The niveis had been working hard for this day and it was finally here. Admittedly, beginning her studies mid the first semester wasn't exactly ideal but there was no time to waste if she wanted to get a jump on her career and thankfully the university had been sympathetic to her. She had already been to the admissions office and been given her student ID and a map of the university halls, thankfully there had been a spare room in one of the dorms she could occupy. The blonde gave a polite smile and thank you to the assistant at the desk who had been helping her before staring in dismay at her things.

Somehow she had managed to lug them all the way here but she was practically exhausted from the journey and if this paper was correct, she was going to need to climb stairs to get to her new room. She huffed slightly but rolled back her shoulders and got to it, dragging her suitcase behind her as she headed towards the dorm building. When she got there, she gave an exasperated sigh as she stared at the staircase she would need to follow up to the second floor "Just one more staircase on the road to success" she pepped herself up before beginning to pull it up, one flight at a time. By the time she finally made it to the front entrance hall of the place she would call home, the niveis was exhausted and sweating. 

She knocked but there was no answer so she used the key she had been given to open the door, she looked around, almost thankful for the fact her roommates seemed to be out. Setting down her suitcase she glanced around, noting that two of the rooms had their doors closed and the other had the door ajar, enough for her to see it was clearly the one unused. She wasted no time dragging her things to the room and heading inside. She didn't even take any time to take in the surroundings, instead, setting her suitcase down, closing the door behind her and then grabbing the hem of her top and lifting it up over her head.

She tossed it aside and headed towards her suitcase so that she could find another top to wear but it was in that moment she wasn't quite as alone as she thought in the room. A scream escaped her mouth as she noticed a male in the room with her and her reflex reaction was to lift her hand and freeze him against the wall so that he couldn't move. She widened her eyes when she realized what she had done and then quickly crossed her arms over her chest as though that could hide her current topless state "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded in a flustered state. 

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It's been a few days since he came back to Evermore and Seojun still couldn't get used to the environment. The fact that Argent was no longer staying at the Ailward Manor gave him a reason not to report back there unless they called him; which was also not something he should worry about considering they would either text him to come if they needed to brief him on anything. Technology works wonders these days. When he found out Argent was staying at the dorms since she enrolled herself as a freshman at the university, the first thing he did was dropping by to check on her, which was later followed by a small punch and a hug. That sounds like the Aspect of Light for sure. After making sure she was doing well and that there were no other threats that he should be keeping his eye on, aside from the constant flirting attempts by the students there, the therian would disappear after visiting her. 

He had thought about enrolling here just so he could have a reason to keep a close eye on her even though there was no immediate threat. But who could predict the future? Something could happen and right now, he couldn't recall who's actually sane these days. So with a begrudging sigh, Seojun took it upon himself to pause on the job prospect at ECPD and act like a university student. Every few days, he would check on her, like now. Since he couldn't just walk in like any normal student because apparently boys are not allowed there, he climbed up the windows again. An exasperated grumble escaped him when he tried to open Argent's window and realized it was locked, "Smart girl" he muttered under his breath. 

Fortunately, the room next to her wasn't occupied by anyone yet so he used that route to enter. Seojun remembered that there were only two of them in the house, one more has still yet to join them so he has lied down on said empty bed a few times. He was about to sit on the chair when the door was suddenly opened and a blonde came through, lugging her stuff in without paying attention to her surroundings. See, he was about to say something by the time she had taken her top off, but before he could utter a single word, the female was obviously startled by his presence and apparently thought freezing him against the wall was the best idea. Not. 

When the cold settled in, Seojun hissed because while he was accustomed to the cold, he did not appreciate being frozen against the wall. He rolled his eyes when she attempted to cover herself with her hands, as if that would work, but still, that's a nice sight for him. "Nothing? I was in an empty room that just so happens to be my… friend's place?" He can't say he's her bodyguard, right? That's weird and he was pretty sure Argent would not like the idea of that. "Until you froze me… can you let me go? It's fucking cold" he huffed, he was clearly not amused by the sudden display of things. 

Freyja knew that studying at the university and setting up a life here in Evermore wasn’t exactly going to be easy, she was a niveis, it was part of her identity but it was a part she needed to hide here which wasn’t something she’d ever had to do before. Not to mention she would be sharing the place she lived with people she didn’t know, it was certainly daunting and it made the icy female wonder what troubles she was going to experience along the way.

As she stared back at male who was currently plastered against the wall by ice, she was cursing herself inside her head, she knew she could be pretty impulsive when she was startled but this...kinda took it to the next level. She was panicking inside her mind, trying to think of ways to explain what she had just done in some kind of logical way so that she wouldn’t blow her cover literally the moment she had arrived at the “In the girl’s dorm?” she commented with a shaky voice, edging away from him so that she could grab another top from her bag before quickly covering herself again.

Her cheeks were naturally flushed but she couldn’t help but feel relieved the moment she realized that he wasn’t completely freaking out about the face she had ice powers which means he must know about the supernatural. “ second..can you just...uh...stay there” she shook her head at her own words because it wasn’t like he could go anywhere right now. She turned away from him and quickly put her top on, tugging it down and glancing in the distant mirror to make sure nothing else was visible before she turned back to him.

“Brace yourself” she commented as she lifted her hand for a moment, focusing on the ice and making it dissipate bit by bit slowly “It takes longer to melt” she excused knowing it would take a few minutes to take effect, she was an ice phoenix, not a fire one after all “But you wouldn’t be in this mess if you hadn’t been lurking in my room” she commented, noting his gruff tone despite him being the one in a place he wasn’t supposed to be “Which of my roommates do you know?” she tested him with a stern gaze.

Being blasted by an ice powered ability is not what he expected when he first stepped inside this room. In fact, he wasn't even sure there was going to be anyone else in it because he knows Argent only had one roommate at the moment, and that was Luna Marin, a grumpy kitsune who would probably wring him up one morning without the need to provide any explanation to the Aspect of Light. Or if there was going to be another roommate, he would expect them to scream pervert or something… but not this. Definitely not this. "Yes, in the girl's dorm, a friend of mine lives here" he groaned, the coldness is really starting to piss him off because of course the therian would get pissed in exchange for not feeling the pain. "Her room is literally next door," he added. Truthfully, Seojun might have felt sorry for scaring the poor girl but not after witnessing this. 

One, he was not a fan of the niveis since he finds them too new and they have no information about them as much aside from the fact that they're former phoenixes, and he finds them not trustworthy enough. While waiting for the ice to melt off, he narrowed his gaze at the female before him, "I wouldn't be in this mess if you knew how to control your actions while being outside" he grumbled, "I don't know if anyone told you this but it's pretty much a classic reminder to every supernatural in this godforsaken city to not expose their identity to others… especially to humans." Thank god he's a therian guard who knows about the niveis because of the organization he serves. "First day and you're already busted, that's gotta be a record." And maybe he is being an asshole but that's nothing new to Seojun. 

When asked which of her roommate he knew, Seojun rolled his eyes, "Argent Ailward. Red locks, bright as hell as opposed to her other moody and grumpy cat roommate. And you are definitely not Luna so… who are you?" He noticed the things and clicked his tongue, "Guessing you're the new roommate."

Freyja watched him with a cautious gaze, she liked to try and give everyone the benefit of the doubt but he had honestly caught her completely off guard, it was the strangest way to be introduced to your new home and one she wouldn’t quickly forget either. “Then why aren’t you waiting in her room?” she commented, this guy seemed like he had some right to be annoyed when he was the one who was creeping around in her room. Not to mention he had gotten himself quite the view because she was changing. She could feel her cheeks were still warm from how flustered it left her.

It definitely wasn’t the first impression she had been trying to make at and it definitely was an oversight on her part to use her powers when she knew she shouldn’t. Honestly, she hadn’t really intended to do so but after becoming a niveis she never really got the chance to learn her powers and control them properly “Well I’m sorry if I was a little freaked out by a guy being somewhere he shouldn’t be” she commented and shot him a glare “Admittedly...I wasn’t supposed to screw up this badly on the first day” she commented as she shot him a stern look “But it seems like this isn’t a big reveal to you so, no real harm done” she commented and nodded a few times.

She didn’t let his grumpy demeanor bother her too much, he seemed like he was just one of those people who liked to nit-pick everything and wouldn’t apologize for their own mistakes “Okay...well then I’ll tell your girlfriend you stopped by” she commented and shook her head slightly, honestly it made her wonder for a moment if they had been using her bed for...other reasons...but she quickly pushed that thought from her mind “Freyja” she responded to his words “The other roommate” she responded in an amused manner. Right at that moment the ice finally melted enough to set him free but she didn’t bother to help him get down gently, instead she let him fall.

Maybe he was in the wrong there. Partially. It was her room and of course the first thing she would do upon seeing a stranger in her room was to act defensive. The thing that does bother him ead the fact that she deliberately used her ice powers on him, now Seojun is used to the cold, he's a snow leopard for a reason, but he had these somewhat preconceived notions about niveis in general. He doesn't trust them. Blame him for being prejudiced. "She kept her windows locked this time, I should've known after last time's fiasco she wouldn't give me a window of chance to prank her" he muttered under his breath, she had every right to do so but it still made the therian pout just thinking about it. "So I usually wait here since it's empty and they were due another roommate. Of course, I wasn't aware the new roommate would move in… today." Well now he does. After a series of suffering from frostbite. 

The chilling ice is really pissing him off. "You don't say" he scoffed, she really did screw up on her first day and he wondered just how reckless she would end up being on her first day of class. "I guess you can count yourself lucky your roommates aren't humans or else it would've been pretty bad for a niveis to expose themselves in the first week of moving in" he wasn't trying to come off as a jerk even though he probably did, but he thought it was just right for him to let her know that things won't end well should she expose herself. He's a guard at the end of the day. "No real harm done to me, I do wonder how interesting would it be if I was a human with no prior supernatural knowledge though, would you kidnap me and threaten me so I wouldn't tell others? Or… would you get rid of me?" 

By now he was just poking the fun out of her, antagonising and teasing people is practically what Seojun does best. It's why he often gets into trouble. Though the girlfriend mention had his frigid as a scowl made its way up to his face, "She's not my girlfriend" he grumbled begrudgingly. How he wished. "If you're thinking whether we fucked on that bed don't worry, she's not even someone I could have that relationship with anyway so it's off the books." Once the ice melted, he fell on the floorboards which made him wince a bit before getting up on his two feet, crossing his arms while staring at the blonde, "I've never seen a niveis up close" he pursed his lips and tilted his head to eye her.

“Prank?” she questioned with a raised brow, she hadn’t even met her new roommate yet but she felt like she was learning a lot about her already “No wonder she keeps her window locked” she murmured softly and from today it seemed like Freyja was going to make a habit of doing the same in return. She placed her hands on her hips as she listened to him talk “So you turned my room into your hiding place, got it” she commented and looked over to her stuff and then back to him, what a strange way to begin her time at university “ you do, so you’ll have to find somewhere else to...execute your pranks” she commented.

She sighed under her breath when he pointed out how she had royally exposed herself on the first day “I’m new to all this okay, I’ll figure it out” she commented and pressed her lips together, controlling ice wasn’t the same as fire and it was taking her some practice to get used to, she had only been a niveis consciously for a short amount of time after all. “My roommates aren’t humans?” she commented and raised her brow, well she wasn’t sure if that was a relief or not, it really depended if on one thing “Neither of them are Initia right?” she murmured softly, having been hunted by that species she was naturally wary of them. She frowned slightly when he asked what she would do if he was human “That’s a pointless question considering you’re clearly not” she pressed her lips together, maybe she did need to think harder about that.

The way he scowled when she mentioned her being his girlfriend was interesting though “She isn’t huh?” because the fact he was waiting for her suggested they were pretty close at the very least. She pulled a face when he practically read her mind about the bed but did let out a sigh of relief when he confirmed it wasn’t so “Ah….so the friendzone it is” she assumed and bit her lip slightly, well she wasn’t going to say anything about it anyway. She stepped back when he fell down onto the floor and stared back at him with an unwavering expression “We aren’t a zoo exhibit for your entertainment you know” she scoffed and shook her head slightly.

Seojun raised his eyebrows playfully and scoffed upon hearing her remark about Argent keeping the windows locked, "Can't say I'd deny that either. She knows me all too well to actually leave it unlocked" any other day, he would've told the Aspect of Light to keep doing that because you can never be too sure about the safety of your environment. She can trust him obviously, he wouldn't be her personal guard if not, but it's always better to be careful. "It's not exactly a hiding place if I don't use it to hide, is it?" He never hid unless it's needed for missions, to the therian, he had nothing to be embarrassed about. Not to her, and certainly not to Argent, of all people. "Duly noted, Icy" he could smell her from a distance and it wasn't exactly the first time he had encountered a niveis before. To be fair, most of those he met were from a distance away, but this time… she was right in front of him. 

"New? How new? Ah… you must be new blood to being a niveis so I'm guessing a phoenix who died in ice or water and is now what? Niveis?" If he could recall what he has read up on the very limited information regarding the deviant species, he remembered them being called the turn blooded. An odd term but what's normal these days in their supernatural realm? "But yeah you should probably figure out to hide the scent of your identity from everyone else, even supernaturals honestly. It's not like everyone is a big fan of phoenixes… much less niveis." He'd say the Initia has plenty to settle the score with another branch that came originally from them but they had a new leader now from what he's heard. "At least the Initia has a more… understanding and new leader now so that's luck." He bit his lip momentarily when he realized he practically exposed the identity of her roommates to her. Oh well, she was bound to find out anyways. 

"Ugh don't tell Argent I spilled it… she's gonna give me an earful when she hears about it." It wasn't surprising, the whole idea of her being here was to be normal. Somewhat. When asked if either are Initia, he noticed the worried tone she wore, "Guessing you're lucky." Which speaks the most he needed about them not being Initia. He rolled his eyes and huffed when she pointed out how pointless it was to question her like that, "Nevermind." The fact that the therian is still actively battling his own feelings towards his protectee makes it a very sensitive topic to prod on so he growled lightly at her while letting out an indignant huff, especially when she said the word friendzone. Very much like an oversized cat. "The zoo is not as interesting with all the animals, I'm already used to them… it fits when you're at the top of the food chain… but you niveis, you're new…" He towered above her height obviously and it was very noticeable. "They say you're not an enemy…"

Freyja was still watching him with a careful expression, honestly it hadn’t occurred to her at first that she might be faced with supernatural-related issues at university, sometimes she forgot that Evermore was basically a hub for them. “Well if you’re not hiding while executing pranks I think you’ve failed the very concept?” she commented and raised her brows, of course she didn’t buy that reasoning for being here but she supposed she would give him the benefit of the doubt until she met her roommate at least. “Good” she commented and nodded her head as she stared back at him with a stern expression.

She scoffed because of how nosy he was getting about her status as a Niveis “It’s a long story that I don’t owe you” she responded coldly and tilted her head slightly, she was a phoenix turned niveis indeed but she wasn’t willing to get into explaining how she had been trapped underground for the best part of a century. She brought her hands to shield around her shoulders when he commented about her scent “You’re starting to sound like a real creep” she commented sarcastically. She swore this guy was just trying to tick her off for fun “That’d be a first” she commented under her breath when he spoke about how the newest Initia leader was more understanding.

Freyja did have to smirk a little because it was clear despite his fierce and gruff outward impression, he was concerned about what her roommate thought of him, cute really. “I’m sure it’s only going to be so long before we figure it out anyway, not like it’s easy to hide stuff when you live with someone” she commented and shrugged, she didn’t care what species people were as long as they kept themselves in check. She did widen her eyes a little when he let out a growl before quirking her brow slightly, sensitive topic huh “Have you told her at least?” she commented curiously, well she was certainly curious to meet Argent now.

She noticed the way he was practically squaring her up and stood her ground, despite how much he towered over her, she was used to fighting people bigger than her “Ice is an interesting thing...did you know it can slow the blood supply down to a stop” she held up her finger “Can make things stop...working” she commented before down at his crotch area and then back up to his face “You don’t want to make me your enemy” she commented softly

Her reaction was honestly not one Seojun expected, he could smell her from a mile away if he was going to be honest and he knew a human does not smell like this. But if he had put his nose down for inspection for one test, he may have failed because he had no idea what she was, up until she accidentally revealed her icy ability when freezing him against the wall earlier. "I can be the best person to carry out a prank to her and she would still be able to locate where I hid, she knows me that well" he huffed, sometimes it was annoying when he couldn't do that but that was the reality of it. He scoffed when she said she didn't owe him any explanation, well she wasn't exactly wrong. "Touché" he muttered. He couldn't help but chuckle when she suddenly covered herself as if he was going to do anything to her. 

"Relax blondie, I'm not that creepy, not in the conventional manner you think I am. Would you ask the others the same question when they're clearly an animal that literally lives off scent to hunt? You don't ask a predator that in the woods, right?" Admittedly, Seojun also fashioned himself more of a snow leopard than a human considering he was almost always in his white coated self. He knew Initia didn't have a good relationship with the deviant species like phoenixes nor the niveis, who are another branch of the former but he still has yet to see one encountering the other in front of his own eyes. "She shouldn't be a pushover nor would she be a hard-headed dictator, being in between the two should mean good news to your kind." He may not particularly trust the niveis yet but he didn't dislike them. Yet. She was right, it would be complicated to keep such an identity to yourself when you're living with two others closely like this. 

"At least your roommates wouldn't pounce on you." No Initia, and he didn't think niveis had any beef with the therian, namely kitsunes. The therian clenched his jaw instinctively as he narrowed his hues at her upon hearing her query, "No. And she doesn't need to know. Not now or ever." It doesn't matter. It would never work anyway, so why would he bother embarking on a road that is more likely going to disappoint his poor heart? Normally, he would've halted and froze at her words, as would any other males, honestly. But Seojun does find her interesting, especially her fiery persona which is a whole contrast to her cold nature. "You know for a niveis that's supposed to be cold, you resemble more of a phoenix." Understandable if she was turned into one when she was originally born as a fire wielder. 

"Has anyone ever told you how scary you sound when you give out threats in such… soft manner? It's crazy. And creepy." He made sure to highlight the last word because it was the same word she used on him. "Do you often threaten guys to stop blood flowing down there?"

Freyja raised an amused brow when he explained that she would know he was pranking her even if he was sneakier than ever “Smart girl” she commented thoughtfully and shook her head slightly, she wasn’t sure whether to commend his determination to the cause or think he was crazy for continuing down the path. She pressed her lips together to express her satisfaction of him backing off his prying. He seemed very nosy which honestly made her wonder why? It seemed like he was naturally a suspicious person, though it did make her question what his personal issue with her kind was.

She gave him a somewhat dubious expression as he explained that he wasn’t a creep for going on about scents and hiding her own, she frowned slightly, she hadn’t really encountered a lot of other species in person, given she spent most of her life in reclusive communities and literally buried under snow. “Can’t say I’ve ever had the opportunity to have a discussion with a predator before” she spoke it in a teasing tone as she propped her hands under her chin as though to show she was interested. “So you like sniffing people huh?” she jested with a playful smirk. “Guess we will see when I meet her then” she murmured softly when he talked about the Initia ambassador, there was definitely a certain amount of doubt that filled her when she thought about their kind, given how they had chased her from her home in the past.

“You’re really keeping on top of these animal metaphors” she commented in an amused manner, noting his choice of words, using ‘pounce’. The way he tensed his jaw the moment she asked that question made Freyja frown slightly, seemed like it was a sore spot for him but she honestly was now intrigued to meet this girl and see what reeled a guy like him in. “Never?” she asked in a softer tone “That’s gotta be a lot to keep to yourself” she noted in a soft voice, she knew she shouldn’t feel sorry for him but she could already tell from the way he spoke that he really cared about this girl.

She was honestly curious to see his reaction to such a threat, but she wasn’t expecting the somewhat flirty nature he responded with “Perhaps I know that fire and ice are much closer than most give them credit for” she replied in a coy manner and tilted her head slightly “They both work with extremes...they can both destroy” she shrugged as though it wasn’t huge news to her. She allowed an amused expression to cross her lips as her eyes really took a moment to take him in, she had to admit it would be a shame to do damage to such a fine looking man “Only the special ones” she teased softly.

“So what does a supernatural snob like you study in university, I wonder” she mused, tilting her head as though to imply she was thinking about the possibilities.

"More like a cautious girl" he grumbled, he used to be able to prank her mildly but over the years, it does seem like Argent has gotten more cautious of her surroundings especially when he's in the mix. It just means he had to resort to another technique, of course. There was no way the therian would give up so easily, not a chance. He loves teasing her way too much to be settling that one down. There were a lot of stereotypes and prejudices that surrounded her species, more due to the fact that it was quite possibly the newest addition to the supernatural world and no one knew how trustworthy they could be since until recently, they lived a secluded life, far from other civilizations. And personally speaking, Seojun thought phoenixes are always warranting a permission for them to be wary of. They didn't exactly have the best track record over the years. 

So he was a bit untrusting, until they have given him any reason to trust them then he will continue to keep his guard up. Even though people say it wasn't fair to judge a person, or in his case, an entire species, based on the cover. Well, to the therian, it's always guilty until proven innocent. "Didn't you have predatory animals when you lived there?" He raised his eyebrows and tilted his head in confusion, that's weird, just where the hell did she even live prior to coming here? "I don't need to sniff people voluntarily nor closely… I can smell you from across the campus." Perks of having a nose like that, especially with the enhanced senses. "If you're worried your peace would be short lived, you should. Because peace doesn't last forever… did a lot good for the last one. But I don't think you should be worried about the Initia being your enemy." 

He didn't know much about the new Grand Master in the city but he hoped she would be able to keep her own tribe at bay because so many had personal experiences with phoenixes. "You shouldn't really be surprised though, right? Phoenixes used to be scrutinized everywhere they go because people believe they bring nothing but destruction and mayhem." It's a hard part to get out of that picture, even his kind had certain prejudices still rooted in. "I am an animal" he muttered under his breath. It was the same response he had whenever someone said he behaves like one. He noticed she was being somewhat empathetic to his situation with Argent but Seojun quickly dismissed the air, "It doesn't matter anyway." He had to know his place. To not step out of the line further than necessary. "The world either perishes in fire or ice… that sounds about right." Which is why they're dangerous. It was a valid concern. 

"I guess I should be impressed that you consider me a special someone" he retorted dryly and huffed when she asked what a supernatural snob like him is doing there. "Whoever said I'm a student here? I'm just coming over to see your roommate…" Not yet anyway but he remembered what Argent said abt university, "Though it's likely you'll find me enrolling here… somehow." 

She laughed softly when he corrected her words to say that Argent was more cautious than smart, the result was the same though and the way he talked about her definitely showed that he cared about her. Despite not even knowing her roommate yet or knowing anything about what to expect from her, it did reassure her to know this guy wasn’t just some random person sneaking around in their dorm. She raised a curious brow when he asked her if they had any predatory animals “Well obviously but I haven’t been gifted with the opportunity to talk to wild animals, unfortunately” though she had to admit that sounded like one of the best superpowers she could think of.

She tilted her head slightly when he said he could smell someone from across the campus, she was sure to his kind it was entirely normal but she had to admit it sounded absolutely bizarre hearing it out loud from him “Honestly that just sounds like grounds for a constant headache to me” she admitted and shrugged slightly, strong scents could often grate on her so she couldn’t even imagine being more sensitive to them. “Well I’m not planning on starting any fights, that’s for sure, but I can certainly finish them if I had to” she was a passive person in conflict until she was forced to intervene, then she could be quite scary.

She honestly didn’t like his tone or the judgemental way he spoke when he talked about phoenixes “Well most of us were just trying to survive in a world where being different from your own kind meant you were tossed out and chased down” she commented in somewhat of a bitter tone, there had been a lot of bloodshed but when it came down to it, it was true that the Initia started this whole thing by turning on the phoenixes in the first place. She got the hint to stop prying into his business when he dismissed her concern and bit her lip softly, she had wondered if maybe he wanted someone to understand his pain but it was clear he didn’t want her to try she let it go.

She gave a dry chuckle when he said he was impressed she considered him special, well he was certainly an interesting character and if he was friends with her roommate she was sure she would be seeing more of him, even if it was in passing. “Oh…” she commented when he said he wasn’t studying here “I just assumed you had to be a student to be allowed in the dorms” though now it occurred to her that he probably didn’t care much for that rule either. “Likely? Does your attachment really run that deep…” she more mumbled it to herself than anything but she was sure he’d hear it.

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