Over the centuries, he made a living by making and selling weapons. As a child, he was always quite resourceful. And managed to make something out of nothing. And when weapons were short and or broken, he got inventive and used things that were around him. That was one of the reasons, why he had opened up a weaponry store in Evermore. From beautiful daggers and knives, to swords and dual blades. To archery equipment and even guns. He had a variety of weapons to sell. Most of them, were hand made and crafted by him. The rest, had been supplied. If people, didn’t find what they were looking for. Eirik was more often than not, to create something new and unique for them.

He took joy and pride in his work. Every weapon was unique, as were people. No one weapon looked or felt the same. Not unless, he done replicas of course. And there were a few; especially for the dual daggers. A few of the weapons had something engraved on the handles. Usually the words ‘Warrior’, ‘Lion’, ‘Courage’ or ‘Strength’ in Viking Symbols. A few rare one’s were decorated with other Viking Runes. They always looked beautiful and unique. If the handles were empty. People still admired the beauty of the woods and materials used to make them. Most of the bases were always made out of wood and different metals combined. It gave it an interesting pattern and sterdy base. He had spent many years, decades making all sorts of weapons before he finally opened up the shop. It took a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft. Patience wasn’t his strongest virtue-when things went wrong. It got him frustrated, until he learned the right ways to go about it. Now it came easier, due to having centuries of experience.

It wasn’t long that into running his own business; that Eirik found out that there was another weaponry/armoury in the Nephilim Quarter in town. One would have thought, that Eirik would consider the Nephilim a rival. Be annoyed that someone had the same business as he in the city. But that wasn’t the case. The former Viking; didn’t like the idea of rivalry much. Back in the Viking days; he had plenty to last him memories for a lifetime. If people seriously pushed his buttons; then they were on the wrong side of him. Otherwise, Eirik was pretty friendly. Despite his rather intimidating demeanour at first. Instead, Eirik had gotten to know Joa. The younger male, had quite a talent for weapons too. Leaving the Valkyr impressed. Eirik had to admit; even Joa’s store, had quiet the plenty of beautifully crafted and specialised weapons. Something for the pair of them, to bond over, as one would say. 

Two weaponry stores in Evermore. Eirik was sure, some people would consider that an advantage. As their weapons varied enough. What wasn’t in one store; was bound to be in the second one.

With some of the morning off; Eirik had spare time on his hands. He decided to pop over to the Nephilim’s own store. The Valkyr was always naturally curious about any new masterpieces that Joaquin was working on lately. At times, the Valkyr offering his help and wisdomess tips. One could blame it on his age; that Eirik was offering such advice; even if the Nephilim most likely knew what he was doing. Traffic was a bit hectic, this time in the morning. But nonetheless, Eirik arrived in due time. Parking his car, in a free spot outside of the armoury. Pushing open the door. The Valkyr walked in; letting out a whistle. “Hey, Joa. You around bud?” he called out. Wondering where the Nephilim was hiding; as he didn’t see him behind the counter.

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Joawuin never have had a plan B. Always been stuck on the same track for all his life. With how he was raised and told from the beginning that one he would one day run and own the family weaponry shop. And to become a weapons master. In a way that's all his known. Never having a backup or other choice of what he wanted to do. Just to have the family business past onto him. Something that was coming for a family like theirs. Both comes as a blessing and a curse. Luckily for him Joaquin always was best skilled at what he does. From a young age he knew how to wield a wooden sword before he could run. Fighting all came easily for him. Sometimes part of him felt that he was born in the wrong centurity. Growing up Elysium used to tell him that he was an old soul and still does now. For Joaquin preferring the olden ways of combat and weaponry rather than all of the new ones. He was always surprised to find that there were people who were just like him. Supernaturals who keep the weaponry selling and artistry alive. With how now it was easier for people to get their hands on cheaper weapons. Whilst there were still people who liked handmade and recreated weapons. Keeping businesses like his up and running. 

In the years of work he became friends making different connections with people who were like him. In the same line of work. It helped him at the start most of all when he took after things when his father left. Leaving the shop and the responsibility of looking after his family up to him. Learning the tricks of the trade. Joaquin made sure to do a bit of travelling to other places. Whether it was to help to give him a better insight on different weapons both the old and the new. Or even in search of rare items that he could use to add to his collection. Joaquin wanted to help to rebuild the family name to put pride back into it. With how it went to ruins after his father’s leaving then his mother killing his first love and committing suicinde after. Too busy buried in his work pushing his sister in the process. Joaquin was one of those people who put his work before everything else, something he was passionate about. Finding that he wasn’t the only one with how most Weaponry masters and owners too were the same. Years after first setting up his shop in the city he came across another Weaponry shop here in the same city. Whilst normally there’s only just one but in this instance there were too. Joaquin wasn’t the type of person who would be annoyed at the fact that someone else had the same business as him. Not the type of person to hold grudges. Joaquin was a humble person. Instead of becoming enemies and rivals instead Joaquin and Eirik became friends. Even finding that he learnt a lot from Eirik who came from a vikining background with being Valkyr, whilst Joaquin was a Nephilim and decades younger than him. Both learning from each other. 

Both managing to keep their own businesses at float without worrying about one having more business, because the two made sure to keep each other varied. Since both shops weren’t the same. Both Joaquin and Eirik have different skills and weapon artisity. For the last few days Joaquin have been working solely on trying to recreate and bring back a dagger to its original condition and beauty. Lately he’d been trying to hunt down different and old daggers. With Alva a mysterious Celestial in mind who one day came into his shop for a dagger. In hopes that soon she’ll be back wanting another, Joaquin wanted another excuse and reason to see her. Forgetting about the time it was finding that he’d been working for hours on end being cooped up in the back room where it was more quiet and better lighting so he could work. Joaquin hadn’t even realized or heard someone walking into the shop too engrossed in his work. Until he heard a familiar whistle and voice belonging to an old friend, Eirik. Knowing that he’ll have to put off working on his dagger for later with how he still had the night ahead of him. Maybe he might get a few tips and pointers of Eirik. Joaquin got up from his chair putting down the tools he was using and turning off the desk lamp he had been using. Leaving and locking the back room behind him, walking back into the shop seeing the Valkyr was there looking for him. “Eirik, what are you doing here?” Surprised by his stopping by thinking he’ll be busy with his own shop and training. Joaquin wasn’t trying to get rid of him by surprise by his unexpected visit.

The Valkyr hadn’t known anyone like Joaquin before. The young Nephilim was intriguing. Eirik constantly learned that his friend seemed like a wise old soul. If he had been born in the past; Rik was almost certain that he could have been a Viking or a Knight of some kind. Especially with his weapon type, he preferred to use. Maybe, that was always one of the reasons why the pair had always understood each other. For someone centuries younger than him; Joaquin was talented, in their line of work. And it left the Valkyr impressed. Since he had been around/working with weapons from a young age himself. Whilst the Nephilim tended to share some of the more modern techniques, when working with weapon. Eirik tended to teach him the older ways; especially when it came to preserving weapons for a long amount of time.

It seemed like he had surprised Joaquin with his visit. Raising a slight eyebrow. “You’re not kicking me out already, are you?” A usual, joke between the pair.  His joking tone evident.

“I had spare time, so thought I would stop by and see how you’re doing.” After giving his friend a smile. “Hope, I am not interrupting you too much?” It wouldn’t be the first time. Eirik had stumbled upon Joa struggling with a weapon. During those times, he would offer his help and guidance. After all, two heads were better than one, when it came to solving certain things. That had proven to be true, on numerous occasions over the last few years. At least, it seemed to be a relevantly quiet time of the day for Joa and his own business.

Joaquin wasn’t expecting anyone to stop by the shop today with how it being the first few weeks into the New Year was always quite for all businesses. Which didn’t help with his takings always affecting gis business each year but after it picks up. Thinking that maybe he’d take up more of people’s offers, with how there were some Nephilims in the compound who have been wanting him to train them but he’s been too busy for it. Joaquin always have liked to pick and choose what he does or what he feels like. People who knew him knew that he wasn’t too much of a people person. He preferred his own company rather than the company of others. Yet his plan never all worked out the way he wanted to with how his sisters are trying to work their way through all his walls he’s put up. Slowly but surely. In the meanwhile, he made sure to keep keep busy with work, way of avoiding any course of intervention. Reason why he never heard the shop door opening, not expecting Eirik stopping by. “No of course not” Clearing his throat as he stopped what he was doing to greet the fellow Weaponost. “Was we supposed to have a meeting or?” Thinking had he forgotten about agreeing to meet up today. Knowing how forgetful he can be, not remembering if Eirik was stopping by today or not. 

Luckily finding out that he hadn’t forgotten their meeting with Eirik turning out of the blue instead. “Oh I was just working on trying to alter and bring back a dagger to its original and former condition” Explaining little of what he was working on knowing how curious Eirik normally is with what he’s working on. Likewise how Joaquin is with him too. “What about you? Are you working on anything at the moment” Turning the question back around to him. “If you have some spare time, I may be needing some help to fix my sisters bow” He went on, admitting that he may need some help knowing how Eirik was better at bows than he was. “It’s been quite overused but it means a lot to her and I don’t want to get it wrong” Thinking it be best to leave it to someone who knows more than him rather for him to mess it up. Not wanting to disappoint or hurt his sister who he only found and was getting to know. “It’s in the back, only if you got time of course” Joaquin didn’t want to impose or to steal him away if Eirik had other things to do. Since they both knew how time consuming trying to fix and reconate weapons were to get it right to how they want it to be. With all the finer details and all.

The Valkyr recalled that a few times the Nephilim seemed to be a bit forgetful. Having to remind Joa, of certain time slots, the pair had reserved in the past. But today was different. This was a spontaneous drop by. The Valkyr was relieved, that he had help from Javier at the shop, since the new year. Or he’d be up to his neck with his schedule. Chuckling slightly, as Joaquin asked about a meeting. “No, don’t worry...you’re good. I’d remind you, if we had a meeting scheduled.” He assured him.

Listening to Joaquin tell him, how he was reconstructing an old dagger, the Valkyr smiled. “Ah, that can be quite challenging sometimes. How old is the dagger?” he asked curious. As the question was turned back on him, Eirik looked at the younger male. “I’ve been working on a rather complicated weapon, it’s taking me a bit longer than I’d like it to...with other orders and my students at the compound keeping me busy.” Thinking back on the order a certain Diviner/Guard had given him. He never seen anything so well thought out, for a customized request. “But, I just recently hired a new assistant. Which eases off my schedule, a little bit.” With him having more people asking for his help to train them, Eirik needed a bit more time away from the shop. And since, his students were busy with their own respective jobs/errands, he thought he’d use this spare time to visit Joa instead. As the Nephilim mentioned he needed some help fixing a bow. Eirik looked slightly confused. “Since, when does Elysium have a bow?” He questioned, his brow slightly raised. The former Viking had dated Joaquin’s sister, a while back. Whilst their relationship didn’t exactly work out in the romantic aspect, the two still remained close friends and Eirik still looked out for her. But in all the time, he knew Elysium. He never recalled seeing her with a weapon. Much less a bow and arrow. Unaware, that Joaquin had met his other sister.

“I can look at it for you.” Of course, he didn’t mind. With time to spare, Eirik could use that time to see what he could do about his sister’s bow. He could understand why his unknown sister, felt attached to her bow, even if it was over-used. It’d be hard to adjust to a new one, if she chose another. Heading towards the back room with the Nephilim Male, Eirik wondered how long it’d take to fix the over-used bow.

Joaquin was never one to be organised with how his books were always outdated. Having been reminded by his sister Elysium whenever she stopped by and ended up doing it for him. Still old fashioned in that way never learning how to keep up with modern technology. More old fashioned in that way that he’s got on old soul. Having been told it by a few people. Maybe it was why he picked up and found old weapons was a lot more easier to wrap his head around instead of all the new gadgets that where coming out these days. Luckily he didn’t stock much of new technology only person who wanted that stuff were his clients from the Ailward Faction along with few humans. Understanding that those people would need technology like that whilst most people stuck to the traditional dagger or hand held gun. The simpler things. Joaquin knew that Eirik was the same as him. How they often shared conversations and laughed over it all. “Oh that's good” Chuckling, shaking his head knowing he hadn’t forgotten about their meeting. With how the Valkyr knew how forgetful he was at times if he didn’t have things written down. 

He was always happy to have Eirik drop by always finding he’d need his advice and help with something. Admitting he need some help somewhere. “Hundreds maybe a thousand years give or take” He went onto saying looking at the dagger that's been taking up most of his time. “It's one of the kind” Always finding the rare ones were the most fascinating but challenging. At least it’ll be worth it in the end. “I’ll get there, there’s no rush on this” With how it wasn’t one for sale or a customers just something he was working on in his free time. “Your always taking on more students to train” Pointing out reason why Eirik always was busy with how he could never say no whilst for him he could. Surprised hearing that he’s got an assistant not hearing it till now. “Lucky, I wish I could have an assistant then too happy I don’t. You know what I’m like with other people” He went onto saying since Eirik knew he wasn’t too much people person when he didn’t have to. Joaquin almost forgot himself when mentioning the bow seeing the confusion on the Valkyr’s face. Remembering how he hadn’t told him of a new sister recently coming into his life. “It’s not Elysiums’ He stated looking to him. “Its Siobhan’s, me and Elysiums half sister. We only just found out about each other” Admitting and sharing what was new in his life. “Siobhan actually came in my shop with the bow as customer then soon we figured out we were related” It was complicated still he was trying to wrap around his head of having another sister. Coughing a little as they moved the conversation away and back to the bow not wanting to go into too much detail around it. “That will be great, your better at bows than me” Thanking the fellow weapon master happy to have him help him. ‘You can see the cracks and how used it is’ Pointing and showing him the extent and how complicated it’s to fix up. 

The Viking nodded, as Joaquin told him a bit about the dagger he was currently working on. “Mhh, every dagger is unique as the next one.” Having worked with plenty, he knew what beauties they were. But that Joaquin found an old one such as that, was impressive. But the Valkyr knew his Nephilim friend had a good eye for restoring old daggers. So he wasn’t too worried about it. And luckily, he had plenty of spare time to work on it, with business slowly picking up again. Over the centuries, he found each weapon had it’s challenges. Whether in creation, preserving or restoring the older ones. But that was the beauty and art of their work.

Eirik slightly chuckled at his comment. Maybe, he always took on more than he could handle. But that never stopped him. Rather be busy than to be bored. “Can you blame me? I am always in high demand, anyways.” Eirik was one of the best trainers. So he rarely turned students away. “Besides, whom else would be stubborn and determined enough to take on teaching your sister?” Eirik joked, since Elysium happened to one of the few outside of his faction, that he was helping. Everyone knew, how Elysium avoiding anything that came close to combat and fighting. But she couldn’t be untrained forever, not in this city. It was a long haul process with her. Eirik was just glad, she hadn’t tried to run out off his training lessons...yet. The Valkyr nodded slightly, as Joaquin mentioned he didn’t really want an assistant. “Not everyone prefers one.” But that was okay. If Joa managed on his own, then he was fine. But his schedule probably wasn’t as hectic as Eirik’s.

He rose an eyebrow, at the name given. Siobhan? That name sounded new to him. Looking surprised, as he revealed he had a half sister. “Well, that’s certainly new. Which side are you related from?” he asked curious. It seemed like Joa’s family was getting a bit more complicated, with that piece of information. When Eirik laid his eyes on the bow. Instantly, he began to inspect every inch of it. “The string also looks fragile.” he noted how worn out it all seemed to look. “A part of me would be tempted to tell her, to buy a new bow. But since it means a lot to her. I’ll see what I can do to fix it up.” But it probably won’t be a quick job. “Don’t thank me yet.” Eirik chuckled. Joa could thank him, once it would be fixed up. As Complicated as it looked, he wasn’t one to back away from a challenge. Ever. And he wouldn’t start now.

Over the years he’s managed to get quite a collection of valuable weapons and the sorts. Keeping quite a few for his own personal use. Wanting to keep the most rare ones all to himself instead of having them out in the shop for anyone to buy. With how not all people are able to understand it’s full potential and meaning beside each ones. Waiting to find a rightful owner for each one. Till then he made sure to keep them all away from public eyes. This dagger was one of them. So he can restore it’s all to is former beauty once again. “I like all the unique ones from all the ones that are over made” Joaquin was like most traditional weaponists preferring the rarer weapons over all the mass produced ones. “You know it's harder to try to get hold of daggers and weapons like these nowadays” He knew that Eirik knew how it was how these days you had to have contacts with older supernaturals to get what you want. Since no human weapons shop stocks the things they do making their two businesses the more unique. Without supernaturals they’ll be without customers most of the time how this city was a goldmine these days. 

Joaquin knew that Eirik was always busy with training Valkyr’s more than half the time. Time to time they spared with each other when the two of them aren’t busy which was rare these days. He found it amusing finding out the Eirik was training his sister that she managed to persuade him to do the job. “All I can say man is good luck, she’s a handful” He chuckled to himself but knew that Eirik already knew that about his sister. When they were younger Joaquin used to teach his sister but nowadays he refused to teach her with how stubborn she could be. “She prefers the more therifical way instead of the actual physical training” He added one of the reasons why he stopped training her, how they just end up arguing with him wanting to train her in combat when she’d refuse. Joaquin was starting to train their other sister instead who was in need and asked for his help. Always wanting to make sure that his sister was protected now he had another to think about. “I’ll stick to it just being me” He went onto saying. Joaquin thought maybe Elysium would help out but instead she choose to go out in the world with her teaching or whatever she does. Losing track of her these days but it was his fault with how he pushed her out to protect her. 

Seeing how surprised Eirik was at the mention of another sister he was able to see how Elysium haven’t spilled the beans and thankfully was keeping their family affairs a secret. “My father's side. He took off when I was younger and well now we know what happened to him after all” Shrugging at the mention of his father who was nothing to him these days just a person. Joaquin was curious to see what the fellow weapon artist thought of the bow seeing what advice he had on it. Nodding his head at the things he was being told. “If your able to fix it or do the best, how about we go for drinks later. I can close the shop early” He offered almost a rare occasion for him to be the one suggesting to go to a bar first. Normally he’s the one being dragged out but Joaquin knew he had to be sociable sometime. 

Old weapons were a rarity in the world. Eirik had a lot of old weapons in his store. Most of which, he kept perfectly preserved for many decades and centuries. So he knew, why Joaquin took pride in restoring any old weapons that he found, rusting away. The two always seemed to share a love of the old and unique. “The Unique one’s are more interesting.” he agreed. Eirik always varied his weapons style. No two daggers looked or felt the same. Not unless they were dual daggers. The Valkyr nodded. “Most of them have been rusted to the point of no restoration. You’re quite lucky, you found an old one, that still has a chance of being saved.” He rarely got human customers come into the store. Not unless they worked for the council and were in need of weapon for protection. 

As he wished him good luck, Eirik just laughed. He knew why Joaquin would say that. Knowing Elysium’s tendencies all too well. “Well, she hasn’t run out of training yet...but if she keeps trying to give me therapy sessions during, I might have to sellotape her mouth shut.” He joked. Eirik knew that Ely was stalling. And he wasn’t too happy about that. He was there to teach her how to fight. Not get therapy mumbo-jumbo instead. As Joa warned him, about why he stopped training, Elysium. Eirik chuckled. “Oh she knows, that won’t work on me.” The Former Viking, didn’t take shit like that, during his training lessons. All of his students knew that, including Elysium. “I suppose, if you’re not so busy outside of running the business, you’ll do fine keeping up with business here, on your own.” Understanding his reasoning for preferring to doing this alone. If Joa was maybe a bit more social, Eirik could see him having help...outside of him of course, in the store.

Eirik had to say, he was kind of impressed that Elysium kept a secret. Usually, she couldn’t keep things to herself. The Valkyr nodded, in understanding. “Well, hopefully things between you three, will be good.” Eirik spoke of Joa, Elysium and their half sister. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing, him having another family member here in the city, he could get close to. “Oh, I will be able to fix it. It might just take me longer than today.” Maybe two days-three days tops. But he would try and do as much as he could today, to get it underway. “Do you have any spare wood lying about? Preferably oak.” He would need some extra wood, to help fill the cracks and make the bow more sturdy again. Plus Oak would blend in, with the current wood that the bow was created from.

As Joa suggested them getting drinks. Eirik looked slightly surprised, the Nephilim suggested it first. “I think, we might be needing them.” he chuckled. “You wearing your sociable head on, today?” he joked.It was usually, Eirik dragging him out to a bar, to have the younger male socialise. 

Each time he drops by Eirik own shop he goes looking around for anything new or old he has in stock. Curious to see how his fellow competitor is doing or that he was nosey person in general too. Blaming Elysium on that one seeing his younger sister was a bad influence on him since she’s the one wanting to know all going on all the time. Another reason why he didn’t like he pressing on trying to get him to be with his feelings. “They sure are” Agreeing with the Valkyr, the two at times can spend hours talking about different types of weaponry or experiences. Joaquin was always amazed at how his friend was a viking wanting to know what it was like back then since he himself was a mere few decades old. “This dagger wasn’t each to get hold of trust me” With how he spent weeks tracking down, going from one collector to another. Joaquin always have been good at trying to restore old and rusted weapons more of his specialty. 

Joaquin knew how much of an easy target Eirik was, reason why he said yes to taking his sister on as a student whilst for himself he kept saying no each time. “Oh she will trust me” He couldn’t help but laugh finding it amusing picturing how Eirik be losing his patience half the time during training people. “She turns everything into therapy sessions” How not even a meal these days could go without him being given a lecture, therapy session during. “She’s a good fighter” He pointed out remembering the times when he and Elysium used to spare with each other seeing there was potential in her something that Eirik was probably working on. Admittedly he does spend the majority of his time either to do with the shop or training his own students but mostly stuck to training Nephilim’s. “Maybe I do take too much on” Admitting he may need help in the shop to give him more time do himself outside of it with it taking up and free time he has. 

Everything was all new and fresh with having new family ties. Still he was still getting used to the fact that he has more family out there somewhere. Already feeling form of protectiveness over his sister even with just having found her. “We haven’t fallen out yet so that's one thing” He chuckled gently knowing how it could all ended badly if he and Elysium didn’t accept it all being a reality so soon. Joaquin felt relieved finding that Eirik was about to fix it saving him having the pressure of fixing his new sisters treasured possession. “That be great, take long as you need to not rush it” Not wanting for him to feel pressured to get it all done today even though he knew it wasn’t a one minute job reason why he hadn’t been able to get around to fixing it up himself yet. “I have some in the back” Quickly going through to where he kept the spare pieces of wood he had for times like these. Choosing what would be best for what Eirik wanted for the bow. Coming back in giving it to him “Here this should do”. Joaquin could see that Eirik was surprised how he mentioned drinks first how it was normally the other way around. “I could easily change my mind you know” He warned teasing him a little to how he could duck out on drinks if he’d only be teased. 

The Valkyr didn’t seem to mind, any time Joaquin was searching for anything new and old, in his own weaponry store. Knowing how most people were inquisitive. Rik too pride in the fact,people were curious about what his job had to offer. He never hid anything. And if it helped inspire people like Joaquin, all the better for it. “I am sure it wasn’t.” Eirik believed him. “Unless you have good connections around the city, stuff can be hard to find.” Not everyone was always willing to give something up so easily. So people more or less had to bargain for it.

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” Eirik told Joaquin. They both knew his sister pretty well. But Elysium also knew Eirik too well to know, not to try her usual tactics on him. As it wouldn’t work on him. Rik was pretty set in his own ways. And having been alive for so long, plenty of people tried various techniques on him to get out of training. But he wouldn’t have it. “Yeah, If only she embraced that potential a bit more. She can’t keep relying on her witt and therapy talk, to get herself out of sticky situations.” One of the main reasons Eirik took up training her, was because of the strange things going on around the city. He looked over at his Nephilim friend, with an eyebrow raised. “Since when? As far as I know, you don’t take on more students like me.” he chuckled. It wasn’t often, that Eirik heard about Joaquin having new Nephilim trainees.

“That’s always a good start.” Eirik chuckled, when Joa mentioned that they haven’t fallen out yet. Hopefully there wouldn’t be much cause to. But he knew how sibling spats could get. From the stories both Ely and Joa had told him. He knew the challenge was a big one. But he was prepared to take it on, as it meant a lot to Joaquin’s new found sister. So he’d save the bow, as best as he could. Hopefully, it’d look brand new once he’d be done with it. When the Nephilim returned with some spare wood. Eirik took the box. “Thanks, This should do the trick.” Eirik looked through the scrap pieces of wood. Taking out smaller pieces. That were still strong and healthy. As he headed over to the table, with the pieces. Eirik set up his station. Grabbing some wood glue aswell.

“We both know, I’d drag you there regardless.” He retorted, hearing his playful threat. Eirik cut up some of the spare wood pieces, into even smaller bits; that could help him fill out the cracks in the bow. The process took a while. But the Valkyr knew, how long and thin the pieces had to be from previous experience, and from looking at how worn the bow was.

Both of them loved their jobs and all the do. It’s everything they’ve always known and been used to. For himself he’s never done anything other than l learn how to fight, use and collect weapons. With how his father made sure of it taking him out of normal education. Joaquin wanted his sister to have an opposite life to get an education unlike him. Happy that she’s done that so she wouldn’t be stuck running the family business. At least now it wasn’t so bad having someone who was like him. Reason why he and Eirik built their friendship and alliance so early on, choosing not to be rivals. “But we always find a way don’t we” He smirked reminding his old friend, the reason why they were so good at their jobs. Even during the modern day when more rarer things were a lot harder to get hold of, more expensive too. With how this dagger didn’t come cheap, he guessed that Eirik knew that too but wouldn’t say. 

Joaquin knew sooner or later than Eirik would be regretting taking on Elysium as his student but he wouldn’t be the person to say he’s told him so. With how difficult she is to keep focus on what the real lesson was rather than when she keeps trying to change it. “Yeah she does think that all would save her whilst in reality not so much these days especially all that's been happening lately” He added giving Eirik a nodd almost to say he’s thankful that at least he’s taking time and effort to make sure that Elysium is able to protect herself. It’s no secret that everyone has started to notice strange things happening in and around the city. Rumors all flooding around. They’ve both been having more customers coming to them wanting more weapons even some humans too.  Joaquin could see how surprised Eirik was when he had mentioned taking on more students. “I’m supposed to be the head trainer and weapons trainer within the Nephilim community” He reminded him, shrugging his shoulders a little. “I guess I don’t take on many students like you” Prefering to train a small circle of people who all appreciate his help. “I’ve taken on Siobhan my new sister” Prefering to train her rather than to have someone else to do, wanting to make sure he’s sister is protected too. 

Moving away from the family conversation onto looking at Eirik fixing up the broken bow. Curious to see how he goes around to repairing it. Bows was not one of his specialties, especially with one so broken as this one. A reason why he wanted someone like Eirik who was more knowledgeable. Watched as the Valkyr took the pieces of wood he’s just handed him, following him over to the table. Where Joaquin sat leaning against the counter watching him work his magic on it of starting to fix the bow. “That is true '' chuckling remembering the many times he’s been dragged out to a bar over the years by either Eirik or Elysium to make sure he has some social interaction or fun as they both put it. “I don’t even know if she’s any good with bow and arrow” He mused a little to how he’s not gotten around to finding out so much his sister knows weapon wise to see if she has the family genes when it comes to weaponry.

It was refreshing, that Eirik didn’t have to consider the Nephilim a rival. Being Rivals, wouldn’t get them anywhere decent in trying to get their stores to function. It worked better for them both, with their alliance. Eirik chuckled lightly. “Of course we do.” he smirked. It helped knowing where to look, and that they knew what they wanted; when they were hunting after weapons every so often, if they weren’t restoring and making them from scratch. In some respects, the Valkyr preferred to make weapons from scratch and keep his old works for selling. As hunting down old weapons, didn’t come easily and cost a lot of money. Whilst maintaining anything old he had to offer, took time but wasn’t as expensive, as head hunting from a collector.

“I tried telling her that before, but you know how stubborn she is.” The former Viking sighed. “Always on about being a pacifist and not wanting to hurt anyone.” Elysium did need to toughen up a little bit. Especially if she was to defend herself, in dangerous times. Eirik was still trying to teach her the difference between self defence and hurting someone on purpose. She seemed to get the two mixed up. He caught onto the silent thank you. Giving him a nod. It was no secret, that Rik still cared for his ex. And wouldn’t want anything to happen to her; as the two remained on close terms as good friends. It seemed for a few moments, one detail slipped from his mind. Getting a reminder from the Nephilim. “I guess you know your limits.” Eirik chuckled. The former Viking was always stubborn and it was a habit of his; taking on too much. Even before he was turned into a Valkyr. Something that stuck with him his entire existence. Eirik nodded. “She’s family, makes sense.”

The bow was pretty heavily over-used and damaged. So it’d take a few steps of repairing, including fixing the cracks and new string. The Viking was mainly focused on the repair. But still paying attention to what Joaquin was saying. Once he had all the pieces of wood sorted out. Eirik grabbed the smaller light brush for the glue. Smearing light layer of wood glue between the cracks of the bow. Before carefully and efficiently placing the small wood pieces into the cracks. They sunk in, like small missing pieces of a puzzle. Repeating the process, with every crack in the bow. “She’s got Kenelm blood in her, and is a Nephilim. I am sure she’s skilled. Besides, with how heavily used this bow is. I’d say she has good skills.” Otherwise, the bow wouldn’t be used as much. Seeing a few splinters too. Eirik lightly brushed some wood glue on the back.

Before pressing the wood back into place. By the time, the cracks and splinters were fixed. It passed a few good hours of talking and fixing. “This will take a while to dry. Best to leave it overnight. After it’s all dry and set in place. I can fix the string and any additional touches to make it look new again.” Which would include a fresh coat of pain and sealant wax, to keep it shiny and looking new. Maybe fixing up the faded out engravings. Already the bow was looking much improved. The pieces of wood blending in perfectly,like there were no cracks and dents.


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