Siobhan had been in the city for a few months now and had been learning a lot from her mentor Isaac but she had learned to rely on him to much. So she decided to venture out on her own to do laundry at a laundromat away from Isaac prying eyes. She arrived at the Laundromat no problem in fact she was pretty proud of herself. She walked in her clothes in a bag as she walked over to one of the machines and she raised and eyebrow at it. Sighing she placed her clothes inside of washing machine and then pressed the start button. When nothing happened she sighed. For several minutes she looked over the machine even took out her laundry and walked to a new one. People just gave her strange looks as she sighed in frustration and then kicked the machine.

She gave it another good kick denting it slightly as she stook a step back and sat down in the plastic chair and looked her head to the side at a blonde who was staring at her. Her eyes flashed purple and then she looked away as she stood back up trying to figure out why the machine won’t work “What happened to the damn days we could just was our damn clothes in a river. Fuck.” she muttered under her breath as she shook her head and pulled the clothes out tossing them back into her bag, getting ready to leave the laundromat going to Isaac admitting defeat.


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Clara instantly noticed the blush as she turned away. "Who is this guy, that's got you so flustered?" she teased. She thought back to something similar to her mother had teased at her once. Boys hadn't been a common thing in her life, a few strangely placed dates here and there, and Clara couldn't help thinking about the last time, a man had made her blush like that. 

"You got me there, I know what you mean, they come out with new technology every few months, and it's difficult to keep up, I feel like throwing in the towel sometimes, what technology, in particular, are you having trouble with?" Clara asked, she felt a slight breeze on her shoulders, and a shiver went through her.

Clara smiled fondly at that question. "Yes, I think I have, I've made many new friends since moving to Evermore, and I even found some of my blood family. It's been an experience, but that special someone is still missing from my life and I guess, my house feels empty." 

Siobhan let out a soft laugh at her flustered moment and gave a tug of her sleeve. “Well, his name is Dominic. He saved me after I kinda fell off a cliff and broke my leg. He has been kind enough to let me live with him ever since.” She gave a gentle chuckle. “He is kind of my hero in many ways.” She shrugged as she played with the end of her sleeve. “He makes me feel stronger, and like I have someone who believes in me.” 

“Well I was raised with any of it. Books and farm work was my life before I came to the city. So really all of it.” she laughed softly and moved closer in hopes to stop the cold from making her shiver so much. “Really it's just how often people rely on phones and stuff. It's kinda like a lot of them are lost to it. They don’t see the beauty of what the world has to hold.” She gave a slight shrug for a moment.

Siobhan looked her over for a moment and watched her think of the question she had answered. “Does anyone spark that special someone interest or you still kind of shopping around so to say?” She wondered as she tapped her chin softly.

Her voice sounded light and airy in a sense, and Clara thought the true beauty held in this world was love, something Sio had in her eyes. Clara couldn't help but smile at her answer. A hero, the world could use a few more heroes even if the helped only a handful of people, heroes were needed everywhere, now if only she could find one. "Do tell me the story of how you fell off a cliff, I can't imagine it would be boring," excitement and danger seemed to follow anyone or anyone close to the supernatural world.

"Do you enjoy living in the city or do you miss the country?" Clara knew how much she missed her family home, all the memories had been there but not only good memories resided there, a chill ran through her nothing relating to the cold breeze that seemed to be in the air. "I know what you mean, people are consumed by there phones they miss everything," The world wasn't a quiet place and the weather was just as magical as the powers that flowed through so many supernatural beings, something to rare and beautiful it would hurt to miss.

"Fair enough, No. I don't have a special someone, not yet anyway, it's been hard, if you have any suggestions, send them my way, I could use all the help I can get," Clara chuckled, hoping that she didn't sound too desperate because she wasn't, she was happy wasn't she? 

Siobhan gave a soft chuckle as she raised her hand to rub the back of her neck softly “Well I was hunting for the things that killed my father and brother. Shadow monsters. When I shouldn’t have been since I was alone and it was night time.” She said softly as she looked as if she was reliving the past in that moment. “The shadow monster backed me to a cliff and well I panicked and took a shot too late and both of us went though only one of us is left alive to tell the tale.” She gave a slight chuckle and shook her head for a moment. “It honestly was stupid of me, I had a death wish it seemed.”

Siobhan thought for a moment giving a gentle shrug of her shoulders. “I guess the newness of it all has worn off from me. I enjoy the city and what it has to offer, but something about the woods will always hold my heart. Being able to lay in the grass and stare at the beautiful sky while breathing in the pure air.” She gave a gentle smile to the sky for a moment before looking back to her. “It will always hold a piece of me and I think I will find the blend of both worlds.” She gave a confident nod as she chuckled softly.

“I am glad someone else understands that phones are just this strange trap.” She gave a soft chuckle as her blue green gaze looked around to the people they passed who were scrolling on their phones. “It makes you wonder just how blind people are to the world. That is coming from someone who wasn’t allowed to view the world like they are free too.” She looked at the blonde for a moment and gave her a gentle smile “Well I will keep an ear out and send someone your way. Though I am sure you don’t need my help, a beautiful girl and soul such as yourself.

Clara looked at Sio, her eyes seemed to hold all the pain in the world. A heavy burden for anyone, she listened with the intensity of a friend, and when Sio had finished she could help herself from reaching over to put a hand over hers. "I'm sorry you had to live through all of that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, mine's available," Clara understood the pain of losing a family member, a pain she wished no one would have to go through, but in some ways, she didn't understand it all, every story was different, and each pain was another's to carry.  "And I don't think it was a death wish, just a way to find some closure," 

"I agree, it always feels...peaceful, you stand in an open field and you feel a part of this big world, and everything that troubles you doesn't seem to bad, because there's this great big world out there," She smiled, the world's open fields and vast forests were something that always brought her this feeling of at home.

"You'd be surprised how much you miss, but if I plan on escaping this reality my weapon would be a book, a novel filled with adventure and romance," SHe could picture the book she was reading on her nightstand now, a fairytale of sorts, filled with love and heartbreak. "Do you read a lot? and if so, what are your favourite books?"
"Don't hold your breath, It might take longer then I hope I might still need help," Clara replied, the smile on her face was easy and relaxed everything about this day has been.

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