Over the centuries, he made a living by making and selling weapons. As a child, he was always quite resourceful. And managed to make something out of nothing. And when weapons were short and or broken, he got inventive and used things that were around him. That was one of the reasons, why he had opened up a weaponry store in Evermore. From beautiful daggers and knives, to swords and dual blades. To archery equipment and even guns. He had a variety of weapons to sell. Most of them, were hand made and crafted by him. The rest, had been supplied. If people, didn’t find what they were looking for. Eirik was more often than not, to create something new and unique for them.

He took joy and pride in his work. Every weapon was unique, as were people. No one weapon looked or felt the same. Not unless, he done replicas of course. And there were a few; especially for the dual daggers. A few of the weapons had something engraved on the handles. Usually the words ‘Warrior’, ‘Lion’, ‘Courage’ or ‘Strength’ in Viking Symbols. A few rare one’s were decorated with other Viking Runes. They always looked beautiful and unique. If the handles were empty. People still admired the beauty of the woods and materials used to make them. Most of the bases were always made out of wood and different metals combined. It gave it an interesting pattern and sterdy base. He had spent many years, decades making all sorts of weapons before he finally opened up the shop. It took a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft. Patience wasn’t his strongest virtue-when things went wrong. It got him frustrated, until he learned the right ways to go about it. Now it came easier, due to having centuries of experience.

It wasn’t long that into running his own business; that Eirik found out that there was another weaponry/armoury in the Nephilim Quarter in town. One would have thought, that Eirik would consider the Nephilim a rival. Be annoyed that someone had the same business as he in the city. But that wasn’t the case. The former Viking; didn’t like the idea of rivalry much. Back in the Viking days; he had plenty to last him memories for a lifetime. If people seriously pushed his buttons; then they were on the wrong side of him. Otherwise, Eirik was pretty friendly. Despite his rather intimidating demeanour at first. Instead, Eirik had gotten to know Joa. The younger male, had quite a talent for weapons too. Leaving the Valkyr impressed. Eirik had to admit; even Joa’s store, had quiet the plenty of beautifully crafted and specialised weapons. Something for the pair of them, to bond over, as one would say. 

Two weaponry stores in Evermore. Eirik was sure, some people would consider that an advantage. As their weapons varied enough. What wasn’t in one store; was bound to be in the second one.

With some of the morning off; Eirik had spare time on his hands. He decided to pop over to the Nephilim’s own store. The Valkyr was always naturally curious about any new masterpieces that Joaquin was working on lately. At times, the Valkyr offering his help and wisdomess tips. One could blame it on his age; that Eirik was offering such advice; even if the Nephilim most likely knew what he was doing. Traffic was a bit hectic, this time in the morning. But nonetheless, Eirik arrived in due time. Parking his car, in a free spot outside of the armoury. Pushing open the door. The Valkyr walked in; letting out a whistle. “Hey, Joa. You around bud?” he called out. Wondering where the Nephilim was hiding; as he didn’t see him behind the counter.

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In the last few years Joaquin has been trying to think and come up with ideas of how he could expand and develop the business further. With new weapons coming in he wanted to make sure to stay with the times just he really needed to find the time and people to do so. Thinking of expanding the business but not sure how to go about it to have a helping hand. Soon he got an idea he thought to share with Eirik. “You know I’ve been thinking lately of wanting to expand the business, to go further but I don’t know how to go about doing it” The Nephilim began to say turning to his old friend to see how he would react to his offer. ‘What do you think of us going to business together like a 50/50 partnership? I know we both have our two seperate shops but what if we build a brand instead” He was feeling a little bit nervous about telling of his plans and ideas with how he didn’t know how Eirik would react. With how they always kept their businesses separate from each other but whilst Joaquin was thinking that maybe they don’t have to keep it that way anymore. 

“She’s a stubborn person we know,” He joked, shaking his head, continuing to laugh about his sister and how she was. “She would be doomed if she was another species who killed people instead” Pointing out what would be her worst nightmare but even thinking she’d find a way around it so. “Anyways she’s your problem now and not so much mine” Continuing pressing on how she wasn’t his student anymore. Joaquin was a good trainer too, one of the best around for the Nephilims. Having been better at hand to hand combat finding he loved to spar with someone one on one. To the point where he and his appointment are both bloody and bruised. Finding more power rushing through his body than it is when wielding a sword. “I always have wanted to look after my family” Always having looked after his family even when others thinking he was doing the opposite by pushing Elysium away. “It’s weird but soon after I found out about Siobhan being my sister I felt a surge of protectiveness with her like how I am with Ely. Just wanting to look out for my sisters” 

Whilst Eirik was working on fixing up his sisters bow he carried on a little with the dagger he had been working on before. Whenever one of them was fixing up something the old would do to. Finding inspiration around others working around him too. Joaquin knew that Eirik was right when the Valkyr pointed out how his new sister has Kenelm blood. From a long line of Nephilims even if she’s one a full blooded Nephilim but would have most of the traits of one. “This bow does seem like it’s gone through the wars” He joked shaking his head almost able to see that his sisters had a lot of time and practise using the bow. “I do like going on the occasional hunt using a bow as my weapon” He pointed with how he’s always had more archery using a bow and it’s better not making such a mess when killing deers or hares. Rather than using a gun that’s more work in the end. Joaquin was surprised how Eirik was already making progress fixing up the bow with how he’d not expected him to do much or anything today. “I owe you one man, so if you have any weapons that need my expertise just say” Always wanting to show his gratitude by offering his assistance too. “I already know how much the bow being fixed will mean to Siobhan” He smiled already knowing how happy it would make his sister with how she was so worried before of the possibility the bow being too beyond repair. Luckily for them it was not.

The Viking’s attention snapped back towards his friend, as he mentioned expanding the business. “Like expanding the store?” Eirik asked; as that was the first thought that came to mind; when he heard what his Nephilim buddy, was thinking for the future. Bigger store would mean more stock/options for customers. Although a part of him, had a feeling that Joaquin was hinting at something else. When he mentioned the 50/50 partnership. It made sense. Why not put their skills/knowledge into use as a team, instead of running two seperate shops? He was surprised, but also felt honored. With how busy he had been, it didn’t occur to him. At least one of them, had their heads screwed on straight, to think of something like that. “I think that’s a great idea actually. And come to think of it, it makes sense...since we make a good team.” Eirik shot him a grin. It would be just a matter of finding a new store, that was bigger and would suit their needs/and then relocating all their stuff/closing down the current one’s.

Eirik thought of Elysium being another species. A darker creature didn't suit her. “Something tells me, she’d get around it too, if she had to.” But it would be something, Joa’s sister would suffer from, if things had been any other way. “Yeah, yeah keep bragging.” Eirik said with a chuckle, as Joa kept pressing how Elysium wasn’t his worry, in regards to training. When it came to combat. Joaquin was very much like Eirik. Loving a good challenge and not minding if he ended up bloody and beaten, same like his opponent. Coming from different times; he had been used to a lot of injuries, bruising. So being rough was his second nature. Unlike the Nephilim; he was a single child. So didn’t have any siblings to feel protective over. But the majority of close friends he had; felt like family to him, that he’d protect with all he had. “I suppose your brotherly instincts are always right.” If anything, both Elysium and Siobhan were lucky to have him, as a brother.

Both of them kept busy, with working on the current weapons. He chuckled at his comment about his sister’s bow. “ I’ve seen pretty badly worn out bows in my time. Your sister’s lucky, this one can still be saved.” Compared to some, it wasn’t as bad as it could have been. Rik couldn’t help but think of the older days; he was quite skilled in a variety of weapons from a young age. And best young archer in his clan. But his talents came with anything with blades, or sharp weapons. “It’s been centuries, since I been out hunting with a bow.” If he used a bow, it was in training with students, or for pleasure with target practise. As Joaquin offered his own assistance. The Viking glanced over at him. “What do you know about spring loaded weapons, that can function as multi-purpose a weapon?” he asked. “It’s for a costumer. She’s requesting a very...elaborate...unorthodox weapon. I am pretty sure, I can do it. But it’s also very modern and working with springs, isn’t my area of expertise, so it's taking me much longer, than I'd like it to.” That’s why it was taking him so long, to make sure the weapon he was working on for Iris; would function the way she’d want it to. If one weapon could give him a head-ache. That was it. “I am sure it will. Do tell her to be careful with it, for the first week though. Just so nothing falls apart and crumbles, after it’s all fixed.” As everything will need some time to properly settle, after a major fix like this.

Joaquin was anxiously waiting to see what Eirik thought of his business proposal idea. To see if the Valkyr thought it was a good idea or pointless one with how he didn’t know what he thought of not keeping their businesses separate anymore. “Yeah like instead of us having our separate small shops we come together to build a bigger store instead” He added explaining his idea a bit better. With how their shops were quite small each could only stock so much with how their back rooms only had so much room for them to work on restoring and cleaning weapons. Joaquin felt relieved to hear that Eirik was up for his partnership idea. “That's great, I was worried for a moment” He chuckled softly shaking his head. “I’ve always wanted to expand but I can to conclusion I can’t do it on my own” Joaquin went on saying, admitting how he realized he couldn’t do everything all by himself anymore. “There’s no one else I’d rather trust but you to go in business with each other” Showing how much he trusts and values him even if he’s not a person to admit or say it often. “With both of our skills and knowledge we’ll be able to grow this business in no time” Already able to see how much more of a success it will be rather than their small shops that only have regular trade with a bigger one they’d be able to reach more people further away. 

Both him and Elisyim didn’t have the same upbringing. With how from a young age his father trained him to be a soldier putting so much pressure on him all about carrying on the family legacy. Whilst for his sister she was only trained with the basic training to defend herself but for him he had a lot more pressure. How his father didn’t allow him to have a normal education making him drop out of school that it’s not needed because the family business would be his. Only now Joaquin was seeing how he was robbed from a normal life, the reason why he was always insistent for his sister to make most of hers. Maybe it was why he was not that bothered by training her himself only wanting for her to take up training if it was something she wanted. Yet he’s happy that she’s sought out Eirik to train her, that she needed someone like him who would be strict enough to not let her take the easy way out. “Maybe one day when she’s good enough you can take her to a fight club or something then maybe she’ll take it more seriously” He joked whilst giving him an idea but knew she’d probably wouldn’t want to do it. Joaquin often would go to fight clubs way of sparing with complete strangers, way he could let out all his anger and frustration out. A place where he’s not the only one looking for the same escapism even if he knows there’s better ways to do it.  

Restoring weapons was more of his specialty. Many people often complimented his work, at times he has immortals think he’s much older than he was. How his craft was ones who would be alive for centuries but for him he’s only around 40 years old. Which surprised most people. Even with his skills he was nervous about working on this bow. Seeing how much damage was to it from being worn so much along with it belonging to his new sister. Joaquin was anxious how he didn’t want to mess up, more relieved to have Eirik, someone who was just as good and probably better at this sort of stuff than him. “That's a relief, like I said she’s got her heart set on this bow and not wanting to part with hit” Joaquin had wondered a little how the bow had gotten so worn with how he new his sister wouldn’t have had it for many years. With how normally this amount of damage was someone who had it for many decades. “Yeah bows aren’t that popular weapon of choice these days” Joaquin knew people favoured a weapon they could carry around and hide more easily than they could with a bow. Sometimes he would see some supernaturals out with a bow and arrow at night but not that often. 

Joaquin knew that after he offered his help in return that there would be a weapon or something of some sort that Eirik would have been sitting on. Like how he was with Siobhan's bow waiting for some help to come along before looking first. How Joaquin was right hearing the Valkyr asking for his advice on something that he knew more about. Spring loaded weapons wasn’t his speciality but he knew enough about them whilst he knew that Eirik was probably different. “Your more into old fashioned weapons aren’t you?” He knew they balanced each other in their skills and how each other was able to help out. “I have a few spring loaded weapons lying about something but i’m not sure if it’s as modern as your looking for” He began to say before he stood up and went searching for what he was looking for. It took him a minute or two to search before he pulled out a box which had a few of the things that Eirik was looking for. “These are the only ones I have but if you want something that’s less anticasted I can call up a few contacts and get something sent to the shop” Helping out and turning the favour letting him see all the ones he has to see if it’s what he’s looking for. Joaquin nodded his head being told to make sure his sister was careful with the bow after. “Don’t worry, I'll tell her to take it steady after. She’ll probably be more admiring that it’s all been fixed before wanting to use it” Chuckling pointing out what mostly likely to happen with how she'd of been missing her bow with how it’s taken more time than he thought it would to get it fixed up.

Expanding a business was alway a tricky thing. One had to have the time, resources and a right partner to go into it with; or things could fall apart, rather quickly. Which is why, Eirik wouldn’t even consider doing this, if he hadn’t been so close with the Nephilim. Joaquin and him, had a strong mutual bond and there was a trust between each other. Therefore, good partner-ship. “You know, I wouldn’t agree if anyone else would ask.” he said honestly. “Yeah, I don’t think either of us could afford to expand on our own. I have so much stuff at home...cause storage isn’t big enough...and there’s only so much, one can put up in displays, without over-doing it.” Eirik always hoped, he could get more of his master-pieces out there. Especially a few hidden gems he had at home. “You have a good point. I am sure, it’ll be a huge hit with both of us working together. The extra room, with a bigger store will be a plus.” Especially when it came to putting their work together and having extra storage room.

The Valkyr chuckled at Joaquin’s joke. “You know, if I tried taking her there...she’d try and kill me. And probably you, for suggesting it.” That’d be rather amusing, to see how Elysium would handle a fight club. No doubt, trying to run away and wiggle out of it, as usual. He wasn’t so sure, Joa’s sister would appreciate the spirit of what it was about. But it might teach her a lesson or two, when it came to dismissing it so easily.

Rik had always admired Joa’s skills. Sometimes learning new things from the Nephilim; especially about more modern things. As Modern things, didn’t come easily to the Valkyr. The Former Viking was set in the olden ways and very old fashioned; so he was more comfortable with the olden eras, when it came to everything including his work. “It must hold a very special place in her heart, if she doesn’t wish to part with it.” Wondering if it had been a gift from someone close to his sister. But once he was done with it, she wouldn’t have to. “No, a lot of people prefer blades...not to mention guns.” Now, he was no expert on guns. But he had a supplier, whom he had a deal with; often trading for a few guns here and there. Personally, Eirik wouldn’t handle a gun himself. Not unless, he was training one of his students with their weapon of choice.

He slightly chuckled. “You know, I am old..fashioned and modern things...are...like dealing with aliens to me.” he joked. “Although, if you did see this particular design yourself, you too would be scratching your head.” In all his time, he didn’t recall seeing anything so complex and little wiggle room to adjust, to his own liking when working on commissions to make it work. “If it’ll give me a little idea, of how to make it work; then it’ll come in handy.” It didn’t need to be exactly what his customer was asking after; but every little helps. When Joa took out a box. Eirik began to look through it. Examining the pieces of random weaponry inside; to see how it all fit together and what kind of uses it had. To see, if it’d give him any ideas on how to tackle his current commission. Whilst it wasn’t exactly what he was looking for. One of the items reminded him of the baton aspect of the weapon. “It’s not exactly, what I am after...but it helps a little.” he assured him. The Valkyr slightly chuckled, at his words. “That’s a good point. I am sure, she’ll admire it for a while,if she’s missed it so.” Feeling his phone buzzing. The Valkyr reached into his back pocket. Pulling it out.

Seeing the text, caused him to sigh. “Do they ever give me a break?” he muttered to himself. The Former Viking, had an emergency with one of his students. “Sorry bud, I think I might have to take a rain-check, on those drinks. One of my students needs me Asap.” Hating to cut their evening short. But seemed like he was needed elsewhere. “I’ll stop by, sometime over the next few days to finish of your sister’s bow.”

Joaquin always thought about expanding the business but he knew he couldn’t do it on his own. Thinking at first when he took it over from what was left after his dad leaving and his mother's passing that he’d get some help with running the job but instead he found himself doing everything on his own. Thinking maybe how he was so committed to his work was why he never got out much, how people were right. Now he wanted the opportunity to change it with the idea he had. Both him and Eirik trusted each other having built a good friendship many years ago, how neither of them would go in partnership with anyone else. “Same here, my house is half full with stuff I got no room for too” Agreeing with Eirik how both of them were in the same position of not having enough space in their shops anymore. “It’s all stored away probably can’t remember half of what I got” He knew that Eirik was probably the same as him who collected too much but found some use for it. “They’ll be more space for us, to grow the business more” Joaquin already had some ideas he’d thought about and sure that soon Eirik would be thinking his own ones too. “We’ll plan and figure it all out soon” He went since he knew that they wouldn’t be able to today how he knew Eirik came round for a flying visit and not to talk about business. 

Maybe the fight club suggestion wasn’t the best one with how he knew Eirik was right that his sister would try to kill him for suggesting it. “Okay well we’ll leave the fight club to the two of us then” Having been to a few fight clubs from time to time with Eirik always been amazed to see the vkiking fighting style out in action. Joaquin was better at the more modern weaponry whilst he knew that Eirik prefered the old styles instead, probably because from being born centuries apart. Seeing how each was able to help each other out in the things they get stuck on. Always able to count on the other helping, like how now he was returning the favour. “I’m quite good at using a gun, my aim is normally dead on” Always finding it each using a gun, having easily adapted using and picking up new and different weapons. “You don’t like guns, right?” Trying to remember hearing him say it before. Joaquin was starting to wonder what this person wanted exactly, having had customers come in before the shop full of imaginations. For what they wanted whilst in reality it’s not something that could be done. “So they want it one of a kind?” He wondered curiously thinking it could be why Eirik was so stuck on it. 

“There’s a human version to what you want they call it a swiss army knife. Full of different devices, knives, scissors, nail file, even a corkscrew. Full of different things all compact in one so it’s all folded in” Joaquin told him waiting to see if it was something that would amaze Eirik with how modern technology and things all changed. Letting him see what he had that could help to give him some inspiration. “I hope it gives you a rough idea maybe if you give me the basis of what you want then i can see what I can do” Reminding him how he was able to help out on it seeing that he might be better suited to this type of weapon than Eirik could be. “She’ll love it, I’m sure” He smiled softly, feeling more relieved now his sister's weapon was on the way to getting fixed. Joaquin hadn’t noticed Eirik being distracted and pulled away by his phone until hearing he had to go. “Yeah sure you go, we’ll go for drinks another time” Nodding his head knowing what it’s like with work calling. “We’ll have to make sure to find time to sit down and go through a partnership plan all properly” Reminding him almost but wanting them to make a start soon. “You can let yourself out” Joaquin chuckled to himself to how Eirik was used to popping in and out of the shop when he wanted.


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