Rolling over to her side to block the bright rays of sun creeping through her bedroom window, the Nephilim blinked a few times. Another morning waking up alone, meant another day closer to getting her strength back. Svet was never one to get attached, and Dom had been the only exception until a certain Valkyr creeped into her life. She was sure that in no time though, she'd be fine .. she was sleeping alone when she had met him, so it didn't change nothing to go back to that routine. She supposed instead of constantly walking around crying, that she could look at the good that'd came from knowing him. For a short time in her life, she had known something normal; something safe. That was nothing to complain about with how Svetlana lived. A prisoner to her own self.

Sighing, she shoved the covers away from her athletic frame and crawled out of bed. She hadn't been sleeping well, so the girl staring back at her as she stood in front of her tall stand up mirror, was one she didn't recognize. After slipping into some sweats and a tank top, Svetlana walked lazily into the kitchen; grimacing as she opened an empty refrigerator. She wasn't much of a shopper, that would have meant going into a public place where no one would have stepped up to her her had she been attacked, but she also couldn't starve, so today's plans were just that; to go and buy a few things needed for her place.

After slipping into her converse, the Nephilim walked out, happily greeting the sun as it shone down on her. Most days, Svet walked every where she went, not being one to waste gas if she didn't have to, but with the distance of the grocery store, she figured taking the car was necessary. After climbing in and adjusting her mirror; Svet started the car and backed out before turning in the road and heading out into the city. She hadn't been shopping in ages, maybe once since she'd been here, so it was still partially new to someone that lived their life in hiding. The ride over was short, and while collecting her thoughts, she decided to plug her phone into the usb port of her stereo system, it was one of the things she'd spent a fortune on, she loved the way the bass hit when it was just at the right volume.

Svet didn't spend long grabbing things she liked to eat, along with a few hyigene products and cleaning supplies. After paying at the checkout, the Nephilim made her way back out to her car, loading everything into her back seat neatly before getting in and driving back out into the city. With nothing else to do, after dropping her groceries off at home, she decided she'd go out for a drink, and hopefully find someone to mingle with, which was completely new and out of character for her, but fuck it right?You only live once, and if you were a Russian Nephilim with the last name Vasilyev, your life expectency wasn't a long one;; it could have been any day now that the rogues found and ended her. She had to make due with the days she had left.

Pulling off at Sinister of Sounds; Svetlana grinned from ear to ear. This place was her baby. It was just too bad Dom wasn't here to join her. She missed the Therian greatly, and in due time, she needed to see him and get back to work at the club with him. Both of them had taken a break though, they sorta had to while being on the rogues radar's. The Nephilim was ready to step inside until hearing the rucous behind the club. She could have sworn she'd even heard someone desperately trying to get away from a group of people.

Deciding to go take a peek, her ears hadn't betrayed her. Cornered by more than a few people, stood someone who seemed a little more helpless than them. If only she had known what she was getting herself into, that they weren't people at all, no they were a bunch of starved Valkyr's targeting a human who'd simply just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Deciding she shouldn't just run into certain danger; Svetlana decided to use her abilities from the corner of the building where they couldn't see her, maybe they could sense her but if this guy really was in trouble, then she could buy him some time before she came up with a better plan than just running right into what may have been the end for both of them against a group of Valkyr' . Her eyes raged a bright purple as she focused on one of them, her focus led her into a dark place; she manipulated his mind to make him think he was suffocating, with just her mind, sucking his oxygen right out of his lungs.

When she watched him grab and squeeze at his throat, the Nephilim smirked. She waited, making sure the other reacted to what was happening to him before she'd run over to help the human. She glared at him, hoping he'd see her, there was no way to call out to him, all she could hope for was him having his wits about him.

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Bash found his job greatly satisfying.  He found that he had a knack for it. Attention to detail came naturally to the young man. Everywhere he went Bash followed his instincts, remembering all his previous experiences.  He walked the street of Evermore with all his senses on high alert.  Long pass were the days when he thought only humans roamed the Earth.

Today he was given an assignment; to visit a local bar where reports of ‘strange happenings had occurred within the past three days.  The Organization took care of supernatural happenings in Evermore.  Normally Bash wouldn’t be doing this type of work.  He was in charge of recruitment for The Organization, but once in a while Bash was sent out to investigate the complaint. He was only there to watch and observe, not to get involved.

Bash had been around bars long enough to know there were "regulars" that had their favorite watering hole.  Bash knew that from the moment he went through those doors, he needed to have all his senses on high alert.  He was taking the lay of the land when a female voice greeted him.  Turning to give her his attention Bash saw the well-practiced smile of an experienced bartender with a hint of early ‘happy time syndrome.’  She looked like she was in an eternal sauced state.  Working at a bar, Bash was not too surprised.  Maybe if he chat her up she could tell him a thing or two about what had been happening here.  As he weighed in his possibilities the bartender asked “See anything you like?”

When he saw her smile turn into something more genuine he offered one of his own award winning crooked half smiles.  That look had opened many doors for him, something that served him well in his line of work.  "Anything you have on tap is fine with me."  He said in answer to her question.  Turning around he inspected his surroundings and began doing his regular analysis of the place.

It was four pm. There were only five people in here this early in the afternoon. Outside, there were 2 vehicles.  The female at the table near the entrance was having a rough time, the bags under her eyes meant lack of sleep, and her worn out shoes could be indicative of financial troubles. The customer at the bar alongside him was a regular.  His skin had a sickly yellowed tone; a sign that he was in the advanced stages of cirrhosis of the liver an alcoholic’s slow and painful death.   The other customer that sat behind Bash was not easy to observe since the guy’s back was turned and hunched over.  Bash remembered seeing a small tablet or phone on top of the table where the stranger sat, but he wasn’t sure.  Looking at the mirror in front of him, Bash saw that the man behind him had given a discrete look at the new comer, but had gone back to whatever it was he was doing.

His brow furrowed when Bash remembered that he had seen two cars in the parking lot, but there were three customers plus himself inside the bar.  One car probably belonged to the bartender, the second car was his.  Had the other three customers just walked in?  Running his fingers through his chin remembering what the complaint hadn’t mentioned   anything about the lack of cars in the parking lot.

The waitress came back with a cold one. Bash leaned over  and asked her in a whisper "so what’s up with the dude on the table over there."  He had said it very softly while keeping an eye on the mirror, where the unknown man had just lifted his head and locked eyes with Bash *Bingo* Bash mused.  In a blink of an eye the male had traveled the twenty feet distance from his table to the bar, picked Sebastian by the collar and lifted him a couple of feet above the floor.

"In a menacing tone of voice while his eyes turned scarlet red, the stranger uttered "for a cop you aren’t that bright.  What you asking her when you can come and ask me." Bash sighed used his blinding device which emitted a bright light that rendered any blood sucker temporary effect.  This made the blood sucker loose his grip on Bash, dropping him.

Sebastian knew this would happen so he didn’t stumble instead he backed away.  "You better think before you speak." Bash warned.  Too late he noticed from his peripheral vision two more blood suckers about to flank him.  He ducked as both collided onto each other.

Not wanting to cause any damage inside the bar, Bash sprinted through the kitchen onto the back door and into an ally.  There, the three vamps corralled the human.  With a charming smile, Bash put his hands up "Aww come on guys you don’t want to do this, trust me."

Then everything went to shits, two held him while the third prepared to do something not nice, but suddenly the guy began to gasp.  Which was funny because he didn’t know that vamps could breathe.  Sebastian wasn’t going to let this prime opportunity go to waste.  As soon as he was let go, he ran.  He ran by a gorgeous woman with purple eyes.  He gave her a wink and kept running.  He had his bike on the other side of the street.  He got on it and sped away.  Yeah, that bar had a vermin infestation alright.

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