Katrina knew one thing and that was her ability to cook. She wasn't a world-class chef but she learned a few things from the different villages in Scotland when she did her travelling. She was always most excited when she could cook for someone in the village. Having no family of her own she often floated about, getting crazy marriage proposals.

She remembered a time when she put on a ring before heading into the next village or town so she could avoid the passes at her. Through time she always explained her reasoning for never marrying was they were mortal and she was something celestial. But she wondered at times if it was because her heart was waiting for Sapphire.

Katrina had prepared some groceries in her car to bring to Sapphire's and cook, Thanksgiving dinner for her. She would have had her at the castle but until they found some land they had to live separately. Katrina was dressed in a navy blue skirt, her hair braided in a bun and a red and white polka dot shirt. She always did her best to be fashionable but it was always so iffy. 

When she arrived at Sapphire's home she held three bags of groceries and her purse in her other hand holding her laptop. She wanted to make sure she could show her some of the property ideas she had found. 

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Sapphire smiled as she was happy that she was going to spend Thanksgiving with her girlfriend. She had made sure her house was clean and the pups were well behaved when Katrina got her. She smiled as she just could help being happy with Katrina. Once she got dressed into something comfortable yet fashionable. Wearing some leggings and a sweater, Sapphire made sure that she has a few things ready for Katrina as she knew that Katrina was wanting to cook but Sapphire did one thing special for her besides getting some wine fore their thanksgiving dinner. 

The phoenix made sure that the cake (Image below the outfit picture) she made was perfect. She smiled at her work before she heard Katrina pull up into her driveway. Nala started to bark happily as Sapphire looked at her and giggled. "Nala, Akira Sit." She said as she looked at her two dogs. They sat as they looked at her. "Good girls. Now, go lay in your beds please while me and Katrina cook. And if you are good after the dinner, I will give you two a big treat." She said. Her wolfdog hybrid and pug looked at her happily and went to their beds, laying down. "Good girls." she whispered.

Hearing the car door close, Sapphire put on her shoes and opened the door, looking at all the stuff Katrina had in her hands. "Love, let my come help you." She said as she walked out and helped her with the groceries so Katrina could carry the laptop bag and her purse. Once the two were inside, Sapphire set the groceries in the kitchen as she then looked over at Katrina. "Happy thanksgiving love." she said as she smiled and went over to her and gave her a light kiss on the lips. 

Katrina smiled when the love of her life came out and began to help by taking certain bags.
Moving a stack of groceries that was blocking her view. Walking into Sapphire's cute house and once everything was set down she leaned down and kissed her. Slowly she could feel that passion start rising in her again.

Breaking the kiss her hand cupped her cheek and caressed the skin. Looking at her with a smile and took in her beauty. "You look gorgeous." She walked towards the bags and scrummaged through them before finding some chips, cookies and dip. "In case we wanted some snack type stuff. I thought it might be fun."

"You hungry? I did have lots planned for dinner. I'd love us to cook together. I-We never talked about cooking between us etc. If you are more cook like etc." 

Smiling at the dogs on their beds she looked at her and smiled. "Mind if I say hello to your girls?" She asked wanting to make sure they grew accustomed to her. Especially for the plans she had coming up after the holidays. "They always seem so well trained. You did a great job with them." She turned to comment about her dogs.

Sapphire smiled as she looked into Katrina's eyes when she cupped her cheek and caressed her skin. "Thank you love, but I think you look more beautiful than I." She said as she smiled before watching her take out snack like foods for them. A giggle came out of her throat as she nodded. "I can agree on that." She said as she smiled once more. Her heart could be beating a mile per minute when she was with Katrina. Watching her made the Phoenix guard smile more as she walked over to her and helped unpack the groceries. She listened to Katina as she smiled. "Im starving." She said as she smiled and listened to her speak. Her words were like music in Sapphire's ears. 

"Go right ahead." Sapphire said when Katrina asked about going to say hi to the girls. Sapphire smiled as she looked at her, "Well I think they should be getting more acquainted with you since we will be building a house in the future." She said as she smiled as she knew her girls are well behaved and loved everyone that was nice to Sapphire. Sapphire had even let them get used to Katrina's scent after their romantic date a while back. Katrina's scent was all over her when she came back and Nala and Akira were intrigued by it. 

"Thank you. I take some time training them and plus I love training them, showing that they are smart girls." She siad as she smiled and looked at Katrina. "Plus I think once we get that large house, I am hoping for a great patch of land to at least have some horses and maybe another dog or two, if that is ok with you?" She asked as she smiled. Sapphire didnt know how Katrina would react about her words because Sapphire was a huge animal lover and would save every animal if she could. 

"Hush now, thats not something you can say. We each have our own unique beauty. None of this prettier than I am stuff." She said as she gripped her chin lifting her up for a kiss quickly before handing her the bag of chips. "I didn't know if you'd like this or not but I hope so." She said with a smile before listening to her speak about starvation. "Well, I plan to feed you lots. I think I brought a lot of food for two."

When she spoke about getting more acquainted with the animals and the talk of a farm her ears perked up and from her bent over position near the dogs she turned to her. "Can you believe that I was looking at more farm land? I have always been more hippie-like the natural things and obviously, you can tell by my outfits I am probably staying in the wrong century. But none-the-same it will be a blast. So yes... I want a large house, horses, as many animals as you want. Bunch of kids running around too maybe? You'd make a great mother." 

She said before petting the dogs and giving them a few kisses before going to her woman and put her hands on her hips lifting her gently on the counter. "Whatever you want... I want you to have it all." 

Sapphire smiled and looked at her. Listening to her talk about how they were both beautiful. "I agree." She said as she smiled. Kissing her lips alittle as she opened the bag of chips. "I love these." She said as she smiled and placed them open on the counter top. "I love any kind of junk food. " She said as she heard that Katrina was going to feed her lots. Sapphire giggled and smiled as she looked at him. "Well I have an idea for the leftovers if you want to hear it." She said as she smiled once more. "Even though I think the pups would love some of the food that is good for them." She said with a chuckle.

Listening to her as she started to make some of the food like the mashed potatoes and the mac and cheese. Sapphire smiled as she looked at her. "I would love to have farm land, I have been thinking of having more animals anyway." She said as she looked at her. "Like having some horses and maybe some more dogs." She said as Sapphire continued to cook. "I am so glad we are thinking alike." She said as she giggled. When she talked about kids and how Sapphire would be a great mother, Sapphire blushed and smiled as she giggled. "I think we would both be great mothers." She said as she turned to her as the water started to boil for the potatoes and mac and cheese.

Watching her with her pups made Sapphire smile before Katrina had placed her on the counter. Hearing her words made Sapphire shudder in excitement as she looked into her girlfriend's eyes. "I also want you to have it all my love." She whispered as she leaned in close and kissed her lips softly 

Katrina smiled at her gently. "I am glad you love them.
I try to eat healthy where I can but with my work drive-through and car, junk food has become my life. I would love to get back to my natural roots like I did a hundred years ago." She always cringed when she spoke about herself when she was older. She knew she was older than Sapphire. She never seemed to have a problem with it but she knew that it bothered herself a little bit. Besides the difference in age they had their species and she didn't know what the other celestials would think if they discovered this.

"Tell me all about your leftovers idea. Don't worry I brought a treat for your pups." She pulled out of her bag some meat that was raw and good enough for the dogs to eat. "You think they would like this?" 

When she started to work on some different dishes she finished spending time with the animals so she could help. Sapphire didn't seem too upset when she put her on the counter. "I have all I ever wanted that I didn't know I needed." She said kissing her back gently running her fingers through her hair before stopping herself. 

"You are too cute up there, all on display. Perfect." She said with a slight wink before she smiled. "I do agree though all the animals you want you can get them. Now let me get to work on my Sweet Potato Gratin." 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her. "Well I agree on getting healthier.. I am mostly take out or junk food since I rarely cook when I work but likely we can cook more when we find land." She said as she looked at her and smiled. Noticing her cringe when she spoke about her age. She smiled as she walked over to her and smiled as she kissed her softly. "Never cringe about your age love. It doesn't matter what age you are or what age I am, I love you for you." She siad as she looked at her. The phoenix went back to starting a few dishes as she noticed Katrina was off in her world for a moment as Sapphire had started a few dishes.

"My Leftovers idea is where we could give our left overs to a homeless shelter or people who are less fortunate,." She siad as she looked at her. Watching her pull out raw meat for her pups, made Sapphire smile and nodded. "Love that will enjoy anything you give them. I have been thinking of getting them some heathier food or even trying to have the raw feed diet for them." She said as she looked at her, 

Looking at her girlfriend's eyes as she was on the counter. Sapphire smiled as she looked at her eyes to her lips as she listened to her. After the kiss, Sapphire giggled and smiled as she heard Katrina telling her how cute she was up on the counter. The wink made Sapphire blush alittle as she smiled and listened to her about the animals. "Well you might have to get used to me being on the counter." She teased to Katrina as she got down to help make dishes. 

Katrina looked at her and smile but couldn't help but release a chuckle. "Maybe its a single living problem. I know that when I lived in the villages and I bounced from family to family that I boarded with you had to eat as a group now hundreds of years ago they didn't have fast food but once I stopped boarding and took care of myself I found it was easier to just by food and run." She said with a smile as she looked at her girl.

"Ah, I do sometimes though." She placed her hands on Sapphire's cheek. "You are so young and graceful, are you really think I don't notice the difference in our age. I feel old when i tell stories even like that, villages before electricity. I just sometimes reflect on it, is all." 

When she spoke out about leftovers and the homeless she couldn't help but clap her hands and smile in agreement. "I love that idea." She stated as she began to work on some of the sweet potatoes by peeling them and getting them ready. "Raw food they say is good. I just thought if we are eating good tonight then your pups should as well." Once they kissed and she was on the counter she smiled. 

"Well, I do like the idea of that. Having you on a kitchen counter while I'm cooking. I like it a lot. Something we will have to add to the list once we are married." She said with a slight wink and helped her get down. 

"I am beyond excited we are getting to celebrate Thanksgiving. I know Christmas is our holiday. The best year ever those carols really brought me the greatest joy in the world. You." She said kissing her cheek before chopping the sweet potato. 

Sapphire listened to her and nodded in agreement. "Well I was used to just grabbing food when it was late at night when I got done with meetings and other conferences about games." She siad as she looked at her. "I had even spent days without eating sometimes when I was programming about 3 games at a time. " She siad as she rubbed her head in embarrassment. "Plus after many years of being alone on holidays, I haven't really had a real Thanksgiving in a long time." She said as she was cooking her dishes as she glanced at her girlfriend.  

Looking into her eyes as Katrina touched her cheek, Sapphire smiled and listened to her words as she smiled softly as Katrina reflects on her past years. Sapphire looked at her as she smiled softly. Watching her reaction about Sapphire's idea made Sapphire just smile more. The phoenix smiled as she continued make food as she listened to Katrina talk about the food for the pups. She smiled as she listened to her talk about Sapphire being on the kitchen counter. Mentioning marriage, Sapphire blushed at her wink and smiled as she giggled. "I agree." She said as she smiled at her. 

Sapphire smiled as she listened to Katrina talk about how Christmas was their holiday. She smiled at the memory of the two first meeting. "I am glad that that year brought me to you and vice versa. Carols are normally bringing cheer around the holiday but I think the carols brought more than just cheer for me and you." She said as she smiled alittle when she kissed her cheek.

Listening to her talk about missing meals her face turned in shock.
"Thats not healthy at all. Well when we are living together, I will make sure that doesn't happen anymore. I don't want you getting sick or hurt." She said nudging her nose to hers and giving it a gentle rub. Smiling she caressed Sapphire's cheek as she spoke about the Christmas carols and the day that brought them together. 

Katrina wasn't much for religion but she was brought up with it often and she knew that whoever did start people and so on that she was grateful whoever brought the two of them together. "I am grateful too. meeting you is the best thing that could have ever happened to me. Really!" She stated smiling as they continued to work on their dishes.

Katrina walked over to her laptop and set it up and turned on the online radio app and smiled at her. "I am a music while I work, kind of gal. If it bothers you let me know. But music is life when it comes to me." She asked while looking at her. Everything about Sapphire was perfect, from her beauty to the way she smiled, to how she walked, or hell the way she was busy preparing her dishes. Katrina knew her desires to propose and sooner and sooner the time was coming. She couldn't wait to ask but she knew she had her timing.

Plus the perfect ring still had to be constructed but she knew that Sapphire had to be hers for the rest of her days and the old school abilities she still wanted to marry her.  "So, tell me when we aren't chatting, or seeing each other or working or with the pups, what keeps you busy?" 

Sapphire smiled at her girlfriend as she told her that it wasn't healthy to skip meals and that once they live together Sapphire wouldn't be doing that. This made Sapphire giggle alittle as she then felt Katrina's nose rub hers as she smiled and rubbed her nose back. Leaning her head into her hand as Katrina caressed her cheek, as she spoke about the Christmas carols that brought them together. Her eyes looked into Katrina's as she smiled and listened to Katrina as she spoke about how grateful she was too. Sapphire wasn't really into religion either but she did believe in fate and she even mentally thanked fate for bringing them together. As the two worked on dishes together, Sapphire smiled at her as she was happy with Katrina. "Meeting you is most definitely the best thing that has happened to me." She said as she smiled softly.

As she worked, her eyes glanced at Katrina as she got onto her laptop and turned on a radio on her laptop. "Love, I love music so blast it." She said when Katrina asked if it would bother her which it wouldn't. Music was one thing Sapphire used to work faster on games. Continuing on making dishes, Sapphire would steal a few glances as Katrina as she admired her personality and her beauty. Katrina was someone that Sapphire could see her being with forever. Sapphire even thought about how her life will be if Katrina proposed and they got married. Just thinking about it made Sapphire smile as she knew that she wouldn't want anyone else in her life besides Katrina.

Sapphire continued to making dishes when Katrina asked her about what she does to keep busy. "Well besides chatting, seeing each other, being with the pups, and work. I normally clean when I have a day off. But when I don't want to clean, I normally go on walks in town just to see things also to get ideas for games just for me to work on the next day." She said as she looked at her. "What about you?" She asked

Katrina looked at her and smiled. Nothing could bring a bigger smile to her face than this woman. She was special and unique and kept things interesting between them. "Yes, I do agree. But oh how I love you." She leaned in giving her a gentle kiss on her lips before running her hands through Sapphire's hair. 

"You are just gorgeous." Once the music came on and they worked she smiled when she spoke about music. "Oh, a music girl. Now I have to keep you forever. It's settled, you are all mine." She said with a playful wink as they continued to work on some of the dinner she looked out the window for a moment and smiled at her.

"I wish I was good at gaming or something. I am not, unfortunately. I like to knit when I can. Singing and dancing are some of my favourites." She put the gratin into the oven and glanced at her carefully. "While the food is cooking did you want to discuss some options for properties we can look into?"


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