Beep. Beep. Beep.

 The annoying sound of the alarm clock placed on her bedside table has been ringing for the past 5 minutes and the girl in question is still surprisingly not awake yet. With one hand holding another pillow that was currently covering her face and the soft snores emitting from her, it was clear that she was not looking forward to waking up at all. A few minutes later, another sound came crashing again, this time from her phone and she was confident it wasn’t coming from her alarm app. Luna grumbled to herself and flailed her hand around, trying to search for the tiny thing as she removed the pillow away from her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to read the message written on the screen. That was moments before the phone slipped out of her hold and fell on her face. “Good fucking morning to you too” she hissed and swiped the green button to take the call that’s been bothering her for the past minute. “You better be up, Luna… it’s 11 30 am and you’re supposed to be at the university in 10 minutes.”

 Right. University. That statement alone was more than enough to get her up as she rubbed her eyes to check the time displayed on the screen, cursing silently to herself as she pushed the covers off her roughly, making a quick dash to the bathroom. As if things weren’t bad enough, she slipped and bumped her hip against the sink, causing the kitsune to yelp in pain, rubbing the sore spot as she tried to stand up properly to brush her teeth and wash her face. A series of unfortunate events kept occurring every 5 minutes for Luna. As she struggled to make herself presentable for the past couple of minutes, she had slipped over the carpet, hit her shin against the table, and brushed her hair too harshly. “This is why you shouldn’t pull an all nighter for no goddamn reason, Lunafaye” she cursed and dragged her bag with her. 

Her platinum blond hair looked freshly dyed in gray a few days ago, it was not too messy because she managed to comb it decently but with the kind of hurry she’s in, she may as well go for the messy hairdo. Her bad day started well, and only got worse as she tried to make her way to the university, thankfully she didn’t have to commute because the place she was currently staying temporarily at was a few kilometers away from the said institution. It didn’t mean she didn’t come across obstacles in her path though. By the time the hour struck 12, she was still struggling to cross the road due to the bustling streets. The kitsune ended up taking a turnover and took the other road, which costs her an extra 10 minutes. 

With her eyes glued on her phone, typing a message saying how sorry she was for oversleeping, she had bumped against someone. Hard. How hard was it? She toppled over and Luna was pretty sure the bicycle and the person riding felt the momentum. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to lose, so she retrieved her phone that was tossed to the side when she collided with the bicycle rider and apologized, saying she needs to be on her way. Her scraped knee was the least of her problems right now, especially when she’s like 40 minutes late already. The university wasn’t easy to navigate either, she was only able to get to the administration office because she asked around 4 times. By the time Luna arrived, she looked as if she just came out of a marathon, with her jeans slightly showing her scraped knee and her tired appearance. “I’m sorry I’m late…” she mumbled softly.

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She grinned slightly, so don’t put any flowers around Luna then, she could adhere to that, as much as Argent liked them she wouldn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable “I’m guessing you suffer from hayfever?” she commented and nodded her head slightly, it was pretty common after all but thankfully was easily treatable. “You don’t?” she commented in a soft voice as she considered it but then she tilted her head slightly “So someone has to go through all the grand gestures to impress you?” she commented and grinned softly, meanwhile someone could give Argent a colored thread they picked out just for her and she would be happy “Or do you just like jewelry more than flowers?” she giggled softly.

She grinned slightly as she thought about how she would look with interestingly colored contacts and smile to herself “I do really like how purple eyes look, plus it feels like a bit of a throwback” she commented before realizing that Luna wouldn’t know she used to be a nephilim so she covered it up “I was pretty experimental when I was younger, it’s been a while since I got the chance to try it again” she commented and gave a slight smile. She missed the person she was in the past. “I definitely like a lot of Japanese style, the fashion there is so different from ours but it honestly looks amazing” she nodded enthusiastically “I loved to do some styling based upon their trends” she commented thinking of a few ideas in her head.

She giggled under her breath when Luna commented that they would end up coming out looking goofy “Well the good news is that we’re both in it together so if it turns out badly at least we have each other to laugh at” she teased playfully, besides when you go to a salon the results were usually pretty good as long as you provide them with good reference material. She gave a slightly shifty look towards the other girl when she asked if she was going to bribe her with chocolate “I mean now that you’ve revealed what can be bribed by, I’m not opposed to a few underhand tactics” she commented and grinned, leaning closer for a moment “What’s your favorite kind?” she commented as she propped her chin with her hands.

She laughed softly when she said she didn’t have the urge to chase out their roommate “You make it sound like you expect everyone to get on the wrong side of your after time” which honestly seemed very pessimistic to the aspect but she was sure Luna had her reasons for being so paranoid as she gave the impression to be. Argent wrinkled her nose slightly imagining how bad the food would have been “You do realize we can’t avoid it forever though right?” Argent was more than happy to cook a lot of meals but eventually she was sure they would have to venture there. “Ghosts?” she commented and pouted her lips slightly “Can’t say I’ve been told any...why...have you?” she gave a suspicious look.

"Unfortunately, I couldn't be around flowers and similar things ever since I was a kid. I guess that's when I started developing a dislike towards them as I grew up." It became conditioned in her to just dislike them. She chuckled haughtily when Argent asked if someone had to go through grand gestures to impress her alone, "Not exactly… The more people try hard, the more I get irked by it. I will either grow to hate it because it's annoying or I might get amused. The trick is not to impress me." She's complicated when she wants to be. "Is there any girl who doesn't like jewelry? It has a value in reality, more so than flowers that will eventually wilt anyway" she pointed out, or is she just thinking things in a backward way? "Jewelry is nice if they're not flashy, you just have to pick the right ones. And if you're in trouble, you can just sell them off to help yourself too. Don't you like jewelry?" 

She couldn't see a girl like her disliking it. She raised her eyebrows when she said she likes purple contacts, is she a supernatural being who had purple eyes? But does that mean she is no longer that species too? It's confusing and Luna wasn't sure if she should be invested in that. It wasn't until she added that she used to experiment with it that she chuckled, "You should try it again then." A little throwback would look nice and refreshing. "They can be pretty innovative with their styles. I also think Chinese styles are bold while Korean ones are more sweet and soft? That's the type of fashion I've seen so far anyway." At least the ones that managed to make their appearance in magazines and tabloids. 

"If you want to be eccentric, you should at least make a statement about it, no?" Isn't that how high fashion works these days? "Not that I'm prompting you into trying a vibrant color so bright you may as well dye your hair rainbow." It was as if she just got a revelation when she suddenly paused her sentence, "on a second thought, rainbow is one big statement." When asked what her favorite chocolate was, she grinned and started listing them out, "I have a lot. But mostly Reese's, Toblerone, KitKat and Snickers. Those are my go to. You can't go wrong with Reese's though…" It had been her favorite chocolate brand ever since she knew what chocolate meant. 

Luna shrugged absentmindedly as if to affirm her remark earlier, she wasn't exactly wrong, having grown up in a pessimistic household where everything needs to be paid and you need power to do so, the kitsune learned it the hard way. "My family is… complicated. Our ways were harsh and not the kind you want a kid to grow up in." There's a reason why she decided to separate herself from being affiliated and it was not just a tantrum her younger self decided to one day throw. "Let me guess, you have annoying siblings too and a dysfunctional family?" She teased, she wasn't sure what kind of family Argent had but there was no harm in guessing. "Oh I don't know about you but I will avoid it for as long as I can." Can't force her to eat bad food, her fox would lash out. "When I first came to Evermore and started looking into the campus, I heard so many stories about the dormitory. You basically had plenty to choose from. It's more interesting than you think it is once you've heard so many."

She nodded a little and pouted her lips slightly “That’s a shame” she commented but shrugged slightly, it didn’t seem like Luna really felt like she was missing out on anything so there was no point feeling sorry for her right. The redhead laughed a little when Luna explained how people trying to impress her actually had the opposite effect and overall put her off them, she supposed she could understand a little “If someone’s trying that hard they must really like you though” she pointed out as a counter argument, though it struck her that Luna probably wasn’t someone who cared all that much about dating. “Of course I like jewelry” she responded and laughed softly “Though I’ve never needed to sell any because of trouble” she added and shook her head slightly.

“I should, there’s a lot of things I used to experiment with that just kinda fizzled out” she commented thoughtfully and shrugged “I used to do some crazy stuff with makeup too, one time I did my eyeshadow entirely in rainbow” and it had turned out better than she hoped it would, she was sure with the newer products out nowadays she could do it even better. “Korean style is usually very understated...unless you’re a kpop star, in which case all bets are off” she laughed, she had seen some pretty daring outfits coming out of there in recent years, they loved to experiment “I’d love to be a stylist, that would be so much fun” getting to put together outfits and display them for the whole world seemed like a dream come true.

“I’ve seen some rainbow hair pulled off really tastefully” she pointed out and raised her brows slightly “But it’s a lot of effort for something which stays vibrant and perfect for 2 weeks at most” good if you had an event you wanted to show off at and lots of time to prepare but in most cases it wouldn’t be worth the effort of trying to put it together. “Rainbows do have a nice meaning behind them now though” she smiled softly, she was a part of that community herself so she liked being represented by it. She giggled and smiled “Sounds like you’re a nut fan then” she found nuts tended to be a love or hate them kind of level when it came to having them in chocolate, she could agree though, she enjoyed them very much.

Argent felt a little sad for Luna as she described her childhood and how her family had been harsh and difficult “Well you made it out the other side at least” and she seemed like a well-rounded enough person, even if she was a little blunt and harsh. She giggled slightly when she asked her if she had siblings and a dysfunctional family “You have no idea” she commented shaking her head slightly, maybe they weren’t blood relation but everything about the other aspects was family to her. “Stories huh?” she raised her brows wondering where Luna had heard anything about that “I just decided to stay at the dorms because I wanted the full experience you know...seems like a cheat to attend university but not live away from home” she could have stayed at the manor after all.

Honestly, Luna wasn’t used to being the center of someone’s attraction for more than a one-night stand, she didn’t do relationships either. Too much commitment and she simply had no time to spare for that. “Lucky” she mused upon hearing that the other female indeed liked jewelry but never had to encounter any trouble that required her to trade it. “I’ve done a few trades… here and there. Mostly because I had to escape a few prying eyes and that means moving away.” Emancipation be damned, even if she’s legally an adult without one, she wasn’t sure if her grandfather would ever give up trying to search for her. Perhaps never. The mere thought of that made her stomach churn.

“Rainbow eyeshadow? Jeez, that sounds obnoxious” she scrunched up her nose as she tried to picture it in her head, it really doesn’t look good but she had a feeling that Argent made it look fine. The woman clearly had a superior taste of fashion, so makeup shouldn’t be that far off, right? You won’t be able to rock a look without a clear balance of both, considering how she noticed her makeup. “Oh yeah I’ve seen a few kpop star looks, they make it look good sometimes, it’s daring” but other times, they could also look like a walking disaster, but probably lesser compared to the high fashion models that walked the runway. “I’m sure you could get a few practical experiences around the city,” she noticed there were a few boutiques when she first came here. 

When she mentioned the color now had a good meaning behind it, Luna couldn’t help but chuckle, “Oh, you’re part of that community?” she teased, she never really delved deep into things like that but considering what it was supposed to represent, she guessed she’s also part of it, given her attraction to females. “That’s actually weird since I don’t particularly consider myself a nut fan unless they’re in chocolates, now then I’d be down for it.” On everything else or on its own? She wouldn’t go out of her way. “Do you like nuts?” Most people had a tough childhood, right? She’s not the only one, but she didn’t think others would take much effort to go through an emancipation process at a young age either, not when you should focus on school instead. Would things have been easier if she just… let it go? She’s 21 now, even without that process, she would’ve been a legal adult the moment she reached 18 if she was still in Argentina.

“How many?” she asked casually, she wondered how many siblings Argent had, it sounded as if she may as well handle a kindergarten or a boarding house. “On a scale of 1 to 10, how crazy do they drive you?” The kitsune was a fan of ghost stories, to be honest, she liked the thrill of finding something new, and in this world where the supernaturals existed? She was sure the paranormal were true too, despite not encountering them. Yet. “Yeah, stories of wailing women, or kids chasing around other people… door to door pranking when it’s not done by actual people. So many, it’s honestly interesting, makes me wonder if any of them are actually real. Don’t get me wrong, I believe spirits are real but in the many stories I’ve heard, some are just absurd so you have to wonder which one is real and which isn’t. Do you have any creepy stories? From where you lived or anywhere.” Finishing up their food wasn’t hard, it was delicious after all. "I can't believe I'm actually full..." 

“Sounds messy” she murmured softly when Luna said she had to made a few trades to get her out of trouble, she was sure some of the guards must have had to do something similar in the past when they got into trouble on missions so she definitely wasn’t judging. She chuckled softly when she said rainbow eyeshadow sounded obnoxious “I think that’s supposed to be the point” she teased and shrugged slightly, you didn’t wear that number of colors without wanting to be noticed after all. “I like daring looks” she commented and grinned slightly “I don’t mind if people stare at me so might as well give them something to admire” she put her outfits and hairstyles online for people to see so it wasn’t like she was shy about it.

She blushed when Luna quite bluntly pointed out that if she liked the meaning she was probably part of the community “Yeah...which is kinda insane to say given how conservative my life was growing up” she wasn’t even allowed to choose who she was going to marry back then, having a relationship with a girl wasn’t even in the realm of possible. She giggled softly when Luna mentioned how she didn’t like nuts unless they were covered with chocolate “I’m a hazelnut fan mostly, nutella is basically like a drug to me” she teased softly and shrugged.

Argent averted her gaze for a moment and shook her head slightly “Ten” she answered honestly, there was her current 7 aspect siblings and then there was her brothers and sisters she was raised with, though those three had sadly passed in time. “I’ve only been living with seven though and that was...more than enough” she knew it sounded crazy but her life was crazy. “Probably about an 8 most of the time but then my brother Deus, he likes to have prank days and on those days, he brings it up to a 10” she sighed, he always knew how to catch everyone else no matter how much they tried to prepare for his shenanigans.

Argent shrugged slightly when Luna asked if she had any creepy stories “I guess I’ve never really seen the world as creepy because I just...expect anything” she was supernatural after all, she couldn’t get freaked out at the thought of ghosts or zombies because they were entirely possible. She finished up her food and grinned before calling over the waitress so she could pay the check, as promised she bought the other girl dinner “Don’t sound so surprised” she scolded her playfully “Any more stops you want to make on the way back?” she questioned curiously.

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