The brunette looked at her reflection in the mirror, the black dress she wore was nice but something was telling her tonight was not the night for the dress. With a sigh, she slipped out of the little number and checked her closet. During her time as ambassador she had grown her stock of dresses for events like the one tonight. Chewing her lip, ocean optics fell to the over-expensive engraved invitation on her dresser. She hadn't thought events like this would be open to her upon her return but she had been wrong.

The higher ups of Evermore never seemed to never get bored of throwing their fancy charity parties and Aaliyah knew it was because they enjoyed staying on top of the town gossip. The blue-eyed Diviner also knew some were whispering about her return or, more specifically, he departure and her time away. Shaking the thoughts from her mind she pulled a floor length satin blue dress from her closet. Slipping into it, her lips curled slightly in the corners in a hint of a smile. It was simple with a swoop neck and backless.

Grabbing the invite, Aal trotted downstairs, heels clicking on the hardwood floors. Slipping on a black dinner jacket she met the waiting car outside and climbed in. Running a hand through mocha hues, she pulled her hair over one shoulder and watched the lights pass as they made their way through the city. Before long they pulled up to a line of other vehicles that were also unloading passengers. "Here we go," the Necromancer grumbled, tucking her cellphone into her clutch and climbing out of the car as the door was opened.

Holding the train of her dress, she entered the extravagant mansion and accepted a flute of champagne when it was offered. She offered smiles but didn't pause as she made her way through the house and out to the back patio and garden. A string quartet played classic music in the background. Once outside, Aaliyah breathed the fresh air again, sipping her drink as she enjoyed being outside. She did enjoy parties but it was also different being at them alone. Surveying the garden, her eyes sparkled as they took in all the white twinkly lights. Lights, flowers, and candles seemed to fill every available space and the smell and the lighting was stunning because of it even if it was a bit much.

After a moment, the brunettes lips pursed slightly with determination and she turned to head back inside. She saw familiar faces quickly and paused to talk with a few people. Eventually the host made their presence known. The man made his way to the stop of steps, a fake, plastic smile plastered in place as he turned to address the room. Aaliyah's eyes were hard as she watched him as he began to drone on. The man was married and his wife was so in love but he was constantly unfaithful with women half his age. While not illegal, Aaliay thought he was a sleaze and was also sure half the money he raised for his charity ended up lining his own pockets....

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If there was a single worst thing about being an ambassador in Evermore City, it was the social expectations that were placed on your shoulders. Being in a place like hers meant she had an invite to every party in town which in itself wasn’t a bad thing but the catch was that there was an expectation that she would actually show up to each of the events she was invited to. Sariah had never been much of a party girl but thanks to countless benefits, auctions and balls, she had quite the wardrobe building up.

Still, she decided to go for a short white dress which hugged her figure nicely but still allowed for free movement, it always bothered her when she went to parties only to be stuck sitting in a corner because her outfit wasn’t practical for the place she was in. She’d worked pretty late into the evening on approvals from the tech division of the organization meaning she’d had to rush around a little to get ready for tonight but she just managed to throw everything into her clutch purse right as she heard the taxi pulled up outside her door and before long she was on her way.

Upon arrival and she purposely avoided the cluster of press outside the event that shouted questions her way, namely why her attendance to the party was solo tonight. It still stung, remembering how she had lost a relationship recently and was now living the single life. She quickly made her way up the steps and upon an offer of a drink she took the glass and downed the whole thing without a thought. Taking a long breath she headed inside, glancing around the room to see the usual setup, clusters of fancy decorated tables, a dance floor which was hosting a few people gathered in groups and talking.

Sariah looked around for a while before spotting a table seat map and searching for her name on the list. When she finally found it, she was surprised to see a familiar name on the same table as her. She’d been made aware of the return of a couple of ex-ambassadors recently and she had to admit she was curious, she knew Evermore was like a magnet but what was it that brought Aaliyah Cole back to Evermore. With that she nodded and headed towards her place just in time for the host to give his empty speech about charity and applauded lightly.

The host spoke with a smug, arrogant voice, his face matching his tone. Aaliyah's eyes rolled as she listened to him drone on and she brought her crystal champagne flute up her to lips and downed the remainder of her glass. Most of the parties she had attended as an ambassador had been just like this one. Hosted by people who didn't really mean any of the things they were saying and were doing it for the sake of status and popularity among the higher ups of Evermore. There had been one or two events Aaliyah had attended during her days as leader that she had actually enjoyed. 

As the man finished his carefully scripted speech, the room broke into a polite applause that the brunette did not join. Gazing around the room she she nodded in greeting to a few people who waved to her but dinner was being served and the sooner she made it through dinner the sooner she could make a polite exit. Making a mental note to not accept any future invites, Aaliyah made her way over to her seat she had noted earlier on the seating chart. Sweeping the train of her dress under her, the Diviner took her seat and let out a small sigh before looking up to greet her table mates. 

Her brows rose in surprise but an honest smile crossed her features as her took in the blonde at the table. "Sariah," she said. "This is a pleasant surprise," she said, placing the napkin on her lap. While her and the Human Ambassador and the leader of the Organization had never been friends, Aaliyah had always found the pair were very much on the same page with many things when it came to being a leader within the Eternal City. Of course, the Organization had irked her since her return to the city in the shape of Everson Echo investigating her return, she also couldn't blame them for wanting to know where she had been and what she might have done during her time away.

"I hope the food is better than the hosts speech," she murmured, with a small smirk at Sariah.

She had been to countless parties like this so she knew the drill by now, be polite, smile a lot, make contributions where you can, use the time to network if there was anyone of interest in attendance and generally be a part of the city. Of course, she had to question the host’s intention because despite the clearly well-rehearsed speech, it was evident he didn’t mean a word of what he was saying. Still, it seemed only polite to applaud the cause they were here for, it was a charity event after all. The organization always provided checks for events such as these as long as they benefited in the city, good press and good deeds overall, it was just making it through the parties that was existing.

After Sariah took her seat, of course everyone eyes were on her and the former ambassador who she offered a polite smile “Aaliyah” she greeted in return, nodding her head in acknowledgment “It must have been a few years” she commented, perhaps eluding to the way the former diviner ambassador had left the city in quite a hurry. Then again, ambassadors of the city tended to have a habit of doing that, she had to wonder if it was the pressure that managed to get to them “The eternal city has quite the pull huh?” she joked as she made herself comfortable and straightened out her silverware.

Aaliyah’s comment caught her by surprise just as she was sipping her drink and she had to resist laughing so she wouldn’t choke on the champagne she was drinking “I mean it’s not exactly a high bar” she commented, eluding to her impression of the speech. She was pretty hungry though so she did hope that the food would be nice at least “Besides, all the budget goes into the food because they know that’s the real reason people agree to attend” before long waiters were coming through the room with silver plates balanced on their hands, handing them out to the tables, she had to admit the food smelled amazing. “I’ll bet this is one part you haven’t missed” she jested as she glanced at the brunette.

The man continued to drone on and eventually Aal stopped even pretending to listen. The audience laughed along with his jokes and stories so her single voice would not be missed. She sipped he champagne and nodded as her and Sariah started chatting. "Yes, just a little over a year I think?" she said, questioning the time  herself. Her time away had been much needed and started off as an adventure. Aaliyah had explored the world that had been deprived of her for over 60 years of her life while she had been prisoner.

The brunette had travelled tropical, frozen, and historical cities all over as well as small towns. She had partied, made friends, found lovers, but eventually she was ready to settle again and that was when she had begun to dive back into her magic. Ancient cities had a lot of interesting finds when you knew what to be looking for. So her research and studies on Diviners, Fae, and Necromancers began again and eventually she returned, thinking Evermore would be the most comfortable place to call home again while she continued learning.

"Yes," she answered the leader with a dry chuckle. "Something about the place you can never just escape. Not that I really wanted to I guess," she said with a shrug and an honest smile. She looked at the party around them as Sariah continued and she let out a little sigh and nodded. "Parts of it I definitely miss," she answered honestly, her expression open as her pale gaze fell back on the blonde and she grinned. "But you are right. Bad parties like this one are one of the things I do not miss however, if my friend was right they hired a killer chef for this party so the food should be great....hopefully," she chuckled.

Finally the host finished his speech and smiled devilishly as the party goers applauded. Finally stepping down, food began making its was to the tables. Unfolding her napkin across her lap, Aaliyah waited. "So what did I miss while I was away? if anyone knows the good details it would be you, Sariah," she teased with a smirk.

She nodded slightly, honestly there had been so many turnovers with the ambassador roles lately that she had lost track of it all. She tried her best to build up relationships with the others and ensure they were doing the best thing for their people but it did often feel like she was starting over from scratch “Seems like everyone makes their way back to the city eventually” she commented and nodded her head slightly, there was something about it.

“Makes you wonder if someone cast a spell on the city at some point...maybe there’s more to it than we think” she raised her brows and giggled slightly, it was honestly not out of the realm of possibility considering the other crazy things that happened in the city. The supernatural world definitely opened your mind to what was possible. “Bad parties” she repeated and laughed under her breath, well that was definitely a blunt way to put it “At least their intentions are in the right place” she commented commending the fact that it was a charity event this time rather than a party for the sake of it.

She laughed when Aaliyah pointed out that the blonde knew most of what was happening “Well we have a couple of new factions visiting, I swear every time I think we’ve run out of surprise visits another shows up” she shook her head in an amused manner and smiled as one of the servers set down her food in front of her and she murmured a polite ‘thank you’ “The usual chaos when it comes to the peace treaty but we finally got everyone on there” except the aurazin but they were under the protection of the Ailward Guard and seemingly their visit was temporary.

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