Reus watched the waters below, shifting with the tide. He wasn't sure how long it was he was staring out of the window at this point. The sun had moved in the sky significantly and the moon was itching to take its place within a short time. There was a voice behind him that interrupted his thoughts. He didn't turn to acknowledge the person however. His gaze was still locked at an insignificant spot of a large boulder on the shore where the waves crashed against it. Reus couldn't even tell you which Guard it was that spoke, but he did hear the message loud and clear; Another Celestial had been found.

The Aspect pulled away from the window finally and walked the quiet corridors of the castle on Skye. His resolve was testing its limits, but this was necessary. He had to keep telling himself that. This was all for the better in the end. It was the only way to keep protecting his element and not to mention lives. Too many people had died already and all due to the one action of a single Celestial. Someone he thought he could trust to make the best decisions, but now that was proving to be a mistake. It didn't help that it was someone he ended up caring for.

As the Guards came in, they each had a hand on the arms of the Celestial they'd just found. She was a petite girl with dark hair and not to be surprised, looked unhappy at her current circumstances. Many of her kind had been in hiding once they learned that others would give anything at a chance to use their abilities to change something from their past. Now the Ailwards were hunting them as well, but not for the same purposes.

There were no words exchanged between them all as the Guards stood and waited for his instruction. Aureus only nodded once to confirm what they would've already expected. She was to be put into the holding with the rest of the Celestials they'd been able to find, safe from causing more damage to the timeline and killing anyone else.

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Life on the Isle of Skye, had been rather unexpected. The Celestial had travelled there with her wayfinder Ophelia and few of their species; when the Aspects had approached Ophelia in order to try and protect their species. For a while, things had been peaceful. No need to run and hide from hunters. Most people felt free. The Isle was beautiful. Slowly finding herself more and more attached to the Isle, as she grew close to a few of the aspects. Or more so specifically; Cora the Aspect of Darkness, whom Artemis considered to be a good friend of hers. The two would chat till all hours, get up to mischief together with their reckless sides. The second person, she had grown close to was the Aspect of Death, Ery. The Forbidden fruit, type of a relationship transpired between the two. The two sneaking around, any time they could. The only person that truly knew what was going on between the pair was Cora. The others, they were keeping the truth away from. Fearing judgement and punishment, if the word got out. Or at least, that’s what they feared, until shit hit the fan as one would put it.

When Ophelia went missing, Artemis couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. Still remembering, how Ery promised to protect her in all of the chaos. The Celestial believed the Aspect. Only to be metaphorically stabbed in the back. When she least expected it...the Aspect dragged her towards the guards, without so much as an explanation. Letting them arrest her. Like so many of her kind, she was now going to be trapped and a prisoner; confused as to what she had done wrong. Looking over her shoulder at the Aspect of Death in disbelief; her eyes stung with unshed tears of anger and betrayal.

Struggling against the tight grips of the guards, trying to escape from their clutches. But two strong Therians kept her from being unable to escape their grip. “Let go of me.” Trying to tug her arms, from their strong grip, but it was to no avail. Before she knew it; she was in what looked like a dungeon of a prison. Seeing others of her kind...her friends, all locked up in cells. Pushed in like she was some sort of an animal. Free of their grip, the Celestial tried to make a bolt for it, whilst they were making their way out of the cell; but before she could get far, the cell door was slammed shut. Keeping her trapped in there.

“Let me out!” Artemis frowned, looking displeased and confused. “I didn’t do anything!” Gripping at the cell bars, as if she was hoping she might find a way to break free of them with her celestial magic. But little did she know, that her magic wouldn’t work...and that soon enough, her light would slowly fade away under the depression that would soon swallow her up, in this situation. Tugging at the cell bars, she kept yelling for someone to let her out. But being ignored, made the Celestial curse in Spanish under her breath. Sitting on the floor, she leaned against the wall. Hugging her knees to her chest, to try and keep warm; as she found that the cell was rather cold.

Countless weeks had passed and still the efforts of the Ailwards was proving successful in the worst way. They'd been able to find many of the fallen stars, but there was one that still was nowhere to be found. As much as he wanted to see Ophelia again, he also couldn't come to terms with actually seeing her face to face again either. The conversation they would be forced to have wouldn't be a pleasant one and putting her inside one of those cells with the rest of her species seemed like an impossible task. Reus didn't think he would've been able to see the look of confusion and betrayal come over her. It would've been enough to falter his resolve. Even thinking about it now was giving him pause. The only thing he could do was keep reminding himself of the damage that had been done by her one action. He hated to think of it in this way, but having her people locked away on Skye would also prove to be bait. Perhaps it would be the key in bringing her out from hiding.

The pen in his fingers twirled absentmindedly as the star who was seated across the table from him was flanked on either side. The Guards ushered him up and Reus soon followed with them, leading the group back to the sublevels below. It had quieted significantly from what it had sounded like when they'd first begun to round up the Celestials. The shouts and protests had been endless for days, but as time continued without the mercy they were hoping to receive, it was now mostly silent as they passed the cells, save for someone softly crying and low talking. 

He heard the cell behind him open as the male he'd just finished interviewing was put inside who immediately laid down on the bed and turned on his side, away from them. Reus sighed, but cleared his throat quickly in an effort to push away his oncoming empathy to instead continue with what he'd been doing for the last several days. Walking a few more cells, the Aspect stopped and leaned against the bars, remembering the young looking woman inside when she was first brought in. During a couple of his talks with others of her kind and recalling her name mentioned by Ophelia, Aureus knew she was close to the wayfinder and thought what she might provide would be helpful in locating her.

"Artemitra, right?" Reus asked, but not necessarily expecting an answer in return. He nodded to the Guards to open the door and they entered, signaling for her to follow along. He would never expect to physically harm any of them. This wasn't some ploy to torture these people for information, but he'd hoped perhaps there could be some relationship among a few of them that could lead to a solution for them all. "I have a few questions. If you could come this way please."

The steel bars caused a slight sting against her soft skin. Almost like they were zapping away her Celestial energy. Causing the female to drop her hands pretty quickly. The brunette, opted for silence and death glares; since no one was listening to her when they walked past her cage.If only looks could kill. Feeling sorry for those of her kind that also got caught up in this mess. It was unfair and confusing. What is it that they all supposedly had done? Artemis had no idea. As far as she knew, they were the innocents caught up in some sort of a bigger mess. Hopefully, she’ll be able to get the bigger picture, sooner or later!

No idea, how much time had passed. The sound of her cage door opening and a male voice, brought her back to reality. Looking up at with some trepidation, Artemis wasn’t sure what to expect of the male, that had just spoken to her. Her jaw slightly clenched, as he uttered her name. Question is, how did he know it? Artemis didn’t recall conversing with Aureus much since being on the Isle. Yep, she knew he was one of the Aspects. Often saw him around Cora and the others. As the door opened, maybe this could be one chance, to find out what was going on and fight for freedom?

Seeing she had no other choice, she followed the guards. But kept her space away from them all. Reus words made her raise an eyebrow. Looking sceptical. “You have questions?!” Artemis asked, almost angrily. “I should be the one asking you questions!” The Brunette pointed out. Whilst she was sweet and compassionate, when people angered her; her temper had a bit of a bite. And it was slowly clawing it’s way out, on this occasion. Folding her arms across her chest, in case one of the guards tried to grab at her. The Celestial followed his lead. But a cold look was written across her face, looking at Reus with anger.

“Are you gonna explain, why you chucked me and my friends in those cages like some sort of animal?!” Asking in a slightly demanding, yet angry and curious voice. “And what have you done with Phe?” Asking about Ophelia, as she noticed that Ophelia was still missing and it was worrying her. Everyone else was locked up, but Phe was gone. Having a small sneaky suspicion that the Ailwards had something to do with it. Not knowing what actually had happened.

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