It felt like it was just yesterday that she came back to Evermore, and she didn't even stay for long the first time. If she could recall clearly, when she came to Evermore 12 years ago, she only stayed for a week before hopping back to Oslo to continue her research and now, a dozen years later, here she is… in the eternal city once again. A place she was slowly starting to call home, though it definitely didn't come at a cheap price. When she came to Evermore, Sofi didn't think she would be greeted by hopeful faces in the tribe, especially the Grand Master himself. The other Masters had looked at her with looks that she still couldn't quite describe fully. And just like that, a few months after she returned, the Grand Master passed away and most of the Masters did too. 

Physical training had always been her way to let off steam and pressure building from inside. It's a good practice accompanied by yoga and meditation. Sofi knew it was important to keep herself clear-headed, especially within the vicinity of her affinity element. Sighing to herself heavily, she stretched out her arms and twirled the twin blades on both her grip. The blonde had always preferred to train in the open, especially when it's windy, it always gives her a good space for her head to rest and physical training had been her way to meditate without staying still. While she was busy practicing her balance and stance, Sofi closed her eyes and allowed the metal in the blade to guide her. No matter how reckless Sofi is, she’s not stupid, self-preservation is a skill someone like her needed very much and throughout all those years traveling around and perfecting her elements, she had enough supply of them to carry her.

 Which is why she could detect the person intruding her workspace. She can defend herself very well, both mentally and physically, though it does take a toll on her over time. Too much exertion in her activities could give her enough days inside a hospital, lying on a bed inside a ward for god knows how long, and that was considering she doesn't undergo a full coma induced slumber either. It was a possibility and there were plenty of if's running amok, but Sofi wasn't about to dwell on it much longer. She couldn't think that way, one, Rowan would nag at her for a whole decade once she fluttered her eyes open, the Scottish lad would never leave her alone nor will he ever let her live that down for as long as they live. Two, she's not alone now. The independence is still there, ingrained inside her but she's no longer fending for just her own, aka she has a whole tribe to look after. It's a huge responsibility, to be a Grand Master. 

Being a Master alone is already a big weight on your shoulders, much less being more than one Master, and of course… being the head of the Evermore Initia council too. The Ukrainian born female hasn't even settled properly in the eternal city, she still has yet to check in any updates regarding her sessions and shifts as a transferred psychologist, though being a Master alone is already considered to be a full-time job since she would be teaching any Initia who wishes to learn the Psychic element. For now, she wasn't in as much demand as Rowan, mostly due to the fact that no Diverse Initia would want to learn Psychic, probably by far the most unpredictable element ever. 

Nobody knows the full history of it, and she remained the only evidence that anyone has to a teacher. Even she wouldn't call herself trustworthy. Sofi just got a call from her investor that she would start working next week once the space if finished fully furnished, so she had a few free days since she didn't have any students to teach the Psychic element to. While she was exploring the city yesterday, she heard about a weaponry in the city that provided a good service and she was interested, her twin blades will always have a special place in her heart but she wanted to shop for a dagger. Or a few. The moment she arrived in front of the place, she pushed the door slowly as it creaked and stepped inside. "Hello?"

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Evermore, had been his home for a long time. So long, that the Valkyr had forgotten how long he had lived in the Eternal City. Being a loyal Valkyr to Gideon and their faction; Eirik first came here with his people, all that time ago. But granted, sometimes he needed a break/time away from the other Valkyrs. During those times, the Viking had travelled around a bit. But always returning home, sooner or later. From different places in the U.S.A and over Europe, and some more remote countries; Eirik could say he had seen plenty of the world. The call of Evermore had always been strong. And Eirik did miss his new ‘family’ when he was away from too long. Even if the youngsters sometimes got on his nerves, with their ways. But they’d wise up, sooner or later. 

Been his training duties; Eirik had carried on running his weaponry store in the Valkyr part of the city. Over his long existence, he had perfected the craft of making weapons. From different blades, daggers, swords; long, short, curved to bows and arrows. Various weapons one could imagine. His store had it all. Each one beautifully crafted, and unique. His Viking roots, ingrained in some of the designs. It was one aspect of his past life, that he couldn’t let go off. Viking at heart, he would forever be. The ways embedded in him, for the rest of eternity.

That day had been a bit more busier than usual. Between helping customers, taking orders, selling weapons. Eirik had spent plenty of time, in the back room. Working on a order for an Iris Dimitreu. The Diviner, had requested quite a complex weapon. It had surprised the Valkyr at first, but he did enjoy a challenge. It had taken him a while, to get the right objects, as certain aspects of the weapon, were a bit harder to come by. The sound of a sanding machine in the back was heard. But the Valkyr caught a scent; over the smell of the wood dust floating in the air.

“I’ll be right with you, in a moment...feel free to look around!” he called back, to the costumer. Something about the scent felt familiar. But at the moment, the Valkyr couldn’t put a finger on it.

Turning off the sand machine. The Valkyr set the pieces of wood away from the machine. Before taking off his wood dust covered apron, off. Leaving it over the chair that was present in the room. Exiting his little work area. The Viking, glanced around between different shelves; before he spotted a young blonde woman by one of the shelves. The woman was someone familiar to him.Letting out a slight chuckle in surprise, Eirik looked surprised to see one of his past flames. “Well...well...if it isn’t Sofi Zahara.” A slight smirk graced his lips. Eirik had heard rumors, that Sofi had been in the city; but he hadn’t seen her around, yet. “What brings to you my neck in the woods, Sofi?” He asked, smiling softly. Pleasantly surprised to see her.

The place wasn't too shabby nor was it too fancy, it was something most interior designers would say  just right. Even after that, Sofi wasn't sure how the phrase her words properly as her cerulean blue hues ran every corner and shelves of the place with attentive eyes, whoever owned the place clearly knew when and how to clean it up when the time is due which gained her respect seeing as it is not exactly easy to take care of such a place like this. The weaponry wasn't too spacious nor was it too small, again it was a good space. Enough to place a few weapons on display and to move around without having any constraints.

 The moment she set foot inside the room, while calling out softly for the owner into telling him or her that they have a customer, she heard a familiar voice ringing from the back, one she assumed is the storage room or a place where they created the weapons. She was wondering if the owner was busy since she came at a peak hour, god knows how many people actually came to get their weapons fixed and created on schedule. Wait a minute, step back. That's a very familiar voice, she thought. Sofi never had an easy time forgetting people seeing as she had a long term memory where she could keep most of the stuff in her memory lane intact without any fragments. Perks of being a psychic who trained herself for decades to understand what the mind knows.

 While her head was racking her memory recollection to see if she could put a name to the voice, the blonde took her time to walk around the place and inspect the craftsmanship of every weapon there. "I know you" she mumbled to herself, pondering seriously as she halted her steps, it felt as if a light bulb just came ringing to her; Eirik. Just in time when she finally figured out who it was, he came to join her in front. "Guess I'm not the only one who still remembers" she pointed out with a wry smirk, "Nice to see you too, Eirik. I wasn't aware you settled in Evermore… as far as I was concerned, you never do settling at all. Nomads." She would know that seeing as Sofi herself does not tend to stay in a place longer than she needs to and by that, she means a few months give or take before she eventually hops away. 

When he asked her why she was here, she pulled out the twin blades from her backpack, it had been hers for as long as she could remember. She created it during her training decades ago and had been her number one weapon ever since. Sofi wasn't a smith but as a Metal Master, her area does differ in anything that's associated with one. She placed both twin blades on the counter, pushing it his way, "Do you have anything that'll suit me? I've used this for a long time but never got around wanting another."

Eirik picked up on her comment; talking to herself. As if she was trying to remember, where she knew him from. It amused the Valkyr slightly. “I should think so.” he said teasingly, as her..’I know you’ comment. The smirk grew a bit bigger, at her words. “I have a good memory. I don’t forget things often.” There could only be a few handful of exes; that got along after splitting up. And Sofi was one of the few people, that Rik could still get along with/be civil around; despite their past. And that was rare to see.

Her words making him chuckle slightly. “Guess, even Nomads change.” Eirik said. “I do hop away, when I need some time to myself. But I’ve been here a while.” He lost track, of how long he had been in Evermore, with the rest of the Valkyr faction. It was strangely pleasent; not having to run if hunters made themselves present in cities/towns/places he had previously stayed at. Despite being quiet old; Eirik didn’t like hunters. They came after a lot of supernaturals; even he came face to face, with a few off them in his time.

Watching the blonde Initia; Eirik glanced at the twin blades, that she presented to him. Picking one up, he inspected it. “Where did you get it from?” he asked curious. Not sure, if she told him the story once upon a time. Twirling the weapon between his fingers; it seemed to be worn out slightly. No doubt, she had been using it a very long time. The Valkyr picked up on some slight imperfections on the metal. Setting it back down, he moved over to one of the display cases. “I am sure, I can find you something. Are you still looking for dual blades?Or something else?” Eirik had plenty of weapons in his store. It was just a matter of preference, on what Sofi would want. Especially, if she was seeking out another weapon, or still wanted one in the same range, as she was used to.

“How long have you been in Evermore?” he asked curious.

She didn't expect to see a familiar face here in Evermore, with the exception of Rowan, maybe. But she didn't think there would be another person she knew from the past, residing here, of all places. "I should be surprised which I initially am… but surprisingly, I'm not that shocked. Evermore does have a way of attracting people like us like magnets, don't they?" she quipped humorously, of course the Psychic Initia knew what Eirik was, it didn't take a genius of a supernatural to know how Valkyrs are located, especially when she could easily tap into his head to know things she wanted. Why here though? She knew that he was a nomad, well, perks of being his past flame, you get to hear stories of his travels and most of the time, it fascinated the Ukrainian Initia, she had always wanted to travel and she was busy doing her research papers on psychology in Norway, that time. 

Sofi remembered like it was just yesterday now that she's finally put a name to the face and memories of the past came flooding back into her head, Eirik was a charming lad, he could easily charm any person that time. Sofi was not excluded. "How long have you been here? In Evermore, I mean." she enquired curiously, it's been a few years since she's met him, almost two decades ago if she wasn't mistaken. 20 years is quite some time. When he asked her where did she get the twin blades from, the blonde chuckled softly and hummed to herself in delight, hey, these were her first ever successful pair of blades that she crafted as a Metal Master without the help of any tools, of course, she was proud. "I made them myself. Let's just say that I just so happen to be someone who play around with metal pretty well" her quips were still so coy and witty, nothing about Sofi changed, apart from her increasing responsibilities hanging off her shoulders. 

But aside from that, she's the same girl who found fascination in a lot of things, in general. She likes to learn, especially when it involves the mind's creativity template. "Dual blades, please. I prefer using them. I would've done it myself but I'm no craftsman, I would rather rely on people who know their metal instead." Despite being a Metal Master, Sofi may understand the artistry of metal better than most because she could actually connect with them, just like any Metal Masters, but she didn't learn craftsmanship that long because she was busy searching about her affinity element that was kept hidden from her during her entire life. "I've been here for a few months only. I recently came back from my studies and well, I found my calling. Though, I really didn't think I'd be assuming the position of the Grand Master of Evermore's Initia tribe. I thought I was only going to be one of the Masters, I guess you can say I was taken by surprise."

Seems like Evermore had ways of surprising him. Not just with what was happening around the city lately; but also people from his past showing up. Maybe it was some strange fate, that he was meeting the blonde Initia again. “I think, you stole the words right out of my mouth.” The Valkyr teased with a chuckle. Sofi hit the nail on the head with that one statement. There was a certain beauty and mystery about Evermore, that was luring everyone in. Maybe that was one of the things he liked about this city. It was unpredictable. Kind of like himself, in a way. Strange, that sometimes he felt more in tune with Evermore, than any other place he had been; besides his home of Kattegatt.

Sofi still looked the same as he remembered; it hadn’t taken him long to recognise the Initia and his former flame. She had always been quite fun to be around and Eirik appreciated her intellect and fiery spirit. Her question left the Valkyr a little stumped. “Wow, it’s been forever since someone asked me that question.” Eirik chuckled, trying to remember. How long had Evermore been his home? Much too long, that was his answer. But he had no intentions of leaving it behind. “I’ve lived here for a while, that sometimes I forget how long. At least 4 years, if not more... I am sure it’ll come back to me eventually.” Waving his hand almost dismissively. What did time matter? He had plenty of it on his hands; that it wasn’t that vital when it came to how long, he lived in one certain place.

Her response made the elder male smirk. “Still you, I see.” he chuckled. But the Valkyr looked somewhat impressed. The fact, that she didn’t make weapons for a living. It was quite impressive. “For making them yourself, not bad.” It didn’t take a genius to figure out, that these had served her well; and a long time at that. Eirik was aware that she was the Master of Metal. Impressive with her skills and abilities; as he seen her use them once or twice; back in the older days when she was practising. Setting her old blades down again, after he finished inspecting them with curiosity.

Eirik nodded, as she confirmed she wanted Dual Blades again. Slightly chuckling at her words. “I am sure, I have plenty for you to pick from.” he replied. Moving over to the shelves; Eirik climbed up the ladder steps; reaching for one case that was high up on one of the walls. Taking it down. It was filled with different dual blades. Some were curved, some were had viking engravings on the handles. Every pair were different, but beautiful as the next. Setting the case down on the table; he usually sat behind when dealing with customers. Eirik popped the case open. “Try few of them out, get a feel for them.” Eirik prompted. Letting Sofi get a feel for a few of the pairs, to see which one she would like best.

Seemingly, she had been in town a little while then. The Valkyr tilted his head slightly, as she mentioned she became the Grand Master of the Initia Tribe. “Wow, that’s quite a surprise. Congratulations on your new title.” he said with a soft smile towards her. That surprised even him; but he was sure she had it in her. “I can imagine, you have a bucket load of new responsibilities on your shoulders now, though.” He couldn’t imagine it being easy. Even though he was no leader. Eirik did serve as the trainer for his faction; and combined with his work and faction schedules, he knew how busy life can get.

She was glad that she met him again. Sofi didn't have a lot of people from the past that she gets along with, despite her outgoing and caring side, she tends to keep them at an arm's length. Attachments are fine, but too many of them would run deep. And younger her didn't understand that concept well enough that time. Eirik, however, is a bit different in that department which was why she was able to converse with him casually. 4 years of living in Evermore? That's quite some time. Contrary to Sofi who came here to settle in permanently a few months ago, thinking she would only be saddling up the title of a Psychic Master, at last but was offered the chair as Grand Master of the tribe instead. Things were hectic as of late and seeing that she could reunite with someone from her past that was not Rowan, made her feel skirmish yet relieved.

 "4 years huh? And have you been operating the weaponry ever since? I know you've always had a thing for weapons. Still surprised those hands aren't calloused yet" she jested teasingly, knowing his identity as a Valkyr speaks a lot of volumes. "I'm always me, Eirik. The only thing that changed a bit was the fact that I have more responsibilities on my shoulders now." And she could no longer look at people without thinking much anymore. Everyone was dither a potential ally or enemy but she'll keep that to herself. No point in letting a friend know on how that's bothering her. "Is that all you have to say, Eirik" she rolled her eyes dramatically in response to his reaction on her blades, the exact same ones that she had crafted around 30 years ago. Yeah, that's been a while. 

Knowing Sofi who prefers to train every single time she gets the chance, it served her well. Sofi didn't hide her abilities from him back then, he was there to train with the Initia when she wanted to. Suffice to say, they had quite the colorful past together. She waited for him to return with a few selections for her to choose from and she was not disappointed when he came back. There was an array of different types of blades displayed, in which Sofi picked a pair that had a few viking engravings on them, "How old is this one?" she enquired curiously and twirled it around, it feels so light at the edge. The blonde acknowledged his congratulatory thanks with a smile and a nod, wondering if she was even fit to do this job that was given to her, "It's all so very new to me. I don't know if I'll be able to handle it, you know? I've… never been a leader material."

Eirik was always happy, to see familiar faces in his midst. There were a number of people, that meant something to the Valkyr/reminded him of good times. And strangely enough, the fact that they were exes; didn’t bother him. Like it would some people. As some people would have been uncomfortable around each other.

As she asked him about his store, he glanced over at her. “Almost...It took me a little while to set it all up. But Business has slowly been expanding.” The Valkyr smirked hearing her words. “In my nature.” Once a Viking, always a Viking. No matter if he had been a Valkyr for over 1000 years, he couldn’t shake off his Viking routes. They mostly came through in his training with the younger members of the faction and through his work. But if his hands weren’t badly damaged, centuries ago from the constant weapon handling and making; they wouldn’t be now. He smirked slightly hearing Sofi’s words. “True, responsibilities do tend to weigh on people’s shoulders.” he acknowledged; nodding slightly. And no doubt, the pressure of having to get to know the entire faction.

He registered the very dramatic eye roll, which caused him to stifle a chuckle slightly. “Sorry.” he smirked at Sofi slightly. Unable to wipe the amused look from his expression at her reaction. “I just meant, for someone that doesn’t have….proper experience with creating weapons; that these are pretty impressive. I always knew you liked to dabble with metal.” But he didn’t think, she had as far as went to create her own set of weapons. Now that was skill. “Looks like they lasted you quite a long while. Quality metal.” he praised, with a smile. “Ever thought of taking proper classes, on weaponry creation?” He was sure, she would do good. Especially after seeing her handy work. Sofi could probably make more out of it, if she had more training and experience.

It seemed like the Initia was pleased with the collection he presented to her. Smiling softly, as she picked up one of his favorite pair of Dual Blades. How did he as a creator have a pair? Few people asked that. But something about that pair of Dual Blades, had always pleased the Viking male; upon it’s first creation. “I believe, these are over 340 years old.” Eirik had been making weapons for centuries; some of his weapons dated back a long long time ago. The Valkyr kept them well taken care off/in good condition. Even if they were old, they were still deadly and fit for purpose. A lot of his customers tended to take a liking to the rare, Viking edition weapons. Especially if they liked something with a bit of a unique history perspective to it.

Eirik noticed the uncertainty, in her expression. “I am sure, you wouldn’t have been chosen..if someone didn’t think you were fit material for a leader.” The Valkyr Prompted. “Have you gotten to know, much of the tribe yet?”As a leader, knowing her people was one of the most important things;or so Gideon had always told him, in regards to their faction he belonged to. And no doubt, it was no different for the others out there. To know, your people and what they needed; in case Sofi was called upon for help, by them.

When he said it took a while to get where he was now, Sofi nodded her head in awe while her eyes scour the entire room, it was decorated nicely and everything else had that aesthetic lighting to them that she was sure also played a big role of attracting other customers in the den. Before she went to search for more answers regarding her affinity element, Sofi trained to be a Metal Master and was able to complete her training after 30 years which is also considered as one of the shortest period for a Master to actually master their element that was chosen. So she was used to being surrounded by weapons, in general, especially when her adoptive father is the Metal Master training her since a child. "That's impressive, I like what you've done with the place. It looks miniscule but not quite so." 

The blonde is new to the city, albeit she's only been here for a few months give or take but it doesn't mean she hasn't done her research, it's imperative for the new Grand Master of the Evermore Initia tribe to do that if she wanted to have any chance at analyzing each faction residing in the eternal city. When she came here a few years back, she came as a visitor, nothing more but now she's here to stay and while saddling up the new responsibility she has, she needed to know people. "Yeah well, dabbling with metal is pretty much the only thing young Sofi Zahara has done for 30 or so years of her life. Metal here metal there, it gets boring but I trained for it so I can't exactly complain." Of course the blonde had a new-found respect for blades ever since that day, always making sure she had training at least once every day for the rest of her life. 

That was something she was good at, fighting, just like any other Metal Initia who had a weapon affinity to them due to the connection they have with the blades. "It lasted me since 1969 or something, it's been with me for a while." When asked about taking classes up, Sofi shook her head and chuckled softly, "I totally didn't focus as much on metal after I almost got my head jacked off to crazy land after I learned about my affinity element. So, I never had the time." She had a lot of things to worry about then, even now, actually, but she didn't like to show it. Her cerulean hues never left the dual blades she had on her grasp, the intricacy was fine and easy on the eyes for sure, it was no wonder she took a liking to it, "340 years old? How do you even preserve them?" she gawked in awe, had Eirik been a Metal Initia, maybe she'd believe it but he's not, so she's very keen to know.

 She pursed her lips lightly when asked if she's gotten to know the tribe yet, "I'm doing it well. I mean, I've obviously met all the Masters since that's important for council meetings. I've met some of the others but they don't know I'm the Grand Master yet. I plan to keep that a tight lipped secret so I can monitor them, besides, the idea of a mystery person being your new leader edges things a bit, no?"

The weaponry store; wasn’t massive. Nor too small. In his eyes; it was just about the perfect size; with enough room at the back to work on new stuff during the day. Eirik had played around with the display case, too many times to count over the years of having it. But the way things were laid out; made sense. “Thanks. It’s quite the decent size.” Of course, it didn’t look so small when it was empty. Partially, it had that effect; with weapons and shelves around, that took up some of the space. He was practically beaming. The weaponry store, was his pride and joy. Clearly, the Valkyr had worked hard on it all; to get to where he was now.

Eirik slightly chuckled at her words. “Master dabbler then.” he teased. The Valkyr could relate to her love for blades; since a young age. The former Viking had been taught how to handle weapons. Back in the days he came from; some sort of protection was needed. The men were taught to protect and provide. Over the years of growing up; tough ways were imbedded in him. The training at times, could be intense. But it shaped him into the fighter he grew to be and still was. He knew how daunting, having the same things drilled into your mind can be. He supposed that’s how it was, when it came to her training with Metal. In some ways; it was similar with all the techniques he learned over the years, when it came to combat. As well as creating something. But would he consider it boring? No, probably not.Eirik seemed to enjoy the challenges; that his customers would give him; when it came to creating personalised weapons. As there were so many choices and ways to go about it. “In some ways, I can relate. I still remember how tedious I used to find it; when elders kept repeating the same fighting techniques over and over again, till I memorised it, in my sleep.” So he could imagine, in some ways her own training with elements could get that way too sometimes. But hey, those things helped make them into whom they are now. 

Having seen her in training form; Eirik knew she was more than capable. Her skills are very advanced and impressive. He wasn’t easy to beat in combat; but she had her ways of trying to out-wit him; when the pair had trained together in the past. When she mentioned how long her own crafted blades lasted her; he smiled. “Wow, that’s quite some time. In all respect, I think they would still have a few years in them left, if they were a bit sharper.” With their use, they looked a bit worn out. With the few imperfections fixed; they would be brand as new. But it was up to Sofi, what she wanted to do with them. But he wouldn’t mind fixing them up for her slightly, if she still wanted to hold onto them; as a back-up pair. But it didn’t hurt to offer, right? As she explained, why she didn’t think about taking up classes; he nodded in understanding. “Always the busy woman, with your research.” he mused, but smirked slightly. No wonder; she had enough going on with her elements and learning more about them, when she could. Like any Initia, he came across. She was devoted to her elements.

The Valkyr noticed how genuinely shocked and in awe; she looked at the revelation. Eirik nodded. “Mhh, indeed.” He was serious, smiling softly. “I might not be a Metal Initia, but I know how to take good care of metal and weapons.” he replied. “I also have what I call my secret…weapon of sorts.” He chuckled, at the intended pun. “A special mixture, that preserves metal, stopping it from rusting. And every once in a while. I re-sharpen these babies...and they look good as new.”

Nodding his head. It seemed, like Sofi was doing well in getting to know the tribe. “Good progress.” he agreed. Her next few words, made him think for a little while. Chuckling lightly. “If you tribe likes bit of mystery, then yes. But what happens; when something is troubling them? And they want to turn their leader, for advice/help?” Eirik pointed out. “If they don’t know, it’s you. They’d be confused, as to whom to go to.” Maybe Sofi had a solution to that, already. But it was just something to consider. If he was her; he wouldn’t keep it a mystery for too long; especially if shit would hit the fan.

"Not too big not too small, right? I imagine a place that is too cramped wouldn't be able to hold in the creativity and a place too spacious wouldn't be able to put everyone value instilled in every corner" she pointed out softly, it was truly remarkable to see how well the place looks, almost like nothing about it resembled your usual weaponry. You don't always meet up with the smith like this, after all. It looks conventional and convenient. Every tile screams Eirik Tostain, she could see that. It was his own flavor and the color is basically popping out vibrantly to her. The mood around Eirik also seemed steady, that means he's content with what he's doing. Sofi has never been much for attachments, she sleeps around but Eirik had been one of those past flames she never wanted to forget. The former Viking left a very good impression on the Psychic Master. They did part ways on a civilized manner, after all. 

She remembered being a bit smitten by his discipline, hey, she had her own preferences and Eirik fitted them nicely. Sofi can be compassionate, always thinking with her heart while balancing her decision making skills from her head, which is to be expected from someone who majored in Psychology for years long. She's anything if not disciplined. "Elders can be like that. When I was training to be a Metal Master, my own father has injured me more than I could count. Though I suppose that's the beauty in training. No pain, no gain, right?" Kris may have been her adoptive father figure but the moment he saved her from a life of loneliness in the orphanage, that was the moment she saw him as her father. An adoptive father is still a father, at the end of the day. Now that she's thought about it, they always did have quite the drive in their chemistry together, there were times when they would argue but they'd end up apologizing afterwards. Compromise was the key, which was why they were able to part ways without any offense meant for either parties. 

"I am sure I could use them a while longer but I don't think I'll have a lot of free time later. I already have a few students to teach Psychic to. It's a bit daunting but I'm looking forward to seeing their characters." Elements speak to the owner thru their personalities, which was why every Initia is different in their own way. It makes up a unique faction. "I am always busy, Eirik. I didn't finish my phD so I could lounge over. Being a neuropsychologist gives me better insight to the brain and that helps me to learn more about my element" Like the old saying goes, people never truly stop learning. It's a cycle every being goes through, every single day of their lives. In Sofi's case, she intends to make the most of it. Her eyes lit up in amusement upon hearing him tell her how he's managed to preserve them all these centuries, it was clear sometimes skills are akin to talents. Hard work can be as equal to natural born talent any day if utilized properly. 

Sofi pursed her lips lightly, taking in his words carefully as she agreed with him, "True. But they have their Masters. And sooner or later, they'll know about me. Rumors have already spread around, the existence of a Psychic Initia who managed to climb up the ranks and continue Evermore tribe's legacy by being the successor to the previous predecessor. The former Grand Master believed I would lead them to greatness one day, I'm not so sure about that but I'm definitely going to lead them somewhere." A mischievous smirk graced her features as she leaned towards the counter with one hand propped against it, "Tell me, mister. Have you gotten yourself a girl?"

“Spot on.” Eirik spoke with a light chuckle, as he heard what Sofi mentioned about the space. Hitting the nail on the head with that one, so to speak. The Valkyr had needed a space; that wasn’t too overcrowded...but not too small either. Over the years, he had the weaponry; he changed the lay-out slightly. Until he found that the current lay-out of where the weapons were; suited the place the most. Eirik had moved things about; when he had redecorated; or had new shelves installed. 

Eirik hadn’t run into many of his past flames; Sofi being one of them. Besides Elysium; whom still remained a close friend of his. Most of his flings/past flames were long forgotten. But Sofi and Elysium would always hold a weak spot in the Valkyr’s life. After all; they didn’t part on bad terms with either. So still remained somewhat soft. Most women were always all goo-goo eyed at him. After all, he was a looker; charmer. He had a great package all together.

Indeed; Sofi knew what he was talking about. Her father was no different; when she was younger. “Very true.” After all; accidents were bound to happen even in training. But it was all to teach someone a lesson; to be on their guard/to be a better fighter or in Sofi’s be more in tune with her elements. But when Eirik became a leader himself; after the death of his father. Still a teenager; the rise to that position made him become the man and feared Viking. Finding that he himself, was tough on those below him; like the elders had been on him, when he was a child. Funny, how things rubbed off on you.

The Valkyr nodded slightly. “If you don’t have the time. I can always pick them up? But like I said...your call.” Eirik said with a soft smile. “Ah, good luck with your students. Hopefully it won’t be as daunting as you think.” Probably the first session, until she and her students would get used to each other. Then things might go more smoothly. Eirik always remembered; how nervous his students were; when it came to training.Some were excited...some were scared shitless. Until of course, the warm-up session got them more loosened up. Everyone was different. The Viking lightly chuckled at her words. “I didn’t say that...did I?” he smirked at her. Sheesh. Sofi really was invested into her elements; even with her job. “Wow...I don’t think, I’ve met many people that actually have that job.” Sofi was probably the first person that he knew, that actually majored in that subject; and over the centuries of his life...he met many many people.

“Mhh fair enough I suppose.” Lucky, that the Initia tribe had different masters; for all the different elements. “Just don’t keep it a secret for too long.” he chuckled. Hearing what Sofi said about the previous Grand-Master and how much belief was placed in her. Eirik smiled softly. “Come on...don’t sell yourself short.” She was one of the smartest, people that he knew. And no doubt talented. She’d do a great job. Sofi’s question about his love life, caused the Valkyr to burst into laughter. Shaking his head in amusement. “Why? Do I look...unsingle?” he teased her. “But no...I am free...single...and loving it. know me and my ways.” He smirked.It was hard to change him; or for him to find the right person, that he would eventually want to settle down with. 

“And what about you? Anyone special in your life?” Now, he was turning the tables back to her; as it were.

Weaponry doesn't usually have a lot of space if you were to find them in a rather secluded place because the owner or the smith itself likes to keep the place groomed to its own identity. How does she know this? Back in Kiev, in her original and former tribe, her father, Kris, had a small place of his own seeing as the old man is also a quite experienced Metal Master. It was of course, understandable, to see him doing the best of his work. It was also where she first learned the basics of creating her first metal. When she first met Eirik, they also bonded over the way the metal was made properly. She remembered a lot about him because he was her longest fling ever, her stable relationship that lasted for a while. Though the blonde did appreciate that he was willing to take the job of doing it for her, it was a good, kind and generous gesture coming from the other male, one she trusted him to do so. 

However, Sofi took the chance to remind herself about the significance of her first blades and whether she wanted another's hands on them. No, this was her first everything, she couldn't possibly just threw it aside for another to take over, right? No offense to Eirik who is a fine smith, as a Metal Master too, she had a certain significance level to her that she wouldn't be able to let go so easily. "I think it's time for me to return to my days of working around these edges, don't you think?" she turned the handles aside and twirled them for a few good measures with a proud smile looming over, "Yeah, I think I shouldn't be neglecting them. It feels nostalgic… it's a part of me and giving it to someone else when I could do it sounded so awful in comparison." She spared him an apologetic gaze as she pressed her lips together, "Initia and their goddamn feelings…" Metal Initia are already so attached to their elements, much less Masters. 

When he wished her luck and good fortune for her students, Sofi shrugged, "I mean, training with me is basically going to be a mental torture. The number one goal in this is to be sure no one can tap inside your head as easy… even though they won't be granted immunity like Masters, it's a close something." One way to do that is to also measure their temper. The Ukrainian female has a temper too but because she knew how to control them, nobody really saw much of it. Only her strictness. "I need to be sure I'm well-versed in what I do, Eirik. Unlike other elements, I don't have any books to aid me with this nor do I have any people who have Psychic for an element. Besides, it's fun studying about how the human mind works. Stressful and exhausting but… fun." 

A part of her wasn't surprised that he decided to assure her regarding her leadership, that is so Eirik of him. "Unsingle is not a word, love" she quipped humorously, purposely teasing him because he was just saying it but why not do it? When he turned the question back to her, she coughed and shrugged casually, "I've been pretty busy to focus on any of that. Besides, you know me, I don't do one night stands as much as I take lovers. You know I've only had 3 lovers in my life, and you're the only one still alive" Her first lover had ended up dying tragically, something Eirik knew from her travels. Something Sofi never forgotten either. It's hard to forget your first love, especially when she's from your tribe.


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