Coming to this city had felt right to Freyja and yet she couldn't put her finger on why the place made her feel on edge, of course there were many different supernatural beings here, she had learned that quickly but it was more than that, like a feeling in her gut that said something bad was going to happen. Still, she couldn't leave now even if she wanted to. Her people were here and they were building a life here, albeit it a rather strange one considering they lived atop the mountains of the city but wings made quick work of getting right to the heart.

She was thinking about the city and how it was all balanced out as she sat atop a bar stool, gazing across the room. She liked people watching a lot and she was good at picking out little details which quickly told her someone was more than just mere human, she could spot a Nephilim's purplish gaze or an Initia's tribal tattoo with relative ease. Others were harder as they had no physical tells, but her natural intuition tended to tell her when to be careful. She waved down the bartender for another drink before paying and then raising the glass to her lips. It seemed like it had gotten eerily quiet in the bar which made her look up. Through the window she could see it was sunset and it was starting to get dark but other than that, nothing strange seemed to be happening. 

So why did she feel this sense of worry in the pit of her stomach, she wondered, before attempting to focus on her drink. But as darkness began to set on Evermore City everything changed. She was paying no mind to anyone around her but then some asshole bumped into her as he was passing, ending up sloshing his drink all over her, which would have been fine if he apologized but instead he muttered a very mocking 'Sorry' which essentially confirmed he had done it on purpose. She frowned but tried to shrug it off but before she could process what was happening the male threw a full power punch at her which made her duck immediately before widening her eyes because while there hadn't been a crowd before, there was now and every single person seemed to be staring at her. 

"We know what you are" one of them exclaimed before going for her hands which immediately made her get to her feet and into a fighting stance. She wasn't sure what triggered the sudden crazy change in atmosphere but one thing was for sure, she wasn't going to be able to get out of here without using her supernatural abilities. 

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Ryker had grown up for the best part of his life in Evermore, training and learning as much as he could about his kind. As he grew into a young adult, the decision to stay within the city came easy to him, he wanted to make a home there to look after his father. Despite his obligations, Ric still had a healthy social life and would go out most weekends, but being the type of angel he was, alcohol was never fully appealing to him. This time was a little different. He had come with a group of friends to celebrate her achievements but they had slowly one by one dispersed for various reasons. Some with hook-ups, others because they had work or were simply tired. The group that had started out with 6 people, dwindled down to only 2. Ryker and his best friend Eric. The club was a normal haunt for him and he usually felt comfortable here so at first he ignored the off feeling which rumbled deep within his being. 

The longer he sat the worse the feeling became sparking off his senses. Ryker looked around to see how many other supernaturals were in the bar, and since his friend was included in his count he told him to go home as the sun set slowly in the sky, creating a colourful spread of reds, oranges and pinks. The idea occurred to him that he too should go home, but his impulse begged him to stay and he soon saw the reason. Across the bar a man had attempted to assault a woman seemingly minding her own business. Luckily she ducked just in time, but this was enough to bring Ric to his feet. Suddenly the realisation of what was happening hit home and his heart sunk to the pit of his stomach. Ryker looked around him, the atmosphere was palpable with hatred but even so he wasted no time putting himself between the woman and the man leading the assault. 

The ebony haired male looked down to the girl behind him, she seemed capable of protecting herself but even so he wasn't going to leave someone else to get hurt, "We aren't gonna get out of here unless we work together. Got any ideas?" he spoke to her in a calm tone with only a hint of panic. Turning his gaze back to the male and around the crowd he began to apply his clairsentience to soothe the ever growing unease within the club. Aiming it especially at the attacker but it wasn't working as well as he expected and he wondered if the recent manipulation of celestial energy had anything to do with what was happening. The idea of it caused a shiver to run through out his whole body, but he stayed grounded. If they paced themselves it didn't have to rise to that. He always attempted to use peaceful means to resolve conformation before violence, but he know the more likely outcome. 

Freyja had some experience with people that were afraid of the unknown, she had seen humans who discovered the truth and become frightened but this wasn’t like that, this was sudden and strange, like the whole attitude of the room had changed. It gave her this strange feeling in the pit of her stomach like something was really wrong. She’d heard about weird things happening in the city before but honestly, she thought it was maybe people overreacting to something perfectly explainable. The moment she ducked to avoid the punch she knew something strange was happening. But the words had her shocked, we know what you are. Well, that didn’t sound ominous at all.

She was looking around wondering who she could trust but everywhere she looked there were glares, as strong as she was, there was no way she could fight off an entire bar of people alone, even if they are humans. But then she heard someone speak and she furrowed her brow slightly “They know what I am, does that mean you are too” she spoke in a hushed voice, it would make sense if they were the only ones unaffected if they were the only supernatural in the place, they were the minority after all, despite how the city was run, the factions hid here within the sanctuary of a city where most of the population were oblivious and just went by with their lives, she heard it was the organization that protected the secret so carefully.

“Nothing that doesn’t end up with people getting hurt” she responded to the male, keeping her voice low as she stepped out of the way of someone else pulling in closer, it seemed like they were waiting for her to make a move and she wondered what the goal here was. Well, she figured if they knew what she was then they knew what they were up against “You know spilling that drink was probably your first mistake then” she commented under her breath looking back at the male before watching him slip on the spot because she had frozen the spilled his feet. He took that as confirmation that she was indeed the target he was looking for and lunged her for her ankles, she lost her balance for a moment grabbing out for whatever she could to stay upright.

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