Staring at the clock that was hung across the room, his gaze was unwavering as he too, was persistent in making it clear that he wasn't about to lose a battle with yet another useless variable. That's exactly his problem at hand, at the moment. Daehyun, as usual, had once again let the cool take over his head as his snark became much more everlasting than the previous mess, where he and the current second in command of the tribe, did not go so well with each other. It wasn't that he didn't like the guy. Well, yes. He didn't actually like or prefer the lad, but that wasn't the point there. Yesterday, the older Niveis had no problem in making his point through with Rhydian. It wasn't the first time he had a banter with the latter, but yesterday had particularly made his blood boil, cryptically. 

If that was even possible. Maybe not boil, but freeze over. Heh, either way, Daehyun didn't like the the arrogance the guy exuded. One day, his ignorance and egoistical side will get him in trouble, if it hasn't already. And he was only there to make sure nothing befell their tribe as they start anew in this foreign land and city called Evermore. However far his preference takes him, he remained a faithful soldier, who would never question anything, as he carry them out with precision and speed. Maybe today would be slightly different. The blonde Niveis ushered himself to get off the bed as he make his way to the bookshelf nearby, that was positioned at the west side of his room. He uncovered a particular book, skimming it through a few times before stopping at one page, and pulled the ribbon of the bookmark carefully as it slowly unraveled another page that was hidden initially. 

It was for that reason he made sure all his information that he received were stored carefully. Why else was he accounted for his success in hiding the list of possible people in the tribe that could be swayed to the resistance, from the prying eyes of Coldren and his loyal lackeys, the first time? He had his own ways of keeping things adjusted. Keeping secrets became his talent. Daehyun figured it was due to the experience he had earlier in his childhood where he knew nothing but perseverance skills. However short it may lasted once, it proved to kindle his inner turmoil and mold it into something far greater. The quiet Stormwind sibling took out a pen as he wrote a brief note in the sheet before rolling it back and kept the book away in its respective position. Pulling the doors to his closet, he crouched down to the floor level and tapped the wooden floorboards twice before picking out one piece of it, that revealed a semi-deep core that held most confidential files. 

The male Stormwind preferred to keep his affairs in a rather impervious manner and subtlety. The title 'Evermore factions' was etched on the blind cover with a small note at the side saying 'proceed with caution'. It was supposed to be a lighthearted gesture, that clearly didn't send his way. It wasn't that the Niveis wasn't jolly at all, he smiles. Occasionally. But he does. He only preferred this type of attitude because he's naturally untrusting. After meeting his sister after so long, he felt a flicker of hope starting its engines again. The spot that had been frozen for some time was back on its feet to work the gears. Tightening his grip on the file, he made his way down to the living room, where he found Anivia sitting by the kitchen area. "How is it that you still tolerate that high-on-the-top Snowman." He expressed his discontent over the guy that was used to make people regard him, as he took a seat in front of her. 

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Anivia chuckled to his words. For some reason she never really felt they were harsh just more so stating a fact about how he felt. “I feel like in this day and age personal space isn’t  a thing for most people. After all the vast majority of the population post everything online.” she said as she noticed often how more noses where in their phone then paying attention to the world around them. “Well maybe it's because I send you to the ones I feel won’t join easily because I know you can handle yourself better than some of the other scouts.” She thought back in her mind on the ones she had asked him to seek out. “Though I do wish you didn’t get hurt among those missions. Makes me want to take them all on my own.” She sighed as she ran her fingers along her jaw in thought.

She smiled at him as she looked to him. He really was misunderstood or came off that way to a few people but she found she has always enjoyed him being apart of the tribe. “Well you know me, not one for many secrets myself.” It was true in an effort to not be like her father hse was an open book when it came to the tribe and the way she did things. She chuckled as she threw some more supplies into the cart. “Though I don’t think it's a secret most living beings like being around others more than they let on. No one really likes feeling alone.” She said as she stared at a can in her hand for a long moment, knowing she felt alone a lot after not accepting Caspian proposal for marriage for the tenth time now. She knew she was in the right but at the end of the day she needed him to go be happy on his own. They were vastly different. She sat the can in the cart.

Anivia couldn’t help the burst of laughed that came from her lips as he called himself a Pyromaniac. “I’m sorry that just caught me off guard.” She covered her mouth to calm the laughed that left her mouth for a moment. “Sometimes change comes at a cost of something but can you honestly say you hate who you have become?” She wondered aloud. Her gaze focused him and she smiled softly knowing he has said he could never doubt her. “I guess not but you know I worry that I will lose the trust of those I am to protect and keep safe. After all  have introduced a lot of changes and moving of the tribe over the years. Though I honestly couldn’t picture returning to the island.” There was so much pain on the island for her to return.

She smiled slowly to him as she watched a blush come to his cheeks softly. She felt herself wanting nothing but the best for the man in front of her. He deserved happiness. “Well a friendship that is deep can be more meaningful.” She said as she then looked to the shelves. “Oh nothing Dae.” She said as she knew that he would have to figure out what to do with his life without her butting in. “So when do you plan on leaving. Gonna have to find someone else to question my choices when you leave.” she chuckled to him.

“Well, it should be something they need to get used to once again then… people just have no idea when to stop when needed to” he grumbled grumpily, huffing to himself because it was clear that Dae wasn’t at all impressed some people couldn’t take a hint when to stop when enough is enough. But then again, he’s Daehyun Stormwind, he’s annoyed at most things. When she told him she sent him to those she knew he could handle with no problem, the pale-haired Niveis found himself pulling a face and scrunching his nose up, “So it was on purpose… god damn Nivi…You know there may be one day where I’ll freeze their asses off for real” That was when he pondered for a while, wondering if he’s ever done that, “Wait, I did that earlier this year...that Boston guy.” He sounded so unapologetic it was almost unreal had it not been to him being Daehyun.

 “It’s not getting hurt that I’m worried about, I’m not that breakable, Nivi” he teased and nudged her side playfully, “I can take them. But I’m not sure if my temper can” But then again, he could be undeniably calm at times. Of course, Dae knew Anivia was far from being the person her father was and he was glad to see that in her, he’s been there, he’s seen how she grew up and whilst he may not be her biggest fan once upon a time ago, he’s loyal to her now for a good reason. And for the snowy-haired male, it will need a real reason to stick around in that line. He saw the way she seemed to be in deep thought when she stared at the can for a while longer which made him purse his lips lightly, “You’re right, nobody wants to be alone… it’s a bitter thing. But then again, are we really alone? We always seemed to have more things to come to, one day. You have your tribe, your friends… I’m your friend, Nivi.” Dae hoped she knew that much.

 Following the laugh she let out however, that surprised him, “Hey, that’s not funny” he pouted and crossed his arms, narrowing his dark hues at her, “I liked fire a lot back then, people thought it was almost unhealthy and thought I was at least going to be a Fire Initia” He also thought Fire was his affinity element then. “I didn’t hate what I’ve become, no. I resented it at first but not anymore, I guess” Honestly, Dae had no idea if he still does but he wasn’t as self-hated as he had been a while ago. “Nobody would lose their trust in you. Believe me, they won’t dare. I’m leaving but my loyalty is still with you” He wasn’t lying. 

“If I could still be loyal even when I’ll be taking my leave for a while, then they can too.” He had to admit, he didn’t think he’d be this sad about leaving, but he felt it. It was too close to his heart. “I don’t know yet… I haven’t planned anything officially but in a few more months, I’m not sure. I know I will go away a few times and I’ll return in between, you know me, Nivi, I’m as spontaneous as I can be when it doesn’t come to work.” But he did spare her a wry grin when she said nobody else would question her the way he did, “Oh don’t worry, I still have my eyes and ears everywhere so I’ll still give you a quick dial and rant about your choices.” 

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