Audrina couldn't deny how time had began ceasing to exist for her. Working for her mothers law firm had never been a concrete nor permenant plan, but she had seemingly began growing attached to the place, and to the people. A certain Dhampir in particular had specifically grew on the Diviner. Coming from a royal family such as hers, she knew they would have never approved of Nikolas, but that hadn't stopped them. The two of them had been seeing one another in secret for months now, and she feared telling her mother, especially her father about him. They had enough money to make their 'problems' vanish, and she prayed that they wouldn't see Nik as just that, anothe rproblem that their money could make disappear.

Tonight, her mothers law firm was throwing a Christmas party, and at work, they had drawn names to buy gifts for one another. Audrina had drew a females name that she didn't know very well, but her gift to the girl would be one worth having. Audrina never allowed money to play a factor in the art of giving. If she was going to give something to someone, she wanted to be remembered for it, and with that, she had bought the girl at work a jewelry set, a designer hand bag, and an outfit to match it all. Audrina put her gift down into a sparkly Christmas bag, and had Dorothy go upstairs to lay her dress, heels, diamonds, and other accessories on the bed, while another woman prepped Audrina's vanity with the make up they would put on her for the night.

Audrina finished her breakfast before heading upstairs to take a bath, in a tub of water that had been ran for her by people that her mother always had working around the clock to take care of her every need. At times, it became a little too much for Audrina, and she felt the need to break free, just as her mother had done when she met Audrina's father. Sighing as she soaked herself in the tub, the blonde Diviner reflected on how her social life had came to a complete halt, and how she really felt no purpose in her life right now. Working for her mothers law firm was great, but it wasn't her true calling. The one thing she was thankful for gaining out of this job, was Nikolas.

She had hoped she'd see him there tonight. With much hope, the Diviner got out of the tub and allowed her mothers maids to help her into her dress, do her hair and makeup, and place a shaw around her arms that matched. "Thank you. I'm sure my mother would be pleased, if only she cared enough to see all the hard work she makes you do" Audrina had a cocky nature about herself, and it usually radiated for miles. The Diviner simply had no filter when she spoke, and often mocked the way she lived. It was rather ridicolous in her opinion, but at least she always looked good. After giving herself a once over, Audrina headed out, giving the guard at her front door a smug expression before passing Ruben up as he opened the door for her.

The Drive into the city didn't take long, but just long enough for Ruben to ask her what lucky man would be dancing in her arms tonight. "Don't worry Ruben, I'll save you a dance. You are my only means of transportation after all" she patted his shoulder, and climbed out once he parked and opened her door again. Giving her driver a nod, she grinned before walking into city hall, where the party was being held for her mothers law firm. Without a doubt, her mother would be lurking somewher, which meant that for the beginning of this, she'd have to be on her toes.

Audrina decided to head straight for the drinks. The people at ths party would be her mothers friends, and everyone who worked for her, or worked in the same building as her. Most of them reminded her of her family. High class rich people who only knew one way of living, and it repulsed her to no ends. Though, as she began drinking her way through the beverage bar, Audrina's gaze averted to the crowd, in hopes that Nikolas would soon rescue her from this agonizing event.

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Some from a small family from New Zealand, he has never lived a day without being reminded about how weak and how he will never be stronger enough to work in the family business. Nikolas was pushed into the school of law due to it's the only thing they believed he could do for the family business. For the longest, he never spoke up until it was the say he gained his great grandfather's weapon. The day Nikolas got to prove he was stronger enough was the day he helped safeguard the Valkyrs that was in danger.  At the time it was him being self-taught by himself from everything he saw his siblings were using during there days before there first assignments.  His father finally said his potential and taught Nik what he knew but it became short-lived as he wanted to finish all his studies in America which were now the present day. 

Nikolas has been lifted by all the judgmental environment and the life he left behind. He wanted to believe in himself and to get better to be a protector in his own ways. Which came to the surface when he met Audrina. After working for her thought many operations they soon came to be very close. It took a while for Nikolas to see the blonde female who fell in love with him at first sight to see her feelings but after they talked about it to each other he soon fell in love with her back. There was a compilation with them falling in love. Her family. 

Tonight he brought two gifts one for the person he was signed to and another for the blonde. He could not pass up the chance to give her something, after all, he knows her and them been thought a lot he wanted to show how he is appreciated she is to him. Nikolas looked at the dove necklace he got her and smiled.  One thing that the Dhampir never saw in the other is her money or her being an actual princess. She might be different to him then her showing herself to others but Nik found her very lovely girl and it's noticeable she is royalty.  Nikolas wanted to give her something simple but it looks like it's a lot of money. When he saw the necklace he knew it called out Audrina. As the sliver reminds him of how her beauty is natural and pure. It also fits her and the season as a whole. 

He got the city hall by another co-worker that offered to give him a ride the day before. He walked into the room and looked around hoping to lay his sliver blue eyes on the blonde princess. As someone begins to talk to him Nik smiled and greeted the other, short talks gained his favor as he soon felt eyes on him. Turning around as he saw the blonde female and smiled. He walked up to her and give her a bow. "Hello Audrina, I hope you were not waiting for too long or else you were waiting for someone else," He asked joking around unsure if she was waiting or not.

The Dhampir found her being very beautiful in red to his black and white suit. He found his choice in the necklace was perfect for her outfit tonight if she wanted to wear it to show it off. "Would you like to dance in a few after with your permission to talk with you alone and in a quiet place."

Audrina smiled faintly when he gave a bow. She'd always felt so different around him. Others tended to treat her exactly how she was meant to be treated, like a princess. And frankly, she hated it. She wanted to live a normal life, even if that was a foreign trait for a Kensington female. She was of royal blood, wealth, marrying perfect men, etc. But, just like her mother had when she was young and fell in love with Kevin, Audrina's father, Audrina branched off to do the same. She wanted to break free of the family name, and had done so the day she professed her love for Nikolas, because she knew he wasn't what her family would ever approve of. 

Audrina smirked when he said he had hoped she'd not been waiting for another "Of course not, unless we're talking about my mother. I'm sure she'll make her presnese known any moment now, with some kind of speech that will have my name all in it. I'm kind of dreading that part. I don't like the spotlight. You know that" she frowned, and shook her head. If anyone knew her well enough, it was Nikolas. Audrina nodded, and gestured with her hand for them to sneak off some place quiet. "I thought you'd never ask" she giggled as she took his hand and ran off into a more isolated room. 

"So.. you wanted to talk?" she asked, curious about what he may have to say. Audrina knew they needed to come out with the way they felt, to the public, because she wouldn't allow Nikolas to be a victim of the sick games her family played. She knew there would be consequences when they professed their love for one another in front of everyone, but it would at least avoid any more 'suitors' that her family picked out for her, and it would also avoid Nik's feelings being hurt. Audrina gazed to him through her long lashes after putting her arms around his neck, deciding she'd take every second she had with him alone, and use it well. Using her magic, she smirked playfully as she dimmed the lights in the room they were in, without even touching the switch, and doing the same, to start the electric fire place behind them, along with lighting every candle in the room around her. 

Audrina had learned most of the basics in her magic abilities, at a very young age, so she was skilled enough to  toy around with certain things, and could really set a mood if she wanted too. She enjoyed doing so with Nikolas. Now that she had lit all the candles, dimmed the lights, and started the fire place, all by the use of her magic, she felt there was one thing missing. Music. The room they were in, was pretty sound proof, so they couldn't hear the music from the party that well, and with that,, the Diviner started a slow song that seemed fitting for the moment they were currently about to share with one another. "Ive missed you" she admitted as she then looked into the Dhampir's eyes. 

The Dhampir didn't really think anyone would like him the way Audrina. She is a blonde beauty queen along with being a princess how can no one like her. It was the blonde female who fell in love with him like love at first sight. Nik found out he felt the same way after she confessed her love. Look at them now, here at this Christmas party, young love. They were almost like Romao and Juliet, they always hide their love away from her mother, this is the only safe place they have together.  Her mother or her bloodline didn't matter to him all Nikolas saw is a beautiful girl who he still can't believe who like him and the dhampir will always say that. What was there for her to like him. 

He chuckled, "Oh your good old mother is always bringing the party." he said being sarcastic. Speaking of him being Romeo toward the blonde. "I mean I would not mind her saying your name, it just means you will look more beautiful in the spotlight," Nikolas said trying to make her feel better. Nik is always annoyed by her mother knowing what is best for Audrina, he can see why but sometimes it unnecessary. He gave her a hand as a smile come on to his face walking with her in a room as he closed the door behind them. 

"Well, first of all, I want to do something very simple." He said leaning in to give her a simple little peck on her lips getting the box out without her noticing. letting her arms crossed behind his neck he looked down at her like any girl would want their boyfriend to look at them."Why are you so damn beautiful. Red really suits you should wear it more often." Nikols said giving her a compliant before. He didn't need to look to know she was using her magic as he kept his look upon her. Nikolas knew the risks that they were taking knowing no matter what guy comes to her Audrina will always be loyal to him.  Being jealous is one he does not know he can be toward a girl he really cares for. love can drive someone crazy and do anything that will not be in their character. 

"I missed you too, Little Dove. " he looked back into her blue eyes and rubbed her beck with his one hand. "So I was doing a little shopping. I know you don't want anything from me but I had to when I found something I knew you will wear every day no matter what you wear." Nikolas brought the slick white box up for her to see. Nikolas wanted to see her raw reaction. "Don't worry it's might look fancy but it's simple and it's not something your mother might question you can simply say you bought it." Nikolas nodded his head to the box so she can open up her gift. "Merry Christmas little Dove. Our first Christmas and many more troubles to come," he said giving her a little wink. 

Audrina knew how Nik felt. For as long as she cold remember now, he had been used to being surrounded by people who made him feel less worthy than he truly was. Audrina's family was no different. With royal blood running through her veins, she was meant to lead a royal lifestyle, which meant marrying a man who could someday make her queen. But really, a throne and a crown never would mean to Audrina, what it meant to her family. She never wanted that life style, and as hard as they would continue pushing it, she would continue fighting it just as hard. It would without a doubt be fighting fire with fire. 

Drina could hear the sarcasm laced around his tone of voice. He was well within his rights to speak that way about her mother, and while Audrina loved her mother, she despised the fact that she upheld Audrina's grandparents wishes. Audrina's mother was of royalty because of her grandparents, and they were hell bent on making sure she lived the same way her mother had. Except, her mother had broken free of the royalty when she had gotten with Audrina's father, Kevin. Perhaps the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, because Audrina was now doing the same exact thing. Defying her family, to be with the guy she really loved. No matter their opinion. 

With the door closed, Audrina looked to him and smiled brightly. She rarely got these moments alone with him, and when she did, she revelled in them. The touch of his lips against her own, made the blonde blush brightly, while a fire lit within her stomach, butterflies filling her insides. "Oh stop it.. you are to sweet" she smiled brightly before wrapping her arms around his neck, and for a moment, holding him close, for as long as she could. She noticed the box he had gotten out of his pocket, and her heart raced right out of her chest, or so it felt. Audrina smiled, and scrunched her nose playfully when he mentioned how he knew she didn't want no gifts from him, "But.. you just couldn't help yourself?" she asked, shaking her head amused. 

Audrina removed her arms from arond his neck, after hearing the last thing he'd said, smirking as she opened the box. Her eyes pooled with tears, and she couldn't help but squeal excitedly. "It's beautiful Nik. Merry Christmas" she said in the form of a whisper, and leaned forward to kiss him, only this time, she decided to kiss him more passionately. "I have something for you too.." she gave a mischevious grin, deciding she would let him wonder for now. "Whenever she calls me to the stage, promise you won't run" she added, figuring that her 'speech' would floor Nik, and possibly piss her entire family off. The one thing they wouldn't dare do however, was kick him out. She would certainly bring the roof down on this place if they'd even try something that harsh." Handing him the necklace he'd bought for her, the Diviner turned, letting her back face him, so he could put it on her. 

"You're perfect. And I look forward to spending many more Christmas's with you" she added, frowning now that she had her back turned to him. She couldn't imagine how he must have felt at times, seeing her mother go out of her way to put other men in Audrina's life. But, there would never be a moment she would chose any of them. If she couldn't be with Nikolas in the public, then she would forever remain alone. "How come you've been so patient with me?" she finally asked, sighing softly. She felt that she held him back in some ways. That maybe she was even a burden sometimes, because of how much he had to go through, just to be around her. "I never want to lose you.. i'm just afraid that some day, it will be too much" she added, and hoped his reaction wouldn't be one of anger. 

He never likes talking bad about anyone's parents. Nikolas understood where Aurdrina's mother is coming from but in the long run, she does not understand how her own daughter could feel. Royal blood is really different within its own rules. Nikolas knew he could get hurt but he also could not ignore his feels ever since the blonde spoke up. He is taking the chance to risk everything just for Her.  Even with a broken heart, he does not mind the punishment. 

"I think that is your job to be sweet," Nikolas said teasing her with a bright smile on his lips. he wrapping his arms around her waist lightly knowing these moments were rare yet beautiful. He knew this is painful for the blonde knowing she hated doing this. Sneaking around, lying about her own feelings that she is forced to keep to herself. Nikolas always imagine Drina to scream to the world she is his with no care in the world, he knew she would do that if she has the chance. 

"Your right, I could not help it. Well, this particular thing had your name written all over it." Nikolas said looking up to see her reaction. Her tears and squeals told him he is right with a chuckled coming out from his lips before kissing her back really does not want to let go. When she mentioned her mother and the stage he nodded. "Yes Princess, you know your knight will never turn his back," Nikolas said wondering what she did get him but he can't wait to see it. Watching her turned around after giving the box back to him he could not help but smile taking the necklace gently out of the box and put it around her neck. He could not help put to give her a light kiss on her neck before he put his hands on her waist to let her know to turn around for him to look at her. 

"Let's hope for that or  Maleficent might put you to sleep," Nikolas said joking around knowing he would do that any prince would do. Kiss her until she woke up. When Audrina asked her question Nikolas shallowed hard as he looked down. "I'm patient because I know how loyal you are. As long as we love each other the same way we can make it through anything. Now we are asking questions let me ask you one to make it equal. Why me?" Nikolas always wondered by she chose him from every guy that always talks to her or trying to get her to look at them. Nik never once looked at her in the way he does now, he always stayed to himself and yet here he is. "You won't lose me. Little Dove, I knew the risks and I don't care if she takes me out of the company. You are worth it than a job any day." Nikolas told her knowing he never told the blonde he is a Dhampir. That is his true job outside of the building. In the Dojo, he is a protector. 

Audrina could barely think with his arms around her waist. She never got these intimate moments with him, and so when she did, she wanted to take them to another level, which never got to happen considering the only time they were together was either at work, or these stupid parties her mother threw. The words he spoke made her groan a little dramatically because it was true, it was within her job description to be sweet. She had been put through behavior classes and everything just to look presentable to her guests, from learning how to wave, down to learning how to smile, she could nail any emotion whether she felt it or not. "I wish you weren't right, but" she shrugged and placed her dainty hands over top of his much larger ones, squeezing gently. 

Audrina turned to face him when he said he'd never turn his back on her "You've risked a lot so far" she stated, and gazed deeply into his eyes, almost letting herself get lost for a moment. "And you have no idea how grateful I am to still have you" she added, finding that statement to be ironic enough. Everyone always called her a despiseable bitch, or an ungrateful little brat. She guessed she didn't show her gratitude to the royal side of her life, but only to Nikolas, because he deserved to see a genuine, true side of her. Audrina noticed the way he swallowed harshly and forced his gaze away from her. Biting her lower lip, she frowned.. "But it's not fair to you.. you love me unconditionally and I you, but I just hate that you have to see me engage all these suitable males." she shook her head, dissasfified to even put him through this any longer. 

Audrina's eyes widened though when he flipped the question around on her. She didn't even need to think about it though. "I feel like we are one in the same.. when I met you, you were so torn down by your own family.. we have always connected, and falling in love with you has been the easiest thing ive done in my life so far. You make it easy to be myself, and you make me happy Nik" she admitted, before leaning forward and pressing her forehead against his, while grinning from ear to ear. She had always knew  Nikolas was supernatural, but she had never had the conversation with him about what he was and what he did outside of her mothers law firm, so when he said he didn't care if her mother removed him from the company, she couldn't help but think that he may of had something else as back up, which she was thankful for. "She will have to remove me too" Audrina said in a promising tone "I won't stay if you're not there" she shook her head, eyes flickering over to the door when her name was announced on the microphone. 

"Now it's time to really start this party" she gave Nikolas a sinister grin, and winked at him before tangling her fingers through his and walking out of the room with him. Everyone saw where she had came from, and who she had walked out with, and with that, she gave them all a sweet smile, and began tugging at Nik's hand, wanting him to join her on stage as she made her 'speech' for her mothers event. "Good evening. 100 years huh? Wow.. I mean, thats a long time of my family name to flourish and grow. I didn't come to this stage to praise the company.. I won't do that. I came up here to make an announcement. I don't want this.. any of this.." she started.. and she could hear people gasping in shock from where she stood, but she continued anywyas. "I never wanted to be a princess.. hell I just wanna live my life" the blonde Diviner added, and snatched a glass of champaigne from the tray as it passed by the stage. 

"And the way I wanna live my life, is by loving this guy right here" she added, and chugged her drink "So, that's where i'll be.. living my life. This royal life.. can go straight" she smiled as she did a mic drop, the mic making a loud thud and screeching into everyone's ears as it hit the floor. People were simply stunned, and she knew before long the guards would be over to try and throw Nikolas out. So let them, she was more than ready to tear this place down if she needed to,

Audrina gazed to Nikolas apologetically though. Hoping her little surprise, wasn't too much of a surprise, and gave him time to react.  

The Dhampir didn't want to admit it with her but it was true. He couldn't help but the chuckle at her grown with a smile looking down at her. "Am sorry but telling the truth is something I am not going against." 

Nikolas knew how Audrina felt and it was nothing for her to hide at all. The Dhampir hates to see her under so much stress due to her mother. "Don't worry about me Princess, I will hold out as long as I can. Risking everything is don't that bad, to be honest. Losing the lawyer's job will only make the blonde's mother look back at the end of the day. Firing someone just because of your royal and don't want them to see her daughter, not a good out looking for the laws you are under. "Audrina thinks of it this way if she even tries to resign everyone here who knows will tell the truth why and her reputation will not be as good she is trying to prove to everyone. Let's not worry about anything."

He trusted her to handle her part of the relationship which is why Nik is so calm about things that she is worried about. Nik watched how shocked she was for him to asked the question, it is true they are one alike which is why they are very close now. What Audrina said made him feel happy knowing where she stood and how she saw time knew he will never let her go. Pressing his forehead to hers made his whole slow down, his whole world is right there in front of him but yet she still felt so far away. Why does she have to have the life she had, Nik wanted to take her away from everything and live as themselves. 

As Aurdina spoke up, Nikolas looked at her with his blue eyes. He didn't know what she had in mind or what she is planning but something told him tonight will be a nutshell. How right he will be. The only thing Nikolas wanted is for her to choose him over her family. He wanted to tell her to stay and they can find another way but hearing her name from the next room Nikolas shallowed. 

 The Dhampir saw her smile told him one thing, he had a bad feeling. "What are you going to do?" he asked. Hold her hand back knowing when those doors open everyone will see them together they can't hide anymore. The moment they walked out Nikolas looked around as he saw her mother giving him a 'how dare you' look but Kiolas knew Audrina was important to get up the microphone safely. Felling her tug, Nikolas got show his gentleman bodyguard side he rarely shows in front of the Diviner but it did work as she stepped the microphone standing on the side next to her knowing her mother must be seeing red.  

Nikolas listened to her speech as her words she didn't want any of this told him she is going to say something that might get her into more trouble. Looking at her mother having a disapproval look on her face. The Dhampir stood there holding his hands together looking around as his bodyguard mode came to the surface, he didn't expect anything to happen tonight so he didn't have his weapon with him. Feeling all eyes on him didn't make Nikolas feel comfortable at all but he hoped the Diviner has a plan for the outcome. The speech was nothing he expects as he looked at her like 'that was some speech' as she holds out his hand. "Shall we get going?" he asked knowing if anything happened he can fight them off enough for them to get outside and maybe go somewhere else. 

Audrina smirked and bit her lower lip, pressing herself into the Dhampir, and looking up to him through her long thick lashes with a look of mischief gracing her features. "Always doing the right thing Nikolas, how can you love someone so opposite of you?" she asked, with her hands against his chest, enjoying the way his heart beat against her palms. The truth was, Audrina had grown a pretty rebellious nature about herself. She didn't mind doing all the wrong things right when it came to getting what she wanted and needed out of life. That's just how it had to be when the rules are set for you the moment you're delivered into the world. Plus, her mother didn't marry a royal man, and had completely rebelled against her royal bloodline just to be with Audrina's father, she shouldn't expect anything less from her own daughter.

Audrina bit her lower lip, scoffing a little when he said he would hold out for as long as he could "Are you sure aboout that?" she asked, and placed another kiss against his lips. She always tried her best to get  as much as she could out of their time. "Yeah well I  already have a few tricks up my sleeve should she try" she smirked a sinister smirk. Her mother wasn't one to mess with, she was a force to be reckoned with no doubt. But, Audrina often reminded her that she had that same blood flowing through her veins.

After her speech Audrina smiled at her mother, as if daring her to say anything. But, Audrina knew her life would become a living nightmare now. Not only because of her mother, but her grandparents would step in on this. Possibly her father would be the one to have her back someday. He would know how Nikolas felt, as he once lived the same way with Audrina's mother. They made it afterall, so maybe her and Nikolas would too. But, the photographers, papparazzi and other important members at this party began following behind Audrina and Nikolas, snapping pictures and holding a microphone out to both of them, expecting their questions to be answered on camera "We are happy together yes" Audrina answered the first question with a forced smile. She couldn't wreck her image on TV too, considering all the interviews and such she had been in for tv purpose.

It seemed the whole world wanted to know about the Kensington name and how they came to be. And now that Audrina was of age, it was her having to answer all the questions. "We don't plan on marrying anytime soon no. But, that don't mean we don't plan on doing what married couples do" she flashed a wink, as if to give them a double meaning. Audrina gave enough space between each of her answers for Nikolas to speak if he wanted too. The wrld would either accept them as one, or not at all. She knew how hard their lives was about to get just from the stunt she had pullled tonight with her speech. She could only imagine that after pictures were published on social media of her and Nik, that things would spiral from there.

"I'm sorry Nik. I just get so sick of living this way" she whispered, and laid her head on his shoulder, so she could hide her face against her neck, until they were able to get away from the crowd following them out. "Let's go celebrate..." she had a few ideas in mind of how they could celebrate her telling the world that she'd rather give a crown up than to give Nikolas up. She had always found it so hard to be what everyone else wanted her to be, and while she would always have the burden of being royal, she knew Nikolas would always be there.

Nikolas knew it's never easy for her no matter what she can come up with. "There are times I'm never doing the right thing Audrina, it's never easy," he said the truth letting her hands on his chest. He never really had a choice of how he wanted others to treat him it was always he is weak or he can't be a protector. Choices were never existent to the Dhampir but he does not want to be stopped now. It's their choice to be together and no one else. 

The Dhampir put his hand under her chin making her look at him. "I am sure," he said as he kissed her lips once more. "This is our choice and as long as your mine I will always be loyal and faithful until they say we are no longer together." Which of course he means by their choice to break up if it's not then he would fight for her no matter how long it takes. Nik looked at her with wondering eyes. "What tricks are you speaking of?" he asked. 

The speech was he never expected it to be, getting looks from a lot of people was not something he expected either. Well looks like everyone knows he is the male who gains the princess's liking. Not a choice a lot would say he is a suiter he knows will be in people's minds now knowing who he is.  The Dhampir held Audrina close to him making sure if she needs someone to protect her he is ready. Telling people to back up a little bit, Nikolas didn't want to be responsible for someone getting hurt. The Dhampir smiled when he heard her say they are happy together. 

Question after Question, Nikolas let her answer all the questions. He thought it was sexy how she held herself up. When the question of marriage came up he looked at her when she answered. He never thought about marriage but he didn't mind keeping her for the rest of his life. Audrina is a keeper for sure. Seeing her wink brought a smirk to his face after processing how she answered. When everyone turned to him, Nikolas looked at the blonde in shocked but he listened. "No, her mother does not approve of me but we both agreed things need to change and no matter what titles we have our feelings towards each other will never change. I will never give up on her no matter.  It's her choice at the end of the day what she wants and as the gentleman, I respect all her choices and trust her judgment." Nikolas said making it clear they are not playing games and let the people have a chance to see who they really are toward each other. 

As they both walked more away from everyone, Nikolas leaned to hear what she had to say. "Don't be sorry. Like I said I knew what I was coming into. I will protect you no matter what. Wrapping his arms around her tiny body he didn't look back knowing all the pictures will be online when they wake up. "How would you like to celebrate?" the Dhampir asked opening the car door for her to get in once she sat down he locked the door going to the other side putting his seatbelt on and drove them away. What Audrina did was very brave of her knowing people who are not royal who is having the same problem will be looking up to her. 

"Right or wrong, you know i'm on your side, right?" she asked, seeing the way his expression changed when he said there were times where he never did the right thing. "Besides, that's only the narrow minded opinions of your family that have been etched into your mind" Audrina gazed up to him through her long dark lashes and bit her lower lip. The secrets on her half had began piling on so thick that she was scared she'd never be looked at the same, but for now, she just wanted to be here with him and enjoy this moment.

Audrina slipped her dainty hand up, and grabbed his arm, gently squeezing it as he cupped her chin and forced her to look at him, the words he spoke seemed to echo out in a slow motion in her ears. She hated how her family had power over her love life. Especially with Nikolas. "Nik, even if that day comes where the world speaks out against us, and tells us we can't be together, i'll strike a match to the universe and let the world burn" she wouldn't stand for this shitty  society that they lived in, being the reason her and Nikolas went their seperate ways. The only way that was going to happen, was when Nikolas found out that Audrina literally isn't who she says she is.

Feeling Nikolas stand behind her, and tug her closer to protect her, made the Diviner's heart race a little. Audrina couldn't feel anything less than safe with Nikolas. That's part of the reason she hated how badly his family had been treating him. They had convinced Nikolas that he'd never be good enough at anything he did. Yet here he stood with all eyes on him, feared by the rest of the men in this room. Audrina gave him a smug smirk when she noticed the attention they were getting. She loved being the center of it all, especially when she was telling the world to go to hell should they cross her and Nikolas.

Audrina rolled her eyes when Nikolas began talking, because the reporter next to them seemed to be writing everything he said down. YYup that was going to make it to the newspaper articles for everyone to read. Those who had as little of a life as Audrina did, did nothing more but sit around in the mansions waiting for girls like Audrina to rebel against the royal lifestyle, just so the rest of them had something to gossip about. Though, Nik's answers did send her heart racing again. She knew she meant a lot to him, but hearing him speak the truth right now, shed even more light on how much he actually oved her. It was the fact that they never got no time together, that made moments like this one, very mind blowing. Audrina smiled at  the cameras until they were safely away from the reporters and into the car that Nikolas protectively led her to.

She was more than thankful to get that over with. There was so much she was hiding, and she was sure that even that stuff would soon be hitting the headlines of Evermore's news. Audrina gazed over to the guy of her dreams with black streaks staining her cheeks due to the tears and mascara. She never wanted to hurt him, and should that be the case when all her lies and drama finally came to light, she wasn't sure she'd be able to live with herself. No one knew who Audrina really was, and frankly, it was for the safety of her life. She would have definitely been dead by now, if she'd went back to her true identity. And she absolutely craved letting Nikolas know her for who she truly was. She barely even heard his question due to the thoughts clouding her head, but knowing he wanted to be with her, and to celebrate it even after today, made her happier than she could express.

"Well first, by getting out of this fancy attire" she giggled cutely, and scooted over to lay her head on his shoulder during their ride back over to the manor. "We could go riding for a few. I have something I wanna show you" she smiled sweetly, referring to taking the horses out for a run. "It's nothing major, but I think you'll like it" Audrina's favorite place in Evermore was just through the forest behind the manor she resided in, but what Nikolas didn't know, is that it was the place she was currently fixing up for them to live in.. together.. someday. This would be the start of forever, and with any luck, Audrina's past wouldn't be the very thing to ruin what she had with Nikolas. For now, she was just ready to spend some time with him properly. Away from everyone and everything. Little did either of them know, is that Audrina's mother had been paying someone to follow her, in case she chose 'wrong', and that would be the start of things turning upside down, and Nikolas's safety being tested.

Life is never what it seems. Not even for the rich and famous.


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