Beep. Beep. Beep.

 The annoying sound of the alarm clock placed on her bedside table has been ringing for the past 5 minutes and the girl in question is still surprisingly not awake yet. With one hand holding another pillow that was currently covering her face and the soft snores emitting from her, it was clear that she was not looking forward to waking up at all. A few minutes later, another sound came crashing again, this time from her phone and she was confident it wasn’t coming from her alarm app. Luna grumbled to herself and flailed her hand around, trying to search for the tiny thing as she removed the pillow away from her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to read the message written on the screen. That was moments before the phone slipped out of her hold and fell on her face. “Good fucking morning to you too” she hissed and swiped the green button to take the call that’s been bothering her for the past minute. “You better be up, Luna… it’s 11 30 am and you’re supposed to be at the university in 10 minutes.”

 Right. University. That statement alone was more than enough to get her up as she rubbed her eyes to check the time displayed on the screen, cursing silently to herself as she pushed the covers off her roughly, making a quick dash to the bathroom. As if things weren’t bad enough, she slipped and bumped her hip against the sink, causing the kitsune to yelp in pain, rubbing the sore spot as she tried to stand up properly to brush her teeth and wash her face. A series of unfortunate events kept occurring every 5 minutes for Luna. As she struggled to make herself presentable for the past couple of minutes, she had slipped over the carpet, hit her shin against the table, and brushed her hair too harshly. “This is why you shouldn’t pull an all nighter for no goddamn reason, Lunafaye” she cursed and dragged her bag with her. 

Her platinum blond hair looked freshly dyed in gray a few days ago, it was not too messy because she managed to comb it decently but with the kind of hurry she’s in, she may as well go for the messy hairdo. Her bad day started well, and only got worse as she tried to make her way to the university, thankfully she didn’t have to commute because the place she was currently staying temporarily at was a few kilometers away from the said institution. It didn’t mean she didn’t come across obstacles in her path though. By the time the hour struck 12, she was still struggling to cross the road due to the bustling streets. The kitsune ended up taking a turnover and took the other road, which costs her an extra 10 minutes. 

With her eyes glued on her phone, typing a message saying how sorry she was for oversleeping, she had bumped against someone. Hard. How hard was it? She toppled over and Luna was pretty sure the bicycle and the person riding felt the momentum. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to lose, so she retrieved her phone that was tossed to the side when she collided with the bicycle rider and apologized, saying she needs to be on her way. Her scraped knee was the least of her problems right now, especially when she’s like 40 minutes late already. The university wasn’t easy to navigate either, she was only able to get to the administration office because she asked around 4 times. By the time Luna arrived, she looked as if she just came out of a marathon, with her jeans slightly showing her scraped knee and her tired appearance. “I’m sorry I’m late…” she mumbled softly.

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Argent couldn’t help but laugh when Luna seemed shocked that Argent mentioned bad chicken “Don’t worry, I’m fine with regular chicken” she just liked to triple-check that it was cooked before eating it now. She raised her brows and giggled when Luna asked if she had a favorite drink and she smiled playfully “You can’t go wrong with a pornstar martini?” she teased it playfully, she was a big fan of fruity drinks and vodka was practically tasteless so it was basically just like drinking juice “I’ll make one for you sometime” she bit her lip and smiled slightly, she liked the excuse to make a drink anyway.

She widened her eyes when she threatened to bite if anyone tried to get her to take a pill, she raised her brow but said nothing more on the topic, Luna had made it evidently clear that was a hard limit for her and Argent would respect that. “Well any excuse to have extra food isn’t exactly a bad thing?” she grinned slightly, she was a little jealous of Luna not getting sick very often though “I swear if there is any bug or virus around, my body will find a way to pick it up” she commented and pouted, it was annoying to get sick so often when you were an immortal and supposed to be strong. But then she supposed that was what made her in touch with her humanity. “You could always go for quiet walks on the doesn’t have to be a sociable thing” most beaches were pretty big so it wasn’t too hard to get away and have some peace.

“Sounds like the perfect deal” she responded and chuckled when Luna pointed out that she could be a good person, despite the fact she seemed a little gruff and hard to approach, nothing about Luna screamed indecent to her, she just seemed like someone who was trying to get on with her life and perhaps try to find her place within it. She laughed under her breath “Well I suppose vegetarians like the taste of meat, they just don’t like all the...complications that come with it” she’d thought about trying going vegan a few times before but it felt too hard to give up all the things she liked so much.

She laughed under her breath but then quietened and raised her brow when Luna said she’ll get a lot of attention “What? Why?” she questioned with a clueless expression “Do I stand out?” she questioned, wondering if perhaps the aspect did or said something to hinder her ability to blend in within the university. She couldn’t afford people finding out that she was an aspect after all. Argent pulled a face when Luna bragged about the abundance of ramen “I think I’ll stick to making real dinners most of the time” she gave a sheepish smile, she was sure being full of noodles couldn’t be healthy. They had been so busy talking she hadn’t even realized they already made it to the restaurant already “Yeah! I was so distracted I almost missed it” she commented as she headed towards the door and opened it before heading inside and requesting a table.

To be honest, Luna always wondered what drinking would be like, she tried them as soon as she could but didn't have the chance to try the other variety because she was either busy with work or getting everything done. "Now I'm curious to see the rest of your catalogue, sounds like you have quite the experience in… that" her interest in her new roommate just hit another peak. It made the kitsune wonder just how interesting Argent would turn out to be, because she had plenty to attract her attention already and they barely went past the day. "I know almost close to nothing when it comes to alcohol so I'll just put on my trust cap and go with whatever you say is best, honestly, just don't poison me, that's like the worst death I could think of… being poisoned to death by your own roommate who you have only known for less than a day." And maybe Luna had a dramatic flair to her, like most people. 

Upon gauging her reaction to her saying she would bite anyone who tries to make her take a pill, she cleared her throat awkwardly and offered an equally awkward smile. Talk about TMI. "So you get sick easily and I don't. At least neither one of us will get sick from the other that easily then?" Luna absolutely hated getting sick so it's a miracle she is far from that road. When Argent suggested that she could still opt for a quieter scenery at the same place, with a change of the time, she pursed her lips slightly and hummed in affirmation, "True… I should probably take a chance to do that once I have the time." It wouldn't hurt to give it a try, right? God knows there are still plenty of things she wanted to try. "What about you? Do you like the crowd?" She still had her respect for people who chose to go vegan but she couldn't see herself doing it because of her nature. 

Sometimes she wondered if she wasn't a kitsune, would it be possible for her to opt for that? Then it dawned to her that she likes her food too much to think about the complications that would come with reselecting everything. "In a good way, you look very approachable and… warm" and that was probably the nicest thing Luna has ever said about anyone. "And your hair is pretty…" she added, the vibrant color makes her look fierce and she likes it. How could someone be that warm and approachable while looking like she could wring you up if you messed with her? "Aren't social butterflies bound to get eyes on them anyway?" The face she pulled when she was busy gushing about her ramen was funny, it made her genuinely chuckle, which was more than what others could get out of her. Once they entered the restaurant and got themselves a table by the window, she stared at the interior in interest. Not long after that, they were given a menu, to which she flipped from one page to another in curiosity, it was times like this that makes Luna look younger than she is, "Any recommendations?"

Argent laughed in an exasperated manner when Luna said she was curious about her repertoire of cocktails she could make “I have experience in a lot of random things” she admitted and giggled slightly “You just have to be careful with what I make you because it’ll taste so good you won’t even realize you’re drinking alcohol until the room starts spinning” she gave an amused grin and shrugged “Though you don’t have to worry about poisoning unless you drink way too much” Argent never did anything with the intention of hurting others, nor did she ever want to, she was always an advocate for peace and encouraging others to accept and live amicably with others.

She laughed “Well that’s one upside to it I suppose, just know if I’m bundled up in my room and refusing to come out, I’m probably sick” Argent was always the kind of person who liked being around others and would find reasons to seek them out but when she was sick she preferred to hide under blankets “No one needs to see my puffy face” she laughed softly, she was sure Luna could relate to that at least. “You’d probably enjoy it, I swear there is nothing more peaceful than listening to the sound of the ocean nearby and just walking” you could walk for miles on the beach peacefully, it didn’t all have to be sunbathing and fighting for loungers “I’m good with either, I like my space but I also don’t mind losing myself in a crowd, it reminds me to stay humble” it made her think how small she was in comparison to the size of the world itself.

Argent lit up when Luna explained how she thought she stood out because she was approachable and she naturally ran her hand through her hair when she complimented it “Hopefully I don’t stand out too much” she commented in a soft voice, the whole point of doing something like university was to try and have a normal experience that others got to have regularly, that would kinda be defeated in purpose if she got special treatment. “Maybe? Though I don’t really intend on trying to get attention” maybe Luna was right and it was natural, people did usually flock to her.

After they entered the restaurant she followed the waitress to the table and took off her jacket before sitting down, it was nicely lit, very much like a date spot, she glanced up at Luna to notice that she was already flipping through the menu “Since you’re not a cheese fan, perhaps the ravioli or” she pursed her lips as she glanced over it “Bolognese is always a good bet” she smiled closing her menu because she already knew what she wanted.

"You don't say, you continue to amuse me" she pointed out, she has never tried drinking like that but it does sound appealing, maybe one day she'll get to see all the hype surrounding it. Having a mixologist as a roommate didn't sound too bad. "So I get to hit you up when I need one… now that is a perk indeed." She's not experienced with it and has no idea which one works and which doesn't. "I do have a feeling that I might get a little bit too into it if I end up liking the beverage" as childish as that may sound, Luna remembered she formed an obsession over lychee flavored drinks, and would consume anything related to said fruit. Even if they were artificial flavored. 

"And if you're sick, should I take the safe route to leave you alone or should I care for you? I can do both pretty well, to be honest" she may look like she didn't care and maybe that's the truth to it, but still, if Argent is going to be her roommate and they'll be living in the same space for a while, she wants to keep a good relationship between them. But judging from this, it seems that the two of them had a similar excuse to not being out, which was to cover themselves with a blanket and just hope nobody would bother them. The only difference is Luna would do that voluntarily whereas Argent will probably need a reason to stay in bed. "It reminds you to stay humble? How so?" What would that mean to someone anyway? She's been away from the outside world for at least 16 years so even the past 5 years of scouring outside wouldn't make up for the years she spent locked behind the door. A sheltered life, one would say. 

Her hair is so shiny it really does make the kitsune want to reach out and run her hand through it. It was these instances where the slightly childish part of her jumps out and she just gets mesmerised by shiny things. Thankfully she managed to get herself back to reality and stopped her hand movement before it could even attempt to stretch out. "With hair as vibrant as that, it's hard to keep a low profiled life but people are always paying attention to the smallest things these days so it won't be surprising. People who don't want attention naturally have a magnet that lures people in. Sometimes it can be a good thing, it just means you're someone people want to surround themselves with. A good company?" Luna is the opposite. Even if you want her company, she wouldn't hesitate to leave you there. 

Her dark hues skimmed over the menu and decided she would go with the first choice, she asked for the waiter and ordered herself ravioli and blackcurrant soda. "I'm putting it this way, if I end up loving it, you'd manage to convert another person into this… crazed Italian lover." Maybe not cheese yet. "I noticed there's another room empty next to yours. Do you think we will be having another roommate or will it remain empty for the entire semester?"

Argent laughed under her breath when Luna mentioned how having her own personal mixologist was a perk “I mean I can’t promise you’ll like all the drinks I make though” she laughed softly, she was known for making them a little too strong because she forgot that most humans didn’t have the same tolerance as an aspect. “You seem like someone who would like something tropical” she commented thoughtfully, it was more because of the colors Argent got when she looked at Luna’s aura, a mix of bright vibrant colors which told her she was a bold and striking person, nothing about her seemed to be soft or faded, which she liked.

“You don’t need to worry about me” she assured her when she asked if she should leave her alone or care for her if she was sick “But if you happen to have any spare medicine lying around then I wouldn’t mind a little care package” she giggled slightly, no pressure of course but didn’t everyone like to feel like someone was taking care of them when they felt bad? “What about you? Would you prefer I just leave you holed up in your room?” the question kinda applied to more than just being sick too, if the other went through something hard like a breakup it was like they were setting boundaries of how nosy to be with one another. Argent shrugged when Luna asked her why being in a crowd made her feel humble “When you’re in a crowd you’ll see so many people just...wrapped up in their own world, their own reminds you that you’re not the center of their world, they don’t even know you” she nodded slightly, that could be pretty humbling right?

Naturally Argent twirled one of her curls around her finger, now that Luna had mentioned it, it was hard for her to stop, perhaps it was a habit of sorts “I did think about dying it blonde” she commented in a soft voice “Or maybe pink...just to try something different” but she hadn’t been able to muster the courage to do it yet, what if it didn’t suit her? All that effort would have been for nothing. “Have you ever dyed your hair?” she asked curiously, a lot of people she had she supposed, especially younger people. Even though Argent looked young she was quite old-fashioned when it came to things like that “I always wondered why people flock to me, I know what to blame now” she commented and giggled, she did stand out in a crowd she supposed.

When the waitress came back she ordered herself a carbonara along with a cola for herself before handing back her menu with a smile and a thank you “Another one for the club huh?” she grinned slightly “I’m confident you’re going to like it” she nodded slightly. The redhead raised her brows slightly when Luna asked her if she knew anything about the spare bedroom in our dorm “I asked about it at the admissions office, they said it was a vacant spot and might be filled by a transfer student later in the year” so they had no idea if they would be getting another roommate or when “I hope they’re nice” she commented in a mumbling voice, it would be such a pain for the two of them get used to living together only for the roommate from hell to move in.

"Even if I won't like them, coming from someone who still has yet to try all those colorful… mixes… I would still be elated to know I have the chance." It was better than nothing and if you don't experiment now, when will you? She's young and she's in college, it's the perfect time to go crazy. When Argent said she would like something tropical, Luna blinked a few times and blanked out momentarily, "Tropical huh? Strange… I never pictured myself to be so… happy." Somehow the idea of that makes the kitsune feel like she's someone who would enjoy a lot of things when in reality she's pretty cold and reserved to herself unless she goes out her way to seek her own pleasure. Which is pretty much categorised in only a few things. "But tropical also sounds wild and carefree so…" Maybe she was spot on after all. 

"I am meticulous with first aid" she exclaimed, Luna practically has her own mini med kit too if she was being honest, along with those syringes too, which she would rather not answer where and why she got them. When asked if she would prefer to be left alone, she pondered briefly and cleared her throat, "It depends. If I leave the do not disturb sign, probably best not to. If not, feel free." She wouldn't exactly die inside and Argent wouldn't even notice right? Or if she was extremely sick and needed help. The concept she tried to explain made the kitsune learn a new thing today, so that's what she meant. "That actually makes sense." How interesting. Maybe that's why she enjoys dancing in the crowd too. Nobody knows her, not her past, not her identity, so she was free to feel like nothing was gonna weigh her down. This is something considering Luna always had to be mindful and be cautious, looking back on shoulders to see if anyone was sent to spy on her. It was stressful. 

She tried to picture the redhead in front of her in blonde or pink, it didn't look bad if she was being honest, "I think bright colors would suit you either way because you're natural to it" she pointed out, her red hair is vibrant and is already bright so no doubt other hair colors wouldn't be far from it. Luna brought a few strands of her hair in her view and nodded, "Once. I dyed it blonde when I was like 14. My grandfather did not like it and I had to get rid of it in like 2 weeks." It was the start of her rebellious streak who wanted to try new things but good luck doing that in that household. "I will want to re dye them now that I can…" Now she's free from the shackles, why didn't she do it earlier a few years ago she wondered. Maybe she was too busy to think about it. 

When their food arrived, Luna eyed the ravioli skeptically before poking her fork into it to give it a taste. At first, she closed her eyes but then her chewing went from stiff to slightly more relaxed one as it passed, "Not… bad…" she mumbled under her breath and tried another bite. "If they're a bitch, she's not gonna survive" she exclaimed nonchalantly, "I have no tolerance policy against people who make noise." 

She smiled softly, despite seeming gruff it seemed like Luna was actually quite a nice person and Argent could see herself getting along with her “I think it suits you, confident and bold...not to mention tropical flavors are absolutely delicious” she commented with a grin, Argent liked most drinks but she tended to enjoy more muted flavors such as violet or vanilla more than any so she tended to use those a lot. “Really?” she questioned with a surprised quirk of her brow, Luna didn’t strike her as the kind of person who spent a lot of time learning first aid but then she supposed they only met today and there would be a lot of surprising things they didn’t know about each other.

“You have a do not disturb sign?” she asked in surprise and then laughed softly, she was an organized person but even she didn’t have one of those so she had to admit it was pretty entertaining to see how meticulous Luna was about her privacy “I can leave you be as long as you’re not skipping meals, it worries me when people don’t eat” she admitted in a soft voice and nodded her head, plus Luna wouldn’t be mad at her for checking in if she brought something to eat right?

Argent smiled brightly when Luna said she thought she would suit the bright colors “I think my siblings would crash in shock if I showed up with anything but this color” she commented and twirled a strand around her finger slowly “Which is all the more reason to do it” she teased and grinned, she could imagine the reactions already. “Oh...that’s a shame...I think blond would really suit you...would make your features look sharp” Luna had a very distinct face that made her look bold, she was sure that she got plenty of attention even without brightly colored hair “You should...celebrate your freedom and all” she commented and smiled softly.

Argent’s eyes lit up excitedly when they brought their food over and she quickly picked up her silverware so she could take a bite, much like Luna she closed her eyes to savor the first bit before she hummed happily “So much better than whatever they were serving in the cafeteria” she commented before taking a sip of her drink “Admit it, it’s pretty good” she jested noting that she quickly went for another bite. She laughed when she bluntly said their roommate wouldn’t make it if she was loud or rude “I know better than to get on your bad side already, I’m sure she’ll learn too” she teased as she ate a few more bites.

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