Beep. Beep. Beep.

 The annoying sound of the alarm clock placed on her bedside table has been ringing for the past 5 minutes and the girl in question is still surprisingly not awake yet. With one hand holding another pillow that was currently covering her face and the soft snores emitting from her, it was clear that she was not looking forward to waking up at all. A few minutes later, another sound came crashing again, this time from her phone and she was confident it wasn’t coming from her alarm app. Luna grumbled to herself and flailed her hand around, trying to search for the tiny thing as she removed the pillow away from her face. She squinted her eyes and tried to read the message written on the screen. That was moments before the phone slipped out of her hold and fell on her face. “Good fucking morning to you too” she hissed and swiped the green button to take the call that’s been bothering her for the past minute. “You better be up, Luna… it’s 11 30 am and you’re supposed to be at the university in 10 minutes.”

 Right. University. That statement alone was more than enough to get her up as she rubbed her eyes to check the time displayed on the screen, cursing silently to herself as she pushed the covers off her roughly, making a quick dash to the bathroom. As if things weren’t bad enough, she slipped and bumped her hip against the sink, causing the kitsune to yelp in pain, rubbing the sore spot as she tried to stand up properly to brush her teeth and wash her face. A series of unfortunate events kept occurring every 5 minutes for Luna. As she struggled to make herself presentable for the past couple of minutes, she had slipped over the carpet, hit her shin against the table, and brushed her hair too harshly. “This is why you shouldn’t pull an all nighter for no goddamn reason, Lunafaye” she cursed and dragged her bag with her. 

Her platinum blond hair looked freshly dyed in gray a few days ago, it was not too messy because she managed to comb it decently but with the kind of hurry she’s in, she may as well go for the messy hairdo. Her bad day started well, and only got worse as she tried to make her way to the university, thankfully she didn’t have to commute because the place she was currently staying temporarily at was a few kilometers away from the said institution. It didn’t mean she didn’t come across obstacles in her path though. By the time the hour struck 12, she was still struggling to cross the road due to the bustling streets. The kitsune ended up taking a turnover and took the other road, which costs her an extra 10 minutes. 

With her eyes glued on her phone, typing a message saying how sorry she was for oversleeping, she had bumped against someone. Hard. How hard was it? She toppled over and Luna was pretty sure the bicycle and the person riding felt the momentum. Unfortunately, she didn’t have time to lose, so she retrieved her phone that was tossed to the side when she collided with the bicycle rider and apologized, saying she needs to be on her way. Her scraped knee was the least of her problems right now, especially when she’s like 40 minutes late already. The university wasn’t easy to navigate either, she was only able to get to the administration office because she asked around 4 times. By the time Luna arrived, she looked as if she just came out of a marathon, with her jeans slightly showing her scraped knee and her tired appearance. “I’m sorry I’m late…” she mumbled softly.

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Argent straightened herself up when Luna spoke doubtfully about what she was up to and she bit her lip slightly “Well we should probably get some basics from the grocery store because it’s basically been cleaned out, no salt, no pepper...not even some old chilli flakes” she laughed, she was a good enough cook to know seasoning was important “And some of the pans look like they’ve seen better days so maybe some replacements” she nodded, the rest looked in order, the silverware looked intact and none of the plates or bowls seemed to be chipped. She giggled under her breath when Luna pointed out that her stomach was loud “ has a mind of it’s own sometimes” she commented and laughed softly.

“Well, I’ll promise not to be a worse living partner than your family” that couldn’t be hard considering she had literally got emancipated so she could get away from them right? Argent could have her annoying tendencies but she wasn’t so bad that anyone had gone out of their way to get away from her before. She scoffed and laughed when Luna said that cafeteria food was worse than hospital food “Sounds like you’ve been to some fancy hospitals” she jested because she would absolutely disagree with that statement. She sidled up alongside the dark-haired female, looking over to her as she explained her food preferences “Makes sense, gotta hold onto your roots right?” she offered a smile.

“Well I’m from England originally but I definitely favor Italian, mostly because I can’t think of anything better than a good pasta carbonara” she laughed under her breath, pasta and cheese sauce, you couldn’t get much better than that to her. She raised her brows curiously when Luna explained she liked to eat in the middle of the night “Thanks for the warning because knowing me I’d actually freak out thinking a bear managed to get in through the window or something” because that seemed logical, she pressed her lips together as they headed into the student services hall which housed the library and cafeteria “What about sweets though? Cause I’m definitely the type to keep stashes of chocolate around” she commented and grinned playfully.

The kitsune raised her eyebrows in awe when she heard that, "Seriously? They couldn't even be generous to spare us some salt and sugar? Talk about leaving things bland…" God she hated things with no flavor, humans too, to be honest. People with no flavor are just simply tasteless to her, pun intended. "No good pans too, great. They have already made a good impression on us students already, I have a feeling we're going to have a great year" she exclaimed sarcastically and shook her head before heading out with Argent. She did laugh when the redhead said she would try to be a better living partner compared to her family, which was honestly not really a high bar considering her decision to get emancipated at 16. But she wouldn't comment much about her family anyway, it makes her feel bittersweet because while she was glad she is away from their clutches and influences now, they are still her family. Her flesh and blood, she wasn't adopted.

"You'll be fine, I'm sure of it. I'm generally not that easy to annoy, I'm more likely to be unbothered by things than to act impulsively on the spot." Most times, she would just plug in her earphones and do about her day, acting as if that person doesn't even exist on her radar. She did blush when Argent pointed out that she must've been to fancy hospitals because there were only a few times when she had been admitted there and it was during the time when people would know who she was and automatically call her grandfather so everything was settled and she got moved to a better environment. "Ironically, I used to live in a chaotic city but the hospitals there were quite fancy, I guess they wanted to appease and impress those ring leaders and corporate leaders" they have plenty of those two there. "Have you tried cafeteria food or hospital food? Ever?" Because in her defense, she only tried cafeteria food once and she wasn't sure if it was just that cafeteria being bad. 

"I would still cuss you out in Spanish if you make me mad though, so there's also that." She didn't learn English until she was like 7 years old, but she was exposed to Spanish pretty much since she was born. "Italian huh? Well I can't say they don't have good food because they do." Sounds acceptable enough. "I imagine you're a cheese fan then, I'm not that big of a fan but I can still eat them… moderately" in reality, she just really had a bad experience with cheese when she was a kid so it traumatized her. "It's easy but you'll be surprised by how long a trauma can carry onto a bad cheese incident for 11 years." Yeah, that long. Luna laughed when Argent said she would worry a bear would break into their dorms, "A bear, really? Of all animals, you had to pick a bear? Why? Is it your spirit animal or did you have an incident with one? Oh… don't tell me you read those online forums talking about a bear breaking into their dorms to steal their food." She did read a few of those. Comic relief, to be honest, if not absurd. "I like sweets. Especially licorice. Dark chocolate or white chocolate?"

She shook her head slightly, it wasn’t like she was actually expecting much to be left for them, from the impression she had gotten, the dorms were managed on a bare minimum basis and that meant students needing to make up the rest “Someone’s passionate about her seasoning” she teased slightly as she glanced over at her “Well at least we figured it out before we were in the middle of making a meal, plus bonus, if we buy our own, we can take it home with us at the end of the semester” Argent liked cooking so she’d be glad to have her own set.

“You give that impression” she agreed with her, Luna seemed like the type to be faced with something really entertaining and simply stare at it nonchalantly, though it made Argent wonder if she was really that unbothered or if she was just good at holding back her reactions to things she didn’t want to show. “Chaotic city huh?” Argent had never really been a city girl, she was born in a small town, moved to an island after she became an aspect and had spent the rest of her time here in Evermore but this was all new to her “I’m used to the quiet and having to travel over an hour to even get to a hospital” she commented and then gave a slightly guilty smile when Luna asked her if she had even tried either “I’ve tried hospital food because I volunteered there for a while but cafeteria...still one to be added to the list” she wondered if it was as bad as people made it out to be.

“In Spanish huh?” she grinned slightly, Argent could speak many languages, it was one of the things she had picked up over the years in her spare time and it had been useful when they had needed to go on missions to different areas “Just bear in mind that I’ll know what you’re saying” she pointed out and shrugged. She smiled when Luna agreed Italian food was good “I’ll have to introduce you to my favorite Italian take out sometime” she pointed out and smiled softly, she loved pasta dishes and Luna wasn’t wrong when she said she liked cheese a whole lot “I’m definitely a cheeseaholic, sue me” she teased playfully but raised her brow wondering what Luna’s issue with cheese was when she mentioned an incident “What happened?” she widened her eyes curiously.

She blushed when the kitsune pointed out how unlikely a bear of all animals would be and she shrugged “Let’s just say that a bear stole my dinner once” she confessed with a small smile, of course bears were much more likely to come into civilization back then because houses were more accessible. “Licorice” she repeated and smiled “I can see that being a good thing to stash” she giggled slightly “My favorite is dark chocolate with sea salt” she admitted with a wry smile.

"f you give me bland food, I will forever hold it against you, you can give me the spiciest shit or the saltiest drink, that's fine… as long as it's not bland" she definitely has something against the lack of taste for her taste buds. Mostly it was her fox side being whiny but what's new? "Do you like cooking?" Because Luna sure doesn't, she could make something decent for the sake of actually putting something in her stomach so she wouldn't starve because who could survive on instant noodles everyday for the rest of their lives? Not her. But she wasn't a fan of cooking and would not take some time out of her precious life to make anything for the sake of it. "Surprisingly I'm way too used to the city life because of that… and it gets boring real fast. Like I said, I hate bland stuff." It includes the redundancy of some things too.

"An hour? Do you like… walk or something?" Unless she really lives at the edge of the city following the respective territories, she couldn't see how one would take an hour to get to the hospital. "Where… do you live exactly? Before coming here?" She was curious. She raised her eyebrows in surprise when she heard she volunteered at a hospital before, well Argent does look like a nice girl so she wasn't that surprised to hear her admit that. "Let's hope this cafeteria isn't as bad." She hoped that the cafeteria food she tried once was just bad because of where it was, and that it wasn't exactly something every cafeteria had in common because that would suck. "Impressive, a multilingual princess I see. How many languages can you speak?" In her case, it was only 3 that she was fluent in. But it was interesting to know that Argent would know every word she utters. 

"Not that I think I would cuss at you anyway…" something tells her that she would likely be the one to annoy the redhead and not the other way around. "Already introducing me to your favorite place? Well isn't this friendship wheel moving fine on its first day?" She teased, admittedly, she was relieved to know her roommate is not a bitch. She did not like cheese but she wasn't going to restrict the female from putting them in their shared fridge later since it was both of their places. "Just that I ate bad cheese… it was a prank by my brother and I hated cheese ever since… because it traumatised my 10 year old self." It's really that much of a long term. "A bear… stole your dinner once? Girl, where did you live oh my god" she gaped in awe because that was definitely one for the story. "Is that a hyperbole or something?" No way a real bear stole her dinner, right? "I like biting and chewing on something… I figured licorice is better than my pen." And it was. "Now I'm craving chocolate…" Before long, they had already entered the cafeteria where Luna was eyeing the food from afar with an indescribable look.

Argent laughed and scrunched up her nose when Luna pointed out she would rather have something overseasoned than bland “As long as it doesn’t taste too bitter, I swear I can’t tolerate bitter things” she pulled a face just thinking about the one time she had bitten into a grapefruit and then never gone near one again. “I love cooking, I learned a lot of different cuisines over time” her voice got more peppy as she talked because of how excited she was about it “I remembered always setting aside an hour in the evening to make something new and then saving all my favorite recipes” she still had it tucked away somewhere she was sure.

She laughed under her breath “No I lived in the countryside in England, it really did take that long to get to a hospital...the ambulances were your only hope if something serious happened” she nodded slightly, not that much happened anyway, there wasn’t much crime back then and when people did get sick it was usually a progressive decline. No big structures to fall off or cars to veer in the path of. “Well if it’s terrible then we have plenty of other options to turn to and we know to never go there again” she teased and shook her head, ever the optimist was the aspect, she liked to hope for the best and see where things went. Argent debated for a moment when Luna asked her how many languages she knew “English...Spanish...Italian...French...Japanese and a little Latin” she nodded slightly, yeah that was all of them.

“It’s gonna happen at least once” she teased as she looked over at her, best intentions aside it wasn’t going to be easy to live with someone you just met and they had seemingly decent opinions and manners which she was sure would come to a head at some point. She laughed lightly when Luna praised her for offering to show her a favorite place “Hey what’s the point in having a favorite place if you can’t brag about it a little” she teased slightly. She pulled a face when Luna mentioned she ate bad cheese “Oh reminds me of that time I ate so much fudge that I put myself off it for life” she pressed her lips together and sighed.

Argent pouted slightly at the mention of the bear “We were out camping in the woods and caught some fish for dinner and bear ransacked our campsite while we were out and stole the fish” she sighed under her breath, she hadn’t liked bears since then because she had gone hungry that night and Argent was a grumpy person when she was hungry. Argent pouted her lips slightly when Luna said she wanted chocolate “Me too...with waffles” she added thinking about the melted chocolate you could have with them. They headed into the cafeteria and Argent spotted them serving spaghetti from a distance which she immediately didn’t like the look of.

When Argent said she wasn't a fan of bitter things, Luna chuckled because who would? "I don't think you'll find a lot of people who prefer… bitterness over anything, Argent" isn't that why medicine is usually so detested by even adults like them? "That's practically the entire foundation of a medicine, being built on the bitter taste because they're… bitter to our life" it was funny when people looked at it that way. But the way the redhead pulled her face was honestly cute, so she was pretty expressive, huh? Interesting. "So you like cooking and then you have a roommate who has a big appetite but completely off the racks for cooking ability. Sorry to disappoint you" she bit her lip, Luna wasn't a good cook because she never had time to learn the recipes to do this or that. Her entire life was practically fed to her like a silver spoon but around the time she practiced to be independent before her emancipation, she managed to get a hang of most things. Unfortunately, it didn't include chef skills. 

"You don't look English" she raised her eyebrows in surprise, she was sure the American accent would fit in well in Argent, but could that be because there's a certain city girl vibe to her despite living in the countryside? "If it wasn't because of your accent, I would've mistaken you as a New Yorker." It's the fashion. Though interestingly enough, something about how she worded it made it seem like she didn't exist in this century, it was just a feeling but Luna was curious. "Right, you're ever the optimist huh? And there you have a roommate who is the complete opposite, a whole pessimist. How did we get roomed together? I wonder" everything about Argent is so different compared to Luna. Their dressing style to their personality. "So you're a polyglot… impressive. Well, at least you would do well to know you'll understand me perfectly fine if I was suddenly complaining under my breath" she jested playfully, though she was sure not a lot of problems would actually land them since Argent seemed to have quite the understanding and consideration laid out in the open. 

She could appreciate that and so long as the boundaries were not crossed, the kitsune could keep the respect mutual. "I still couldn't get over my cheese trauma because of that but I guess there's an inkling somewhere…" maybe one day she'll learn to put it behind her, like she is learning to put a lot of things behind her right now but who knows when that day will come? Rather than waiting for something that may or may not come, she would just forget about it. Hearing her story about how a bear quite literally stole her dinner made Luna gape in awe, "You have some cool stories. Any other animal story you have? Have you come across a fox stealing your food?" Because that's likely to happen, to be honest. She noticed the shift in the air and saw the way Argent's face morphed into that of hesitation, which made the kitsune laugh, "Not looking all that promising, I assume?" She leaned close to whisper, "There's still time to make a run for it and not torture ourselves over meatball marinara."

She pressed her lips together and sighed “Oh I know people who actually like bitter things” she commented with a wrinkle of her nose “People drink tonic water remember” there was some strange obsession with strong tastes but she definitely didn’t approve of bitterness. “Not all medicine is bitter though, that’s just the herbs in them...nowadays they like to make them banana flavor” which was honestly worse to her because there was nothing authentic at all about banana flavoring. She gave Luna a look when she said she hated cooking but had a big appetite “So I should expect you to come scrounging?” she questioned wondering how else she fed herself. She suspected it was probably by cooking basic things like instant noodles which didn’t fill her with much confidence.

“Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing?” she responded when Luna said she didn’t look English “Am I not pale enough to pass the test?” she chuckled under her breath and shrugged, technically her roots were Scottish, which explained the red hair but she was raised in the outskirts of the countryside in England so her accent matched that. “I’m good at adapting” she responded and laughed “Plus city fashion is so much better than farm girl” it seemed like simple facts in her mind. “Doesn’t being pessimistic get tiring?” she questioned, she wasn’t sure she could cope that well being constantly surrounded by negativity “At least optimism alludes to happiness, even if you do get disappointed sometimes” she pressed her lips together and smiled.

“Hey you can always grumble about someone in Spanish and only I’ll know what you’re even talking about” it was a shame to see that most Americans only knew English but she supposed that was to be expected when you spoke a language you could get by using in most countries without trouble. “Well at least you still tolerate it a little bit, that makes you brave” she grinned slightly, having a bad experience with food or alcohol could definitely put you off it for a lifetime. Argent laughed when Luna pointed out that she had some interesting stories under her belt “Yeah my family are pretty adventurous, it makes for the craziest stories” she commented and laughed “No foxes, they tend to be pretty timid so you’d be lucky to see them come near if it’s not chasing the chickens” she commented and nodded her head “I caught a jumping salmon in the stream once, that was fun” she remembered Deus getting pelted with a whole bunch of them and laughing like crazy.

Argent pressed her lips together as she stared the food and swallowed hard, it really did look that bad and the smell wasn’t helping her either. She glanced at Luna over her shoulder and considered it for a moment “On second thoughts, how about a roommate's first dinner at that Italian place? My treat” she offered knowing she wanted to avoid having food poisoning as much as possible.

The mention of tonic water made the kitsune scrunch her nose up in disgust as she pulled a look that says it all. "Why do people even drink those… why put yourself through all of that torture for your poor taste buds? Was it worth it?" She has also seen certain protein shakes that actually mixes everything into one and she couldn't help but gag at it. "I used to be one of those kids who couldn't eat pills for the sake of it… no matter how hard I tried, the moment I put a pill under my tongue, before I could even attempt to swallow and wash it down with water, my gag reflex will come up and say not today." It was really frustrating for the kitsune who didn't want to keep drinking cough syrup or liquid based medicine. "Something like that…" she really did just put everything in her mouth. Almost everything anyway. 

When asked if that's a good or bad thing, Luna chuckled and shook her head, "Oh no, don't get me wrong. I meant it as a compliment. You have a mysterious aura, that's all. I like mysterious people, it keeps me on my toes." Argent may look like she was easy to read, almost like an open book, but something tells the kitsune that there was so much more than just the redhead she's seeing. This was barely scraping the surface. "The red hair and pale skin ticks the box though." And her hair is honestly very pretty, it made Luna almost want to touch it. "The city fashion suits you, not everyone would rock those boots" and she noticed the kind of brand she was wearing too, it was her step-sister's favorite, much to her chagrin. "When you've lived in a life that always comes up with a lot of… disappointment, you tend not to hope for anything so there's no point in being optimistic. I don't set up my expectations high enough to hurt me when it doesn't meet it. Some call it pessimism, some call it realism." Either way, it works for her. 

"So you're telling me I can talk shit about people and you won't mind? That's awfully considerate of you" she teased. She would still end up using Spanish a lot, but knowing that the other female could also understand it makes it even more interesting. "I can't shut it down forever, do you have any idea how many things contain cheese in them? Swearing off pasta would be a nightmare for me." She just had to make sure the cheese wasn't enough to make it salty. "I'm a foodie, Argent. I can't swear it off." A scoff escaped her when she said foxes tend to be timid, "Yeah… very timid." Maybe not her. Her eyes widened in awe when she told her she caught a jumping salmon before, "How does that even work… a jumping salmon? Did it fall for you, it decided to sacrifice itself for you so you could have food?" Argent is pretty attractive, Luna wouldn't even deny that. 

The look on Argent's face when she saw the food was hilarious. "You sure? Well, this is really a good way to start off our partnership as roommates, keep feeding me and you'll have me at your beck and call even." She made a dramatic turn and beckoned her, "If you would lead the way, miss." She pursed her lips and chuckled afterwards, "Serious talk though, even I would be able to cook spaghetti better than that maybe."

“Clearly it is for them or they wouldn’t drink it like it’s the best thing in the world” she laughed and shook her head, she was very much someone who preferred sweet things over anything else and would opt for a fancy fruity cocktail or something paired with vodka rather than anything particularly fragrant. She pulled a face when Luna said she had never really mastered the art of being able to take medicine “That must have caused you some troubles” she pointed out, because sometimes it was necessary to take medicine “So you had to take it from a spoon in liquid form huh?” that must be pretty nasty every time, the good thing about pills was that they were gone before you could really taste them.

She laughed under her breath when trying to figure out why being mysterious didn’t equate to being English but she shrugged it off with a slight grin “Well I’m sure there will be plenty of mysterious moments yet to come” she teased and grinned slightly. “The only pain that comes along with it is knowing I can never get a proper suntan because I burn before I tan” she laughed under her breath, Luna however had beautiful olive skin which she was sure would tan perfectly. She scrunched her nose and smiled when she complimented her fashion sense “Why thank you, I found them at a little boutique and they simply had to come home with me” she wore them pretty often now.

She offered a slightly sad smile when Luna said her life came with a lot of disappointment and she tried to temper her expectations accordingly “The people who suffer such disappointments are usually the ones who deserve the break” she pointed out with a half-smile. She gave a slightly sarcastic laugh when she asked if she could talk badly about people “If that’s what makes you feel better” she teased with a soft laugh as she glanced over at the other girl. “So you learned to adapt huh? Pasta is pretty amazing” she mumbled softly under her breath, she consumed a lot of it “So is pizza off the cards?” cause that was definitely her go-to take out. She laughed softly “Salmon travel upstream in rivers by jumping, which makes certain spots perfect for trying to grab one” it really was a very interesting behavior.

She sighed in defeat when Luna turned on her heels and was already trying to drag her out of the door but Argent scurried towards her without another word because as much as she wanted to stick to her guns, the food really did look that bad “It seems like our backup if something goes wrong is going to have to be take out” she commented as she led the way in the direction of the road which led them into the middle of the city, the university was pretty centrally located which was nice because it meant they didn’t have to go far.

"You'll never catch me dead doing that of all things. Much more likely to find me munching on raw meat for the sake of it before that" to be honest, it was the truth. Luna sometimes couldn't control her other more… primal side and ends up just preferring a much more raw meat compared to a normal humans preference to medium rare. "Makes me wonder if you do drink though, you're at the age no?" Some people look younger than they look too, so there's that. She did peg Argent to be a sweet kind of girl though, befitting her composure. The memory of her tendency to spit out every medicine that comes with a pill prescription made her shudder because it was a nightmare, "One time my grandfather had my cousins hold me down and made me chug a whole 1.5 liter water while trying to force down one pill." It was that bad. "Pretty much, it was hellish because you could taste every single essence from it but I had to eat my meds at some point." 

Thankfully it was easier now, she didn't get hurt so easily as she once did and a part of her had to thank her kitsune side for taking good care of her. Moving around every once in a while couldn't have been an easy task for a 16 year old, that's for sure. "I tan easily which is sometimes a bitch, I think I've gotten one once and decided I hated it because it meant I had to be outside and I hate being outside" unless it was already night and darker where the sun is no longer in sight. Luna has never been a huge fan of the sun, but she used to like going to the beach. Some people just grew out of their phase, maybe. "It suits you really well" and this was coming from a person who finds it hard to even utter one word of compliment, much less give them out casually like she is doing now. Be nice to your roommate, right? It'll ensure a much easier living environment if she's at least civil with Argent. 

"I wish the break lasted for a bit longer" she let out a heaved sigh and covered it up with a thin-lipped smile that didn't follow her eyes, her emancipation had been the day she reached her independence but it didn't feel like it sometimes. That's when she knew she had to leave her country and go somewhere else. Somewhere she could start anew, in a place where nobody knows of her identity. "Pasta is amazing, I knew I couldn't hate cheese that badly so it went down to the dislike level, I can eat them by making sure there's no unnecessary extra cheese added" which was hard when people automatically assumed more cheese means more goodness. "Some pizzas… but I can still eat them, I just can't eat more than a few slices." Which is a pain considering how much she likes food. "I did once try the veggie pizza and swore that off forever though." It was definitely not for her. 

She tried to picture Argent with the salmon and tilted her head to the side slightly, "What a peculiar picture…" She had already made up her mind about cafeteria food but it was still interesting to see the expression on Argent’s face. Maybe she's not so dry after all. "Isn't that a student's life? Take outs and instant noodles? Speaking of which, I really need to stack my stock up… I do a lot of late nights… studying." Sure, that's what she calls it and it wasn't just her banging another girl and feeling hungry afterwards. "Do you concern yourself with instant noodles?"

She laughed under her breath when Luna said she was more likely to be found eating raw meat “As long as it isn’t chicken because that could really do some dangerous things” she nodded a few times, she remembered getting food poisoning once from eating undercooked chicken and it wasn’t exactly a pleasant memory. “Sometimes” she responded when Luna asked her whether she drank “I actually did a mixology class once, that was a lot of fun” so she knew how to make a few cocktails herself, though honestly it was a lot of effort to get all the ingredients together to make them.

Argent winced at the way that experience must have been for Luna while she tried to take a single pill “So don’t try and get you to take a Tylenol, got it” she shook her head in amusement wondering if Luna just toughed it out “You could try breaking it up in food maybe, then it wouldn’t taste so nasty” she pulled a face though because it would still be bitter. She couldn’t help but laugh at the way Luna said she didn’t like having a tan because it meant she had to go outside to get it “So sitting on a beach under the sun and doing nothing for hours doesn’t appeal to you?” because for Argent it honestly felt like a dream come true.

She couldn’t definitely relate to Luna’s sentiment of wanting breaks to last for just a little bit longer “They always end before you’re ready, even if they went on for months it would still feel like time flew by” like when you went on vacation and before you could really process it, it was already the final day of your trip. “So what you’re saying is you could give me all your extra cheese” she teased playfully, Argent was definitely a fan of cheese and would usually order a mac and cheese if it was available on the menu. “Veggie products trying to match the quality of meat rarely hit the mark” she commented with a grumble, it was a shame really as eating healthy was a good thing.

She laughed softly “I’m more of an outdoorsy person than it probably seems” she confessed with a sheepish grin, she was pretty adventurous and ready to try anything new that came along which could often end up with her getting dirty. “Well I wouldn’t know, I took a couple of gap years before I decided to start university” she nodded slightly, by that she meant she hadn’t experienced the student life yet, here was where it began “I mean...I don’t have any issue with them but they don’t exactly make a great meal” she was hoping she would still be able to make some time to make real meals.

When she mentioned chicken, Luna instantly froze but scoffed nervously, "No way…" well there goes her dream of eating one anywhere near Argent. No chicken, got it. She was sure she could sneak it in anyway but it was probably a lot wider if the redhead won't be finding her new roommate chewing on raw meat. "Oh? Do you have a favorite drink then?" That's something she could get behind, hey if your roommate has done mixology before then you're bound to probably get a good amount of booze around… moderately. She almost never had the chance to drink freely but this year might be a game changer after all. 

"If you tried to get me to down that one, you're more likely to find yourself being a victim of my teeth, and I bite hard" there was definitely a double meaning to it but it goes both ways if she was being honest, Luna does indeed, bite hard. "That's an idea I'm gonna try, such effort but hey at least it works. Thankfully I'm as healthy as a horse most of the time, maybe next time if I do get unfortunate and fall sick, I'll try." And hopefully it wouldn't be as bad as what Argent said earlier. "I don't particularly dislike the beach, I just don't… find myself to be sociable so it's not the beach, believe me. It's the people. If there weren't many there, I'm open to it." Her definition of many were probably a dozen in that wide space. "I do like playing sports though… so beach volleyballs could appeal to me, assuming I get something better out of it" and by that, she meant a bribe. 

She chuckled when she mentioned the part about giving her the extra cheese, "Yes one good thing is I'll give you all the extra cheese that is completely unnecessary for me. See, I can be… a decent person" Luna just likes being overbearing because she could. But perhaps she will dial it down a notch for Argent. Keyword being perhaps. The kitsune pulled a face showing her disgust over vegetables, "it's not that I don't eat my veggies, I do but god why would you replace something that has been with meat for so long just to fit your vegetarian agenda…" Perhaps they didn't want to miss out but it just looked plain weird. "Well you surprise me every minute, Argent, so can I even say I'm surprised again?" And she meant it as a compliment this time. 

Upon hearing that the female next to her took a few gap years before enrolling, Luna parted her lips and nodded in understanding, so that's why she seemed excited to start all of this without looking as if she's tired already. "Hope the gap years will give you the rest you needed before starting… it's going to be hellish, I'm sure. Not to mention freshman year… you'll get a lot of attention" she's pretty, Luna will never deny that she has been checking the female out since the beginning. Hey, it's good to say hello. "Well, you'll find that the abundance of ramen are… really good," she reassured as they turned to the corner where an Italian restaurant was seen to be located, "Is that it?" She asked and pointed to said premise.

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