Katrina knew one thing and that was her ability to cook. She wasn't a world-class chef but she learned a few things from the different villages in Scotland when she did her travelling. She was always most excited when she could cook for someone in the village. Having no family of her own she often floated about, getting crazy marriage proposals.

She remembered a time when she put on a ring before heading into the next village or town so she could avoid the passes at her. Through time she always explained her reasoning for never marrying was they were mortal and she was something celestial. But she wondered at times if it was because her heart was waiting for Sapphire.

Katrina had prepared some groceries in her car to bring to Sapphire's and cook, Thanksgiving dinner for her. She would have had her at the castle but until they found some land they had to live separately. Katrina was dressed in a navy blue skirt, her hair braided in a bun and a red and white polka dot shirt. She always did her best to be fashionable but it was always so iffy. 

When she arrived at Sapphire's home she held three bags of groceries and her purse in her other hand holding her laptop. She wanted to make sure she could show her some of the property ideas she had found. 

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Sapphire smiled as she looked at her before looking at the pups. "Yea I would love them to eat much healthier than what I have them eating." She said as she smiled softly and looked at Katrina. As the two girls ate in piece, Sapphire couldn't help but feel great at the company as she had with her. Listening to her talk about the surprise as Sapphire giggled and smiled. "I love anything you give me, heck I just love your company." She said as she smiled softly. Her eyes looked at Katrina as she could tell that she was thinking. This made Sapphire smile as she finished her food.

The phoenix looked at her as she mentioned pie, Sapphire smiled and nodded. "I would love some." She said as she got up and moved some plates of food into the kitchen to pack up for the homeless later. Once she got the table cleared and placed in the kitchen as she sat down, bringing plates and forks to the table before Katrina started to serve.

"Well, then we will make sure they eat healthily. I told you already being alive for quite a while and working for most of it and like all of the time gives you an advantage. Thats why the small place I was living in before the celestial palace was my own. I only paid taxes and bills. But I still do the old ways with the burning of the wood to keep warm. Except in the real cold of winter." She said with a small laugh.

Looking at her she leaned over and kissed her cheek. "I love your company as well. But I have a feeling this gift might just be the best thing I ever gave you, yet that is." She said with a playful grin as she was filled with excitement about it all. 

When the girl wanted some pie she smiled. "I am glad it tasted all so well. Thankfully I haven't failed with cooking the way I thought it was. Then we have to bring these to the homeless. I can drop it off on my way home if you like?" 

Sapphire listened to her as she dug into the pie slice that was on her small plate. She smiled and chuckled. "Katrina love, you know I have been alive a while too. Not as long as you but still I worked most my life too. Managing a company and also my guard duties I need to do." She said as she looked at her. "So I completely understand your ways. Thats why I love them and you and plus I have been wanting to get the pups to live healthier so I have been slowly getting them into the raw diet to make them healthier. But as for the real cold of winter, you have me to help you with that." She said with a wink as she chuckled. "It wouldn't take me long to set a fire in the fireplace in our new house, being a phoenix has its perks." She said as she giggled more. 

Feeling her kiss her cheek, Sapphire smiled and looked at her as she listened to her about the gift. "Love, I will love anything you give me. Even though I love you more." She said as she smiled and pulled Katrina close and kissed her lips softly. Just kissing her made her heart flutter as she was happy being with the celestial. 

The phoenix finished the pie as she listened to Katrina talk about the cooking and also dropping off the food on her way home. "Are you sure? I don't mind taking it here once I have them packed up. I also have to do dishes which I don't mind that at all. And before you insist on helping me, I am saying no. You have already helped me prepare the food, let me at least clean the dishes." She said as she took her dish to the kitchen. 

Katrina nodded gently. "I still win in age though. It doesn't matter.
We have each other and I have felt like my life was just waiting for this to happen. This moment where I feel so in love and enclosed in how beautiful our time together always is." She exclaimed with an off look of dreamy eyes. When she blinked and couldn't help but giggle and smiled with the mention of being a phoneix and fire. "My old cottage had a hook over the fire so I could cook still. I did a lot of cooking by fire."

She said with a willing smile as she finished her dessert as she went to clean up. "Hell no. I am not letting you do all the dishes." She explained as she went and stood her ground by the girl. "You are beautiful and stubborn but we share things. Share the love of cooking together. The house work. You don't think I'm just letting you stay and clean and cook all day, do you?"

She leaned and wrapped her arms around her. "I love you, I love this. You will never know how happy you really make me." 

Sapphire smiled as she looked at her girlfriend as she listened to her. Loving her dreamy look, Sapphire smiled as she nodded. "Well we can still do both, cooking over a fire and have electronic devices like ovens." She said as she smiled at her. The phoenix continued to pack up the food as she smiled once she had finished her dessert. She had already made about 5 plates of Thanksgiving dinner on to go plates for the homeless. Sapphire continued to put things into containers for the homeless as she did mention dishes to Katrina and how she would do them. 

Hearing her, Sapphire chuckled and smiled at her. "Love let me do all the dishes, I dont mind at all." She said as she looked at the celestial who was standing her ground. "No I didnt think that at all, I just thought since we both did the cooking, I thought I can do the dishes so we would have more time together." She said as she looked at her and smiled as she felt Katrina's arms around her waist. Sapphire blushed and smiled as she listened to her. "I love you too, and I love this. I feel the same way about how happy we make each other." She said softly as she smiled softly at her. 

Katrina smiled at her and turned her head to laugh a little. "Yes, nothing wrong with that." She exclaimed with a smile as she began to pack the plates for the homeless shelter. Sapphire had such a giving heart, it was one of many things she liked and loved about Sapphire. The heart of gold with the heat of phoenix. 

Katrina smiled and wrapped her arms around the woman's waist. "My darling Sapphire. I will run the water, I can wash and you can dry." She said before placing a soft kiss on her cheeks before going to the tap and running the water.

"I think we both know the happiness we give. It's such a powerful feeling, the desire we share for each other. The love." When the water finished running she scraped a few plates before putting them in the water.

Sapphire smiled as she helped pack the plates for the homeless. The phoenix smiled as she helped, thinking about Katrina as she knew that she couldn't see her life without her. Sapphire couldn't help but smile as she knew that Katrina also had a good heart. Even though Sapphire kept on insisting that she should do the dishes, she knew that she wouldn't win the battle since Katrina was so kind hearted. As the two women packed the plates into some bags for the homeless, Sapphire couldn't help but think about their lives as she could see a future with the Celestial.

 Feeling Katrina's arms around her waist as she blushed alittle. A smile came across her face when she kissed her cheek as she watched her run the water. "Ok fine, but I also put a away too." She said as she smiled softly and managed to move some dishes to the side so it would be easier to grab to wash and also made room for them in the other side of the sink to rinse. 

The phoenix listened to the two as she smiled at her. "I agree a hundred percent on that." She said as she smiled and got ready to dry the dishes once Katrina washed them. 

Katrina only chuckled. "What are we going to do us, two stubborn women?"
She said softly as she began to emerge her hands into the dishwater and ran through the different pots and such trying to clean them as carefully as she could, also not wanting to damage them. Pans these days were easy to scratch and easily took their ware, her stone pots and such from the past lasted long, only when they rusted would you have trouble with them.

She watched carefully as she began to dry them and she smiled. "You are too much fun to be around, I am so going to enjoy when we live together and spend every waking moment together. Well except for when we are working I am also not going to keep you like as a pet or something. Nevermind now I am just nervous rambling."

Sapphire giggled and smiled as she looked at her.  "I don't know what we are going to do but I think we both can handle each other stubbornness." She said. She started to dry the dishes that Katrina washed and rinsed. Once she dried the dishes, Sapphire put the away and continued to glance at her girlfriend as she could help but be happy when she was around her. The phoenix couldn't help but just feel her heart beat harder against her ribcage as she was with her. 

"Oh really?" she said to her words as she looked at her and listened to the rest of her words. Sapphire giggled and smiled softly as she looked at her. "I am going to enjoy living with you too." She siad as she giggled at the pet comment. "Love you don't have to worry about it. We will spend our moments together and be happy. Even if we have to work. Plus I will just be happy when you come home into my loving arms." She said with a wink as she dried and put dishes away. 

"Oh, can we now?" She stated before giggling, finding it hard not to. "I am sorry, I am getting tired, it's something I do when I am overwhelmed with emotions. Or when I am getting tired." Looking at her she couldn't help but smile, she was so content and these moments just reminded her how happy she was.

"Loving arms, watching a movie, snuggling. It's so exciting and almost doesn't seem real. That one day it's going to become a reality." 

Leaning over she kissed her cheek. "Thank you, I am so glad we have each other! It makes it this much better!" She stated with a smile as they finished up. "I think I will drop the food off and then I will be going home, but what are you doing next week. I think we should get again together, maybe for dinner. Unless you want to do something else?" 

"Sure." She said as she smiled softly as she giggled. "Its fine, I can tell we are getting tired. Its normal to be tired after eating on Thanksgiving." She said as she giggled and smiled. Sapphire smiled softly as she looked at her as she smiled once more at  her girlfriend. As the two finished dishes, Sapphire had put the packages of food into a large bag as she looked at her girlfriend as she spoke. "It is so exciting, and I know one day it will become a reality and it makes me more excited and happy." She said as she smiled and walked over to her and kissed her cheek.

When she was kissed on her cheek, Sapphire smiled. "No need to thank me love." She said as she smiled and looked at her as she nodded. "Um I'm free next week, mostly got conference calls to make about some stuff but I can do that before you get here." She said as she smiled and looked at her. "No I like the idea of you coming over, we can make cookies and watch a movie." She siad as she smiled softly. 

"There was a lot of good food though, it's not entirely my fault.
You are a really good chef, and I did eat more than my one meal a day quota." She stated as she watched the woman finish the dishes. She tried to help where possible with the dishes as well and when she finished making all the plates of food she smiled.

"Yes it will, lots of reality to come, my love." She leaned against the counter as she felt the kiss on her cheek. "I will thank you till the end of my days because I am with you! Every day I get to be with you is a miracle and the most wonderful gift I have." 

Grabbing her coat she put it on and smiled. "Cookies and a movie, of course you would be just so cute to give me the pleasure of that idea. I love it. Its a date then my love." She said as she leaned down and kissed her, holding her lips and keeping them in her possession before releasing them.

"Alas, thank you. I love you." 


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