Cash. She needed cash. She needed alcohol to numb this pain that was vibrating through every bone in her body. As she dug through the things Dom had said were hers she paused pulling out a ruby necklace. It was breathtakingly beautiful. Something she felt didn’t belong to her. She was sure it had to be someone else's so obviously Dominic wouldn’t notice it missing. She pocketed and quickly made her way out of the cabin. Dominic was with the guard so she had enough time to sell it and get some alcohol to hide for after he passed out.

After she made it into the city using the uber account that was left on her phone she wasn’t sure whose it was all she knew is she wasn’t paying for the ride. Once in the city she walked down the streets looking at the different shops until she saw a pawn shop. Pulling open the door she walked into the shop and looked around. She moved to the door and pulled out the necklace. 

“I would like to speak to someone about pawning this fine piece. I sadly am short on rent this month and have to sell my grandmother's necklace.” She so easily laid as if she even remembered who her grandmother was. For all she knew, she never met her grandmother. She didn’t pay attention to the ding of the door opening behind her. After all no one she could remember would be able to find her that quickly. Or so she convinced herself. Not remembering that more people in this city knew her then she remembered.

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For her she felt that lately she was all over the place. Both physically and mentally. Not knowing really if she was coming or going. It was just paranoia setting in. The reality of facing the fact knowing she had her psycho-ex lover after her. It was the normal craziness that comes with living in a city like this. With the ghosts of your past coming back to haunt you from being able to be happy. For her she was trying to be this good leader to her people and being herself at the same time. Wanting to have a fresh start and all but it seemed she wasn’t allowed to be happy. Now she has a target on her back with the troubles and memoirs of her past that she tried so long to put behind her were now back in full force.  Nothing was ever so simple. Years back when it all happened she thought that she managed to escape, to put it all behind her. Getting away with the crimes she commited. To escape the person who she thought she knew but when she did she didn’t like what she saw. Thinking she had escaped in the process, but it seemed like she hadn’t done so well in doing so as she so long thought she did. Having believed for decades that he was human and be long dead by now whilst it was the opposite, he was very much alive and supernatural at that. Who was still holding a grudge for what she had done a revenge now she knew he was out to get his.

Leaving her right now being over paranoid with him being out to get her. All of the countless blackmails and messages aimed at her and those who she cares for. The only person who was helping to keep her grounded and sane these days was her cousin Wyatt. In the last few years they’ve become close, more like siblings and cousins. Kaelyn could see how protective Wyatt was for her with all that was happening to her, she could see how determined he was to figure out how to find the person who was out to get her. Yet it hadn’t been so easy for them. With it proving to be more difficult than they first thought. Lately it seemed that all she and Wyatt had been doing lately was going through their own personal collections of grimoires, along with the ones in the archives trying to find something that could yet them out. Neither of them were having much luck at the moment. Making her the evermore frustrated wanting for her life to get back to normal so she wouldn’t have to be worrying any more. She’s already lost one relationship because of it, she didn't keep on being stopped from living her life for any longer. 

To help to keep her mind off it all she had been doing things that she loves and that was conning. She loves going to odd pawn shops in hopes of finding something valuable or to flog something from her collection that she had stolen over the years. There was one in the city that she visited often, she was even on a first name basis with the owner but she gave them a fake alias of course. Managing to get the best offers too. The Redhead Diviner was looking around the shops at all of the different objects that were all on different shelves and bookcases. Then she heard a familiar voice speaking to Albert at the desk, someone who she hadn’t seen or heard from in a while. Siobohan Leslie, one of the lost souls who came to her looking for help. Listening in she heard Sio talking about a necklace making the Diviner curious. Stepping from the bookshelf so she could get a better look at the front desk she saw a ruby necklace glistening in the light shining through showing it for all it’s beauty. It was her own ruby necklace, one she had loaned to the Nephilim. 

“Wait, what are you doing!” Kaelyn shouted almost heading over to the desk. “It’s my necklace, I told you to look after it so that you don't get rid of it” She assisted the blonde by breaking the promise the two had made to each other. Back then she insisted to Siobhan that it’s only for loan and not to get into the wrong hands not to sell it for money. “Albert, don’t listen to her. It's my necklace that I had loaned her a few years back. It’s not for sale” Looking over to the salesman making it clear that he’s not to accept it, then she went to turn back to look at Siobhan. “Where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ages. It was like you disappeared from the face of the earth” She went on saying not noticing that difference from the blonde Nephilim she had last seen till now. She was still annoyed over the fact that one of her favorite necklaces that was one of a kind was nearly sold and put into the hands of greedy hoarders if she hadn’t stopped and intervened.

Siobhan jumped as the voice front he redheaded woman screamed out. She stared at her dumbfounded at the words that spewed from her plump lips. “Excuse me miss I have no idea who you are and why you are claiming this necklace to be yours.” Siobhan shot back towards her yet it was no use.

“Ma’am this item has questions of ownership and without papers we can’t take it. I’m sorry.” Albert said as he took a step back after handing the necklace back. Albert gave a nod to Kae since he knew her presence in the shop far more than Sio’s.

Siobhan took the necklace and shoved it in her bag and turned looking to Kae with annoyance over her features. “Well thanks to you, I will not get my fix tonight.” She moved towards the door as she paused digging in the bag and tossed the necklace to the red haired woman. “And where I have been is no one's business.” She shot back to her. “Enjoy the necklace you claimed.” She pushed the door open to make her way down the road. If Kae looked closely at Sio she would have noticed she looked sickly, sunk in eyes as if she hadn’t slept in days. The weight of the world on her shoulder.

Sio looked to her watch and wondered if she could manage to escape with a bottle or two of booze from a store without being caught. She started making her way down the sidewalk looking for a shop that wasn’t overly secure.

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