“Have a good night!” The blonde smiles and waves at the last couple customers as they leave the bakery, the tired look to her eyes offset by the genuine smile on her face as she starts cleaning up for the night. She’s been working here for a couple months now and she still really enjoys it. The customers are usually really nice and she’s got a few regulars and she’s finally starting to save to go to school. She just wishes she didn’t get off at such a late hour. The sun has long since set, leaving the streets lit only by the streetlights. None of which reach into the alley that she has to navigate to make her way back to the mountain she calls home.

Though it’s only a passing worry. She’s had no such issues there so far, no matter what time of day or night it is that she’s wandering it, though she knows certain people in her life don’t like that she walks it alone at night. But she needs the money and she refuses to ask them and it’s not like she gets nothing she thinks as she bundles up the leftover goodies from the day in a bag to carry home. Free food is always wonderful. Making sure to cut all the lights up front off, she heads out the back and locks it, ensuring she texts the owners to let her know the place is closed down for the night. They’ll be back in early to begin baking.

Despite the cold, Autumn wears only a light jacket and her breath doesn’t fog in the air as she walks. Niveis don’t really feel the cold and even if that weren’t the case, Evermore doesn’t even come close to comparing to the Arctic sea’s temperatures that she’s used to. The person sitting at the end of the alley catches her eye before she ever gets to him and she’s regarding him carefully as she moves to walk past him. He doesn’t move but his presence does keep her from noticing the figure coming up behind her. “Hold it!” She pauses, turning to look at the disheveled figure. Judging from appearance this guy’s heavy on drugs… and is holding a knife she notices, though she says nothing. “Hand over the bag!” If it weren’t for the fact that this guy looks so erratic she wouldn’t be too worried. Her voice is low when she speaks, attempting to come across as non threatening though to be fair she has a far harder time appearing threatening at all. “Okay, take it easy. There’s no need for this to get violent…” She’s slowly sliding the bag of bread off her shoulder, keeping a close eye on the man. The person she’d seen sitting previously had run off at the first sign of the knife.

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