Irene had been thinking about the proposal she's been outlining on her macbook ever since she met the humble bookstore owner just around the block near her office; Mr Leighton Kingsman. She had to admit though, calling him that? It sounds way too formal, something she cannot picture the therian in any setting at all. The way she sees it, and with the way they've been corresponding messages with one another over the past month, they were a bit around the casual terms of being friends. That's what they are, right? Friends? Albeit she had been planning on this deal for at least three weeks now, but they still talked outside of the office setting, knowing how it suits the two of them better. Irene needed time away from the office and Leigh is not a guy who would come to work in an office only to go back after working 9 to 5. She decided that he really does belong at his humble bookstore that seemingly had plenty of books stored from each aisle neatly and according to their genres as well. 

She stopped by a few weeks ago to get another book that looked outside the economic world, it was a storybook actually. Irene partially remembered that Leigh raised his eyebrows up in surprise when he saw the book she placed on top of the counter to purchase. Obviously he didn't judge and she likes him for that. The two of them had no room to judge and it was nice. She had it all planned out, of course. Today, she didn't check in for work at all. Irene had notified Nadia of her absence for today and while it surprised her secretary greatly, the latter did not attempt to question any further, knowing that the blonde wouldn't be taking a day off for no reason when she's always cooped around work. Technically, she is still working, but… consider it off site and investing her time on another project that piqued her interest and would profit from either way. She slung her bag around her shoulders and grabbed the car keys on the table after donning her coat and scarf before making her way outside of her apartment. 

The sounds of her heels clicked every time she hit the floor, and with the sunglasses she had slid on, it was clear that she was a woman who carries herself with class. Though, anyone could take a look once and tell that she wasn't going to where she actually is going. The elevator ride to the basement parking lot didn't take long since she didn't like to live anywhere high. As soon as she arrived downstairs, Irene dashed over to her white Maserati Quattroporte and started the engine so she could get to her destination on time. Irene didn't drive around often because her driver or Nadia would usually do that, but she was way too lazy to actually be walking around without any mode of transportation of her own, so there it sat prettily parked, when she probably only used it once a month. 

She had texted Leigh two days ago, asking if he would be free on a Friday morning, and told him to make time for her today, which he did. She wouldn't give him any straight answers and only said they were going somewhere. The drive to the animal shelter wouldn't take because it wasn't that far since Evermore is always cornered up but since she told Leigh nothing about where they were going, only for him to dress warmly since winter had already set it, she was here to also fetch him. Irene parked her car across the bookstore and lowered the windows down while perching her head out after sliding her sunglasses down, while texting Leigh he looks cute because she could see him from outside. Her fingers swiped his contact and pressed the phone against her ear as she leaned against her seat, "A, cute sweater. B, I hope you didn't forget our appointment today mister. I totally took a day off work for this so… and C, I'm here. You can probably spot me easily because I'm parked right outside your bookstore and I'm totally waving at you right now." Oh, she did.

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Things had changed a lot for the therian in the past few months, he had gone from being alone most of the time to having actual friends who checked in on him and wanted to spend time with him. It had been an adjustment for him, because he was so used to just being the guy in the background and so his schedule was mostly free time which he could use on whatever he wanted but now he had plans. Not that he was complaining, from Eun, the Dhampir who had saved him from being robbed in the store one night to Ha-joon, his cooking class partner in crime and now Irene, the cold-seeming CEO who actually had the sweetest heart, Leigh had a lot of good pouring into his life now.

He’d been chatting with Irene ever since that first day at the store when he gave her his number, at first it had been about business, she asked a few questions about finance best practices and the likes but before long they were talking about the book she had bought the other day and how she enjoyed it, which evolved to talking about their favorite stories in general. Once the floodgates opened it felt like they could talk about anything and everything, and they did. Now whenever Leigh’s phone buzzed he didn’t automatically assume it was some automated message reminding him he needed to go to an appointment, there were real people on the other side who seemed happy to talk to him and know about his day. Sometimes he vented, sometimes he listened to their rants but generally, he just felt important.

A couple of days ago Irene had messaged him saying he needed to free his schedule on Friday morning so he had asked Willow to cover the store for that day which she was happy to do as she wanted some extra hours in the lead up to the holidays. He had somehow managed to wake up late which had him a little frazzled as he dashed about the house looking for where he left all his things while Minha chased after him confused as hell about why we were running around so fast. He had nearly tripped over the dog several times on the back and forth a few times as he did his best to bundle up warm like he was told. He checked on the chinchillas to make sure they had enough hay and wanted before he closed off the room so Minha couldn’t bother them while he was out. He dashed downstairs only to catch a glimpse of a really expensive car parked out on the street which he couldn’t help but stare at for a moment before his phone buzzed.

He was dashing around his front room looking for his hat while he lifted the receiver to his ear , he looked up to wave at her through the now rolled down window, right, she was a CEO, of course the really expensive car was hers “Thanks, shame it’s itchier than I was expecting” he responded as he propped the phone between his shoulder and his ear and then grabbed his hat which was sitting on the edge of the couch in the end. He affixed it to his head “I didn’t forget but my alarm conveniently didn’t wake me up so bear with me” he laughed softly as he found his shoes and slipped them on, fastening the laces and heading out to the door, he pressed a quick kiss to Minha’s nose and petted her before closing the door behind him and hopped down the steps reaching the car and looking at it like it was far too expensive for him to even touch before sliding into the passenger side next to Irene. “Sorry about that, turns out I suck at making plans” he commented as he did up his seatbelt and looked out of the windscreen “Damn, so this is the life I could have if I played the stock market huh?” he grinned slightly making himself comfortable “Where are we off to?” he asked with raised brows, because it was all a big mystery to him.

Irene leaned against her car seat and fiddled with the helm of her shirt while having her window down, eyeing the place with a playful look as she dialed his number to let a certain inhabitant there know of her arrival. She does like to make quite the grand entrance, after all. It doesn't hurt to play around, especially when the blonde took the first leave of the year. Mhmm, she's never skipped one day of work, at all. The jumper looked cute on him, so she was slightly disheartened to hear it wasn't as comfortable as it was supposed to look on him. "Is it now?" she tapped against the dashboard of her car rhythmically as she settled herself comfortably in her seat while waiting for the therian to exit the place. 

Upon hearing that he didn't intend to forget and it was all his alarm's fault, Irene covered her mouth with one hand dramatically, "Shocker… what a disrespectful little thing…" When he finally emerged and headed towards her car, the blonde rose up slightly and turn to face him with an equally enthusiastic smile, spare her, she is actually excited for today's event. "Stock markets are overrated but a worthwhile investment, but yes, perhaps" her eyes were twinkling with mischief as she locked the doors automatically before changing the gear, her hands on the steering wheel while she gave Leigh a subtle shrug. "You'll see, yes I know I probably shouldn't be doing that secret thing but it's a very important place for us to start our journey to this partnership, you see." It kinda does, in her dictionary. 

As she got her car back on the road, Irene made sure to drive steadily to their destination that should take them less than 10 minutes because of the shortcuts. "I think you'll love this place." If he likes what she thinks she does, he would, wouldn't he? Unless she is mistaken about what he does like. Bad thoughts away, good thoughts only now, she reminded herself. "Don't worry, if I wanted to kill you, I wouldn't be bringing you to a place before your death. It'll be after since I need to get rid of the body." After a while, Irene saw the sign of the place they were headed to, visible from a few hundred meters away, which brought a huge grin to her face as she took a turn around the corner so she could park properly. It was a safe place away from the clamping zone, so once she parked her car, Irene was quick to usher him out. The big signage that wrote animal shelter at the side was seen from afar.

He chuckled softly at her reaction to his alarm failing him “I’m a really heavy sleeper so it didn’t have much hope if I’m honest, maybe I should set the tone to something a little more relentless” he shook his head slightly, even then he would probably end up managing to shut it off by attacking it sleepily and then falling asleep. He yawned as he made himself comfortable against the seat, expensive cars definitely had an edge on others when it came to how comfortable they were, he swore he could nap right there “Don’t worry I’ll perk up soon, just not a morning person” he commented with a nod, she had been insistent they needed to head out for a certain time though and while he was tired, he was also excited to see what the CEO had planned. “Oh I know they’re basically the easy way out” he commented with a chuckle, which is why he only invested in companies he actually wanted to help grow and not just for a quick flip “I don’t mind surprises” he responded with a grin “So long as they are good surprises” he guessed her kinda liked spontaneity.

He looked around out the window as they drove but it wasn’t much help because he had never been to this area in the city before so unless there was a sign for the place they were going he wasn’t going to get any clues. “Yeah?” he asked when she said she thought he’d love the place she was taking him “Is it a cafe that serves unlimited tea? Or….a library?” really he had no idea but he did kinda enjoy the fact that someone had made the efforts to make plans with him. Irene seemed like the plan type though, she struck him as the meticulous type when he met her before. When she mentioned killing him though he gave a slightly nervous laugh because he wasn’t expecting her to say something like that “Hadn’t even crossed my mind until you brought it up” he exclaimed with a shake of his head, she definitely had an interesting sense of humor, that was for sure.

He spotted the sign for the place they were going to before long and a bright grin appeared on his face, okay not exactly what he had been expecting but he loved animals so it made him really excited to know they were going to get to see some today. He glanced over at the blonde with a questioning expression as he was trying to figure out why they were here, was she looking for a pet to take home and asking for help? Were they here to just play with the animals for a while? Not that he was complaining but he wanted to be in the right state of mind for it. She didn’t give him much though so he hopped out the car shutting the door behind him just a little too hard and then grimacing wondering if she would tell him off “I am very excited whenever there are animals around but I have to wonder what our goal for today is?” he asked as he tilted his head making his way to stand beside her.

"Okay now I'm curious to know what ringtone you put for your alarm, don't tell me you used the generic ones offered like bird chirps… or bells" she narrowed her blue hues into the therian before shaking her head, "You need something louder and upbeat, seems like it." Irene wouldn't call herself an early riser but she was way too used to waking up early or having no sleep to compare, so once she was seeing the same situation every morning and night, the diviner eventually got herself settled up pretty decently with the fact that this wasn't going to change anytime soon. But at least, today she got up early for the sole reason of bringing Leigh to the animal shelter, in hopes that they'll have some ideas sparking up while they were doing their activities there. Hopefully, the day will turn out to be good for the both of them. "Well, as long as you don't sleep on me, because I will wake you up and I can't promise you I'm as lenient and nice as your… alarm clock" she retorted wryly, oh yes, Leigh, don't fall asleep. 

"Don't bump your head against the dashboard if you are going to doze off, at least. That'll leave you a bruise" Yes because Irene definitely hasn't done that. Mhmm. "It'll be a good surprise" she reassured, at least she saw it as one. He'll like it, right? When he threw a few guesses in, Irene had to chuckle at the irony of Leigh talking about tea, "You and your tea, man. Leigh, you sure you didn't marry tea leaves in your previous life?" she teased and tapped her fingers against the steering wheel as she pulled over the next corner. "But no, not a library and not related to tea. It's a bit too early for tea, don't you think?" Irene always had them for evening sessions and never morning because it would give her an upset tummy but she wondered if Leigh does. "Look at the bright side, if I get rid of you, I won't have a business partner anymore so you're safe" Oh, Irene has got to step up her game in reassuringly someone when talking about something so morbid so freely. 

She heard a loud thud when he closed the door but didn't pay any mind to it, her eyes were practically gleaming with excitement the moment her eyes fell on the sign displayed at the front. "Remember we talked about creating a pet cafe where people can pet the fluff balls and read a book while indulging themselves with coffee or treats? I thought it would be a good idea for us to volunteer at an animal shelter to further understand how they react better. At first, my PA told me I should just hire an expert but then I remember this is our project so… I wanted a taste of it on my own. Are you okay with that? Sorry I didn't tell you beforehand, I wanted it to be a surprise" Judging from her tone alone, it was evident that Irene had been looking forward to today, she even had a slight bounce to her steps earlier as they made their way to the entrance, the blonde ringing the doorbell while they waited for the doors to open. 

Leigh gave a shifty look when she asked him what his alarm tone was “It was a custom one but in hindsight, setting your alarm to piano music just because you really liked it might not be the best decision” he chuckled softly under his breath and purposely avoided eye contact because that was a little embarrassing to admit “Maybe I should set it to the sound a parrot squawking, the one my parents had always woke me up early” that though would probably annoy the hell out of him and make him grumpy. He leaned back against the seat and crossed one leg over the other listening to the soft music playing over the stereo as they talked, he completely forgot Christmas was coming along soon until he heard the sound of ‘Last Christmas’ on the radio “Don’t worry, I’m awake now, once I’m up, I’m up” he struggled to get back to sleep after he had been fully woken up, plus was too curious about where they were going.

He chuckled slightly when she warned him not to hit his head “I hit my head so many times a week that at this point I’m pretty much numb to it” he teased with an amused chuckle, always too tall for the world around him he found, there was a low ceiling in one of the doorways in the bookstore which he managed to somehow forget about a lot. He was just clumsy really. Her comments about tea made Leigh shrug slightly “Hey they say to appreciate the little things in life, well my daily thing to look forward to is tea, sue me” he shot her a playful look across the car “And no, it is never too early for tea, I think I was probably British in another life” really it was one of Leigh’s coping mechanism he used, thinking about small things he could look forward to every day helped him to face the pressures which weighed on him. He gave a slightly surprised laugh when she talked about getting rid of him “Thanks, that’s very encouraging and assures me entirely for my safety” his tone was slightly playful and sarcastic and he grinned slightly as he climbed out of the car.

Now he knew the destination he was actually pretty excited, he loved animals and wasn’t all that secretive about it. Hearing her explanation behind the idea he smiled brightly, if there was anything he had learned about Irene since they met it was that she was very diligent and hands-on and this only affirmed it for him “Oh wow” he spoke as he processed everything she had said so far, he knew they had talked about this idea some but he wasn’t sure it was actually going to happen or that she was this serious about it so it took him a moment to center himself “Absolutely, if we’re going to pair with an adoption shelter then we should definitely see how they run themselves and then see what we can learn from them” he nodded a few times as he brushed down his pants and followed the blonde up to the doorway, when they opened it they were ushered inside, talking about the Christmas rush already and how they were expecting lots of potential adopters to come in over the next few hours. It was a lot to take in but Leigh was doing his best not to get too overwhelmed by it all, glancing over at Irene over his shoulder “You’ve brought us to mania” he teased with a surprised expression.

The shifty look he gave her was a rather hilarious one, Irene couldn't refrain herself from laughing and ended up doing exactly that. The blonde snickered while trying her best to keep her eyes on the wheels instead of the therian that managed to make her day a tad brighter. "Right, if you had set it to a piano music, you would've fallen back asleep, wouldn't you? And then that defeats the purpose of an alarm" she shook her head and chuckled, Leigh really is an amusing guy. "Mhmm, setting it to something that will be annoying instead of calming is a very good first step if you wanna try" Her alarm tone was quite loud, if she didn't remind herself it's a phone that she shouldn't be replacing in less than a few months after buying a new one, Irene would have threw it across her room. But then again, she did have a personal alarm clock to wake her up if she ends up sleeping over the alarm due to exhaustion. She could hear Leigh humming to the tone of the music that was currently playing; Last Christmas. When was the last time she actually had the time to sit back and enjoy the Christmas tunes? In a while, that's for sure.

 It was actually nice. Irene wasn't a total Grinch, she happens to like the festivity that follows the last month of the year. She just didn't have the chance or platform to showcase her fondness. "Even so, I wouldn't want my partner to end up with a concussion, no matter how minor it is, your head is an actual asset aside from your heart, I swear you always forget that, Leigh" While the therian is a good and humble person at heart, she would never dare to undermine the intelligent brain of his. "I'm British, and I swear you like tea more than I do," she retorted playfully, "But hey, I'm not that old, so maybe yes, in your previous life, you were this posh old man drinking tea. That's probably why you have such a fancy surname for this life, Mr Kingsman" she giggled, it was always fun to talk to the other male. 

"Oh please, how can someone like me ever attempt to even think of harming someone. Me? Innocent me?" Admittedly, Irene had the deceiving appearance of a rather innocent lady, and she had to say it always does the work. "I'm glad you think so, I've pretty much been looking forward to this today and seeing that you're also onboard with it, it goes with the flow" Did she even have a T-shirt for it? Yes. A red T-shirt with their names written on it alongside the animal shelter's emblem. Team spirit, Nadia would say. "I've brought us to become Santa's animal helpers" she teased and tossed him a red T-shirt left by the counter, "Also, you need to wear that. I'm not going to wear it alone... It's supposed to be the color theme for Christmas, they said." Obviously, she wasn't going to make the first move so she beckoned for the other male to go and change first. 

He couldn’t remember the last time he’d just made plans to do something with a friend that wasn’t Eun, he wasn’t really the kind that made plans, he was the kind that promised to make plans, kept forgetting them and eventually just showed up when he had a day off because he’d been so busy. He guessed he actually quite liked being busy, though it could be lonely at times and it occurred to him that he should make a New Year’s resolution to make more effort to see friends next year, especially now he had quite a few of them, thanks to some crazy happenstance in his life lately, along with a bit of bravery on his part.

He liked Christmas celebrations too, though he wasn’t sure anyone could actually dislike them when it generally made everyone around a little happier and nicer, who would complain at getting a gift after all? “True, my brain is precious cargo as my mother put it and sexy, as my friend randomly put it one day” he chuckled under his breath because that had been pretty surprising for him. Either way, he did acknowledge that being smart was one of his better traits and he was too shy to be egotistical about it. He laughed when she said he liked tea more than she did “it’s just one of those staples you know, something to look forward to every day” it was the same logic most people had for their morning coffee, he just wasn’t as big of a fan of the taste of coffee. “My family name actually is British, my grandpa moved here from England to marry my grandma” he beamed slightly, so technically his heritage was British and he probably got some of his likes from them “So that’s why my name is so posh” he attempted to do a British accent as he spoke that last part but it wasn’t great.

“True, you give a scary CEO vibe at first but after that, you’re pretty fluffy” he responded with an amused chuckle, he definitely liked talking to her because she was intelligent and thoughtful and often put spins on topics that they were talking about which he didn’t expect which was refreshing. “Who couldn’t be on board when it comes to getting to spend the whole day hanging out with animals?” kinda sounded like his idea of heaven if he was honest and it was going to be fun to spend the day with Irene and getting to know her even better too. When she tossed him the shirt he caught it and opened it to inspect it before chuckling softly “Should I be worried that you somehow know my size?” she laughed softly, though he found girls were always good at guessing sizes, he was hopeless at it. Spotting a bathroom he pointed to it before heading inside and changing into the shirt, when he headed back out he looked significantly more red “Well now I look like Christmas” he teased greeting her with a smile before one of the volunteers came along to explain what they would be doing today.

Irene didn't have a lot of friends. Even she knows that. But Leigh was someone she grew to be very comfortable with, and she could understand why. There were plenty of reasons why she grew accustomed to his humble whims and cute antics. The kitsune had various aspects to him that makes him extremely likable. Though Leigh is a bit shy compared to Irene's forwardness, it wasn't something they couldn't go with. "Oooh, precious cargo by mommy dearest and sexy by… mysterious friend, do I know this friend? Is he hot? Come on, Leigh… spill" she gushed enthusiastically, oh she was definitely curious to know who this friend is, if he called Leigh's brain, sexy. She had to admit, everyone since she befriended Leigh, she's been drinking a lot of that green tea even though she doesn't prefer but as much as he does. She definitely had her own episodes where she would pull an expression that said she was nowhere near impressed or amused. 

It was funny, a meme-worthy memory to keep in her head to serve her a reminder that she wasn't leading such a boring life after all. Maybe what she needed was just someone who saw something good in her and tries to bring it out instead of rejecting her outright. "Aha, so I found a long lost British cousin" she teased him, giggling softly when he attempted to do a British accent which wasn't horrible, but it was funny coming from Leigh himself who knew it wasn't going to stand, "Posh is so overrated, my dear Leighton. If it makes you feel any better, your British is better than most who attempted it, bonus points for trying effortlessly." Irene never thought a day would come where someone would call her fluffy, it was the least of what she expected but what she mad? Not the slightest. It surprised her so much she couldn't help that stupid grin from making its way up to her. "Fluffy, huh? You are strange, Leigh" she shook her head and chuckled, the therian has always been so entertaining and amusing all the same. It was no wonder she never got bored. 

"It's just a hunch, it's not hard to guess someone's size, Leigh" she rolled her eyes playfully and went over to the next room to change but not before halting on her steps halfway through, "And I may have dived in a bit of researching on you." The blonde was glad that he didn't find it burdensome and was quick to change into her customized T-shirt as she shrugged off the coat at the rack. Her hair was tied up into twin ponytails as she stretched out her arms, joining the male who was already dressed. "Hello Christmas, my name's Irene" she mused cheekily and gave the schedule and itinerary for today's event printed on the clipboard to Leigh while skimming through the pages herself, "Looks like we're going to start by greeting those fluffs first."

Leigh had never really been a people person, he found a lot of people to be self-centered and unkind, they would be cruel to others simply because it made them feel better about their lives and that was what led him to become so internalized. It wasn’t until he met Eun earlier this year that he started to realize that people might not all be so bad and since he opened his mind a little, several good people had walked into his life. He felt very lucky for that to happen. When Irene questioned about him he flushed a deep shade of red and cleared his throat, well now he couldn’t really deny it because he’d totally flared up like a lightbulb. “He is” he scratched at the back of his neck “Probably the most attractive man I have ever seen in person” he bit his lip softly “But no I don’t think you’d know him” at least he would be surprised if she did “Wide shoulders, tall like me, dark eyes which you could just get lost in” and that was only him gushing about Eun physically.

He chuckled under his breath “In spirit yes” he responded with a chuckle, seeing her reaction to his British accent was fun, he knew it wasn’t perfect but he had known a couple of people from the UK back in college so he was doing his best to mimic their voices as he remembered them, it had been a fair few years since then though. He gave a playful exaggerated bow when she said he got points for a decent accent “Why thank you, I practiced by watching many many Harry Potter movies” of course Leigh was a fan of pretty much any popular franchise like that, he read the books when he was younger and saw all the movies in the theatre. He grinned, glancing over at her when she responded to him calling her fluffy “You are, though that makes me excited to see how you are around animals” he was beaming because he was sure he would see a new side to her today.

“Well can’t say I’ve ever managed to do it, I’d be worried I got the wrong one and then it wouldn’t fit” he chuckled under his breath, he was terrible at gift buying in the sense he always worried if the person would like what he chose, whether it was enough or too much but he enjoyed getting gifts regardless “Oh did you know, did you find anything interesting?” he questioned with raised brows, it was a joke obviously because he didn’t really lead all that exciting of a life. After changing he came back out and laughed when she called him Christmas “Hello Dad Joke, nice to meet you” he chuckled as he took the clipboard she offered and nodded a thanks as he skimmed over it “Straight into the action then” he spoke excitedly as they started heading out to the kennels, he could hear the sounds of barking before they even opened the door “Just remember you can’t bring all of them home” he teased it with a grin.

If there was one thing she could sum up her year, it was being able to find a friend in someone who didn't judge her as hard as everyone else. To be fair, Leigh didn't even have the time or chance to judge her, and boy was she glad she came into his bookstore that day. She never stopped reminding him of her gratitude when he saved her from making one of the biggest mistakes that could possibly cost her company more money to lose. Not only did she find someone kind and humble, she also found a business partner that helped her move forward with her plans, today's trip being one of the early steps towards it. "Aha, the most attractive man, you say. It's a shame that I don't know him, he seems like quite the catch if he caught your eye" she giggled and grinned coyly while poking into it, "And heart, it seems." 

The way he described this guy had Irene covering her mouth with one hand in awe, she's never been one who would fangirl that bad but then again, she's also never had someone to actually fangirl with. "Damn, you should really get it, Leigh, he sounds like a good guy, and I believe you have a good judge of character." As shy as the therian can be, she does hope to see something in the efforts. Perhaps, she would be privy to the details he would share with her in the future. "Harry Potter is the shit" she nodded, when the books first came out, she remembered reading them because of the trend and as soon as the movies came out, she could see what all the fuss and hype was about. "So, what are you? Ravenclaw?" He does look like a Ravenclaw, for sure. 

Nobody's ever called her by nicknames or any of that so it was perfectly understandable to see her reaction morphing into shock and awe when he called her fluffy, "Oh, I don't know about that. I've… never had any pets." What if she was an animal person? "Are you a cat or dog person?" Irene spared him an incredulous look before chuckling when he asked her if she found anything remotely interesting regarding his life, "It's very simple, very… accepting. From the way I see it, you're living a good life. A comfortable one too. And I have no idea how anyone else can defeat your love for green tea." Admittedly, all the barking she heard had her squealing internally in excitement, dogs are cute, after all. She was quick to scurry to the pointed direction, her eyes marvelling at the sight of a few puppies piling on top of each other in the kennels, "Why are they so adorable... " 

Their first mission was to clean the kennels and the blonde was already on it with a broom in her grasp. "Come on, Leigh, time is golden, they're not gonna wait for us" she ushered enthusiastically and practically dragged him with her. "I think I'm in trouble… I want them all." 

Leigh grinned slightly and glanced over at her for a moment with a smile “I mean I can show you a picture if you want but the pictures hardly do him enough justice” he spoke with a shake of his head, he definitely had never met anyone in his life that he felt so immediately drawn to their looks, it was the kind of good looking he thought was reserved for only celebrities and yet Eun was right there in front of him. Leigh bit his lip when Irene suggested he might have caught his heart too “I make it too obvious don’t I?” he responded it with a sigh because he had been doing his best to keep it to himself but it wasn’t easy when you had feelings for someone and all you wanted to do was talk about how amazing they were.

“Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just getting it” he admitted with a shrug of his shoulders “Not to mention I’m not even certain he actually thinks of me like that” he spoke it softly, there had been moments where he felt like they had a connection more than friendship sure but that might be him wanting it to be more rather than Eun actually feeling that way. And then there was the whole complexity with the fact he was engaged to a woman back home and white the Dhampir had been clear that he didn’t want to marry her, it didn’t mean he wouldn’t marry her. “Definitely, I read all the books and saw every movie in the theatre on release, kinda grew up with it I guess you could say” he nodded a few times and smiled “Hufflepuff actually, Ravenclaw would be my backup house though” he giggled softly under his breath “I mean I have all this intelligence and I sell books for a living so, that probably says something” he grinned slightly “What about you? Maybe a Slytherin?” he raised his brows curiously.

“You don’t have to have pets to show that you would be really good around them, I mean look how quickly you arranged this” he had a good feeling about her nature though he couldn’t put his finger the reasons why “Dogs mostly, or at least it’s a dog that I actually have and if I got a cat she’d probably chase it” he chuckled softly “But I also really like rodents too so I guess I just love every little fluffball” how could you not when they were all so loving and sweet, Minha was always the thing that cheered him up when he was down, she’d somehow know and end up with her head in his lap, just to comfort him. “I’m happy with where I am right now” he responded honestly, nodding his head slightly “There’s always going to be more things I want and no doubt days where everything just hurts but” he shrugged a little and let it be, the point was that for the most part his life was good right now and he wanted to keep that positivity.

He could see from the look on her face alone she was excited and she wasn’t alone as he scanned his eyes over all the kennels, seeing the dogs which were all bundling on top of one another and vying for attention with made Leigh grin “They’re puppies, they’re literally engineered to be adorable and irresistible” he laughed as he grabbed a mop so that he could mop down the floors after they were swept. He headed into one of the kennels and started cleaning “Oh no, it begins” he teased to her when she said she wanted them all “Maybe start with just the one before going full crazy dog lady though” he jested with a smile over towards her.

When he said he could show her a few pictures of him, Irene was already halfway grinning like a fool, it was clear that this guy really had her friend whipped and that was saying a lot, she likes seeing Leigh enthusiastic, it's very calming. Perhaps, it reminded her that she could have that too. Being happy. "Hardly does him justice huh? Still, I would love to see who this handsome hunk that stole your heart is" He must've been pretty special for Leigh. "Don't worry about it, it's normal to react like that. Just because you don't see me whipping our my excitement card, doesn't mean you can't do the same. The whole point of our weird friendship is you being the happy pill out of the two of us" It does seem like Irene was the one who would be willing to cut someone for even staring at Leigh the wrong way. "You can talk to me or fanboy all you want about this guy, I'm gonna hear from A to Z, Leigh." She means it.

 Her smile dropped as a frown sink in, "How so you know he doesn't think of you that way? He's never actually said anything about those, has he?" She didn't know who wouldn't like Leigh. "Don't give up too soon, who knows, he'll sweep you off the floor again. For real, next time" she cooed teasingly and winked at him. She had a good feeling about it. After all, it's Leigh. Seeing him going all geek mode on Harry Potter sent her giggling because she wasn't the biggest fan but enough today core herself a pretty avid one, "Actually, I'm a Ravenclaw. Surprising, I know. But I don't always threaten to whip out my knife and cut people 25/7, Leigh, gosh. I'm just the Ravenclaw who's pretty defensive and likes to use whatever knowledge I have outside the doors." Irene never really did like keeping it to herself. 

"When I was a kid, we had this massive library in our home and I could still remember which aisle is which." Since she was left alone, the library was basically her company. She didn't play as much with Mira. Shrugging absentmindedly as she tried to brush it off dismissively, Irene didn't see it as something new, "I just like to plan things thoroughly. It's like automatically ingrained in me." But everything that encapsulate the motive she brought in made it even more worthwhile hence why she chose him to be the one she brings here, today. "Let me guess, you have rodents too?" The blonde wouldn't exactly be surprised. "I've never had a pet before but I think I'll like dogs very much. I've always fawned over them." She allowed a gentle smile to play around when Leigh said he was happy right now, that's good to hear. 

The sight of them all piled up while fishing for their attention couldn't help her contain the excitement dripping from her eyes, "Hey, full crazy dog lady is something honorable. But you're right, I'll start with one and then another… then another… until I build a dog kingdom and take over the world mwahahaha" She even attempted to make a villainous laugh as she scurried over to the kennel and unlocked the gate so she could get inside, which she squealed even before she was in fully because the puppies were flopping on her shoes. "I'm gonna live here."

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