Siobhan had been in the city for a few months now and had been learning a lot from her mentor Isaac but she had learned to rely on him to much. So she decided to venture out on her own to do laundry at a laundromat away from Isaac prying eyes. She arrived at the Laundromat no problem in fact she was pretty proud of herself. She walked in her clothes in a bag as she walked over to one of the machines and she raised and eyebrow at it. Sighing she placed her clothes inside of washing machine and then pressed the start button. When nothing happened she sighed. For several minutes she looked over the machine even took out her laundry and walked to a new one. People just gave her strange looks as she sighed in frustration and then kicked the machine.

She gave it another good kick denting it slightly as she stook a step back and sat down in the plastic chair and looked her head to the side at a blonde who was staring at her. Her eyes flashed purple and then she looked away as she stood back up trying to figure out why the machine won’t work “What happened to the damn days we could just was our damn clothes in a river. Fuck.” she muttered under her breath as she shook her head and pulled the clothes out tossing them back into her bag, getting ready to leave the laundromat going to Isaac admitting defeat.


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Clara woke up early that morning, reaching out at her alarm clock which had fallen off her counter somewhere last night she picked it up, and as the morning rushed by, grabbing her tea and going outside, the weather had gotten quite cold over the last few nights, and she was sure it would snow any day now, she looked forward to this she loved being snowed in, she could sit by her fireplace, drinking hot cocoa and reading a good book, she warmed at the thought of that. Clara quickly walked to her car and drove to the laundromat. 

She got in took off her coat and picked a machine, slipping out her coin bag, she started putting them into a machine, when she saw a blonde haired woman, looking somewhat confused and definitely angry at the machine when the blonde looked up she could see her purple eyes. Clara could see that the woman looked upset so she walked over, "Do you need some money for the machine?" Clara asked hoping this wouldn't upset her further "My name's Clara by the way." she said smiling at the blonde.

Siobhan was about to kick the washer one again when the woman who's gaze she caught walked over towards her. The blonde was very untrusting of others so as the other blonde walked closer she turned her body to face her. Her blue gaze flashed purple taking in Clara feeling she wasn't fully human. "Money?" she asked and then her gazed turn to the machine and sighed softly "Does everything you do in this town cost money?" She said and sighed out. "Sorry this is the first time I am doing Laundry in a place like this I am use to rivers and creeks." she said as she dug around in her pocket. "My name is Siobhan, most just call me Sio. Pleasure to meet you Clara." She said with a soft smiled found some change in her pocket and laid it out sighing as it was all pennies. "I am guessing it is going to cost more then this to do my load." she muttered more to herself then the blonde next to her, before turning her head towards Clara "do you mind if I borrow some coins? I can gave you." She pulled out a twenty from her pocket. "Twenty for what ever it cost for a was and a dry?"

Clara watched as the blonde was going through her pocket to find some change for the machine "Nice to meet you too, Sio, you have such a pretty name," Clara said smiling at Sio. Clara picked up her purse, "Let me check." Clara said putting her bag on a machine she grabbed two 5 dollar bills from her wallet and made the rest into change "Here you go." Clara said passing the money over to Sio, "I don't mean to bother you, but would you like me to show you how to use the machine?" Clara asked.

"Thank you Clara is a pretty name also." she said as she took the coins that Clara offered her and smiled softly as she looked to the Machine and back to Clara "If you wouldn't mind helping me I will gladly accept I have never been good with technology." she knew it sounded strange most people in this city grew up with Tech but she didn't and sometimes she felt lost in the shuffle living in the city. She smiled to the other blonde softly "So how do I do this?" she asked as she wanted to learn for herself.

"Well Thank you," Clara said smiling at the blonde in front of her, "Don't worry at all, I don't mind, I had to learn this too... once upon a time, anyway It's quite simple, definitely not as hard to learn as a cell phone," Clara said standing in front of Sio's machine, "Okay so first, we can separate the clothes, "Would you prefer by color or fabric?" Clara asked.

Siobhan smiled softly as she looked to her "Well that is good because I still don't know how to work this dang thing." she said holding up the phone before tucking it back into her pocket. "how about colors?" she said and began to help her separate the clothes in colors into the two machines and then looked to her, "Soap right?" she asked.

Clara placed the clothes out of the laundry basket and they started sorting between the colours. "You have many pretty clothes," Clara said placing a pair of white socks in the white pile. Once they had finished sorting Clara listened to Sio's question "Yep, that's right." Clara said picking up the soap and extending it to Sio "Care to do the honours?" Clara asked smiling at the blonde.

Siobhan smiled at her “Thanks to be honest my boss picked out most of them, I tend to be a flannel kind of girl.” she chuckled as she poured the soap in and and then with the other blondes help she started the washers and then leaned back “Well that was much easier than I thought it was, thank you for your help Clara.” she said and then moved leaning against the washer “want any help with yours since I am sure practice makes perfect.”

"Yeah I completely understand, I'm a t-shirt and jeans kind of girl," Clara said as she finished sorting.

"Oh, you're very welcome and sure, I'd love the company," she said as she started getting to work on her own laundry. "Would you maybe like to get coffee or tea, after this with me?" she asked Sio. 

Siobhan smiled at her and chuckled “My kind of girl then.” she chuckled as she moved over with Clara to her laundry and began to help her and she smiled at her “I would love to get something to drink after this.” She felt like she was making a normal friend in town and that was something she could use.

"There is nothing more comfortable," she added with a smile on her face. "Great, I look forward to it."

After finishing the laundry, They both exited the building. "I'm just gonna, but this in the trunk of my car and then we can go," Clara said still holding her basket of now folded clothes. Clara unlocked her clothes and placed it in the trunk. Walking back over to Sio, "Okay, I know this really cute little place, that I think you're going to love." she said.

When she was done with her laundry and helping clara with hers she walked out with her and then smiled as she hitched the laundry bag over her back “well i didn’t drive here so my laundry goes with us” she chuckled as she held her hand out as if to say lead the way “After you my lady.” she chuckled softly before following behind her towards the place she was talking about.

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