Katrina knew one thing and that was her ability to cook. She wasn't a world-class chef but she learned a few things from the different villages in Scotland when she did her travelling. She was always most excited when she could cook for someone in the village. Having no family of her own she often floated about, getting crazy marriage proposals.

She remembered a time when she put on a ring before heading into the next village or town so she could avoid the passes at her. Through time she always explained her reasoning for never marrying was they were mortal and she was something celestial. But she wondered at times if it was because her heart was waiting for Sapphire.

Katrina had prepared some groceries in her car to bring to Sapphire's and cook, Thanksgiving dinner for her. She would have had her at the castle but until they found some land they had to live separately. Katrina was dressed in a navy blue skirt, her hair braided in a bun and a red and white polka dot shirt. She always did her best to be fashionable but it was always so iffy. 

When she arrived at Sapphire's home she held three bags of groceries and her purse in her other hand holding her laptop. She wanted to make sure she could show her some of the property ideas she had found. 

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Sapphire smiled and listened to her as the two finished dishes. Hearing her talk about thanking her made her heart flutter as she looked at her and made sure she had everything before she felt her kiss her lips. Sapphire kissed her back gently before they released. "I love you too." She said as she smiled softly. The phoenix waited until she watched Katrina drive away from her house before going back inside to just think about the moments they just had. This made Sapphire just giggle in excitement and happiness. 

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