There is said to be a moment in someones life where everything just catches up to you, when you start questioning things around you: relationships, career, home, how many times a day you drink and the time you start, how many people you can count on both hands that are consider friends. Then you start wondering what you know about them and when their birthday is, their favorite color.. if you know those things then your probably fine. if you don't then, well there is a problem.

Olivia had that problem. She was social and she spoke to people, trained with them, made conversation, embracing hugs, did everything a normal person would do but the disconnect from really having friends was evident. When she walked into rooms of people celebrating birthdays, engagements, or gossiping what happened Friday night, seeing them hurdled around a table at a cafe with awkward smiles. it dawned on Olivia she was still so far away from things, she was approachable but not a keeper.

Her job was easy for a therapist say she was using it as a sign for help, she was an advocate, she helped people found their way, and her small apartment was away from people and unpacked. And as she stood there looking at everything and assessing her life she opened a box and pulled out a slim faded pink album, pictures with faded and bent ends. Looking through it with her fingers brushing over photos questioning every face in it. Genetics; that is what Olivia blamed for her disconnect from the world, why she was distant and kept a great space between her and well everyone. She was born one species, then was placed into a whole new one, each time she had to figure things out on her own. Burying every question and wonder inside all she had were small moments with 3 good people and the guard, everything else was empty...

That night she cried until her knuckles were sore from gripping and clutching her bed sheets, when the alarm obnoxiously rang she sent it flying into the wardrobe. Sitting up she huffed and willed her legs to take her to the tiny en suite bathroom for her morning routine before dressed and headed to Ailward territory with a determined idea brewing in her mind. When she pulled her run 1970 chevelle in a parking space her hear began to race as she walked through the main grounds looking for a certain person she spent hours reading up on. Olivia was never one to break rules or abuse her Guard resources to look into people but she was at her wits end.

There he was, the blonde guard who may just very well be holding on her answers, Olivia watched him from a distance until he was alone, rubbing her hands together she moved quick, going down a separate passage before cutting him off. " hey!... hi, sorry,..erm Miles? right?... " she glanced around tucking her dark hair behind her ear before looking over at him once more. " i'm Olivia we haven't met but uh i need you for some.. business.." she furrowed her eyebrows, her quick thinking was awful as she internally chastised herself for it. " so if we can go somewhere and talk about it, it's really confidential and I- I need help... " she nodded and crossed her arms. She wet her lips before faintly biting her inner lower lip as she pleaded softly with her earth hued optics. 

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Overall Miles had a good childhood. He's well aware of that fact. Sure he went through his share of pain like anyone else but he had a loving family and community around him to help him through, as well as people who relied on him that forced him to get his act together. Since arriving in Evermore he's made sure to keep in touch with said people, making sure to call or otherwise keep up with his mother and sister on a regular basis.

Sometimes however a case will come in that he's expected to analyze the details of that sends him back to a dark time. Even though he's several years removed from that night at this point, reminders of it still hit him hard. That's how he found himself in the lab at midnight, head in his hands and a coffee sitting nearby forgotten, as he mulled over the details so he could piece this stuff together. He deeply regrets agreeing to cover the night shift for a coworker now, there's not enough caffeine in the world for this. Even so the job must be done, so he gets himself together with a groan and finishes the coffee in a couple of gulps - district coffee is still nasty he's going to have to remember to start bringing his own - and gets back to work. After all, this family deserves closure just like every other.

He was never so happy to see the clock hit 8 am and he was out of there as soon as his relief came. He wasted no time heading back to the Ailward territory, ready to get everything settled and actually sleep for a few hours. Unfortunately that wasn't meant to be. As soon as he pulled in he was locked into conversation after conversation and, ever the helpful sort, he felt obligated to hang around and assist however he could, even if it was just a short talk.

A short while of this later and Miles has all but given up on getting any sleep for now. He's been running across the compound for an hour at this point and hasn't even managed to pull his lab coat off yet, so it's no surprise that he has no clue he's being followed. He's just managed to grab a sandwich at least for breakfast when it seems that everyone has moved on with their day. Grateful for the short break, Miles takes his sandwich and starts down the hall to his room. He hears the person walking before he sees them and it's only thanks to hearing them that he manages to avoid colliding right into her, stopping just short and taking a step back so he's not crowding her. "Whoa, sorry about that. Hi. You've got the right guy, I'm Miles."

He doesn't recognize the woman in front of him right off, at least not until she introduces herself. Then he remembers having seen her around before and he smiles. She certainly seems nervous. "Okay, business..." thankfully he doesn't appear to be judging her anywhere near like she's judging herself. The smile falls from his face as he realizes that this is pretty serious and he gives the woman, Olivia, a nod. "Alright then. I was just about to head back to my room, we can talk there." Miles has a reputation for being a pretty easy going guy and it certainly seems to hold true by how easily he agrees to talk. With no hesitation he leads her to his room, letting her inside and finally taking his lab coat off, laying it across the back of a chair. "Make yourself comfortable. Now, what's all this about?" He takes a seat at the table in his room, motioning for her to join him and then crossing his arms across the top of the table. She has his undivided attention.

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