Let's just face it, Erythreus Ailward would never be fluent in technology. The Aspect of Death still wrote with a feather pen and called social media the devil. Ery didn't understand anything related to technology and was set in his ways when it came to evolving with the rest of the world. He absolutely refused. But, for the sake of everyone else, Erythreus had signed up for a technology class, where they'd give him a rundown of how to use things like laptops, tablets, cell phones, etc. He still laughed when he thought of how Alva had taught him how to job hunt from the library computer, and how Iris had to activate his cell phone. Clearly he hadn't learned the first go around, because his cell phone was shattered from impatience and he hadn't gone back to the library out of fear that he'd only embarrass himself again.

Today, like any other day, Erythreus started his morning off by waltzing around his room without any clothes whatsoever. What can he say? The Aspect of Death loved sleeping nude. He was sure the maids didn't appreciate the peep show they got every time they entered while he was asleep, and uncovered, but shit happens. As the undressed Aspect gathered his attire for the day, he hummed to the music playing from his radio, and occasionally caught himself dancing if the beat was catchy enough.

Shelia walked right through the door as always, never once did this woman knock, and this time she'd learn a lesson as Erythreus turned to face her without any shame at all. "Jesus Christ. Could you not just stand there? I was only bringing you fresh linens" Shelia covered her eyes, leaving only a peephole long enough to toss the clean linens on the bed, and made her exit just as quickly, slamming the door on her way out. Erytrheus smirked to himself. That would teach her. Or maybe it'd bring her back. Either way, he went back to what he was doing before Shelia interrupted his morning routine. After the song changed to one he didn't know the words to, Erythreus went and showered quickly. He was scheduled to be at that technology class in an hour, which didn't leave him much time from now to then to get ready and get there before it began.

After Erythreus finally did get himself dressed in his usual black attire, long black leather trench coat, fingerless gloves, and grunge boots, he filled his flask and headed out to catch a cab. The drive over was a short one, and once Erythreus walked into the building that the class was being held in, he felt his nerves go a little haywire. This was going to be a disaster. But, thankfully the Aspect of Death never went anywhere without his flask filled to the rim. Ery walked right on past the sign-in sheet, not knowing it was something each student had to do until the teacher approached him, "Sir, you must sign in to participate". Erythreus sighed to himself. 'This is already starting out so well', he thought to himself. Erythreus's handwriting, however, usually got a lot of compliments, due to the fact that he'd spent his whole life journaling. And while he never understood the words 'you have beautiful handwriting for a man', he smiled anyway.

The Aspect of Death felt pretty lost here though. He had no idea where to sit, and what to do when he did sit down. So, for a moment, Erythreus just analyzed people and what they were doing. He figured if he watched for a moment, he'd possibly catch on. Whenever a brunette walked in, looking almost as lost as himself, Erythreus decided he'd follow her lead. It felt nice to think he wasn't going to be the only person here, who didn't know jack shit about modern-day technology. After the female signed in, Erythreus waited for her to pick a seat, which sat opposite of a computer, and sat down beside her. This was amusing, no doubt. Erythreus waited for the instructor/teacher to begin the class before touching anything, if history had proved anything, it's that Ery didn't even know-how to keep a cell phone activated, and had already fried a library computer. The Aspect of Death glanced over to the brunette beside him, quirking a brow as he leaned forward on the desk a little.

"I'm surprised by how many people showed up to this thing. I was convinced that I was the only person around that doesn't know jack about modern-day tech" he was embarrassed enough to admit that, but at least he wasn't here alone. Apparently lots of people disliked technology or had never learned how to use it. "I'm Erythreus, but you can call me Ery" he added and flashed a pearly white grin at her.

The teacher finally spoke out loud, telling the entire class to simply turn their computers on. Erythreus's face probably turned 3 shades paler than it's usual color as he began poking at different buttons in hopes one of them would be the power button. He, of course, glanced to the side, to see if the female beside him had any luck, and would hopefully show him what to do if she knew how to at least turn hers on since he didn't. "This has to be the most embarrassing moment of my life" he grumbled, and shook his head a little in disbelief.

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Autumn is more than aware of how strange she is. A 19 year old who doesn't know how to use technology beyond the very basic "I can cut it on" stands out. Not in a good way either. She was raised without technology due to the dangers it could present in the life she'd led with her grandfather, but now that she's settling in a city with the tribe, she figures she needs to learn more about it. Which is what caused her to look up what she has now dubbed "Tech for Dummies", mostly because that's what she feels like in needing to attend this class.

Once again finding herself up with the sun, Autumn takes a few minutes to actually settle herself. Her body still hasn't adjusted to not needing to wake at the first signs of dawn, so she's decided to take the extra time in the mornings to slow things down and be a bit more careful with her morning routine. She takes advantage of the cabin's kitchen to brew some coffee and goes to sit and look out over the mountain while she drinks it before heading back inside. She's wholly unused to having her own space and, to be honest, she's rather looking forward to someone else moving into the other bedroom if only for the noise and company that it would bring. For now the radio would suffice. The one on the ship was much older than this one with all it's fancy lights, but fortunately she hadn't found it too difficult to figure out how to turn it on, giving her hope that she won't be completely lost at this class later. With that taken care of, she whipped up a quick breakfast, hopped in the shower, and made sure she looked halfway presentable. She'd learned quickly since arriving in Evermore that one can't wear old stained clothes with their hair a mess and still expect to blend in.

Hair straightened and a bonus travel mug of coffee in hand, Autumn locks up the cabin and starts to hike her way down the mountain and toward the city. She has a little over an hour to get there and has always preferred walking to being stuck in a tiny little car if she can get away with it. Her brisk pace means she makes it to the class with a few minutes to spare. She hesitates in the doorway, taking a minute to look around the room. Just as she expected she's the youngest one there, meaning she probably stands out like a sore thumb. Great. She tugs on the hem of her jacket in a rather self conscious show, then steps a bit farther into the room. The person in front of her had just signed into some book so Autumn follows their lead, scribbling her name down, and scanning the room again. It seems she's not the only one who isn't quite sure of what to do, several people are hanging around the edges of the room and have yet to take their seats.

Among them is a blond man who, somehow, has managed to look even more out of place than she does. However she doesn't spend long dwelling on that. The long hike down from the mountain has left her wanting to sit down before she has to start working her brain, so she quickly finds an unoccupied chair and takes a seat. It's not long before the man from before takes the seat next to her and she glances at him from the corner of her eye. She doesn't mind of course, it's only natural that someone would assume the teenager would be a safe bet for help. She hates to break it to him but she probably won't be. Now settled into her chair, Autumn pulls out her cellphone and frowns at it as she sets it on the table in front of her. Sure she can make the thing work but she's hoping this class will be able to teach her more than just hitting two buttons. A voice from beside her quickly catches her attention and Ery watches as she turns with a somewhat surprised look. It's quickly overtaken by a smile though.

"Yeah, it surprises me too. I suppose we can both feel better about not knowing much, huh?" Apparently there were a lot more people out there like her grandfather, who shunned most technology. Or perhaps they have their own, different reasons. Either way she's certainly in no position to judge. "Oh! I'm Autumn. Nice to meet you Ery." Something about him is very familiar. In some ways he reminds her of the men on the boat she grew up with, so she returns his smile with a bright one of her own and offers her hand to shake.

Her attention gets called away from Erythreus as the teacher speaks and thankfully it seems they're starting off simple. With no hesitation she reaches down to cut the power on to the computer, starting the process of waiting for it to boot up. It's about then that she hears the soft grumble from beside her so she turns to Ery with a soft smile. "It's fine. See that little symbol there? Apparently most electronics have it on their power button to make it easier to find." Of course she points to it while she explains. She'd done a little research on the topic before showing up, just so she wouldn't accidentally destroy someone's computer. Fortunately Autumn notices Ery isn't alone, as several people need some help finding the correct button to push, leaving them to wait for a moment until everyone has their computers on.

Erythreus could often feel himself falling back into old patterns, and old habits. So, being here, definitely made him feel really out of place. If nothing else, Erythreus was an old soul, and an old school romantic. He did everything by the books, and had never wasted a single second on technology, and he was likely one of the few guys who looked his age who didn't have a social media account whatsoever. It was a gift, rather than a disadvantage. What can one truly gain from spending every waking second, typing messages onto a keyboard when you have the luxury of talking to a person face to face? 

The female beside of him, which he'd noticed when she signed the clipboard, went by the name of Autumn, looked way too young not to have known much about technology, but as it appeared, technology didn't discriminate against age. There was probably a person from each age group sitting here today, minus toddlers, thank God. When she spoke, Erythreus smiled over at her. Her voice rung out innocently, and had a certain softness to it that would make anyone smile. 

"I suppose I do feel a little better now, just seeing all the people who struggle with modern day technology. It's still embarrassing, i'll admit." he chuckled a little, reflecting on the day he'd went into the library for a job search and couldn't use their computers without giving it the blue screen of death. He had crashed more than one computer so far from lack of knowing how to use the damned things. 

When she finally spoke her name, and reach her hand out, Erythreus took her hand to shake, and kissed the top of it before releasing it. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Autumn" he presented a charming smile, which was very outside of the broody man he usually was. Sometimes it just took the right kind of people to be surrounded by, to change your mood entirely. The Aspect of Death swallowed harshly, and felt the heat rise to his cheeks as he flushed a little. This was definitely new. Erythreus did not blush.. at least not until now. He was grateful for her help though, and as she pointed while she explained, Ery's gaze averted to the button she was talking about, and made a mental note of the symbol on it. "That simple huh?" he smiled sheepishly and waited for everyone else to finish. 

The next instruction given was for them to take the 'mouse' and find the 'web browser', and simply just click on it and load their browsers. "Wow, this isn't going to go well. What is the mouse?" he asked, and glared at the few people on the opposite side of the room who laughed at him when he asked that question. "So we have a few dicks in here with us, though you did come for the same reason as myself, so focus on your mouse and i'll do the same" The Aspect of Death usually didn't have a temper like that, and oddly, the teacher didn't call him out for cursing. The guys who had laughed at him, turned back around to mind their business and Erythreus gazed out the corner of his eye to Autumn. "Sorry. I lack patience where it's needed most sometimes. So, how long have you lived here in the city?" he asked curiously, and noted her appearance being different than most females, which wasn't a bad thing at all. 

Autumn was quite unprepared for the sudden shift in... everything that came with moving to Evermore. Going from living a life of relative isolation and never staying in one place to suddenly being thrown into the thick of city life would be enough to shake most anyone but that's why she's here. She's determined to fit in the best she can now and, from what she's seen, that means learning to work all the devices that everyone uses. It would really help if she could find someone her own age to show her everything but this is probably the next best thing.

She is a bit surprised to see such a wide collection of ages here and silently she wonders how many are here just to pass the time with a free class and how many are here to update their knowledge of different systems for their jobs. The man sitting beside her is probably the biggest question mark in her head though. She's learned since coming here that the age one appears is not necessarily their actual age and something about him strikes her as being far older than he appears. Of course it feels like it would be quite rude to actually ask him, especially since they've only just met, so she sticks to silent wondering for now.

"I wouldn't worry about it too much. We're all here to learn and no one can be expected to be good at everything." Or at least that's what her grandfather always told her. To be fair though, it's thanks to his influence that she barely knows how any of this works. No internet allowed other than in the libraries for research purposes and that was just to track down books for references. She's just thankful that he at least let her type essays instead of having to hand write all of them. Not that he gave her many to write, she was a touch too headstrong to be forced to sit still for that long.

When she'd offered her hand it was with the expectation of a handshake. The direction Ery took, with kissing the top of her hand, is so reminiscent of a scene out of a movie or a book that it strikes her completely flustered for a moment. Her eyes go wide for a moment if only because she wasn't expecting it and the gesture only further serves to convince her that he's not as he appears. She does get over the surprise rather quickly though, giving him a bright smile. "Nice to meet you too Ery." His blush doesn't escape her notice but she decides not to comment on it. He seems flustered enough by his own gesture, she doesn't intend to tease him. Besides, considering the heat that rose to her own face it would be rather disingenuous of her. Autumn does find herself grateful for the distraction that the class brings, giving her an opportunity to put her brain to work instead of floundering in a social situation that she has no idea how to navigate, and immediately she defaults to the articles she had read earlier. "Apparently not all devices have it, but most have either that symbol or the word 'power' written on them or near them. Or both."

A short while of waiting for the computers to boot up later and she's ready for the next set of instructions which, thankfully, are easy ones. Just click on the web browser. She does notice that the teacher isn't doing a very good job of explaining things for those that are complete beginners though and frowns a little when Ery has to ask instead of it just being explained. The people across the room that snicker at him rub her completely wrong and she's about to open her mouth to retort but he takes care of it himself. It's probably for the best. She's not exactly intimidating and has been compared to a kitten in ferocity before. Instead she settles for glaring at the back of their heads as they turn around, only then allowing herself to laugh quietly at what Ery said to them.

"It's okay, they were being jerks." Her words aren't exactly whispered but they hold little bite, more matter-of-fact than sarcastic. She does drop her voice when she answers his next question though, keeping the conversation more private as people work on their own computers. "A little over a month now. I'm still getting everything settled, I'm not exactly used to city life." She lightly taps his mouse to move the cursor on his screen. "I don't know why they call it a mouse, but it's what moves that arrow on the computer. Now how about you? You lived here long?" Not that she's used to being able to read people, but she really can't seem to get a bead on Erythreus. So many people she's met here have felt like those out of time, like they belong to different ages. Considering what she knows of Mikaere she's willing to bet many did belong to different times and considering his earlier gesture it wouldn't surprise her if her new friend is among them.

Erythreus had regretted some of the past choices he's made. Instead of learning and evolving with the rest of the Ailwards, the Aspect of Death wandered off onto his own path. When Ven found him, Erythreus was no more than an animal himself, having to be taught how to live and function like a normal man all over again, and he was grateful for the other Ailwards, for teaching him all that they had. But.. that didn't mean he wasn't still very lost in many ways. The way those Vampire brothers had ripped his humanity away from him, he was surprised he had any this very day. Erythreus once loved hunting, and the flash backs never ended. He could still remember ripping through one village afyer another, being forced to kill and slaughter villages full of innocent woman and children, and if not, they beat him to death, leaving the beatings for above the waist, yelling that his legs still worked, and pushed him onto the next village, until finally, Erythreus lost all hope, and all will power to live. He prayed for death one day.. and that was the last day the Aspect of Death could remember anything normal about himself. As time went on when he joined the other Aspects, he'd watched them learn as much as they all could, while he sulked and brooded in an isolated room. Now he wished he'd just put his past behind him, and done what the rest of them did. Grow. 

Erythreus supposed this class would help him though. Iris had also been pretty helpful when it came to technology. She didn't hesitate to activate Ery's phone, and he hoped there would be just as little hesitation about going on a date with him. Sitting here now, Erythreus couldn't help but to also notice the wide range of ages in this room. There were elderly people, teenagers, middle-aged people, etc. He could only chuckle at the irony behind the fact that he was older than the male across the room with snow-white hair and wrinkles adorning his forehead. 

The sound of the blonde's voice caused the Aspect to avert his gaze away from the elderly man. He was definitely intrigued to see such a young face here too though, but then again, considering his own age, he couldn't help but wonder if this girl was just really young, or if she just looked younger than she was. Erythreus gave a friendly smile and a simple nod of his head "Yeah, you're right. I guess I can't let the humiliation keep me from learning.." he chuckled some, feeling a little less embarrassed. Ery's younger days didn't consist of technology, and his parents wasn't an exception. They were the type of people who literally lived off the land, so internet, and technology was all a foreign thing back then, and once he aged, his life was a complete nightmare until he met the other 7 Ailwards.. since then, life has just been busy, giving the Aspect little to no time to learn such things until now. 

It was a rather odd moment, after Erythreus kissed the top of her hand, but no matter how flustered it seemingly got them both, he was a gentlemen no matter where he was. The Aspect's old school ways would never escape him. Erythreus gave a sheepish smile back as she said it was nice meeting him too. She seemed humble and like the kind of girl that stayed to herself unless someone initiated a conversation, much like Ery himself. He chuckled when she explained that not all machines had that button and symbol on them, or the word 'power' written on it. "It all seems much more simple than Ive made it out to be. Ive crashed three computers in my time of learning already, let's hope this goes smoother" he reflected on the day Alva showed him how to do a job search on the library computer. He had somehow clicked on a pop up .. a pretty x-rated one at that, which was more than embarrassing considering the volume was blasted, and other people could see and hear what he had done. 

After the small incident was over, where the jerks across from them had decided to mock Ery, the Aspect turned himself back around, and gazed over to Autumn, who he could only smile at "Thanks.. and sorry for the outburst, I know I should do better when it's a public situation.." but people like them, really did rub him wrong. "I could tell you wanted to say something to them, thank you" he then said, admiring the fact that she wanted to take up for him, a complete stranger at that. It was the principle of it though, it was nice to run into people like Autumn, because it seemed that people like her were a dying breed these days. The Aspect arched a brow when Autumn moved the cursor of the mouse, giving her a thankful nod. "Yeah it's definitely odd that they chose to all that a mouse.." he said in an overly confused tone of voice. 

The Aspect of Death then listened intently. IT seemed that Autumn was still finding her way around here. When she reversed the question, Erythreus nodded "Ive been here quite a while. Long enough to have seen any and everything" he said playfully, but he was also serious about that. Most things didn't surprise Erythreus anymore, especially supernatural related things, and rarely did the Aspect find himself fearful. Perhaps that was a bad thing, but it wasn't anything he cared to change. "Anything you like about the city, or dislike?" he then asked, glancing from her back to the screen as he tried to keep up with the teachers instructions. Now that the browsers were loaded for the whole class, the instructor had told them to go to the search bar and type in "Evermore City". Erythreus managed to find the search bar on his own from the things Alva had showed him in the library and once he did as instructed, his eyes widened. This could go bad for a lot of people in this room he guessed. There were different links, different pages, etc to explain things about the city they lived in.. including some myth and fact things about the supernatural world here. Erythreus hoped that there wasn't any humans in here that didnt know about the supernatural, and frankly he was quite tense now, but figured his new buddy could distract him from thinking the worse would happen. 

"What made you chose Evermore of all places?"  the Aspect finished off with one last curious question before averting his gaze back to the screen, hoping the room didn't feel with panic should an innocent unknowing human click on one of the links that spoke about the supernatural facts of Evermore. 

Something about her new companion strikes Autumn as odd. Old fashioned in a way that she’s not used to, even since meeting some of her tribe members, he feels like an old soul. Now she’s used to people not looking their age, her grandfather was that way and she was pretty recently informed that she’ll look this age forever. A concept that she still hasn’t managed to wrap her head around, despite knowing her grandfather was several decades older than he appeared. Still, to look like a teenager forever... 

But Ery just feels different to her somehow. Perfectly kind and friendly, if perhaps a bit awkward which she completely identifies with, but as though he struggles to belong in today’s world. Not just because of his struggle with technology, that’s not too uncommon, it’s just this feeling she gets from him. At one time she would’ve been intimidated by him, likely even scared that he’d know her secret just from looking at her. It had been drilled into her head from such a tender age not to let anyone know she’s not human that even now she finds it difficult to open up to others. Since moving here it’s something she’s been working on, at least with the tribe, but it does at least make it easy to keep her secret when out in the city in case of any humans.

“I don’t think there’s anything to be embarrassed over. I mean hey, I’m a teenager and I’m here right? Just think of how embarrassing that is.” For the record, the answer is quite. But she does seem to want to reassure him and make him feel a bit better about things. After all, she doubts it’s either of their faults. In her case it was a reclusive and distrusting grandfather. If he’s as out of time as she thinks he is he likely didn’t grow up with any technology, much like Mikaere said he didn’t. Hard to blame someone for not knowing how to use something they’ve barely had any exposure to.

Thankfully he seems more than happy to let her recover from her social fumble by prattling on about computers for a moment. Maybe he needed the moment to recover as much as she did, but she’s met many who would have teased her so she’s thankful that he doesn’t, not that he seems the type to but sometimes one just comes to expect it. Her brows raise in shock when he tells her exactly how many computers he’s crashed and she can’t quite help her giggle as she imagines the face her grandfather would have if she’d managed to do that to his one computer. “Three? I would ask how you managed that but I’m a little scared to find out.” She’s joking of course, managing to fry three whole computers is certainly an accomplishment though. Hopefully this does go better than that prior experience. Considering the people around she doesn’t want to think about how poorly that might go over.

Autumn’s grumpy face is far more cute than it is scary. A fact she’s quite aware of but isn’t really thinking about until Ery’s voice breaks her out of it. “You don’t have anything to apologize for. Really.” She wouldn’t have blamed him if he’d been a bit harsher with them. Thinking about it it’s pretty funny, if she hadn’t been so flabbergasted by the jerks she might’ve even laughed at Ery’s remarks back. “Ah, well… no need to thank me either. I’m not really good at telling people off, I probably just would’ve made it worse.” Having never participated in an insult slinging contest before means her own insults are incredibly… bad. Yeah, just bad. She still remembers the crew laughing at her the one time she’d gotten mad enough to yell at someone. He’d called her adorable and pinched her cheek, she’d nearly set the boat on fire, it was a good day.

His answer, though playful, does further confirm that he must be older than he appears. Good to know, though she’s still entirely uncertain about which group he belongs to. This is all so new to her and she’s having trouble piecing everything together. All she knows for certain is that he’s not a niveis, she would’ve seen him around the tribe by now. She thinks. “Any and everything? Must be nice.” She’s met a couple people like that since arriving here, people that drastically shifted her view. Before she thought her grandfather was the most knowledgeable person ever but she’s quickly learned that’s not the case like she thought. She takes a few seconds to think over his question about the city before she answers, mulling it over. “I’m still really getting used to it. It’s very different from what I’ve known all my life. Sometimes I think I like how busy it is and sometimes I hate it, but I’ve learned a lot since coming here… meeting a bunch of different people I think is my favorite thing.” Before her grandfather was so paranoid that she spent most of her life in his company alone. Then in the company of the crew but that was still only a few people. Even just the tribe is more than she’s used to being exposed to but she’s really enjoying it. Finding the search bar and typing things in she’s fine at, even if she is a slow typer. It’s all the results that come up afterward that’s confused her the few times she’s used a computer. How on earth can anyone know what to click when so many different things pop up that all look equally important? If these things had an index it would make life so much easier… She does notice that Ery seems a bit more comfortable with this step but she’s so distracted just looking at all the different links that she hasn’t even noticed what’s caused him to stiffen up. She waits for the instructor to tell them which one to click on, which ends up being an official page for the city and it takes her a second to hunt the correct link down thanks to her scrolling before.

Oh now that’s a loaded question. Why did she choose Evermore? It wasn’t really a choice for her. She was told about this place and it was the only place she knew to go. With everyone she’d ever known dead and no home to return to it was the only option she had. The only option that might take her in and she’s very glad that they did. He can probably see the hesitation on her face, hear the slight caution in her tone, as she answers him. “I was told that there were others like me here. That… I could have a home. So far that’s been true.” A slight pause before she glances over at him, her smile a bit smaller than before but still genuine. “So what would someone who’s been here a while recommend to do for a newcomer?”

Erythreus got a certain vibe from Autumn that he couldn't really explain if he'd try. She seemed pretty friendly, and not dangerous at all, but he also knew looks could be deceiving. That wasn't the case here though, it was more so that Autumn may have had some reservations about Erythreus himself. He couldn't blame her though, nor anyone else that tended to lean on the careful side when it came to the old brooding Aspect. He was quite awkward indeed. Socially challenged barely nailed it for how much Erythreus struggled to fit in, no matter where he went. 

Her humble voice chimed in again at just the right time, and Erythreus smiled again .. just like he had the very first time she spoke to him. Her words were just as sweet as the sound of her voice. "Well thank you.. you have a knack for making someone so out of the loop, feel like he belongs just a little" the Aspect grinned playfully, and gave her an appreciative nod.It was quite a big deal for Erythreus though, and he imagined many others in other factions who were older than they appeared likely had this same issue, but there were times that the Aspect felt like he hadn't put in enough effort to evolve like he had watched some of the other Aspects do. They had all come from the same kind of background, and some of them were now pretty clever at today's technology. :Perhaps for Ery, it was a thing where he was stuck in his ways, and until it majorly effected the way his life functioned, he wouldn't go out of his way to change it.  

It definitely made the atmosphere better that Autumn found a way to laugh and joke about Ery's poor experience with the last three computers he had tried to mess with. He was certainly thankful for such a free spirit to be in his presence today. "Tell me about it, you're probably only the second person ive admitted that too, and they had the same reaction.. I'd be afraid of finding out how one manages to fry three computers also.." he said in response, with a crooked grin. Erythreus often laughed about the incident with Alva in the library, where he was only trying to do some job hunting, in attempt to sustain a normal, mundane job just to have something more on his schedule which had resulted in him having pop ups come on the screen of pornography. It was definitely an awkward moment between an Aspect and a Celestial who wanted nothing more than to hate one another. Not that Erythreus had ever hated Alva, but she had every right to hate him.. 

Ery gave Autumn a simple nod, when she stated that he didn't need to thank her, because she might of made it worse. "Who knows? That could have been the beginning of a best-friendship. If they would have made any poor remarks towards you, I definitely would have had your back" The Aspect chuckled dryly, but he meant it, and it almost felt nice to think there was someone near him right now that he'd take up for, even if they had only just met. Autumn had something about her that he couldn't pinpoint, that made him just wanna get to know her, and even keep her around .. a new friendship in the making? Possibly. Even if not, he would be thankful for having a kind soul in his presence for the day. 

Ery nodded again when she repeated what he'd said about having seen any and everything at this point in his life living in Evermore. "Nice.. I don't know if i'd say it's nice.. Ive seen scary things as much as ive seen good things in this city.. and when I say scary, that's just an understatement... but I don't mean to steer you into a place of fear. If you're not from here, it makes this city sound much more intimidating to hear a person say it's scary.. but honestly, Evermore is kind of what you make of it.. just be careful with who you trust. That's probably the best piece of advice I could give anyone" and as long as people were careful, then not much harm could come their way. Except for the new eerie presence Erythreus felt in this city lately, especially after Vladimir's disappearance. 

The Aspect of Death smiled at her answer as to what she likes and dislikes about the city. "Im with you at how busy it is.. I like that myself, because my old hometown.. the village I lived in, you were lucky to see a wild animal every once in a while.. and even then, someone was already aiming a bow at it to kill it for dinner" he figured that response would give her more of an idea about his background, and he'd only made it a point to do that, for the sake of actually starting a friendship here. "But yeah, the fast paced, busy city life, is such a big thing to get used too if you're not familiar with that sort of lifestyle. It seems to me like neither you nor I were ever exposed to a big city before this one, so I can definitely relate" he stated, smiling a bit faintly. Erythreus had managed to do well when it came to talking to Autumn, now that he had kind of warmed up to her he guessed. 

Ery was thankful to have seen Autumn catch on to what made him stiffen up and freeze for a split second, and without saying anything, he just gave her a look, that more than likely spoke in volumes. Erythreus frowned slightly, just enough to make it known to Autumn that he was sorry for making her feel uncomfortable about the next answer she was about to give him. He knew that look all too well, but the moment she'd answer, he'd put her at ease with at least telling her his age, since Ailward Aspects couldn't say much more than that. Aspects had been executed as their other species, and brought back by the Gods, to come here and bring peace among all species, so they were basically 'the chosen ones' who were never meant to spill their secret. Although.. Erythreus had a bad habit of opening up too much when he learned to trust someone. Hearing Autumns response didn't surprise Ery, because he had already figured out that she wasn't human by the hesitation and caution she'd used in her tone. 

"I'm happy you could find a home here.. family even.. I mean I don't know if you've found the people you're with to feel like family yet, but that's normally how it goes." he stated with a slight smile, in hopes to ease the tension she probably felt. 

Her next question caused the Aspect another genuine smile. He was happy that at the very least, she may of felt enough comfort to get an opinion from him. "Well, apart from knowing  what parts of the city to steer clear of, i'd say just be yourself, and really watch your back here.. I wouldn't suggest going off alone at night time, or into the forest alone at any point.. I feel like this city is under attack by something much bigger than any of us.. so just be careful. That's probably the most important thing. I'm sure that where ever you have came from, feels so far away while you're still so new here, try to meet good, genuine people, and just keep putting your roots down here. It eventually starts to feel like home.. or at least for me it does" Erythreus hoped he hadn't blabbered too much about her question, and a part of him sorta felt like he hadn't said enough. 

"And when you said that there would be people like you here.. I put two and two together.. but don't worry. I'm only 1500+ years old" he then said, flashing a playful wink in her direction. Hopefully now that they both knew each other were supernaturals, they could feel even more comfortable with the other. "I think thats really the only other thing for a newcomer to be careful of, who you trust with what you say. You can without a doubt know that i'd never say anything.. just be careful" he seemed to have said that more than he'd said anything. Autumn just seemed really great, and he would have hated to see her bring any kind of danger into her life that she may not already be facing from whatever faction she belonged to. 

A male across the room happened to squeal out loud about the very thing Erythreus had hoped to not happen in here at all, when he clicked one of those links. The guy looked like he belonged here with super curly hair, and glasses. He just looked like a computer guy. But, he became full of panic as he read the words out loud "Evermore, home to not just humans, but monsters of all sorts." and images of some of the actual attacks that had taken place in the city. The teacher did his best to quiten it down before it got out of hand, but others had chimed in, and huddled up behind the males computer to look at the images. Gasps and utter shock had filled the room by now, and Ery only looked to Autumn to see if she was okay. "What do we do...?" he then asked, and felt pretty embarrassed to ask someone who'd just introduced herself as a teenager about what they should do, but they had to react one way or another. "If we don't try to fit in, it may draw attention to us specifically..." he added, knowing they could either act like they were shocked like the rest of the room, or simply leave and just get away from this before it got any worse. 

He couldn't help but chuckle slightly though. Some of the people in the room laughed at the ones who were panicked.. and he couldn't help but wonder if they were non believers, or just plain out smart asses. 

"So... I guess things like that are bound to always happen.. it's honestly the saddest part about those who have no knowledge about what really lives in this city.. how much do you know?" he couldn't help but wonder if she had brushed up on her facts before coming here, or maybe even after coming here since she'd came here for the same reason that most other supernaturals do. To find a home with people like themselves. 

It’s strange being so young among a whole tribe of people that are centuries older than you. People tend to just assume she’s older than she is, more capable than she is, and it’s led to some awkward conversations to say the least. This one at least doesn’t seem quite so strange to her. She shoots him a grin as he thanks her, shaking her head just a little. “No need to thank me. Like I said, I’m just as out of the loop as you are.” The fact that he’s managed to fry several computers would initially make her think Initia, but nothing about him puts her on edge like they tend to. He’s different, sure, but not in a way that freaks her out. “Hey, everyone has their things. Let’s just hope we can keep frying computers from being yours, hm?”

Having friends is somewhat of a new experience for the young Niveis. Having lived her life in near solitude she often finds herself wondering how other people view her. She was sheltered in many ways and she’s sure she can come across as awkward no matter how much she tries not to. Either way, Ery doesn’t seem to mind and she meets his smile with one of her own. “Well I appreciate that. That seems to be a theme in this city… I’ve met several people who had my back despite knowing nothing about me.” A far cry from what her grandfather always told her to expect from people, but perhaps that’s just different in this city where supernaturals gather? She seems to be taking his advice seriously, nodding slowly as he finishes his warning and taking a moment before she answers. “If there’s one thing I know how to do, it’s be careful. Spent most of my life avoiding people after all.” Well not by choice but still.

She chuckles at his description of his hometown, looking down at her hands before she answers. “I spent several years on a fishing boat in the arctic sea. Before that we moved so much that I never got a chance to meet anyone really.” So she understands desolate. Loneliness had been her companion all her life until she moved here. “So yeah, being here is… an adjustment, but one that I’m pretty happy to make. It’s nice not having to share the days with only a few smelly old fishermen to keep you company.” When it comes to answering his question it’s less that she’s uncomfortable and more that she’s not certain how much to divulge. She’s pretty sure he’s like her, a supernatural, but not exactly what and considering they’re in mixed company she doesn’t want to have someone overhear and immediately jump to conclusions. She just got here, the last thing she wants is to land in trouble. Thankfully he seems to catch on quickly and lowers his tone, putting her a bit more at ease. “They’re getting there. They’ve all been so kind to me and they’re teaching me a lot…. Wait, what do you mean under attack?” She’d heard similar before. Though not in quite so certain terms, people telling her to be careful because of things that were out there. Her slightly puzzled look is matched by her lowering her voice so as to not be overheard.

Unfortunately before they can get into too serious a talk, one of the humans lets out a squeal that automatically cuts through her train of thought and distracts everyone in the room. Autumn raises a pale brow as she stares at this whole mess begin to unfold and Ery’s sudden question from beside her makes her turn to him with a rather alarmed look. What do they do?? She doesn’t know! He’s the adult here! The wheels are spinning in her head for several moments as people have their reactions before she busts out laughing, turning a rather incredulous look on the people gathered around the computer. “Oh come on! Monsters? What, is Evermore home to the boogeyman or something?” This is accompanied by an eyeroll.

“I mean seriously, next thing you know you’re going to start talking about how dragons and fairies are real! That’s obviously some stupid conspiracy website.” In the face of regular mortal rationale - and a bit of scorn from a teenager - the people all finally start to calm down and the ones that were freaking out even begin to chuckle a little, forcibly dragged out of their hysteria by her acting. As things settle down she looks back to Ery, dropping her voice so she can answer without being overheard. “I know a bit. Met several from different factions since coming here but probably don’t know as much as I should. I didn’t exactly have google where I was before here….”

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