Siobhan had been in the city for a few months now and had been learning a lot from her mentor Isaac but she had learned to rely on him to much. So she decided to venture out on her own to do laundry at a laundromat away from Isaac prying eyes. She arrived at the Laundromat no problem in fact she was pretty proud of herself. She walked in her clothes in a bag as she walked over to one of the machines and she raised and eyebrow at it. Sighing she placed her clothes inside of washing machine and then pressed the start button. When nothing happened she sighed. For several minutes she looked over the machine even took out her laundry and walked to a new one. People just gave her strange looks as she sighed in frustration and then kicked the machine.

She gave it another good kick denting it slightly as she stook a step back and sat down in the plastic chair and looked her head to the side at a blonde who was staring at her. Her eyes flashed purple and then she looked away as she stood back up trying to figure out why the machine won’t work “What happened to the damn days we could just was our damn clothes in a river. Fuck.” she muttered under her breath as she shook her head and pulled the clothes out tossing them back into her bag, getting ready to leave the laundromat going to Isaac admitting defeat.


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The walk down the road was quite peaceful, cars passing once in a while. "So, tell me a little bit about yourself, if you don't mind sharing?" she asked taking a careful step over a puddle. Listening to Sio, they arrived in the cafe. The windows were beautiful with mosaic panes of glass. The door said they were open. She pulled open the door. "After you," she said.

She moved with Clara down the street and she look to her and smiled "Ah not much to tell." she bit her lower lip softly. She could tell from the energy in the air that Clara wasn't human "Ah my story is all over the place, I lived on a farm with no technology all my life till recent." she sighed softly as she reached up tucking some of her messy blonde hair behind her ear as she walked through the door "Thank you." she said and then walked over to a table and slid in as she looked to Clara. "I am not sure if you can tell but I am a Nephilim, who until a few weeks ago thought she was human." she sighed softly.

"That's not the worst of lives, living on a farm, I mean, it's got to be pretty peaceful. if you don't mind me asking What was it like?" Clara asked. Clara herself had never truly experienced quiet until she came to Evermore. Walking into the cafe, she could already smell coffee rising from the pots, the atmosphere of the cafe, was colourful, with a sort of jungle twist. They sat down at a little table. "I can relate... sort of, I didn't know right away either, it's hard but I had a little help," she said. Looking up at the chalkboard wall, covered with the menu, she was deciding on what she would take. "I'm Initia, by the way," she said now looking back at Sio with a warm smile on her face.

The waitress came over to take their orders, Clara asked for a jasmine tea. Once Sio had ordered, the waitress went behind the counter and got them there drinks. "If you don't mind me asking, how did you find out you were a Nephilim?" Clara asked.

“I loved my life on the farm but I never knew there was a world outside of it, kind of an apocalyptic life I lead before coming to Evermore.” she chuckled slightly as she rubbed the back of her neck, her eyes went to the Chalkboard reading over it as she tried to figure out what she wanted, at this point with living with Dominic Black was the way to go most mornings. “Well a little help is always need, I have gotten my share of it, sometimes I just don’t like bothering people asking for help.” she said as she sighed and looked to Clara and smiled softly at her. Clara was the first Initia she had come across “What is an Initia?” she asked before sitting back.

“White chocolate mocha.” she ordered and looked back to Clara as she frowned slightly as she looked out the window of the cafe “My Nephilim side activated when I found my father and brother murdered in the woods.” she said as she stared for a long moment. “It was a very confusing night for me.” she said as she cleared her throat. “How about you, when did you learn you were Initia.”

Clara was surprised to hear about the apocalyptic life she had led before now, she just seemed so much like everyone else, so well put together. "Well, if you ever need any help, I'd love to help you," Clara said. 

"An Initia, well... let me see, I've never really had to explain it, Element control, I guess would be the easiest way to say it, I control water, I'm still learning, I'm not the best but I'm getting better," Clara replied giving a warm smile.

Looking down as Sio said a bit of her sad history, she looked back up and placed her hand on top of Sio's, "I understand, my mother and stepfather were murdered as well," Clara said looking back on the horrible memory that had cursed her mind, the thought of there bodies on the floor, the blood that was crusting over, staining the carpet. 

Siobhan smiled at her softly at Clara as she told her she would love to help her. “I have to say in this town I have found so many wonderful people. The good has out weighted the bad.” She said softly as she sipped from the mug “I will take any help I can get to be honest. I am fawned of my time with Dominic, this therian who lives out in the woods, but sometimes it's nice just being around another girl you know?” she chuckled softly.

Siobhan thought for a long moment “I don’t think I have ever met an Initia,” She chuckled and smiled at her and nodded slightly “Oh controlling water sounds like it could be a lot of fun.” She said thinking about it. “Would have come in handy on a farm.” she chuckled softly at her.

Sio watched her look down to her hands and back up. When she said that her family had been murdered also she turned her hand over and held Clara hand “I am so sorry to hear that Clara. I would never wish that on anyone.” She said softly and looked to their hands “Seems like we are more alike then you would think huh?”

"The good should always outweigh the bad, and I know what you mean,  it's nice hanging out with another girl," she said smiling, her mind drifting off to the thought of her childhood. When she was younger she didn't have many friends that were girls, she was usually busy with her dad.  Getting back to the conversation Clara nodded her head, "Is Dominic your boyfriend?" she let out a little laugh, "My apologies that sounded so juvenile, two girls discussing boys. I didn't mean to pry," Clara said. 

"It would definitely come in handy," she agreed tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

Clara gave Sio a smile, She tried to never get upset about her parents' death, to be honest, she had come to terms with there death, trying the hardest to only remember the good stuff. "I guess we do," she replied. "On a lighter note, what have you seen so far in Evermore?" she asked desperate to change the depressing subject.

She smiled to Clara softly, Siobhan best friend all her life had been her brother, so being around a girl was very refreshing. Since Siobhan was home schooled the only other girl she was around was her mother and the two never saw eye to eye on things. Siobhan looked from Clara and smiled softly as she raised the cup to her lips taking a sip from the coffee “Dominic and I are taking things slow, we are an extremely complicated couple.” She chuckled softly and leaned on the table with her elbow. “But I would do anything to keep him safe.” She said softly.

“What have I seen in Evermore well that is quiet a loaded question as I spend much of my time in the woods or in Nephilim territory. So I haven’t seen much of Evermore. Though the parts I have seen range from good to ew.” She chuckled as she leaned against her hand twirling her finger with her free hand around the cup “Is there anything good out there I am missing?”

"I understand," Clara replied to her comment on doing anything to protect him. She would do the same for her loved ones if they were still around. But she didn't think too long on that, painful memories slipping up into her conscious. 

"I'm not exactly sure. Very much of an introvert myself, so I don't get out very often. But have you seen the market, it's so beautiful especially this time of year?" she suggested, the smells of the spices there hitting her memory.

“I have not been to the market.” She said truthfully. Between working for Issac and helping Dom out most of her time had been spent in Therian land “only places I have ben are my bosses home, and Dom garage. What makes the market so beautiful this time of year?” she wondered as she sipped on her coffee.

Clara understood how she had only been to a small part of this place, Evermore was huge. "Well, the market has many wonderful things. But one of my favourites is the antiques, or how done one lane you have carts from all over the world selling things from that country, The Indian cart has the most wonderful of spices, I use them when I cook. Or the Chinese cart had these little-handpainted figurines, which don't really have a use but they are truly beautiful." she replied, thinking about the market had become one of her happy places.  "Sorry I'm rambling," she added, picking up her drink and taking a sip, which was still a tad bit too warm.

Siobhan enjoyed watching people light up when they talked about things that made them happy and the fact that Clara was so passionate about the market made Siobhan want to visit more. Siobhan smiled brightly to the initia “No you are not rambling you are passionate, its passion in such things that draw my interest.” She smiled and leaned against the table pushing aside her empty cup. “Care to take me to the Market some time? I would very much like to see all these carts from around the world.”

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