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Despite being fully aware of exactly what was to come Orion had met Elijah head on using the address Sariah had slipped him. Even though she didn’t agree with how he intended to handle things she had helped in her own small way, he knew it had been a bit of a test and he had failed but his mind was set on ending this. Elijah hadn’t seemed surprised to see him and was more than eager to pick up the challenge against Orion warning the Kitsune that nothing could save him. That had been yesterday and as he stood outside of the circle of torches he knew it had been a mistake not to end this last night. Elijah had time to calculate a plan on how to cheat his way out of this and Orion only have his own wit and the packs gathered who seemed afraid of the potential change in leadership. Harper was far from happy with his decision to go through with this but to a point she understood even if she had slapped the taste straight out of his mouth when he had told her.

Seraphina and Arwyn stood on the outside of the circle the flames of the torches causing light and shadows to play across their face, he could see his children trying to be strong but even they knew how hopeless of a task he was taking on. This wasn’t the first time they had seen him willing to lay down his life and he knew that he couldn’t lose, not for his kids or himself but for the packs and the entire city. There was too much resting on tonight and on his shoulder.

Rolling his shoulder he felt his neck pop as he saw Elijah and his pack coming through the trees the Lycan’s eyes glowing an intense an murderous red. Orion’s immediately shifted to a neon green his expression hardened and showing nothing, not even the tingle of fear which went down his spine. Orion had bested Elijah once, what was another time?

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Valkyrie was a fool to allow him nearly twenty-four hours to plan, Elijah knew he had to be carefully since he was in the territory of another and his actions were being watched. That didn’t mean he was going to be anything but himself and he would insure he was the victor. It would feel amazing to take everything Orion had, not only his pack and Tansy, but the Kitsune’s life was truly what Elijah wanted. His pack had gotten everything Elijah needed and though he knew he was risking his own life to insure a victory it was alright.

There was a swagger to his step as he walked through the woods which would soon belong to his pack. It was all too…mundane for Elijah if he were being honest but there was a whole city to cause havoc in and there would be no one to stop. When Orion fell that would be the be the end of it, even if the other young, pathetic Alphas wanted to do anything pack law would dictate that they couldn’t and the crown which had been slipping from Orion’s head would be his own. There were torches flickering in the distance and when he reached the clearing he looked over those gathered, those who would soon be his.

What really caught his eye were the two younger Therians who looked so much like their mother, Elijah was going to have fun with that. Even if Orion believe that he could win, he never would so all of this was really for nothing and just a waste of Elijah’s time but it would be another reminder of his power and another Alpha he had decimated.  “Some many have gathered to see you die Orion, seems rather fitting. Lets get on with it.” Elijah said stepping into the circle and confidently stripping before allowing his body to shift the mild pain driving him on as soon a large black wolf with streaks of silver in it’s fur stood in his place.

Orion was far from surprised by Elijah’s need to make a show out of all this. Shrugging out of his jacket he handed it to Harper before backing into the grove of trees surrounding them as he pulled of his shirt and folded it along with the rest of his clothes before shifting feeling very little pain as he focused on those around him, on those counting on him. This was no time for weakness, he needed the strength his pack offered him and he needed to be there’s as well.

Padded paws crossed the dirt as Orion stood tall in his kitsune form his fur mostly red though instead of growing one direction it was growing in different ones due to his age giving his fur an interesting texture, his red fur lighter than many others with and bit of silver began to show around his face. Nine large and proud tails followed him, something not all kitsunes ever achieved but he had a long and no so easy life, each tail coming from a time he had beaten the odds. Tonight would be no different he told himself, his tails far more deadly than Elijah’s fangs or claws.

Stepping into the circle of torches he knew this was the first time many in the faction were seeing him in kitsune form since it often spent the full moons alone. The moment he stepped across the barrier line he hear Elijah howl and Orion in return released a far less menacing and screaming like howl which was typical of his species. His eyes continued to glow green not allowing them to dim since Elijah’s remained red and glowing. The kitsune hunkered down in the typical hunting posture of a kitsune and slowly circled the wolf knowing taking down the larger creature was not going to be an easy task.

As Orion stepped into the circle Elijah threw his head back and howled as was customary for the defender and challenger to do. If wolves could smile there would be one on his lips as Orion lowered his center of balance as he began to circle Elijah. The wolf lunged and the kitsune jumped just as Elijah knew he would do, the wolf turned his head and caught Orion’s leg bringing him back down to the ground hard avoiding the tails. A kitsune’s biggest strengths were their ability to jump and to blind an opponent but lycan’s weren’t so easily blinded.

It seemed the Kitsune was a bit rusty on fighting in this form which gave Elijah the greatest advantage. His jaw went to clamp own on the kitsune’s back leg to ground him permanently but one of Orion’s tails slashed against his shoulder causing into to drop the kitsune who spun his body slicing Elijah’s face open with another tail. The wolf gave a low growl as he stalked the kitsune waiting for just the right opening to attack one more.

This time Orion took the initiative to attack first, running he leapt into the air and knew Elijah would trying to get his leg again and the kitsune was right. Flipping in the air the flat on one of his tails hit Elijah across the snout the sheer force causing the wolf to slam face first into the ground. The kitsune was gaining momentum but he wasn’t becoming over confident, one wrong move and the tides could once again change.

The attack had the desired effect, Elijah becoming enraged and acting impulsively thundering after the much faster kitsune was remained on the defense. Blood was already beginning to seep into the dirt and to the surprise of all who were gather the blood was all Elijah’s. The wolf however did not slow down pushing forward as he suddenly turned and then ran head long into Orion hitting the kitsune in the side and sending him spiraling through the air to land on the hard-packed dirt beneath. The air was completely knocked from Orion’s lungs and he wasn’t given the chance to catch his breath.

Elijah was far from happy with the turn this fight had taken, there was chance he may have underestimate Orion which had been the cause of his downfall years ago. His currently goal was only to end the kitsune’s momentum, the faster the kitsune was able to move the worse his chances were. The moment his skull had collided with Orion’s side he could hear the bones snap full aware he likely broke two or more of the fox’s ribs. Blood was pouring own his snout and he had to try not to inhale it as he panted while stalking towards Orion with a low growl.

Kicking a man when he was down had never been something Elijah had an issue with and now was no different as his teeth latched on Orion’s back legs, his own teeth were far duller than those of a fox but there was something wolves were very good at. His jaw locked as he lifted the kitsune from the ground and shook him hearing the sound of breaking bones once more as the fox yelped in pain which was music to Elijah’s ear. Mid-shake he released the fox sliding against the dirt to land in a heap. Once more confidence and arrogance seeped from Elijah’s every pore as many looked on in horror and some even looking away.

Taking a moment to focus on those gathered he felt like laughing at the tears which ran down the cheeks of Orion’s daughter, the kitsune should have given him what he wanted. But if the Valkyrie family was know for anything it was being stubborn.

Pain radiated through Orion’s body every time he tried to take a shaky breath his ribs sending another wave of searing pain as he tried to move. Deep down he had known the upper hand wouldn’t last long however he wouldn’t be going down easy and especially not like this. As he tried to stand his ribs and his leg protested since despite the fact that Therian’s healed fast, they didn’t heal fast enough for it to help him now. As Elijah had always done, he took the opportunity to deal a death blow and flaunted his small achievement which gave Orion enough time to get back up to his shaky legs limping badly as he tried to walk.

A ferocious snarl left his lips as he watched Elijah eyeing his daughter, the wolf crossing far more boundaries than he should. If you gave a Therian a reason to fight broken bones didn’t matter, pain didn’t matter they would fight until their very last breath. When you threatened his family you weren’t looking to have a very long life.

Pushing past the pain the kitsune broke into a run and leapt into the air landing on the wolf’s back his teeth sinking through the thick pelt and into Elijah’s neck. Small claws dug into the wolf’s side as he tried to hold on as Elijah bucked beneath him trying to throw him which only caused his claws to slide and leave gashes in the wolf’s side.

Elijah was staring down Orion’s daughter when he felt the teeth latch onto his neck and he howled in pain as claws sunk into his flesh. Kitsune teeth were tiny but razor sharp, meant for ripping an animal apart instead of shaking them too death. Elijah threw his back legs up and tried to buck the kitsune off but he was hanging on for dear life. Breaking into a run Elijah jumped and turned his body in midair landing down hard on Orion feeling the teeth release from his neck as the smaller Therian tried to catch his breath. Rolling over Elijah stood rage burning in is glowing ember of eyes.

Moving to the kitsune’s throat small claws slashed across his face which only enraged him farther. The lycan was tired of these games and as he lunged at Orion’s throat he shifted the capsule he had been holding between his gums and lips, it slipped between his teeth and when he bit down on Orion’s throat he felt it explode as he shoved the busted capsule into the kitsune’s wound. A sadistic smile pulled on his dark lips before Orion’s claws slashed at his eyes causing him to yelp and leap back before pawing at his own face.

Orion felt the silver the moment it touched the wound at his throat and released a low and pain filled like scream. In that moment he had to get Elijah away from him and the only way he knew how to get that was to go for a vulnerable place and there nothing more vulnerable than the eyes. Orion pawed at his throat as if he could somehow get the silver dust out of the wound. The effects were almost immediate and there was nothing he could do to tell anyone, not in his current form.

Standing took more strength than he had used to hold onto Elijah not moment’s before. The sneaky devil probably wouldn’t even feel mild side effects of the silver because it had almost all been shoved into Orion’s blood stream. The kitsune was unsteady of his feet as he limped on his back leg trying to take advantage of Elijah’s momentary blindness but the lycan seemed to know what was coming.

Orion had been a fool for thinking he could win, that he had anything more than a fool’s chance. Elijah had never been bested since Orion had beat him in High School and he wouldn’t allow that to happen again. Silver might be a bit underhanded but the Kitsune had been well aware of what he was getting into, the saying was if you messed with the bull you got the horns and if you messed with Elijah Travis you ended up six feet under. Despite the blood coloring his vision he could hear Orion approaching rearing on his back legs with his claws extended he met the fox blow for blow.

The Kitsune reared up on his back legs to meet the larger beast but Elijah could feel the weakness Orion fought with, he was barely staying on his own two feet and Elijah didn’t have to see to know that. The silver was doing exactly what it was meant to and soon enough Orion would have no strength left to fight but Elijah would take him down before that as not to be questioned.

Slamming a large paw into Orion’s face Elijah lunged for the Kitsune’s throat and brought the smaller Therian down, his dull teeth tightening and digging into the Kitsune’s flesh as blood began to fill his mouth, Orion’s blood. The lycan lifted the Kitsune and began to shake.

Orion knew there was no way he was going to best Elijah as he reared up the meet him, claws slashing and teeth gnashing. His strength was almost non-existent the only thing keeping him fighting was sheer force of will and even that would come to an end. His whole body was in pain and every time his front legs extended to deflect or slash his ribs sent a searing pain which nearly paralyzed him, however if he stopped moving he knew he would never be able to gain the strength or momentum to continue on and it would be over.

Elijah knew he couldn’t win without something working in favor and Orion had been a fool to think this would end any different way. His chances of coming out of this alive were slipped past him at a rapid speed and when Elijah’s mouth clamped down around his throat he released a painfilled shriek of a howl. Orion tried to free himself but in the end his body went limp the silver doing exactly what it was meant to. As he saw his daughter he closed his eyes and the words of two very different and yet equally important women in his life began to surface. “Orion you don’t fight for yourself and that’s why you’ll never lay down and show your belly, the odds may not be in your favor but you are a man who would protect the people you gain strength from.” It was ironic he would hear his late wife’s voice before he died.

Though as Elijah lifted him another softer voice came to mind. “You have so many people who care about you, they are your strength not your weakness, use it.” He had never had any reason to pull strength from the pack but right now he needed anything and everything that they were willing to give. His eyes snapped open as Elijah turned his head to begin shaking. The position hadn’t been well thought out as he curled his tails under himself slicing Elijah’s stomach as he pressed his front and back paws against the wolf and flipped out of his grasp as soon as his teeth released him. The moment Orion’s paws hit the ground he fell his eyes shifting from neon green and flickering to red right before his body shift back to human, Elijah bleeding out in the dirt no breath leaving him.

Seraphina shrugged toward and wrapped a jacket around him as he rested his weight against her. He was so tired and weak and if the silver wasn’t removed or forced from his system he would likely die from his wounds. “Silver.” He muttered motioning weakly to his neck were there were still traces of the silver particles. Elijah’s pack bowing down to the weakened man as Orion was barely able to stand with the help of both of his children. “Return to Nevada or stay, the choice is yours but if any of you return to my territory with ill will you won’t like the consequences.” His words seemed to echo in the woods around him, his voice stronger than he physically was at the moment. Many nodded as Elijah’s pack seemed to split, those who had feared him no longer having to do so, their lives were now their own again.

"Get me away from here." He whispered softly into his daughter's ear right before darkness over took his vision as he blacked out from pain, blood lose and the silver which was keeping him from healing and getting any better. If he made it through the night he would be an Alpha spoken of your years to come, if he didn't then he would be Elijah's final victim. 


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