, but she was happy that he was finding his own path.

He remembered telling Lita this exact thing and the result wasn't anywhere near pleasant. She had reacted quite surprisingly seeing as he wasn't aware of how close they actually were, Dae knew people knew him in the tribe since the members literally know everyone there. But with Nivia, Dae held this profound respect for her and had always looked after her even when she was just a newborn baby, he would look at her with a blank stare that many mistook to be a look of resentment seeing as her father did condemn him to a life filled with regrets and anger after having his choices taken and his life robbed. But no, it was the look of wonder; at first wondering if this baby girl would turn out to be like her father and continue his ruthless regime, or the opposite. "Yeah well I do naturally have quite the resting bitch face as a default look. Even Mirae says I look like I am either judging your existence or is ready to rip your head off if you're wasting my time by not being interesting" he shrugged absentmindedly, he didn't take offense to it because mainly it wasn't a lie.

"Not that I mind. It keeps people away from me and I'm totally fine with that." Most people knew him to dislike human interaction or any interaction at all. When she stated that he could always come talk to her, he pressed his lips into a thin fine line and sighed heavily, almost as if there was actually something that was bothering the elder Stormwind, "I know… but you know sometimes you just have this something you want to keep to yourself even though you really shouldn't. That's me right now." He was so conflicted with his own choices and thoughts right now. The talk about their scouting missions had him rubbing the back of his neck from the sore spot he had after fighting with the new Niveis, it was hard to control them when most are impulsive to their own nature and emotions alike. Though Daehyun does understand how they feel, he felt the same the first time he came back as Niveis and not a Phoenix no longer. 

"I do understand them, Nivi. I was once a Phoenix, remember" the strain in his voice when he said that obviously stated that he still hasn't gotten over that part where he was condemned to this eternal life as the opposite of what he was supposed to be, old habits die hard anyway. He had been such a fire lover and the transition to this was still so overwhelming, he may have gotten control over it a century ago but it still doesn't change the fact that he still remembered that anger. "I want to leave them honestly, but I don't want them to cause trouble either. They're Phoenixes and no offense, but we- sorry, they are very impulsive in their nature. Their emotions run amok and well, it fuels their actions a lot. Discovering your fire is replaced with ice, yeah they'll go crazy for sure" he scoffed before shaking his head with a laugh when she suggested being a scout herself, "Please no. You would knock them on their ass so fast, let's be real." 

He felt touched when Anivia told him she wanted him to be happy too, more than anything else, he could feel his heart leaping in happiness for being cared this way, "You know… nobody's ever cared for me as much as I cared for them. For a while, it made it a very toxic relationship. Mirae told me people use me easily" he laughed, "It sounds pathetic but I really want to feel that care. Now I have… albeit briefly but it means everything to me." He had a smile on his face, one that tells how relieved he was. "Though I don't think I know where to start…"

Anivia laughed at his statement of having resting bitch face after all, Nivi herself could have a cold face often. “Think that is very much in the Niveis thing, the resting bitch face. I have been asked many times when I am out in the city if I am okay or whats wrong, but complete strangers.” she pointed out with a soft laugh. She reached out picking up a few things from the shelves and tossed them in the cart. She enjoyed the convenience of shops like this. Though when you come from a where they did little things were rather impressive. “Well to be fair, your job is to keep others safe so looking intimidating isn’t a bad thing.” she said as she picked up a candle taking a deep whiff. “But to me you don’t look like you are judging or going to rip anyone's head off if it makes you feel better.”

Anivia flicked her gaze to him and back to the candle before setting it back on the shelf as she rolled her eyes. “I don’t believe that for a single moment.” She gave a soft shrug to the elder stormwind. “I think you like people more than you let on.” she smirked softly towards her then noticed how he became serious for a moment. She knew those moments better than many if she was being honest. “I know the feeling.” she said softly as she turned over another thing to read the back of it. “Sometimes keeping it in is worse then saying it though.” she looked to him from the side of her eyes.

“I don’t remember to be honest. That was long before my birth I have only known the Niveis version of you.” She pointed out as she shrugged softly as she put a few more cans in the cart. “Part of me wish I did know the other side though. It would have been a whole side of you, part of  you I didn’t get the pleasure of knowing. Maybe it was because she had grown up with the crazy father, or maybe it was purely because she was full of hope because that was all she really had. “They are in the city, and they are here under our species names. An eye needs to be kept on them. One way or another.” she gave a slight smirk towards him. “Sounds like you have little faith in me.” 

She smiled towards him as she could feel his mood lift up from her telling him that she wanted him happy. “Well, we all have to learn from past lessons. I think our tribe life shows that perfectly.” She pointed out as she then took his hands in hers and squeezed them softly. “Never let anyone dull your shine Dae, you are worth more than you will ever know.” She said softly as she smiled. “My dear friend, I care for you and I always will, you will always have a home.” she smiled and then chuckled. “Oh dear sounds like you may be smitten. I remember those days.” She thought foundly on her past with Caspian before the elders stepped in. “Well have you two admitted things for one another? That could be a good first step.”

Dae couldn't refrain himself from chuckling at her answer, that does sound like something that would happen to the likes of them, "Maybe people should learn to mind their own business, you know? Privacy is a thing. And it's not that hard to respect one's own personal space." Was that harsh coming from him? Perhaps, but then again it is Daehyun. If there was anything people could connect the strings to him, it was that. He's not exactly a people person and everyone knows that. It was like there's a whole message written on his forehead whenever he goes out. He grinned in response to her compliment, "If only that actually helps when I'm meeting a new Niveis trying to scout and recruit them friendly" he made a point to enunciate the word friendly simply because he experienced that before, he got suckerpunched by a newborn when he tried to help him, not exactly the best memory for him to remember by.

 He saw her picking up a scented candle and smiled instinctively, those always calms him down a lot, he lit them up every time he went to soak himself in a bath, "Thanks Nivi. That does make me feel better… ish. Coming from you, at least. It's not as if I could smile all day long for no reason at all." Which was quite ironic for the elder Stormwind, considering that he possessed gummy smile, contrasting his cold default look on any other day. The people who had ever witnessed him smiling genuinely would probably be able to attest to that. Perhaps, they weren't lying when they said the coldest looking people always had the sweetest looking smiles. "At this point you're just going to out my secrets to the world, Chief" he rolled his eyes playfully when Anivia said he likes people more than he lets on. Okay, maybe there was some truth to that. 

Of course, Daehyun knew he couldn't possibly keep secrets from her, Anivia didn't even need to use her connection to figure things out, she always knew how to read him most of the time, and he allows her, every time. It wasn't exactly a secret if Dae was planning to tell her but the snowy-haired Niveis was trying to see if he could deliver it properly without any offense threaded in. "Yeah, Phoenix me was so much different than Niveis me. I still got the short circuit and reserved part but I wasn't… this cold." He was quiet and reserved, but he wasn't like this. He liked to learn, always running his curious eyes. "I was a freaking pyromaniac though." Maybe he never came to terms with his transition even now, he still resented it but it was a survival move so he had to accept it. "How can I ever doubt you, Nivi. You know I may argue with you sometimes but have I ever said I don't trust you?" Dae trusted her, it was the reason why he didn't leave the tribe when he could 40 years ago. 

"I won't go away for a long time. I guess I just needed a little time away from everything so I could evaluate my life better. To find out what I really want and start exploiting those. Like you said, everyone deserves to be happy." He didn't want to be alone. A blush crept up when she said he was smitten, prompting the Niveis to scoff, "Please, that's not it. I just… I've never felt this kind of friendship before and it means a lot to me." Yeon showed him so much potential the world holds and maybe, just maybe, he wanted to stick around to see if that's true. He blanked out for a while when she asked him if they've admitted things for each other, "Admit what?"


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