Erythreus had fallen short on positivity lately. After the news about Vladimir, he found himself just as distraught as the rest of the guards and Aspects. He couldn't do much besides question why. Why did it have to be one of their best, why did things like this happen constantly? All the why's were getting him no where though, and soon enough he knew he'd be going on another mission to help put the puzzle together. Danger lurked for all of them now, and before anyone else vanished he swore he'd find an answer. But, thats what they all wanted, they all wanted answers, sitting here helpless wasn't what Aspects and Guards were good at.

The Aspect of Death hadn't slept much lately, but to his surprise, he'd began drinking even more than before. The only thing surprising about that was the fact that the other Aspects hadn't scolded him for it yet. His drinking binges were bad before, but now they were a means of survival or at least that's how it felt, which gave him the idea that this was what it was like for an addict. If it hadn't been for his immortal status, he was sure by now he would be laid up in a hospital bed with a liver failing him. The knock at his door caused the Aspect to huff. He wasn't in the mood for 'people' of any kind today, but when duty called, he never failed to show up.

Thinking it was going to be one of his siblings, or one of the guards, hopeful that they'd have some news on Vlad's death, Ery quickly opened his door, but no one stood on the other side. What he saw was much worse than that. "Sio! what the hell?!" he questioned, yelling out loud, unable to breathe as he looked down to the blonde who lied there with something impaling her heart, and life draining right out of her eyes, and in the pool of blood she laid on top of. Without being able to think clearly, the Aspect fell beside of her, holding her head in his lap, and in another notion, he'd went to pull the object out of her chest that impaled her heart.

The moment Erythreus pulled though, Sio vanished, so did all the blood. This seeming to unreal, Erythreus backed against the wall quickly, breathing heavily. "What the fuck.." he asked himself. What was that? He hadn't even had a sip of alcohol today. So, he knew he wasn't even the slightest bit tipsy. One of the other guards had came out to see what all the comotion was about. "Ery, don't you think we're dealing with enough without you piling it on because of your drunken bullshit?" she questioned angrily. Erythreus said nothing, he only continued to stare where he'd just seen Sio's body laying almost dead.

"Sorry..." he then said to the guard, not willing to tell her what'd just happened. It's not like they had the right mind set for anything else negative, but something like that would have only had them calling Erytrheus crazy. So, instead of wondering why that happened to him, and why the hell he saw Sio dead, when she wasn't even no where near the manor, he decided he would leave and go find her. After climbing on his Ducati, the Aspect of Death sped away, no helmet, and no time to even care about safety protocol as he sped along the city streets to make his way to the one place he knew he could find her.

"HOLY FUCK!!" The Aspect yelled, while his bike slid around, nearly throwing him from it as he tried to dodge someone stretched out in the middle of the road. Erythreus ran to the female with blonde hair, and after turning her over to see her face, the Aspect fell backward onto his ass, gasping at the sight of Sio's face, again. "Hell no" he then said, he closed his eyes for a moment, thinking that when he opened them, that maybe she'd be gone. This time she laid there with a slash across her throat, dirty, ripped clothes, her hair wet, and caked up with mud. Ery's trembling hands reach out to touch her, the moment his hand got close enough, she vanished, yet again.

He couldn't wrap his head around any of this. What was happening to him? Barely able to breathe, the Aspect used what energy he had to kick his bike across the road, people eyeing him as they inched their vehicles around the scene of him seeming crazy. Erythreus gave a few of them the middle finger before deciding to say screw it, leave his bike right where it laid, and jog the rest of the way to the cabin. Out of breath and terrified, it wasn't long before the Aspect reach the one place he hoped to find Sio, and he really hoped he found her alive. Seeing her dead twice now, had to have meant something, or there was seriously something much deeper than that going on. Ery had a gut feeling that something in this city was about to change for the worse.

He didn't bother to even knock, Erythreus slammed right through the door, his panicked eyes wandering the cabin for any signs of her. "SIO?!?!?!" he called out, hoping to hear an answer, rather than find her laying there and Ery be to late to save her. Just as that thought dampered the mood a little more, a cold chill breezed over Ery's shoulders, it was an eerie feeling creeping behind him, it almost seemed as though something or someone followed him out here. And, just as he went to turn, the very same monsters from Sio's past that he was sure were all dead now, jumped in his face, causing him to stumble backward and collide right into Sio herself. Weather she was dead or alive, he had no idea, and a huge part of him was to afraid to look back and see. The rain poured, and thunder for the most part dared to let Erys voice be heard, something about all of this sent shivers along his spine. Not even all the deaths he dealt with on a daily basis seemed as heart wretching as this .. whatever this was.

The Aspect was truly worried he'd lost his mind, completely oblivious to the fact that the whole city was in danger, that this was only the beginning.

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Siobhan had become more rackless after Lucifer forced her to remove herself from Dominic’s mind. Having the man you care about forget every moment you shared would drive anyone mad. Yet Dominic saved her once again from the mad man then almost lost his life saving Siobhan mother Sophia from the same mad man’s loyal followers. After Dominic almost dying Siobhan made a promise to herself that she would never let him do that again.

Though that didn’t slow Siobhan down in her ways. She found that her mother moving into Dominic Cabin along with a very pregnant human Lucifer had tested on to be rather suffocating, and not helpful for Dominic and Sio. The need for money going up for the unwanted house guest stayed. So Sio began to pick up on her side gig of odd jobs, as she really didn’t want to return working for Jon since she hadn’t spoken to him in so long she was sure she had disappointed him also.

This odd job of hers lead her to the Angels Den, the strip club on the outskirt of town. Sio learned that the strip club was a front for nephilim children trafficking. Siobhan should have gotten help, but she couldn’t bring herself to rope anyone else in, she was worried too many people would get the children hurt. So she went undercover trying to find out enough info to get Cornelia involved even though the Bradford seem to have their hands full with their own family danamic.

Though her perfectly place recon mission was throw off when someone began to notice her poking around. Then Dominic following her lead to more eyes on her. After being called in, she fell right into the trap of the human who was collecting the nephilim children. He used his therians to catch her off guard. She couldn’t recall how long she was tortured for until she made her escape. Covered in blood her adrenaline was the only thing carrying her at that point. She got the children and was about to make her escape with them when the door swung open to Dominic standing there to save her.

She was sure everything was going to be alright until she heard the cock of gun coming from the only person she was sure would be shooting to kill. Siobhan knew she had to keep Dominic and everyone she had placed in danger. Her body turned, her wings acting as a shield when the bullet embedded itself in the center of her chest, bearly missing her heart. She slipped into darkness after the shot. She was thrown into the darkest parts of her mind, the monsters that once haunted her resurfacing.

It was a miracle that Sio even survived after everything, but that had to do a lot with the diviner, she was on death door in that time, she found herself fading in and out catching glimpses of Ery, as she was going through the most traumatic experience she would ever experience. So when weeks passed her mind attacking her. Yet she woke up and life had been thrown into this emotional hub with her mother and Hannah the woman they had saved.

It wasn’t until hannah had given birth and passed away, the child going to Sio mother and her mother moving into her apartment did the quietness came. Siobhan found the nightmares didn’t let up though, she dreamed her death often after everything. She found it was worst the night Dominic was working. Yet she was thankful he was giving her time to be useless and come to terms with everything that had happened.

That night the dreams where worst, she felt as if she had actually died a few times. It wasn’t until she heard her name being called in fear did she open her eyes. The storm outside was raging loudly. She shot up out of the bed, her hands wrapping around the dagger that she kept under the pillow her nights home alone. Another scream of her name caused her to enter the living area that was covered in darkness when she jumped at the crack of lightning, She felt his larger body bump into her. Her fingers wrapped tighter around the blade when another strike illuminated his face and she felt the sigh of relief as she place the blade on the table beside her “Erythreus what are you doing here?”

She moved around him and taking hold of his arm, he looked scared, he looked like he had seen a ghost and with her almost losing her life she was sure that he had seen her but a few weeks had passed since then. “Ery what is wrong. Its like you have seen a ghost.” she found is strange he would show up screaming her name after all the pair hadn’t talked in so long Sio was sure he had long forgotten her. “Are you okay?” she asked softly as she pulled her hair to the side, shifting back and forth for a moment. “Dominic is working in the city are you sure you are not looking for him?”

Even though he was distraught and riddled in fear, the Aspect couldn't help but to notice that before she even knew who he was calling for her, she had approached him with a blade, which meant she was in danger, that his thoughts may not have been to far of a leap, except for one thing; she was obviously alive. The lightning contnued to streak across the sky, and the rain and thunder made it hard for him to hear the questions she had began to throw at him.

When they moved to a more quiet space though, Erythreus, soaking wet and in pain emotionally, eyed her for a few moments. He was simply to see her still breathing after what had been engraved into his mind. Reaching out, the Aspect cupped each side of her cheeks with his palms, laughing in relief that she was real. "I thought you were dead" he bluntly said in response to her asking why he was even there in the first place. "And not to mention the fact that  weeks ago, i felt your presence brush against me in death .. but then something strange happened, I never felt you die. It makes no sense, but you're here so what happened to you?" he then asked, before averting his gaze  back to the blade she had first grabbed when he started calling out her name.

"Were you expecting someone else?" he questioned while staring from the blade to Sio, seeing how much fear rested beneath the eyes of a warrior. She seemed drained, and he could almost feel just how much she had been through. Her time in hell with the dark diviner; Lucifer, had also been a hell of a time for Ery himself, he couldn't remember the last time he'd felt so many deaths, so whatever she had went through, a part of him had been right there with her all along. Her questions continued rolling in, and Ery could barely focus on one before another was asked. As she then asked if he was looking for Dom instead, the Aspect shook his head no. "I wouldn't have screamed your name if it were Dom I was seeking. I dont know how to explain, except to just say it, so" he started off, griamcing as he looked down before gazing back up to make eye contact with an angel he had once found himself head over hills for.

"I was convinced you were dead, something.. someone, I don't know what happened to me but that brief second that I saw \you being attacked by the monsters of your past, was very real for me.. and I know it's been a long time, and you may think I had forgotten you, or that I didn't care about you anymore, but thats far from true, I had to come confirm what I was seeing, you have no idea how fucking happy I am to see that you're okay. Something dark consumed me though, and while I wish there was an easier way to explain this mess, all I know is that whatever was controlling me, made me see you dead." he expressed in a panicked tone, still unhinged at first, slowly attempting to ease the tension he felt. "Has your past come back to bother you? or is this all something in my mind?" he questioned, praying silently that he hadn't lost his shit, that there was some logical explanation here.

The rumble that shook the cabin caused the young Nephilim, she was sure she looked crazy just standing there holding a blade to the aspect of death. As Siobhan looked to him when he touched her face as if trying to make sure she was really there. The words that left his lips only made Siobhan chuckle “I pretty much as dead, a few weeks ago.” she confirmed what he had felt weeks ago. “You are late to my almost death party, lots of blood and tears.” she said bluntly wincing at her own roughness. Her hand came to rest upon the bullet wound that was healed up now. “I was shot and the bullet stopped short of my heart, My mother and a diviner saved me, as I was reaching out to you.” she said honestly to him.

 “I went undercover at a strip club, that I learned was a cover for sex trafficing Nephilim children. I may have not let anyone in on what I was doing, but Dom figured it out. This lead to me getting in over my head and being discovered. The owner of the club kidnapped me and beat me senseless.” she spoke softly as her blue eyes clouded with the memories of what happened to her. “He put electrodes on my temples and tortured me, wanting to make me beg for him to stop. I knew Dominic would come looking for me so I held on, till my powers took over and manage to make it so I could free myself. I manage to get the children free and ask I was about to make my escape there Dom was to save me.” she closed her eyes then. “Then I heard the click of the gun, I knew it was aimed at Dom so I stepped in front of it to keep him safe.” 

She let out a shaky breath as she dropped her hand from where the scar was under her shirt. “He is more important to many people than I am. He could move on without me being around.” She let her eyes open and drop to the knife she had been holding. “After everything I just feel better if I have something in my reach.” she said honestly, as she gave as shrug “No but if you had noticed he wasn’t here and you where looking for him, you may be screaming my name to see if I knew where he was.” she pointed out as she placed the blade down on the table.

When he brought up monsters of her past she froze slightly as she looked down. “I had hopped they where only visions I was seeing after my close call. I think something dark came back with me Ery, I am not sure how to explain it but something feels wrong inside of me. Like the old Sio is battling to keep hold.” she whispered almost. “It’s not that I have thought you forgotten about me or didn’t care it is I hope you had it would be easier if you had for yourself.” She stared at him for a long moment, were they both going crazy, did she poison him, did he poison her. She didn’t have answers. “I don’t have answers.” she looked at him with tears in her eyes.

The Aspect of Death frowned slightly, and withdrew his hand, to avoid taking her personal space. To him it was necessary to feel and see if she was really there, and he had even blinked a few times, assuming she'd vanish like any hallucination would. With a raised brow, Erythreus crossed his arms and began nervously shifting from one foot to the other as she spoke of recent events that had taken place in her life, during Ery's absence. "What do you mean I missed your 'almost' death party? We fell out of touch for too long Bo, but that didn't mean you couldn't reach out to me- - besides, I would have known if you had died.. or at least I think I would have. Things have been really messed up lately" he sighed, and momentarily let himself have a flashback of how he felt the moment he realized he couldn't sense Vladimir in the realm of death. 

Ery's head then hung low as she explained exactly what he'd just asked her. "Who shot you?" he questioned, rage consuming his features. "More importantly, you just said you were reaching out to me? As in.. the realm of death Siobhan?" he questioned, with a look of utter shock and fear on his face. IF that were true, if that's what she was really saying, then yeah, something was definitely happening to him with his abilities. Running a hand across his face, the Aspect let a breath of annoyance escape his lungs, and placed his the palms of his hands on the back of his head, locking his fingers and shaking his head.

Before he knew it, Erythreus was pacing yet again. Again feeling that same sense of rage, but a small sense of relief was felt to know Dom had figured out her suicude mission before it got even worse than it did. "You didn't deserve that, no woman does.. but i'm glad it didn't go any further than that. What were you thinking Bo?" he questioned, giving her a judgemental look, he was sure of, but truly, he wouldn't be able to cope if something happened to her. No matter the distance, and no matter how long the two of them went without speaking, he would always care about Siobhan. She'd always have that special place in his life.

The Aspect had halted when she carried on explaining. "You're joking right? The part where you stopped in front of a loaded gun to save Dom.. that was a joke, yeah?" he asked, and even though Ery's accent had a way of making him sound like he wasn't serious half the time, he damn sure was. He could see how serious she was though, when she closed her eyes, as if she were maybe reliving that moment all over again, and that's not why Ery was here. He wasn't here to make her think of all the shit she had gone through during the time that they hadn't spoken, to him that was a cruel punishment, having to relive traumatic experiences.

Erythreus gazed to where the angel-child was touching, his face turning a fire engine red as anger coursed through him like currents of electricity. From the moment he had met Sio, her life had been in shambled, hell their greeting wasn't anything short of insane since Erythreus had slayed her demons the very night he met her. It seemed that for her, things had only been going down hill ever since that crazy night. He knew he was petty enough to lay her in Dom's cabin floor, leaving her to die because of his broken heart, but he had grown so much since then, and now, well now there wasn't nothing he wouldn' do to keep her safe, if there was any way he could help. "I'm happy you have Dom, Bo. Really." he started, giving a faint smile at the Nephilim, but quickly, that smile faded yet again. "Don't say that, you know you're important to people .. myself included.. I don't know that he'd just move on without you either"

Erythreus could hear the broken tone behind her voice, and he could see just how shattered her world was by looking at her. It saddened the Aspect of Death greatly, and he wished he could do something to at least help. Ery cocked a brow, confused at first about what she meant, but then he understood, and grimaced as he looked at the ground. "I don't know about that. I keep seeing things .. things that are obviously not real" he stated, making a gesture with his hand, referring to her, who seemed very much alive, unlike the vision of her he had in his head, when he was screaming for her.

"Don't let it drag you to hell, Bo. I remember how bad things got for you back then, and while it's probably not what you wanna hear, things seem worse now than they did before. You seem.. different.. and I'm not meaning so as a compliment.. I feel it..." he swallowed harshly before continuing, "I feel darkness around you. But, you of all people know if I set my heart out to do something, i'm pretty unstoppable, and i'll do what I can to help you through this, you can't let it win" he then said, referring to the darkness itself as though it were a person. Sometimes it felt like the darkness in this city was a person indeed.

"I know you feel like you're battling this alone, but keep fighting .. if you give up, im afraid that everyone who cares about you, is going to lose you completely. And, I'll never forget you Sio.. never" he said in a promising, sure tone. "It would be easier, yeah. You can be a complicated woman" he chuckled hoping to make light of a dark moment. When she said she didn't have answers, the Aspect frowned, and reach over wiping the tears away from her eyes. "I don't either Bo.. and If I dont' get some soon, that means letting all the other Ailwards down as well. A lot of shit has happened since we last saw one another" he finished off, and looked to the blade in the floor, before picking it up, and seating himself on the coffee table. While twirling the knife she'd been holding, Erythreus couldn't help but think that it was a little bittersweet that every person he felt he had ever wronged, or vise versa, always seemed to end back up in his life, in worser shape than they left it. "We need to start somewhere, seems we both have tons of shit to figure out.. and I don't mind helping you.. if you want my help that is, don't see it being the worse idea in the world for us to lean on one another."

Siobhan looked to the aspect of death as he shift nervously from one foot to the other as she spoke of all the things that had happened in their time apart. She knew the way she was talking about it was more so in a matter of fact manner. She couldn’t help it coming off that way as she just wanted to move past everything at this point. “Well I mean I did reach out to you, so I guess you didn’t miss it. Just more so that I almost died but I was pulled back from that thanks to Dominic and his light diviner friend Billie Mae.” She looked down from him as she ran her bare foot along the cabin floor. 

“The things I was doing, where reckless Ery. You don’t understand what it's like to love someone who can’t remember why they love you back.” She said honestly as she kept her gaze to the floor. “You don’t know what it's like to go in and kiss the man you love and have them look at you like you are a stranger.” Siobhan frowned deeply. She didn’t like to speak about how Dominic not remembering her affected her, as she didn’t feel her feelings should be considered since she wiped herself from his memory willingly to save his life. “I think I just wanted to be useful in some way, the world around me felt like it was falling apart so I thought if I could save someone. It would make things easier on me.” She said softly.

“Doesn’t matter who shot me Ery, if I know Clarissa and Dom they finished the job, unlike myself. I let my weak emotions and empathy get the better of me even if the man beat me savagestly and electro shocked me.” her hand went to her temple then as she sometimes in her nightmares could feel him there placing the pads. “I think I did? I was in a dream like state and I wanted to be able to pass along a goodbye message if I was going to die and you were the only person I could think that would listen for me.” She said softly as she kept her eyes to the floor ashamed she had placed anyone in that need. 

As Erythreus paced the room, Siobhan gelt there was a lecture about to happen for her actions yet again. From her mother to Dominic she had heard every inch of what she had done. “I was thinking of the children that were being used. The one thing I will not apologize for is getting in this mess because I went in with good intentions. I just was not trained enough to keep myself safe, I was stupid enough not to let Dom in on what I was doing when it started.” She said softly though she knew if she had told Dom that he would have taken on the mission as a guard mission leaving her out of danger. She wasn’t sure if that was the real reason she didn’t tell him. “Please don’t give me that look, I thought I was doing what was best. I just wasn’t skilled enough to do it on my own as I thought I was.”

As he came to a stop and their eyes meet again she gave a shake of her head. “I couldn’t let him die, not for me, not because of me.” She said as her eyes went to the photo wall behind Ery. “He is far more important to people around Evermore, He protects people all the time, better he not die for the stupid actions of a Nephilim who always seems to get in trouble.” She said as she blinked away the tears and nodded again. “So yeah I heard the click and turned and next thing I knew I was waking up two weeks later in Doms bed.” that was the overview minus the dark dreams she had till she woke up.

Siobhan dropped her hand from where the gun wound was hidden under her shirt. She looked to him as he spoke of being happy for her. It gave the young nephilim a faint smile. Siobhan could tell Ery was a different person then the man who left her on Dom floor bleeding out. She reached out and took hold of his hand and give it squeeze as he looked at her after she said she wasn’t as important as others. She didn’t fight him as it was an inner feeling of hers that anytime she expressed she felt no one quite understood. “Well hopefully that isn’t something we will have to learn. I somehow manage to still be around, even after everything.” 

Siobhan wasn’t a fan of things being focused on her especially after such things happened. So she moved around the room herself picking things up and placing them back down.”What is going on with your powers?” She asked as she wanted to get off of herself badly. “You seem to be the one needing guidance more than myself.” She said as she moved finally setting on the couch pulling her legs to her chest as she looked to him. “Maybe it was a delay in my message?” though she was sure that wasn’t the case.

Siobhan dropped his gaze as he said she felt different and not in a good way. She knew it herself but having someone else confirm she was no longer as shiny as she used to be. “I know.” She said softly as she gave a slight shrug. “I don’t feel like the person I used to be. I feel like I am not as bright as I once was and I don’t know how to get back to the girl I was before. I have lost so much, have hurt so much, have been through so much. I don’t know if I can ever be the girl that everyone seemed to enjoy being around before.” She felt the tears in her eyes not looking up to him. “I will never be the Siobhan that I was before.” She wasn’t sure how that set with her if she was being honest. “I am not sure if I can be of any help Ery. With whatever darkness is in the city. I only seem to get others hurt when I get involved.” 

Siobhan would never admit outloud how tiring fighting all these demons had become to her. She didn’t want to give up but a part of her wondered if things would be easier for everyone if she did. “I won’t give up no matter how tempting it is. I have pushed this long.” She gave a weak smile, if she could survive being raped and kidnapped many times at this point she could push until she found a happy ending with Dom. Or so she hoped. As Ery hand came to wipe her tears she looked to him with her blue eyes and give him a sad smile. It was nice to have him returning to her life as a friend, some place she didn’t know if they would ever get back to after everything. 

“What’s been going on?” She had heard bits and pieces as one does dating a guard but he always made sure to let her know everything was okay. She wondered if she would get a more clear answer on what it was if she talked to Ery. She watched him twirl the knife as he seemed to be deep in thought. “You okay?” she asked as they sat across from one another. “We can be there for each other, but do you have any idea where to start? I mean short of me dying again?” She laughed weakly at the bad joke.

Erythreus exchanged a look with the Angel, knowing she hadn't meant to come off the way she was. If it were him, he would have wanted to move past such trauma and be done with it too, so he didn't fault her for her tone. It had began to really screw his mind up however, with wondering why those that were meant to enter his realm, he could not feel. First Sio reaching out to him when she nearly died, then Vladimir who actually had died, neither of which he'd felt their presence. "I wish I knew how to explain it, but people aren't entering the realm of dead. It's making me feel sick to my stomach. I just know there's something dark out here waiting for all of us" he expressed, probably in a dramatic tone, but he knew others around him felt it too. 

Ery followed her gaze, grimacing as he too, looked down at the floor. "I'm glad Dominic was there to save you. I'm sorry I wasn't.. even when you reach out to me.. something is wrong" he added, shuttering at the feeling it gave him, to think his powers were becoming tainted by whatever dark force was out there. The Aspect had to hold his tongue when she expressed that she had become reckless, that he didn't know what it was like to love someone that don't remember why they love you back "Maybe not Bo. But, I do know what it's like to love someone who couldn't love you back in general" he pointed out, "Sorry, i wasn't trying to make a jab at you. But, you're not too alone in that. Your situation is just slightly different. Either way though.. how is all of that now? I imagine he remembered?' he asked, chuckling, making light of the moment, because every time he thought of how heart broken he'd been when he left her on the floor to die, just because she couldn't love him the way Ery loved her, simply made him sick to his stomach. 

Ery then shook his head at her, a look of disappointment on his features that he couldn't restrain "We can't all be hero's Bo, sometimes bad things are just meant to happen. It's the way the world that we live in, works" he stated, but found himself enraged all over again at the visual his over active mind gave him when she spoke about being beat savagely and electro shocked. "I don't" he nearly growled "I can't.." the Aspect tried again, but found himself actually speechless for the first time ever. Erythreus always had something to say back, it was just the type of person he was, but to think she'd been hurt like that, no matter what had went down between them, it tore him apart from the inside out, leaving him to feel weak as a man. "God, I truly am sorry Bo" he finally got a full sentence out, fighting back the tears that threatened to escape his intense blue optics. 

The Aspect grimaced before looking over to her, giving her an eye roll "You really are a reckless woman. But, I won't lecture you. I admire you for the intentions you had. You're not stupid either, so stop with that" he demanded, not liking how much she'd been beating herself up ever since he'd arrived here. "Who could have known it would have went so horribly wrong?" he asked, but the question was more so to point out to her that this wasn't really her fault. "But, please. The next time you wanna go on a suicide mission like that, build you a team of people you trust first, can you at least make that one promise?" he asked, "And even though I know you won't put the lives of people you care about in danger, keep in mind that they feel the same thing when you don't include them, and nearly die" he added, giving her a knowing look, as he knew she'd never involve anyone she cared for. For as long as he'd known Sio, she'd been the type of woman to fight her battles head on, and usually without any help. He just so happened to see her demons after her the night he slayed them. 

Erythreus then looked away when she pleaded for him not to look at her the way he had been "Forgive me, just taking in the fact that after everything you went through, you're still here. Alive looks good on you" he said in a light hearted fashion, because she looked so broke. It wouldn't have hurt to see her smile, even in spite of all of it. Erythreus watched as Sio went to a picture behind him, shaking his head at the words she spoke "Again with the stupid remark. You're not just a stupid Nephilim Bo.. you're a reckless one, but stupid? I think you're the bravest chick I know for saving those children.. and smart for the way you did it" he chuckled, referring to how she'd went undercover as a stripper. "It got you hurt in the long run, but you proved how far you'd go to save innocents. This world would be a better place with more people like you in it". Sighing, Erythreus pulled her in for a hug "Well, i'm happy you're okay. I know Dom is too.. he doesn't have to tell me that, for me to know that" he nodded, wanting her to know he'd grown a little over that whole situation. Dom was afterall Ery's guard, so while it had been an awkward situation, he was happy to know the two of them were happy together, and that they did whatevver it took to protect the other. 

The Aspect gave a genuine smile when she squeezed his hand, "Trust me, thats the last thing you'll ever have to learn. I don't know what it is with you two.. but I long for something like that myself. You both have been through so much shit, but in the end, you'd each take a bullet for one another, and wallk through hell fire if it means saving each other. A person can only admire that kind of love and hope to find it someday for themselves" the Aspect sighed and stuffed his hands back in his pockets, shifting again,  a pet peeve he'd picked up over time that seemed to help when he felt distraught about something, and his powers being effected, definitely made him distraught. Scared even. "A delay in message? If that was the case, don't you think I would have gotten the message eventually? Still nothing" 

Ery walked over and joined her on the couch. Enough of the nervous shifting he said to himself silently. "You probably won't get her back, but I think people can adjust to change. If they loved you before, as that bright shiny person you were, they should love you now.. you are well within your rights to be a different woman than you were back then, no one coould possibly remain a light person after all of the pain and torture.." he expressed "And that is one of the most mundane things to go through. Change" he added with a nod. Ery leaned his head back and stared up at the ceiling as she said she probably wouldn't be of any help "Well, think about it. Besides, I think it would be worse to do nothing.. It would give you something to do, other than focus on your own mess" 

"It's gonna be okay, as unbelievable as that probably seems" he said in response to the sad smile she gave him. It really did hurt to see her this broken, especially knowing he couldn't do anything to ease her pain. But, the fact that he had returned to her life as someone she could actually lean on, and that he left their sticky past behind him, was at least a start, and it made him feel like he was doing something, even if that something was very small. Sometimes small things added up though. Erythreus widened his eyes at her question "Man, you have no idea how loaded of a question that is" he chuckled, but gave an approving nod when she finally laughed "Finally. I know it must have been hard but to see you laugh about something is nice" he stated, flashing her a playful wink. "I don't know how much Dom tells you. And while I'm probably not mean tto go in depth here, you're not just any other person, so I think it'll be okay. But, I am now leading the Ailwards" he spoke lowly, and averted his gaze to his hands as they shook slightly. 

Ery always had a nervous, awkward energy about himself, but to say that out loud just now, made him shake like a leaf for some reason. Maybe because of how big that kind of news was, with them just re-starting to be one anothers friend. "I don't tread lightly, as you see" he chuckled and shook his head, amused. "I don't know where to start either, but where we're at right now is good enough for me' he added, smiling faintly at her. "Whats going on with you now? I mean after everything, I'm sure youve tried to move on. Anything new?' he asked, hoping to hear that she had maybe picked a hobbie or two up, an outlet even.. because if anyone needed something like that, it was Sio. 

Siobhan brows pulled together at the thought that Erythreus powers where off. Yet It seemed to be something more than just his powers being off if people were not entering a realm of the dead. She closed her eyes for a moment as she tried to remember what had happened to her. “You will have to tell me if this is what normally happens. I was in a dark realm it feel so surreal. Dominic, Clarissa, My mother, Lucifer (the man that held her captive), Jack (The man who raped her) where all there disappointed in me. Telling me to let go that there wasn’t anything for me to hold on to. Then Dominic friend Billie Mae was there telling me not to listen to the darkness.” She said as her eyes drifted open. “I focused on getting you a message through the darkness there but maybe because I was no longer dying it didn’t go through.” She gave a shrug wishing she had answers, she hated to see the aspect of feeling lost, what felt like more so now then before.

She was thankful that Dominic had been there, had reacted quickly and did what he did to keep her alive. Even if she couldn’t recall all the events after being shot. She just it would have never happened in the first place. If she had been stronger and taken care of the problem. Siobhan winced slightly at his words before not looking to him. “Yes but I have never forgotten you and the moments we had. That is the difference. I had to wipe myself from Dominic as if we never met to keep him safe. I would do that again if it meant to keep him safe. Just weird knowing so much about him and he remembers nothing.” She gave a gentle shrug to the aspect. “Sometimes it feels like he is remembering bits and pieces but its still. It's just kinda been one thing on top of another. Hasn’t really been a moment to breath.” She knew it was kind of cruel talking to him about this but she couldn’t seem to stop the words from leaving her mouth. “I’m sorry I shouldn’t be talking to you about this.” She whispered softly.

As Ery gave her a look of disappointment it was one that she had come to expect from people. She looked down ashamed of  herself. She kept her head hung as he weighed everything she had said She knew the rage well the one that was processing what had happened to her before it settled into an acceptance that it was in the past what had happened. “Don’t be sorry, it's not your fault.” She spoke softly lifting her head slightly as he said he didn’t plan on lecturing her. That was one good thing about Ery he saw her for who she was. Someone who wanted to help even if she didn’t always go about it in the best manner. “I don’t think there will be a next time when it comes to a suicide mission, I’m scared to even leave the house most days.” She spoke honestly as she raised her hand to run along her hair smoothing it back.  “I guess what I am saying is as I see it those days are over for me, for now but if I return to them I already made a pact with Dom not to go it alone again.” She nodded softly reminding herself.

Siobhan looked to him and then down to herself giving a short laugh at his light hearted comment. “I guess it is better I am alive and breathing then you at my funeral.” she shivered at the thought of her being in a box to be lowered into the ground. It was something she could picture but she couldn’t picture anyone there at her funeral which caused her an internal sense of dread. Her gaze focused on him as he spoke of how she was one of the bravest women he knew. She blinked away the tears that wanted to fall over. “Thank you for your kind words Deathy.” She said softly she felt the tears slip again as she raised her hand to wipe them away. She knew that Dom, and many others were happy she was alive after what happened. “I’m happy to be alive.” She spoke softly as she let it radiate in her own chest letting her own words sink in because she truly was thankful to be alive herself.

She smiled softly because even she herself couldn’t explain what it was about her and Dominic. They just made sense in a way she would never be able to understand herself. She never once question if he would ever do what he could do to keep her safe and she never once for a second question stepping in front of a bullet for him. Even though he told her over and over again that she shouldn’t have. She loved him and even though he had never said it to her, she knew he loved her. It was a kind of love that didn’t need words between them. Even though lately their talks about a future have become serious. “You will Ery, Sometimes we just don’t understand who that person is until later on.” She said softly as she watched him shove his hand in his pocket. “I’m not sure Ery. I don’t know how aspect powers work. Have anything with your siblings been off?” She asked thinking if was wrong with one maybe something was off with the others.

As they where now settled on the couch she picked at the fabric that rested on her knee out of habit.  “A lot of people love the light Ery. Not so much when you are all dark and gloomy and scared all the time. I guess it will show me who will stick with me through the tough times.” She said more to herself than to him.”Change.” she whispered “Such a scary concept to me.” She kept her gaze to him as he leaned his head back. “I would like to help, and I would feel better not focusing on my own issues, you are not wrong there.” She said softly as she ran a finger along her knee in a nervous manner.  “I know logically it will be okay at some point. Pain fades if we don’t let it consume us.” She muttered as she leaned her head back to look at the ceiling also to the glow in the dark stars she had stuck there randomly one night.

When he spoke of how the You okay was a loaded question she chuckled lightly. “Yeah I guess it could be.” She said as she looked to him and smiled that her laughing made him smile. It was nice in a strange way. She rolled her eyes at his playful wink and then chuckled again. “Dom tells me the need to knows, I think he fears I would freak out about the guard life if I knew everything.” She said as she looked to him and then sat up quickly to face him. “You are leading the Ailwards now? Look at you go becoming Mr. Boss Man.” She chuckled and smiled to him. “I’m proud of you Ery.” Though she didn’t know all the ins and out she did know that it was a big step for the aspect of dark to be leading. “I guess this is how we start by talking right?” She said as she then as she leaned her head to her hand as she hummed softly. “Well ah I have been baking more. Along with crafting and woodworking more.” She stood up and took his hand pulling him to his feet as she made him follow her out to the garage that she had been working in.

She flicked on the light as there where a stack of chairs in the corner she had made along with a few rocking chairs. Side tables and then little trinkets. “I’ve always been kinda good when it comes to wood.” She said as she picked up a little carving of an angel she did and ran her finger against the slightly cracked wood. “Dominic says I should start selling it. Make a business of my own. I just doubt anyone would want to buy any of it.” She said as she sat the broken winged angel down on the table she picked it up from. “Besides that, A lot of drinking, babysitting for my mother the kid she took in.” She said as she moved over to her work table Dom put in and picked up a little wood skull she had been working on and moved back handing it to him. Before she crossed her arms and leaned back against the bench there in the garage. "Been working on it for you. Figure I could put a little key chain thing on it.

Erythreus could see how burdened the Angel was, by the fact that she had slipped off into a dark place and nearly died. "I'm sure you know now, that those people you saw, were only there to make you let go of the will power you were holding on to, to live. It wasn't real versions of them, it was mostly just your subconscious Bo. But yeah.. when you nearly .. left here" Erythreus cleared his throat, finding himself unable to say the word 'die' especially in a sentence regarding a woman he had loved once, and cared for just as much now. "I felt it, it's what brought me to you.. ive been in a messed up place lately, and I was reliving whatever hell you endured as if it was happening to me, myself" he added, and sighed softly. Erythreus wasn't even sure what it meant to have been sitting there fine one minute, and seeing visuals of Sio dead the next minute. Either way, he was thrilled to see her alive and well.

It had been quite a while since Erythreus had spoken to Sio like this, and nothing about it felt out of place or awkward. He could only offer a genuine smile when she told him that she had never forgotten him, or the moments they'd had. Ery hadn't gotten to spend any personal time with Dom lately, so he didnt realize to what extent he had went through hell with Sio. But, to hear the whole truth about it all from Sio herself, gutted the Aspect for both her and Dominic.

Erythreus couldn't lie, at times, hearing about her and Dominic's love life did still sting a little, but he had tried moving on several times since then, so he couldn't really say he'd been lonely and miserable all this time because of her. "I think with the kind of love you two have, you'll do well to help him remember, and the things he don't gain back as far as memories, you can always make new ones with him. Does he know he loves you, or is it something you're trying to work out?" Erythreus chuckled, especially when she whispered that she was sorry for talking about all of this to him. The Aspect shrugged through "It's what friends are supposed to do. It's not the easiest topic, but it's not an impossible one. Besides, it definitely goes to show ive grown, with my curious questions about it and all" Erythreus hated how Sio still had the effect on him, which made him blush from time to time, and rolled his eyes at the fact that he was blushing now.

"Hey, don't do that" the Aspect spoke softly, and reach out with the tips of his fingers, to pick her head back up. "You don't need to be ashamed, not around me" he said in a promising tone of voice, offering a faint smile before withdrawing his hand, figuring any kind of touch at all right now probably bothered her, and he didn't want to make her feel uncomfortable or smothered. The Aspect of Death found himself frowning again, when she spoke of how this had all made it to where she wouldn't even leave the house. "Sounds like we should go somewhere fun sometime soon then" he added, grinning some, in hopes that he wasn't crossing any lines. Erythreus gave her an understanding nod when she spoke of the pact she'd made with Dom, and frankly, it did relieve Erythreus. "Well good, even though I hope you never have to do anything that dangerous again, it satisfies me enough to know you'll have Dom with you. He's a good man, he'll keep you safe.. you just have to let him" Ery figured Sio had been pretty stubborn with Dom, which was what had her in this situation to begin with.

It made Ery smile genuinely when she called him Deathy.. he hadn't heard that in a while, and it did him some good to hear it now. He needed some pick-me-up's and Sio seemed to be doing the job well even if that wasn't the intentions here.

Perhaps she had been right in saying it would happen for the Aspect eventually, because sometimes people didn't know who that person was until later on, if anything she and Dom proved that true love could exist in the rarest forms. "Thanks Angel-face. I'll keep that in mind when i'm having a hard day" which seemed to be every day for Ery as of lately. The Aspect quriked a brow, and put a little thought into her question, because he knew slowly but surely that Malva was coming unhinged with the rift in the magic, and how there seemed to be no solution, but something that sensitive, he knew he couldn't say to anyone else. It was Malva's truth, not his. "To be honest, yeah.. it's not just me. Something dark is messing with us all. I just hate that there's no answers" Ery knew things would somehow be revealed, he just prayed that it wouldn't all end in tragedy for the Ailwards, Aspects and Guards both.

"Well, logic is a hard thing to think about when you're hurting, but you're right, eventually the pain will fade" he was sure that sometime in her near future, that Sio would be the happy blonde he'd met way back when. And maybe she wasn't the bubbly type of happy, but she didn't use to be so broken either, and thats all he really hoped for.

Erythreus nodded, understanding all to well that Dom just felt he was keeping Sio safer by not discussing the Guard life with her. After all, Dom had taken a bullet for Erythreus on the night they were forced into a white van, held at gun point by human radicals who assumed Ery could bring back their loved ones from the dead. "I'm sure he means well by not telling you about all of that. It can be pretty scary" Erythreus hung his head for a moment, if anything, this whole deal with Vladmiri proved just how scary a Guards life could be. Their main purpose was to make sure the Aspects, who kept balance in the world, was safe, and sometimes, it came with a price.

When Sio sat up and turned to face him, Erythreus smiled a big genuine smile. For some reason, it meant more to him than words could express to hear Siobhan say she was proud of him. "Thank you, Bo. It's been emotionally draining so far, and i'm still pretty sure that a few of the Aspects aren't very happy with me being their leader, but i guess it gives  me a reason to work harder" Erythreus loved each of the Aspects, they were his family, and so, if a few of them doubted his ability to lead them, he'd do whatever it took to prove himself worthy. "I don't blame them though. With everything that's been going on, throwing a new leader in their laps at such a time, is bound to make a few people snap" he sighed softly and shook his head.

Ery nodded with a gentle smile when she said that talking is how they start. He had no issue letting her pull him to his feet, and as he followed alongside her, the Aspect smiled as he watched her from the corner of his eye, happy to hear that she had started a few things to keep her mind busy. Erythreus looked out to the chairs when she flipped on the light, explaining she'd made them herself, before she picked up a small wooden angel that Ery could only smile at. "Well, Dom is right. I would certainly buy it myself, i'm sure others can appreciate talent too, and you'll never know if you don't give it a try. Sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith" he started, before walking over to the chairs where he found himself impressed. "These are really great Bo, seriously, you shouldn't hold yourself back out of fear that people may not buy your work. Trust me, they will" these chairs almost looked like the ones sitting in the manor  and everything inside the Ailward manor costed tons.

Erythreus gazed down when she moved to a table, and back with something in her hand. The Aspect of Death found himself emotional as she handed it to him, but smiled nonetheless. After clutching it in his grasp, Ery pulled her to him for a hug "thanks Bo, I love it" he expressed, swallowed back the emotions that threatened to pour out of him. Ery was probably one of the most emotional Aspects out of the 8 of them, but at times, he tried to bury that side of himself, simply because everyone expected the Aspect of Death to have no soul whatsoever.  "Is it hard making this stuff?" Erythreus could certainly get into something like this for a hobby. "Perhaps you can show me" he then added, making a small gesture, that he meant now. He had all the time in the world, and as long as he wasn't imposing, he'd stay as long as she allowed him to.

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