The niveis had been working hard for this day and it was finally here. Admittedly, beginning her studies mid the first semester wasn't exactly ideal but there was no time to waste if she wanted to get a jump on her career and thankfully the university had been sympathetic to her. She had already been to the admissions office and been given her student ID and a map of the university halls, thankfully there had been a spare room in one of the dorms she could occupy. The blonde gave a polite smile and thank you to the assistant at the desk who had been helping her before staring in dismay at her things.

Somehow she had managed to lug them all the way here but she was practically exhausted from the journey and if this paper was correct, she was going to need to climb stairs to get to her new room. She huffed slightly but rolled back her shoulders and got to it, dragging her suitcase behind her as she headed towards the dorm building. When she got there, she gave an exasperated sigh as she stared at the staircase she would need to follow up to the second floor "Just one more staircase on the road to success" she pepped herself up before beginning to pull it up, one flight at a time. By the time she finally made it to the front entrance hall of the place she would call home, the niveis was exhausted and sweating. 

She knocked but there was no answer so she used the key she had been given to open the door, she looked around, almost thankful for the fact her roommates seemed to be out. Setting down her suitcase she glanced around, noting that two of the rooms had their doors closed and the other had the door ajar, enough for her to see it was clearly the one unused. She wasted no time dragging her things to the room and heading inside. She didn't even take any time to take in the surroundings, instead, setting her suitcase down, closing the door behind her and then grabbing the hem of her top and lifting it up over her head.

She tossed it aside and headed towards her suitcase so that she could find another top to wear but it was in that moment she wasn't quite as alone as she thought in the room. A scream escaped her mouth as she noticed a male in the room with her and her reflex reaction was to lift her hand and freeze him against the wall so that he couldn't move. She widened her eyes when she realized what she had done and then quickly crossed her arms over her chest as though that could hide her current topless state "What the hell are you doing?" she demanded in a flustered state. 

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He pursed his lips slightly when she retorted back by saying she wasn’t gifted with the ability to talk to animals. “Touche” he quipped and crossed his arms, thank god for his animal shifting ability. Obviously, it wasn’t as if Seojun could command the animal kingdom but an animal is an animal at the end of the day, whatever that’s similar to them would be similar to him just as much. He had learned to accept them a long time ago. “Oh it is, grounds for headache” he didn’t mind getting a few scents from time to time but when it’s a packed space with increased density, all he could focus on was trying to hold his breath because everyone is just… annoying with their smell. “And scents are very particular with their species too, that one is at least convenient” he’d rather know if that person is a friend or an enemy. With Seojun, people are either idiots or enemies before he considers them harmless.

Being cautious was something he had to adapt to, given his job as a guard. When she said she knows how to end fights, the therian eyed him from top to bottom before chuckling, “Yeah, you sure look like someone who knows what to do.” That one wasn’t even a sarcastic remark. Was he a bit prejudiced against phoenixes? Very much so, considering they were ones of those that gave him the pain to track down over the past few centuries working as a guard. They were not lenient nor were most of them easy to handle. “Doesn’t everyone? You’ll see that at least 1 in every 100 people in this world is done that way, no matter what species they are, being tossed out because they fear what you could do. Some were rooted because of what you are. Believe me, it’s not the first time I’m doing this drill.” He didn’t experience the same but he has seen it happen over the years.

“Initia turns on phoenixes because they either fear or don’t like the fact that a group of them could master fire better than they would. Now phoenixes started turning into what? Niveis, I’m sure you call yourselves. Rumor has it that you were mostly born from one guy who went crazy and didn’t think phoenixes were the superior race anymore.” If there was anything Seojun had learned, it’s that hearing rumors was as close to confirming the truth in person. “In another century, the same cycle will happen again and we’ll end up destroying this world because we can't find common ground anymore. Peace could only for so long anyway and the only place that actually held that belief for all species is here… in a city that people wouldn’t even glance at unless they knew what it held. The rest of the world is holding onto treaties that are as thin as the tissue.”

The difference they had compared to Evermore is one thing he could say he’s not keen on. Despite not liking Evermore, he was grateful there’s a safe place here. “That attachment is not something I can get rid of, I look after her, that’s as far as what people know.” Of course, he was not spilling his feelings for the Aspect of Light to her new roommate. “Why did you come to Evermore anyway? Most people come to run from the world or to find someone, the latter being very high.”

She wrinkled her nose at the thought of all the conflicting scents and how that would end up overpowering your senses and giving you a headache, she couldn’t imagine how much of a pain it must be to constantly be able to smell everything so strongly “God help you if someone decides not to wear their deodorant for a day” she commented and pulled a face “Well at least you can tell one species from another, the rest of us have to give our best guess” and that could be a minefield in a world where supernatural identity was supposed to stay secret. She smirked just a little when he said she seemed like someone who knew how to handle herself in a fight “I’m not sure anyone like us can afford not to know how to handle themselves” there were always going to be people who didn’t understand.

She narrowed her gaze a little because he seemed to have missed the point she was trying to make “If you’ve seen it time and time again then why the prejudice for my kind, you know nothing about us” she responded sternly as she stared back at him, she really didn’t care if he had an issue with niveis but she did take issue with him preaching the normalcy of being alienated and then attempting to alienate her people in the same breath “If you look deep enough you’ll find that most of us just want to find a way to live” especially after going through the things her and her people did. “And that crazy guy you’re throwing around so casually was a dictator who tortured his own people” she snapped in a rather annoyed tone because he seemed so insensitive to other people’s struggles.

“Well I don’t see you doing much to right it, mister peacekeeper” she commented a little sarcastically because he was all talk but he didn’t exactly practice what he was talking about if he judged her purely on what she was. She did feel a little sad for him, it was clear he had a rather complicated relationship with Argent and it also seemed from the way he talked about it that she didn’t even know how deep it ran “She must be one special girl” he held a handle out for her even though he knew he wasn’t going to get anything in return and she wasn’t sure whether she thought that was sad or romantic.

“Perhaps a little of both, I’m not sure you’d believe me if I told you my story about how I got here so” she shrugged slightly “Let’s just say I was looking for a new start and this place was as good as any, there’s people I care about here and I feel...obligated to them” she commented and nodded her head “Besides, hasn’t everyone heard about the great supernatural city? Even in the middle of nowhere we knew about it” every supernatural dreamed of visiting. She leveled her gaze on him for a moment “I have to know what mister unbothered would even choose to study” she commented.

At the sudden mention of deodorant, Seojun couldn't couldn't but scrunch his nose up in disgust and shook his head, "You just had to say that" on the contrary, despite everyone thinking he couldn't care less, the therian is very particular with hygiene and because of his sensitive sense of smell, he absolutely hates those who are untidy or unkempt. Even if you leave the laundry longer by a few hours than you're originally supposed to be, you'll find him storming your room ready to give you a beating. That's why he never shares a room. "It's a convenient skill set" he mumbled, it helps him at his job as a guard too, he's an excellent tracker, much like the rest of his counterparts. "Touche" he quipped when talking about being able to defend themselves. She wasn't wrong, they needed to know how to do that if they want to survive in a world like this. 

He knows he had a certain prejudice and preconceived notion about her kind because none he's met so far had displayed anything that warranted any of his trust. But he shouldn't have said that maybe, he was being too harsh on someone who probably didn't have anything to do with it. Still, his ego wouldn't allow him to apologise outrightly. "I thought you're from an island of your own, you went there to escape from the rest of the Initia, why leave?" This one wasn't a jab to her, but more of a curiosity coming from Seojun himself. He didn't understand why they would want to leave an island that no one else could come to. He likes the Isle of Skye, he saw it as his home, which was relative to the likes of him but he had good memories there. So he tried hard to come back there as soon as he finished his missions, which also became motivation. When it fell, so did his sense of belonging. It was understandable why the therian was being so bitter about it. 

It wasn't until she snapped and talked about the crazy guy he's heard from the rumors, being a dictator, "So that's why you left…" He scoffed when she called him a peacekeeper, it sounded so bad when people called them that. Sarcastically as it may be, that's what the Ailwards were supposed to be, peacekeepers, but the guards, most of them are just happy to give something to the world, including him, and that meant he would do whatever that was commanded of him. And considering his prospects, being called peacekeeper felt so funny when he's beaten more people than mediate them. "She is" How can he even begin to describe Argent Ailward? She's She's with him for over 300 years and so has he, how can it be a surprise to anyone to find out he's been harboring feelings for the Aspect of Light? "She doesn't seem to know how special she is though." 

The tribe from Unyak had moved and settled here, he knew that much,  so that's probably what she was referring to. "Yeah, Evermore has its charms… as annoyingly as it is." It's a good place, but his resentment still drives deep so he's bitter about it. He raised his eyebrows questioningly and crossed his arms, "Criminology, maybe, I don't know. I came back with the thoughts of utilising my skills and putting them to good use and they said ECPD is where it is…"

Seeing his face she couldn’t help but snicker, deodorant was a must around a therianthrope then “I swear I just saw at least a dozen bad memories cross through your head” she teased playfully and tilted her head slightly, it must be strange through, to have senses heightened like that and be able detect things so specifically “I’ll bet” she murmured softly when he said it was a useful skill “Evermore feels like walking in a maze, you never know what’s going to be around the next corner” she was doing her best to navigate but she hardly had her own life together, let alone an entire tribe to worry about.

“Living our lives running away from our problems was hardly living” she commented in a soft voice, there were plenty of them that didn’t want to stay there on Unyak, especially when Coldren had the great idea to turn them all, whether they wanted to or not. Freyja had been foolish enough to let him talk her into turning only for him to lock away when he felt threatened by her “Believe me, very few of us wanted to be there in first place” she commented dryly “All our clan ever tried to find was a life for ourselves” she remembered a time when being with those people brought her peace and a sense of security, until it had all been ripped away. “Now we are free...doesn’t the eternal city seem as good a place as any?” she raised her brows in questioning if he could fault her thinking.

She pressed her lips together and nodded when he said Argent was that special to him, it seemed regardless of whether she returned that he couldn’t help it, it honestly made her curious to see what made her so special “They never do huh?” she grinned slightly, it was the purest people who never seemed to see their own worth. She chuckled when he spoke about Evermore with a tinge of disdain “Still it’s only a city” she commented in a soft voice “The place doesn’t matter so much as what you make of it” and she hoped she would be able to settle here because moving from place to place honestly interested her very little.

“I could definitely see you being a detective” she commented with an amused smirk “A hard ass one for sure” she teased slightly as she held his gaze for a moment “So is she the only reason you stay here?” she quirked her brow slightly wondering if he actually had any goals or loyalties of his own.

It did bring him some memories. "You'd think people would know how to invest on one…" The smell of blood and death is probably fine to Seojun, since that is pretty much everywhere, especially in his duty as a guard to go check places, but aside from that, he's going to complain. "It could be a bunny", he exclaimed bluntly, referring to her remark about what may lie in the next corner, a bunny meant that she could find herself in a harmless situation. "Or a hyena essentially…" Or a harmful one. "But hey if you could fly then I guess it'll be an advantage. You get to run." He hasn't met anyone who would willingly stay in a bad situation and not scamper off for their lives. Which is ironic when she talked about running not being part of the solution.

"Being a coward is not necessarily a bad thing, it depends on the situation. You're either a coward or an idiot, but sometimes people see those who ran away to preserve their lives as a coward when it's just them being smart about it." Seojun wondered how bad things were to the point where they had to move to a whole new island, far from other types of civilization but it was probably bad, he was around when both the phoenixes and initia were subjected to intense hatred from one another. It was almost never ending. "I guess I can't fault you thinking the eternal city is the best place to start anew, because it is. For many people, it's a safe haven, free from all the prejudice the rest of the world has to get to you. Well, almost anyway. Here we have rules, rules everyone has to follow because the justice system won't turn a blind eye just because your faction is strong."

That's one of the things he could respect about Evermore, sure the therian didn't think it would last, just like the last agreement with the phoenixes and Initia, but it's a nice effort. He let out an indignant sigh when thinking about Argent, he wondered if she ever noticed the things changing between them. "For someone who moves around a lot and never staying in one place, to me a city is just like the other." So she was right when she said a city is just a city. But he still has yet to find any connection to this place, maybe it's because he's not willing yet. He's a guard dog, that's what he was usually called by his enemies, so the thought of being a detective made him laugh.

"I don't like to follow the rules as much though, not ones that don't align with mine." Whatever the Ailward gave him, he followed, but they never specified how he brought them to success so he would do it in his own way. "In a way, I work for her family so… it's a win-win situation. I get to stay here and look after her. But they didn't move here because it was time to move to a new place, they had to, so you can imagine why I'm bitter. Especially when we can't return…"

She wrinkled her nose at the thought of a hyena being around the corner “There’s something ironic about it being a hyena, considering they laugh at you” she shook her head slightly in amusement “Flying is definitely a perk, though not exactly the most practical thing to have in a city where you’re expected to keep yourself under the radar” she’s never been one to flaunt what she was because it was dangerous for her back then but she’d always been a space that meant she was able to use her abilities at the very least.

“I don’t see shame in knowing when it’s time to run but there’s also wiseness in knowing when enough is enough and it’s time to stand and fight” and she was willing to fight for herself, for her people if it came to it. “But you’re right, surviving to live another day, I don’t see shame in that” and as a leader she would never lead her people into slaughter the way Coldren wanted his to, forcing them to fight a battle they couldn’t win. “I heard a lot about this place before I came, people speak of it as though it’s...legendary” she murmured softly, she didn’t see it as exactly that now she was here “I’ve never really ever had the chance to live” she confessed and shrugged “Never got to even dream of falling in love or anything stupid like that, it was all taken away from me” she commented in a soft voice.

“So all I can say is that we won’t be the first ones to break the peace treaty” she commented and pressed her lips together, she didn’t know how everyone else stood but all she wanted was a break from constantly having to be scared, she wanted a life and she wanted all the opportunities that had been so cruelly stripped from her. “Maybe you’re right, a city is a place, home is where the people you care about are” she didn’t have a massive list of those anymore, most of her faction thought she was dead and she was worried they’d resent her. “You must have something that motivates you, right?” she questioned with an arch of her brow.

“You do seem like the kind of guy who likes to have things...his way” she commented and tilted her head slightly to see if he would disagree with what she said. It was curious how he explained that he worked for her family, that made her wonder what kind of work he did, he hardly seemed like the type to be a butler “How noble of you” she commented in a soft voice, shrugging her shoulders slightly “I’m sorry you lost your someone who was ripped from hers, I know what it does to a person” it wasn’t a simple thing to go through, it affected your sense of security.

"That's why I say hyenas" he scoffed, that's one way to describe them. "Hyenas are so outgoing… no worries whatsoever in the world, they just follow the status quo, find their prey and pounce before going about their day" sometimes Seojun wondered if it was better to be a mindless animal, they looked so carefree. "Lucky I don't fly, I don't know how you would handle the wings, aren't they too big?" Seojun prefers to keep both hands and legs on the ground where he could traverse without having to worry if he's going to plunge deep into somewhere and get hurt. He was amused when she supported what he said about knowing to live another day because those who are smart know better than to risk themselves in stupidity. "Some battles are just not worth it to be fought, lose a battle today, win the war tomorrow, it's the smartest choice." 

Though the therian isn't someone who likes losing, he could respect knowing there are bigger and greater things in the picture there. "I didn't come here willingly, hell we were forced to… but this place has some history that makes it known. Have you ever seen a place where everyone gets along?" The question wasn't whether it would last long or not, it never was. "It's fascinating, though admittedly they drove out the bad ones." Sucks to be them then. "But each person had a different view of this place so you'll have to stay a bit longer to make your own judgement about it." She wouldn't exactly be the first to express that she's never had the chance to live her life. "Well, now you have your own life, you should start doing what you want most, nobody's going to stop you if you don't give them power to." 

He chuckled when she said she won't be the first to break such a treaty "No, of course you won't, ever since the first one, everyone's been on their toes, they already have a backup plan in case anything happens. I particularly have no interest to know why people would even be stupid enough to go against it, especially if you're looking for a residency here, but… I know mine won't take it nicely" it was a small warning that he always tells people, to not try them because they were initially sent here to monitor things so that's exactly what they're doing. "Everyone has something to motivate them, I'm not excluded from that. My goals are my motivation, my earnest effort to protect the ones I love is my motivation. I know it's unhealthy to bind someone to be your motivation instead of yourself… but that's all I have right now and that's fine." He didn't have much care about anything else anyway. 

"I don't like to lose, so I assert my dominance every time I get. I don't do things because I'm forced to, I live my life the way I wish to. Wouldn't you like to do the same? You want to be in control in every situation, no?" It's similar. "But you already know the type of person I am." He shrugged absentmindedly when he's reminded of the Isle of Skye, what's done is done, all they could do now is move forward and turn that pain and anguish into something better. "You eventually get used to it, don't think too much of it. Sometimes it's better not to care about things." He leaned against the surface and eyed her from where he was "I'd advise you not to get attached but that's only going to be useless, right?"

He was more witty than she expected him to be, that was for sure, at first she had him pegged as this cold and mostly antisocial person but she realized that might not be the case at all “Not to mention they’re more than happy to take the scraps everyone else leaves out for them” smart when it came down to it, they didn’t do much of the heavy lifting but still got to reap the results of it. She chuckled when he asked about her wings “Well most of the time they’re just a medium tattoo on my back” she answered honestly and shrugged “They’re made from coldfire, they can extinguish whenever I want them too” she had to admit it must be heavy for nephilim to carry their wings. “And sometimes being smart pays off more than being strong” though there was a keen balance between the two.

She raised a brow when he pointed out he was basically forced to come here “You don’t seem like the type who can be forced into anything” she pointed out and tilted her head, she only just met him but he definitely didn’t strike her as someone who was going to allow themselves to be pushed around, in fact she’d be curious to see someone try. “When enough people want the same thing, they can become quite the force to be reckoned with” she pointed out, like how her people managed to take down the dictator controlling them when they banded together. “True, though my life is a little more complicated than just being able to do anything I want” she murmured softly, wasn’t everyone’s? There was always something that got in the way.

No one would take a breach in peace nicely she knew that much for sure, she’d only heard the tip of the iceberg when it came to other faction’s stories but even she could tell that everyone had been through a lot, surely they all needed time to breathe, to figure out what path their lives were going to take away from all the conflict. She lifted her gaze and nodded slightly when he explained that his motivation came from others he wanted to protect “A reason is better than no reason, regardless of what it is” she assured him, if his reason to keep fighting was his feelings for others then so be it. “I’m sure we all have times when our...backup reasons are the only thing left” and honestly, it was bold to be able to admit it.

She bit on her lip when he said he liked to assert his dominance, he certainly had quite the presence about him she had to admit “I’m the type of girl who can hand control over, when the time calls for it” though it did entirely rely on trust, if she believed the best thing to do was to let someone else lead, she would. “My reading skills are good but...I don’t think they’re that good” she admitted with a wry smile “We barely know one another, you could just be putting on an act for all I know” she noticed his eyes and the way they were fixed on her, trailing her body enough to make her self conscious, which was ironic considering he’d already gotten a glimpse of her without a shirt on “I’m told I have more compassion than sense at times” she shrugged slightly, wasn’t exactly a crime “But you’ll have to do a little more than tell me a sob story to matter” she purred softly.

Hyenas don’t bother other people, as annoying as they can be, but they do strive to prey on the opportunities laid before them hence why they take everyone’s scraps before running off to wherever they came from. The type who would rather stay under the radar keeping a low-key life because you’re more likely to survive better if nobody cares about you. When she told him what her wings were made of and how she kept them, he nodded in acknowledgment, to be fair, Seojun had so little documented about the niveis hence he came back thinking he could also do some research on their vaguely new species. Deviant species always end up coming more interesting than most.

“So I assume you lean more on the witty and smart scale?” She’s a tiny person and though he wouldn’t be so condescending as to say a tiny build like that wouldn’t be able to withstand a certain weight, she didn’t look like she’s the type to rely on strength either. “You don’t seem like the hyena smart type so no to the cunning I suppose, probably the one to use her intelligence to get what she wants.” Yeah, that suits her better. The therian has walked the earth and met so many different people in all his service as an Ailward guard, which meant he met plenty of really bad ones that needed to be reminded to keep their heads low lest it gets cut off.

He chuckled when she pointed out the type of person she thought he is, well she wasn’t wrong “I don’t get forced into something I don’t eventually choose to.” What’s so complicated about her life aside from being something that most would be wary of, much like some of the others? Was there more to her than what meets the eye? “Why not? Do you have something weighing you down? Or someone?” Could be either one of the two, or even both. He wouldn’t rule it out entirely. “You let it weigh you down too much and you’ll soon realize the things you missed out on because you’re worried about others.” He’s not the most selfish person in the room but Seojun thought that you need to carve your own destiny and pave your road because nobody’s going to do it for you. If they do, that’s a sad life.

Freyja seemed to understand what he meant when he said he lacked the goals most people had. Not everyone could do that. Perhaps she found herself relating to a similar situation, who knows? He quirked his eyebrows in amusement as a sly grin took over his lips upon hearing she could handle the control over when she wants to “And I wonder when does the time call for it” he chuckled. It might’ve sounded a little bit suggestive but isn’t he always like that? “Am I really putting on one? Sounds like a waste of time.” He couldn’t help but laugh when she purred back, oh maybe he likes her. “How are you so sure I want to matter to you hm?” he smirked, licking his lips unconsciously while doing so “Maybe I just like to tease. I won’t lie though, you’re one interesting lady, you’ve caught my interest better than I expected.”

She shrugged her shoulders slightly when he said she leaned more on being witty and smart “You have to make the most of what you have right?” she commented and pressed her lips together, she was petite and slender, even with years of training, she would still struggle to overpower a bigger opponent so she had to play to her own strengths, she didn’t see any shame in that. “Bold of you to think I’ve decided what I want” she jested back, she was never the manipulative type, everything she did was out of her own morale and sense of loyalty.

She tilted her head slightly wondering if he meant that he could be convinced into doing something, perhaps if it was the right person asking he would give in “Sounds like you have a complicated life” she pointed out bluntly, especially because he phrased it like there had been many of these situations he had faced. “A whole tribe of someone’s actually, though it seems kinda harsh to say they’re weighing me down” she murmured the words softly and frowned slightly “Our kind don’t choose our leaders, rather the markings on our bodies tell us who is destined to lead” she gestured to the blue marks on her arms “I got put up for the job” she commented and shrugged slightly, though she was going a lousy job of it.

“So worrying is kinda my job” she commented and shrugged, she might not be sure why it was her who was chosen but she sure as hell didn’t intend to abandon them. She arched her brow because of the way he latched on to her words about handing over control “When I know it’s in my best interests” she responded and bit her lip, he could interpret that as he wanted. Her eyes lingered on him as he spoke, he was an enigmatic one she would admit, her dark gaze caught glimpse of that smirk and it made her avert her gaze to the floor “Well you’re still here aren’t you?” why bother to stay and talk to her if there wasn’t some reason right?

“Interesting huh?” she grinned slightly “Was it the fact I’m an ice phoenix or that your first impression of me was seeing me topless?” she questioned with a quirk of her brow.

Well at least she knows how the world operates, Freyja didn't look like the type to really roll with the whole ignorance is a bliss card easily either. The way she is handling him alone tells everything honestly. And maybe that's one of the reasons why the therian decided to stick by a while longer when he could've really just got out as soon as the ice melted. "So you haven't decided what you want? What's taking you so long?" he teased wryly, how fascinating. Sassy too, the first thing he noticed aside from her nice build was that she has a mouth on her. “That’s an understatement” he scoffed upon hearing her say he seems to have led a complicated life “But it’s just me making things harder for myself when it could be easier too” maybe he likes suffering?

No, that’s not it. He was grateful for the opportunity he had today, to make a difference and contribute something instead of just dying in the middle of nowhere with nobody to mourn him. Isn’t it fun to have a few difficult things? His ears perked up instantly when she mentioned tribe, ah yes the niveis are guided by that, he didn’t know who the tribe leader is though, when they came here he didn’t hear anything big about their leader. His eyes followed the way she traced her marks which made him realize for a moment there that he was actually sassing the tribe leader of the niveis faction. Who knew? “So you’re the chosen one then? I didn’t hear much about the leader… but apparently, she’s in university.”

From what he could see, it wasn’t as if she was too enthusiastic to take on the role but at the same time, she didn’t wish to forsake the responsibility she was bestowed upon. “I’m sure things will get better” was that his attempt to lighten the mood? Maybe. Or maybe he just wanted to give a little bit of hope to someone who got set up with something big like this. Even though he plays around a lot, Seojun is a man with a sense of responsibility and he understood how heavy the weight could be, even when they often wished to forget about it. “When it’s in your best interest you say…” he pursed his lips slightly and smirked “And if I were to make good on that time so it won’t be wasteful?” She’s right, he is still here, for a reason. Going away right now doesn’t seem like a way to end his night.

“Both” he quipped coyly, he wasn’t going to deny that he spent quite a while admiring the view earlier and now he finds out she’s the ambassador of the newly added faction, he wasn’t going to leave her alone so easily. “I mean, even for an ice phoenix, you’re hot so I don’t see why I wouldn’t be piqued by your topless state, though to be fair you were still covered by your bra so it’s half-half” he teased. “And ice phoenixes… I’ve been wanting to learn more about them honestly.”

She raised her brow in thought when he asked her why she hadn’t decided what she wanted just yet “I guess I just never felt like it was something I needed to rush, I’ll figure it out eventually” she nodded, for now she was just trying out different things in the hope something would spark a passion in her. Cooking did that, she enjoyed it very much but she was sure there was going to be more to it than that, perhaps she would meet people important to her or find a path she never even expected. “Then why not just take the easy road? Most people would” she commented in a questioning manner.

She scoffed when the first words he said about it was that she was the chosen one “Well that’s an awfully biblical way of saying it but I guess so” she commented and shrugged, there was a point in time when she wanted to be a phoenix leader but that was her own choice, her will as they say, but after she became a niveis, she resented the fact she was the chosen leader a little because it was the very reason she had been trapped for years. “You found me” she commented and quirked her brow slightly, though it did make her curious how he knew anything about her at all.

“In time” she responded when he said things would get better, she was confident she could settle into the community here in Evermore and even a life of her own, as long as she could navigate other factions and their distrust towards her own. She tilted her head when he made a proposal, biting on her lip because of the suggestive nature behind his words “You seem awfully confident you can make it worth my while” she commented, how did things take a turn like this and was she really going to do this? She hadn’t even been to a party and gotten drunk yet.

“I’m going to take that as a comparison to temperature and not a degrading comment towards my kind” she scolded him which a look that said she was still quite capable of going through with her threat from earlier. “I’ll bet you have plenty of girls falling over themselves for you huh?” even if he was friendzoned by one, he was ridiculously hot so she had no doubt he turned heads. “How intimately do you want to get to know them?” she questioned as she look at him with an intentionally teasing expression, her tone sultry.

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