It was a rather strange concept to finally think that he had found a home within Evermore City, or at least, he was surprised that his residency had even lasted this long without feeling the need to run again. His protection spells had seemed to work wonders for the time being; he hadn’t even got a whiff of Christian or his men anywhere near the walls of Evermore, yet Abraham wasn’t optimistic that this would last forever - it was only a matter of time. He kept in contact with his family who resided in Budapest, Hungary every day; it was mainly for their benefit, he might be classed as a Mummy’s boy, but in reality, he knew he could go quite some time without reaching out. They seemed happy that he was finally settling as they knew too well that he was never truly comfortable in the coven back at home; and more often than not, he had to constantly tell them that he was not ready for guests - even though he was partial to portals and heading home for a good Sunday night dinner. 

Nevertheless, his choice in residing in Evermore was a good one; in fact, despite being a very anti-social, socially awkward and slightly strange man, Abraham was slowly beginning to make some forms of relationships. He wasn’t quite at the point where he would call them friends - he wouldn’t know how to behave around them if he did - but they were surely becoming people he would happily socialise with when it came to it. This was a first for him, even throughout school he didn’t have any friends, besides Luciana; his friends were truly the dark objects his family brought home but he never complained, when he was alone with his toys and artefacts, he didn’t have to worry about other beings' opinion or perspective. Yet here he was, sitting at the till of Maddox Mystics when a text chimed through, showing he had received a text from Miles - a Nephilim guard who had met him through connections that Abraham wasn’t aware about; he assumed fellow guards like Bexley. 

Abe quirked a brow at the very cryptic message of wanting to meet him at Tranquil, a quiet coffee shop which resided in the quiet alleyways of the main high street - it wasn’t a shady place, but he couldn’t say he had ever seen many people go in there. “Alright then” He muttered to himself and closed up shop; although many of his most interesting customers came at night, who was he to deny an almost friend company. He grabbed his leather jacket and headed into the night, the full moon glistening down upon him; triggering a smile to play upon his lips as if he could just taste the magic soaring through his veins. It didn’t take very long to reach the centre of the city, and when he found the cafe shop, Miles hadn’t yet arrived, thus he ordered himself an Americano and took a seat towards the corner of the shop; away from the prying eye of the cashier who seemed too odd for his liking. 

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Miles had left his hometown explicitly to get away from the events that happened there, a thread he’s noticing is common among many people who call the city home. Ever since the destruction of the Isle, he and everyone else in the Ailward faction have come to call Evermore home themselves, slowly adjusting to a life suddenly thrust into the modern world. For Miles it hadn’t been too much of an adjustment, finding life here fairly similar to his life before, if busier. Truly to him it’s as though the passing of time and the distance had put many of the events behind him. That’s not to say that he’s completely abandoned his past of course, he remains close with his family and calls or visits pretty regularly even if they don’t know the entire truth about what he gets up to now. Considering the chaos the city has been of late, he figures they don’t really need to know. It would only worry them.

With everything else going on, he hadn’t expected his past from before the Guard to come creeping its way into his new life. He probably should have, after all things were too organized for it to turn out any other way. Since learning that the group that killed Brooke were only a very small section of a much larger organization, one that has caused a lot of heartache to many people other than himself, Miles has dedicated much of his spare time to learning more about them. Turns out they’d been following his movements since the night he got their small cell arrested and they’d been responsible for much of the misfortune surrounding him. They haven’t gone after his family yet, mostly due to the protection the Ailwards bring, but they’re growing bolder. His search had brought his attention to an abandoned old mansion on the outskirts of the city, one rumored to be haunted. Normally he wouldn’t pay a rumor like that much mind, but several of the reports given by the kids who were thrill seeking sounded far too much like magic and a group of supernaturals for it to be a coincidence.

More than anything, the nephilim wants to investigate the old place. He’s gone by it before and can feel that something about the abandoned building is… off. But he’s not stupid enough to think he should go it alone, especially not if magic is involved like he knows it will be. He also doesn’t want to drag the Guard into this, it’s a personal matter. So, after gathering up some papers that he may or may not have accessed without permission, he picks up his phone to text someone he figures might be able to help. He’d met Abraham through connections in the Guard, though thanks to a promise hadn’t divulged to the Diviner who that was. They’d done some business in the past and Miles has come to consider the man a valuable ally and a friend, even if he’s sure Abe himself wouldn’t say so. He feels a bit bad about asking him to come help, especially knowing the business he runs gets most of its traffic at night, but he thinks he’ll appreciate the offer once he knows what’s on the table.

With the message sent to meet him at Tranquil, Miles clocks out and heads toward the cafe at the center of the city with the knowledge that he’ll likely get there after Abe. It’s a quiet place and Miles knows the staff well and that they’re good at keeping their mouths shut, which is why he picked it. The bell chimes softly when he walks in and he catches sight of Abraham in the corner almost immediately, giving him a slight nod before going up to get his own cup of espresso. If the night goes the way he imagines it, he figures he’ll need the caffeine. With coffee in hand, he walks over and sets the folder down in the middle of the table before taking a seat across from the Diviner. “Sorry for the late text, but thanks for showing up.” Miles has always had a bit of a reputation, namely for being a rather laid back and comedic guy, maintaining a smile even during the more serious matters that the two have tackled so far. The first sign that something is off is that for once he seems completely serious, no amused sparkle in his blue eyes. He slides the folder a bit more toward Abe, gesturing that it’s fine for him to look through it. “I could use your help if you’re willing. That property has had a lot of weird shit going on lately.” That said, the nephilim sits back and takes a sip of the very strong coffee while giving him a chance to look through everything. Included are pictures of the place from the outside, alongside reports from the various people that have managed to escape it, names whited out of course. It’s pretty obvious to anyone with knowledge of magic that something supernatural and frankly shady is going on there.

Once he had settled in his chair, his fingers naturally came to wrap around the warm coffee mug; his eyes fell upon the liquid and he leant down for a moment to blow upon it - in hope that it would cool enough for him to start drinking it. A sigh departed him and Abe rested back against the chair with his fingers drumming against the mug; yet soon enough, he grabbed his phone and began to scroll through pointless webpages which often theorised about legitimately speaking with the dead. Before, of course, his mind went off to Christian and he simply could not help himself but to google the man - and as expected, he was still very much ruling over Budapest. Abraham tsk’ed under his breath and brought the coffee up to his lips and took a swig; the anger alone from the man he potentially could have called his Father in Law was enough for him to forget the heat of the coffee. 

Abraham had to swiftly put his phone away, not because he could see Miles crossing the road throught the window but because he had promised himself that he would wait before he would channel his anger towards Christian; and tonight, this week, this month, it was not the time. He was recently out of prison, a move on Christian would certainly be expected from him - Abe needed to wait long enough to not pose a threat. He jerked head up a little in greeting as the Nephilim guard entered the cafe and went straight to the till to make his own order; Abraham exhaled and composed himself of such heated emotions the moment Miles sat down. Automatically, something seemed off with the blonde male. Of course, Abraham couldn’t say he knew the man well enough to pick up on his behaviours and traits, but he had known him somewhat long enough to pick up when something was a little different. 

For the first time, Miles naturally annoy him with his upbeat, happy go lucky attitude; the attitude that often sickened Abraham to his core, and more often than not, he wanted to cast a spell on him to tone it down. Yet, now that his wish had pretty much been answered, Abraham didn’t like it and it made him feel uncomfortable. “What’s this?” He queried and reached out to the folder before he began to flick through the pages of the abandoned building; naturally the eeriness piqued his interest. “In all honesty, you had me sold on A lot of weird shit” He replied with a smirk twitching at the corner of his mouth; he continued to flick through and a series of different expressions came to his features. “But why this place? Why do you want anything to do with it?” He queried and eventually looked up at the man, and took a swig of his coffee; not that he needed it to remain awake - insomnia was a wonderful thing. “I can’t imagine the Ailwards giving two shits about a creepy old building like this.” Abe mused. 

Before very recently, Miles had no idea that the people who had ruined his life had more involved than just those he had encountered. Ignorance is bliss and all that, but still he’s lucky that he found out about them before they’d rudely entered his life again and taken him by surprise. This matter isn’t one he can just let lie, not knowing that they’re after more people than just him. He does feel bad for dragging Abe into all of this but he needs the help and there’s not many others that he feels like he can ask. The Diviner is more than capable of handling things, he knows that quite well, and besides Miles is pretty sure he’ll be able to get some good finds from that old place.

He knows a little bit about Abe from talking with others, but Miles isn’t one to hold someone’s past against them. From what he’s seen out of the man he’s a bit standoffish but reliable and that’s what matters to him. He can sense the underlying anger coming from him as he goes to sit down but whatever it was that had him worked up apparently has nothing to do with this whole situation as he composes himself fairly quickly once Miles approaches the table. After this favor, if there’s anything Miles can do to help with whatever that was he’ll do it. If they make it out of this at least.

If there’s one thing about Abraham that Miles can appreciate it’s that he gets right to the heart of the matter, even if his questions are on the loaded side of things. However he figures if he’s asking for his help he might as well be upfront with him. Some relief does come over him as he gets confirmation that he’s interested in helping out. “That’s… a long story. Suffice to say the Ailward have no interest in this place, my issue with it is entirely personal.” Which explains going outside the Guard for help. He can’t exactly just drag them into his own private issues, that would be unprofessional. “Basically, I have reason to suspect the people that are holed up in that place are after me. I got some of their people back home arrested for murder and they’re the types to hold grudges. Lethal ones.” In fact, had it not been for being a nephilim, Miles is pretty sure he would’ve died that night. They’d had no idea he wasn’t human when they’d left him for dead and he’d come back to bite them in the ass. Despite that the coffee is still very hot, he drinks down his espresso in just a few swallows, as though he’s using it to bolster himself. “I won’t lie to you, if it’s who I think it is they’ll definitely be trying to kill us. But they also have some Diviner in their ranks so I figure you can pilfer their shit.” The old place is definitely creepy but the bones of the building are solid. That’s why it’s stood all these years, turning into a movie set worthy abandoned mansion, perfect for the types of underground operations these guys are running.

Whilst he flicked through the folder which Miles had brought with him, Abraham’s expressions continuously changed with every page; not only were there photos of what the place looked like now, nor what Miles believed to be happening - but of the buildings past. Abe was fascinated with old buildings of the time which focused on treating those who were mentally ill; although treating them could be argued. Abandoned asylums had always been fascinating, not just for himself but for the general public also; he could always see young teenagers from his childhood breaking in, and not to mention the amount of air time the buildings got in tv shows and films. Abe hummed when Miles confirmed that the Ailwards had nothing to do with this place and he eventually dragged his gaze away from the folder. “I am not surprised, something minor like this” He exhaled a small chuckle as he shook his head; although saying that, he wouldn’t put it past the Aspect of Darkness to be interested. 

Abe gasped playfully. “Miles, the golden guard, going behind their back to follow up with his own mission?” He teased and leaned back into his chair as he listened to some of the backstory and why Miles wanted to go visit; it seemed he wasn’t the only one in town that had a big fat red cross on his back which flagged down those after him. “Well I never, you certainly are full of surprises, aren’t you.” It was then that he leaned forwards once more and rested his forearms on the table top. “No wonder they’re still bloody after you. You got their men arrested, that is worse off than killing them, mate” Abe laughed, he had met his fair share of those kind of criminals in prison himself; so he knew first hand what kind of men that they may be dealing with if and when they entered the abandoned property. He knew from those men alone, that they would have rather died on the mission than be caged in like an animal that they so easily resembled. 

“They will be like a dog with a bone, playing the golden boy and simply working on the right side of the law will never get them off your back” Abraham put it bluntly, he knew the cost of acting in a devilish way could have on a Nephilim; he made sure to read up on their lore as much as possible as well as the other species when he entered the city. “What I’m saying is, do whatever is necessary, just don’t lose your wings in the process” He nodded just once before picking up the file once again; a low chuckle vibrated against his ribcage and he nodded smugly. “Oh of course, I’ll be stealing their shit if it looks like it’s worth it” Abe smirked before downing the rest of his coffee with ease. “So when do you want to take off? I’m assuming you are the type to do as much homework as humanly possible so you don’t go into this blind?”

Miles sits silently for a moment as Abe continues to thumb through the folder. He had taken care to collect all the information he could about the place in an easily accessible way before heading over here so while there’s a lot to take in it’s not too difficult to place together. There was a time where Miles would have gone to places like this to help his mother out. She loved photographing old buildings, seeing the way time affected them, watching as nature retook what once belonged to it. He wouldn’t allow her within sight of this particular place though. He gives the Diviner a wry smile at his comment about the matter being small but doesn’t really say much. He has no doubt that had he brought it to the attention of one of the others that they would’ve jumped right in, if only for his sake, but he couldn’t do that when they already have so much else going on. Besides, to him this is important. He wouldn’t be asking for help if it wasn’t, though he does see where Abe is coming from.

The man’s slight teasing jab comes as a bit of a surprise to the blonde but he takes it in stride despite his bad mood, grinning at him with a slight chuckle. “Not the first time I’ve done something like this and I doubt it’ll be the last. I got into more than my fair share of trouble in the past, there’s still some stuff you don’t know about me.” Despite the fact that he is more at ease than he was when he first arrived there’s still a tension to his shoulders that isn’t standard for the nephilim. Apparently this situation bothers him more than he’s showing on his face. Abraham’s comment may be meant in jest but something about it turns the corners of Miles’s mouth into a slight frown. “They’re lucky I didn’t do much worse than that. These guys are animals that have hurt a lot of people. Their people are still in jail back home, I touched base a few days ago, it just turns out they’re a much bigger group than I first thought…” Apparently they did far worse than just hurt him, Miles wouldn’t have this reaction if they’d only been after him. He wouldn’t know anything about this group being larger had it not been for a chance encounter. Thankfully he met Svetlana that night or else this whole situation might have caught him by surprise instead of him hopefully getting the drop on them.

Perhaps surprisingly Miles doesn’t mind the bluntness of Abraham’s statement at all, in fact it seems to amuse him in some way as his frown starts to turn back into the smallest of smiles. “You’re right. Trust me, they won’t get off so easily this time. It’s not just me they’re after and they’ve caused enough people to suffer.” He’s not normally the type to take the law into his own hands but this time he figures he can make an exception. He’s not the revenge type, never has been even if he came close once, but this isn’t just for his own protection. “I appreciate the sentiment though man. I’ll watch myself, don’t worry. I have no intention of losing my wings to these assholes.” That reassurance done Miles stretches a little as Abe picks the file back up, taking his now empty cup and tossing it in the bin nearby. “I hope you take everything they have. Not technically robbery though considering they legally don’t exist…” he lets that little nugget hang with a conspiratorial smile. “You wouldn’t be wrong. I’ve got the entire place mapped out and have mostly studied their movements, I figure if you’re up for it we can grab my car and go tonight. I’ve already gathered everything I think we might need, though I’m admittedly not as well versed on your magic stuff so that much will be up to you.” If he thinks the pair needs anything else, Miles is more than willing to make the stops to gather whatever they need. His car is parked nearby specifically because he knew he’d be setting this up tonight.

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