She had to stop looking at her phone, it was really embarrassing, but no one else was here, it was just her so who really was going to say anything? Clara sighed. Ray and Clara had been dating for a couple of months now and her heart still worried every time he went on a shift and every time she thought about it she realized it had only gotten worse since the first date.  

Clara had woken that morning, to a beautiful text message, they always talked in the morning, which was fine by her after all she was a morning person, she assumed though that Ray messaged because he worked usually in the evening either in the firehouse or the bar.  But since then she hadn't heard from him and that usually wasn't a problem, The blonde Initia wasn't a clingy girlfriend, he was his own person and he didn't need her hassling him where he was constantly, but since about lunchtime, Clara had an off feeling. She couldn't explain it, a deep core feeling told her something was wrong, or something bad was going to happen, but she didn't want to bother him, especially not with something as trivial as a bad feeling, so she hadn't called but she had checked her phone a couple of billion times; during work, while eating dinner, which was something she never did, but desperate feelings called for it apparently. 

Her bed was warm and it called to her, but she couldn't sleep, the clock on her wall told her it was getting late but her eyes didn't want to close, so as she sat on her vanity chair, she decided to just go downstairs, turn on the T.V. and try to fall asleep.

But the moment, the T.V. was on and she was wrapped up with a throw blanket, tucked into her favourite nightwear her worst fear popped on the screen. There was fire; and... it was a big one. 

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Ray smiled as he gently ran his fingers over Clara back like he was holding something very fragile  as  he chuckled a little " I wasn't expecting you to now as I would be in the same  boat " he chuckled " good job we were told leave the paperwork yo tomorrow else   it be squiggles " he smiled as he relaxed more "it's like you said to me to say I love you  if I can't say it squeezes your hand gently and I want you to be able to do the or write your worries and fears  into a story " he yawned a little as he listened to  the cd as he snuggled just as much into  her as he smiled feeling Clara's ear  gently  against his chest 

"hey " he smiled  gently  " never know  we may meet Azlan in our dreams " his eyes began to close as he waited for a response  before he realised  Clara had already fallen asleep  smiling gently he leant down kissing her head  before relaxing  back in his seat  as he closed  his eyes but made sure Clara could hear his heartbeat as he drifted off to sleep  the last  thought he had  was one thing he already  knew   he was  truly in love with Clara Carter 


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