Thanks to Ha-joon, Hana had been introduced to a new series of songs, as well as guys to talk to. Lately, she had been getting back on board with her studying though. She had one year of college left to attend, and she didn't wanna fall behind when it started back. But, her brother bringing his friends over  had probed to be quite the distraction. Not that she could complain. Hana was constantly surrounded by attractive guys, and half of them were amazing dancers. But, she had to admit, there were days where she felt smothered by all of it, and often found herself leaving home, just so she could read and study without all the laughter, banter and flirtation being in her way. 

Admittedly, Hana was guilty of most of the flirtation herself. She knew Ha-joon would eventually say something to her for it, but, she was entertaining herself the best way a female could in that kind of situation, and she was even guilty of liking it a little too much. Someone as confined and sophisticated as her, someone as sheltered as she had been, it was no wonder that the moment she got a taste of the wild side, she let herself drown in it. 

Snapping out of thought, Hana clicked over to youtube, and browsed for the songs her brother danced to quite often right in their living room. Hana smiled as a familiar tune began playing. She figured after long hours of studying and researching the haunted Inn she had just started working at for Thaddeus, that she deserved a break. Getting to her feet, Hana done one of the dances she had pretty much memorized from Ha-joon, and laughed at herself as she watched the tall stand up mirror she had put in for her brother to practice, even though he rarely practiced at home. But, if he ever wanted to, he had a decent enough space to do it in. Hana wasn't much of a dancer, but she supposed it was a natural talent, even for her. Joonie was flawless though, and from what she'd seen of Yeon.. flawless didn't even begin to describe that man. 

With the music still blasted, Hana dismissed herself to the kitchen, deciding to really indulge and enjoy her time in the house alone, by making a drink. Since she never drank, it didn't take much to make her tipsy. Deciding to start off slowly though, Hana sipped causally from the tall glass of Long Island Iced Tea,. the only drink in the world that had several different alcohol's in one. Hana headed back into her living room, and changed the song, barely hearing the knock at the door over top the MUSIC. 

"Damn it Joonie, can't a girl get a break?" she groaned dramatically, and covered herself up since she was barely dressed. Or at least that's what Ha-joon liked to say about her clothes when he had friends over. Her very short shorts and tank tops didn't suffice for clothes at all. So, after tugging on a floral satin house coat, Hana swung the door open, and for a moment, stood there wide eyed. "Well, I don't think ive met you yet.. let me guess you're here for Ha-joon?" she asked, and gave him a faint smile while pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Hana knew how much danger she was in right now, so to let someone through her door, without even hearing them speak first, was just foolish, but nothing about this guy screamed danger at her, and Hana's senses were always on fire with the intensive training she'd been through back in Korea. 

After running to sit her drink down, Hana turned the volume down slightly, but kept it at an audible level. She was sure she'd seen this one before, but she knew it wasn't someone Ha-joon had brought home with him, so now she was curious. Curiosity + Booze + Hot guys = madness for  Hana. At the very least, she had no filter. And, that was Hana even on sober days. So, this was about to be an interesting night to say the least. "I'm Hana.. the sister" she then said, introducing herself in probably the most inappropriate way she could have, blushing heavily at the realization of how she'd just said it all. 

"I'm Sorry. I'm just so used to my brothers friends." she added, giggling softly, while twirling a strand of jet black hair around her pointer finger, with her hip poked out slightly; just something else Joonie hated. "Joonie's not here right now, but you should come inside.. he wouldn't want you to wait in the cold" she expressed, while grazing her teeth over her bottom lip. A look of mischief playing in her chocolate optics as she scanned him over one good time, and waited for him to speak. Hell, for all she knew, the alcohol had thrown her senses off completely, and he wasn't here for Ha-joon at all. That would have been pretty embarrassing. But, she knew he wasn't here for her. Hana was lame. For the most part anyways. Ha-joon definitely was the popular one among them. Anytime people had tried hanging out with Hana in the past, she pushed them away, and buried her head in books, prefering her studies over friends any time. 

She'd been enjoying all the male company lately though.. maybe a little to much. 

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“Diviners are born with magic yes, though I don’t think they really come until their own until they reach 18” though he had never been a Diviner so he wasn’t completely sure, he did some research on other species after he learned for the Supernatural but he had never got himself majorly involved. “Well you’re doing better than a lot of people” he commented with a soft grin “I mean you’re not living with your parents anymore while a lot of young people still are” not that he was judging them because that probably helped them to save for the step-up they needed to move on. “You’ll figure things out, have a little in faith in your own instincts” he had made decisions based on what felt right for him and it had worked out eventually.

“Well that’s cause people are always busy trying to be the best, the smartest, the wealthiest” he shook his head a little, you couldn’t compete with everyone else in the world, if that was practical then everyone would end up being a doctor or a lawyer and no one would be able to get any work because everyone was vying for the same opportunity. “Reading is a great habit” he spoke softly with a slight grin “Nothing better than curling up with a good paperback and getting lost in a new story for a few hours” he couldn’t compare it with anything else he had experienced. It was definitely the way that the Kitsune managed to decrease his stress levels and just disconnect for a while “When I was younger I read so many books that I actually had to ask the library to order me some more in because I finished all the ones they had” he guessed back then it had been more to distract himself from school than anything.

He chuckled when she asked him if Minha was a pet “No my girlfriend” he responded with an utterly serious expression for a moment before he chuckled softly and shrugged “Just kidding, she’s my dog and she’s pretty clingy” he teased with a grin “And I don’t bat for the female team anyway so” never really seen the appeal, for as long as he could actually remember all of his attraction was towards men. He did gasp pretty loudly when she admitted she hadn’t read The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy “and here I thought we could be friends” he spoke in a teasing disappointed tone, clicking his tongue. Though when she said she enjoyed the classics he smiled “I mean some of them are a little cliche but you can’t knock them, they’re what paved the way for everything that came after right?” that’s how he saw it anyway.

When she commented about his costume making and didn’t laugh about it or play the importance of it off, that made him smile, often Leigh got the feeling that most people didn’t really understand the things that were important to him so he often just kept it to himself because it was easier than having someone dismiss your interests. “I did, though I had to crawl over the city on a Saturday night to find the one craft store still open” he shook his head from the memory “And by the time I finished I fell asleep on the table and had to rust the rest in the morning” he ran a hand through his hair and gave a sheepish grin “Nowadays I try and give costume projects far more notice, never again” he laughed remembering how stressed he had been the whole time.

“Well I just meant the stories are pretty centered around family” he responded with a slight grin, “Plus you talk about your brother a lot so I just figured they must be important to you” and he was pretty sure the whole family dynamic was very important in Korea. He wasn’t Korean by nationality but because his birth parents had been Korean he had made sure to do some research into the culture that was tied to his heritage. When she complimented his fort making skills he laughed “It’s more like a nest than a fort but it works for comfort” he commented and is to prove his point he pulled a comforter over his back and laid down on his front inside one of them “True, who wouldn’t be jealous of the extreme comfort” he grinned slightly shuffling to make himself comfortable for the film.

“So basically hiding from the cold” he commented at her statement and chuckled “I can definitely get behind that logic” he teased definitely enjoying staying indoors rather than going out in the cold miserable weather. When she asked what he drank he went quiet for a moment because he always found it hard to explain why he didn’t drink alcohol but then she started listing a bunch of soft drinks which made his eyes light up “Oh do you have any tea? I love all kinds of tea” he spoke softly with a slightly sheepish grin. Once they had their drinks they could start the movie, which was currently playing it’s a very cheesy trailer on the screen “Any movie with a Christmas piglet on the trailer is a winner for me” he teased as he snacked on the pizza slice he had picked up.

Hana listened intently, and like a sponge, she soaked in the information Leigh gave. She liked learning about the supernatural, because really, that was a humans only weapon against a world like this, was knowing. It was sad though, because some people were shoved into this world with no knowledge at all, and never learned until something tragic came to them. Hana wished she could somehow find a career in teaching people about the world hey lived in. There were plenty of school teachers, but that didn't interest her a bit, she just wanted to help people somehow. Fashion was Hana's heart, but she could always help people on the side of that. She gave a warm smile back when he said she was doing better than most.

"Thanks, Leigh. I'm sure I'll figure it all out eventually" she gave a hopeful nod but frowned at his next comment, because she was sort of guilty of all that; trying to be the best. "I lived that way for a long time. But admittedly, I was miserable. It's not that I ever wanted to be the best, more so that I had to with a father like mine" she grimaced, and shuttered. Sometimes just the thought of her father disgusted her. It saddened her all the same, because it's not like he hadn't taken care of her and Ha-joon, and in his own way, he wanted Hana to live the best life she could. "True that, i'm happy to have a fellow book nerd" she winked playfully. She loved reading, but sadly she'd only been reading the context of her college books lately. She definitely needed to get lost in some good stories. "If you have any recommendations , throw them at me" she added  with a soft giggle, flipping her long raven black hair over one side of her shoulder.

Hana's mouth fell open when he said he had read literally every book in the library when he was younger "That's dedication" she laughed and shook her head at him, but she admired it all the same. Hana grinned, and gave a playful eye roll at his joke when he mentioned his dog, smacking his shoulder gently and playfully. "I need a dog.. this place stays so lonely when Ha-joon isn't here, and the guys are gone" she sighed, chuckling again. Sometimes it was a pain to have the house full of his friends, but other times, she joined in, and so far she had made some pretty great memories with some of them, and it had kind of brought her and Ha-joon a little closer too, but only because they wouldn't argue in front of guests. That was a sad thing to admit she guessed.

When he admitted he didn't bat for females, Hana grabbed her chest and fell back on the pillow fort dramatically, acting heart broken "only teasing" she chuckled, "There's nothing wrong with that. Do you have a special someone?" she wondered curiously. She was getting to know him after all, so she figured that wasn't to out of line for her to ask, and if it was, she was sure he'd either say so, or just not answer. Hana nudged him playfully when he joked about how they couldn't be friends because she had so far failed to read the Lord of The Rings Trilogy "I'll make sure I get right on that" she grinned playfully and gave him a pleased smile when he said that classics had paved the way for everything that came after "And that is why we are gonna be firneds" she poked her tongue out, turning his joke about them being friends around on him "cause exactly! classics are sometimes cliche, but people like me and you would be in a world of pain without them" she added, smiling brightly.

Usually her persoanly wasn't this bubbly, but she guessed someone as great as Leigh brought it out of her. That's really all it took sometimes, being around humble, genuine people. Hana noted the way he smiled a little brighter when she showed an interest in his costume, and wondered if maybe people in his life didn't pay much mind to the things that mattered to him. While it saddened her, she was happy to be someone who did care "See, dedication. You are a dedicated guy huh?" she asked, because it wasn't just that comment, it's because he'd read all the books in the library too. Perhaps he had other reasons, but Hana was just trying to find the good behind everything she guessed. Sometimes that was a bad habit of hers, because she often read things wrong. "Jesus, sounds like you had a wild night. But yeah, perhaps in the future, try not to overwhelm yourself so much, or even call on a friend to help you" she raised her hand playfully "Because i'm definitely going to put me own label out. I'm sure with my knowledge in fashion, I could be of some help with your costumes sometime" she grinned, but it sounded like something they'd have some fun with in the future.

Hana gazed away from him for the first time since they had started talking, sighing softly. "Well, my brother definitely does mean the world to me. God knows i'd move heaven and hell for him. But my parents..." she trailed off, running a hand through her hair, grimacing a little .. "I love them, and don't get me wrong.. they broke their necks to make sure my brother and I had the best of everything, but my father is just a force to be reckoned with.. that's putting it kindly" she laughed, to dismiss her true feelings about her father. She felt so torn about her parents involvment with illegal dealings. Never in a million years would she have dreamed her and Ha-joon would be hunted by the Triad.

Hana smirked when he said the fort was more of a nest but worked for comfort "Hell yeah it does. I think i might just move this to my bedroom and do away with my bed" she chuckled playfully, but it really did the trick. She could definitely fall asleep here. Hana gave him a look when he went quiet, smiling as his eyes lit up and he expressed how he loved all kinds of tea. One more fact that was nice to know about him. "Tea, pizza, good conversation, an amazing pillow fort .. a gorgeous guy.. I feel like Christmas came my way early" she smirked. She knew he'd said earlier he didn't date females, so the harmless flirting was merely a way to be friendly with him. She definitely seen this as the start of something good. She couldn't help but think an amazing friendship could be in their near futures. They clicked well, and had plenty in common, so far anyways. There was room to grow, and plenty more to get to know, but that was the fun part.

Hana gazed over to him and chuckled at his comment about the movie "Fair enough. You'd hate my tolerence for chick flicks .. Ha-joon certainly does" she giggled, because she remembered the last one she had made him sit through. "He complained the whole time, or found ways to distract himself, even began humming a song just to block out the noise from the movie we were watching" she chuckled. It was a good memory to reflect on. "All this talk of my brother, I can't even recall now if I asked or not. Do you have any siblings?" she asked curiously, before grabbing her second slice of pizza. Hana's apatite was outrageous to be the petite female that she was. "Would you wanna go do something for the weekend? With the holiday's coming up.. i'm sure we could find something fun out there" she smiled brightly, and playfully gave him puppy eyes, with a pouty lip.

Snow had already began falling in Evermore, and it was the time of year where people could be surrounded by the beauty that Winter brought, and before, Hana didn't have anyone to enjoy it with. Now that she did, she didn't wanna waste this Winter sitting inside the house. "I mean being the house cats that we both are, it would likely bring us out of our comfort zones, but it could be worth the risk" she teased about the word risk, because someone like Hana had no idea how to even take actual risks. A song began playing in the movie that was quite catchy, which got the human dancing around in her spot, before throwing a small toss pillow over at Leigh. She laughed before glancing back to the screen, for once just genuinely enjoying herself.

He chuckled at their talk about books “They were my solace I guess, when things didn’t make sense in the world a story just kinda became the escape I needed” he had always turned to books and movies whenever he wanted to get out of the real world for a while. He glanced up at her when she mentioned needing a dog and grinned slightly “I swear dogs make everything in life just a little better, getting food, they’ll be there waiting for scraps, getting home from work, they’re so happy you’re home” he nodded a few times “You should check the shelter just after the holidays, there’s always loads of dogs who need a loving home around then” which was really sad to think about but at least maybe Hana could take care of one.

The way she dramatically responded to him admitting he was gay was definitely a first for him coming out but it made him laugh because it was so playful and unbothered “I do not, currently living the single life” he responded with a chuckle, had been for a while but he didn’t really mind because he had a lot to keep him occupied already, mostly the whole starting and running his own business which he was now looking to expand. “You better!” he warned her when she said she would read the lord of the rings books “and you can’t just cheat and watch the movies either” he gave her a stern look as a warning and chuckled. The talk about comic cons made him laugh “Your average person has no idea of the mania that ensues at cons” he smiled softly when she said she could help with costumes though “I will definitely have to consult you on my next endeavor then” he could be quite ambitious with the projects he chose that was for sure.

He nodded slightly as she talked about her parents and the things she had been through and he could tell there was a lot of struggle there, she seemed to have a lot of love for them but also a lot of frustration for the place they put her in “That sounds kinds scary” he admitted as he pressed his lips together, thankfully he had managed to avoid the whole controlling parents thing, his had always been pretty understanding and supportive. “I feel like overall world happiness would increase if everyone had a pillow fort like this” he teased with a chuckle making himself comfortable against the blankets. He gave a mock roll of his eyes when she listed out all the things she was happy with right now “You sound like one of those bratty kids ticking off their list, you’re only missing the pony” he grinned slightly because he was messing with her.

“Are you kidding? I watch the stupid happy movies all the time, some of them are so cheesy it actually hurts and I’ll still watch it” he shook his head in an amused manner “I’m just a sucker for happy endings and you’re pretty much guaranteed one with a cheesy film” albeit one that made you cringe a few times along the way but he could stand it. When she asked whether he had any siblings he shook his head slightly “Nope, my parents aren’t able to have kids but then adopted me when I was a baby, but it takes years of being on the register to adopt and in the end, they decided just to focus on the three of us” he nodded slightly. “I was planning on doing some Christmas shopping, you’re welcome to tag along, though I warn you when I go to the mall it’s hard to drag me out again” he always got tangled up when trying to pick out the perfect gift and would end up going around in circles.

“Though I can’t be held responsible if I lose you in the crowds, you’re so tiny” he joked with a laugh while eating pizza and watching the screen. His mouth fell open in shock the moment that the pillow collided with his cheek and he smirked “Imagine being foolish enough to give up your pillows” he teased back as he added it to the massive pile of ones in his nest and grinning playfully.

"Much like music is for me. So, I certainly get what you're saying" she nodded, smiling brightly. She chuckled at his comment about dogs "they do sound like great companions to have. while I don't have anyone waiting for me to return home from work during the early mornings, it would be nice to have a cute fluff ball greet me at the door" she expressed, grinning about the thought. She nodded when he recommended that she check the shelter just after the holidays "I'll be sure to do that. Me and Ha-joon were supposed to get one together, but what time he's not dancing, he's with friends, so I guess i'll be picking it out for both of us" she sighed. She was happy her brother had matured into the amazing guy he turned out to be, considering how much of a mother figure she'd been to him all his life, but letting go hadn't been easy. 

Hana smirked when she noted that it hadn't offended him the way she'd responded to him saying he was gay. She knew her humor could at times be a little extra and over the top, but at least she'd made him laugh. It always did her some good to see others smile, especially if she knew she was the reason behind it. "Nothing wrong with being single. I should know" she shrugged. It hadn't really bothered her ever, but she did wonder when she'd finally be trapped in some messy arranged marriage, where she'd feel utterly unhappy. She had only made that deal for the sake of her and her brother having a better life, but she found herself questioning her judgement when she'd so easily agreed to it all. 

Hana chuckled when he said she'd better, referring to Lord Of The Rings. She did feel slightly confined to have admitted that she'd never read, nor watched that series at all. "Noted. I promise I won't bother with the movies until after ive completed the books" she smirked, shaking her head, amused. She had been enjoying Leigh's company, and felt that this had definitely began turning into a decent friendship, one that she would only want to see progress. The human then clapped excitedly when he said he would consult with her the next time he made a costume, "you better!" she added, using the same playful tone he had just used to tell her she better try Lord Of The Rings, and flashed him a playful wink. 

It felt rather nice to have someone to confide in about her parents. While he didn't say much, just to know he was listening, meant a lot to her. It was hard to talk about all this with her brother. She had tried for so long to just protect him from it all, and now, even with her telling him the painful truth of everything, she still tended to steer clear of the topic of their parents. Ha-joon had been so hurt the day she'd told him everything, the brokenness on his features stayed with her to this very second. IT was a look she'd never forget. "I without a doubt agree to that. Everyone's troubles would definitely melt away in a pillow fort like this one" she giggled softly, and offered a bright smile at him. Hana snorted, blushing slightly when he said she sounded like one of those bratty kids ticking off their list, and said she was only missing a pony. "I mean, now that you mention it. Christmas isn't far from here" she batted her eyelashes playfully, as if to give him a hint that she wanted a pony for Christmas from him. 

Hana was surprised by his response about chick flicks, but found herself girnning even brighter "Well then, I know who to call when I wanna have a marathon of those movies. Ha-joon won't give in.. ive tried" she sounded  defeated as she threw her hands up and sighed. Hana smiled when he explained his situation about her question of him having siblings, finding it admirable that his parents had adopted. "That's good I assume? Sounds like they were good parents at least" she was only guessing, since he had said they'd focused on the three of them in the end, but she could have been way off, you just never really knew a persons situation. "Sounds like fun! I'm the same way, especially at the mall, I mean, there's so much to chose from, and so many stores ..I admittedly visit most of them twice, once on my way in, and once on my way back out.. and just hang it up if you get me around  cute clothes. I'll never make it out" she chuckled, because fashion had always been her true love. 

Hana glared at him playfully before nudging him "that will work to your advantage if for some reason you have to run with me.. you can just simply pick me up and go" she shook her head, laughing, but blushed slightly. She'd had plenty of people comment on her size, but it never bothered her, she was indeed a very tiny female. Hana's mouth fell open as if she were shocked that he took her pillow "Damn, imagine that" she chuckled and decided to share his pile instead by laying her head on the small space next to him after finishing her own food. "Oh boy" she trailed off, the Christmas carolers outside her apartment echoed to the inside, and she couldn't help but to look at Leigh and shake her head, hoping they didn't drown out their movie, even though they hadn't paid much attention to it regardless. 

"What's your favorite holiday?" she then wondered, since the Christmas carolers, and talk of Christmas shopping got her thinking about it. 

“They are” he spoke softly with a wistful smile on his lips, he definitely enjoyed being a dog owner and having a loving furball waiting for him every time he got back from the store, on the weekends it also gave him an excuse to get out and wander the city with her, they especially enjoyed going on hikes through the woods where she could run and explore off the leash “Well at least he can’t complain about which breed you pick huh? Just turn right around and sass him on how he wasn’t there to choose” besides he was sure that whatever dog she picked out they would both fall in love with it, dogs had that effect he found, just lighting up everything around them.

“Well true, but there’s a part of me that always dreams about meeting the right guy” he chuckled and shrugged a little, he’d been single since college which he graduated from about 4 years ago and while work and establishing the store had given him plenty to focus on in that time, he was getting to the point in his life where the idea of settling down seemed more and more appealing. “But then I don’t want to rush into anything either, rushing always seems to end in heartbreak” so he would continue as he was and hope that eventually, the stars would fall into place as some people described it. He grinned at her excitement to help with a costume “Hey if you’re into movies and TV shows you should definitely tag along to one, usually they have stars from the shows and everything, it’s a lot of fun, plus you could make a costume for yourself” and since she said her calling was fashion he was sure her costumes would be even better than his.

“True, I mean how can you be sad when you’re surrounded with softness, food and good company” he chuckled under his breath as he shifted a little just to put another pillow under his chin so that he could prop his head up with it “I tell you, ponies are much better in imagination than actually having one” he commented with a laugh thinking about his mother’s horse she had when he was younger and how it always made a mess of absolutely everything, Leigh remembered one time it had actually chewed one of his sweaters when he came to visit in the stables “Besides, do I look like I can afford a pony?” he laughed in an amused manner shaking his head slightly. “I am a movie addict, your problem will be trying to find a movie I haven’t already seen” when he went out on a Friday night it was normally to go and see a newly released movie “I went to see Frozen 2 the other night, that one was surprisingly good” considering the curse of sequels, he was thoroughly impressed.

“Yeah, though it would have been nice to have a sibling, I had all the attention I could ever want from my parents which made up for it” so while he had lacked in some ways he had gotten a lot of love in others. “I swear I will pick up so many things, carry them around, end up putting some back, buy a few, head off to another store and then suddenly feel disappointed that I didn’t get something” he shook his head slightly “I like getting gifts but I always get so focused on finding the perfect thing and then I doubt myself” he gave her a playful look and grinned “So basically what we’re saying is that we would probably be a really bad influence on each other” he had to wonder which of them would end up getting impatient and give up first.

He laughed but ended up nodding because she had a point, if they did need to run she would be really easy to pick up and carry, especially because Therianthropes had enhanced strength. He reached out and grabbed another piece of pizza which he demolished pretty quickly before flopping down against the pillows and laying there comfortably, admittedly not the way he expected to spend his afternoon but he wasn’t complaining so far, though he was barely paying attention to the movie, something was going on with a woman in a tow truck arguing with a teenager on her phone “I didn’t even know Christmas carollers were still actually a thing” he commented with a chuckle hearing them outside the building “Thanksgiving” he answered her question with a soft smile “It’s the one weekend I always make the effort to go back to my home town for” mostly because his apartment wasn’t big enough to prepare a massive meal in “What about you?”

Leigh had a really nice smile, so it sorta had a chain reaction on Hana, where she found herself grinning just because he was smiling, no matter what they were talking about. She chuckled when he told her to sass Ha-joon because he wouldn't be there to chose "I think whatever I pick, he will just be happy for Mickey to have some company" she started, sighing becaise Ha-joon usually took that dog every where he went. "Mickey is Ha-joon's pup. He recently got him, and takes the damn thing every where" she chuckled, figuring Leigh hadn't been introduced to Ha-joon's dog yet, simply because he hadn't mentioned it while they were talking about animals.

When Leigh mentioned meeting the right guy, Hana smiled brightly "You shouldn't have any issue in that. Any guy would be luck t have you, but I really get that you don't want to rush into it. From my own experience, it certainly does always end in heartbreak. It's nice somene else gets that, because people just assume im too cowardly to fall in love when I say I don't want to rush it, due to the fear of getting hurt. I guess we're in the same boat though. I think i'm kind of ready to meet someone to" she said thoughtfully. She couldn't help but wonder if she would meet anyone who could handle her schedules though. She worked at the INN for Thaddeus, and she was still a college student.

"Oh my gosh! do you know how much I love fashion? I can design a killer costume!" she squealed once more, hoping she wasn't coming off to strongly about it, but she was thrilled for the invitation "I mean, ive not really known how to live, so you just text me a date and time, and i'll be by your side" she grinned cheerfully and bounced her shoulders in a bubbly manner. "Is there anyone specific you'd like to meet at one of those from a show or movie?" she asked curiously, since they had similar taste in tv series she couldn't help but wonder.

Hana joined him and propped herself up in the same position, turning to face him as he talked about ponies, making her laugh yet again "I take it you've experienced having one then?" she asked curiously, "Do you ride?" she wondered, never having really thought about it herself but now that she did, horse back riding seemed like it would be fun. "Hey anythings possible if you want it bad enough" she smiled faintly, after hi asking if it looked like he could afford a pony "But yeah, I couldn't afford something like that either with a minimum wage job. When I finish college, especially if it's fashion that i pursue .. i'll buy us both a pony and we'll take them racing" she quipped playfully, and grinned slightly. Hana chuckled again when he said the issue was finding a movie he hadn't already seen "I will rise to that challenge. My issue is picking corny movies, when ive ran out of the good ones" she sighed softly, realizing she did indeed need to upgrade her movie collection. She would watch literally anything when she couldn't find something good.

"Yeah, having a sibling has been nice. Now, I couldn't imagine not having Ha-joon. But, my parents did play favorites i guess" she frowned, remembering the very words that Ha-joon said to break her heart 'you know our father better than I d' because it had only made her realize, that Ha-joon hadn't been given the chance that Hana had. She despised being the golden child, but it's unfortunately what she knew. "So, you spend hours shopping then?" she chuckled, amused by knowing that. Hana certainly related in that sense as well. She nodded with a oy smirk gracing her features when he asked if what they were saying here, was that they were a bad influence on one another "So toxic" she smirked playfully. "We'll have to try that someday, just going shopping together. It could be fun" she chuckled, wondering if he could keep up with her in something like that, or vise versa.

Hana's gaze averted to the flat screen in front of them as she grabbed another piece f pizza as well. She chuckled when he mentioned the carollers outside. "I guess when you live in a city like this, a little bit of everything exists. I couldn't do it myself. I bet they get cursed at so much" she shook her head. From the movies she had seen with carollers in it, they usually weren't liked. Standing outside someone's home, singing to the top of your lungs, especially if people were grinch like during the holiday's, normally didn't earn you any respect. Hana smiled when he said Thanksgiving was his favorite holiday before thinking about what her own was. "For the sake of fashion and going to the extreme's with dressing up, Halloween, definitely" she giggled, and held her finger up as to say hold on "I'll show you a few of the costumes Ive made for the past few years. I didn't design one this year, this year was more of a short notice kinda thing so bought one" she said as she walked to the closet and returned with a few of the ones she had designed by her own hands.

"This one (link) won me the most creative award two years ago, then this one (link) I wore this year" she grinned slightly, the first one had been done by her own hands, and it had been her favorite so far "I doubt ill top the first one ever, but that don't mean i don't have plenty of ideas. So if you ever want my assistance..." she loved the idea of designing stuff for other people and then seeing them proudly model it. So maybe her heart truly had already chosen to take the path of fashion.

"So, what's your idea type of guy?" she asked curiously, her smile only brightening a little. She had really enjoyed Leigh's company. While she hadn't planned on having company today, she was happy it turned out the way it did. She would have been home alone, and likely drunk as a skunk if Leigh hadn't came when he did.

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