The red-heads bike halted outside of a building that appeared to be a bar. She looked at the monotonous lettering in front of the building and then bit her lower lip. This was going to be her first stop, it seemed, she was in need of a drink, although nothing alcoholic - the woman needed to drive to a motel or something later after all. Getting arrested wouldn't be all that great on her first few hours in Evermore.

Slowly, she hopped off her bike before taking off her helmet and she glanced over to her headgear. From her time in the US, she has only really seen a handful of peeps use a helmet like her, and it's because wearing one was not mandatory in most places in America. She made sure to check these things before coming over.

She decided to take her helmet with her. It was a new place and while she was sure her bike would be safe, her helmet could very much be nicked, she didn't want that and so she walked into the bar with her helmet in-between one of her arms and her side. Her feet made their way in as the smell of alcohol filled her nostrils.

"Aye, it's definitely a bar alright…" The biker girl mused with her Geordie accent before making her way over to the bar counter. Having a drink to parch her thirst will be a priority. Then she could probably ask questions about her missing brother…

"Excuse me." The woman called out to the person behind the bar as she sat herself down on the chair and placed her helmet on the counter. "I'd like one of ye… mocktails please?" She asked. "Take yer time, I'm in no rush." She then told them with a heavy breath. "Don't worry, just surprise me, if yer wondering."

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The business meeting had gone longer then he had anticipated as he rushed to his private  lift  as he pressed the.  Basement button. Aidens lift was the only lift that  never stopped on every floor as the familiar bump hit  the doors opened as Aiden  walked out towards his bike  in his personal start. As he pulled out his cell he typed.  - on my way -  he oress send as he climbed  on his bike  and bringing it to life as he set off . 

Sage had come hard to find of late as he needed it often for spells as he moved with traffic  the direction he needed to go  before  arriving shortly later. Noticing another bike out side the bar he pulled up along side   he was impressed with the model but he was a Harley nan himself  as people left the familiar Snell of beer  vomit and cocktails. Filled his nostrils as he got off his bike walking quickly inside 

Stopping at the enterance he scanned his eyes for the nan he was scheduled to meet as he looked to the bar tender he nodded to  indicate bring a drink over as he walked over to a quiet booth in the corner  as his eyes focused on the door taking no notice of anyone at this current time 

Helena sighed softly as she felt her muscles ease, she could finally take a breather after the long journey to get to Evermore in the first place. Multiple things were keeping her mind rather busy, but having a moment to herself in this manner was rather nice.

Glancing over, she spots a man enter the bar and they immediately piqued her attention, it looked like they didn't want to be noticed, and it made Helena suspicious of them. She was handed her drink just as the man nodded to the barkeeper. This made her feel a little more suspicious towards them and so she stood up with her mocktail in one hand and grabbed her helmet with the other.

"Sounds like you and are gonnae have a lil chat…" Helena mused to herself as she slowly made her way over to the booth, revealing the man himself.

"Ye know ye don't have to act like that right?" She immediately spoke out to them as she finally walked towards them and placed her helmet on the table gently. "You good?" She queried before placing the tip of her drink to her lips before promptly finishing her sip. "You looked awfully suspicious." She would have said sus instead, but she wasn't sure if they would understand the term "sus". Not everyone played video games after all.

“Suspicious” Aiden snorted as he looked at the girl as he indicated his guest to leave as he grabbed the salt bottle as he offered the seat to the stranger” and why would you say I'm suspicious “he poured some salt into his hand as he continued to watch her” let's start with who are you, “he raised an eyebrow as he started to sprinkle the salt onto the candle in the middle of the table causing his and the girls voice to become inaudible   to the rest of the bar.

Aide took his drink and took a huge gulp as he looked at her,” if you were from this city you would know who I am—he placed his pint down on the table. 

Where  do you live or plan to live” he tilts his head as he thought she was a very brave girl to one up to   a stranger  as he  took another sip of his drink” are you supposed to be who i am meting ?” he raised his  eyebrow " if so a  name would be a good start i am  very tired and had a very long day   so im really not in the mood for games  “he thought a minute as he looked at her - guessing thats youor bike out there  good chpoice of boike it it is 

Oh, so SHE was the suspicious one, riiiighhhht. Like she was the one who walked in moments earlier and did the whole sneaky thing with that little nod to the bartender and so on, yet he was the one who had the upper hand. He already guessed that it was her first time here, but he made the mistake of asking whether she was going to live here or not.

What was that thing he even done with that candle? It’s familiar since one of her friends back at Newcastle did something similar with candles and lighters but her friend never really did tell her why. She never questioned it though, something she wished she did now - but how the hell was she going to know that she would be in a situation like this back then?

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to ask this guy, that would be weird as heck, especially as he was the one asking her the questions now.

“So, ye want to know who I am but yer not going to let me know who you are? What a beautiful way to start things off.” She mumbled near the end before looking away to take another sip of her beverage. “Ye make it sound like I should know everything immediately when that’s impossible to do.”

Helena couldn’t help look back at the man when he mentioned her bike and she raised her eyebrow, he had good taste and it sounded like he truly meant it, thankfully.

“Thanks, it’s a present from me parents.” Her lips curved into a small smile as her Geordie accent sung her praises about her parents. “They are pretty cool people, they chose well, like.”

Aiden took another swig of his drink as he looked around  the customers unaware of the conversation between him and the girl in the booth " don't worry I'm not a serial killer that preys on becomes to cities " he smirked a little " you may call  me Aiden"  he quickly raised his hand to the bartender  to bring two more drinks over"  now may I know your name" he tilt his head. 

Aiden listened for a few minutes to the girls accent" it's been a few years since I've been to the United Kingdom I'm guessing your not from London" he sat back as his next pint had arrived" it must of cost a bomb to  transfer it to make legal here  but if your parents helped with that you are very lucky.   " He raised his pint taking another sip as he placed it back down" I rarely get to ride now days it's usually business related and I'm driven I would of love to have been born I. The victorian era and ride horses every where. How about you

Despite his reassurances, him saying that just made things feel a tad worse. Nonetheless, he finally gave his name away - Aiden. The name really suited him oddly enough. She wasn't too sure if she was ready to give her name away just yet but she may as well, it wouldn’t be fair if he did yet she didn’t. Besides, he’d only push the matter further if she did not say her name.

“My name is Helena, Helena Alexander to be exact.” She was confident in giving away her last name, it’s not like she was from here anyway. She finally finished her drink before she placed her glass down just as a new one was placed right in front of her, and she quickly thanked the bringer of drinks with a soft smile. This man was a rather mysterious fellow wasn’t he? Then again, so was she.

What surprised her was how he knew she was not from London. It was obvious to her of course, as she was born and bred as a Geordie lass, but all the accents in England usually get lumped together as a “british” accent. It probably helped that the man revealed that he had visited the United Kingdom a few years ago. She has never visited London before, but she would love to go there someday just so she can say she’s been there and checked out the London Eye or something.

“It was fairly expensive, yeah, but it helps me get around to where I need to go and that’s all that matters really.” She told him as she picked up her new mocktail glass that was kindly brought to her.

“Could you tell me what’s to offer in this city?” She finally asked. She might as well find out so she could look for clues in those places.

Aiden thought for a minute or two before he tilted his head“ there are nightclubs according to my sister they are a few of the best around   near the town hall there is a library and few  theatres dotted around   if you're into natural medicine there is a herbalist shop.” Aiden pulled a card from the pocket“ there are flats to rent in the city centre, hand them this“  Aiden mind focused on the girl as he wondered why she was talking to him his mind wondered if she was  Secret Service from the old days he would know by his next question“ what are your views on the royal family“ he knew British agents would act very calmly compared to civilians“ please excuse me “,

Aiden rose to his feet as he walked towards the back of the bar as he slipped out his cell phone and began to text the contact he made—thought you were coming yourself not  sending a    delivery driver—he pressed send as he brought two packets of chips as he handed over the money as he waited for a reply coming shortly after—I'm delayed did not send delivery girl-Aiden's suspicions were raised as he walked   back to his seat as he handed over the packet“ I hope you like chips “he took a seat again“ so when did you arrive from old Blighty “he smirked   as he watched her responses and expression.

“If you have a bash, the garage on south street is one of the best   mechanics around fixed up my Harley like new after it was stolen, ask for Dom 

Of course he would recommend those places, and Helena was very grateful for that. The way he spoke about them made the woman think that he suggested good places to look, which was great! The nightclubs are always a good start as they are usually busy places, especially on the weekends! The library can be a little busy too, although a lot quieter, and libraries are always a good place to gather information on their networks. It was good to know the location for the library too, although she wasn’t sure where the town hall was exactly.

She was getting good information so far, a very good thing indeed.

A sigh escaped the lycans lips as she was suddenly handed a card about flats to rent. What a lovely gesture. She wasn’t sure how long she was going to stay in Evermore exactly, but getting a flat to stay for a short while would be great, although she’d have to bear in mind that they call them apartments over here and not flats. “Thank you.” She smiled softly as she placed her newly acquired card in the pocket of her leather jacket.

His next question though her eyebrow rose for a few moments, Was he asking because of his curiosity? She knew that lots of peeps had very strong opinions about the royal family, herself included. She was happy about Meghan and Harry pursuing what they wanted to do, for example. If they were happy then that's all that mattered to her. Nothing too fancy to it.

She didn’t have time to answer, the man excused himself for a moment, and that made her think that he really was suspicious after all, she would have to be careful for the duration of speaking to this fellow and for him to excuse himself after asking that question was… something.

Soon, he came back with two packets of crisps and he handed her one of them before he sat himself back down. She couldn’t help but stare at the offered snack whilst he asked her when she arrived from ‘old blighty’... cringeeeee. Was he testing her?! Welp.

“I’ve been goin ‘round the US of A for around 3-4 years.” She answered looking up to him, her nose crinkling for a second. “But I arrived in America from Yorkshire, if yer wonderin’” She sighed softly. She wanted to go back to the Yorkshire Dales so bad… and to visit Richmond Castle once more would be amazing.

She appreciated Aiden telling her about where to get her bike fixed up if she needed. “Just gotta ask for Dom, aye? Aight, i’ll keep a lil note of that, It’s probably ‘bout time my bike gets checked anyway.” Her smile was gentle, thankful that she was already getting somewhere, however weak.

She was already liking it in Evermore City…

Never been to Yorkshire " he smirked knowing to well he had been when he was a killer". What's it like " he sat back as he opened his. Snack and began to eat slowly"  aren't the Yorkshire dales where the hole Yorkshire ripper happened ? "He asked  as he looked at the crowd    to see who was arriving 

" If you would like I could give you a tour around the city - he bit down on a crisp as a text came  through which  he responded to -. Drop in usually place busy right now - he pressed send as he put his cell down " that's if you would like to  that it is- he smiled as he looked at her 

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