Thanks to Ha-joon, Hana had been introduced to a new series of songs, as well as guys to talk to. Lately, she had been getting back on board with her studying though. She had one year of college left to attend, and she didn't wanna fall behind when it started back. But, her brother bringing his friends over  had probed to be quite the distraction. Not that she could complain. Hana was constantly surrounded by attractive guys, and half of them were amazing dancers. But, she had to admit, there were days where she felt smothered by all of it, and often found herself leaving home, just so she could read and study without all the laughter, banter and flirtation being in her way. 

Admittedly, Hana was guilty of most of the flirtation herself. She knew Ha-joon would eventually say something to her for it, but, she was entertaining herself the best way a female could in that kind of situation, and she was even guilty of liking it a little too much. Someone as confined and sophisticated as her, someone as sheltered as she had been, it was no wonder that the moment she got a taste of the wild side, she let herself drown in it. 

Snapping out of thought, Hana clicked over to youtube, and browsed for the songs her brother danced to quite often right in their living room. Hana smiled as a familiar tune began playing. She figured after long hours of studying and researching the haunted Inn she had just started working at for Thaddeus, that she deserved a break. Getting to her feet, Hana done one of the dances she had pretty much memorized from Ha-joon, and laughed at herself as she watched the tall stand up mirror she had put in for her brother to practice, even though he rarely practiced at home. But, if he ever wanted to, he had a decent enough space to do it in. Hana wasn't much of a dancer, but she supposed it was a natural talent, even for her. Joonie was flawless though, and from what she'd seen of Yeon.. flawless didn't even begin to describe that man. 

With the music still blasted, Hana dismissed herself to the kitchen, deciding to really indulge and enjoy her time in the house alone, by making a drink. Since she never drank, it didn't take much to make her tipsy. Deciding to start off slowly though, Hana sipped causally from the tall glass of Long Island Iced Tea,. the only drink in the world that had several different alcohol's in one. Hana headed back into her living room, and changed the song, barely hearing the knock at the door over top the MUSIC. 

"Damn it Joonie, can't a girl get a break?" she groaned dramatically, and covered herself up since she was barely dressed. Or at least that's what Ha-joon liked to say about her clothes when he had friends over. Her very short shorts and tank tops didn't suffice for clothes at all. So, after tugging on a floral satin house coat, Hana swung the door open, and for a moment, stood there wide eyed. "Well, I don't think ive met you yet.. let me guess you're here for Ha-joon?" she asked, and gave him a faint smile while pushing her glasses up the bridge of her nose. Hana knew how much danger she was in right now, so to let someone through her door, without even hearing them speak first, was just foolish, but nothing about this guy screamed danger at her, and Hana's senses were always on fire with the intensive training she'd been through back in Korea. 

After running to sit her drink down, Hana turned the volume down slightly, but kept it at an audible level. She was sure she'd seen this one before, but she knew it wasn't someone Ha-joon had brought home with him, so now she was curious. Curiosity + Booze + Hot guys = madness for  Hana. At the very least, she had no filter. And, that was Hana even on sober days. So, this was about to be an interesting night to say the least. "I'm Hana.. the sister" she then said, introducing herself in probably the most inappropriate way she could have, blushing heavily at the realization of how she'd just said it all. 

"I'm Sorry. I'm just so used to my brothers friends." she added, giggling softly, while twirling a strand of jet black hair around her pointer finger, with her hip poked out slightly; just something else Joonie hated. "Joonie's not here right now, but you should come inside.. he wouldn't want you to wait in the cold" she expressed, while grazing her teeth over her bottom lip. A look of mischief playing in her chocolate optics as she scanned him over one good time, and waited for him to speak. Hell, for all she knew, the alcohol had thrown her senses off completely, and he wasn't here for Ha-joon at all. That would have been pretty embarrassing. But, she knew he wasn't here for her. Hana was lame. For the most part anyways. Ha-joon definitely was the popular one among them. Anytime people had tried hanging out with Hana in the past, she pushed them away, and buried her head in books, prefering her studies over friends any time. 

She'd been enjoying all the male company lately though.. maybe a little to much. 

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In the past few months, everything changed for Leigh. The Kitsune for the longest time had been by himself, after everything went down with the end of school and his break up, he’d just needed space. Sure he saw other people in class at university but he never went out of his way to spend time with people. After he had gotten the bookstore that changed a little, every day there were customers to talk to and that helped Leigh to increase his confidence, he told them about the books he liked and got recommendations of his own. Things were easier because he had a safe topic to approach with them.

Then a certain bright dhampir had come up into the store one day and changed his perspective on people. Eun was a good person, someone who made Leigh want to believe that not everyone out there was trying to screw you over or get something from you. Since then, he had visited the shop often and the two of them had struck up a friendship, which also meant meeting and befriending Eun’s younger brother Jae.

Then there was Ha-joon, the two of them had met in a cooking class of all places and while collectively they were pretty bad at cooking, they had made somewhat of a pact to get better at it and made friends along the way. It was strange for Leigh, having so many people he could go to for advice and being able to spend time with them whenever he wanted. He had an afternoon off today so he decided he would try and be spontaneous. Something that tended not to end well for the therianthrope but he’d promised himself he would try and branch out more and this was him making that effort.

He had gotten lost at least three times on the walk over to Ha-joon's house simply because his phone GPS was pretty terrible at actually telling you the way to go and he took a few wrong turns before it actually prompted him that he was heading in the wrong direction so by the time he reached the door he wasn’t even 100% sure he had the right place. He took a long breath before knocking on the door and stepping back. He was a little surprised at who opened the door and how casually she greeted him which made him shift a little on the spot nervously but he smiled back at her “That was the plan, yes” he spoke it softly, his heavy American accent sounding more evident in comparison to her hint of a Korean accent.

He just stood there staring back at her for a moment not really sure what he was supposed to do or say and part of him was already thinking about bolting out of there and down the nearest street from embarrassment. But he reminded himself that he’d managed to come this far without chickening out and from the sweet look on his face, he didn’t think he actually had anything to worry about “Leigh...the friend?” he asked it like he wasn’t exactly sure, Leigh was new to the whole having and visiting friends thing, he just figured that Ha-joon wouldn’t have given him his address if he didn’t want him to visit.

As he looked back at Hana he was debating excusing himself because she seemed to either be very eccentric or drunk and from the smell of alcohol that was surrounding her he was going to guess the latter. “How many friends does your brother have exactly?” he asked in response to her comment and then furrowed his brow for a moment debating whether or not to stay but in the end he decided he would. He’d come this far and to back down now would feel like a failure and so he followed her inside and looked around for a moment “Uh...should I take off my shoes?” he asked it a little awkwardly as he hovered in the hallway slowly closing the door behind him.

He seemed nervous, which made Hana soften her features and lower her tone. She had assumed she was yelling even if she wasn't. Alcohol wasn't a friend of hers, and she certainly wasn't a usual drinker. So the least little amount made Hana a little loose lipped and tipsy. It was rather embarrassing. When he smiled, Hana felt her heart beat a little faster.  Dimples truly were a weakness of hers. She chuckled when he introduced himself as 'Leigh, the friend' a bright, genuine toothy grin graced her features. Even if he was shy, he seemed to have a sense of humor. "Well, it's nice to meet you, Leigh the friend" she said in response, and flashed him a playful wink before heading to sit down on the couch. "You look like you've seen a ghost. First time visiting my brother at his house though, I get it. Ive seen that look a few times before now" she chuckled and shook her head out of amusement. 

Hana tapped her chin in thought "I couldn't answer that even if I tried hard enough" she stated, blushing slightly, as he asked how many friends her brother actually had. "But, it's a mixture of the booze I just stupidly drank, and the fact that he's brought several other people over now" she added, and sighed to herself. "I only started drinking because well.. I never drink, and since Ha-joon wasn't here, I decided to be daring" she giggled, as if that was even a daring thing to do. But, for a sophisticated, golden-child like Hana, it was very daring. 

Hana had now only realized that Leigh was still standing in the hallway, which caused her to get back up, and join him. "You don't have to. And, relax. I'm not a an eater, I promise" she poked her tongue out playfully, finding it adorable to see just how awkward he was. "You're different from the others. Ill end up liking you" she teased, because it definitely wasn't like she didn't like the rest of them, but she had a feeling Leigh would be more laid back and calm, as opposed to the 24/7 madness that took place when HJ and his friends got together. "But, if you wanna get comfortable, you can take them off and just put them by the door there" she pointed to where her and Ha-joon shoes usually sat, Ha-joon had like 1000 less pairs than Hana, as hers tended to line the length of their hallway walls. 

Hana made sure he followed after waving him into the living room, and reclaimed her seat. "How long have you known my brother?" she asked curiously before getting back up yet again "Want something to drink? I have stuff besides alcohol, trust me, that's not a normal routine for me" she said, feeling the need to make sure he knew she wasn't an alcoholic. Hana's appearance and the way she presented herself to people, meant a lot to her. In fact, she was often told to loosen up by others, and stop worrying so much about what people thought of her. That don't mean she ever did though. Hana didn't know what it was like to take it easy. 

He chuckled softly in response to her greeting and ducked his head slightly as he headed inside “You too” he responded in a quiet voice before hovering in the hallway and fiddling with his fingers as he looked around for a while “I’m just not usually the kind to show up at people’s houses I guess” he commented with a slightly nervous laugh because he always found a way to be a little awkward. “But no ghosts, I’m pretty sure if I actually saw a ghost I’d probably have run in the other direction full speed” he laughed softly, the idea of ghosts and zombies and those kinds of things did kinda freak him out which was funny considering they lived in a world where the supernatural was real.

“Well he seems like the type to have a lot of friends” he commented with a shrug of his shoulders “He’s just like a whirlwind of positivity in my opinion, though I’m sure that can’t be constant because that would be exhausting” though he supposed his sister would know that if she lived with him, far better than Leigh did anyway. “He mentioned that you like binge-watching Netflix though, he talks about you a lot” Leigh didn’t have any siblings so he didn’t really know if that was a normal thing or not “How’s the daring working out for you?” he asked with a chuckle, her cheeks were slightly flushed from the alcohol though he guessed that could also be if she saw dancing around the house too.

He wasn’t really sure if he should leave and come back later because he didn’t want to bother her or put a downer on her day considering it seemed like she was having a lot of fun before he interrupted. When she said he didn’t need to take off his shoes he looked around for a moment before deciding to do so anyway because it felt right to him not to dirty up someone else’s home. He padded after her, heading through to the living area and glancing around as he took in the decor of the apartment “So you don’t like most of his friends then?” he asked with a laugh thinking about how many people he must have invited over. “Don’t worry I’m pretty quiet and well behaved” he commented with a smile.

“Oh only a few weeks, we met at a cooking class” he admitted with a soft laugh and shrugged “I think we did more laughing at one another than actual cooking through” he shook his head slightly and smiled “But I’m still planning to go back and learn more, even if it’s a hopeless path” he thought about the mess he made with the first dish, things could only get better after that, he had to admit. “Do you have any Coke?” he asked with a raised brow, he usually drank green tea but he was feeling like some caffeine to keep him going today “So if it’s not like you, why today?” he asked curiously with a grin.

It was pretty adorable, she had to admit. Out of all the guys who'd came over for Ha-joon, this one was the only one she had ever seen this nervous. "You and me both. Though, I think i'm much better off seeing a ghost than a spider" she shuttered, to drive her point home "freaky looking bastards" she added with a playful chuckle. But Hana didn't do well with insects, and spiders were her biggest weakness of all time.

Hana smiled at his explanation of her brother. "Ha-joon is a beacon of light and hope in most peoples lives. Even mine" she nodded, "But no definitely not always like that. He's the total opposite when he gets mad, it's a bit scary to see somene who's always hopeful and full of positivity, suddenly get pissed about something. But, since i'm his sister, ill also say it's the funniest thing ive ever witnessed" she chuckled softly, and shook her head.

leigh's personality definitely was refreshing. "He doesn't have too many but those of you I have met, I approve of." she added with a playful smirk, upon him saying HJ seemed like the type to have a lot of friends. Hana smiled and nodded, it made her happy to hear Ha-joon had spoken of her "I actually do love Netflix. It's my life" she giggled, and done her hair twirl thing, that Ha-joon had repeatedly gotten onto her about. And most other girls thought it was an annoying trait of Hana's but it's one that would likely stick with her forever.

As he asked how the daring was going for her, her face seemed to get a little hotter as she blushed "Not so well" she laughed softly, shaking her head amused. "I need to remind myself often that i'm not really a daring girl. Pretty boring in fact" she frowned playfully, but the thought stayed in her head, and a small nagging voice telling her that she actually was pretty plain and simple. Hana could only giggle once again when Leigh decided to take his shoes off anyways. "Thank you, it's a polite gesture" she expressed, but truly she didn't want him to feel as though he had to behave perfectly here. She may not have knew him well enoough for him to break out of his shell, but she planned to make him as comfortable as he could be.

"Well, I don't dislike any of them. But, i'm a college student, going for my last year of business. And when you put Ha-joon in this house with several of his guy friends, give them food and drinks, shit gets crazy" she laughed, "You should come over for the fun sometimes. Really" she then smiled genuinely. "I'm surposed you haven't yet.. but you're just as welcome as the others, a friend of Joonie's is a friend of mine" she added with a shrug. She knew hhow cliche that statement was.

"You guys met at a cooking class? That's great!" she expressed happily, but realized he had said more than that after she'd gotten super happy to know Ha-joon was out there being adventerous. "Sounds like the two of you clicked pretty well. Did you burn anything?" she asked playfully, but had assumed it's why he said they laughed so much. Or maybe it was just because they'd had that much fun. Leigh seeemed like the type of guy you could have fun with. "That's the spirit. But, I doubt it will be a hopeless path. Anytime you do something your heart desires, it's worth every bad step of the way, our path's aren't ever gonna be flawless roads of joy, but I think if we always continue walking whatever paths we desire, then the hardships along the way will be worth it" she smiled genuinely.

Hana usually wasn't that deep about things, but every now and then she had her moments. Hana excused herself, grabbing two cokes, and handed one to him before sitting down on the couch, patting the empty cushion for him to join her if he would before she went back to the question he'd asked her before she stepped off to grab drinks. "I don't know. It sounds silly honestly. But, I guess the reason I ended up drinking alcohol today, was just to see if I even could. I feel so lame sometimes.. and when I go out, I see all these groups of friends drinking and having the times of their lives, while sick little ol me, does absolutely nothing and couldn't handle a drink of booze if I tried. So to avoid any embarassment in the future, I tried my luck today. I guess it's just meant to be though.. me being a plain jane" she stated, and took a sip of her coke.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to unload on you like that. The booze obviously makes me chatty as fuck too" she then gasped, and covered her mouth, "and a foul mouth" she laughed, blushing yet again. ""What about you though? Do anything for fun? any hobbies or anything?" she asked, smiling at him before turning the music to a more upbeat song.

Leigh laughed “Horror movies and clowns and all that stuff I can deal with but one conspiracy about any of it being real and I’m up all night” he supposed the real world was scarier than anything they could build a world around for him. “So I should be fine for Halloween as long as it all remains fake blood” he shuddered slightly “Spiders huh? Is it the legs or the webs they make that freak you out” he was always cleaning up cobwebs out of his garage and he couldn’t say he particularly enjoyed them.

He nodded slightly in agreement “He is, I’m not even sure if he realizes sometimes” he said he was surprised when Leigh called him sunshiney after all “Well I’m sure you can tell frustration from actual anger with him, learned to push the limits and all” he laughed, he couldn’t really picture HJ annoyed if he was honest. He lifted his gaze and shrugged his shoulders a little “Well I’ll take that as high commendation then” he giggled softly and smiled “Oh I think I must have been through so many series that sometimes I get mixed up” he spoke it in a slightly hushed voice like it was embarrassing but he enjoyed stories, whether it was in book or film or TV show format he supposed.

He looked back at Hana as she talked about the drinking, he hadn’t had a drink in a very long time and he didn’t really feel the temptation to have one but sometimes it was funny to watch drunk people because they lost their filter and would do crazy and silly things which made him laugh “Aw I’m sure that’s not true, you don’t need alcohol to make you an interesting person, I much prefer hobbies for that” he had quite a few, though he didn’t really care if people considered him boring either, he spent a lot of time alone. When she said thank you he blushed and nodded shyly “It doesn’t feel right to walk mud through someone’s house” he admitted with a laugh as he followed her.

“Oh so you don’t mind them as long as they’re quiet, got it” he chuckled softly, she must be going through a lot being on her final year of college, though it was a while ago for him but he remembered the pressure he put himself under to do well “Wow you must be excited to finish” he spoke with slightly widened eyes “Have you started thinking about what you want to do after?” he liked talking to people about their studies and their passions because it always seemed to make them light up as they talked.

“Yeah, he actually mentioned that you recommended it to him, he talks about you a lot” he grinned slightly, when he said a lot, he meant a lot, HJ definitely looked up to her in a way he had never seen someone do to someone else. So it kinda felt significant to get to meet her in some crazy way. “I mean we were definitely the two worst people there, I think the tutor just gave up for a while and pretended we weren’t there” thankfully it was only the food that got burned and not anyone’s eyebrows though “Pretty much everything that could go wrong, did, I got eggshell in my pastry and it looked really sad even before it went in the oven” he laughed and shrugged slightly but he made a friend and things could really go up from here right? “But I think I learned a few things so hopefully next time I actually manage to come out with something edible” he shrugged and smiled shyly.

“Does it make you nervous?” he asked while tilting his head slightly to try and figure out what she was meaning about not being able to “Well you seem to be handling it just fine to me, a little chatty and happy but that’s not the worst thing, at least you aren’t one of those people who end up trying to fight everyone you see” he had seen those kinds and while they were fun to watch, not so much if it was you they were pissed at. “Well I mean if you’re a plain Jane then I really have no hope, my hobbies most revolve around binge-watching anime and reading” he laughed softly “Not the most adventurous person you will ever meet but I try to make it work” he shrugged slightly and grinned.

"So, what you're really saying, is that you wanna have a horror movie marathon and then have me convince you that the Zombie apocolypse is real?" she asked teasingly, with an arched brow. Hana couldn't help but simply shutter when he asked what it was between the legs or the webs that freaked her out "Well, id definitely have to say it's the legs.. and the webs are just .." she cringed a little "disgusting, they stick to you like glue. try having a spider suspend from your ceiling when you're trying to fall asleep at night, thatll definitely give one a legit fear of spiders" she laughed, remembering how startled Ha-joon was, just to walk in her room and realize she'd broken every thing on her night stand just to get away from a spider. "Im one of those people who'd actually burn the house down just to kill a spider inside of it, i refuse to get close enough to one to even kill it without destroying everything.. ive even thrown things at them before" she admitted, blushing heavily. 

"Im not sure that he does either. I think every once in a while, he self loathes and feels like he's not good enough for people, or simply not doing enough to make someones day brighter, because oddly enough, thats what makes his days better, is just simply knowing hes making a difference in someone elses" she explained, smiling genuinely, because it done her heart a lot of good to even know people like HJ existed. Without him, Hana knew she'd be nothing, she would simply lose her mind without her brother. Hana giggled in return when he said he'd take her compliment as a high commendation, "Well good, because i certainly don't approve of just anyone.. especially where Ha-joon is concerned. Im just a puny human, but i'd go to war over him" she said with a dangerous look in her eyes, though the smile on her lips never faded. 

"Don't feel bad. I binge a lot too, ive seen most the popular series on Netflix now, and find myself starting series that no ones even talking about.. We really should have a movie night" she expressed in an overly hyper tone "Food, games, drinks, music.. just a night of fun.. even if you are the shyest person ive ever met, I think it would do us some good.. people don't unwind enough to stay sane these days.. sometimes it's important that we remember to have fun" she nodded as if she had just made some kind of grand point, without realizing she'd been babbling to him for a whole ten minutes straight without coming up for air. "Sorry. I think the booze is making me extra annoying" she admitted, embarrassed by how she was acting, but chuckled nonetheless. Something about Leighton made her feel pretty weightless, like she could be herself, booze or not. 

"Awe, well thank you Leigh. I guess I feel that way in a word full of supernaturals, most of the people ive befriended aren't exactly human, and in comparison, I feel rather plain and simple" she admitted, knowing that Leigh himself wasn't just human. "My father put me through the ringers with training, but it taught me a lot, and I usually can pick up on a supernatural when i'm around one" she added, smirking at him as a way of letting him know that she knew he wasn't human either.  Hana shrugged, but understood his point when he said it didn't feel right to track mud through someones house "Yeah, well at least you have manners. Those go a long way with some people, including me" she stated, flashing a pearly white smile at him before her doe eyes lit up a little to him asking what she wanted to do after college. 

"Well, ive taken enough that I could lean into psychology, I wanted to help troubled teens, until I changed my mind on a whim to take a few years for business, so ive got both options available. Perhaps if I don't figure out the whole fashion thing, ill open my own little office, and counsel troubled teens, try to reach out to them before they are ever even introduced to the streets and drugs.. so many young addicts, and even more dying from over doses" she frowned, because it really did hit her hard to have seen the amount of kids out there with no guidence who'd turned to drugs for an escape. "What about you? What do you do for a living, if that's not to personal of a question?" she asked, smiling faintly. "That must be a Sae trait then, I tend to mention him in every conversation that I have as well" she giggled, but felt completely happy to know Ha-joon spoke about her a lot. 

Hana snorted though, when Leigh began explaining his and Ha-joon's experience in cooking together "Man, I would have paid to have seen that. But, hey.. practice makes perfect, if you don't succeed, then try try again, right?" she grinned, knowing she'd always followed that phrase herself. IT was actually something her father had told her, as well as her instructor the many times she felt fed up with her training, especially when she got things wrong. Hana cringed "those are the worse kinds of driunks, ive saw a few bad bar fights because of that.. a man ended up downing half a bottle in one drink, and not even five minutes later, he was punching the guys face who brought him out for drinks" she laughed, but it had truly been a scary thing to witness when it was happening. 

"Your hobbies sound safe though, nothing wrong with that in a city like this" she admitted bluntly, "I wouldn't mind watching some anime, it's been a while since I have, and i think the last anime show I watched was Bleach" she chuckled, because it was a very old anime show. She wasn't sure if he'd even heard of that one before. "Well, it works well for you. We can be adventerous now though... Ha-joon might not be here for a while, if you wanna hang out until he gets here, we can go try our luck in the kitchen, and see what skills you gained with my brother, or try a horror movie" she grinned from ear to ear, hopeful that he would even want to stay until her brother got home, if he was even coming back. Some nights he stayed with friends, and she was sure this would be one of thos nights, but she'd been enjoying Leigh's company enough to keep him there, if he'd stay. 

“Absolutely not” he responded and then shivered slightly because there was something about the idea of zombies that really creeped him out, more than she seemed to be weirded out by spiders which was saying a lot considering her reaction when he asked what it was about them that bothered her “Yeah never been a fan of creepy crawlies myself but I’ve lived alone for a while and sooner or later you realize only you’re gonna be able to get rid of them” there was one time that a mouse managed to get in his house too. “I think we’re all a little guilty of that” he shrugged slightly, while they were less frequent now he definitely had bouts where he doubted himself or felt like he wasn’t enough, it was natural. “Well he definitely made my fears of the cooking class disappear so fast” he grinned sheepishly, it was a good experience for him, which was rare when it came to people.

“I think I’ve watched most of the shows I like at least 2 times through” he admitted with a soft laugh “Then there’s the movies, Marvel movies can suck me in over and over again” he laughed and shrugged, he enjoyed just getting home and being alone for a while, watching some exciting story which reminded him of how simple his life was and then heading to bed. “Sounds fun” he spoke it kinda hesitantly because he wasn’t exactly expecting to make a new friend today nor have someone want to hang out with him “Oh it’s fine, they say alcohol only enhances the emotions you’re currently feeling, if anything it just makes you more honest” he chuckled softly, he knew a lot of things most people didn’t expect.

He looked back at her with a cautious expression when she quite honestly admitted that she knew about the supernatural which made him swallow for a moment “Really what is impressive is people who know the truth and still find a way to go about their lives” he responded nonchalantly and shrugged slightly “Kitsune” he confirmed with a slight nod of his head “Turned not born so I was human once too” kinda missed it if he was honest, what he was definitely reminded him of what he went through. “Seems like two very different paths” he commented with a laugh “Though I suppose the same could be said about me, I have a Ph.D. in mathematics but I actually run a little bookshop downtown” he laughed softly because it always sounded so measly when he said that but he was happy with the career choice he had made.

What she said about troubled teens taking drugs definitely did strike a chord with him though, one he wasn’t willing to acknowledge or let consume him right now because it was very personal and not great memories for him “Or things could only get worse and next time we actually do burn the place down” he laughed scrunching up his nose a little in distaste because he wasn’t sure that was too far out of the realm of possibility considering how bad the first experience had been. “Drunk people definitely don’t always realize how silly they’re acting” he had seen a lot of drunk people in his time and all of them acted equally crazy “But it does seem like a lot of fun to be able to let go like that” he shrugged slightly.

“I got really into my hero academia recently, I’m hooked” he laughed softly, there was something about anime that had this emotional pull on you which Western cartoons didn’t seem to be able to match, perhaps because their audience was different age demographics. “Well I made the effort of coming over here, might as well work with the confident gesture right?” if she didn’t mind him imposing of course, which she didn’t seem to. He pulled a face at her suggestions “Or we could order a pizza and pretend we cooked it while watching some dumb comedy?” honestly, he just wasn’t feeling like giving himself the creeps right now and she was drunk so she’d probably overreact to things until she sobered up a little.

Hana grinned, and chuckled at his response "Fair enough. I think that would be grounds to calling me the worse human being on the planet. But, ive seen people go above and beyond to prank people, or scare the life out of them" she added, and shook her head. it was unreal when she thought about how childish people could be with the prank pulling and such. She gussed she hadn't lived enoug though. To be the one person that could admit, she'd never even pranked someone? That was pathetic. She sighed to herself a little when he said he had lived alone for a long time, but his main point, she agreed with. "Yeah. I guess i'd be pretty screwed if Ha-joon wasn't here to kill the bugs" she shrugged, and laughed some. But, it made her wonder how terrible that meant she'd be at living alone. She was sure, that eventually, Ha-joon would want his own place.

"Me too. But, there are some shows that i'm convinced i'll never really get tired of. I could watch The Society over and over again. With it's one season and all. Ive been through that one season at least six times now" she admitted, blushing a little. She noted how he seemed to answer her a little hesitantly. "Sorry. I guess I kind of sprang that on you rather quickly after meeting me. I'm just not used to any of Joonie's friends paying me any mind, and sadly, his friends are the only source of company I ever have. Ive never actually made a friend because someones been intersted in getting to know me. Not the golden child" she frowned. It always saddened her to think that her parents, more specifically her father, had ruined any chance of a normal social life. Back home, she wasn't allowed to be around anyone who wasn't good enough, and by her parents standards, that meant literally any and everyone. So, upon moving into the city, she had to learn how to make herself approachable, and at times, she still felt pretty clueless on it. With a rasied brow, Hana wondered how he knew so much when she'd comment on drinking "Did you use to drink a lot?" she asked kind of bluntly, but she didn't know another way to ask, without simply just asking.

Hana was also familiar with signs of drug use, and she could tell Leigh had lived a rough life. It saddened her a little, because she really liked him so far. But, everyone had a past. She certainly wouldn't hold whatever he had been through, against him. "Yeah, it definitely does make one more honest though. It's just my honesty tends to go over the top, even when i'm sober' she chuckled, and shrugged some. Hana sighed and made eye contact with him "Oh it gets hard. When I learned the truth, it thankfully wasn't due to some tragedy involving a supernatural, it was my father preparing me for it. But, waking up with the knowledge I have everyday, kind of sucks every now and then, but ive found ways to continue living, even in spite of the attacks against me" she blurted out too quickly to even process what she was saying, but she guessed the alcohol really did make her more honest. She only gave him a look, feeling stupid for saying so much just then, and swallowed harshly.

She couldn' even imagine how he felt though, to be human one day, and not the next. "I bet that's been super hard. Do you miss it?" she asked, referring to him being human. She could only imagine he did, unless his life was bad as a human. Hana also laughed when he mentioned having a PHD in mathematics, but ran a bookstore in town "Yeah so see, you get it. You started on one path, and finished on an entirely different one. But i think all that matters is that you enjoy the life you chose to live" she stated, and smiled faintly. She wasn't really sure if she would enjoy her own. She had quite literally chosen to make her life difficult, by making a deal to marry a well respected Korean male by a certain age if it meant her and Ha-joon could move and study in the US.

"I do love to read, so ill have to come by some time" she added, and noticed how he had skipped over the topic of her helping troubled teens and young addicts. It only confirmed what she already knew. "Lets hope that doesn't happen. Though it would give you and him plenty to talk about" she said in response, smirking a little. She was happy to know Ha-joon had a friend like leigh, and vise versa, because she knew her brother was literally a beacon in everones lives that he encountered. "Sounds like you're in need of letting go like that yourself" she said truthfully, because she could see a certain longing in his eyes, and even heard it in his voice when he'd made the comment of letting go. Hana laughed, but a bit cheerfully at knowing he didn't mind hanging out, and couldn't help but snort at his comment about pretending to have cooked an ordered pizza while watching a dumb commedy "Let's do it" she smirked, "Your idea is so much better than mine. Not sure what id tell Ha-joon if we attempted to cook, and caught the place on fire. So, ill order pizza and you can find us a commedy" she stated, grinning ear to ear. She was just genuinely happy that he was willing to stay a while, and perhaps, she'd make a new friend with him. He was definitely someone worth getting to know.

After dialing the number to the pizza place, Hana ordered two hawiiann pizza's, and looked to Leigh with a puzzled expression before telling the woman on the other end to hold on. "what's your favorite?" she asked, and walked over to the closet by the door, grabbing out her massive pile of pillows and blankets. "I'm a super big kid when it comes to these kinds of hang outs. We're building a pillow fort" she chuckled, and began tossing pillows down into the floor while she waited for him to let her know what kind of pizza he wanted. "Thanks for staying a while" she finished off in the form of a whisper, and gazed a little longer than she had intended too before snapping out of the fact that he was a little gorgeous.

When she apologized to him for springing a hang out, out of nowhere he chuckled softly and shrugged his shoulders slightly “Sometimes the best things come out of nothing at all right” when you were expecting something it rarely measured up to expectations but when something just sprang out from nowhere you always felt a burst of energy. Her blunt question about drinking made him go quiet though, frowning a little before shaking his head “Nothing any more than your average teenager finding a buzz for the first time” never really liked the feeling honestly but then that was probably because he had too much and put himself off. “So you’re a serial talker then” he stated with a teasing tone, he was probably the opposite but he was usually okay making conversation with one person at a time.

“Still, I imagine it might be worse not knowing, not at first but when something happens and you have knowledge or training to protect yourself?” he shuddered slightly at the thought, humans who died in supernatural attacks must have been so scared, having no idea what they were facing until it was far too late. It gave him the shivers just to even consider what that must feel like. “Being human?” he responded when she asked him if he missed it and shrugged slightly “Sometimes yes and sometimes no, depends on the day” there were times where he just wanted to be normal but then there were others which reminded him that him turning had quite literally saved his life and he had been better off since then. “I think for me the academics was about testing how far I could go” and a Ph.D. meant you had contributed something truly useful to your field “But it’s not something I wanted to do constantly, I wanted to bring joy to people in some way” and playing around with numbers didn’t really achieve that he had to admit.

“You should, we’re actually looking to expand soon into something a little unique” he tapped against his nose gently to imply that it was a secret though and she would need to check it out for herself if she wanted to know. “I don’t think that would literally ever be a problem” he admitted with a soft laugh, no offense Ha-joon but he wasn’t exactly the kind of person who would ever run out of things to talk about. Something the siblings had in common it seemed because Hana talked about literally anything and everything too, not that he was complaining, it made it very easy to be at ease around both of them. “My form of letting go is buying myself a new book and challenging myself to read it as fast as possible” he could be seen as boring he supposed but he preferred the safe choices honestly and was perfectly content with them. “Knowing me I actually would burn the place down and it’s such a nice play” he chuckled padding across the room to try and figure out how to turn the TV on.

He’d just about figured it out when she asked him what he wanted to eat “Anything that’s covered in meat, the fox likes what it likes” he laughed softly, ever since he had become a Kitsune he had been able to eat crazy amounts and pretty much constantly felt hungry. It was an adjustment considering how tall and skinny he used to be, he definitely filled out better now. Now the TV was on he selected the Netflix app and scrolled through a few movies looking for something funny he hadn’t seen yet. He had to laugh when she pulled out all the pillows which spread out all over the floor in a massive “Comfy places to sit and food I don’t have to cook in the microwave?” he grinned slightly “You’ll be lucky to get me to leave” he teased with a chuckle as he helped to drag the pillows in front of the TV and make a pit they could sit in.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to pile on the personal stuff" she frowned a little, grimacing as she tore her gaze off of him. She could see that the drinking question had bothered him, which was the last thing she'd intended on doing. Hana chuckled and blushed slightly when he teased her about how much she talked "Its quite possible. I mean, i could talk any alcoholic under the table, drunk or sober, i'm just a chatter box" she admitted, laughing a little. Hana smiled though, she was happy he didn't find her completely insane. Springing something onto someone out of the blue had never went as well as this had, but she supposed he was in need of some fun as well, even if it was something as simple as eating pizza and crashing on a pillow fort to the dumbest of movies.

She watched him shudder and could tell he was completely sincere about things he said to her, which she appreciated. A lot of the time, people only agreed to keep the conversation going, never because they actually meant anything they were responding to you with. "Yeah, no kidding. I'm thankful that i'm still here. There's so much more out there though, knowledge tempts me.. and I feel like I don't have enough. I wanna know more, and that could end badly for me." she frowned, because nothing would stop her, nothing but another attack, and that was bound to happen with the Triad stalking her.

Hana nodded, when he asked if she meant being human, as to what she'd asked if he missed. She could see it in his eyes, no doubt he missed it, but she could tell by his tone, that there'd been a chapter of his human life that he didn't miss at all. "Fair enough. I guess we all have parts of our lives we don't miss, and parts we do, human or not" she shrugged. She imagined all supernaturals especially those who had already lived for hundreds of years had moments like that too. They had seen a little bit of everything .. lost and gained, loved and hated. Sometimes she almost felt envious. But, that was a revelation she'd never admit out loud. Hearing him speak about the ph.d thing again, she could sense that he was the type who liked to push himself a little "Kind of sounds like you challenege yourself, seeing how far you can possibly go" she smiled, knowing how that was also. Because HAna also pushed herself and her own limits. "It's noble of you though, that you wanted to bring joy into peoples lives" she admitted with a bright smile. Hana chuckled at his comment, she knew her and Ha-joon both were chatter boxes, but so far, it had worked to their advantage. Seemingly, no one ever got bored around either of them. She chuckled when Leigh told her what he did to let go and unwind. "Well, that's a positive wayof letting go. I admire that" she admitted, "I should take some tips from you" she smirked playfully, and giggled some, but truthfully, that would be a good way for anyone to let go, and have fun while doing so, but that was from one book nerd to another. Not many people could read a book and consider it fun.

"Add two meat lovers supreme's to that order, and some cheese sticks" Hana then said over the phone, and after giving the address to the woman, they told her it would be twenty minutes. "Well the food is on the way!" she said almost gleefully. God, now she was starving. She saw how Leigh seemed to light up when she made a pillow fort, and commented on the fact that she'd be lucky to get him to leave. "You and Ha-joon are  almost the same size, he has plenty of clothes.. you can spend the night if you'd like" she stated, and while yes it was a bold offer to someone she'd only just met, they were sitting here having fun, and about to watch funny movies and eat pizza, the only thing to make all of that better, was telling him he could get comfortable and not have to leave. "So being a book lover and all, what's your favorite book?" she asked, and rummaged through her collection, pulling out several of her own favorites, and placing them on the huge pile of blankets. "Those are just a few, but a few that I could read over and over again" she admitted, referring to

"What's the craziest thing you've ever done?" she asked, not trying to tread into his past at all, but it always made for a moment where two people could look back at the crazy things they'd done, and laugh about it. "I read a lot of erotica's, but that's oddly something ive never said out loud, and now that I have, it feels embarrassing to admit" she scrunched her nose up, chuckling a little,  and shaking her head at how many of those she actually had. But, Hana was a sucker for good details in those stories. She was a female, one who'd been single long enough, so of course she did things to pass her time when she was craving intimacy. But, now with a certain bad boy in her life, she had a feeling she could finally put those books back on the shelves and let them collect dust. "But, my favorite books would be  The Glass Castle, and The Truth About Forever" she stated just before  A knock at the door finally alerted her that their food had arrived. 

  With cash in her hand, Hana ran to the door, paid for the food, and headed back with a stack of steaming hot pizza boxes that she quickly sat on the coffee table, just beside their enormous blanket pallet, that she had let Leigh finish up. "Looks good" she smiled happily, and playfully clapped her hands together, she was more than eager to sit down, relax with someone like him, and watch movies until she passed out. "Have you ever done this before? The whole sleep over thing?" she finished off, before eyeing the TV; she wondered what he'd pick out for them, and with what they already had in common, she assumed she'd like it. 

“It’s fine, it's just” he cleared his throat a little awkwardly “Not really something I want to be thinking about” his past was his past and while he wasn’t ashamed of it per se, he didn’t want to be thinking about it constantly or at all really, there was nothing good that came from that point in his life other than finally overcoming it. “Well I mean it’s quite a talent, being able to make conversations with anyone and everyone, I always end up going quiet and making things awkward” he definitely wouldn’t walk up to someone random and talk to then that was for sure. “I personally don’t think there’s danger in knowledge, more in what someone might do with said knowledge” he commented and shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly, people who were scared of others knowing things were probably scared of somehow being inferior.

“I try and look up, the last 10 years of my life have been an interesting ride but I feel like I’m finally figuring out the whole who I am thing” it had been hard at first because he suffered from PTSD which definitely put a weight on him to the point where he felt like he couldn’t take on new things because he needed to focus on getting better. College had been a good experience even though it led to some heartbreaks and now he had his own business. “I guess” he commented a little shyly when she said his thinking was noble “More than anything it just makes me sad to see people get so out of touch with important things” you couldn’t even compare the experience of reading online versus from a physical print “I mean most people would call it boring but I think they just don’t understand the pure joy of getting through an amazing story” his gaze was playful because if there was one thing he was extremely passionate about, it was reading.

And food, he definitely loved food, the mention of the food being on the way was already making his mouth water, when she mentioned staying over his brow furrowed for a moment though “Ah no that’s okay, Minha would probably never forgive me if I didn’t make it back before she fell asleep” he chuckled softly, she was very needy and always waited until he got home before she would curl up and sleep, he didn’t mind all that much, made the apartment feel a little less empty at least. Leigh also wasn’t that confident around strangers and especially not when he was sleeping thanks to the nightmares he had because of his past “That’s kinda like asking me to choose a favorite child” he chided with a playful smile “Well I have my moments, my favorite series would definitely be the lord of the rings books but for a single one” he pressed his lips together “The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera” he answered with a curt nod of his head as he looked at the books she held and smiled “Ah so you like a few of the classics huh?” he grinned, it seemed cheesy to call any of those your favorite but they were definitely well appreciated.

“Craziest?” he commented with a laugh and ran a hand through his head “I booked a comic con in New York a week in advance one time and had precisely 5 days to perfect the costume I’d started making like 6 months before” he wrinkled his nose “You don’t know stress until your glue gun stops working amidst attaching like the 100th feather to your costume” he laughed softly, he had been into Cosplay for a while now and often met up with his online friends there. Her admission about reading erotica made him laugh softly “Some of it is very well written, others” he pulled a face “Does make you wonder if they actually even know their subject matter” he shook his head slightly, in the first few months after his breakup he had read that kind of content to help curb the loneliness he was feeling for a while. Her choices of favorite books made him nod his head slightly “Nice choices” he spoke softly “Guessing you’re quite family-oriented then?” they had those kinds of themes at least.

He was just about done arranging all the blankets and pillows into what looked like two little igloos they could both hide in while they watched the movie, but before long his attention had been taken by the pizzas which smelt extremely strong and delicious on the table, he sank down into his side of the fort and shuffled to make himself comfortable “You do realize if Ha-joon comes home he’s going to think we’re actual 5-year-olds right?” he teased with an amused shake of his head, fiddling with the remote as he showed her the ‘Let It Snow’ movie had he found on Netflix “This looks about as cheesy as cheesy comes but I’m a sucker for love stories” he explained with a sheepish grin before reaching out for one of the pizza boxes, opening it to see it was hers and handing it over to her. “Not really, I don’t really do the whole going over to people’s places thing normally” he admitted whilst nodding his head.

"That's fair" she commented simply. That's all it took for her to not say another word concerning his past. Hana nodded, and grinned a little at his compliment "Why thank you. Normally i'm not told that my excessive talking skills is a talent, and I know for sure it probably annoys Ha-joon. There's nights where he's tired and wanting to crash from dance practice, and ill keep him awake all night talking about everything underneath the sun." she laughed a little, and shook her head. Ha-joon however, had always forced himself to listen to everything she ever had to say, and he always made sure to comment back to her, so she never felt ignored, no matter how tired he felt. It was nice to have a brother as amazing as Ha-joon.

Hana shrugged, she supposed he was right about the knowledge she had "yeah, because i do think there could be a lot of damage done with it.. but i'd never do that .. not even to a supernatural. Supernaturals well for the most part anyways, didn't choose to be what they are, or at least that's what ive assumed with the knowledge ive gained" she expressed and looked to him for an answer sort of. She didn't know if it worked the same for all of them, or if some had actually been born into being supernaturals. "Diviners.. they are born that way right?" she asked with a raised brow, but chuckled at the understanding she had, that he wasn't a Diviner and may not know the answer at all.

Hana smiled and gave him a simple nod "Well at least there's that. It's hard to figure out who you are. I don't think ive got there yet to be honest" she chuckled. College had been nothing but utter confusion and she still didn't really know what path she would take once school ended for her. She'd switched majors a few times now, but only after she got enough of each.. so there were plenty of options for Hana, none that spoke more to her than helping troubled teens however, and then she was pretty stuck in fashion, and wanted to put out her own brand. She couldn't really go with the latter on that one, so in just a short amount of time, she'd have to pick one or the other.

"I think its because people sometimes don't even realize that the simple things are important as well." she commented, and gave a bright grin when he mentioned how much joy he got from getting through a good story. "Well, at least now you can talk to someone who actually understands that logic" she smirked just as playfully and made a gesture to refer to herself. "Ive been into reading ever since I was a little girl. I found a book on animals one day after a really harsh training session, I was only a child then, but I was annoyed with my father and nothing helped drown out the noise, except for that book.. after that one I was reading a new one every week." she smiled genuinely, and given how thick those books were, it made her somewhat proud to admit how she'd been able to start a new one every week.

Hana shrugged, but gave him a smile anyways "That's fair. I'm guessing you mean a pet?" she asked curiously when he had said the name out loud. "Nice choices. Although, i have to bow my head in shame before I admit, ive never watched nor read Lord Of The Rings" she expressed, and blushed a little but chuckled at how he gave a curt nod of his head. He definitely seemed proud of his decisions no matter how big or small they were, and she kind of admired that. "I definitely love the classics. Is that a bad thing?" she asked, as she noted the look on his face. For her age, she'd had plenty of people question her likes and interests, some even mocked her. But, Hana liked who she was, and she supposed that was all that even mattered at the end of the day.

Hana tilted her head with a look of shock on her features "that's some dedication right there though" she laughed with him and shook her head. "I bet it was fun though, if you even made it. Did you end up finishing your costume?" she questioned and gazed at him with a set of curious eyes, because he had mentioned his glue gun messing up just as he went to glue tons of feathers onto it. "I'm gonna try to catch one of those soon, if Ha-joon won't go, and I imagine his dance will have him occupied, there will be an extra space" she nodded, and dropped the subtle hint that he could definitely go to the comic con with her.

She laughed, amused about his response to her interest in erotica's. "Yeah, definitely makes you wonder where they even get the inspiration for some of the crap they write about" she shook her head, blushing some. "Family oriented .. what do you mean by that?" she questioned, to make sure she didn't sit here and blurt out a bunch of depressing facts about her parents. "I could say without a doubt that for my friends and Ha-joon Ill move heaven and hell"  she pursed her lips, but found herself completely distracted with how adorable the forts were. "You did better than I would have with these" she chuckled though at how his eyes lit up to the food, and then his comment about Ha-joon just made her laugh a little harder "Ill just tell him to live a little. Who can resist blanket forts this awesome? In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't crawl in one of ours" she laughed, and shrugged a little. Ha-joon was a beacon in everyone's lives but he hadn't always been the life of the party, he and Hana both had serious sides to them.

"You and me both. I think that's what will help me survive this winter. Hot chocolate, love stories, and friends" she smiled, making a small referrance that he was also a friend of hers now. They had plenty of room to grow if this were to be a friendship, but she enjoyed him a lot already, so getting to know him, would definitely be rewarding. Hana gladly took the pizza box that he reach to her, only to realize that they didn't have anything to wash it down with. "What do you drink?" she asked, before spouting out everything she knew her and Ha-joon had cold in the fridge. "We have coconut water, some kind of mango smoothie stuff Joonie makes, which is really good, water.. and we also have hot chocolate I can make for us" she stated, nodding with a smile, and directed her attention to the enormous screen in front of them "So, this movie .. Ive passed it several times now. Great minds I guess" she giggled softly, and began eating.

"Nothing better to go with the weather than pillow forts, pizza and a good love story on the flat screen"

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