The niveis had been working hard for this day and it was finally here. Admittedly, beginning her studies mid the first semester wasn't exactly ideal but there was no time to waste if she wanted to get a jump on her career and thankfully the university had been sympathetic to her. She had already been to the admissions office and been given her student ID and a map of the university halls, thankfully there had been a spare room in one of the dorms she could occupy. The blonde gave a polite smile and thank you to the assistant at the desk who had been helping her before staring in dismay at her things.

Somehow she had managed to lug them all the way here but she was practically exhausted from the journey and if this paper was correct, she was going to need to climb stairs to get to her new room. She huffed slightly but rolled back her shoulders and got to it, dragging her suitcase behind her as she headed towards the dorm building. When she got there, she gave an exasperated sigh as she stared at the staircase she would need to follow up to the second floor "Just one more staircase on the road to success" she pepped herself up before beginning to pull it up, one flight at a time. By the time she finally made it to the front entrance hall of the place she would call home, the niveis was exhausted and sweating. 

She knocked but there was no answer so she used the key she had been given to open the door, she looked around, almost thankful for the fact her roommates seemed to be out. Setting down her suitcase she glanced around, noting that two of the rooms had their doors closed and the other had the door ajar, enough for her to see it was clearly the one unused. She wasted no time dragging her things to the room and heading inside. She didn't even take any time to take in the surroundings, instead, setting her suitcase down, closing the door behind her and then grabbing the hem of her top and lifting it up over her head.

She tossed it aside and headed towards her suitcase so that she could find another top to wear but it was in that moment she wasn't quite as alone as she thought in the room. A scream escaped her mouth as she noticed a male in the room with her and her reflex reaction was to lift her hand and freeze him against the wall so that he couldn't move. She widened her eyes when she realized what she had done and then quickly crossed her arms over her chest as though that could hide her current topless state "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded in a flustered state. 

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She was a curious case, most people would have planned something for themselves in advance so that they won’t have to go through a muddy path without having a plan B ready. “Don’t take too long, you don’t have forever” he joked, which is not something you could use with an immortal but nowadays, even in their supernatural world, being an immortal means nothing because people still get killed easily day by day, especially when they’re currently battling a silent war. “If I take the easy road then I’m being lazy. It’s always called the ‘safe’ one rather than the easy one, just so people can make themselves feel better.” And perhaps, he’s one of those said people. “Isn’t everything biblical these days? Your kind obviously follows a designated leader that was already chosen by birth, like most of us.” 

He’s a therian, they follow alphas, but since he’s in the Ailward Guard, he didn’t have to do that, he only ever needed to abide by the rules, protecting the people he took an oath for; the Ailwards. He didn’t need to care about anything or anyone else. “You’re not a born niveis, that much we know, which makes me wonder if little miss here has ever thought about wanting to become a phoenix leader?” A dangerous lifestyle, for sure, considering most phoenixes always have trouble trailing behind them. 

When she questioned him about being able to find her, Seojun shrugged absentmindedly “That’s not hard coming from where I am” an ancient organization such as theirs, of course they were bound to have unlimited sources of information in general. And he’s always been a good tracker so he didn’t need much to start locating. His smirk grew when she pointed out his advances on her, well maybe he could have a night to remember after all. Something to tell him maybe staying on campus wouldn’t be too bad. At the moment, he only had one reason and that’s Argent Ailward. “Oh I can make it worth everyone’s while, sweetheart, I don’t half-ass anything I do.” 

He chuckled when she frowned on his comment, god she’s feisty, if anything he was already thinking about more than he should. “Do I have girls lining up? Yes. I’m a guy who enjoys living his life in pleasure” he winked playfully, licking his lips as he unconsciously took another look at her, eyeing the niveis from top to bottom shamelessly. The therian bit his lip and chuckled softly when she asked how intimately he wished to get to know them so he sauntered towards her, backing her a bit against the edge of her bed as he leaned down to whisper seductively “As intimate one can be, maybe know what makes them tick, especially physically. How their temperature goes when they’re feeling hot and bothered…”

She gave him a pointed look when he said not to take too long because she had limited time, though he wasn’t wrong and she didn’t intend on biding too much time, she had lost too much already. “I’ll find my path I’m sure…at least I made a start on it anyway” she commented and allowed a hint of a smile to cross her lips, she was proud of herself for taking that first movement on the ladder. “You never really get very far in the world playing it safe” she pointed out with a wry smile “I’m more of a risk-taking kind of girl” she commented, allowing a wry smile to cross her lips.

“It doesn’t make me feel any better about being a designated leader” she commented and shrugged her shoulders slightly. She shuffled on the spot when he pointed out she must have been a phoenix in the past and questioned whether she had ever wanted to be a leader “I had a leader I believed in” she answered and shrugged her shoulders slightly “Probably the biggest mistake I could have made” she wasn’t getting into that with someone she only met today though “Maybe it crossed my mind once or twice” she admitted and pursed her lips slightly.

“Where you are from huh?” she commented and raised her brows “You make it sound awful like you’re some kind of super-spy” she chuckled and shrugged her shoulders slightly, he could keep his secrets, it didn’t really matter to her either way after all. But she was certainly intrigued by the enigma that was him, she would admit that much. She tilted her head slightly when she noticed the way a smirk adored his lips, it was hard to deny how good it looked on him. “Well that certainly sounds promising” she purred in response to his words and licked her lips “But I wonder if it’s all talk” she whispered softly.

Her gaze was captivated by his in that moment and she couldn’t help herself from falling for those charms he played “Of course you do…I bet you have everyone wrapped around your little finger don’t you” meanwhile here she was doing the same she supposed, but how could she help herself when he was looking at her like that. She eyed him, noticing the way he looked her up and down like a predator stalking his prey and when he stepped closer she even backed up a little in surprise before he came to trap her against the bed, her head tilting back as she was forced to stare up at him. The sound of his whisper against her ear made her shiver “This is going to be a mistake, I can tell” she murmured but took a hold of his shirt by the collar to pull him down to her.

He hummed softly and shrugged when she said she'd eventually give her own path after working on it, "I'm sure you will." It wasn't as if what he thinks would matter that much to her, she has obviously made it clear to him earlier that she doesn't really care what he thinks of her. Seojun couldn't help but to scoff when she pointed out how playing safe would get them anywhere in the world "Maybe, but there are things I can't just go into without thinking. If I do everything casually, it might come back to bite me in the ass, you know?" And in his line of work? He just couldn't take that type of risk. "I like a risk-taking girl" he chuckled, judging from the way she behaves from the beginning, maybe she wasn't selling herself short at all. How peculiar. 

The niveis leader is not someone he thought to be this… interesting. From the intel he received prior to coming here, he did hear about the niveis having a previous leader that ended up in the ditch because well, obviously nobody takes kindly to tyrants. He wouldn't either. The therian bit his lip to hide the grin that was threatening to cross his lips when she said he sounded like a spy "Well I'm not a spy and while no spies would really admit if they were spies, my line of work is a little bit more complex compared to that." And it is, Seojun is a hunter, and he was also in the forensic department, which explains the head wasn't there for decoration either. He's a smart and calculating guy, though he doesn't show it as much because he likes to play around and be silly. It gives a good premise for his opponents to believe he's not a threat. 

"But you and I both know my identity doesn't matter to you…" He purred as he loomed over her, watching the blonde as she stepped back until he had her backing against the edge of her bed. This is exactly where he wanted her to be and now she is. "I have everyone wrapped around my fingers… I have them wrapped around something else too" he added, god his filter for telling flirtatious jokes were malfunctioning. He wanted her, someone he probably shouldn't want. He's tall but Freyja was shorter than the average American, so it gives him a big advantage. 

"Someone told me she'd freeze my balls off if I try anything" he teased when she pulled him down, inching just one centimeter apart. Though that didn't last as long when he leaned forward to close the gap between them either way. The kiss was nowhere near being soft at all.

She allowed a playful smile to cross her lips when he voiced his like for risk-takers “I had the feeling you would” she commented, her voice sultry but sweet at the same time “You hardly seem like the type to put himself in a limited box either” she commented and bit her lip softly, how fast the day seemed to have changed, she wasn’t immune to his charms and she had to admit she found him extremely attractive, perhaps she had a thing for the grumpy-seeming unbothered types, as she was sure many others did too.

He was mysterious too, the type that sparked up a thousand questions in her mind but also made her keep them to herself because she knew he wouldn’t tell her the answers to them. “Complex huh?” she nodded her head slightly “I think we can all relate to that, nothing is ever as simple as it seems” when people saw her working at the store she was sure they made all kinds of assumptions about the person she was, the past she had experienced and how she had ended up there and none would be even remotely close to reality.

She bit her lip harshly when he pointed out his identity shouldn’t matter to her, he was right, considering they had only met today and were unlikely to be close to one another again, why should she care to know even the smallest detail about him? “Sounds like something a super villain would say” she teased back and grinned slightly. He knew how to keep her on her toes which she had to admit, she liked a lot. “I’ll bet” she responded and tilted her head at his rather crude comment “Well, I think the fact you’re still here after hearing that says more about you than it does me” she whispered softly, eyeing his lips as he came in close.

His lips were warm against her cold, but from the moment they kissed it felt like her whole body was on fire, naturally deepening as she pulled him in closer she wasted no time grabbing hold of his shirt and tugging it upwards, the desire taking over whatever logic in her head said she shouldn’t.

He probably shouldn't do this or want this but what can he do? The heart wants what it wants. Or maybe, in this case, the body wants what it wants. He was attracted to her but it was not strange because the blonde was clearly gorgeous and nobody sane would deny her. He wouldn't be an exception either. "You're right, I don't put myself in a limited box, it's not my thing you see, I like to... explore" that's an understatement when it comes to Seojun.

How did they go from her threatening to freeze his balls off if he tried anything to him looming over and her beckoning him to come closer if he dared. To which he actually dared, but it's not his fault when she was radiating that. It was clear everything they do is consensual. Did he have a type? Maybe. But then again the therian would sleep with anyone attractive. "Nothing is as it seems yes... you're also one under that category, wouldn't you say so?"

Who was she? All he seemed to know was a bit too little off the surface and Seojun just hated skirting around and waiting for the unknown to happen. Despite being an agent of chaos and him loving it, it's only applicable if he knew what was to happen and if he had control of it. None of those applied to this situation. When she pointed out that it was something a supervillain would say, he chuckled "I have a penchant for making things a tagline, don't mind me..." No words were necessary. They didn't need it, because their bodies would do enough to show it. He crashed his lips against hers and smiled, the feeling of her soft ones on his felt just right. Okay, maybe college wasn't such a bad idea.

All forms of logic went out the window the moment she took his shirt off and he reciprocated. With his lips still pressed against hers, he brought his hand up on her top, pulling it upwards and tossing it aside. "Should we really be doing this?" He teased, picking her up and pressing her back against the wall, it certainly felt easy. She was light and he was already stronger than an average human. 

She had a wry smile on her lips “How very open-minded of you” she purred in a sultry voice, she couldn’t deny that he had piqued her curiosity and then managed to somehow hold onto it, what a strangely grumpy but incredibly charismatic man she had met. She laughed softly when he said she fell under the category of things not being as they seemed “I definitely don’t fall under most people’s expectations of me” she was an ice phoenix after all, one who had somehow been assigned the leader gene.

Things had flipped on their head so quickly but maybe that’s what she wanted, she came here with the intent of changing her destiny, she wanted to be so much more than the sad girl who was trapped for all those years. She was going to be a bold leader, a hardworking student and maybe, just maybe, she wanted to be wanted. The feeling of his lips against her only spurred her confidence further, arms snaking around his neck to pull him in closer as both their clothes seemed to fly off.

Perhaps she would regret this later or perhaps she wouldn’t, there wasn’t time to consider that in the moment because everything just screamed yes. She giggled playfully when he made short work of her top, fingers sinking into his silky locks as she let out a soft gasp when he lifted her “We definitely shouldn’t…I didn’t even finish unpacking all my things” she teased softly but leaned in to kiss again as though to contradict her words “But what a memory that would make” she teased. A memorable first meeting indeed.

It wouldn't exactly be anything new to Seojun to find someone this late at night, especially when he just returned from a big mission. But he had to remind himself that he was only there for one person and one person only;  Argent Ailward. He was supposed to be there for her, and no one else. But what the hell is he doing right now? To be fair, the therian couldn't get his eyes off her.

The blonde before him was too enigmatic for him to ignore, he wanted to know more about her. He needed to know more. And at the moment, all he could think of was going around the lines of 'bed' and 'satiate', which isn't the worst combination most of the time. "Well, you know what they say, normal is boring." And she is definitely far from being normal, even in the supernatural sight. Maybe Argent can wait, he thought. It wouldn't hurt just to give in tonight. She wouldn't know who he wanted to screw and if both of them keep their mouth sealed, the Aspect of Light wouldn't know.

Before long, both their clothes were strewn all over the floor and their skin coming in contact with each other. Her skin was cold, colder than a person should be and if it wasn't for the fact that he knew what she is, it would have struck him as weird. "I can help with the unpacking..." and she knew he did not just mean the clothes. "What a memory indeed, imagine screwing someone so early into moving in, guess you have a reputation, ice princess. But there's nothing wrong with making strong first impressions." And there was nothing wrong to indulge yourself either. He knew that better than anyone. 

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