Siobhan had been in the city for a few months now and had been learning a lot from her mentor Isaac but she had learned to rely on him to much. So she decided to venture out on her own to do laundry at a laundromat away from Isaac prying eyes. She arrived at the Laundromat no problem in fact she was pretty proud of herself. She walked in her clothes in a bag as she walked over to one of the machines and she raised and eyebrow at it. Sighing she placed her clothes inside of washing machine and then pressed the start button. When nothing happened she sighed. For several minutes she looked over the machine even took out her laundry and walked to a new one. People just gave her strange looks as she sighed in frustration and then kicked the machine.

She gave it another good kick denting it slightly as she stook a step back and sat down in the plastic chair and looked her head to the side at a blonde who was staring at her. Her eyes flashed purple and then she looked away as she stood back up trying to figure out why the machine won’t work “What happened to the damn days we could just was our damn clothes in a river. Fuck.” she muttered under her breath as she shook her head and pulled the clothes out tossing them back into her bag, getting ready to leave the laundromat going to Isaac admitting defeat.


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Clara gave her a smile, "Of course, I'd loved to take you," she answered. She picked up her coffee and drank some more. "So tell me a little more about yourself, what's one of your favourite things to do?" she asked. Learning about people came easy to her because she enjoyed listening. 

Siobhan thought for a moment looking to her hands “I honestly love building things weather it be rebuilding a car or building a house out of wood. Putting things back together or building them from scratch just makes sense to me.” she said as she looked back up from her worn scared cover hands “What is one of your favorite things to do?” she asked as she moved finishing off her coffee licking her lips.

"Wow, that's amazing, you seem to have a real passion. How long have you been doing it?" she asked. Clara had a lot of friends so far in her life and most of them had been busy with this, it seemed to Clara it was a very useful skill.  "Drawing, that's one of my favourite things to do. It's just so freeing. I use to do it when I was younger more, but lately, I can't seem to find the time. It was a great escape from reality for me," she said. Then she took a sip of her beverage.

"All my life, it was the only thing that came natural to me, or so my parents would say." She said with a soft chuckle as she shrugged "Cars are more fun, a lot of moving little parts one thing and you have to start over." She chuckled at him and looked to her "Oh wow drawling? I wish I had a skill like that, I can doodle but nothing crazy like a self portrait or anything. I can drawl buildings. and stuff like that. Can you draw people? landscapes?" she question as she leaned forward now that her cup was empty.

Clara could see that Sio, quite enjoyed cars, a passion she could never find in them. "I do, draw people, they take more time, but I feel there are much more differences when you get to draw a person instead of a building, eventually all the buildings seem the same, but it feels different for me when I draw people, if they smile, when you draw them, you can tell if they're faking it, putting it on like a mask, or if it's really, and I always imagine what, they could be happy about, it could be just about anything," Clara laughed nervously, her lukewarm mug in her hands, "I do landscapes as well," a shy smile creeping on her lips.  "I like being creative, it's an outlet, for me to deal with the bad stuff,"

She smiled to her as she tucked her hair behind her ear and watched her speak of her passion when it came to drawing people and how different they can be. She leaned against her hand watching the blonde talk about if someone smiles how you can tell if they are faking it. "Relaly you can tell if someone is faking a smile if you draw it? " she asked as she raised an eyebrow to her musing over how that would work.. "Impressive." she chuckled and smiled at her "Something about doing it with your hands weather it be drawing, painting or building it is a creative outlet we all find ourselves needing." she nodded softly in agreement before smiling softly to her "Thank you for sharing that with me, maybe one day you can draw me." she laughed softly.

"Yeah, you can tell, the lines around said face are different, when they're faking it, the jaw is set, a sense of tenseness, in the air, while someone who is really smiling is caught up in the moment, laid back and relaxed," she replied. True joy was hard to find, everyone seemed to be hiding behind a mask of fake emotions. Of course, to protect themselves, too many people are too harsh to others. "Thanks but it's really not very hard to point out, here, stop here for a second," she stopped where she was. "You see that man there," she pointed over to the man eating next to a woman, he was younger probably mid-thirties. "You see how he's sitting, so straight,  his face turned into something, his eyes alit, he's listening intently, but he's not really enjoying himself, you can tell that by his mouth, and his eyes aren't really focused more fazed then anything else," she said. "It's easy, you pick somebody, and tell me," 

"You're welcome, I'd love to draw you one day, it's fun, maybe I'll even teach you, then you can draw me," she answered back.

“That is pretty cool you can tell the difference I mean I as a Nephilim can tell when people are lying to me or not but it is fascinating you can tell when someone is really smiling or not.” she smiled to her trying to think back to when people she came across smiled at her and wondered if they were real smiles or not now.  She stopped when Clara told her too looking over to the man and watched how he didn’t look interested into the conversation with the woman with him, this caused Sio to frown slightly. “That sucks.” she said softly and then turned back to her “I would love to trade some skills, train me in drawing and I will train you in building something you have always wanted to build!”

"Really I didn't know the Nephilim could do that," Clara said, but then again she didn't know even that much as to what she was, only the basics, she tended to lean more towards being raised as a human. 

Clara listened to the offer Sio had made, "I'd absolutely love to teach you, but I'm not sure what I want to build yet. It'll be hard to choose. Anything you have in mind for the first thing you want to draw with me," Clara replied, looking forward to learning more.

“Trust me Nephilims can do some crazy, scary, and amazing things.” She said as she looked to Clara once again. “But I was raised as human, I never knew what I was till I was stressed to my breaking point and everything fell into place that night, and well here I am.” she said softly with a shrug.

Siobhan smiled brightly to the Initia and chuckled “Well you should start small with building like a shelf or something then work your way up to more elaborate things.” She taped her chin and then hummed softly “Well what is the best thing to start with? Fruit?”

Clara let out something between a half laugh and a sigh, "Yeah, I understand that It seems powers love to emerge in the most stressful and crazy situations," she said, more to herself then Sio, "How did your powers emerge, if you don't mind me asking?" Clara said. 

"A shelf, huh, well that could be very useful, I have so many books in my house it's unbelievable, speaking of books, do you have a favourite book?" she asked, Clara was looking around the weather was quite beautiful and she was enjoying herself very much. "I didn't start with fruit, but you can, I started with trees, I find the detail is a little tedious sometimes with the leaves but there is an easier way,"   Clara finished already imagining the outlines of the trees and the shades of greens they could add to the picture.

Sio understood that half laugh half sigh more than anyone, she felt like it was something that was always on her lips herself. She looked down as she thought to word how her powers came to be. “I found my adoptive father and brother dead in the woods as they had gone missing for a while and I went looking for them, When I looked up there was a smoke forum standing over their bodies. So all the rage hit me at once and then it was like all my power hit me light a freight train and I killed the beast.” she said softly so only Clara could hear her. “What about your power?” she asked with a slight wonder.

“My dad though me how to build from a young age. We started with a shelf.” she thought back on the memory and chuckled “They are something that seems everyone needs them.” she smiled softly to Clara “Ah books. Well for the longest time and the family I had the only book I was allowed to read was the bible but my brother snuck me other books. My favorite one was called of mice and men.” she said as she thought back “Made me cry every time I read it.” she chuckled and then tucked her hair behind her ear. “What about you?”

“Well you are the artist.” she giggled softly towards her “So tell me what you think I should start with and the supplies I am going to need.” she pulled out the phone Dominic gave her not that she really knew how to use it. “You could give me your number. Though I will admit I am horrible with this thing.”

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