Over the centuries, he made a living by making and selling weapons. As a child, he was always quite resourceful. And managed to make something out of nothing. And when weapons were short and or broken, he got inventive and used things that were around him. That was one of the reasons, why he had opened up a weaponry store in Evermore. From beautiful daggers and knives, to swords and dual blades. To archery equipment and even guns. He had a variety of weapons to sell. Most of them, were hand made and crafted by him. The rest, had been supplied. If people, didn’t find what they were looking for. Eirik was more often than not, to create something new and unique for them.

He took joy and pride in his work. Every weapon was unique, as were people. No one weapon looked or felt the same. Not unless, he done replicas of course. And there were a few; especially for the dual daggers. A few of the weapons had something engraved on the handles. Usually the words ‘Warrior’, ‘Lion’, ‘Courage’ or ‘Strength’ in Viking Symbols. A few rare one’s were decorated with other Viking Runes. They always looked beautiful and unique. If the handles were empty. People still admired the beauty of the woods and materials used to make them. Most of the bases were always made out of wood and different metals combined. It gave it an interesting pattern and sterdy base. He had spent many years, decades making all sorts of weapons before he finally opened up the shop. It took a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft. Patience wasn’t his strongest virtue-when things went wrong. It got him frustrated, until he learned the right ways to go about it. Now it came easier, due to having centuries of experience.

It wasn’t long that into running his own business; that Eirik found out that there was another weaponry/armoury in the Nephilim Quarter in town. One would have thought, that Eirik would consider the Nephilim a rival. Be annoyed that someone had the same business as he in the city. But that wasn’t the case. The former Viking; didn’t like the idea of rivalry much. Back in the Viking days; he had plenty to last him memories for a lifetime. If people seriously pushed his buttons; then they were on the wrong side of him. Otherwise, Eirik was pretty friendly. Despite his rather intimidating demeanour at first. Instead, Eirik had gotten to know Joa. The younger male, had quite a talent for weapons too. Leaving the Valkyr impressed. Eirik had to admit; even Joa’s store, had quiet the plenty of beautifully crafted and specialised weapons. Something for the pair of them, to bond over, as one would say. 

Two weaponry stores in Evermore. Eirik was sure, some people would consider that an advantage. As their weapons varied enough. What wasn’t in one store; was bound to be in the second one.

With some of the morning off; Eirik had spare time on his hands. He decided to pop over to the Nephilim’s own store. The Valkyr was always naturally curious about any new masterpieces that Joaquin was working on lately. At times, the Valkyr offering his help and wisdomess tips. One could blame it on his age; that Eirik was offering such advice; even if the Nephilim most likely knew what he was doing. Traffic was a bit hectic, this time in the morning. But nonetheless, Eirik arrived in due time. Parking his car, in a free spot outside of the armoury. Pushing open the door. The Valkyr walked in; letting out a whistle. “Hey, Joa. You around bud?” he called out. Wondering where the Nephilim was hiding; as he didn’t see him behind the counter.

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