Beep. Beep. Beep.

 The annoying sound of the alarm clock placed on her bedside table has been ringing for the past 5 minutes and the girl in question is still surprisingly not awake yet. With one hand holding another pillow that was currently covering her face and the soft snores emitting from her, it was clear that she was not looking forward to waking up at all. A few minutes later, another sound came crashing again, this time from her phone and she was confident it wasn’t coming from her alarm app. Luna grumbled to herself and flailed her hand around, trying to search for the tiny thing as she removed the pillow away from her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to read the message written on the screen. That was moments before the phone slipped out of her hold and fell on her face. “Good fucking morning to you too” she hissed and swiped the green button to take the call that’s been bothering her for the past minute. “You better be up, Luna… it’s 11 30 am and you’re supposed to be at the university in 10 minutes.”

 Right. University. That statement alone was more than enough to get her up as she rubbed her eyes to check the time displayed on the screen, cursing silently to herself as she pushed the covers off her roughly, making a quick dash to the bathroom. As if things weren’t bad enough, she slipped and bumped her hip against the sink, causing the kitsune to yelp in pain, rubbing the sore spot as she tried to stand up properly to brush her teeth and wash her face. A series of unfortunate events kept occurring every 5 minutes for Luna. As she struggled to make herself presentable for the past couple of minutes, she had slipped over the carpet, hit her shin against the table, and brushed her hair too harshly. “This is why you shouldn’t pull an all nighter for no goddamn reason, Lunafaye” she cursed and dragged her bag with her. 

Her platinum blond hair looked freshly dyed in gray a few days ago, it was not too messy because she managed to comb it decently but with the kind of hurry she’s in, she may as well go for the messy hairdo. Her bad day started well, and only got worse as she tried to make her way to the university, thankfully she didn’t have to commute because the place she was currently staying temporarily at was a few kilometers away from the said institution. It didn’t mean she didn’t come across obstacles in her path though. By the time the hour struck 12, she was still struggling to cross the road due to the bustling streets. The kitsune ended up taking a turnover and took the other road, which costs her an extra 10 minutes. 

With her eyes glued on her phone, typing a message saying how sorry she was for oversleeping, she had bumped against someone. Hard. How hard was it? She toppled over and Luna was pretty sure the bicycle and the person riding felt the momentum. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to lose, so she retrieved her phone that was tossed to the side when she collided with the bicycle rider and apologized, saying she needs to be on her way. Her scraped knee was the least of her problems right now, especially when she’s like 40 minutes late already. The university wasn’t easy to navigate either, she was only able to get to the administration office because she asked around 4 times. By the time Luna arrived, she looked as if she just came out of a marathon, with her jeans slightly showing her scraped knee and her tired appearance. “I’m sorry I’m late…” she mumbled softly.

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One thing she had noticed off the bat about Luna was that she had a rather intimidating presence, she was confident but also seemingly rough around the edges which made for a strange combination. It was evident to Argent already that their personalities seemed to clash a fair bit but she was willing to work on it if the other girl was “I’m used to being surrounded by people so this one is a new for me...but I do like the independence of it all” that was why she had decided to come stay at the dorms rather than stay in the manor and commute for classes. Her siblings thought she was a little crazy for it but honestly she wanted the chance to have a normal college experience. Shallow perhaps but that was one of the small indulgences she wanted to give herself.

She laughed guiltily when Luna questioned her on her Googling habits and she shrugged slightly and pressed her lips together “It’s too easy to pull out your phone and type without thinking” she explained and shook her head. Of course Google wasn’t a doctor and they could advise much better what was wrong and rarely was it as bad as the search made it out to seem. “Well there are is a certain GPA you have to maintain or you’ll fail but I guess the bar is pretty low for freshman...we’re supposed to use this year to determine if college life is for us I guess” though the very idea of dropping out after putting in a year’s worth of work honestly seemed so bizarre to her.

She shrugged slightly when Luna talked about chasing for perfection “At least chasing perfection means you’re always trying to move forward” she commented thoughtfully, even if you could never actually reach the ending you could keep making progress that brought you closer to it and that was enough. She nodded slightly in agreement with what Luna said about Evermore being free and a city full of promising future “This city has grown a lot over the past few years, a lot of people come here looking for a place where they can feel like they belong” mostly because it was the only city she knew of in the world that was openly accepting to the supernatural and actively represented it. That phrasing from Luna did make her curious if she knew about the supernatural herself though.

She looked down for a moment and chuckled when Lune expressed her shock at the number of siblings Argent had “For the most part they’re tolerable, though one of my brothers is the world’s biggest pranksters which definitely has its challenges” one time Deus had put pink hair dye in her shampoo and so she had an impromptu hair color change. He was lucky that she had ended up quite liking and hadn’t tried to kill him for doing so without her say so. She arched a curious brow when Luna referred to herself as mischievous and playful “I’m a pretty good reader of people” she commented with a slight smile in response. “Maybe we should...agree a word or something to do to say...I just want my space right now” since they were going to be on top of one another, it seemed wise to agree where to draw the line. “And we should probably label our stuff in the fridge” since it could be way too easy to eat one another’s food.

Argent looked around for a moment when Luna mentioned the decor and bit her lip “I mean it is rather...plain” she commented, white walls that looks like they’d been painted over when the last students moved out “Maybe some fairy lights would be nice” she glanced around thoughtfully “And some flowers” flowers made everything look nicer right.

It was going to be a challenge to get along with someone like her, not to say that Argent wasn't the type of person Luna would outrightly reject to befriend with, of course. But the kitsune isn't the type to generally make friends with anyone. She holds the bare minimum for a lot of things that does not concern her. If it doesn't benefit her in any way for her future, then she wouldn't pay it any mind. "You better get used to it, the air of independence is a nice thing to get used to, but there will be a time where you'll be cursing on it later on" She has been as independent as one would want to be at her age back then. She's counting days on the calendar if she was being honest. The progress she had made thus far, it was something meaningful for her. Perhaps Argent came from a family that's just as overbearing? That could be the reason why she yearned for something like this. Which is… a little bit similar to her situation. Maybe.

"It makes me wonder what else you do type in that Google search bar" she exclaimed bluntly, the smirk playing on the corner of her lips was clearly egging her to go ahead and enlighten her. If they were going to be friends, mutual and light-hearted conversation id one way to start it, right? "Somehow I have a feeling you're not someone who would have to worry about her CGPA" Luna was the type to skip classes if it really bores her and the only reason she would even be there was to jot down notes and make sure she's above the bar to qualify for final examination. She likes studying on her own more. She wasn't the best top scorer but she is pretty good for someone who didn't try to appeal that hard to lecturers. "I already know I'm not going to be that model student. As long as I pass my assignments before the deadline closes and get a good mark on it, I'm good to go." Graduation was what's important to her, with a good grade so she could find jobs no more harder than she needed to, of course. 

"Did you do the same? I mean come here for that same reason most of the others do?" Argent said something about the place being somewhere they feel like they belong at, Luna originally came here with the idea that it would be a place where she could have a fresh start without having to worry about her supernatural identity. It's hard to keep things low profiled when you are forced to turn once every month. The mention of brothers made her roll her eyes, "Ugh… brothers. I have one brother who's like only a year younger than me but I swear he is the most devilish brat I have ever met." She also has an older adopted sister but that's a territory Luna wasn't about to step back into. When Argent said she was good at reading people, the kitsune raised her eyebrows questioningly as if to say that's the most obvious thing she has ever seen today, "You don't say…"

What would she say if she wanted her own space? "I'm rather blunt and straightforward, in case that wasn't obvious already… so I'll most likely give you a look that says please leave me alone or the signal of not now." Luna Marin is nothing if not a woman of few words. "Labeling stuff in the fridge, that's a good idea." She should do that, especially on the meat. "Do you have any favorite flower?"

The redhead raised her brows curiously wondering what kind of experience Luna had with independence which would make her say such a thing “Probably, living on your own means you have to do everything for yourself huh?” though she was pretty well prepped for that, she did her own laundry and made her own meals back at the manor anyway “I guess it can get lonely too” though less so because she had a roommate, she could imagine living alone was a different story.

She gave a slightly guilty smile when she asked her what else she Googled “Far more than I’d admit” she responded with a chuckle, it was one of the most interesting inventions of the recent times, being able to search for any answer you sought at the touch of a button was a convenience she never even imagined being able to have years ago. Argent shuffled a little when Luna mentioned that she seemed like a good student “Only because I work hard to maintain it” she responded and pressed her lips together, Argent was the type to go overboard when it came to prep because she wanted to do well at things. “So I should expect you to be pulling a few late nights huh?” she grinned slightly, she wasn’t judging, if Luna wanted to do everything last minute and take that risk then it was her choice.

Argent tilted her head, wondering if Luna had picked up on the double meaning in her words, from looking at her aura, the aspect could tell she was a species aligned neutrally, which could mean she was a human but humans weren’t the only neutral species “I guess you could say I did” she responded and shrugged her shoulders, she already felt like the isle of skye was the place she belonged but with her home gone she had to start over. The way Luna rolled her eyes when she talked about her brother made Argent raise her brows “And yet I’m sure there’s a soft spot you hold for his devilish ass anyway right?” she laughed, the bond of siblings was strange.

She nodded when Luna said she would be able to communicate she wanted space with her expression “Somehow I don’t think that’ll be a problem for you” she responded and nodded, the other girl seemed kinda scary and blunt, Argent wouldn’t wanna be on the wrong side of her “As for me...let’s just say if the door to my room is closed, you should knock” not that she could see a reason the other girl would want to bother her anyway. “Flowers?” she responded, pursing her lips in thought about it “It’s cheesy but I’d have to say sunflowers…” there was the aspect of light for you “Do you like flowers?” she asked curiously.

She saw the look she gave her and hid her skepticism with a chuckle, it looks like Argent wondered what kind of person she is, not that she would fault her for coming up with thoughts about it. Luna is a generally mysterious person who keeps to herself, she wouldn't be surprised if the redhead thought of her as a misfit or a troublemaker. Fortunately, she wasn't the type to stir trouble… voluntarily. But she doesn't back down from any accusations so she may fight back but that is all on the other side of the party, of course. "Mhmm, nobody is gonna be there to clean up your mess and all, you need to be responsible for every single thing that you do and what happens to you." It's the state of which she has been living in for a while now. She likes it just fine though. Her freedom was worth everything. 

When Argent said it could get lonely, she pondered for a moment and shrugged absentmindedly, "Sometimes… but you eventually get used to it. It depends on your dependence on what type of company though. I'm fine with my book." It was cute that she probably googled everything about this life but it's a nice look. Luna didn't think of googling any of that when she could, she went into this life without looking back, prepped with whatever she had prepared in advance. Aside from the process of emancipation and embarking your journey into adulthood, the rest is natural to her. "You should keep at it, studying hard… all of that on your own ability would be the thing that guarantees you a spot in the future." Well, you still need connections to get certain jobs because nepotism is still deep rooted in their society but she would leave that part out. 

When asked if she would expect a few late nights from her, Luna smirked and shrugged, "Maybe. Depends on what type of late nights do you mean because I do plenty of that." The way she stared at her while uttering those words set certain volumes, she knows exactly what she just implied. She did have a soft spot for Ezequiel, even if he drove her crazy and she wanted to push him off the ledge every few moons. "I miss him" she mumbled, she kept in contact with him, of course, while making sure their grandfather wouldn't be able to track it. But calling and texting is not the same as meeting each other. "At least yours still live nearby, they're a pain but they're all you've got, at the end of the day." He is her flesh and blood. "Funny you said that, I don't usually knock but I'll keep that in mind to start doing that in the future" she never knocked and really just… barged in sometimes. But this is a new roommate and she had to respect her personal space too. 

She didn't expect Argent to push the question back to her, Luna fell into a brief silence before cleaning her throat, her voice sounding a bit awkward even, "Dahlia…" She pursed her lips and thought to leave the redhead alone to organise her room before they start organising outside, "Why don't we finish unpacking and organise our rooms briefly before we do it outside? Maybe after… say an hour?"

It was quite a bleak reality to know that independence meant that there was nothing to fall back on but it was also freeing, being able to do the things you want to do and make your own mistakes, Argent realized that despite living for so long she’d never really had the chance to do things along and really make her own decisions “Kinda scary when you put it like that” she commented under her breath. She chuckled when Luna pointed out she was fine with the company of a book rather than people “At least books can never disappoint you huh?” she grinned slightly, despite being a people person she could understand that some people just preferred their own company.

“I hope so” she responded in a soft voice “I want to be able to be do something that matters, you know” she nodded a few times and pressed her lips together, that was the reason she had chosen to come to this university in the first place, she wanted to be able to make a mark on the world that would actually stick “I know fashion seems like a superficial choice to go with but...I like the idea of being able to make people feel a little better in their day...a little more confident” she hoped one day maybe she could have her own brand or be a stylist of some kind, that would be a lot of fun for her.

Argent widened her eyes a little when Luna quite directly said her form of late nights “Oh” she raised her brows slightly “Okay then” she blushed slightly and averted her gaze from the other female, shifting on the spot a little and feeling glad when the subject changed to something else. “You should call him” she suggested in a soft voice when Luna said she missed her brother, god knows she was already missing hers and she hadn’t even been away from them for all that long, it was so easy to get used to someone being there but she knew all too well how quickly they could disappear. She laughed softly when the other girl said she didn’t usually knock “All I’m saying is I can be a little grumpy if I don’t get my beauty sleep” she shrugged, Luna was probably going to learn that one quickly.

Argent smiled softly when Luna finally confirmed her favorite flower, she’d remember that for the future because it seemed like, despite her not saying anything about it, maybe flowers were important to her. “Sure..I’m sure you could use some space and not have me getting in your way” she spoke softly before nodding her head “See you in an hour” with that she headed back to her room with a new sense of intent to get some things done. She was determined to make this whole thing a good experience and that started with making her home feel comfortable.

Independence was a beautiful thing to yearn for, Luna couldn't remember how long she has been wanting to taste the freedom that would accompany it. She worked hard to get what she wanted and once she was finally free from her family's leash, the air she wanted so badly hit her more than she thought it would. The price of freedom was hefty and even now she still had to love her life looking back to see if anyone was going to steal her independence away from her. "It can be scary" she chuckled, a lot of things could be scary when you think about it. "God I feel like an old person… like I've aged at least 20 to 30 years of my age and I'm only 21…" she grumbled to herself, perhaps it was because she has been thinking about it for a while. "No, books can't pass you off… they calm you down if anything. So much better compared to humans who keep yapping here and there sometimes."

Honestly, there had been instances where Luna was this close to stitching someone's lips because they kept talking. The temptation was definitely there and the young kitsune had to control her temper. Being unbothered didn't mean she didn't have a temper. When Argent said she wanted to do something that mattered, Luna tilted her head to the side cutely and stared at the redhead, what she saw was someone filled with an endless amount of passion, it would be annoying if it wasn't so satisfying to see. "It's not as superficial as you make it to be" she quipped, she never thought anything to be useless. Though she may not show she cared, she would never mock someone for their interests. "I can't even say anything about it honestly. I came here to escape from my family and yet I'm picking up something that is related to my family's business. How ironic…" It seems as if Luna couldn't run away from it entirely. Like it or not, they still had a tight grip and influence on her at some point.

Upon noticing the blush on her cheeks, Luna couldn't help but smirk as she snickered to herself, she was so flustered it was funny to see. When Argent told her she should give him a call, Luna pursed her lips and wondered if she should, "You think so?" It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that Ezequiel is someone she would give anything up for. Her brother is the one person she would even kill for, if it comes down to it. "Noted, I'll be sure to knock then. Wouldn't want to deprive you from your… beauty sleep" she shook her head and chuckled, it was understandable. You honestly wouldn't want to disturb someone's sleep, especially a student's. When they agreed on meeting again after an hour of cleaning their own room, Luna waved goodbye and slid out of the redheads room and headed to her own, closing the door but not fully. The kitsune plugged in her earphones that she fished out from her backpack and scrolled down her playlist, hitting the shuffle button before putting her phone inside her pockets and started unpacking. 

She wasn’t really used to having her hobbies manage to overtake anything in her life because her focus was always supposed to be on her role as an aspect. But Argent wasn’t the kind of person who could have a single focus, she was easily distracted and needed a lot of things in her life in order to keep her occupied. Studying was about to become a big part of her life but she felt like she was up to the challenge “It’s nice to hear someone say that” she admitted with a small smile, nodding slightly “And just because it’s your family’s business originally doesn’t mean you can’t make it yours...I’m sure you’ll find a way to put your own spin on it” she smiled encouragingly and nodded.

Argent nodded and scrunched her nose playfully when Luna asked if she should call her brother “He probably misses you just as much” she assured her with a gentle smile, if she knew anything about brothers it was that they wanted to look out for their sisters and Luna seemed to speak fondly about hers despite talking negatively about the rest of her family. It was evident she wanted to reach out so maybe that little push would get her where she needed to go. “You really wouldn’t” she teased with a smile before tapping the door frame and heading off to her room.

She started going through her things, before long she had her music on, playing quietly from her phone and she was dancing her way across the room as she took all of her clothes out of her bag one by one and started hanging them in the wardrobe. She was happy to have her own space and after unpacking one full bag she flopped herself onto the bed, looking up at the ceiling and smiling softly, this felt like her calling honestly and she was so excited to see where it all led. She resumed packing and before long enough time had passed and it had been an hour, she switched off her music and padded her way into the living space, looking around and frowning a little because it really felt so empty. She headed into the kitchen and started opening the cupboards to look through them curiously wondering what had been left here and what supplies they would need to get.

Hearing those words from Argent made her wonder if she was really right. Is that really what she was doing? "I'm sure I could, I'm just not sure if I could end up forgetting to link this or that to them. They were very… big, I mean they were a big part of my life until recently" ever since the process of her emancipation were approved about 5 years ago, things haven't been quite the same for the kitsune and it wasn't just from the parts of being able to live independently as well as away from her big family. Until she fled to Evermore, she was still under her grandfather's radar, it was too suffocating. And he has never received a no forever as an answer, though he loves her dearly, it didn't mean he wouldn't try to push his ideals onto her. If anything, that was all the more reasons to do so. 

"Oh, he probably misses me a lot, you're right" she chuckled, her brother was always on the same wavelength as her so it made it easy to communicate with her ever since they were little. "Poor Ezequiel, can't even contact his sister because of everything that's going on. I remember telling him that if he wanted to contact me, he should go to a public telephone or something, assuming those still exist in our neighborhood" she didn't want to leave anything that they will be able to track. They may say they respect her decisions but once they find out what she did to Marissa, who knows what they'll think of her. "I'll think of it. And if my brother gets a call from me, then he probably has you to thank." Argent was right, maybe she just needed a little push. "I don't need more nagging than usual so I really wouldn't" she giggled and returned to what she was doing earlier. 

She plugged in her earphones and switched on her playlist as she started sorting everything out. It didn't take Luna as long to get everything unpacked because she wasn't the type to pack a lot and bring them with her anyway, not to mention the kitsune is extremely wary of her surroundings making her cautious, hence why she settles a lot of things as fast as she could. By the time the hour was used up, her closet was already stocked with her clothes and her bed was no longer bare, it was equipped with a new quilt and was decorated with new sheets. Her study table wasn't as empty as before either, her laptop and books were placed there, not as neat but the slight messy outlook is exactly how she likes it. Once everything was deemed presentable by Luna, she unplugged her earphones and tossed it aside on her bed and wandered outside, noticing a familiar redheaded silhouette searching for something in the kitchen. "What are you doing?"

Argent liked having time to herself, at the manor you were always bothered by people constantly because there was so much going on. Here though, it was just going to be her and Luna and she got the feeling the other girl liked her space, thankfully there was 

enough space in the dorm to be able to retreat to their own rooms when they needed a breather but also hang out in the kitchen or lounge together if they wanted. Luna was an interesting person, she seemed a little standoffish but that seemed understandable considering what she had gone through with her parents.

By the time she was done in her room, things felt more familiar to her, she had purposely chosen the room with the window so she would be able to watch the sunrise in the morning, her favorite thing to do. She was moving around the kitchen and she pulled out a few things from inside the cupboard to inspect them when she heard Luna’s voice and she jumped, the baking tray she was holding falling from her hands and clattering onto the floor. She winced slightly before scrambling to pick it up and tuck it back where it belonged.

“Just investigating and seeing what they left for us in the kitchen...probably best we don’t wait until just before a meal before realizing we don’t have any spoons or something right?” she giggled slightly as she arranged it neatly and then closed the door before straightening up and smiling at the dark haired female “How was unpacking? Does the place feel more...familiar now?” with the few things Luna brought she wasn’t sure there was even much to unpack but she was sure having some time in her own space had been useful.

She never thought she'd have a roommate like that, and to be honest, Luna also didn't expect to have a good relationship with her. Before she came here, of course the most logical thing to know is that she will be having a roommate; someone to share the space of the apartment with. But as luck would have it, at least it was only one other person. She could cope with that. But she didn't expect to get along with her on the first note, Argent was… likable. It wasn't easy to find flaws to her that would annoy the kitsune which says a lot since she's irked by a lot of things. Her peppy behavior was also quite endearing. To see their dynamic would be an interesting perspective in the future. 

When she was sure her room was decent, she realized that their kitchen was empty, as to be expected. But the fact that Argent was surprised by her presence to the point where she dropped a baking tray on the floor did amuse her. Luna covered one hand over her mouth to refrain herself from snickering, which didn't really work. "You look like you're having fun" she quipped, speaking of food, she placed one hand over her stomach and grumbled, "Have you eaten before coming here? Because I haven't." And god did she have an appetite to keep up to. Or at least her fox's appetite anyway. 

When she was asked about unpacking, Luna shrugged and leaned against the counter, "A bit. I'm sure it won't take that long because I've never really had a place to settle and call home, this wouldn't be any different." Sometimes it was upsetting but Luna learned to accept that a long while ago. "God I'm famished…" She bit her lip and cleared her throat awkwardly before mustering up the courage to ask what she wanted to ask, "Do you want to go get something? Maybe food delivery or something?"

She noticed the way Luna was holding herself back from laughing at Argent’s clumsiness which made the aspect shift a little on the spot and blush slightly as she tucked it away and then quipped herself down “I’m exploring” she affirmed with a shy smile, if this was going to be their home then she definitely wanted to know her way around it well. When Luna mentioned eating, it suddenly triggered something in Argent and she felt her stomach rumble “I actually completely forgot to eat” she commented and laughed in an exasperated manner, well that made two of them then.

“You don’t know that, you might decide you really like it” she teased slightly, giving a somewhat sad smile because she couldn’t imagine how it must feel to feel like you didn’t belong anywhere, but she didn’t want to push too much because Luna didn’t seem like the kind of person that would appreciate unsolicited advice from someone she just met. “Sure...we could go check out the cafeteria and see what they serve there” she smiled softly “And when we discover it’s as bad as everyone says we can find somewhere to get takeout instead” she chuckled, the aspect had done her research on the university and food was not a highlight.

With that she stepped away from the cupboards and reached to grab her bag she’d left on the side, she figured a good use of their time would be to get to know one another since they would be living together for at least a year. “So what kind of food do you like?” she asked as they headed out of the room together and she locked the door behind them.

To be honest, things were going pretty well between the two of them. Because for one, she made Luna laugh effortlessly and Luna wasn't someone who would laugh for no reason, not even someone made a wild stunt and slipped on a banana peel. "Right… exploring" she nodded and chuckled, the kitchen counter was obviously empty and the kitchen didn't look any better so they may need to buy a few utensils here and there. "Do we have what we need? Or do we need to go out to get a few things?" She asked curiously, because if they need to, they may as well do it today since orientation will start in two days time and tomorrow she plans to just sleep in and get used to her new space that she will call home for at least one more year. Upon hearing her stomach rumbling, the kitsune snickered and shook her head, "Yeah your tummy seems to highlight that. Don't worry, I didn't eat either, we can go get something to fill in our angry tummies." She was actually making an effort to be friendly. 

She stared at the open living space they have and shrugged, "Maybe…" Honestly, she wanted to stay at one place for a time too, it's tiring to always be moving every few months. Sometimes knowing you have the comfort of a place to crash at is comforting. Her dorm could be that for now. The brunette scrunched her nose up when she said they would be checking out the cafeteria food first, "You didn't hear it from me but I still stand by the idea of cafeteria food being worse than hospital food…" She didn't know if the cafeteria food here sucks too but the idea of going near it still makes her skirmish. She just chucked her jacket on and trailed behind her as they exited their unit, pondering momentarily when she asked her what her favorite food was. "Chinese. Thai. I'm as Asian as I can get even though I grew up in Argentina my entire life." 

Her Spanish was even more fluent than her English and Korean yet her tongue still favors her east asian side. "You?" To be fair, as a kitsune, she had an increased liking towards meat in general, so balancing between carbohydrate and protein used to be hard for her since she would just munch on beef the entire day without caring about any other food for a while. "I do have an appetite though so if you find me stocking up our shelves with snacks and food… or sneaking to eat something at 3 am in the morning, don't be surprised. It's no burglar, just me." Not that she was convinced anyone can escape her watchful antics if someone broke in.

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