Beep. Beep. Beep.

 The annoying sound of the alarm clock placed on her bedside table has been ringing for the past 5 minutes and the girl in question is still surprisingly not awake yet. With one hand holding another pillow that was currently covering her face and the soft snores emitting from her, it was clear that she was not looking forward to waking up at all. A few minutes later, another sound came crashing again, this time from her phone and she was confident it wasn’t coming from her alarm app. Luna grumbled to herself and flailed her hand around, trying to search for the tiny thing as she removed the pillow away from her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to read the message written on the screen. That was moments before the phone slipped out of her hold and fell on her face. “Good fucking morning to you too” she hissed and swiped the green button to take the call that’s been bothering her for the past minute. “You better be up, Luna… it’s 11 30 am and you’re supposed to be at the university in 10 minutes.”

 Right. University. That statement alone was more than enough to get her up as she rubbed her eyes to check the time displayed on the screen, cursing silently to herself as she pushed the covers off her roughly, making a quick dash to the bathroom. As if things weren’t bad enough, she slipped and bumped her hip against the sink, causing the kitsune to yelp in pain, rubbing the sore spot as she tried to stand up properly to brush her teeth and wash her face. A series of unfortunate events kept occurring every 5 minutes for Luna. As she struggled to make herself presentable for the past couple of minutes, she had slipped over the carpet, hit her shin against the table, and brushed her hair too harshly. “This is why you shouldn’t pull an all nighter for no goddamn reason, Lunafaye” she cursed and dragged her bag with her. 

Her platinum blond hair looked freshly dyed in gray a few days ago, it was not too messy because she managed to comb it decently but with the kind of hurry she’s in, she may as well go for the messy hairdo. Her bad day started well, and only got worse as she tried to make her way to the university, thankfully she didn’t have to commute because the place she was currently staying temporarily at was a few kilometers away from the said institution. It didn’t mean she didn’t come across obstacles in her path though. By the time the hour struck 12, she was still struggling to cross the road due to the bustling streets. The kitsune ended up taking a turnover and took the other road, which costs her an extra 10 minutes. 

With her eyes glued on her phone, typing a message saying how sorry she was for oversleeping, she had bumped against someone. Hard. How hard was it? She toppled over and Luna was pretty sure the bicycle and the person riding felt the momentum. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to lose, so she retrieved her phone that was tossed to the side when she collided with the bicycle rider and apologized, saying she needs to be on her way. Her scraped knee was the least of her problems right now, especially when she’s like 40 minutes late already. The university wasn’t easy to navigate either, she was only able to get to the administration office because she asked around 4 times. By the time Luna arrived, she looked as if she just came out of a marathon, with her jeans slightly showing her scraped knee and her tired appearance. “I’m sorry I’m late…” she mumbled softly.

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Deciding to enroll in Evermore University hadn’t been a quick or easy decision for Argent, as someone who had always lived her life in a secluded part of the world where the only company she kept were her family and guards, she never really expected to be living the city life and having to adapt to such a different place. She had spent months deliberating whether she wanted to integrate into the world like that, it wasn’t even something that even crossed her sibling’s minds she was sure but she was always learning and was slowly letting herself get more involved in the modern world.

So she had applied and to her excitement, she had been accepted. At first, she had debated commuting to the university from the manor here but that seemed excessive considering it was the other side of the city and student accommodation was cheap, besides people always told her that the college experience was only legitimate if you stayed on campus. So here she was, with a bunch of her things, making her way on the subway over to the place. She’d visited the place before of course but this would be where she found out who her roommate was and also where on campus she would be staying, along with getting all the forms she needed to fill out and essentially start a new chapter in her life.

She had been one of the earliest to make it to the admissions office where she had headed inside and been through all her paperwork with the clerk before being given her welcome pack and handed a map of the dorms where she would be staying. She had looked around for a while, feeling a little overwhelmed because there were so many people here and they all seemed to know one another. She supposed a lot of people had come from Evermore High School or had decided to attend the same college as friends. Still Argent had chatted with a few girls in the line before saying her goodbyes and following the map across campus.

It had taken her longer than she expected to finally find the apartment she would be staying in, she headed inside to find everything shut off. She supposed she was the first to arrive and her roommate would be along soon enough. She headed in and turned on the power before dragging in her suitcase and looking around, well bonus was being first here she had the chance to explore before anyone else. It didn’t take her long to explore the place and determine there were two bedrooms, a shared living space, and bathroom, along with a little kitchen area for cooking. It was small but humble. She picked out one of the rooms which she felt had the best lighting and brought her things in, getting to work on unpacking them and arranging everything in a way she would know where everything is.

Of course she would be late today. She wasn't even surprised that she overslept again. It was only by a stroke of luck that she managed to look decent today, which wasn't much of a fair statement because she bumped against someone riding the bicycle and now she was sure she had a few bruises on her body, including the small cut on her lower left cheek that would've been overlooked if the administration officer didn't point it out earlier. Like anyone else, she was chastised and thrown the uneasy looks by the people around her because they saw her dishevelled state, what with her jeans dirty from the collision against the ground too. Even her hair looked unkempt now that she thought about it. Luna zoned out but tried her best not to show it as she was handed the usual student guidebook and given the keys to her dorm room. Ah right, as a student, she practically needed to live there, besides it was all included in the first payment that went around anyway. 

With a slight bow, the blonde quickly said thank you and took her leave. It felt so stuffy inside the office she could almost swear she was halfway about to faint. Staring down at the welcome pack in her grasp, Luna sighed loudly and started to limp her way out while being extra careful this time, eyes wandering over the details printed out neatly in the handbook. Everything was listed there, including another map, and directions she needed to get to her side of place. She didn't bring anything with her earlier, mostly because she totally forgot that she needed to bring them with her but considering the late schedule, she had to get the keys and spare herself the lecture from the officer and get her stuff later. Though she did remember to enlist her friend's help, telling her next door neighbor to meet her at the entrance so she would be able to give her the suitcase and one box of her things. She didn't come here with a lot since she was basically running away from her grandfather's watchful eyes. 

By the time she arrived at the dorm's entrance, she could see it was bustling with a lot of people. Don't get her wrong, it wasn't as if she did not like people, but they could be so loud and it just doesn't bode well with Luna. That's when she saw the brunette with her suitcase  standing at the left side of the building. "Spare me your lectures, you can nag at me later when I buy you a meal. I need to waste my energy on unpacking so… bye bye" she exclaimed playfully and waved her goodbye before heading upstairs to find her unit. The door wasn't locked so she figured her roommate probably arrived already and she wasn't wrong, there were a pair of shoes inside. Luna didn't even bother saying much, she went peeking around to see which of the rooms were occupied and the first door she turned had a girl arranging her room. "You shouldn't leave the doors unlocked next time, someone could come in. I don't want to have to deal with a dead roommate and clean the entire place because someone wanted to be creative with a freshman's death on my first day." Without saying anything else, she made her way to the other room, while also making it clear to her unacquainted roommate that she is not decent enough to even greet her. 

Argent had to admit she was pretty nervous to be doing this, her brothers had been shocked when she told them she wanted to move into the university dorms rather than stay at the manor but she had eventually talked them around, she wanted a normal experience that she could look back on. One day she wanted to be able to have a career and actually touch the world in a way which might be remembered, she knew it was a little selfish but she had lived her life for so long as a slave to the world, she wanted to finally have some control over it herself. She was going through her things and trying to figure out what would go where, she wanted to make sure her room was comfortable but didn’t want to be too imposing on her roommate.

Maybe she had this idea of what having a roommate would be like, she had read many books and every time they ended up being close friends and remaining so for years after they graduated, probably a rose tinted outlook but that was Argent to a tee, she lived on looking on the bright side. She had heard shuffling in the hallway and headed out of her room to peak at who it was, only for a petite, stern-looking girl to enter the room. Argent opened her mouth to greet them only for her to scold her for leaving the door in and then likening leaving the door open to causing some kind of murder scene. She pressed her lips together a little confused “Surely if they wanted to kill me then the door would hardly be an obstacle” she joked, trying to shake off the general feeling of coldness she was getting off the other girl as she headed for the other room.

She snuck a bit closer and peered into the room, it was about the same size as hers but was nearer to the back of the dorm meaning it would get less noise from the foot traffic below when people went past “So I guess this means we’re roommates” she spoke brightly, not stepping into the room and holding the door frame with one hand “I’m Argent” she introduced herself, telling herself the girl probably just had a lot to deal with, she did frown for a moment as she looked in the room though “Did you not bring any of your stuff?” she questioned, how strange to show up without clothes on move-in day.

Studying abroad has always been on her list ever since she was a kid. Even before her emancipation, Luna wanted to explore the world, or rather she wanted to take a few steps away from her family and breathe. Despite being doted and loved by the patriarch of the family, she never felt safe. There was always something that bugs her and now that she was finally away from home, things felt slightly better. Of course it wasn't a reason for the kitsune to slack off, she will always need to look behind her shoulders every day, that wasn't going to change so long as her grandfather is still alive but at least her fears are no longer haunting her. For once, the female was thankful for her GED that managed to get her into Evermore University where she was going to study more on real estate management. She was a homebody and an extreme introvert, she doesn't talk to people unless needed, that's why she will never thrive in customer service or whatsoever. Hell, she was even surprised she interned well at the real estate firm back in Argentina. 

When there is will, there's a way, she reminded herself. If she needed to get things done, she had to play by the rules. A few times, at least. That also included having a roommate, which was quite the feasible option for Luna. She was hoping her roommate wouldn't be nosy enough because she wasn't going to be the ideal person they wanted to find. When she saw the redhead in the other room unpacking her things, she tried to tell herself to be nice or at least decent. It was the first day and she should at least be less mean than usual. Easier said than done, of course. At least she greeted her, right? "It's the first day, you can find the hallway filled with people. Orientation week is the perfect time to push students and create potential news-worthy murder headline. So if they wanna kill you, they'll have to be smart. Doesn't help when you're giving them a window of chance though, with the unlocked doors and whatnot."

 Luna noticed that she followed her to her room, to which she sat on her bed and stared at her blankly, in her defense she had a cold outlook which wasn't all her but it works better on people. "Hi" she exclaimed bluntly when she said they were roommates, she looks peppy and cheerful which the kitsune was sure would make her popular with everyone else. The opposite of her. When she suddenly introduced herself, Luan cleared her throat and thought the respectful thing would be to return the greeting, "Lunafaye. But you can call me Luna. Nobody really calls me by my full name." One, it's mouthful. Two, it irks her. The only times she was called that was when her mother and grandfather were scolding her. So maybe she did recall feeling like a petulant child whenever someone calls her that. "It's right there in the living room, one suitcase and one box. I travel light." She pointed towards the suitcase hidden behind the cabinet by the entrance door. "Are you… from here?" Make an effort to get to know your roommate so she doesn't end up being a serial killer, right?

The aspect of light had always been lucky enough to get along with most people she met, her brothers called her likable and people tended to gravitate towards her. She was pretty sure it was because of the natural mood-lifting aura she had been given when she had been reborn but she also liked to think it was because she was a good person who others could relate to. That was the person she tried to be anyway. But you couldn’t win everyone, no matter how much you wanted to and she immediately got the feeling from the younger female that it was going to be difficult.

Argent did her best to keep a straight face as she walked by, if she wasn’t actually responding to her, the aspect would believe she was acting as though she didn’t even exist. Honestly, it was a little shocking to be around someone so unbothered by her first day starting university, surely there must be some excitement in her for getting to make new friends and experience new things. “People can be awful but even I don’t think they’d be going around killing people on the first day” she pulled a face because she was wondering what kind of punchline there was to this girl’s joke because this was a university, not a gang. “If you want the door locked for privacy then that’s fine though” she mumbled softly, she had only just got here, locking the door wasn’t the first thing on her mind.

She fidgeted a little on the spot when the other girl greeted her so coldly, pressing her lips together and trying to push aside any feelings of disappointment she had. She kept telling herself in her head that she had to give her a chance and not just judge her based on the first few things they said to one another and yet that seemed to be exactly what she found herself doing “ it” she responded nodding her head slightly, she thought the name Lunafaye sounded nice, kinda old-timey like hers. She deadpanned when the other girl said all she had with her was the little suitcase and a small box “There is no way you have even a week’s worth of clothes in there” she responded in surprise before realizing it might be a little rude to suggest that she overwears her clothes and pressed her lips together looking over at her own things and wondering if she ha brought too much.

She pressed her lips together when she asked if she was from here “Not always no, my family moved here a couple of years ago, though it wasn’t for school reasons” honestly they had all been telling her they thought it was a bad idea for her to go to university but she had insisted she wanted to go and Argent usually got her way when she pouted. “So what are you studying?” she asked, attempting to make nice with the other girl.

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